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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  November 15, 2013 1:40am-4:01am PST

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announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, "saturday night live" star seth meyers. and from the new movie "mandela: long walk to freedom," idris elba. plus, we'll talk to the newly crowned miss universe, gabriela isler. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! ause] ♪ [cheers and applause]
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michael: there you go. kelly: hi! hi! hello! hello! please, please -- cheers and applause] please, please, please, we are embarrassed, we are humbled. [laughter] today is thursday, november 14, 2013. do not show that to people. please, i'm begging you, i'm begging you. it's funny, just for fun. michael: this is a card she holds up every morning to tell me the date -- michael: look what she has to do. [laughter] kelly: because we are ron burgundy, and whatever is on the card we will read. so if that said november 14, 2014, i would have no problem saying that. [laughter] michael: how did you skip a whole year?
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kelly: when you write 14, you write 14. i'm sure that's a disorder of some kind. yeah. yeah. michael: i'm still not understanding. kelly: she wrote 14 and then she wrote 14? makes perfect sense to me. michael: how are you doing? kelly: how are you doing? michael: i'm dandy. kelly: are you dandy? michael: i'm dandy. kelly: tell me why. michael: because i had a good night last night. [laughter] kelly: what happened? michael: it wasn't that kind of night. [laughter] kelly: did you get lucky? michael: well what kind of lucky are you talking about? kelly: for me, lucky is i ate as many carbohydrates that i wanted. [laughter] michael: i didn't get that lucky. last night i did any annual trip to do research for the show so i could come back and report. r kelly: you did show research? oh, how selfless. [laughter] michael: you whey, i'm always working, kelly. i'm always working.
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when i leave here, my mind is on nothing but bringing everyone at home what's going on in the world. kelly: important information. michael: one of the most important things i do every year. last night i went and reverged the victoria secret fashion show. [laughter] kelly: very important. michael: i went in there and i was dill janet. kelly: yes, yes. michael: i was focused. kelly: mark has been on that research panel. michael: he could have come to the able with me last night. but it was amazing. i mean, it really is kelly: here's the secret -- here's victoria's secret everybody. models are gorgeous! michael: yes. kelly: they can wear their underpants out in public are even more gorgeous, it's dumb. doesn't make any sense. michael: their legs. i'm looking at these legs, i'm like where do they stop? in high heels, like this high. kelly: naturally. michael: you could do it. i think you should try it. [cheers and applause] kelly: oh yes. michael: first of all, you have the body for it. secondly you can walk in like
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stilts. kelly: i can walk in stilts, because i'm a little, tiny person. i would look like one of these pets. michael: you know what? kelly: i would. michael: you could work. fallout boy performed, taylor swift performed last night. it was a cool event. i have a few pictures. just to get an idea, my artistic taking. kelly: did you take that photo? michael: i took that. kelly: where was your seat? on the stage in michael: i tried to get on stage but security pulled me back. then this is like a real leather like wing. kelly: yes. a wing made of leather. michael: this is my favorite. this is my favorite. look at that. how beautiful is that? kelly: are you going to get that for nicole for the holidays? nicole's the only other person that can wear that besides that lady there. michael: she can definitely wear it, i wouldn't mind. then maybe i would get lucky!
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[laughter] but the show was great last night. the girls were phenomenal, they did a great job. every year they make such a cool event, and very, very fun to go to, and research was completed thorly. kelly: good, it got a rave from you? michael: a rave review. a plus everybody. cheers and applause] kelly: we did like a victoria secret's angel thing one year. i was pregnant out to here so the staff thought it would be funny to make me walk with giselle here, wearing wings, because that's what you want to do when you're nine months pregnant. gee, i hope gisele shows up with wings and we can walk next to each other. michael: i guaranteeple said heidi klum and gisele is on the show? kelly: that's not what they said. not that day. michael: did you do anything last night? kelly: i shot a commercial last night. i'm not even sure if i'm allowed
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to say what i shot a commercial for. michael: sure you are, why beca they've announced it yet. but anyway, let me say this, i shot a commercial yesterday. it was the coldest day on record since last march. but i shot it outside and it's not supposed to be winter and so i wasn't wearing a coat. the director is like, can you not look so cold? i'm like, ok -- [laughter] michael: why do they do that? kelly: i'll try. michael: you had to speak too? kelly: i did have to speak but i sounded crazy because you know your jaw, your jaw freezes at a certain point. michael: it's not supposed to be winter so you can't have the breath coming out of you. kelly: it's interesting, the breath really can't show up unless they are trying to shoot the breath and they light for it to see it. so bre an issue. you learn all sorts of things. michael: when your breath lights up, whoo! kelly: are you telling me to take a mint? michael: no, your breath is
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always good, but a few -- kelly: you can tell from us at home if you want to know, you can tell from us at home when breath is lighting us up when we both do this. [laughter] michael: so, how are your kids? kelly: tell us about your film. [laughter] michael: now, i can't do it, oh, their breath is lit! but, that's good. hopefully we can hear about your commercial soon. kelly: i'm just not sure if i'm supposed to say anything yet. because sometimes they do like a surprise. michael: a press release? they hide it. because it's about timing. kelly: but anyway, it will be fun. it will be fun when you see it because you'll know that i was really cold even though it looks like a peckly normal, bright sunny day. michael: eight hours? kelly: oh my gosh, i think i was there -- i don't know what time i got home. late. my kids were still up though. i was like it's one of those things where you're like why are
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you guys out of bed? oh, we wanted to wait for you to tuck us in. like great. [laughter] wonderful. i'm not hungry or anything, come on. let's do bedtime stories. michael: what you got going on over there? kelly: i'm obsessed with bear love. i don't know if y'all are, i am. i love when bears mate, i love when baby bears are born. [laughter] rnates anything that hibe then wakes up. michael: the mating part has what got me. kelly: they found this new bear, they say this bear is a real cougar because spangeles is a 23-year-old bear at the queen zoo and she's getting a french old. who is only 2 years yeah. so, basically she's robbing the cradle. [laughter]
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michael: my question -- kelly: this is not frowned upon in the bear world. there's nothing wrong with a 23-year-old dating a 2-year-old in bear land. michael: are they the only bears in? you don't have a choice. kelly: they're replacing her old lover, her new lover's name is buba, he's 2, 225 pounds and e's from france. ooooh-la-la. her old lovers's name was sisko, he was 21 and he weighed 350 pounds. and there's no -- they're not saying why she's gotten rid of him. michael: why are they listing the weight of the bear? like, oh he got a little heavy when he got over 20, so we had to get him out of here and get her a thin, fine man. kelly: the new lover is 225 pounds as opposed -- michael: are they calling it lovers in this articles?
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kelly: i'm calling it lovers. i'm saying they're lovers because buba is french, so i am putting my own spin, twisted spin. i love bear love. if loving bear love is wrong, i don't want to be right. [laughter] michael: that's actually pretty interesting. kelly: it is interesting. michael: but it's kind of like being on an island, you going to be there by yourself or with a bear. that's your mate, they don't have a choice. kelly: sometimes it doesn't work out, sometimes they have to artifically inseminate the bear, which we all know bears don't like. maybe they do like. i don't know, i'm speaking on behalf of my own interpretation. michael: of bear life. kelly: i wouldn't like it. i would like any french lover buba to seduce me properly with champagne -- [laughter] michael: what's going on? help me!
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kelly: the two bears are like -- [laughter] was that as good as sisko? [laughter] michael: oh! oh, oh, oh! [cheers and applause] kelly: i don't know why, but in my mind, the french bear smokes cigarettes. michael: they removed sisko. kelly: they removed him. michael: what if they were in love? sisko just not there anymore, been replaced. sisko, could have break up a happy home. kelly: no, no, they're trying to get her pregnant and they say buba may be spangeles last hope for motherhood. michael: she's 23! in bear years that's got to be old, right? 23 times what? what is bear years? gelman, you know everything. gelman: i don't know that. i know in the article they said premenopausal.
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bearopausal. [laughter] michael: i don't understand how the story took the turn it did. kelly: they're hopeful that buba will get the job done and they can make a baby. so, kids if you're curious how that happens, ask your parents. [laughter] michael: speaking of animals, you have chewy. kelly: do i have chewy! chewy! michael: do you know when chewy, when you see chewy or chewy sees another dog or another person, you know they say the wagging of the tail determines the mood of the dog. did you know that? kelly: yes, i did know that. i saw that on the news i think. michael: so they say if your dog wags h tail to the right, it is -- kelly: happy. left means the dog's anxious. michael: left means the dog could be scared. kelly: oh, scared. michael: but every time i see a dog, you got to go left and right! got to go left to the get to the right, got to go right to get to the left. how do i know which one is
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which? kelly: exactly. i agree with you. i see her tail goes like this. people, magine if people, that's how we figured each other out. kelly: imagine if we greeted each other the way dogs greeted each other. [laughter] [cheers and applause] kelly: lower. lower. michael: see, that's to the right, which means i am happy. kelly: i'm happier now too. michael: but the look i just got for that makes me go like this and i'm scared. kelly: no, that was great. you just massaged my back with your tush. michael: massage when they put snakes on you. i'm sorry ma'am, i didn't mean to scare you. have you seen that? it's overseas, like one of the things, a snake massage. kelly: and they put snakes on you. michael: and they crawl all over. oh you know i would never do that. [laughter] kelly: ok, so, what if it was to
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save the life of -- michael: don't say my kids. kelly: not your kids. gelman, gelman's life. michael: gelman, it's been nice knowing you. [laughter] gelman: that hurts. michael: our friendship was good while it lasted. you know snakes, man. how long would i have to do it for? kelly: i don't know, how long does the massage last? michael: as long as you're paying. kelly: five dollars a minute, i don't know. michael: five dollars a minute. kelly: well, five snakes, five dollars. i'm assuming. michael: how about this? we won't find it out. don't even think about this doing a stunt. kelly: never, ever, ever, ever, ever -- listen to me at home, tell gelman what you're afraid of because he uses it against you forever. forever. the first thing, he's like so do you have any fears. i'm like yeah, i'm afraid of heights. i swear the next day i was on a trapeze. i was like wait, wait, why are
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we up here? why are we doing this again? it's called explore your fears week. you're going to love it. michael: you really did that? kelly: yeah. michael: we did some trapeze work. kelly: i've been on a trapeze ever since. see -- i want gelman: i'm going to cure your fear of snakes. michael: i don't want to cure it. i will stay away from snakes. i told you when i went out to california a few weeks ago, i walk into the front door of the house, i get in there, and -- oh, michael, just so you know there was a snake by the front door. what? you're supposed to text me that before i walk through the front door. so then i open the front door, i peek out and there's a baby rattlesnake, probably about the size of this, there by the front door against the urn, blending in! but the kids were all excited, oh, a snake. and i'm like, get back! everybody get in the house!
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i'm like stuffing towels under the door to make sure it can't get in. but the baby rattlesnakes are the worst because they don't know when the release and they put all the venom in you, that's when they got a problem. you ooh and ahhing, that could happen to me and you'll be sorry. you're going to miss me. kelly: my big distinction here is when we bring snakes out on the air with people, the handlers, i'm not afraid of those snakes, because they're in a controlled environment and they're with handlers and i know that they're there, because there they are. when i go running in the woods, it's those snakes, it's those snakes that you don't see until you step on them and they get angry and bite you that scare me. or the ones that blend into his urn and lay and wait for you to come over and accidentally step on them because you're getting the mail, those are the snakes i have a problem with. it's those snakes that give all the other snakes a bad reputation! [laughter] michael: i'll be honest, a snake
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is a snake is a snake. i don't mess with any of them, in a cage, out the cage, in the woods, out the woods, in your house, out your house. i don't mess with snakes, people! kelly: that sounds like a children's book. [laughter] [cheers and applause] michael: it is. kelly: you should write that as a children's book. michael: i don't mess with snakes. and you know, something, real quick clip of something here. remember talked about the ricky martin. kelly: oh, the touchdown! i got to see the touchdown! michael: you got to see it? kelly: oh my gosh, it was incredible. it was an incredible moment. michael: you know what, i needed you when i was playing. you really built my confidence. kelly: it was my great regret that i never got a chance to see you play live. do we have a clip of that? michael: we have a clip, we found a clip -- kelly: it's incredible. watch this. michael: then i -- kelly: watch, there he goes. look at him go!
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run! [cheers and applause] michael: now the ricky martin, wait for the ricky martin. yeah! ricky! cheers and applause] kelly: incredible. michael: and that everyone is today's tribute to ricky martin. kelly: can i ask you a question? who was phillips, because phillips ruined the second pose. who's phillips? michael: he's the linebacker we had, ryan phillips. but at least i got the one ricky martin. [cheers and applause] because everybody was asking, there you two. kelly: that was incredible. i watched it like four times on youtube. [cheers and applause] michael: well, time to get the partyver yourrted. cover your coffee, keally, because it's time for "live's" escape travel trivia! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> [madonna's "burning up for your love" playing]
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[cheers and applause] kelly: somebody was practicing with the ball. michael: somebody blew out your ball, gelman. kelly: if you break gelman's balls, you buy them. [laughter] michael: i can't believe you threw this down here, it was already empty. [laughter] kelly: hey, all the way from paris, that's right, i said it, paris, paris, texas is britney johnson. [cheers and applause] michael: she got her paris shirt on too, i love it. doyle!alk to caller: hello, kelly, michael.
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michael: hello! what's the weather like out there in california? ller: it's very nice, sunny, about 75. michael: the audience is going oh! ours is not quite snow, but freezing cold. we're going to spin the wheel and hopefully send you on a vacation somewhere cold. [cheers and applause] ♪ kelly: here's a great prize, the red mountain resort in southern utah, seven days, six nights in deluxe accommodations. wait a minute! three meals daily, gelman? are you kidding? two massages per person, it's valued at $5300. you have 20 seconds and only one
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guess. good luck. michael: here you go. on yesterday's show we talked with actress evan rachel wood. in what 2000 film did we say her usband, jamie bell, starred. caller: jamie bell starred in the film -- kelly: in what 2000 film d w we say her husband jam wri bell starred in? michael: five seconds. two -- caller: "billy elliott"! michael: you missed it by two seconds. caller: missed it by two seconds. michael: we got to speed up that internext connection my friend. [laughter] caller: oh, sorry. michael: we're sorry, doyle. kelly: still good news. caller: that's ok.
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my daughter-in-law got to camden ranch for her spa treatment. michael: well nice -- kelly: well, she owes you one. [laughter] listen doyle, you're still going to get a great prize, you and a member of our studio audience will receive a five year subscription for netflix valued at more than $500. so please pick a number between 1-211. michael: 1-211 doyle. caller: 56. kelly: 56? [cheers and applause] michael: ok! l right doyle, thank you for play playing. congratulations young lady! when we come back, the very funny seth meyers is here. announcer: still ahead on "live" we talk with gabriela isler, the newly crowned miss universe. from the new film "mandela: long walk to freedom," actor idris elba. coming up next, seth meyers.
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[cheers and applause] michael: hello! hello! kelly: hey, on tomorrow's show, from "the voice" adam levine will be here. michael: and colby smoleders will be here also. kelly: and a performance by the rock group daughtry. [cheers and applause] he's "saturday night live"'s head anchor, weekend update and now a married fellow. please welcome the lovely seth meyers! [cheers and applause] >> how are you guys? cheers and applause] kelly: so, first and foremost, congratulations to you. you finally married that beautiful>> i finally got marri
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[cheers and applause] kelly: gorgeous. you went to the vineyard, is that correct? >> i did. i have a surprise for you, something you don't know. kelly: what don't i know? >> i hosted a charity event for you. kelly: you most certainly did and you were incredible. >> and what did you give me as a gift? kelly: i gave you a suit. >> that's the suit. i wore the suit you got me on my wedding. you bought my wedding suit. [cheers and applause] kelly: oh my gosh! >> look how good it looks. kelly: it's kind of like being there. >> yeah. kelly: kind of. michael: but you both look great, from what i hear it almost didn't happen. >> my wife got food poisonning the night before the wedding. kelly: no. >> yeah, she ate like a bad oyster. kelly: no! you tried to oyster her up before the wedding! >> so the morning of the wedding, i called her, how are you feeling, because we slept in different places. she goes i'm at the emergency room. you know how it's they say it's
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bad luck. it's worse luck if she's on a gurney getting fluids. she was like out! but it was great. i actually had a friend who is a doctor for the chicago bears, he was there, a friend of the wedding. he was in the emergency room with us, he's like i can get her on the field. [laughter] i can get her on the field. which to me, sports analogies is exactly what i wanted. michael: there's a different between pain and injury. >> she was great, she walked because if it was me, she would have had to wheel me down in a wheelbarrel, i would not have been able to rally. kelly: most people do not wanted to be filled with fluids to go into their wedding gown. they try to do the opposite and dehydrate as much as possible. >> she rolled in and looked great. kelly: she looked beautiful, you would never know. >> a real trooper and a real reminder of her being the tough one and me being the total lazy one. kelly: she also built that.
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>> she built it. kelly: that is so beautiful. michael: she built that, so what did you do? >> so, i'm not good at anything, it's at a farm and part of the farm didn't have enough grass so they send me out with a thing of seed and my job was to do this. [laughter] i would do this and she's like hammering and sawing and like measuring. and i'd be like i'm out of seed! but it's in the bag, just go back to the seed bag. kelly: so great to marry a handy woman, isn't it? she can build you a log cabin if you need it. [cheers and applause] michael: we have to take a quick break. we're going to go right back, more seth meyers, we have a bone to pick with him. so stay right there. [cheers and applause] announcer: still ahead on "live," we'll talk with the newly crowned miss universe, and also actor idris elba.
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>> a new report shows the number of rats seen in the new york city subway system has dropped by 3% since last year which raises the terrifying question -- what's eating new york city's rats? [laughter] [cheers and applause] we sent two guys into the subway to figure it out and they never came back. kelly: big, exciting weekend at s.n.l., you've lady gaga on. >> we do, it's really exciting.
2:12 am
we're going to finally see lady gaga in some wigs and costumes. [laughter] kelly: about time, about time. kelly: does that make you nervous. is there anybody you get to host and you go oh god, i don't know if this person is cut out for it? >> no, i think people know -- the show's been on so long, anybody who comes to host knows what they're getting into. and over the course of the week they figure it out. michael: do you have any targets for this week? >> we're hoping that by saturday rob ford, the toronto mayor is still a story because that's really -- kelly: yeah, yeah. [laughter] he's the greatest story ever. >> when the mayor of a major city like, does crack. [laughter] kelly: let me say this again, he only did thewas in a because he was in a drunken stupor. >> i know, how great of a defense is that. i've been in drunken stupors but i've never woken up the next morning and go oh, i did crack! i got crack drunk! [laughter] michael: the thing about it, no one's safe on the show. >> no! michael: you guys get everybody. as a matter of fact we got a bone to pick with you because
2:13 am
this is what you guys did with us. [laughter] i am still looking for jay farrell in the streets. if i see him in the streets, i got something for him. kelly: it's actually accurate, that is how he carries me around. >> that's a paparazzi photo of you guys. michael: my question, were you responsible for that? >> you know, i wasn't. i wish i was, because i thought it was a good piece. kelly: now you're leaving s.n.l. >> i am. i know, thank you. michael: no, no, it gets better. kelly: late night with seth meyers! [cheers and applause] >> yeah, thank you. kelly: you're going to be america's new sweetheart. >> well, i'll be america's new sweetheart in the 12:35 new hour. michael: who's the first guest you want? >> we're trying to lockdown amy poehler, incredibly unreasonable demands from poehler. kelly: she's always been a diva. >> we're trying to line up, you
2:14 am
guys are both in new york so expect a bunch of phone calls. kelly: listen, if poehler backs out. we can play each other. >> you're very interchangeable. michael: have you got any good advice from anybody? has anybody said this is what you need to look forward to? to avoid? >> it's nice, i'm following jimmy, taking over for him. we worked together on "saturday night live." the biggest thing is just to be patient. the idea is you do them forever a long time, you don't overreact. kelly: absolutely the best advice ever. and just squirrel away as many of the mugs with your name on it as you possibly can. >> right, yeah. [cheers and applause] kelly: they make great christmas gifts, everybody really likes them. >> i like your advice is steal from the show. kelly: steal from that show. [cheers and applause] michael: well, congratulations, seth. >> thank you guys. michael: for now, "saturday night live" at 11:30 p.m. on nbc. this week, they'll have lady
2:15 am
gaga there everybody. check out my man seth meyers. [cheers and applause] kelly: coming up next, idris elba will be here. stick around. [cheers and applause] announcer: tomorrow on "live," a performance by rock group
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[beep] [speaking foreign language] [heart beating] [heartbeat continues] [faint singing] [heartbeat, music playing louder] ♪ i'm feeling better since you know me ♪
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♪ i was a lonely soul, but that's the old me... ♪ announcer: this song was created with heartbeats of children in need. find out how it can help frontline health workers bring hope to millions of children at [cheers and applause] michael: our next guest is quickly becoming one of hollywood's most sought after actors. now he's back in the big screen starring in a powerful new film,
2:18 am
"mandela: long walk to freedom." please welcome the very talented idris elba! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> hi gorgeous! how are you? what's up big man? [cheers and applause] >> what's happening? my pubbist is mad at me, she said you're playing nelson mandela, do not dance when you come out of there. i was like no, i got to dance. kelly: you have to. michael: the music hits you. kelly: idris is our family crush. mark and i both mutually have a crush on idris. [cheers and applause] michael: i think everybody has a crush on idris. it's funny because my trainer who never comes to the show, she can careless about me, all of a sudden this morning i'm in the
2:19 am
dressing room and she walks in, and i'm like why are you here? she goes, you know why i'm here. [laughter] yeah, yeah look at her. kelly: by the way, her voice is not that deep, by the way, you just portrayed her as a man. [laughter] michael: but you know what man, you have unforgettable roles, luthluth, one of my "luther" one of my favorite shows. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. michael: then also "the wire" which is a classic show. but, everyone sees that, but if your early heard you had days, d some really odd jobs. >> yeah i did everything man. i was a tire fitter. kelly: what does that mean? >> fit the fires on cars. kelly: oh, put the tires on the car? >> yeah, the tire fitting and i used to work in a dried food place where you get your dried food and scoop them out -- i had all kinds of jobs. sales, advertising. michael: like over the phone? >> basically they had these
2:20 am
little cards that you would put through the letterbox and have all these different businesses on the cards and i used to sell that little advertising space. it was a great job. kelly: so you got into acting basically because you started doing reenactments, crime drama? is that true? >> my first job was crime watch. you know like "america's most wanted" they dohose those reconstructions. my first job was doing that. michael: i always wonder when you do those things, did you ever have somebody come up and they thought you were really the person because they saw you in the re-enactment? >> no, no, i have people coming up and doing that, but not because of that. the first guy i played, i don't even what to say but he did. i'm glad no one thought i was him, because i would be in jail. kelly: have you ever played the opposite, like the victim, like the dead body? >> i drew the line. kelly: they say it's very hard
2:21 am
to not breathe with people having a scene behind -- michael: playing dead. kelly: playing dead is hard. michael: and i watched the movie last night, "mandela: long walk to freedom," amazing man, you're amazing. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. kelly: truly an actor. >> thank you. michael: were you nervous to play mandela? >> yeah, very nervous. he's a worldwide hi ro. honestly, when i took the phone call from my agent, they said listen, idris, i think they want you to play nelson mandela. i was like you sure you're not supposed to be calling morgan? i think denzel, because honestly i was a bit nervous, because i didn't have the attributes to have mr. mandela. i don't look like him, i'm not old enough, you know what i'm saying? kelly: right, right. so how do you prepare? what is that undertaking like? the accent. the physicality, the whole thing. >> for me it was a matter of understanding south africa first, you know? i went to south africa for three
2:22 am
or four months prior just to understand the social structure of it. and then you know, the preparation was about the way he speaks, you know. i had a long time to plan. so i play him from around 25 years old to 70. so i really had to understood how he grew, what happened to him in prison and all that stuff. it was my greatest part i've ever played, i'm so proud to have gotten the job. and i think i did all right. michael: you did, trust me. [cheers and applause] kelly: trust me. michael: we're going to let everybody check out a clip now. now in this clip, nelson mandela meets winnie mandela played by nome iowa harris, for the first time. here we are, idris elba in "mandela: long walk to freedom." >> you want a lift? >> ok. >> sure. do you always accept lifts from strangers? >> you are not a stranger.
2:23 am
you are nelson mandela. >> and you are winnie. >> how do you know? >> i made inquireries. >> what else did you find out? >> that you work at the hospital, you are the first black social worker they've ever had. and you are the most beautiful girl i have ever seen. [cheers and applause] michael: such a charmer, such a charmer! >> mandela was smooth, mandela was smooth. michael: very. the movie is "mandela: long walk to freedom," it opens november 29 in new york and l.a. [cheers and applause] nationwide, december 25. make sure you go check out a great performance by idris elba, everybody. idris elba! [cheers and applause] kelly: coming up next, miss universe is going to take a long walk for us. announcer: it's "live's" the hunger games special access sweepstakes.
2:24 am
to enter, go to the "live with kelly and michael" facebook page. like us and click on "live's" the hunger games special access sweepstakes button. the winner will be randomly selected and the deadline is november 14. next "live" -- adam levine from "the voice." michael: what do you think? >> you got to work on your tone. michael: what do you think? announcer: plus, daughtry, and coby smulders.
2:25 am
at 15, i was addicted.
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by 40, i'll have lung disease. at 50, i'll die of a heart attack. dr. regina benjamin: cigarette smoke causes immediate damage that leads to health problems, even death. those who quit or die are being replaced by a new generation of smokers. i'm dr. regina benjamin, united states surgeon general. go to learn how to make our next generation tobacco-free. >> miss universe 2013 is -- enezuela gabriela isler! [cheers and applause] >> thank you, oscar! >> congratulations to you! ood night everybody! [cheers and applause] kelly: she is the seventh woman from venezuela to win the title. please welcome the new miss
2:27 am
universe, gabriela isler! [cheers and applause] ♪ michael: hello, hello, hello. kelly: now your full name is very beautiful and of course i mispronounce everything. so can you pronounce your full name for us? >> of course. kelly: isn't that pretty? michael: one more time for me? >> maria gabriela isler. michael: do you have a nickname? >> yes, my family and my close friends call me molly. kelly: oh, that's pretty. very pretty. >> you can pronounce better. kelly: now let's see here. we have a crown, this is the crown that had great difficulty
2:28 am
staying on your head last night. >> yes. kelly: do you get to keep this? >> no, i keep like a tiara, that is for me. kelly: is this all real? >> this is real, a diamond tiara -- you can try if you want. kelly: really? >> of course. do you want to see her with the crown? [cheers and applause] michael: wow. >> oh my gosh. you can see hi. michael: you know what i love, you kind of put a little pimp style, you turned it off to the side. kelly: no, i think my head is just crooked. another reason i'll never be miss universe. oh, i feel very regal. s really it's really heavy. michael: congrat>> thank y thou. >> thank you so much. michael: that's really amazing. now since you won the crown, you're going to have to move to new york city. how do you like it so far? >> well, it's my first time, i have never been here in new york city. so i feel so happy. [cheers and applause] michael: welcome! >> yes, because also my first time as a miss universe, so i
2:29 am
have my apartment, across the street they have the office, central park is very close. so i'm very happy to know the city, to experience how new york city is. kelly: now you have a boyfriend back home who must be freaking out right now. because not only are you miss universe, you're miss universe and you've moved to new york city. [laughter] >> yes, yes. kelly: is he so proud? is he moving here with you? what'ses,ng? >> yes, first of all i'm sorry about my english, i'm trying to do my best. michael: it's excellent. kelly: it's incredible! [cheers and applause] your english is remarkable. >> well, i try to do my best. but yes, i have a boyfriend, we have two and a half years together. he supported me with the miss universe, so we have to take care of the relationship to be together, yes. [cheers and applause] michael: well, you know what, that's nice. we're going to take a break. we're going to come back and e's going to give us dancing
2:30 am
lessonses. so don't go anywhere, we're going to do a dance. announcer: tomorrow on "live," cobie smulders.
2:31 am
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2:33 am
[cheers and applause] kelly: we're back with the new miss universe, gabriela isler. so many of your countrymen are in the audience today. very exciting. >> i have my fans here. michael: i found this to be very teresting that you study flamenco dancing. >> when i was little but i still remember a few steps. kelly: do you think you could teach us? >> of course. [cheers and applause] ♪ >> ok. hand up, the other back, together so turn and stomp. make a turn. ok, but no, no, you have to -- [laughter] perfect.
2:34 am
[cheers and applause] kelly: i'm going to twerk it. [laughter] michael: congratulations, gabriela isler, we're so happy for you. enjoy new york city. >> i will. michael: miss universe, gabriela isler everybody! we'll be right back. [cheers and applause] announcer: more information on the show at
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theirs theirs kelly: what are the chances? michael: in the video i did ricky martin. he played for the eagles. he was chasing me! there's monty right there! he happened to be in the audience today! kelly: reenact it. run around!
2:39 am
out the website. we don't make anything up on this show. >> we are dog lovers. think we're crazy. all right,
2:40 am
coming up, previewing a romantic comedy and a holiday film in "insomniac theater." ahead, you can keep the shape you have over the winter if you know what to do. we are getting expert advice to stay fit. >> i don't want to keep mine. i want to get a new one. and instead of selling a glut of luxury homes, would you buy a mansion if it came with a rolls royce as part of the deal? you are watching "world news now" ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans,
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♪ ♪ for many people palm beach county, florida, is the epitome of lucks row he's to many of the -- luxury homes to many of the world's rich and famous. >> if you happen to be in the market for a multimillion-dollar home an over-the-top buyers incentive for you. randy gyllenhaal reports from south florida. >> welcome. >> reporter: if you are in the market for a new crib, and you have a few million extra bucks to spend. >> this is the master bedroom. >> reporter: it might be talking to this woman who sells luxury homes in south florida. >> this master bath is very grand and it's got two of everything. >> reporter: take this mansion listing for a cool 12 million. you can park two full-size yachts in your personal marina and nine cars in the garage. >> this is the largest home in boca raton. it is just over 16,000 square feet.
2:45 am
>> reporter: there are multiple jacuzzis and movie theater and a second kitchen. >> there is a bar here. it has a fish tank behind it. >> this is the definition of luxury. the lives of the rich and famous mingle in this ballroom. the current owner, a developer from the northeast, used it as a vacation home, hosting lavish parties. >> reminds you of the great gatsby old hollywood feel and it is really meant for entertaining. >> reporter: in past years it might be tough to find a buyer. >> we have had a rough six to seven years. people were not willing to spend the money. >> reporter: but now million dollar home sales have skyrocketed, up at least 60% in palm beach county over the last year. but if you are still not convinced, just walk out to the driveway. >> as an added bonus, they can really enjoy the lifestyle of south florida. we are including this fabulous rolls royce phantom. >> reporter: that's a half million dollar car, yours free with the home. just make sure your personal check doesn't bounce. randy gyllenhaal, abc news, boca
2:46 am
raton, florida. >> i'll take it. i'll take two. >> i'm interested. >> that works for you, diana. >> thank you. my white phantom? >> yeah. >> i have my driver pull around at the end of the show and he insists on parking outside of the building all night long. my gosh. >> think he can drop me off at home? >> i will ask my driver. we are booked. we are going to see a $12.5 million in boca raton i keep hearing about. >> and you do the crazy overnight hours because you love it so much. >> i really love delivering the news to people, especially at 7 1/2 months pregnant. >> i have a mortgage to pay. so what are you going to do? by the way, that is the largest home in boca raton. the listing is 12.5 million bucks. >> you get a $450,000 car thrown in. why not? >> why not. >> come on. >> that's your final offer. coming up, burning the calories during the chill of winter. >> wow.
2:47 am
with the temperature dropping now is a good time to shift gears for your cold weather workout. we will show you how to do that coming up next. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. >>
2:48 am
♪ let's get physical physical i want to get physical ♪ s ge ♪ let's get into physical the holiday season is here again and even though the summer is a distant memory, you don't have to let that beach body we once had be a memory as well. fitness trainer at barry boot camp is here to show tips and exercises we can all do at home with some simple equipment. welcome, matt. you have some interesting tips and tricks to help through the winter. >> we do. the summer is long gone. now it is time to prep yourself mentally and physically for your winter exercises. three simple things. first tip, set a goal for yourself.
2:49 am
get a photo of yourself, maybe from the past summer or a few summers ago, you want to use yourself as your own model. something you can reach, attainable. don't rip out a picture of a celebrity from a magazine. again, it's setting yourself up for failure. these people have chefs that count every calorie. you want to use yourself as a goal. >> realistic. >> completely. >> second, very important. for these winter months especially when you are jogging outside, you don't see perspiration come off of you like the summer. >> so true. >> so people forget to stay hydrated. >> simple. >> you need to make sure you drink enough water in order to make your runs longer, your reps last longer and you will be all set. >> good tip. >> third tip, get yourself ready for your extreme winter sports if you are a fan of winter sports. >> i can skate and ski, sure. >> you don't want to go to this ski slope cold turkey. you want to go into a gym and
2:50 am
practice these movements in a controlled environment. >> so you are ready. >> you are going to show us a couple of demonstrations. >> absolutely. let's do it. first one, speed skaters. we have seen hockey players, speed skaters. simple enough. you will do this nice and slow with me. bring the right leg behind and the right arm to the left. a simple hop to the other side. >> oh, this is easy. this is low impact. >> low impact. one of your feet is on the floor at all times. let's speed it up. >> this feels like something i can do. i'm getting a nice little workout here. >> and as you speed it up you get the good cardio in. >> this one you are not going to do. >> okay. i will watch this one. >> these are bench hops, but i liken it to skiing mogul. you will use your core because you draw your knees in to your chest. this is a simple home gym setup. you bring the knees in from the left to right, left to the
2:51 am
right. lots of fun. >> the last one we can do together. >> lay down. grab the blue. this is a resistance band. >> everybody has these at home or at the local gym or barry's boot camp. >> this is part of our workout all the time. this is for our core. all winter sports use your core. lay down. make sure your head is on the bench. >> okay. >> get the shoulders up a little bit. look straight up to the ceiling. >> okay. >> and you will bring the right hand over to the right kneecap and then to the left and to the right and to the left. this is working obliques. >> and pregnant moms can do this, too. >> pregnant moms can do this all day long and that will work your abs and get you ready for that core strength, strengthen your core for winter sports. >> only exercise i will be doing over the winter is having this baby and i feel prepared. thank you very much. one more time, barry's boot camp. fitness trainer there, check him out.
2:52 am
he is amazing. thank you once again. we will be back with more "world news now." ♪
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2:55 am
all right. it is time for our weekly "insomniac theatre" and sneak peek at two movies premiering this weekend. >> we will start this week with "charlie countryman" a romantic comedy action film all put together. it stars shia labeouf. this one starts with charlie, just a normal guy, who happens to fall in love with a romanian cellist married to a crime boss. of course, your first question is with what could go wrong with this situation? take a look because it's just about everything. >> i'm super nervous right now. wild experience for me. >> rotten tomatoes has not been kind. scoring it at 29%. and neither were the reviewers.
2:56 am
roughly twice as many -- as thumbs up. "los angeles times" says "charlie countryman" takes the blender approach to mixing dark adventure, doofus comedy and pie-eyed romance but forgets to put a lid on. then "redeye" writes he liked it. unexpectedly funny consistently -- >> next up we do the "best man holiday." the first holiday movie for the year out of the gate. a sequel to the 1999 the "best man." the entire cast is back for this one starring taye diggs, and in a nutshell it is a holiday reunion of old college friends and rekindling of old rivalries and romances. >> oh, babe, can i use your phone? i can't get a signal up in here? >> you want to hold it. >> yeah, stop. would you hand me that?
2:57 am
>> something bad must have been on that phone. rotten tomatoes gives it a respectable 63%. the reviews are mixed. "the new york post" says the raunchy sex comedy and christian faith doesn't come off. in the they say the characters are just as funny, honest and sexy as we remember them. it's like they never really went away. the reviewers say you will get more enjoyment out of this film if you watch the original film, the "best man." >> i'm not surprised. i'm going to say, i saw the "best man," and it was hilarious. i really did enjoy it. i'm looking forward to see this. any movie with terrence howard and morris chestnut. ahh. >> you are a fan? >> first row. >> i think this is the one out of the two. would you agree? >> "charlie countryman" looks interesting and shia labeouf is hot in it apparently but i will take terrence howard. >> that's our news this half hour. remember to follow us on facebook at ur. remember to follow us on facebook at
2:58 am
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this morning on "world newso this morning on "world news now," did a passenger fall from a plane? the faa and coast guard are investigating a strange incident in the skies off the coast of miami. >> mayday, mayday, mayday. i have a door ajar. i'm heading to tamiami. >> you have a door open? >> i have a door ajar and a passenger that fell down. >> the search for answers and the possible victim. so sorry. the president apologizing dozens of times in a speech about his health care plan, the change he's making and its impact on you. too tired. the lawsuit in ohio over a nurse that complained about her exhausting workload and the accident that killed her on her way home. >> they cannot expect these nurses to work under these conditions. >> the legal and personal battle over long work
3:01 am
weeks and employee safety. it is friday, november 15th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. all right. good friday morning, everyone. a lot of stuff to get to. we had a busy week. >> always a busy week. we climbed the mountain. >> reached the summit and we are -- >> at the top. >> any fun plans for the weekend? >> i have my brother coming into manhattan, new york city tonight with my college buddy. it is guys night. uh-oh, watch out new york city. bunch of over-the-hill guys, going to have some fun. >> can't even imagine. >> how about you? >> nothing. not much fun going on in my life. >> i am not so sure i wouldn't rather be sitting up with my feet up at home, but we'll have some fun anyway. >> i will live vicariously through your story. we begin with a mystery in the skies over miami. a pilot reported a passenger had
3:02 am
fallen out of his plane. >> nobody has been recovered and coast guard and fire officials say they have not confirmed whether the pilot's emergency call was legitimate. larry jacobs is following the story. >> reporter: search helicopters were scrambled over biscayne bay after this bizarre distress call. >> mayday, mayday, mayday! i have a door ajar and i'm heading to tamiami. >> you have a door open, is that what you're saying? >> i have a door ajar and a passenger that fell down. >> reporter: the pilot was eight miles southeast of tamiami airport. >> the passenger fell out of the plane? >> that's correct, sir. he opened the back door, and he just fall down. >> reporter: the miami-dade homicide unit was sent to the airport to question the pilot. the federal aviation administration saying the plane was flying at 2,000 feet at the time. the coast guard and local fire rescue crews were also searching the area. >> coast guard was notified by the faa that the pilot of a small plane reported a person falling out of the plane.
3:03 am
we are working with miami-dade response units and conducting a search of the area. >> reporter: police divers went into the same waters. law enforcement says only the pilot and passenger were on the aircraft. larry jacobs, abc news, new york. now a followup to that terrifying flight for southwest airlines passengers. the airline says the pilot handled the incident professionally and safely. southwest management also regrets any uneasy feelings. each passenger gets a $200 voucher. some say it is hardly enough for the fright they suffered when the pilot announced, "we are going down," during a maintenance emergency on a flight to raleigh, north carolina. president obama has no public events on his schedule today after he spent yesterday apologizing for the botched health care rollout. he promised that those that want to keep their health insurance would be able to do so. during the 52-minute speech president obama said i'm sorry about 29 times. >> i do make apologies for not having executed better. that's on me.
3:04 am
that's something i deeply regret. we did fumble the ball on it. i feel deeply responsible. >> as for the website, the president second guessed himself publicly. he admitted the federal government doesn't do websites well and he should have known better. for people already removed from their health plans, getting insurance back may not be easy. >> an industry group says changing the rules could cause premiums to go up. with a look at the other possible hurdles, here's a rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: for the vast majority of americans this changes nothing. 80% of americans covered by medicare, medicaid, or employer insurance will see the same plan going into next year that they've already signed up for. those premiums are set in stone. but for those who lost their insurance because of obama care, they may be able to get their old plans back in the new near. that will depend on the insurance companies offering them and the state regulators approving them. at this point, there are no guarantees that the premiums on
3:05 am
those plans won't go up. john and diana? >> sounds like no guarantees on anything when it comes to this. >> the whole debacle hurt the numbers. gallup poll's latest, 47% a couple of weeks ago disapproved of obama care. 55% now. >> president obama touched on something that i think a lot of people aren't thinking about and truly the people suffering through this may not care but he apologized to fellow democrats. he is not up for re-election and a lot of them are. he said, you know, i know i hurt them because everybody jumped on board with this and it has been a failure so far anyway. he and everyone else hoping it will pick up on the democratic side. >> no doubt. the facebook question of the day -- we are asking you what else could the president do to restore confidence in his health care program? can't wait to see your responses. gunshots rang out at a children's hospital in suburban milwaukee triggering a two-hour lockdown that separated panicked parents from their sick babies. police got a tip that a man with an arrest warrant was in the neonatal wing.
3:06 am
they found the man holding his baby. they tried to take him into custody. -put the baby down but made a run for it. the man was shot in the arm. no one else was hurt. notorious gangster james "whitey" bulger will spend the rest of his life in prison. the judge told him his crimes were unfathomable as she sentenced him to two consecutive life sentences. the 84-year-old former mob boss was convicted in a broad racketeering indictment that included murder, extortion, drug trafficking and money laundering. he remained stone-faced even as relatives of his victims had their say in court. >> that old bastard will be in prison and die in prison. you know what, today's the first day that we can get on the road to closure. and it's a good feeling. it is bittersweet but a damn good feeling is what it is. >> bulger is facing murder charges in oklahoma and florida where he could get the death penalty. it is not clear if prosecutors there are planning to try him. southern california freeway had to be shut down when a tanker truck hauling hydrogen
3:07 am
went up in flames. the driver of the semi managed to get out before fire engulfed the entire cab. firefighters had to douse the truck with water from a safe distance fearing the highly explosive cargo would explode. rush hour traffic was backed up on both sides. a brush fire is burning out of control in new york. the area 25 miles north of manhattan. wind-driven flames spreading in the night in rough terrain in rockland county. no homes are in immediate danger. firefighters plan to resume at daybreak. a sinkhole in florida forced several families out of their homes. it opened yesterday morning and eventually grew to 70 feet wide and 50 feet deep. two house have been declared complete losses. homeowners say when it started to open, it sounded like a sledgehammer being slammed against the wall, and that's when 911 calls came in. >> how far is it sinking? >> it's just cracking. the whole house, and it is cracking. >> like a meteor hit the earth just opened up. >> crews are in a holding pattern waiting for the
3:08 am
hole to stabilize. florida has had 260 sinkholes reported in the last year. the philippines, the american military taking a major role in typhoon relief. 5,000 u.s. crew members aboard the "uss george washington" are expanding the search and rescue operations as the aircraft carrier serves as a nerve center for relief efforts. we have more as our military goes to work. >> reporter: i spent the afternoon with our marines on an osprey delivering food, water and medical supplies. 700,000 people have been displaced throughout the islands of central philippines. from island to island we made seven stops, even refueling in the air from a kc-130 to save time. time is everyone's concern here. there's so many stranded in the remote islands, six days since the typhoon hit. at the sight and sound of our
3:09 am
plane, people swarmed toward the landing zone while local police tried to control the crowd. our pilots spot a new isolated village with no trees. that's a sign of devastation. luckily, there's a soccer field just big enough for our osprey to land. he makes note to go back today with aid boxes. aid is pouring in from all over the world, but the challenge here is logistics. a matter of getting these goods to the right people at the right time. abc news, in the philippines. a stunner from the world of auto racing. three time indy 500 winner dario franchitti ended his driving career abruptly. you may remember the spectacular crash from last month. he suffered a fractured spine, broken right ankle and concussion. doctors told him it is too risky to get behind the wheel so he says he is done with racing. miami dolphins bullying investigation takes a step forward today.
3:10 am
lineman jonathan martin whose allegations triggered the case is meeting today with the nfl's independent investigator. martin's alleged tormenting richey incognito filed a grievance against the dolphins through the players union. she charging his suspension from the team. this next one isn't just a great sports story but great human story and that's why it is our "favorite story of the day." it involves baseball's national crowned rookie of the year, miami marlins pitcher jose hernandez. >> he is 21 years old and hasn't seen his grandmother since defecting from cuba six years ago. he was talking about his grandmother when, you guessed it. >> the marlins brought her to miami leading to a tearful reunion right there in the marlins locker room. he called it better than being in the big leagues. >> she only arrived in miami a half-hour before that meeting, and she's known -- knows more about the sport than anyone else in the family. >> they say she is a baseball
3:11 am
freak. >> freak. >> love that story. >> very cool. coming up, the amazing shot on a school basketball court and how it will pay off in the classroom. and the heroic police dogs and the woman fighting to keep them out of harm's way. you are watching "world news now." ♪ there goes my hero >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by lime away turbo power. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by lime away turbo power. using that cleaner.od luck excuse me, miss ? he's right. those are tough hard water stains, and that cleaner's not gonna cut it. truth is, 85% of us have hard water and many don't even know it. you need lime-a-way. lime-a-way is specially formulated to conquer hard water stains. it's 4 times more effective at removing lime scale than the leading bathroom cleaner. see the lime-a-way difference or your money back.
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the national sleep foundation says the average american workweek has now crept up to 52 hours, and it's leading to increased sleep problems and is now the focus of a wrongful death case in ohio. >> a woman's husband is blaming her employer for working her to death. abc's alex perez has more. >> reporter: jim jasper is adamant the hospital where his wife beth worked worked her to death, literally, and he is suing the hospital. >> they cannot expect these nurses to work under these conditions. >> driving home after a 12-hour overnight shift in jewish hospital in cincinnati, beth was killed when she crashed into a tree. >> i lost my best friend of 21
3:16 am
years and my wife of 14. >> reporter: jim believes his wife was so tired she fell asleep at the wheel. the lawsuit alleges that during beth jasper's final shift at the hospital she complained to others that she was really stressed and hadn't eaten. also, as a result of under staffing nurses at jewish were often required or asked to work through breaks, extra shifts and stay late. according to the lawsuit, jasper's supervisor alerted her superiors she was being worked to death. >> she told the upper management, the hospital staff these are unsafe conditions for the patients, for the nurses. >> reporter: in a statement, the hospital would only say, "our hearts go out to the family. we do not comment on pending litigation." the american nurses association said a nationwide shortage of nurses has created a dangerous situation. according to the a.n.a., one in ten nurses say they were involved in an exhaustion-related car accident. but jim, who's now raising their
3:17 am
two children alone, says he's ready for his day in court. alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> very interesting thing. everybody knows about being overworked at one point or another. but they say jasper has to reasonably show the actions of this employer led to the death of the employee and legal analysts say that will be tough to prove. >> you can almost see how it would be tough to prove because was she sleep deprived because she was working too much or going home and not going to bed when she got home? how do you prove that as a husband she was not getting eight hours because of work or something else. i understand that's difficult. but when you look at the studies out there, the university of pennsylvania did a study where 23,000 registered nurses found that 65% of them routinely said they worked 12 to 13-hour shifts. >> so many people can relate. >> when you are working that long, you just don't have a lot of time if you're commuting back and forth, time to sleep, eat, and do all the other things you have to do. >> raising kids. >> right.
3:18 am
coming up, a massachusetts woman on a mission to protect our four legged friends in the line of duty. her campaign to keep the k-9 officers safe and sound. and ahead in our next half-hour, a dog, a blind man, and a flight attendant and the passenger revolt they triggered that actually kept the flight on the ground. that story is coming up on "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:19 am
♪ we all know heros come in different shapes and sizes, and often four feet and four paws. now one animal lover in massachusetts is trying to keep dogs safe one at a time. here's abc's gio benitez. >> they are heros on the front
3:20 am
line, the first on the scene. the most dangerous confrontations. >> saint paul police k-9 is dead. >> the k-9 officer died -- >> shot and killed the dog. >> reporter: just last month, the k-9 from sacramento county shot in the chest while chasing a robbery suspect. he survived. it's a headline that officer ed meyers hears all too often. >> my partner looks out for me. i look out for my partner. >> reporter: partners that do their job without a crucial life-saving tool, a bulletproof vest. that's where sandy marcel comes in. custom-fitted k-9 vests cost $950. too expensive for most police departments. so sandy, a lifelong animal lover, started vested interest s in k-9s working tirelessly from home to raise the money. >> the dog goes in first. he's a first responder and deserves to have a vest just like his human partners.
3:21 am
>> reporter: we met sandy at this massachusetts' sheriff's office where six k-9s train every day, jumping hurdles, running through tunnels wearing those vests. sandy started 13 years ago and donations have poured in big and small. recently allison henry donated her birthday money, enough to vest her local k-9 officer named riker. so far, no k-9 has been turned away. in fact, more than 450 dogs have gotten the body armor in 37 states. officer meyers' dog will get his in weeks. what is it about a k-9? >> i think i see the bond when i look at each of these officers with their dog and i feel like i'm doing what i am meant to do. >> reporter: committing to her passion to protect k-9s. abc news, bristol county, massachusetts. >> this is one of those things where you think, i'm an animal lover and always wanted to donate but i'm tired of donating to the aspca or i don't know where the money is going. this is the kind of foundation where you know exactly where the money is going. >> it makes dollars and sense. that is my dog. lassie or rin tin tin.
3:22 am
that is my dog. lassie or rin tin tin. that is my dog. lassie orrin tin tin. s. that is my dog. lassie or rin tin tin. e. that is my dog. lassie or rin tin tin. n. that is my dog. lassie or rin tin tin. se. that is my dog. lassie or rin tin tin. . that is my dog. lassie or rin tin tin. . that is my dog. lassie or rin tin tin. . that is my dog. lassie or rin tin tin. . that is my dog. ptf1ie or rin tin tino c cc1o co assor rn tintino cf1 ccc cc1o co plassie o & lassor rn tiin.
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mix time. ♪ "mix" time. got to love the half-court shot that goes in at halftime or -- everybody goes crazy before the game. let may set it up. cross college. if he gets the ball to go in, he wins textbooks, which are a lot of money for a student but he doesn't get to shoot the ball. the school mascot dressed as a saint bernard gets to shoot the ball. let's take a look. awesome! >> he wins free textbooks which is about a billion dollars. >> very cool. now yesterday was guinness world records day in 2013. when people around the world come together to celebrate international day of record breaking.
3:26 am
we have four new ones to tell you about. most hula hoops spun simultaneously, 264 hula hoops in tokyo, japan, fastest four-meter running on all fours. most hand springs and longest basketball shot in phoenix. >> wow. look at that. >> there you have it. polka time. ♪ that's the world news polka ♪ tapes that roll in way too slow ♪ ♪ stuff you saw on koppel's show ♪ ♪ that's the world news polka ♪ it's late at night you're wide awake and you're not wearing pants ♪ ♪ grab your world news mug and everybody dance ♪ ♪ have some fun be a pal every anchor guy and gal ♪ ♪ do the world news polka
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this morning on "world news now," critical stage. this morning on "world news now," critical stage. the almost endless relief work in the philippines as they try to get food, water and medicine to those who need it most. we will take you there to where the crisis is growing. another apology. toronto's controversial mayor says he is sorry about new racy comments he made on tv. the new push to force him out and the new job he's been offered. stalker sentenced. the woman who would not leave actor alec baldwin alone is punished in court. now the questions about the case that are still unanswered. and breathtaking stunt. the impressive split performed by one of hollywood's tough guys, but it's a scene you won't see performed in a movie. that is coming up in "the skinny" on this friday, november 15th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez.
3:31 am
>> happy friday, everybody. we will get right to it. one week after the destructive storm that hit the philippines, the pace of the efforts is picking up. >> trucks with generators, food and medicine are arriving around the world. abc's gloria riveria is joining us with the latest. good morning, gloria. >> reporter: good morning, diana and john. the international effort is really something to see. the relief effort taking a turn in terms of the u.s. aid alone. what we are seeing today is a move forward. there's a staging area in a coastal town outside of tacloban. helicopters are able to get in there, load up and ferry supplies to the more remote regions. also the u.s. is helping to transport the sick and injured from their ravaged hometowns to a place where they can get medical aid. in terms of the death toll, that remains difficult to put a
3:32 am
pinpoint on. the official estimates are in about the low 2,000s, 2,200. most aid organizations say that number is going to be much higher. a grim reality is that unidentified victims may very well go in to mass graves because at this point the cleanup has to move forward. at the dome in tacloban, it's become sort of a shelter. hundreds are fleeing there with nowhere else to go. the filth and grime is extreme. for people that need so much life remains very difficult. >> let's talk about who's in charge of the crisis at this stage on the ground and overall. is the u.s. able to operate relief efforts at the full capacity right now? >> reporter: john, that's a question that so many are asking
3:33 am
at the dome i mentioned. a massive structure. there was word it would become a staging area, headquarters for operations, but the reports are that nobody seems to be in charge there. the u.s., however, is able to operate somewhat independently. they say they are taking their cues from philippine forces but the airport, for example, has really been transformed, and things there are getting up and running. such good news for people but there's so much more to be done. john, diana. >> all right. al gore gloria rivera reporting live from manila, thank you. all right. our other major story this morning, the fallout from president obama's change in health care law. now insurance companies are scrambling to figure out if it is possible to give people back their coverage. this after an apology-filled address by the president. here's abc's dan harris. >> reporter: by our account, he made 29 attempts of apologies over the course of 50 minutes. >> i make apologies for not having executed better over the last several months. >> reporter: he said the word "problem" 26 times. >> i said that i would do everything we can to fix this problem, and today i'm offering an idea that will help to do it. >> reporter: he made repeated football references including the word "fumble" four times. >> ultimately i'm the head of this team. we did fumble the ball on it. >> reporter: here's why -- the
3:34 am website has been a colossal expensive failure. it may have cost $600 million to build, more than four times what apple paid to develop the iphone. and yet fewer than 27,000 americans have started a plan through the site. the administration predicted that 500,000 people would have done so by now and that 3.3 million will do it by december 31st. and then there's the fact that 4.8 million americans have been notified they will be losing their existing insurance policies, which the president repeatedly and explicitly promised wouldn't happen. >> if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. >> reporter: which is why at the news conference he used the words "cancel" or "cancelation" ten times and the word "frustrated" three times. this is not only a massive political problem for the president and threatens his very legacy, his approval numbers hit an all-time low with 39% of
3:35 am
americans approving of his job performance. let's not forget that this also affects many, many real americans. 40 million of us do not have health insurance. dan harris, abc news, new york. now we go to our facebook question of the day, what else can he president do to restore confidence in his health care program? let us know what you think at it is hard to go a day without fresh outrage about the mayor of toronto. rob ford apologized for talking about oral sex while on live television yesterday. ford said he was, "pushed over the line by newly released document that involved allegations against him involving cocaine, escorts and prostitution." he called the allegations lies and said he is getting help. >> i fully realize in the past i have drank alcohol in excess.
3:36 am
i wish you to know i'm receiving support from a team of health care professionals. i'm taking accountability and receiving advice from people with expertise. >> later, ford wore a football jersey to the city council session where outraged members turned their backs each time he spoke and called on him to step aside. one more nugget here, ford and his brother accepted a deal to host their own television show. >> in the midst of all of this. >> of course. >> can you say not getting it? nearly four years ago, a southern california family simply vanished. mom, dad and two kids left in a hurry with eggs still on the kitchen counter and their beloved dogs in the backyard. it is a case that long frustrated investigators. now they say the four bodies found earlier this week in the mojave desert maybe that missing family. we will find out today at the san diego county sheriff's news conference. some chicagoans are sending a precautionary message to their neighbors -- watch out for coyotes. this after a 3-year-old boy is recovering from an attack. it happened in an alley.
3:37 am
the boy thought the coyote was a dog. animal control officials confirm four coyotes were found the area soon after. they have been put down. the youngster tested negative for rabies. after a dramatic trial, a woman who claimed she had a fling with alec baldwin has been found guilty of stalking him. the new york judge sentenced genevieve sabourin to six months in jail, and that's on top of the 30 days that she got for her outburst in court earlier this week. the judge said that sabourin waged a relentless campaign to harass baldwin and his wife. but her attorney insists she was only seeking closure. >> i think she testified truthfully. even if they had a relationship it doesn't mean it is a defense to the crime. >> well, just hours after the verdict, baldwin was making headlines once again. he chased down a photographer who tried to take a picture of his wife and his child, yelling at him to get away from his
3:38 am
family and firing off a homophobic slur. >> oh, boy. >> oh, boy. here's a look at the friday weather. pleasant in the northeast. showers in the gulf coast and florida. the pacific northwest will see rain and snow in the mountains. >> it will be nice in honolulu as usual. phoenix and miami highs in the mid-80s. coldest temperature on the map is in anchorage at 27 degrees. chicago, detroit, minneapolis, all warming up to mid-40s. musical choice for the story was an easy one. let's hear some of the police "message in a bottle." ♪ i hope that someone gets my message in a bottle ♪ >> there is the bottle. >> the message written by a couple 36 years ago as they sailed the pacific. not knowing how long the bottle was in the water. >> for two decades it's been on the shelf of a guy named louie. he did a search for the woman who wrote the message
3:39 am
and found out she died earlier this month and he returned the bottle to his daughter who lives in california. that is sweet. >> remarkable story. >> kind of thing you don't expect to ever happen, especially when you are the one putting the bottle in a massive body of water. >> don't think you will ever see it again for sure. >> there it is. coming up, the big change on "the daily show. who will be looking for your laughs elsewhere. the blind man thrown off a flight over a dispute involving his service dog. the protest by the passengers. it is an incredible story and it is coming up next on "world news now." ♪ that's my dog ♪ that's my dog >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance.
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♪ that's my dog ♪ that's my dog ♪ that's my dog ♪ that's my dog ♪ that's my dog ♪ that's my dog a dog was actually at the center of a passenger revolt that cancelled an usairways flight out of philadelphia. >> it was no ordinary dog. it was a guide dog for the blind man on the flight. >> it is how this man and his dog were treated by a flight attendant that triggered that revolt. >> reporter: since losing his vision eight years ago because of meningitis albert rizzi and his guide dog have been inseparable. they have flown around the country together and never had a problem until wednesday night on a usairways flight from philadelphia to long island. >> flight attendant said the dog can't be here. he needs to be stowed under a seat. >> reporter: rizzi said he tried to tuck him away, even getting
3:44 am
help from fellow travelers but he said whenever his guide dog moved a female flight attendant berated him. ultimately the plane taxied back to the gate and security removed rizzi and the dog from the cabin. >> i'm feeling marginalized and disenfranchised. my sense of confidence of the things i have accomplished as a blind person were diminished. >> reporter: but the feelings of belittlement wouldn't last for long because rizzi's fellow travelers stood up for him. passengers tell us nearly all 30 people on board told the flight crew what was happening was wrong. they say that's when the pilot canceled the flight. >> if i was usairways, i wouldn't want anyone to know this happened. >> reporter: he took a bus the airline provided from philly to long island after the flight was cancelled. when we the passengers realized what is going on, we are like what's happening? he's not a problem. >> reporter: in a statement, usairways said, "mr. rizzi became disruptive and refused to comply with crew member instructions when the flight attendant asked him to secure his service dog at his feet." >> there was no time at all when my dog was off leash and running
3:45 am
around. >> reporter: the 8-year-old yellow lab who slept throughout our interview seems like a docile dog. rizzi who worked in education before losing his sight said this is a teaching moment. opening the eyes of others to the challenges facing the blind. abc news, new york. >> we weren't there but you listen to that story and you say, were they really being accommodating as they could have been? u.s. airlines, by the way, are required to allow service dogs to travel in passenger cabins with their owners. >> that's right. >> unless the dog or animal is obstructing the aisle or an emergency egress, then the animal is allowed to fly with its owner. if you listen to what he said, he said he was trying to get the dog under the seat in front of him. look at the size of the dog. we all know that our seats are getting smaller by the second. so it is impossible to put your purse under the seat in front of you. forget about a beautiful yellow lab. and i thought that matt saying this in his piece was excellent. he dog slept through the entire
3:46 am
interview and leads me to believe this is an incredibly docile dog. >> probably could have been handled better than cancelling the flight and ruining it for 30 some people. >> and if the airlines cannot accommodate the dog and owner then owner should be offer ed another seat or a later flight. the whole idea of cancelling flights and putting people on buses is not what they are supposed to be doing. a jaw-dropping stunt that will leave you pretty speechless. we will show it to you. you won't see this in any movie. and what matthew mcconaughey still likes to do in the nude. that is coming up next in "the skinny." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. abc stat it's great having at&t u-verse high speed internet. walter likes to download fix-it videos... and watch "boardwalk empire." it helps sam with math... [ beeping ] ...and online gaming. and suze loves her smartphone for "social" studies... like video-chatting with sara. hi, ms. kelly. hi, sara. [ male announcer ] go to the website below now
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♪ skinny so skinny welcome to the "skinny," everyone, and we are starting off with a commercial we think is really cool. it is by volvo. it is airing overseas only right now. the star there is jean claude van damme. look at what he does here. he is standing on two trucks. and then they separate. ever so slightly. >> this is where i'd be starting to sing a little higher, in pain, wincing. ♪ >> that's crazy. >> i almost don't have to say anything. just watch that and go what?
3:49 am
>> he's famous for stunts, right? >> always been famous. the commercial says the stunt was executed by trained professionals in a closed off area. clearly he's a trained professional. he is a stuntman. >> debating whether the trucks are cg'd or whatever. doesn't matter. the split looks authentic. we don't know the answer about that. >> i have my theory how they got it done but that is for a later time. >> in reverse. >> no, it looks like reverse. i think they actually taped it going forward with him in a split first and then coming together. they are moving forward although it looks backward, but we see the rewinded version. that's just me. >> i'm guessing cg but maybe i'm a skeptic. but the split's real. john oliver who filled in for jon stewart when he was on vacation on comedy central on "the daily show," awesome, terrific. he is leaving "the daily show" because he nailed it so well. you knew this was coming.
3:50 am
he is going to get his own weekly comedy series at hbo. he announced it on thursday. he said, "i'm incredibly excited to join hbo, i assume this means i'm going to get free hbo." funny guy, right. got his own show. >> very cool. exciting for him. >> sorry. you said nailed it so hard and i can't get over that [ laughter ] >> is there a double entendre, something i didn't pick up? >> no. here we go. next story. matthew mcconaughey he admits in in a new "g.q." interview that he still plays the congos naked. he got arrested because he was playing them and his neighbors called police and when police arrived he found he was naked and now he closes the shades of his windows to make sure he doesn't get arrested when he is nailing it so hard on the congos. >> i have to find it how the nailed it thing resonates with you, diana. i know there is something
3:51 am
naughty going on in your head but i'm not sure what it is. [ laughter ] >> clearly. all right, lorde, the -- the one with the "royal" song, topping the charts for six weeks in a row. youngest female chart topper in 25 years. first person from new zealand to score a hit. apparently she signed a mega publishing deal worth 2.5 million bucks and will be collaborating with other artists as well and write songs for other artists. she's going to nail it. >> so hard. by the way. she's only 17. that's what is incredible about the story. she's 17. just signed a $2.5 million deal to write songs for other people. this song, by the way, let's listen to it. it is really good. called "royal." ♪ and everyone who knows us knows ♪ ♪ that we're fine with this we didn't come for money ♪ it is really good. called "royal." ♪ and everyone who knows us knows ♪ ♪ that we're fine with this we didn't come for money ♪
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
3:55 am
♪ ♪ ♪ like clockwork here we are closing another week with the "friday rewind." >> i love it when that happens. this was a week that was jam-packed with natural disasters, sports scandals and miraculous comeback and a race to the heavens. here's our "friday rewind." >> we don't have food. we need shelter, food, lights.
3:56 am
>> truckloads of dead bodies. and we were talking to a friend that lives in the neighborhood, next door, apparently like 50 little kids got sucked away. just horrible. >> i can feel the danger and fear people are feeling them sadness they have for losing their families. >> sounds like i'm a racist pig, a meat head. i'm not a racist and to judge me by that one word is wrong. >> to get arrested and charged for a crime you didn't commit is incredibly easy and you can lose your life very fast. but to get out of prison it takes an army. >> i personally believe, even if it takes a change in the law the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they got. >> i can feel myself losing traction. i guess it is the first snow of winter. >> reality set in like already? now? really? >> the whole reason i walked in the van was to raise awareness for people to get mammograms.
3:57 am
little did i know i would be a walking example of having a mammogram to save my life. >> i'm back playing basketball. back to doing what i was trying to do before i got hurt. i respect myself every day for that. >> you have a message to americans when they see this thing being rebuilt? >> america should be proud knowing we did it every day for everybody. >> beautiful sight there. i think the poor folks in chicago got snookered out of their tallest building. >> you guys in chicago have two new yorkers on your side. doesn't happen often. >> i know. isn't that weird? >> yeah. a special feature for facebook fans called "in case you missed it." and it features the best of the week from our antics here on "world news now." log on to and check it out. >> and send us a chicago pizza for being on your side. >> yeah. >> don't miss our updates at coming up more news
3:58 am
3:59 am
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making news in america this morning -- taking the fall. regrets, admissions and an apology. this morning, president obama tries to slow the growing frustration over the health care overhaul. we're live in washington. and developing overnight. new details into a family that seemingly vanished years ago. the grisly discovery that's reopened this investigation. mid-air mystery. a bizarre call from a pilot in the air. >> mayday. mayday. mayday. >> then, a frantic investigation in the ocean. what happened at 2,000 feet that now has a passenger missing? split scene. a hollywood action star shows off his talent in a must-see stunt.


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