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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 16, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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>> sean: back in memorial stadium, lincoln, nebraska, michigan state has taken control. brought to you by vizio. alabama still number one in action tonight on espn at mississippi state. florida state hammered syracuse. ohio state won handily at illinois. watch stanford at usc tonight on abc. that will be a test for baylor at texas tech. muma drives it out of the back of the end zone. and let's check in with robert flores. >> all right, sean. let's get back to that tight game between northwestern and michigan in overtime. cane poulter scores from inside the 1. that ties it, and we're going to a second overtime. coming up here on abc, marquise lee and usc, 4-1 under interim
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head coach ed orgeron. they will host number four stanford. >> sean: ron kellogg in at quarterback for nebraska. two minutes to go. abdullah. out of bounds. he looks a little surprised, chris, that abdullah's still in the game. the game is gone. if something happens to abdullah with two minutes to go in a three-touchdown game, you can pretty much cash in the rest of the year. >> chris: yeah, knock on wood, the way their injuries have been going this year, that's one guy you want to keep healthy. >> sean: on the block. kellogg passes to bell. he's shoved out of bounds by trae waynes. 1:44 to go. we talked about the difference between last year and this year in michigan state, and they've turned this close game into a
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one-sided affair late. mark dantonio telling them you will be the ones. perhaps they will. they're inching closer to the big ten championship game. pass caught by carter. backup tight end. starting quarterback last year, started the opener, lost the job. senior. and coach dantonio thought it was a very hard decision. he has so much respect for him, how well that young man has handled it, how much of a team player he's been. poised in the atmosphere, he's been very supportive of connor cook. we met last year, one of the most pleasant players we've ever spoken to on a day before the game. he's not playing anymore, but he's still an important part of this. >> chris: he's a team player and helped the growth and development of connor cook. i had a chance to speak with taylor martinez on the other side. and taylor has been very supportive, being injured, tommy
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armstrong, and helping him grow and develop. >> sean: kellogg throws it away. so michigan state with this win takes a commanding lead in the legends division of the big ten. they'll hand nebraska their second loss. >> referee: defense, number 89. five-yard penalty. repeat first down. >> sean: calhoun still in there for michigan state. >> chris: sparty goes on the road next week to northwestern. in a fight right now with michigan. >> sean: blitz off the corner. allen with the catch. his first of the game for nebraska. every other team in the legends division is going to be eliminated with a chance of winning the division except minnesota. they'll need help next week. andy bell, the catch. michigan state goes to
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northwestern next week. then hosts minnesota. all they'll have to do is win one of those two games. minnesota needs help from northwestern. that could set up a huge game in east lansing. kellogg is hit by the blitzing safety, isaiah lewis. >> chris: i think pat narduzzi got a little tired of them hitting little shots down the field, said i'm going to blitz and not sit back and let them pick us apart. isaiah lewis, safety blitz. >> sean: third down and five. allen, another catch at the 20. he extends the drive. give nebraska credit. once again this week, fighting till the end. they had the dramatics the last two weeks. too much of a hole today. so here are the up-to-date
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standings. minnesota off this week, having a remarkable season. the gophers. to make that game for everything in the legends division on november 30th in east lansing, they need northwestern to win in chicago next week. michigan state has used its last time-out. you think the defense and those stats don't mean something? they have just about all the startes out there in a 20-point game in the final minute of the game. they don't want on to let nebraska into that end zone again. >> chris: they work hard to get those numbers. >> sean: ultimately, this was the game. give nebraska credit. they kept fighting back. time and time again. but five turnovers, the other team doesn't commit any, especially against a team this good. all five of them were in positive field position. this couldn't be more positive field position for michigan state.
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nebraska turned it over at its own 46, its own 8 yard line after the mishandled punt by westerkamp, their own 22, and that one, their own 3 yard line. you'll see the score tomorrow, 41 points for michigan state, you might not think nebraska's defense played very well, but they were put in quick-change situations time and time again in their own end. >> chris: been on the field about 12 minutes more than -- >> sean: michigan state has over 38 minutes time of possession. >> chris: three of those turnovers were self-inflicted. >> sean: out of bounds at the 12. r.j. williamson. got him across the boundary. >> chris: the reason i say that, they're so good on defense, they don't need any help. nebraska doesn't need to help them get better on defense. >> sean: armstrong to newby. westerkamp puts the ball on the ground on what should have been a fairly routine tackle.
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collided with armstrong out of the end zone. kurtis drummond had the coverage on allen. he'd become the primary target of ron kellogg iii. and then here at nebraska, bo pelini's won nine games every year, very well might win nine again or more this year. they have two games left. they go to penn state next week. they finish here right after thanksgiving against iowa. they'll play in a bowl game. there are still some in this part of the country who think pelini is on the hot seat. we talked to some folks here recently saying it isn't helping their recruiting. >> chris: here's one thing they have to look and evaluate. they're very young at their defense. they've got a young quarterback that's going to get better. so he's doing a good job at recruiting. and a guy that wins nine games, it's not easy to win nine games
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in nebraska. >> sean: he's won nine each of the first five years. you know how many other teams in the country that won each of the five previous seasons? three other teams, alabama, oregon, oregon state. a touchdown by ameer abdullah. we talk about a team being a reflection of his coach. have these guys quit? >> chris: never. and that guy will never quit, never. we started out at the top of the show, he's the heart and soul of this team. a one-on-one matchup against abdullah. abdullah with the quick play, body strength. both teams are a reflection of their coaches. they're a tough team. that's what he builds, and that's what they are. >> sean: the extra point is up and good. 28 points. that matches the most michigan state has given up all year.
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the defense was historically dressed before he got here. there wasn't a tremendous amount of talent in the program. it's not the same as the old days when they'd load up and have 130 guys. but times have changed. nebraska has a great tradition, great facilities, but there's a lot of other places that can make you huge. >> chris: again, if you're evaluating bo and his staff, what you have to look at is you have to be a little bit patient. maybe you take nine wins this year. but you look at who's playing. i mean, you have valentine, randy gregory's a sophomore. you have guys in the secondary, andrew green, all these guys are coming back. josh mitchell. a junior coming back.
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all these guys are good, talented players. you've got a young quarterback, and you're going to be able to recruit. if you can fill some of those spot, with continued talent like he's been recruiting recently, they're going to be good for a long time. stay patient. >> sean: of course, the heat was turned up earlier in the year with the release of that audiotape that was two years old, bo being critical of fans after their win against ohio state. it was dealt with again earlier this year. to me, that's no longer in the equation. distressing, saying they should have let him go at the time. he apologized for it. if you know bo, he said it never should have been released. lined up for a possible on-side kick. a lot of key plays in this game.
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here's ultimately the one that gave michigan state the comfort zone. a field goal would have made it a two-score game. they were up six. it was a long field goal. no gimme. they faked it, extended the drive, and mumphery with his only catch of the day. from connor cook. >> chris: connor cook stepped up into the pocket, created, was right on target to mumphery. >> sean: mike sadler, the punter, he was icing his right knee. huge win for mark dantonio and the spartans. michigan state, 9-1 overall, still undefeated in conference, and firm control in the ledge eledgends division. in all likelihood, will play
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ohio state in the championship game. here's shannon spake. >> shannon: coach, when you called that play, what is that like for a coach? >> well, we thought it might be there if we ran it correctly, but we didn't use it in the first half. you know, we needed to roll the dice. sometimes you've got to take a step out of the box. >> shannon: it's your first win against nebraska, michigan state's first win nebraska. how does this win define your season? >> right now we're 9-1, so it's all in our hands now. you know, i guess minnesota's got to win out. we've got to win one. that's the way i look at it. great job by our football team. big catches today by our wideouts. you know, obviously, five turnovers to zero, we've got a chance to win. >> shannon: thanks, coach. congratulations. >> thanks. >> sean: a great chance to win. that offense made a lot of plays. that hasn't happened often enough in recent years to really get them to where they want to be. those championship dreams continue.
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emphatically, as it turns out, for michigan state. more great action tonight on abc. stanford and usc at 8:00 eastern time. presented by the new windows. first win ever for michigan state against nebraska. so long, everybody.
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on abc 7 news, now open, we'll take you through a cruise of the tunnel and find out what one of the first famous people that made the drive has to say about it. they had a deal to end the strike, but today there are calls for bart and unions to return to the bargaining table. plus, our little super hero. his big day is over, but there is a surprise waiting for batkid when he gets home. abc 7 news starts right now. a police investigation underway in san jose after santa clara county deputies shoot and kill an armed woman who they say confronted them. hello, i'm am -- ama
4:19 pm
cornell? >> reporter: still an active crime scene where a woman confronted sheriff's deputies this morning with a knife. that confrontation turned deadly when deputies were forced to open fire. >> after one minute i hear boom, boom, boom then i awake. >> reporter: she woke to the sound of gunshots after midnight. it was coming from the try flex next door on cleveland avenue. before the shots, she heard a woman cursing loudly. >> i heard only the woman's voice, like lady. >> reporter: these prick toictue deputies responding after getting reports of breaking glass and pounding but moments after getting out of their cars, they were confronted by a woman in the driveway holding a knife. >> the deputies ordered the
4:20 pm
female to drop the woman. she refused. one deputy fired their weapon. female was struck. >> reporter: the woman died at the scene. stunned neighbors believed she lived at the try flex for years. >> she was a very nice lady. >> reporter: nick heron said she was upset recently. >> she said someone was stealing from her. >> reporter: this woman that did not want to show her face wonders why the confrontation turned deadly. >> if the police did it, they could have, you know, used other force. >> reporter: crime scene investigators are combing every inch of the complex. the investigation continues. barts board of directors is asking for a return to the bargaining table today because of a costly mistake. under the contract agreed to by labor and management, mart employees get six weeks of paid family leave each year, twice as generous as the standard state
4:21 pm
program benefit. officials signed the agreement in good faith and so did three bart representatives. >> they knew they would find it. they would find the entire agreement. for them to think this is a mistake or ref sent it that way is disinagainous and speaks of the bad faith bargaining. >> bart officials said they stand by last night's statement. the statement said the board of directors never intended to put the family leave provision in the contract and directed the general manager to go back to the bargaining table. great news for commuters in the east bay, the east bay of the tunnel is open. cale tran opened the tunnel at 4:25 this morning. it's the first expansion of the tunnel since 1964. cale tran started the project after a population boom in contra costa county. it will ease traffic congest for
4:22 pm
drivers going east from oakland in the morning than back west in the evening. >> yeah, it's going to be a huge relief, mostly because you never have to ask yourself, okay, what time of the day is traffic going to be bad? >> reporter: and one of the first people to drive through the new section today golden state warriors point guard seth curry, serious hype about this tunnel. developing news in the aftermath of the philippines typhoon. ev evacuees arrive in manila today. the death coal climbs reporting 3,637 lives lost. the effort is gaining steam highlighted by the helicopter drops conducted from the uss george washington aircraft carrier. the main disaster air again say
4:23 pm
said more than 285,000 food packs have been distributed. the effort here continues as well for the estimated 11.8 million people. union members from sciu took in cash and medical donations today. donors say they felt compelled to help because people they cared about were impacted. >> the day that that happened, one of my co-workers was in shock. she couldn't get ahold of the family, and that was really like, i can just imagine that happening to my family. >> the union has pledged $100,000 to the relief effort. it's also organizing a medical mission to the philippines. two emergency physicians will be amongst a team of bay area volunteer whose will help the 12,000 people injured the storm, dr. vivian reyes and dr. nina from santa clara.
4:24 pm
they will work in the rule areas outside the city of tacloban. there is a fundraiser to help typhoon victims. you can make donations through a live hot line from 11:00 a.m. through 11:35 p.m. right here on abc 7. since yesterday's edition was popular, "the san francisco chronicle" is reprinting the gotham city front page with updates on batkid's adventures and added special reporters. let me hold this up in case you want to see it, they added clark kent and louis lane. the paper is hard to find. while san francisco transformed back from gotham city, the batkid sensation is still the talk of the town. [ cheers ] [ applause ] >> actually me cheering. bringing into action, the batkid saved a damzil in december
4:25 pm
stre -- distress and arrested the rittler. he was fighting leukemia and is in remission. his dream came through thanks to thousands of volunteers. it took a year of planning to put it together and everyone from mile's parents and caretakers knew and kept it a secret. >> miles was very well aware he was going to be having a wish or becoming batman, he just didn't understand the scope of how big it was going to be. >> he thought he was just getting a costume and he was excited for that. now that miles saved the day, he's in for ever surprise. his school is putting up posters welcoming his home. for miles and the family are still here hitting the hot tourist spots san francisco has to offer. the saga tonights to be a hot top pick on social media.
4:26 pm
today the original batman himself adam west tweeted what a wonderful thing, relieved gotham is safe again thanks to miles. the new orleans saints, who the 49ers play tomorrow tweeted if the 49ers sign up batkid we have no shot sunday. well done miles scott, san francisco and make a wish. a lot of the people tweeting and retweeting yesterday were watching the live streaming coverage we provided on the abc 7 news app. you can download it for free by going to abc 7 these t-shirts are in such heiigh -- demand they are sold out. we'll unmask the man behind them and tell you when they will be available again. ahead, taking it all off for a good cause. going bald to fight cancer. hear from one dad who says this event helped save his son's life. and i'm meteorologist leigh
4:27 pm
glaser. rain turns to the bay area next week. we'll look at our chance of seeing that in a bit. a football coach accused for the second time this year to those who'v to those who've waited... worried... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 1-800-752-6631. colgate optic white dual action shines and whitens over 2 shades more than a leading whitening toothpaste. and whiten even more, with optic white mouthwash and the whole colgate optic white line. this is the creamy chicken corn chowder.
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ucff doctors took a part in
4:30 pm
a fundraiser to support children fighting cancer today. they went bald to raise money and awareness for childhood cancer research. dr. lo took the lead. she's paediatric oncology. >> i want to get the bad guys out. >> a specific research that was done at ucsf as a result of those given saved our child's life. >> wright and his dad joined the fundraising effort. more than $22,000 will go to the foundation to fund research programs from today's head shaving. all right. it's time to get a check on the weather. it was sunny out today but cooler. >> temperatures in the mid to low 6 0s and we're brett at the much going to see the same thing tomorrow next week. so it looks like the weather pattern will change.
4:31 pm
live doppler 7 hd picking up on high clouds streaming across the bay area right now. in fact, here is a look at some of those wind speeds. they are gusty over 30 miles per hour over sfo and 23 nevada and 17 san jose. here is a clear shot of san jose. you're at 65. and looking out over the bay from our high-definition cam, you can see santa rosa 65, 61 navdo. here is the forecast highlight, another cold night with clear skies, we'll look for low clouds and fog to creep in near the coast and the bay. sun and cloud mix tomorrow and then as i mentioned, looks like rain will finally make it's way into the bay area next week. overnight tonight, 11:00 the forecast animation, 5:00 clouds moving inland but partly cloudy
4:32 pm
with sunshine. fast forward to 3:00 monday in the evening and you can definitely see the rain will be on the way. a cold front that will side south and by early tuesday morning in time for the 5:00 a.m. commute looks like much of the bay area will be wet. 9:00 a.m. this thing still rolls in and by tuesday, 5:00 evening commute looks like you'll have to deal with wet pavement through the evening hours on tuesday, as well. here is a look at the highs tomorrow. enjoy tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow much like today, generally in the 60s. 61 for san francisco and 65 for san jose and interior east bay and 56 livermore and in the east bay 64 for santa rosa. accuweather seven day forecast, clouds will thicken up on monday leading to showers by early tuesday morning mainly in the north bay and then that rin chance will spread across the entire bay area by tuesday evening. a few lingering showers on
4:33 pm
wednesday into thursday, otherwise, get ready for some nicer weather or dry weather by the end of next week. >> thank you. larry beil is in with college football. >> traveling with the 49ers, a huge game against the saints tomorrow. in college football, counting a game down in the pack 12. stanford trying to stay alive. ♪ hey, that's the last crescent! oh, did you want it? yeah. we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light, buttery and flakey.
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good afternoon, stanford will keep the rose bowl hopes alive against another pack 12
4:36 pm
heavy weight and the trojan back and rolling. sc won four of five since ed took over for the fired lane. stanford coming off the best win of the year, a 26-20 upset previously undefeated oregon. if stanford runs the table in the regular season against sc, cal and notre dame they will make it to the pac 12 title game. no time for a let down. >> the biggest thing is the three-game season. it's november, and it's no time to take your foot off the gas peddle. we have to go as hard as we can for three to four weeks and play our best football. we can rest later. for now, it's all we have for three weeks. >> coming up at 5:,
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cal 0-7 in the pack 12 and colorado 0-6. not inmovable object. cal lost 14 of the last 15 as they took the field this afternoon. colorado up 3-0 after one. 10-yard pass to a wide open kyle, 10-0 buffaloes. bears respond on the ground. freshman finding mohammed. speed to turn. 55 yard s down the sideline. fourth rushing touchdown of the season for him. we're tied at ten. colorado responds with the
4:40 pm
75-yard drive and jones breaks a tackle here, shakes another man into the end zone and right now it is 24-10 buffs in the third quarter over cal. number 6 oregon looking to get back on track against utah. first quarter, marcus marriota standing there forever and finds de'anthony thomas for the first score. then in the second, it's marriota again with a dart to the middle to josh huff on the slant. they keep it close and upset stanford so a quality team. adam schultz makes it a 17-14 game but look at the speed of de'anthony thomas here. this is the guy who said yeah, we'll hang 40 on staff toward. didn't quite work out that way but he cruises 86 yards for this touchdown as the ducks get back on track and post a victory 44-21. in our next sports cast in a few minutes, we'll show you the end
4:41 pm
of the georgia auburn game and you will not believe it. >> really? >> it is insane. >> we look forward to that. we know more about the case of a man who fell from the sky reportedly tumbling out of a plane and there is a change in the investigation. another team mascot controversy. how the school is defending the angry arab mascot and the hot
4:42 pm
to those whoworried...... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 1-800-752-6631.
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new details today about the case of a man who fell out of a plane 2,000 feet over miami. he's been identified and now hop side detectives are taking over the case. abc news reporter ben kennedy has the latest. >> reporter: caught on camera, felipe scene here leaning against a squad car, the pa 46 that called out for help mid fight. >> mayday, mayday, mayday. i have a door ajar. >> reporter: workers at dean international say he got a certificate as a flight instructor. we knocked on the pilot's door this morning but no answer. >> as i came into work, clocked in, took care of a couple
4:45 pm
paperworks things. he was leaving around 12:00. >> reporter: moments later he radio dispatched saying the passenger fell from the plane, plunged 2,000 feet into the ocean. >> the passenger that fell down. i am -- >> you said you had a passenger that fell out of your plane? >> that's correct, sir, he opened the backdoor and he fall out of the plane. >> reporter: the big question this morning is where was the pilot headed and how did he know the passenger? ben kennedy, abc news miami. princeton may use a vehicac that hasn't been used in the united states. students got type b meningitis. it can cause infections in the lining of the brain and spinal cord. those who recover can suffer serious complications like
4:46 pm
hearing loss, brain damage and limb amputations. >> to treat it quickly, so a community that has other cases needs to be aware of the symptoms because the quicker you put someone on antibiotics, the more likely they are to recover. >> the centers for disease control has approval to import the vaccine from australia or europe. they will allow students to volunteer for the vaccine. for the second time this year, rutkers university is facing charges of bad behavior by a coach. in april the head basketball coach resign in a scandal over abusive treatment of the players. now it's the football coach accused of intimidating a player so badly, the young player called it quits. danella has the story. >> reporter: for rutkers, the timing wouldn't be worse. they are focused on reports the defensive lineman jonathan martin was bullied by teammates.
4:47 pm
martin told his story friday to a special investigator for the national football league. the rutkers football program is hit with a new bullying came. javon tyree quit, a cousin of david tyree told the star ledger newspaper that cohen called him e masslating names and threatened to head butt him during a study hall session. his father mark said i think disciplinary action should happen, also to the point where he should get fired, that's how bad it is for the damage he's done. >> it would affect his self-esteem and increase the risk of him developing depression and maybe something worse. >> reporter: the incident took place last april, the same month mike rice was fired and their athletic director resigned over this notorious video showing rice physically and verbally
4:48 pm
abusing his players. rice spoke with robin roberts. >> do you think you were a bully? >> there were actions that were bullying, yes. >> reporter: rutkers released a statement saying he apologized and calling them isolated incidents saying tyree's father was satisfied with the outcome but the family says the issue is still in play. >> controversial mascot at a southern california high school may be getting a facelift. they go around a character of an angry arab. there is complaints about the image. they say it honors a link to the middle east which is the original source out date palm industry i have and are considering a less cartoonish design or arabian horse. they will visit next week and the district hopes to have the
4:49 pm
issue resolved by christmas. you may soon see batkid t-shirts over the bay area. the tees were made for the special day. the man that designed them is the police chief's son matt. sir planned for 300 and sold 3,000. they raised $10,000 for the make a wish foundation. the t-shirt designer said people wanted to be part of the something that was so positive. >> once we put the first ones out, it just kind of took on a life of its own from there. we've all had a cape on at some point. i mean, mimeles took on this thg he wanted to be everyone's savior where people might be more scenical or self-sentered. >> they were sold out but available for preorder. we have a link at abc 7 and all the proceeds will go to the make a wish foundation. miles isn't the only child with big dreams. if you'd like to help more --
4:50 pm
make more of these wishes come true, we have a link to the bay area chapter at abc 7 under see it on tv. we are enjoying a sunny week but it looks like that will change. some clouds coming along with the chance of rain. leigh glaser will let us know when we can expect possible showers. the new circus sole lay show is running through january 12th. tonight layla will take us inside the big top for an exclusive look how the performers get ready. the special unlock the mystery area tonight at 10:00 here an
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now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at it was nice and sunny today but chilly. leigh glaser has a check on the forecast. >> it certainly was. live doppler 7 hd picking up on low clouds, fog that will venture into the coast as well as the bay. i do want to mention tonight we do have the meteor shower, of course, the best view will be midnight to dawn. if you look east, the full moon will interfere with that. here is a look at what you can expect overnight tonight. we'll look for the low clouds, a bit of fog, as well and then we'll start to clear things out. so look at partly cloudy conditions for your sunday and
4:54 pm
then as we roll into the first part of next week, that's when the chances of rain will go up. highs tomorrow in the 60s. upper 60s in the east bay, upper 50s at the coast and monday the clouds thicken leading to showers and rain expected. moving from the north bay to the south bay on tuesday and then a few lingering showers on wednesday and dry things up next weekend. >> all right. thank you so much. several churches in richmond held an early thanksgiving celebration today called every day is a day of thanksgiving. the event was hosted by hill top community church. there was a thanksgiving meal to offer and a store where families could collect groceries to put together their holiday meal. organizers say the need this year is the biggest they have seen since holding this event. all right. ch us off with the 49ers and larry beil is in. you promise add spectacular finish. >> when i promise spectacular i,
4:55 pm
dell lever. >> you better. >> first medium. >> dikes went to berkeley and coach mac went to colorado and the two would meet this afternoon. cal visiting boulder and both of these teams, winless in the pack 12 so far this season. foul with a ten yard pass to a wide open kyle slaven 10-0 buffs. bears respond, not with a passing attack. they put up big numbers with instead the fresh man cup breaking tackles, going down the sideline 55 yards and ties the game at ten. colorado answers a ten-play, 75-yard drive and tony jones making one man mass, a second man miss into the end zone on a ten-yard touchdown and the buffs opening it up in boulder, now leading cal 24-10. ama, get set. ashburn alimb jason the golfer
4:56 pm
was honored. incredible game. tigers led by 20 georgia quarterback murray takes it in. 38-37 bull tok dogs. 36 seconds left. throwing the bomb. two defenders there, clyde and into the awaiting arms of louis. it's a miracle 73-yard touchdown. georgia trying to pull off a miracle of their own. murray hits, an incomplete and auburn escapes with an incredible 43-38 victory. was that -- >> that was pretty good. >> was that spectacular? >> i liked it. >> gets the ama approval. college game day this morning. usc to beat stanford and proceeded to get into a sword fight. look what i -- he needs a cut man. wounded, corso down. you don't mess with nerd nation or you might end up bloodied. those were -- those were plastic
4:57 pm
swords, i should point out and kirk did not actually hit lee korso who is a wonderful gentleman. we slowed it down. it looks close there, the chest plate hit corso so that's how he got caught. i don't want anybody to think they were picking on lee. it was just an accident. kids at home, don't play with swords, that's what happens. >> not good. >> be careful. we have stanford and usc coming up, a huge game for the cardinal and everyone going in to play at the coliseum in los angeles, this is -- shows you the respect that stanford gets nationally. 3.5 favorites much better than earlier in the season when lee was fired. this should be a good game. >> awesome. >> and we'll have highlights and live interviews from los angeles on lexus after the game starting around 8:30. >> we look forward to it. thank you, larry, and thank you
4:58 pm
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>> announcer: the following is a presentation of espn on abc. >> brent: welcome to espn saturday night foot presented by the new windows and tonight's pac-12 matchup between number four stanford and usc. you are looking at the los angeles coliseum, the stanford cardinal brush off a season-defining win over oregon, invade usc, the trojans are suddenly relevant again and have won three in a row and four of five since ed orgeron became their head coach.


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