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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 16, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> good morning. thanks nor joining us. i'm katie marzullo. let's start with a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. good morning, lisa. >> good morning, katie. we are talk back a few clouds around this morning, certainly around san francisco and in the south bay. elsewhere it is clear and chilly in the north bay with a few numbers dropping into the 30s for a short time. we could get a little fog by sunset -- sunrise, i should say, near santa rosa. otherwise we are look at temperatures in and around the 40-degree mark inland. pretty mild san francisco and oakland 52. oakland by the middle of the day look for a few clouds, 50s and 60s. it will be a cooler, breezier afternoon with low to mid-60s around the bay and tonight another chilly evening.
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there's a front that will flirt with the north bay today. i'll tell you how that will impact your afternoon come up in a few minutes. katie. >> thank you. we have big news right now. the new bore of the called cut tunnel is open to traffic. this is a live picture in orinda. you see the first cars going through the tunnel, happily speeding along. not dealing with any traffic at this hour. the cars have been going through for about an hour now. bore number four officially open. we captured the moment. you see where the sign changed from closed to open and the very first scars driving through with police escorts. reverse commute are he is will see the biggest benefit with an average of five minutes taken off their commute. westbound traffic heading toward san francisco on weekday mornings is fully going to see
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little change. >> i think it's going to help at least the people in orinda who commute into the city during the weekend. that's usually one bore that's open w two open now i think that will relieve some of the congestion that we see on the weekend. >> he's right. caltran said the most dramatic train is likely to be during daytime weekend travel because that's when traffic gets most backed up. we continue to follow developing news, something commuters are not going to want to hear, the possibility of another bart strike. last night they vote today renegate part of their contract with the unions but the unions are baching. we have the details. >> reporter: bart's board of direct torts emerged from their closed-door meeting after three hours. in a 7-1 vote they decided to go back to the bargaining table with the unions. >> it's important to try to find a middle ground, to address this issue. >> they call it a clerical error.
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the tentative contract said employees can receive six weeks of paid leave under the federal medical leave act. they didn't expect it to be in the package. >> they never discussed it. >> the bart board of directors came up with a chart detailing the cost of the fmla provision. they said it would cost $42.2 million over four years which is more than half the cost of the entire agreement but the ion said a deal is a deal. >> i don't see how it's an honest mistake. you signed it, we signed it. bart. >> reporter: bart riders are frustrate the. >> i just don't want another strike. >> reporter: they said thomas hock is out, chief negotiator. a new person will be named. police found an 8-year-old boy and a man with stab wounds last night. he's rushed to the trauma center. man is out of the hospital.
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police arevered 38-year-old fairfield resident lisa this morning. she's in jail on two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, child endangerment and domestic vie learnings all felonies. police say they found both victims on scott street near matthew drive after getting 911 calls about a disturbance. the investigation is ongoing and police would like to hear from anyone who might have witnessed what led up to the attack. new this morning, san jose police are investigating a fatal shooting. police were called to west san carlos street around 7:30 last night. that's where they found a man who had been shot at least once. he was taken to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. police have no suspects in custody, but the investigation is just getting started. this is san jose's 41st homicide of 2013. last year the city have 46, the highest number in 20 years.
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san rafael police need help identifying a bank robbery suspect. take a look. this video clearly shows a man police say robbed a citibank branch yesterday morning around 11:00. he that some type of handgun or modified weapon during the robbery. if you recognize him, do not approach him. he is considered armed and dangerous. call the police. tips can be turned in anonymously and could turn you a area reward. bat kid has saved the city, captivated our hearts. yesterday the city of san francisco was transformed into gotham city to make five-year-old's miles scott's wishes of being bat kid come true. we recap the amazing day. >> reporter: as bat kid emerged in a lamb lamborghini bat mobilt was the beginning of a day-long adventure. one much of the city cheered on
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and is still cheering. >>? san francisco we don't really have a lot of kidsism think there are a lot of us thinking, yes, we get to do something fun for a kid. >> bat kid, also known at five-year-old highlights cot, helped disarm a mysterious device. >> that's it! you got it! >> and free a damsel in distress who was tied to the tracks of the cable car line. and foil the riddler's plan for a major heist. >> who is there! >> the greenvillelan was led off and the bat kid was mets with heroic applause from a growing crowd. but the action wasn't over because the penguin took san francisco giant's mascot lou seal hostage. he had to set him free and take another villain. >> i want to thank the bat kid for saving our city! >> mayor ed lee handed him a key to the city and cheering crowd at the civic center got third final word from the boy hero.
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miles is a cancer survivor and when his leukemia went into remission he asked for this wish. bay area chapter of the make-a-wish foundation got to work. the san francisco police chief greg sir became one of the leading characters." he helped entertain the bat kid and helped put the day together. >> he's our hero. i mean, i don't know. it's great. >> san francisco loves bat kid, indeed. abc7 news. it's just too sweet for words. department of justice even got into the act, sending out this news release about the indictment of the riddler and the penguin. it reads if not for the her rowen of one miles, aka bat kid, they surely would have been successful. >> way to go, miles, way to surrogate that will! >> president obama even got involved in a video posted on "the vine." he then tweeted this photo of
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miles running down hyde street. he encouraged people to follow him at #sfbatkid. it was so popular at one point we measured more than 20 tweets a second. and #sfbatkid was trending all over the try. this person's son sold the t-shirt. we originally expected to tell 300 and they sold 3,000. they are sold out but more will be made. you can buy them online at $20. all the proceeds will go to the make-a-wish foundation. since yesterday's edition was so popular, san francisco chronicle is reprint their gotham city front page with updates on bat kid's adventure. they even added special reporters for the edition. you might recognize the names clarke kent and lois lane.
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up a ma dates was involved from the beginning. >> reporter: the police chief called an i am prompt tummiesage. >> please, cape crusader, we need you, and bring the bat kid. >> they asked her to be a part of badkid's day. you can follow ama dates on twitter. a lot of people who were tweeting and retweeting were watching the live stream coverage we provided on the abc7 news app. you can down road it for free by going to at the heart of all of it, of course, miles is not only kid with big dreams. if you would like to help more kids' dreams come true, we have a link on our website under "see it on tv."
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>> every time, i think it's so sweet. nice to see the whole city come together like that. weather cooperated yesterday and today? >> a little cool out there and today we will see a little more breeze. we are talking about a front that's pushing through, a dry one. mildest temperatures downtown. this is sutro with low 50s but we have low 30s in the north bay. we will let you know what means nor your weekend and when we will see some rain over here. that's coming up. >>. >> and an exclusive abc news investigation. what we found in the bin at the post office. and why many people w
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>> an attorney for the oakland teenage accused of setting a high school teenager on fire aboard a bus said he's not homophobic and said the crime should not be considered a hate crime. luke suffered second third-degree burns in the attack. sasha, who was born a male, was wearing a skirt when a 16 your old student from oakland set him on fire. according it our media partner the teen's lawyer calls it an ill-considered prank that went seriously wrong. the judge granted a hearing for the defense challenge for prosecuting the suspect as an
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adult. a man wanted for a horrific attack on a homeless woman in san francisco last week has been arrested. 28-year-old timothy chase was taken into custody yesterday at his home in oakland. police say chase is the man this surveillance video. you see him walk up to a person sleeping on the sidewalk and stomp that person's head repeatedly. they found chase after getting tips from people who recognized him in the video. the victim refused medical treatment. captured on video, police made several arrests in san francisco after they say a crowd turned hostile yesterday. a man ran from him through his home through the apartment after they tried to give him a bike citation. neighbors and family thought police were too brutal. three people tried to intervene and were also taken into custody. two officers and the suspects were injured. police say they used reasonable force during the arrest. we have an abc7 news exclusive for you this morning. consumers in menlo park were shocked at what they found at the counters of the local post office.
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social security numbers and other personal information on a pad of scratch paper. vic lee has the story you will only see on abc7. >> then i saw the partial social security card. >> january, who does not want her last name used, was shocked when she looked at the pad of scratch paper on the post office counter. it included photocopies of customers and post office employees personal information. copies of social security cards, driver's licenses and other information that shouldn't be out here for anyone to see. >> what reaction did you have? >> my first thought was this promotes identity theft. i mean, it's right there for anybody to pick up. >> earlier this week january went to the post office in menlo park. that's when she noticed the photocopies cut into quarters being used as scratch paper. >> when i saw that, i was pretty
5:16 am
shock. >> we showed lisa a copy of her work badge. she provided that and other personal data when she' employed for a passport. she never thought a post office would compromise your security. >> you think your information would be safe. going there for id you could have your i. d. stolen from you. >> we asked to see the post office manager. but we waited. a couple was providing personal information for their child's passport. >> horrendous. absolutely horrendous. >> they overheard our conversation. >> you don't believe any of this information would show up on a scratch pad. >> we showed him what we found. >> this is a risk of identity theft. >> i agree with you. yep. i agree with you. >> how did it happen? >> i don't know, but i will have to investigate. >> we will let you know what they find. vic lee, abc7 news. emergency efforts are underway around the clock to get
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water and other please to people in the philippines. survivors are at risk for disease and are hung. more than 3*6 hundred people are estimated to have died. 600,000 are dismissed. as families search for loved once, officials are focusing on getting help to survivors. >> we are done with the rescue and retrieval. now we have to clear the major thoroughfares and make passage more possible. >> after days of delay the pace of the operation is picking up with more food, water, medical aid reaching the disaster zone. happening today, there will be a typhoon haiyen it will be on south gate avenue west of interstate 280. minnesota there will be a fundraiser as. we you can make donations to the
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red cross relief fund through a live hotline from 11:00 a.m. through 11:30 p.m. right here on a -- obc7. larkspur will now have a two-dollar fee for parking. it will not be collected on weekends or holidays and almost there will be a monthly pass available for $20. get ready for fresh crab. take a look at the first dungeonness crab of the season. rough seas kept most boats docked and high winds are expected to keep many of them that way until tonight. you will like pay $5.50 to six dollars a pound. this is the first year of a new state law that limits the number of traps trappers can carry on their fishing boats.
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it's underway but a disappointment if the weather is not cooperating. >> we will finally feel some cooler weather. we just need some rain in here and there are a few possibilities for the week ahead. this morning live doppler 7hd, we are looking at just a little bit in the way of fog but also clouds around, especially in parts of the south bay as a weak frontal band continues to push through. we will continue that theme with partly cloudy skies throughout the afternoon. especially in the north bay. and just a slight chance of maybe a few sprinkles well far north. but the rain well north. we will show you that in a minute. this is sfo where conditions are pretty mild. 51 degrees at the airport. 48 downtown. it's 41 in redwood city, as well as los gatos with half moon bay coming in at 50. but check out these numbers in the north bay. here's the exploratorium camera. with the clear sky it is pretty cold. just 33 in napa. 35 santa rosa. oh this amounts to about 15 degrees of cooling since
5:20 am
yesterday at this time. 37 in novato and 10 degrees warmer concord. livermore coming in at 42 and a nice look from our sutro tower camera. here are the highlights. aside from the chilly morning a few clouds from san francisco south. we will see sun and clouds throughout the entire weekend and slightly cooler weather with some of that -- some of you feeling a bit of a breeze picking up today. we will look for that chance of rain coming our way. in the north bay on tuesday. then wednesday and thursday elsewhere. a weak weather system bringing a slight chance of showers for the northern mountains and crescent city today. for parts of the north bay you see a few more clouds. that's why we are calling it partly cloudy today. as we skip ahead to the early part of the week, by wednesday a broader chance of showers into thursday. but after that, high pressure builds on in and we are dry into the end of the work week. so we have a couple opportunities for rain coming up, but not this weekend. in terms of the south bay today,
5:21 am
a few clouds around with temperatures cooler for you. 63 in santa clara and san jose. on the peninsula notice the cool and cloudy afternoon half moon bay. 58. 62 san mateo with san francisco coming in at 61 degrees. you will see some sunshine. a cooler afternoon since we've had the last couple days. numbers not far off from average. 63 petaluma with 64 vallejo. near east bay. low 60s in oakland. 63 fremont. partly cloudy there. you head inland, not much warmer. a couple degrees of warming here with 64 in concord, 63 in pleasanton. livermore coming in in the mid-60ths. the accuweather seven-day forecast shows little change for the next couple days, sunday and monday with partly cloudy skies. then we look for the slight chance of showers coming into the north bay tuesday. a chance everywhere on wednesday. thursday it's look a little bit dryer and we will look at warming conditions by the end of
5:22 am
the week. abc7 fuse has another great weather resource for you to follow. that's live doppler 7hd on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions, rain or shine. plus get video forecasts, spare the air aports and power outage info from weather tweets. >> i don't want to do your job or anything, but apparently it's cold enough for ice? it's chilly in one place in particular. >> okay. coming up next, an east bay skating rink. it is open for the holidays. the special
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>> a children's winner festival will be heliin walnut creek today. yesterday kids took to the ice the first time for the holiday season when the park opened. this is the ninth year the rink has been sponsored. today's festival is from 11 to 2. the rink will remain open until january 1th. can't even remember the last time i went ice skating. it looks so fun, though. the american farm bureau said you won't have to spend as much money on your thanksgiving meal this year. the average price of a 16-pound turkey is just under $22 and that's 47 cents less than last year. the price after dozen rolls and a pound of green beans is down, too. but you will have to pay more for sweet potatoes, the prices
5:26 am
of pumpkin pie mix and milk as well. you will spend an average of 4 four cents lesson thanksgiving this year than you did last. today hundreds of volunteers will help pick persimmons from a valley that saw hundreds of pounds rot last year. they have 813 trees that expect to yield 150,000 pounds of fruit. the homeowner's husband planted them before he died in 2006 and she doesn't want to see the fruit go to waste again a nonprofit that har vests backyards fruit and vegetable to feed the needy has stepped up. >> we hope to harvest enough food to feed thousands of food for a day and that would go a long way to make a happy thanksgiving. >> more than 300 businesses and schools are pitching in. you can donate. we provided the link with all
5:27 am
the information on our website click on "see it on tv." if you have friends in town that want to visit coit tower in san francisco, you want to do it today or tomorrow. a start of construction sign is up and on monday actual work to renovate the landmark will begin. tomorrow is the last day to visit until mid-april when the tower is expect it had reopen. they are repairing water leakage that's damaged the interior murals. when it reopens there will be new operators operating the elevators, gift shop and food cart. next on saturday morning news, the house approved a bill to fix obamacare. find out why the president is threatening a veto. and the extraordinary outpouring of support in san francisco yesterday yet for
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because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at request. >> welcome back, everyone. he's 5:30 and we are starting off with the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> it's really chilly in the north bay. temperatures dropped just above freezing. 15 degrees cooler in haven't rosa. we are about 4 degrees cooler in san jose and mountain view with numbers in the lower 40s there. mildest reading 51 in oakland by this afternoon. we will have a caller afternoon. the winds kicking up for some and temperatures will be a little more seasonal with highs on the coast just in the mid-50s to near 60. around the ba i a few clouds. low 60s. and inland we are talking about low to mid-60s with plenty of sunshine.
5:31 am
so we are looking at a chance of rain not only one day, but several days for the upcoming work week. i'll have that for you in a few minutes. katie. >> lisa, thank you. happening right now, the called cut tunnel's new bore is final open to traffic. here's a live picture from westbound highway 24 in orinda. you see the cars whizzing down the highway into the tunnel. very happy to have that new bore. people have been waiting for that for several years. bore number 4 officially open shortly after 4:00 this morning. that's when the sign changed electric closed to open u see it right there. the first cars were escorted through with a police escort. last night workers recon figured the number 2 bore to be permanently dedicated to eastbound traffic. reverse commuters will see the biggest benefit during peak hours with an average of five minutes cut from their commute. >> in the morning they will experience for the first time two bores open for them, which
5:32 am
should hopefully keep the opposite direction moving faster. >> caltran said the most dramatic change will be for people heading into san francisco on weekends. that starts right now. there used to be just one tunnel open but now there are two. president obama says improved energy efficiency and higher energy production in the u.s. are helping the environment and the economy at the same time. in his weekly address the president draws attention to increased u.s. oil extraction. it's a topic the president discussed on thursday while during a steel plant in cleveland. >> that's a big deal. that's a tremendous step toward american energy independence. business is important too. we reached this milestone in part not only because we are producing more energy, but because we are wasting less energy. for senator ron johnson was
5:33 am
criticizing the affordable care plan. he said the statement that americans could keep their current plans amounts to, quote, political fraud. a bill was approved yesterday 261 to 157 votes yesterday. it would allow insurers to extend health plans that do not comply with obamacare to all americans last year. it came after a backlash from people whose policies were being cancelled. they said it will strip important consumer protections. >> that idea that it was helping consumers was sort of the trojan horse whose underbelly is poisonous with -- in terms of the health and well-being of the american people. >> the president has already vowed to veto the bill. democrats in the house say they voted for it because of pressure from voters. i'm accountable to the people who sent me here and i'm going to make sure i listen to them and do what i can to support them when they have
5:34 am
problems and concerns and that's what i'm doing in this case. >> the president offered his own on thursday. it would allow insurers to extent health plans for existing customers only until 2014. that's an extra year to adapt to new rules. yesterday he met with insurance executives to build support for his proposed fix. >> meantime programmers based in san francisco has created an online tool to help consumers deal with the troubled website. the creators got an idea they tried to sign up for an insurance plan on it took about two days and a couple hundred dollars to build. one spoke to us on skype. >> we thought when we first started we could create a much more usable experience than what was offering in terms of finding the plans themselves. >> to be clear, you can't use it to sign up for a health plan,
5:35 am
just to search for one. when you are on the site you will enter your zip code and income level. [chanting] >> big cheers for batkid at san francisco city hall as the five-year-old received a wish beyond his wildest dreams yesterday. thousands turned out to watch the crusadener action saving a damsel in distress and capturing the riddler. but san francisco's transformation into gotham city would not be this big without social media. as we see, it exploded on facebook, twitter and instagram. >> when batkid emerged in the bat mobile, it wasn't just hundreds of cheering fans on the street but thousands more watching online. including a link to the abc7 live stream on his face book page. >> that's it, you did it! >> and as batkid freed a woman
5:36 am
trapped bid riddler on the cable car tracks, one tweeted if you need a good cry, this should do it. san francisco police realized this would be big. >> we have over 200,000 hits from social media. i've talked to people in australia, i've talked to "people" magazine. >> he is on his way to being man of the year as he took down the riddler. abc7 news posted the superhero eating lunch as a twitter-fueled flash mob gathered outside. he wasn't the first batkid. a week earlier the four-year-old took on at joke we're the help in arizona but san francisco is a connected city. and with hashtags flying through the air, he went viral, trending about as far away as ireland. the l.a. times retweeted the
5:37 am
gotham city i don't know tal and the dodgers congratulations lated the giants when batkid rescued lou seal. and he was opportunity on hours before the plan was foiled. it earned miles a key to the city. >> there you go! >> a tweet of thanks from the first lady and a vine video from the president himself. >> way to go, miles. way to save gotham. >> gotham once again will forever remain a city that was inspired and saved by batkid. in san francisco, abc7 news. unbelievable how big it was. more. the new orleans saints, who play the 49ers tomorrow, tweeted if the 49ers sign sf batkid, we have no shot on sunday. well done, miles, san francisco and make-a-wish. a lot of the people tweeting and retweeting yesterday signed on to the live streaming coverage we provided on the abc7
5:38 am
news app. if you don't have it, you may want to think about it. download it for free by going to our website. a special edition of the chronicle proved to be so popular, they plan to include an updated version in today's #ed digs. and the t-shirts designed by the son of police chief greg suhr, sold out as well. more will be made available. is there a double standard when it comes to getting into cal? ahead, accusations that some student athletes with low grades are getting a break and how the university is responding. and taking a live look outside at 5:38. this is the view from our roof cam. the bay bridge and bay lights in full effect. lisa argen will be along with ju
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>> many smokers in san rafael can no longer smoke at home. smoking was banned inside condos, residents or any other residents that shares a common wall with another home. it is part of a broader law that san rafael city council passed last year. it band smoking in many outdoor spaces like patios, bus stops. scouts will be collecting food today to feed hungry
5:42 am
people. 30,000 youngsters will pay take part. the scouts hope to collect about half a million pounds of food. you can help them reach that goal by going to our website. there you will find a link on our website under "see it on tv." so many good things to see this time of year. a lot of people pitching in and helping. the weather needs to pitch in >> i know, seriously. we are looking dry again for most of the weekend. there's just a little bit of a caveat there. for the first part of the weekend in the north bay. here's a look at the golden gate bridge s it chilly in the north bay. freezing in some valleys. elsewhere we will talk about warmer conditions and when the rain is coming our way coming up. >> thank you, lisa. also next, will the raiders being starting an undrafted rookie at quarterback tomorrow morning? larry beil tells us what's up with his knee and the packup
5:43 am
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>> welcome back, everyone. you are looking live at caldikutt tunnel. cars are now enjoying it this morning. do student athletes want to go attend cal get an academic break? a study found some do. but now the university is responding to those claims. abc7 news reporter lyanne melendez has the details. >> the meanian high school braid point average for incoming freshmen at cal is 4.19 on a 4.0
5:46 am
scale. that's because so many take extra credit courses just to try to get in. but not every student, including some athletes, arrive here with those high marks. >> i believe they should be held to the same standards as statutes at berkeley because the whole school is a school of excellence. >> and that's coming electric a freshman football player at cal. even though he was accepted with a 3.6 gpa. but the university says it looks at other factors other than academics when selecting students and never picks someone who is bound to fail. we know they have so much else to bring to the campus community and we know they have skills and acts that might not be captured by grades and sat scores. >> i'm not strong in sciences and i don't focus on taking science classes. you work with your strong points and i guess for them it would be sports. >> except the cal football team hasn't really performed well this year. in the pac-12 conference they are 0 for 7.
5:47 am
the president had this to say about the team. >> the cal football team obviously is having some troubles right now. the number one concern i have is not the record, it's the graduation rate. >> the national collegiate athletic association found that between 2003 and 2006 only 44% of football players of cal graduated. the most recent numbers are not out yet. >> they are leaving early. we are work to do on that front and we know. it the athletic director already said she will be assembling a task force. we want to look at it in its entirety in a comprehensive nature. >> they want it closer to the overall number, which is 90%. abc7 news. 5:47 on this cold saturday morning. i put my gloves on this morning. even in the car. >> it's 50s in san francisco and in the north bay where its really cold --
5:48 am
>> i can't go there. >> 33 degrees. you really would have trouble there. >> yeah. >> and in between some 40s in the south bay and also in the east bay valleys. 6:51 the official sunrise. itit will be quite some time before we warm up, but it's mid-november. a few clouds around usually helping to insulate us this morning but not in the north bay. here's a look at sfo where temperatures are just around 50 degrees. but look at the range. we have quite a range from los gatos 41, 42 in san jose. san francisco good morning, 48 for you. and right on the coast five-mile visibility at 50 degrees. here's a look from our exploratorium camera. looks pretty good in san francisco. doesn't feel bad but, boy, in the north bay it is chilly. 33 in napa with pa santa rosa, 36 novato. low 40s in livermore with upper 60s over in concord. so quite a spread. our sutro tower looking nice this morning with the clear conditions. the winds will pick up today. so we will look for sun and
5:49 am
clouds and a chillier afternoon for today. tomorrow looks fairly similar. there's a weather system to the north of us that wants to bring some showers to he extreme northern california. for us it means a cooler weekend. but there is another system that could bring in mild rain that subtropical stuff with a storm by the middle of the week. in fact, a couple opportunities for that. the first system head our way this morning and look at the satellite and radar composite you can see the energy or some of that greene there focused well up to the north. so for most of the bay we are just going to be cooler, a little breezier. a few more clouds if you are headed well to the north around cloverdale. otherwise the second half of the weekend will feature a few more clouds. looking at another cool afternoon with temperatures mainly in the 60s but the 50s confined to the coast. by the end of the day a southerly flow will bring milder weather our way and we will be looking at those conditions to
5:50 am
continue into monday. not until tuesday when we can see a slight chance of showers. that could also mean some mountain snow but it's going to be higher-elevation snow. back to today, high temperatures on the coast in the upper 50s here with mid-60s in sacramento. dry pretty much north to south but perhaps a few showers up toward eureka. back home looking at partly cloudy condition was 62 in oakland, 63 for fremont this afternoon. about the same in san jose. and with sunny skies through parts of the afternoon we will look for mid-60s up around santa rosa. 65 in antioch and the accuweather seven-day forecast features 50s and 60s tomorrow and on monday. slight chance of showers tuesday, wednesday. maybe it could even linger into thursday. then we are getting milder and sunnier into next weekend. if we do see any rain at this point, it doesn't look like much, but that could change. we will keep our fingers crossed. >> definitely. that would be nice. thank, lisa.
5:51 am
in sports, all three bay area college football teams are on the road today. 2 do 350 cal tries to getets first pac-12 win at colorado. that's tonight. and tonight here on abc7 fourth-ranked stanford battles usc in l.a., kickoff 5:00 p.m. and 7:30 san jose state is in reno to play nevada on our sister network espnu. tomorrow the sharks will play chicago after beating he had hundred ton last night. here's larry beil with highlights in this morning areas sports. >> good morning. the sharks waited until just over a minute left in the fame to score their first goal in thursday night's win in vancouver. last night in vancouver they took control early. whoa is that masked man? toronto mayor? i think not. the first power play, patrick marleau with the shot. thornton gets it to pavelski. men in steel. the puck is loose behind the
5:52 am
net. thornton to hertl. the rookie scores his twelfth of season already. 2-0, sharks. thornton leading a three-on-two. to marleau, 3-0 sharks on marleau's tenth of the year. alex stalock in goal. lucky as ryan smyth somehow on the wraparound missed a completely empty net. that is kind of nice for the sharks. likewise for the oilers. sharks victorious by a count of 3-1. oh, they were should go guard up for cal and oakland of michigan. round one strangely being played in berkeley. oakland led by trough us bader, 21 points, who had five threes. the golden gris were up 5 in the second half but cal would tie and then pull away. the freshman from way out and he hits. he had 24 points. that broke a 59-59 tie. bears go on to win 64-60.
5:53 am
quarterback troll prior may not be able to play sunday in houston for the raiders. he suffered a setback on friday on his sprained right knee that. means backup matt mccloin could start against the texans. he's an undrafted rookie who started training camp as number four on the depth chart. he's last man standing now. last played a couple weeks in the fourth quarter against philadelphia throwing for 87 yards. a huge game in college football tonight on abc7. fourth-ranked stanford at usc. a cardinal win likely keeps them on track for a possible bid to the rose bowl. we've have it for you here on lexus after the game. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. the new cirque du soleil show is running in san francisco through january 12th. we will go inside the big top tonight for an exclusive look how the performers get ready. our special unlock the mystery
5:54 am
of cirque du soleil airs tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. here on abc7. coming up next, whether uss hornet aircraft carrier is celebrating two anniversaries today. stay with us.
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5:57 am
here are the winning numbers. tuesday night's jackpot estimated at $165 million. the uss hornet will celebrate two special an verse voice today. retired aircraft carrier began its military career 70 years ago when it was launched during world war ii. today is also the 15th anniversary of the hornet opening as a floating museum in alameda. a black tie gala tonight is part of the festivities. people are still talking about batkid and his adventures yesterday on the streets of san francisco. miles scott, aka batkid, rescued a damsel in it is stress, stopped the riddler, rescued lou seal, and foiled the penguin's plan. it was a full day for the superhero in training. we have put together all of the best moments on our website so you can relive the excitement. you can find it at
5:58 am
next at 6:00 on the abc7 saturday morning news, the long awaited caldecott tunnel's fourth bore is open. we will let you know which commuters will see the biggest benefit. and the possibility of another bart strike.
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm katie marzullo. let's start with a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> katie, almost a 20-degree spread this morning from numbers near freezing in the north bay to near 50 in san francisco. we have 40s in between and live doppler 7hd depicting some clouds around san francisco and around san jose. a little fog on the coast, but overall you will notice the cooler numbers today. as much as 15 degrees cooler this morning in the north bay and cool


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