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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 17, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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next at 5 what police say led up to the shooting of two women near a nightclub in san francisco. >> deadly storms pound much of the midwest midwest. >> a victory celebration that ended with ambulances. what went wrong after the trojans defeated stanford? next on abc7 news. >> the search for a killer tonight. one woman is dead and another critically wounded after shooting outside a san francisco nightclub. good evening. i'm ama daetz. that shooting happened early this morning on sixth and jesse streets where police spent most of the day investigating. cornell bernard is live with
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details. reporter: police still have a lot of questions about the shooting. one woman is dead, another in critical condition tonight. their names have not been released. we can tell you it happened in this very parking lot on jesse street. the suspects are still on the loose tonight. >> crime scene investigators combing over the parking lot on jesse stretch, searching for evidence. it's where one woman was fatally shot and killed, another woman was chit wounded. she was taken to the hospital. police say it began with a fight. >> some sort of confrontation that led to a shooting. at this point this is under investigation. >> ken barrows heard the commotion. >> i heard the argument. wasn't originally al that bad. wasn't that -- didn't get my attention, and then i heard the
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gunshots and that's when i looked out the window. >> he and other neighbors say a large crowd left the sixth street nightclub which hosted a hip-hop event on saturday. >> the biggest crowd i've seen. >> the owner said he doubted anyone inside his club played a partner crime police have no suspects but surveillance cameras surrounding the parking lot may be helpful. >> at this point, our homicide investigators are working on various leads. >> police are now asking the public for any information about this murder. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc7 news. another murder investigation, this one after a shooting in san jose. happened around 3:00 this morning on golden lane drive. few details are being released. police will only say the victim is a man. no arrests have been made and it's unknown at this point if the shooting is gang-related. this is san jose's 42nd 42nd homicide last year. last year there were 46. the highest count since the
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1990s. at least five deaths are reported tonight at severe weather and tornadoes hit the midwest. this is cell phone video of a funnel cloud in washington, illinois. the severe weather is affecting 4 million people in 19 states. from the great lakes to the gulf set to states. here's the story. >> this is as encloses -- close as i want to get. >> the tornado caused massive. destruction in a town of washington. a twister left behind a thick carpet of debris, reducing neighborhoods to rubble. this car is a mangled mass of metal. the damage is described as catastrophic. >> we run to the basement and it was gone within three or four minutes. just you can see what it's done here. just everything. >> tornado took the house down. >> in east peoria, only the ruins of the house were left standing. >> this town got off lightly but
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the force of the winds was plain to see. home damaged, trees uprooted. and chunks from rooftops. the stormy weather chased fans at the game in chicago. the scoreboard told fans to clear the stadium, and the players weren't far behind them. >> i mean, honestly, you're scared. there's 60,000 plus people in there that you don't know how everybody is going to react. >> dark storm clouds swirled ominously over the windy city, while tornado warnings went out of for the southern suburbs. across parts of the midwest the government said there was still a high risk for tornadoes and severe weather. the storms could later move into the mid-atlantic and northeast. abc news, new york. >> league league leaving is tracking the storm and has the latest. >> they're already starting to make their way in through ohio. you can see the cleveland area, just in the last 15 or 20 minutes, starting to get pounded
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as this line of storms starting to move into that vicinity, just past cincinnati, heading toward cleveland right now. very heavy rainfall, possibility of tornadic activity as well. this long, long area is all the way down into portions of the -- portions of kentucky, middle tennessee. you can see just to the east, very heavy showers. one right here starting to move into the nash vol area, and then back on towards waverly, tennessee, and all of this moving east and could possibly cause more destruction overnight and possibly flight delays tomorrow morning. >> thank you for the latest. several oakley teenagers had to be treated for alcohol poisoning. a group of five girls, 13 to 5 drank a bottle of vodka at a local park. they returned to one girl's home. the parents were not home.
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when one teen passed out the others called an adult for help. an emergency crew took three girl to the hospital. police are looking into how the children got the vodka. >> b.a.r.t.'s board and unions are set to meet about what b.a.r.t. calls a mistake. it gives workers six weeks of paid leave per year. b.a.r.t. officials say they formally rejected it about it somehow ended up in the contract offer. union members have to approve any changes made to the contract offer, and while union officials expressed a new wave of outrage against b.a.r.t. both sides say the chance of a strike is very slim. >> the philippine government says nearly 3700 people were killed in typhoon haiyan. the president of the philippines visited tacloban today, one of the worst hit areas. he went to a nearby port where aid and other relief supplies are finally starting to arrive. the president also visited a
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regional medical center. meanwhile, residents of the shattered city were joined by other survivors. many walked for hours to wait in line. happening now, donation drive for typhoon victims is underway in san jose. volunteers with the national federation of filipino association is collecting candy food, toyries and -- toilet rizs. and abc7 news is hosting a fundraiser to help typhoon victims in the philippines tomorrow. you can make donations to the red cross relief fund through a live hotline from 11:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. if you want to contribute, we'll have details tomorrow. a bay area man who dedicated his thrive helping sick children is being remembered tonight for his kindness and generous spirit. barry taylor and his wife created the taylor family foundation in livermore. barry passed away yesterday from
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a massive heart attack. plans are underway to celebrate his life and generosity. the taylors held a fundraiser in 1990 in their backyard to support children with life threatening illnesses. today the foundation provides a free once in a lifetime camp experience for almost 3,000 children a year. abc7 has been a prow sponsor of the taylor family foundation for years. help is always needed. i if you want to support the foundation go to our web site, and click on "see it on tv". today kaiser permanente closed down its hayward pediatric inpatient facilities. down patients have to go to the oakland medical center. 99% of the pediatric care it provides is through outpatient services. the heyward medical offices will remain open. it's just the inpatient pediatric unit that is closed,
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but next year the hospital portion will move eight miles up the road to a new facility in san lee -- san san leandro. an airplane crash in russia. there were no survivors. also, fans out of control. how the celebration of the big win for usc ended with
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you got to love the weekend. it's like everyone came to, "if it's good, let's save it for the weekend." so here's to the kfc ten buck weekend bucket. ten pieces, ten bucks. any recipe. just ten bucks every saturday and sunday. today tastes so good. a russian passenger plane has crashed, killing all 50 people on board. it happened as the boeing 737 tried to land about 450 miles
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east of moscow. witness says the plane appeared to lose altitude as it was making a second attempt to land. it then crashed and caught fire. a journalist who flew hon the same plane earlier in the day said the landing in moscow had been frightening and there was a strong vibration in the final minutes of the flight. >> ten people were hurt when thousands of usc football fans rushed the field at the l.a. coliseum. they were celebrating the upset victory over stan understand last night on a last-minute field goal. police and fire crews were called in to treat injuries and restore order. a massive celebration tv a football game in new york resulted in the arrests of more than 50 people. the violence followed a game last night between the state university of new york courtland and the college. police reported between four to six thousand people in the
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streets of downtown courtland, new york, which is east of buff la. officers say students threw bottles and tables and chairs at the crowd. police told abc news that four people were hurt. a group of local high school students has a message for the fashion industry. get real. they showed their message to shoppers in san francisco and why retailers are trying to get past it. >> an end to another sunny day here in the bay area. what a spectacular sunset. leigh glaser says, dig out the umbrella. we'll fine out i want you to be kind.ff i want you to be smart. super smart. i want one thing in a doctor. i want you to be handsome.
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two years after the shooting rampage at the lee high comment quarry in coup teener we're getting new insight into the tragedy. dan noyse interviewed the killer's son and talks about life with his father before he shot nine of his coworkers and killed three. >> what made your dad snap? >> everybody hat suspicions. >> what are yours? >> obviously somebody either made him mad -- i mean, that's the thing. somebody made him mad. because what else could it be? >> he says his father was a private man but he kept detailed records of his problems at work. what we can possibly learn to prevent future tragedies like this? a special iteach interview
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tonight. >> girls in george washington high school are calling on retailers to end vanity sizing. they want clothing that fits normal teens. the group took part in a real size not lies event. some stores deliberately downsize their merchandize to discourage larger girls from wearing their clothes. it may be time to locate that umbrella. find out where it's hiding. leigh glaser has a look at the weather. >> this is the best shot of us seeing some moisture around here in the past -- well, since last winter, we can probably say. two storm systems stacking up out towards he west and we'll look at those in just a moment. live doppler 7hd showing you the clouds on the move near the coast. these are mainly high clouds, but a little low cloudiness as well near the coast. taking this out a bit, and this
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is a classic cold front, and this tail end right here is going to visit the bay area tuesday and wednesday. already spreading shower activity towards seattle and world area. we're seeing the -- the portland area. we're seeing clouds gather, temperatures like yesterday, maybe a degree or two cooler because of the cloud cover moving in. san francisco, 53 right now. 57, san jose. 57, los gatos. a beautiful sunset from the emeryville cam. here's a look from the tam cam. fog making its way through the headlands. overnight, increasing clouds for your monday. extreme north bay, you may see the rain as early as overnight monday, but really looks like rain will be with us on tuesday, and even picking up a little bit more so in intensity by wednesday morning. overnight temperatures, not as cold as the low clouds, the high clouds and the fog will venture
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in, and here's a look at the radar satellite composite. this is the sunshine this morning and then the clouds drifting by. this high will push to the south, as our cold front area of low pressure back to the west of us makeses way toward the bay area, and it's this part right here that will move in on tuesday, and then look at all this moisture gathered just to at the tail owned of it. it's going to intensify and move in on wednesday. here's a look at the timing. move this ahead 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. the clouds are with us. and you'll notice by 11:00 monday evening, north bay getting some rain, and then 5:00 a.m. commute time, it's mainly in the north bay, where we're seeing most of the rain, tuesday, 5:00 evening commute, you can see that most of the rain is from north to south bay. watch this big area of moisture. by wednesday, boom, starts to lift. this is 11:00 tuesday night.
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starts to lift to the north, enhances itself. this is 5:00 a.m. wednesday morning, and then starts to push out by wednesday afternoon. so, pretty good chance -- pretty good amount of rainful. maybe an inch in the north bay, half an inch elsewhere. highs on monday, mainly in the 60s, san francisco, 59. north bay, look for highs tomorrow upper 50s, increasing clouds. oakland tomorrow, 61. livermore tomorrow, 64. the seven-day forecast, rain likely for us on tuesday, in through wednesday, maybe a few lingering showers on thursday, and then next weekend, sunshine, and back up into the 70s. >> looks good thank you so much. >> shu is in new orleans with the 49ers. colin rush is here. >> i'm excited. i used to love new orleans. i don't like it anymore. went there for a super bowl. we know what happened there.
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the raiders do something they haven't done all season behind a quarterback who wasn't supposed to make the roster. this was considered a great football play. why it may have cost the 49ers a win in the big easy
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>> the saints came in averaging 29 points for game. second in the nfl. the niners defense allows 17 per game, fourth in the nfl. today new orleans did not back down. saints leading second quarter. niners ball after a fumble.
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kaepernick, throw to bolden, game tied. third quarter, drew brees in the pocket forever. this is a fantastic play by brooks. makes the interception. three plays later, longest pass play of the game for kaepernick. 17 yards to davis. 17-14 niners. controversial play here. late fourth, brees rocked by brook. fumbles, willis recovers. penalty thrown. hit to the head. saints keep possession, tie it with a field goal. 20-yardsyards there to colston,d then ram. set up the game-winner from 31 yards as time expires. 23-20 saints. the ninessers second straight loss, they're 6-4. >> from college, walkon on penn state to up drafted three agent to a passing performance today,
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the story of matt mcgloin. they fumble. mcblown five yards here to moore. first nfl touchdown pass. 7-0, defense laying down the case. keenum, the diving interception. two of the raiders first three drives. mcgloin, two texan turnovers and two touchdowns. 14-7 second quarter. martin on the power turn for houston. bounces off the face mast, picks it up. he is gone. houston takes a three-point lead at halftime. third quarter. jennings from the wildcat formation, lowers the shoulder. this would be the deciding play in the game. raiders 28-17 lead. texans the chance to take the
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lead but in the matt schaub pass is broken up. >> nascar, matt ken sergeant on the are -- kenseth needed to win and complete disaster from jimmie johnson to win the cup. homestead, miami speedway, paul menard on fire. sear gassily, his car was on fire. then a tire explodes in the pits. everyone okay. denny hamlin wins the race, kenseth is second. by finisherring in ninth, johnson claims the six until title in eight years, one away from the record of seven by richard petty and dale earnhardt. tonight at 6:00, reaction from ahmad brooks in the niners locker room. he is not happy. the sharks playing in chicago and it's 1-1 in the second period. tough loss for the niners. they had that game in position to
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>> at 6:00, how a bunch of -- can stop mass shootings and. a little boy in a south bay who felt compelled to help typhoon victims came up with a sweet idea. miles lou organized two neighborhood bake sales this weekend with money raised going to help typhoon victims. the events brought in just over
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$900. his parents matched welcome to "world news." tonight, breaking news. a major tornado outbreak. the deadly storm system on the move at this hour. the twisters caught on tape. >> oh, my god. this thing is huge. >> thousands of nfl fans head for cover. nearly two dozen states on alert. and this evening, the aftermath now emerging. our extreme weather team right there. the dashboard cam that caught it all. the traffic stop gone terribly wrong. the mother driving off, the officer who opens fire with five children inside. the global backlash tonight. the american tv host standing over her prize. a lion she just killed. tonight, the country that wants her out. the tens of thousands outraged, asking, how could she call herself an animal lover? and 50 years later, remembering the day we lost a president. tonight, hear from the doctor in the e.r. where jfk was brought in. and


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