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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  November 18, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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it is gone. i don't know where it went. >> devastation across the e cleaning up after deadly tornadoes touched down. good evening. i'm ama dates. the death toll is rising after a series of violent tornadoes swept across the midwest. this frontal cloud closed in and the twisters hit illinois especially hard. towns from peoria to gifford suffered the most damage. alex perez has the latest. >> reporter: one family looking out of their window in washington, illinois. a tornado barreling toward them as they recite the lord's prayer. >> oh my god. this thing is getting really wide, john.
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look at the left edge of this thing. it is getting big. >> so many families frightened by so many twitters and unleashing their fury. the angry funnel clouds show death and destruction crushing dozens of homes like cardboard boxes and injuring dozens of people. the raging storm swept through town after town like this one, long point, illinois. i we saw it coming toward our house. >> so when i seen it coming and we ran to the basement. it was gone within three or four. you can see what it has done here. it demolished everything. >> reporter: the one with a roof over their heads have no power. hundreds of households have no electricity. the severe storm even threatened an nfl game. >> the game will be temporarily suspended. >> umpires delayed the bears-ravens match up.
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they went to seek shelter in the concourse. >> the game was eventually able to restart, but they are preparing for a long night as they begin the process of assessing the damage. >> abc news, chicago. >> abc7 news meteorologist leigh glaser is here with a look at what they are facing in the midwest. >> a lot of the severe activity has started to wind down. live doppler 7hd is showing you the hefty line and the very strong cold front that moved from chicago and st. louis and all the way through the upper midwest. you can also get a sense of how many tornadoes, close to 65 tornadoes reported as this cold front moved through. as you can see on the detailed map, the majority of them in the illinois area. once again most of the rain has tapered of on. it is moving toward the east. the severe threat i think will wind down for this evening. we have some rain in our accu-weather forecast and we will talk about that coming up. >> thank you, leigh.
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you can get weather alerts and live radar by downloading the abc7 news weather app by abc7 news reporter sergio is live at sfo with those details. sergio? >> ama, we have been keeping tabs on the flights that have been delayed because of the storms. by far the longest delay is the united airlines flight that was supposed to leave at 10:52 this morning. it didn't take off until 5:30 and it didn't get here until 8:25 tonight. >> passengers gathered their luggage after a flight from chicago finally arrived, delayed for nearly seven hours because of storms. >> they came in and calmly said there was damage to the rudder. it didn't break off, but they just said there was damage to the rudder and they couldn't fix it. >> the rudder on the plane we were supposed to get on was stuck. they said we need to fix this so it will be another hour or
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so. so we wait. so then they said the plane ain't working. >> they had to wait for a replacement plane. throughout the afternoon other flights were delayed. most of the passengers we talked to didn't know many details about the devastation from these deadly storms because they were at the airport or in flight when the tornadoes struck. passengers like chris burnett who live in chicago it was a surprise. >> our house was in the trajectory. >> 11 tornadoes touched down? >> is that right? a lot has happened since i was on the plane. >> his home was clear. no tornadoes touched down in chicago. right now most chicago flights are back to normal. abc7 news. a bicyclist is seriously injured in san francisco. it happened near 7th and mission streets. police say someone in a white van hit the cyclist and drove off. witnesses tried to chase the van, but the driver got away. police are looking for a white
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van with damage to the front of the vehicle. now to san jose and there have been three fatal shootings. one is an officer involved shooting. lilian kim is live at the san jose police department with the latest. lilian? >> ama investigators in san jose have responded to a homicide three days in a row now and the locations ranged from a strip mall to a residential neighborhood. >> i just heard a bang, bang. >> neighbors say they heard yelling followed by gunshots in the middle of the night. they came from this house in the edenville neighborhood in east san jose. police say a man was shot once and pronounced dead at the scene. at this point there are no suspects. they live a few houses down and they moved to the neighborhood from gilroy a couple years ago. >> it is scary because this is a really nice neighborhood. we didn't think things like that would happen around here. >> this is san jose's 42nd
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homicide of the year. just shy of last year's 46. the highest number in 20 years. the 41st homicide happened two nights prior on west san carlos. a man driving a pick up truck at a strip mall parking lot was found shot in the head. no suspects have been identified in this case either. santa clara county deputies meanwhile are investigating a shooting on saturday that involved one of their own. they say a deputy shot and killed a woman wielding a nice during a confrontation on cleveland avenue. the sheriff's office has yet to released the woman's identity. in san jose, lilian kim, abc7 news. san francisco police are investigating a shooting that left one woman dead and another critically injured. it happened after 2:00 this morning near 6th and jesse streets. police say a fight lead to the violence. according to witnesses, the confrontation may have involved a larming crowd of people exit -- a large crowd of people exiting a nightclub. bart's board and union members are set to meet to discuss a mistake in the new
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labor contract. bart officials say they rejected the family medical leave provision and it somehow ended up in the contract offer. union members say bart should honor the contract. kaiser permanente closed down the hayward pediatric hayward facility. young patients that have to be hospitalized swril to go to the -- will have to go to the hayward medical center. more than a week after typhoon haiyan hit the philippines thousands are waiting for help. most are miles inland in the philippines where aid workers can't get through. government officials say more than 13 million have been affected by the typhoon. nearly 3700 have died. bay area residents are stepping up to help the victims of the typhoon. the national federation of filipino americans collected canned food, toilet trees and other personal items today. the items will be shipped to areas hit by the disaster.
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tomorrow abc7 news is hosting a fundraiser to help typhoon victims. you will be able to make donations to the red cross' relief fund throw a live hotline from 11:00 a.m. to 11:35 p.m. heavier traffic than usual is expected in san francisco tomorrow because of a major tech conference. take a look at this time lapse video of the 18-hour inflation of the sales tent. more than 120,000 people are expected to attend the dream force 13 technology convention. other events include a green day concert fundraiser at at&t park on tuesday. dream force wraps up on thursday. still to come on abc7 news at 11, it was one of the worst mass shootings in the bay area and now dan noyes has insight into what happened. >> ama, it has been two years since the masacre in cupertino and coming up, the son of the shooter gives a personal account of life with his
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father before he shot nine of his co-workers and killings three. >> plus today's effort to prevent future mass shootings. why some say technology can play a major role. and later, protecting wildlife in the bay area. the new earth -- the new effort to learn more about
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into one of the worst crimes in california his strow. the shooting rampage in cupertino two yores ago. the abc7i team dan noyes is here with an exclusive interview with the killer son. dan? >> the day of the masacre i began reaching out to the killer's family and it lead to this interview now two years later. in cases like this it is important to examine what happened, to learn how it may be prevented in the future. we have discovered there were many warning signs.
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>> there is blood all over. >> have you ever seen a masacre? that's what it it looked like. >> to the world he was a deranged killer jie. it was quick. it wasn't just a bullet. >> he walked into a predawn safety meeting at a quarry ak47 and shot nineo with a co-workers three died. >> everyone is on the way. >> please, please. the people here are going to die. >> hold on, sir. i can get everybody started. >> thank you. >> but to this young man he was dad. >> he was a typical dad. he would go to all of my football games and track meets. he was there for me. >> in addition to driving a truck at the quarry he was a cable access celebrity. >> the shows i do, people are in tune and attached to those type of shows because it is about the heart. it is about compassion. >> he often bragged about spooring with mike tie --
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sparing with mike tyson and he was also in "the pursuit of happiness." he says his father was a private man and his quarry job to himself, but he kept record. >> there was stuff he was writing in a file cabinet, the stuff he was going through at the job. >> he was writing about it? >> yes, over the last 20 years. he documented every problem he ever had at the job or every time he felt like something was wrong with him because of whatever was going on up there. >> investigators confiscated the notebooks and they remair s. a source who has seen them say they contain page after page of his angry ramblings about his life, his children and his job at the quarry. >> he bottled a lot of stuff in. i never knew that about him. a lot of people didn't know he was going through the anger. i wish he expressed it. a lot of my family believes if he would have expressed it, who know what's the outcome would be now? >> days before the masacre he
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did talk about work issues to a friend in sacramento when he showed off his new ak47. >> i was like what are you going to do with that? he is like, man these [bleep] at my job keep messing with me. >> october 5th, 2011, shariff junior's mother wakes him up with a phoneurn on the saying to turn on the tv. >> the search for this man continues a the this hour. he is the suspect in an early-morning shooting rampage that killed three people and injured seven others. >> when i saw the name pop up i woke up and it was like whoa, what is happening? i called my sister. it is one of those things where you are in complete shock so you don't know what to do. >> the hours dragged on and police could not find him. a surveillance camera caught him walking with a rifle slung over his shoulder and he shot a woman trying to take her car. police found weapons he stashed and they believe he prepared for a final stand. >> he was on the run for over a day. did you talk to him at all during that day?
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>> nope. my dad didn't have a cell phone he never had a cell phone. he didn't believe in cell phones. i don't know why. >> sheriff deputies finally spotted him hiding in a sunnyvale driveway five miles from the quarry. they fired dozens of shots, but alman killed himself with a pistol. it was too much for his son to take. >> what went through your mind? what emotions did you feel? >> for three days i was on the train tracks in the month of february. i would write facebook status saying the train never comes. >> he bounced back and found new drix as an -- new direction as an author. the next book takes place in high school and stereo types guide how we treat each other and, yes, it mentions his father. >> this manussed to be so positive and a -- this man used to be so positive and a mentor. what drove him to kill people? >> he struggles to understand why. >> what made your dad snap? >> everybody has suspicions.
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>> what are yours? >> obviously somebody made him mad -- that's the thing. somebody made him mad. what else could it be? >> lawsuits filed against lehigh cement say he was constantly threatening co-workers. they complained, but they said management did anything. did nothing. the company said the lawsuits are unwarranted and have no merit. the victim'sthe expect the awards to be huge. shariff said he would never change the name he shares with his infamous father. he was a great man and pushed him hard to pursue his dreams. ama? >> interesting to hear from his son. >> insight into this>> thankrag. >> thank you, dan. computer experts believe they can stop gun violence by looking at mental health. that was the focus of a hackathon. technology can cause isolation, but organizers want to use it to connect to those with mental health issues to the community. >> we are getting in this new
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wave of technology where we are looking to find ways where the technology itself is not a window to separate us from the rest of humanity, but it is a door we can pass and integrate and interact with humanity. >> organizers hope to develop apps that can potentially curb gun violence as the result of mental illness. leigh tells us that rain is coming our way. she has the details on that. leigh? >> yeah, welcome rain for the bay area and we will get a couple of days of nice soaking from some folks at the bay area. that begins tomorrow evening. live doppler 7hd and let me take you in a little closer. you can see the high level clouds and the midlevel clouds making its way across the bay area. this is just the first of a series of complex systems. you can see it right here, the cold front. look at that counter clockwise spin around the low here. look at the moisture banking up and piling up. it is intensifying the tail end of it.
2:19 am
this part of the storm will move across the bay area and it looks like that will take place on wednesday. so a couple of branches of this storm system that will move in. east bay hills right now is showing you mainly clear skies there with a few high clouds. 52 in san francisco and san jose 51. from our emeryville camera looking out over the bay temperature wise getting cold in the north bay with 41 for santa rosa and napa right now and concord right now is at 47 degrees. we'll continue to see the high and midlevel clouds can be on the increase overnight tonight as well as the fog. santa rosa right now is reporting two-mile visibility in some locales because of dense fog. increasing clouds for your monday and the rain begins and will be with us tuesday into wednesday. let's get to it. the high pressure brought us the dry weekend and the clouds are starting to move in our direction. of course this will be the storm system that will bring us the rain and it is in the north bay tomorrow night. it will stream across the
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entire bay area on tuesday and wednesday with this section right here starting to enhance. that's where some of the heaviest rain will be. let's pinpoint the time line with our forecast animation. i will push ahead to 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. the clouds are with us. check out 1:00 a.m. tuesday morning. north bay will already start to see the rain. by 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning, the rain down toward about the golden gate bridge locale, and then it just gets hung up here in the north bay. this is 5:00 tuesday evening. watch what happens on wednesday. remember the plume of moisture? it will build in and this is where the heaviest pocket of rain will be by 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 wednesday afternoon. and then the system will move through and we will dry out by thursday morning. overnight lows generally in the 40s and highs tomorrow remember with the clouds moving in the temperatures are in the 50s to low 60s around the bay area. get ready for wet, folks. tuesday the rain arrives.
2:21 am
it could be heavy at times. some of the showers on wednesday and then we will start to dry things out on friday, saturday and sunday and warm things up as well. >> thank you, leigh. colin is here with sports and shu is with the 49ers who had a tough go. >> shu wasn't happy after the game and neither were the 49er fans. what can you do and what can't you do? the rules used to be straight forward, but not anymore. leading the saints, how this hit
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to one that draws a penalty. the lines are blurred in the nfl and they may have cost the 49ers a win in new orleans. saints leading in the second quarter and niners' ball after a fumbled punt by the saints. colin cap neither nick -- colin kaepernick to anquan boldin.
2:25 am
drew brees in the pocket for what seems like forever. the interception and three plays ever and longest pass play ever for kaepernick. 17 yards to vernon davis. vernon had a concussion last week and started. controversial play late in the fourth. brees rocked by brooks and he fumbles and willis recovers, flag thrown it was a penalty and a hit to the hid. 49ers punt and a minute:40 -- 1 h. 49 left. three straight completions and 12 yards to jimmy graham and would set up a game winner from 31 yards as time expires. 23-20 saints. they are 8-2 and the niners are 6-4, second straight loss. >> it was a well played game. it was a tough loss, playing hard, playing fast, playing tough. i'm pride of them for that.
2:26 am
>> coming up later, vernon's view. vernon davis on what didn't happen today in new orleans and who he compared head coach jim harbaugh to in his post game conversation with mike shumann. still to come, back ups no more. time will tell. a touchdown machine in houston and some help from his back field
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[female narrator] foods rich in folic acid like white bread and leafy greens can help prevent some birth defects before you even know you're pregnant. it was mclovin who took everybody by surprise. they have a mclovin. it is matt on his first start in houston. former president george w bush with the coin toss. it would work out well early. they fumble and his first nfl touchdown pass is 7-0 raiders. the defense bearing down and what an effort on the interception there. they started houston 16 and
2:30 am
bullet to streeter and two texas turnovers and two texas touchdowns. second quarter on the punt and martin off the face mask and making a couple of men miss and he is gone. 87 yards. they take a three-point lead at half time. jennings lowers the shoulder and this would end up being the decisive play in the game. he had 153 games and 28-17 raiders. matt schaub's pass in the end zone. coaching from the booth and disbelief. dennis alan, the first road win of the year 28-23. mclovin, he speaks. >> it feels great being out there. contributing to your team and helping out when you can and getting a win on the road. i have been in that situation before. you have to per form. you have to make the most of
2:31 am
the reps and make the most of your chiewbt. sharks in chicago are taking on the stanley cup champs. the shot and cory crawford with the initial glove save and ties the game at one. blackhawks are too much. he passed his former teammate and it is 2-1. add the second goal on a penalty shot and the hawks are in a route. 5-1 the final. this sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. coming up, vernon's view. why the tightened hasn't lost faith and get his take on the loss in new orleans. the one on one conversation with mike shumann. ahead, the new university to protect football players on and off the field. and the pictures posted on-line that are stirr
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vernon's view. abc7 and vernon davis have teamed up. every week we have special access to the star tightened after each game. today vernon started and caught four passes and had a touchdown despite a concussion last sunday. in his post game chat with mike shumann vernon discusses an anemic offense and coping with back to back losses. >> it was extremely tough. we came into this game with expectations to win. we didn't win. we failed. it is not the end of the road. we still have the rest of the season. we are not doing that bad. wore not doing -- we are not doing bed at all. we just have to go out and execute. we made a few mistakes. we have to bounce back and win out. >> under 200 yards total offense and 80 yards rushing. you can't say that was a good
2:36 am
offensive performance today. >> no, we have to own up to it. we have to own up to it and humble ourselves and just take it. just take it. just take ownership in it. we did come out and play our best game. i know and the team knows as well that we can come out and play a lot better than we did tonight. >> colin kaepernick, i don't want to say another lack luster performance. had some good plays and had some bad plays, but he can't seem to get on track. what do you think it is? >> everyone struggles every once in awhile, everyone struggles. it is not solely on him. it is not his fault. when we do things and if we make mistakes we make them together. we don't blame anyone and point our fingers at anyone. we take ownership in it like i said before. he will definitely bounce back. i believe in colin kaepernick. i believe he is one of the best in the leagues. he struggles a little bit, but
2:37 am
it happens. >> the biggest hit was brooks put on brees. ahmad said he didn't think it was a cheap shot. it is getting tougher for the defensive players to know where the strike zone is, so to speak, when you sit a -- hit a player. you hate to see a game decided on play like that. >> you do, you do. but this is football. th is the nfl. you don't really know what you are going to get when you are out there. >> i can tell the frustration. is this a time of year when you start to scoreboard watch a little bit? you fall to 6-4 and now you are chasing teams to get into the playoffs. >> well, you have to keep it in mind, but you can't pay attention to it. we just have to go out there and win. that's the only thing that matters is winning. if we are winning, it takes care of itself. >> players deal with it one way and head coaches another.
2:38 am
this is the worst season jim harbaugh has had since he has been here. how does he take losses like this? >> i wouldn't say it is the worst season yet. the season isn't over. he does a great job. she a great leader and he is a great coach. he is very inspirational. he knows how to motivate the guys. he is that ceo that you will want in a company. he just knows how to make things work and make the guys work and get going. >> and finally you are basically going home next week. you are from maryland and playing in washington, d.c. i know there will be a lot of family there and stuff. that's a game i know you have had circled on the calendar all season. >> actually my game is i have circled on the calendar is the super bowl. >> thanks a lot. for vernon davis i'm mike shumann, from new orleans. >> vernon is right. the super bowl is the game you circle, but a return trip is predicated on getting into the
2:39 am
playoff. with six games remaining, that task starts with getting a win a week from monday against the redskins. make shumann will be there -- mike shumann will be there for monday night football and we will have our next installment of vernon's views. joy new technology is being -- new technology is being tested. they are called concussion helmet sensors. they fit under a player's helmet . a father said his 13-year-old son, eric, sacked the quarterback and appeared to be okay. >> he said i wnt to play and ben then he began to get dizzy and the headache. and then it became evident that something was not right. >> the sensor flashed yellow indicating moderate impact. it lead to the teen sitting out for three weeks after a doctor diagnosed him with a mild concussion. bioengineers say more testing is needed to make sure the sensors are field ready. a bay area man who dedicated his life to sick children is being remembered for his generous spirit.
2:40 am
barry taylor and his wife elaine created the family foundation in livermore. barry passed away yesterday from a massive heart attack. the taylor family foundation began when the taylors started a fundraiser in their backyard to support children with life-threatening i will -- illnesses. they provide a free once in a lifetime camp experience for more than 3,000 children a year. abc7 has been a proud sponsor of the family foundation for more than 20 years. cheryl jennings have stories about the taylors and the camps every year. if you would like to support the taylor family foundation, please go to our website, and click on see it on tv. just ahead, tracking mountain lions in the bay area. what researchers hope to learn. and the backlash after an american tv host posts pictures of her animal trophies on-line. and bay area teens send a message to the fashion industry. the lie that the group says retailers are trying to get
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the odds of that same boy then making it to the u.s. and european pro golf tours? 1 in 7 million. the odds of the "big easy" winning the u.s. open once twice? 1 in 1.2 billion. the odds of him having a child diagnosed with autism? 1 in 88. ernie els encourages you to learn the signs of autism. mountain lions in the east bay. it is to help them co-exist with other animals. dozens of people are learning
2:44 am
more about the plan. later this week scientists will attempt to trap the big cats and take dna samples and tag them with radio callers to see how they relate to each other as well as to humans. sightings like these have been rare. >> the lion is not looking to get uh hold of any of us out there. we are not on their menu. one of us if we have a sighting is incredibly fortunate. the cat is elusive. >> researchers are hoping to tag a dozen mountain lions in the next year. a firestorm tonight over a flashy celebrity animal hunter fanned by a new picture of her smiling and posing with a dead lion she killed. after posting it on twitter a backlash and a move to ban her from south africa. >> melissa is a self-professed animal lover. >> an absolutely beautiful animal jie. she makes a living hunting animals down. >> check out the size of this
2:45 am
rack. >> she killed zebras and bears, but it is this image of a lifeless lion that sparked a global outrage. and even though her actions are perfectly legal, because these kills are being made on a private hunting preserve, the disturbing picture has prompted some 60,000 to sign a petition demanding she never be allowed to return to south africa. >> she should be banned from south africa. and not just her, but other people who do the same thing. >> she teaches conservation through safe interaction with lions. >> the lion population has gone from 300,000 to less than 50,000. why would anyone want to come out and hurt those numbers even more? >> the hunt is part of her cable show, winchester, deadly passion. >> i have a wonderful war hug. >> we received no comment when we reached out to her and her show, but one critic said it
2:46 am
is not the hunting part people have a problem with,. it is of lack of regard for animals that aren't meant to be eaten or hunted. >> the population of lions could be gone in as little as 10 years. >> and that was law -- lana zach reporting. >> there was a nationwide protest against chipotle restaurants. they rallied outside chipotle and then they took the protest inside. the group says chipotle uses brutal violence in preparing food for consullion. for consumption. some bay area teens are calling for an end to vanity sizing. they want consistent sizing. some stores downsize their merchandise to discourage larger girls from wearing their clothes. it is part of a project to make young women feel better about themselves. san francisco's coit tower is closing for a much needed
2:47 am
face-lift. look at this live shot of the tower from our roof camera. crews hillary store the -- crews will restore the tower and its murals. the $1.7 million project will take five months. and we are in sports -- we are looking for some rain. when will it arrive? >> we could see some rain by this time tomorrow night and then it will spread across the bay area on tuesday and then we get another batch of rain looks like on wednesday. already the first frontal band spreading the clouds in our direction. get ready for clouds on the increase for us all for our monday. as i mentioned the rain starting in the north bay by this time tomorrow evening. speaking of rain, the severe thunderstorm, a line of the severe thunderstorms will weaken and push off toward the east tomorrow. so we will look for a better weather condition there. and for our monday, eureka points down to about the golden gate bridge by this time tomorrow will start to
2:48 am
see that rain band move south. los angeles is 69 degrees for your monday and 53 for lake tahoe and here is a look at my accu-weather seven-day forecast. thickens clouds for monday. the temperatures will be cooler. the rain beginning in the north bay. it spreads across the bay area on tuesday and another batch of showers could be heavy at times on wednesday and friday, saturday and sunday we will dry out and temperatures will warm to the 70s. mike nico will be here at 4:30 with another look at live doppler 7. >> perfect. thank you, leigh. >> colin rush is here with a last wrap up of sports tonight. >> let's recap them. it is for the niners and the raiders and today's games came down to the final play. and then there were none. payton defeating perfection. we'll run through the rest of
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when i came home, i felt alone. my family was around me, but i couldn't talk to them about what i'd seen and what i'd done. i remember just thinking, man, the way i am right now, i don't want to live. i was discharged from the army, and i've been working with the wounded warrior project since 2007. warriors don't have to be severely wounded to be with the wounded warrior project. we do have a lot of guys that have post-traumatic stress disorder. being able to share your story, i guess it kind of helps you wrap your mind around what did happen over there. just because you've left the military doesn't mean your life is over, because when these guys are coming home, i'm kind of leading and training them, instead of for combat, i'm leading and training them to heal. and if i come away with anything from the wounded warrior project, it's them giving my life back. my name is norbie, and yes, i do suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, but i'm okay.
2:51 am
points per game and the niners defense allows 17 per game and fourth in the league. neither are backing down. 14-10 saints with the lead in the third quarter. the longest pass play of the game for colin kaepernick. a controversial play late in the fourth and ahmad brooks
2:52 am
takes down drew brees and almost takes his head off. a personal foul and hit to the head. the saints ball with 1:41. they will get this 31-yard field goal. 23-20 saints and ahmad brooks on that hit jie. it is very frustrating. the game could have went a different direction. i am just mad because that was a big play in the game. we lost the game and that's probably the reason why. >> russell wilson in seattle and it makes it 13-straight wins. 16 seconds left and doug baldwin brings it down 19 yards and 24-13 hawks. wilson 13 of 18. 230 yards and two touchdowns. a double pass there. three td's and 41-20 and seattle is now 10-1. three and a half up on san francisco in the nfc west. the niners were catching the seahawks.
2:53 am
he threw for 419 yards and 91 yards on a simple plant to floyd. arizona wins in jacksonville 27-14. like the niners they are now 6-4. from college walk on at penn state to undrafted free agent to a three-touchdown passing performance in his first ever nfl start, the cinderella story that is mcgloyne. this one 2 sex yards to my >> this one 26 yards and jennings with the wild cat formation like a lamb. that was a decisive play. 80 of the 150 yards rushing and 28-17 raiders. matt schaub looking for andre johnson. he breaks it up and the raiders first road win of the year 28-23. quoting the great john wooden afterward.
2:54 am
>> whoa have been prepared to get in there. i gave >> kansas city and the nfl's only undefeated team and broncos are 8-1. alex smith solid, but not spectacular. the differ the difference tonight was on the ground. third quarter and ball with his second touchdown of the game. broncos win it 27-17 and both teams are now 9-1. ravens and bears and the game was dislaid for two -- was delayed for two hours because of a tornado warning. murphy's law game is delayed and it goes to overtime, of course. mcgowan finds him for the 43-yard catch. that's the game winner and the bears win it. back up is now starting for injured aaron rodgers. he would like to have this pass back. pierre paul with the pick 6.
2:55 am
packers have lost three straight 27-13 the final. detroit in the steel city and the lions with 27 points in the second quarter. no points in any of the other three quarters. matthew stafford to calvin johnson. stafford 32 money yards passing and just 33 in the second half and then roth lis -- and then roethlisberger 37-27. the time was announced for next saturday's 116th big game. a 20-17 loss last night and the cardinals dropped five spots in the bcs standings. trojans student body rushing the field after beating stanford and not the other way around. alabama remain number one fold by florida state and ohio state by a threat overbay -- over baylor by third. the stanford women ranked third. a great day and this video is provided by stanford. two steals including this gift from thing aggies. the easy
2:56 am
lay up. women's hoops and 10th ranked cal are 1-2 and gray was leading the way against georgetown with 15. cherry picking and back to 500 with the win in the nation's capital. nascar and matt kenseth on the pole for the deciding race. but he needed a win and he needed complete disaster from jimmie johnson to win the cup. paul ma nard was on fire. i mean, really, he was on fire. and then his tire blew and it was a mess. hamlin would win the race and kenseth was second and finishing better than 23rd. the 6th title in eight years and gets one away. monterey bay was the site at the half marathon. it was 1 hour, 11 minutes and
2:57 am
21 seconds. the men's winner one hour, two minutes and 44 seconds. the second fastest time in the 11-year history of the event. this sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> thank you, colin. thank you for joining us.
2:58 am
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this morning on "world news now," november nightmare. tornados tear a path through illinois and indiana leavi this morning on "world news now," november nightmare. tornados tear a path through illinois and indiana leaving behind heartache and destruction. >> we saw it coming through this way. like the angle toward our house. the whole shed's gone. >> the overnight damage reports and the storm system's next threat. wild pursuit. a traffic stop with a mom in a minivan and five kids turns into a drastic and unexpected scene. >> open the door! open the door! [ screaming ] >> the questions this morning about a mother's actions and police who opened fire at a family minivan. unforgettable ride. the car john f. kennedy was riding in 50 years ago this week as the world witnessed his assassination. what happened to the limo after that fateful day? it is monday, november 18th. >> announcer: from


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