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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 16, 2013 4:00am-5:01am PST

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good morning, america. this morning, shocking, new ail bases of bullying behavior. months of these pictures caused a national uproar. now, another coach at rutgers university is accused of verbaliverbal i ly abusing a player. cancer concern. some of our favorite foods could contain a dangerous chemical. before your breakfast this morning, we'll give you the list of what you should avoid eating. angry alec. >> i asked you a question. >> why you won't be seeing him on his new cable tv show anytime soon. ♪ and kid caped crusader.
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a brave 5-year-old with leukemia, fighting crime just like batman. capturing the riddler and the penguin. we'll tell you how thousands of people med his unforgettable day happen. good morning, everybody. we have the bat phone on the set here. i picked it up. and ron claiborne picks up. >> stop calling me, dan. >> yeah. >> i knew you were batman. >> stop harassing me. >> we never know when we're going to need this. what an adorable kid. and the president, the first lady, chiming in. we're going to hear more from them coming up. 5-year-old miles scott, may be needed to save the day. we never know. we have the phone here. we're going to show you how san francisco was magically transformed into gotham city. ending with a tiny superhero.
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a chocolate key to the city. >> can he eat that whole thing? >> he can share with us. he deserves the whole key. we're going to begin with a fright ing meningitis outbreak at princeton university. abc's linsey davis is here with the very latest. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. the most recent days at princeton was diagnosed last weekend. the number of students diagnosed with meningitis on campus has caused new jersey health officials to declare an outbreak. but it's what the cdc is doing that's unprecedented. state and federal officials are taking drastic measures to battle the outbreak of meningitis on the grounds of one of the nation's most distinguished institutions. seven cases of the potentially deadly bacterial infection have been diagnosed at princeton university since march. >> it's very serious. >> reporter: so serious, in fact, the cdc is taking the unprecedented move of importing
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emergency doses of bexsero, a meningitis vaccine not used in this country. it protects against meningitis b, which is the particular strain the students have been diagnosed with. bacterial meningitis is a dangerous infection of the protective membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord. it's spread through respiratory droplets exchanged through close contact, such as coughing or kissing. >> you see someone saying i'm not feeling well. and they get sick very quick. >> reporter: if the evacuation plan is rolled out, it could aim to inoculate 8,000 graduate and undergraduate students at princeton. university officials, however, would not say if the vaccination effort would be launched. the cdc tells abc news, the risk for princeton students is quite high. the fda has not approved a vaccine to combat meningitis b here. that strain tends to be more common in europe and australian.
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symptoms of meningitis typically develop three to seven days after exposure. they include headache, fever, and stiff neck. they're often mistaken for the flu, which is obviously prevalent at this time of the year. campus on high alert. >> scary story. working through the weekend at the white house with two weeks left to fix the colossal failure known as this, as the president is facing an open revolt from members of his own party. jeff zeleny is at the white house. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. the white house is trying to fix more than a broken website. they're trying to restore their credibility and prove their competency. this morning, a new challenge for president obama. keeping democrats from jumping ship on his beleaguered health care law. after months of fighting republican criticism -- >> this disastrous law was destined to fail from the start. >> its cancellation today, sticker shock tomorrow. >> reporter: and a week filled with apologies from the president. >> that's on me.
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that's something i deeply regret. we did fumble the ball on it. >> reporter: there's anger in congress. democratic congresse iic anger. the president is trying to stop a democratic betrayal. with more than three dozen members of his own party, fighting with republicans friday, to support a plan the white house says would weaken the health care law. we caught up with one of the democrats who crossed the aisle. how disappointed are you in the obama administration for this mess over the last month? >> some heads ought to roll. >> reporter: at the white house, it's a working weekend. only two weeks left to make good on the president's pledge to make good on the president's website by the end of the month. >> we're working 24/7 to get it fixed. >> reporter: he invited insurance company executives to the white house friday, asking for help. >> we're going to be soliciting ideas from them. we want to make sure we get this done. >> reporter: a long week at the white house. but an even tougher road ahead. senior democrats who have spoken
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to the president tells me, he knows his second term agenda and legacy depends on no more fumbles. and, dan, that is a very tall order. >> indeed, it is. especially given the technological challenges they're facing. >> the website is not fixed. one of the weakest moments of his presidency. we're going to check the other stories developing this morning. >> you know how i know it's time for ron? >> the bat phone? >> hit me on the bat phone. and my beeper, too. hi, bianna and dan. hi, there. and good morning, everyone. we're going to start with a case of competitiveness gone too far in college sports. virginia state's running back, lamont brit, has been arrested for assault for allegedly beating up the quarterback of the rival winston-salem state team, the day before the two teams were supposed to meet for their conference championship game. winston-salem says that part of the teammates took part in the
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assault. he spent friday night in jail because of the incident. the game between the two teams has now been canceled. a record day on wall street. the dow jones industrial average was 85 points up on friday, as it closes in on the 16,000 mark. the s&p 500 was also up friday. that made friday the third-straight day of all-time highs for both market indexes. these records cap six-straight weeks of stock market gains. and overseas, china is revising its decades-old rule limiting the number of children that a family can have. the government is announcing it is change its one-child policy. now, if either parent is an only child, the couple can have two children. the one-child policy, introduced 1979, to control population growth. and a white suburban detroit man who allegedly shot and killed a black woman at his front door has been charged with second-degree murder. he was arraigned on friday on
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charges. those charges, second-degree murder and manslaughter. prosecutors say he shot renisha mcbride in the face when she knocked on his screen door looking for help after a car accident. he said it was an act of self-defense. the shooting has raised questions whether it was racially motivated. and in seoul, south korea, a helicopter flew into a high-rise luxury apartment building that happened early this morning, killing two people, including the pilot of that aircraft. the helicopter was flying through the city's gangnam neighborhood when its propeller clipped the side of a 38-story building, causing it to crash. no one in the apartment building, however, was hurt. and finally, a piece of royal wedding cake at a price of some royal watchers may have trouble digesting. a slice of eight-tiered cake from prince william and kate middleton's wedding was auctioned off in beverly hills this week. the final price, check this out,
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$4,160. the auction house hasn't identified the winning bidder or who managed to swipe the cake and hold on to it for 2 1/2 years. we are investigating to make sure it is an authentic piece of the cake. >> not too shabby. >> is it edible? >> freeze it. >> thanks. we're going to turn to that bizarre story in florida, where the pilot radioed in a panicked alert, saying that a passenger fell out of his plane. the coast guard has called off their search for the man. but we are now learning more about who he was and how this could even happen. abc's tai hernandez is here with more. hey, tai. >> reporter: hey, bianna. after the pilot's distress call, homicide detectives were set to meet him as he landed. but at this point, there's only one known living witness to what happened. the pilot who says his sole passenger simply fell. this morning, we learn new details about the mystery of the passenger who fell from a private plane in mid-air and the
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pilot who was flying. >> mayday. mayday. >> reporter: we learned the identities of the passenger, 42-year-old gerardo and the pilot. according to wplj. he recently graduated to be a flight instructor. here he is leaning against a cop car. he was flying the piper off the coast of miami when he radioed that his passenger opened the door and fell 2,000 feet into the atlantic. >> i have a door ajar. and a passenger just fell down. >> reporter: the air traffic controller seemed baffled by the comments and the pilot's tone. >> that's correct, sir. he opened the back door. and he just fell down the plane. >> reporter: authorities have been searching since thursday for the victim, along with any clues that would help them figure out why or how a door would open in mid flight. police are looking into the
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relationship between the pilot and passenger. at this point, they have no evidence of foul play. and it may be very difficult to determine exactly how that passenger left the plane at 1,800 feet. >> bizarre story. >> very much. two people onboard. and only one witness at this point. >> thanks, tai. now, to the college football player making serious and potentially damaging accusations against a coach at rutgers university. this comes just months after a basketball bullying scandal on that same campus. lindsay czarniak from our sister network, espn, is on top of it all. >> reporter: hey, guys. bullying in football locker rooms is at the center of the sports world right now because of the accusations of jonathan martin against richie incognito in the miami dolphins. but new overnight, we're learning of another allegation of a rutgers coach going too far with a player. miami dolphins offensive lineman, jonathan martin, faced cameras for the first time since leaving the team because of alleged bullying.
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>> i do not intend to discuss this matter publicly at this time. >> reporter: now, a new bullying claim. this one against rutgers university. this morning, news that red shirt freshman cornerback, javon tyree, has quit the quarterback. his family is having that dave cohen be disciplined. javon, who is the cousin of super bowl hero david tyree, that said that cohen called him immass cuelating names. he says the incident took place last april. rutgers basketball coach, mike rice, was fired and the athletic director resigned. rice told our robin roberts that he regrets the infamous incident. >> you were a bully. >> there was some actions that were certainly -- that were bullying, yes. >> reporter: now, tyree's family believes that coach cohen deserves the same discipline as rice. his father, mark, told "the star
4:13 am
legend," i think disciplinary action should happen, almost to the point he should get fired. >> certainly, it would increase the risk of him developing depression and maybe something even worse. >> reporter: in a statement, rutgers says the incident had been addressed immediately in april. and that? september, the tyrees agreed they were satisfied. javon tyree left the program on november 6th. the reason tyree ended up leaving the program, he feels even recently he's been left out of team meetings. also, that he's been passed over for playing time. so, he essentially feels the bullying is continuing now in a different way. dan? >> thank you. we want to return to florida and a bizarre story there. that giant sinkhole that's swallowed two homes thus far, as they scramble to fill that hole with dirt, there is a big, looming question this morning. could all of this have been prevented? steve osunsami is outside of tampa. steve, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan.
4:14 am
they're already at work here in the rain, beginning to tear down that second home that nearly fell into that sinkhole. families here who have been fighting this sinkhole issue for years, have beyond frustrated. authorities here, carefully tearing down two of the homes that were nearly swallowed by the sinkhole outside tampa. they are filling the hole with sand. and nearly 60 feet deep, it could take days. >> of course, i'm upset. >> reporter: the dupree family is beyond frustrated. they first saw the cracks and heard the creeks in 2011. the insurance company agreed they had a sinkhole. but disagreed on how it should be fixed. the family lost in court. and the work had just started this week, too late to save the home. >> the stress of dealing with it every day. and the stress of having to deal with fighting the insurance company to do the right thing. >> reporter: just a few miles up the highway, the ferraros have a sinkhole growing underneath them. an engineer says their home is ready to collapse.
4:15 am
they're fighting their insurance company, too. >> this entire area and our home could fall into the earth. >> could just collapse. >> with us in it. >> reporter: the experts tell us there are thousands of possible sinkholes waiting to open up under florida homes. and these are just the new ones. more than 250 reports since may of last year. >> right now, we're not getting the support of the insurance companies. and we're not getting support of elected officials. >> reporter: one solution insurance companies use is to drive cement deep into the ground around a home with a known sinkhole lurking below. this morning, families around florida are racing to get this work done. hoping this won't happen. the insurance company in this case says the homeowners here are somewhat responsible. dragging this out in court. these same homeowners will most likely be filing a claim for a new house. >> that's so frustrating for
4:16 am
homeowners just waiting for their houses to sink in. steve, our thanks to you. before you take a bite of your morning toast or bacon, you want to pay attention to our next story. there's new medical warning this morning from the fda about how we prepare some of our favorite foods with a possible link to cancer. abc's chief health and medical editor, dr. richard besser. >> a chemical that forms when you cook foods. you see it with plant-based foods. potatoes, grains. and coffee. but the number one food for acrylamide, french fries. >> and a lot of people like their food extra crispy, even fried at times. this can be dangerous. >> i love the dark french fries. the really crunchy ones and dark toast. but the more you cook it, the more acrylamide forms. it was first identified in 2002,
4:17 am
in foods. and what they find, if you give a lot to mice, it can create different cancers. they've never found a cancer linked to this in humans. but the fda says as abundance of caution, we could take steps to reduce it. >> they've known about acrylamide for a while. what do you suggest for people at home? >> some of the good news is the fda is working with industry to cut down the problem altogether. when you're cooking your food, you don't overcook your french fries. instead of the toast, go for a lighter brown. you're going to cut down on it. but the overwhelming thing you can do is put variety in your diet. if you go with a heart-healthy diet, lean proteins, whole grains, you're never going to take in enough acrylamide that it's going to cause a problem. >> i can't imagine having dr. besser telling us to eat more french fries. >> yes. >> thanks for coming in.
4:18 am
>> pleasure. >> thanks, doctor. we have a different story right now. breaking news this morning, as you may be able to see behind us, they're putting up a bat signal in times square. this is a very professionally done bat signal. >> officials in new york are looking for help from america's newest superhero, the 5-year-old who took san francisco by storm yesterday. he's a little boy whose fight against cancer provoked thousands of people come together to make his dream come true. aditi roy was there. >> reporter: already victorious over leukemia, miles scott lived out his fantasy, alongside batman himself. in order to transform the city by the bay, into a fantasy land. thousands of citizens chipped in. from ordinary citizens, to the chief of police. >> caped crusader, we need you. and bring the batkid.
4:19 am
>> reporter: batkid and batman burst on the scene, to save a damsel in distress. the pint-sized wonder freed her, with thousands of adoring fans chanting his praises. that was just the beginning of his action-packed day. dealing out bat justice to a truly gotham-worthy crime spree. after napping the riddler in the middle of a bank heist, the superhero stopped for a bat bite. batkid is having lunch right now. but there's no rest for him. we're hearing reports that a penguin has kidnapped the mascot of the san francisco giants. a flash mop alerted the batkid. while the penguin roused about the flap he caused. do you think you can take him? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: wrong again, bird brain. the dynamic duo gave chase. and while the bat nailed the crook, his counterpart freed the
4:20 am
seal. for all of his hard work, batkid got a key to the city. cheered on by a city inspired by his very real bravery all along. >> he never lost heart. he was always upbeat. he's our hero. >> reporter: all of it thanks to the make-a-wish foundation. >> there's been plenty of superheros that make-a-wish has had. nothing like this has happened. >> this is beyond our expectations. it's crazy. >> reporter: for "good morning america," aditi roy, abc news, gotham city. >> that's such an amazing city. >> amazing city. >> and the fact we love san francisco anyway. but to see it's beautiful inside and out. and the people coming together. what do you get him for christmas now? i thought you were going to say how does ginger zee top that with the weather? >> that was a special story. let's talk about a low pressure system. that's going to be a dangerous
4:21 am
storm. the backside is snow. we'll talk about in a moment. the front end is the dangerous severe storm potential in parts of the plains and great lakes this weekend. let me break it down for you. it goes like this. we begin with a warm front this afternoon and evening. you can see 60-mile-per-hour winds. hail for central iowa through cedar rapids, southwestern wisconsin. but it is tomorrow when this storm really starts to become insane. really. for this time of year, moderate risk. that's the elevated risk. south bend, indianapolis, louisville, chicago, cleveland and cincinnati, all tomorrow afternoon and evening could see 80-mile-per-hour winds. isolated tornadoes. and these storms will be cooking. i promised you a look at the snow on the back end. snoqualmie pass picked up over a foot. skiers and snowboarders are happy in aspen. park city, 10.4. i'll let you look at newer cities on the map. it feels like it's close to zero by the time you reach tomorrow
4:22 am
morning. that's a look at the warm-up in the east, i'll leave you with this and the big picture. >> i know you've all been waiting for this all week. it's time to play -- >> "name that cloud." >> all right. here we go. and there it is. >> whoa. >> that's a doughnut cloud. >> next? >> i'll go with doughnut cloud. >> bad answer. >> how about cronut cloud?
4:23 am
>> come on, guys. we had something before this. this is a hole punch or a sky punch. it happens when you have cool droplets within the cloud. and they get something. look at the airplane that caused the next one. this will give you a good indication of why it happens, how it happens. see? >> okay. >> that is a good one. >> appreciate it. >> start using evaporation. coming up on the broadcast, the newlywed accused of killing her husband by pushing him off a cliff. can she convince the judge to drop the charges? and coming on strong. alec baldwin, taking on a tv reporter. what caused the star to lose it this time? and why he's being banned from his own cable news show. ♪ music
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alec baldwin is once again living up to his hot-head reputation. the actor cursing out a reporter and more street theater. we see this from him every couple of weeks. his 3-month-old child in the car. we're going to hear about this story straight ahead. >> this is saturday, november 16th. we'll have more on alec baldwin coming up. what set him off and why it ended him taking off on his show on msnbc. first, the newlywed accused of killing her husband, after being married eight days. >> she claims pushing him off a cliff was a terrible accident. she told her story to the judge, trying to get him to dismiss the charges. linzie janis has the latest developments. >> reporter: 22-year-old jordan graham looks composed as she
4:31 am
entered a montana courthouse to ask a judge to throw out charges that she murdered her husband, cody johnson, just eight days after their wedding. in court documents, graham says she was trying to brush away her 25-year-old husband's arm, not push him off a cliff, as she's been accused of doing on the couple's honeymoon in glacier national park. >> reporter: in court friday, graham said the fbi agent who first questioned her, put his hand on her knee and made her feel uncomfortable. he was showing respect to a distraught graham when he touched her leg during the interview. graham's attorney also argued that agents distorted her words in a taped confession. only recording the second half of the conversation. >> we've now heard the heart of the defense. which is i never said that. that's not the way that it happened. but that's an argument to make in front of a jury.
4:32 am
>> reporter: also in court, federal prosecutors told the judge they believe a piece of cloth found near johnson's body, may have been used to blindfold him. >> as far as we know, no one is actually alleging yet that he was wearing a blindfold. when he went over that cliff. >> reporter: calling the theory speculative, the judge says he doesn't plan to further delay the december 9th trial while investigators conduct more dna testing on the cloth. a judge denied graham's motion to drop the charges. she is accused of first-degree murder and second-degree murder. dan abrams summed it up like this. he said authorities have her confession that she pushed him off. they know that there were problems in the marriage. the big question is, what exactly did she confess to? that's what she's arguing about now. >> the bottom line is, this trial is going forward. >> it's going forward. >> thank you. a lot of other news
4:33 am
overnight. as always, we turn for that to mr. ron claiborne. >> good morning, everyone. in the news, a new football bullying allegation. the time involving rutgers university in new jersey. freshman cornerback, javon tyree says he quit the team after defensive coordinator, dave cohen, called him emasculating names and threatened to head-butt him. the family is asking for cohen to be fired. and jpmorgan has agreed to a $4.5 billion settlement friday over investor losses from shaky mortgage-backed securities sold by that bank. jpmorgan will have to pay off $20 billion to settle mortgage lawsuits and investigations. and jay z has ended his silence about barneys in new york. in a statement, he says he will review jay z of the store's policies. there was public pressure for jay z to pull out of that deal, after two black customers
4:34 am
separately accused the store of racially profiling them. and the holidays came early for walmart shoppers who showed up at midnight to buy the new playstation 4 console. dez bryant was one of those waiting in line. once he got inside, he bought one not just for himself but for several of the people who were waiting in line with him. at 400 bucks a pop. very nice of him. time for weather and over to ginger zee. >> let's go to chicago and see a live shot. warm and windy today. waking up in the 40s. that's an average high. low-lying clouds and fog on the way. the high, 56 in chicago, will be ahead of the warm front. and the storms we were talking about, which will end up just north of kansas city. st. louis, 68. here's what else i wanted to show you. we focused in on the moderate risk before. there's a slight risk of severe storms all the way from northern wisconsin to mississippi, alabama, georgia and the
4:35 am
carolinas, included in there. it's not just the heart of it, the moderate risk. and you're going to be very windy. wind gusts are going to reach close to 36 in little rock. st. louis right there. 34 for chicago. it's windy on the front end of it and breezy behind it. we have to go to florida, too. we have an earth cam shot. really nice usually. not this morning. looking a little cloudy and rough. sarasota is where it's near. the rest of florida looking like this. 83 for miami. 81, orlando. i'll leave you with a look at the southwest. it's been nice but they cooled down significantly since the record highs earlier in the week. >> this weather report has been
4:36 am
brought to you by tempur-pedic. very nice. >> thank you very much, guys. coming up here on "gma," alec baldwin blowing off steam and finding themselves kicked off the air. what provoked this latest outburst? also ahead in "pop news." romance and your diet. how counting calories may affect romance and your diet. how counting calories may affect your love life.hat it's like tor best night's sleep every night. [announcer] why not talk to someone who's sleeping on the most highly recommended bed in america? ask me about my tempur-pedic. ask me how fast i fall asleep. ask me about staying asleep. [announcer] tempur-pedic owners are more satisfied than owners of any traditional mattress brand. tempur-pedic. the most highly recommended bed in america. now sleep cooler with extra cooling comfort on our bestselling tempur-breeze beds. visit to learn more, and find a retailer near you. lslslshire farm spice is the spice of life. that's why our craftsmen seasoned every sausage perfectly. so you can coax out great flavor effortlessly.
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another day, another alec baldwin meltdown. just one day after using a gay slur when cursing out a photographer. >> the actor sets his sights on a local tv reporter who
4:41 am
apparently once had a run-in with baldwin's wife. abc's rob nelson is here to sort it all out. sort it if you can, rob. >> reporter: it's a mess, as always, isn't it? this is a very interesting story here. alec baldwin, having a run-in with the press is certainly not a new headline. but what is different this time around is the reason behind the drama. a fender-bender on a city street. and now, even the temporary suspension of baldwin's cable news show. >> [ bleep ] out of here. >> back up. >> reporter: his blik blowouts with the press, to a whole, new level. trying to get in his car outside his new york apartment on friday with his wife and 3-month-old baby, the hot-tempered actor got in the face of a female new york tv reporter, who his wife says hit her in the face with a microphone a day earlier. >> you almost hit my wife in the face? i asked you a question. do you want to apologize to her?
4:42 am
>> reporter: baldwin brings over nearby cops, demanding they take action. >> i do want to press charges against her. she assaulted my wife. >> reporter: the ruckus didn't stop there. as baldwin bangs into another car as he tries to leave his parking spot. friday's blowup is the latest of a string of caught on camera tirades, by one of new york's most notorious hot heads. he caused an uproar by allegedly using an anti-gay slur against a photographer. >> come on. >> reporter: which baldwin denies, saying he was misheard. a twitter firestorm erupted. with cnn's anderson cooper chiming in. wow. alec baldwin shows his true colors yet again. how is he going to lie and excuse his anti-gay slurs this time? baldwin later apologized. and a longer mea culpa came friday night when baldwin released a statement, confirming
4:43 am
his new cable news show has been taken off the schedule through next week. what i said this week as i was trying to protect my family, was offensive and unacceptable. behavior like this undermines hard-fraught rights i vigorously support. the only good news for the baldwins was the conviction of a canadian woman, genevieve sabourin, for maharassing the actor. that woman is now serving more than 200 days behind bars. guys, though, never dull in the life of alec baldwin. >> after that trial, tried to lay low-key for a couple of weeks. >> reporter: that didn't last too long. yeah. >> keeping you busy. >> no problem. coming up on "good morning america," the twist back flip under. this isn't a gymnastics move, dan. but a hair style. "gma" will pull off the mane event.
4:44 am
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we actually saved the most serious part of the broadcast for the last. "pop news." sara haines. >> thank you, dan harris. first up, a treat for country music fans. with a brand-new video of keith urban and miranda lambert, "we were us." ♪ thinking about you every time it came up ♪ >> yeah. you know? the superstar duo had teamed up before. miranda was on the road with keith during his 2006 tour. and he was just waiting for the right song to work with miranda again. "we were us" is currently number one on the billboard country music charts. >> i like them.
4:49 am
and listen up, boys. it turns out the way to a woman's heart may be through her stomach. i already knew that, by the way. scientists at drexel university put together a study of 20 women. ten had a history of dieting. and ten did not. both groups fasted for eight hours. and were introduced to romantic and neutral stimuli. they were shown the same stimuli. and the women with the history of dieting, felt a lot more in the mood for romance. if you're dating a woman on a diet, don't be afraid to order dessert to improve your chances of a seduction. >> you make another mistake. is that what they're looking for? and finally, we've got a hair challenge inspired by a texas mom who has become an
4:50 am
internet star. mindy mcknight's channel has 1.6 million subscribers. all guaranteed to give your kid major cred on the playground. let's let mindy explain first. >> you part the hair where the natural part line is. and work down from that. to her ear. and then, twist it up. just comb into a side pony. then, add that little twist in. and then, using your amazing topsy tail, pull the ponytail through. >> 30 seconds to re-create the twistback flipunder. the clock starts now. go. >> 30 seconds?
4:51 am
>> 30 seconds. dan, here is your head. >> i have to live up to my texas roots here. >> dan, you're not helping. you're making a mess of bianna's head twist. >> ginger is going to win, as usual. >> i like this here. >> look at the determination on her face. >> dan, you can't win if you're not in the game. >> i was helping bianna, mostly. >> she did it. >> no? >> i didn't do the topsy. >> you might want to try. >> did anybody get there? >> ron has been -- yeah. i want to say he was a massive fail. but ginger actually did it. >> ginger, you're pulling her hair. >> ginger wins again. we'll be right back.
4:52 am
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4:56 am
so, what prize does ginger get this time for winning yet another challenge? golden key. >> it's golden before the fall, though. >> i don't know what that means. >> neither do i. we'll see you tomorrow.
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
lead paint poisoning affects one million children today. if your home was built before 1978, it could contain harmful lead paint. learn the danger zones, protect your kids. visit
5:00 am
>> good morning. thanks nor joining us. i'm katie marzullo. let's start with a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. good morning, lisa. >> good morning, katie. we are talk back a few clouds around this morning, certainly around san francisco and in the south bay. elsewhere it is clear and chilly in the north bay with a few numbers dropping into the 30s for a short time. we could get a little fog by sunset -- sunrise, i should say, near santa rosa. otherwise we are look at temperatures in and around the 40-degree mark inland. pretty mild san francisco and oakland 52. oakland by the middle of the day look for a few clouds, 50s and 60s. it will be a cooler, breezier afternoon with low to mid-60s around the bay and tonight


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