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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  November 18, 2013 3:00am-4:01am PST

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this morning on "world news now," november nightmare. tornados tear a path through illinois and indiana leavi this morning on "world news now," november nightmare. tornados tear a path through illinois and indiana leaving behind heartache and destruction. >> we saw it coming through this way. like the angle toward our house. the whole shed's gone. >> the overnight damage reports and the storm system's next threat. wild pursuit. a traffic stop with a mom in a minivan and five kids turns into a drastic and unexpected scene. >> open the door! open the door! [ screaming ] >> the questions this morning about a mother's actions and police who opened fire at a family minivan. unforgettable ride. the car john f. kennedy was riding in 50 years ago this week as the world witnessed his assassination. what happened to the limo after that fateful day? it is monday, november 18th. >> announcer: from abc news,
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this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. good monday morning. we have a busy monday morning but we want to talk about our weekend. you had a fun, productive weekend. >> fun but productive -- >> fun on friday. >> you are right. guys night out. it went remarkably well. i'm not going to tell you what happened to my brother at the end of the night. it was like frank the tank. like back in -- yeah. it involved the bathroom. put it that way. but i came out golden and i'm his older brother so i still got it. >> good for you. >> my highlight of the weekend is i got the christmas lights up early this year. it is 60 degrees this week but i'm not going to freeze. we've got a 60-degree weekend, i put them up. i'm not going to turn them on until after thanksgiving. >> smart. >> i spent two days. they are up. not going to freeze anymore. i'm ahead of the game. >> are you putting up the
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christmas tree before thanksgiving? >> no, i put that up the day after thanksgiving. >> talk about rushing christmas. >> no. i'm telling you. life gets behind me so fast. what about you? did you have a good weekend? >> yes. but it was home, and we did a lot of late fall, late pregnancy spring cleaning. i tortured my husband all weekend long. >> lucky him. >> he's really happy with his weekends. let's get started. hope you had a wonderful weekend, as well. let's get started right here. the devastation in the midwest -- we have to get to this. at least six people are dead in those deadly tornados. dozens of them that barrelled across the region yesterday. >> thousands remaining in the dark this morning as we get our first up-close look at how some of those twisters first formed like this one, a giant funnel cloud caught on video by storm chasers. this is outside of roanoke, illinois. >> the small town of washington, illinois, outside of peoria, was especially hard hit. alex perez has our coverage. our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. >> reporter: one family looking out their window, a tornado barreling toward them as they recite "the
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lord's prayer." >> this is getting wide, john. look at the left edge. it is getting big. >> reporter: so many families frightened by so many twisters unleashing their fury across the midwest. the angry funnel clouds showed death and destruction, crushing dozens of homes like cardboard boxes like peoria, illinois, injuring dozens of people. the raging storm swept through town after town like this one, long point, illinois. >> we saw it coming this way, the angle toward our house. the whole shed's gone. >> when i seen it coming we run to the basement. it was gone within three or four minutes. you can see what it's done here. just everything. demolished everything. >> reporter: the ones that still have a roof over their heads have no power. hundreds of thousands of households have no electricity. the severe storm even threatened an nfl game. >> warning -- >> due to inclement weather the game will be temporarily suspended. >> reporter: umpires at
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chicago's soldiers field delayed the ravens/bears match-up. the scoreboard told fans to clear the stadium. instructions went out to seek shelter in the stadium concourse. >> here at soldiers field the game was able to restart. but crass the area, they begin the process of assessing the damage. >> alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> several cities in indiana have been under a state of emergency since the storms first hit, including the city of kokomo. that is where three people have been injured, and a lot of damage was done to a shopping mall. schools there are closed today. police are urging everyone to stay at home and off the streets. a couple hundred miles to the north, wind-driven heavy rains and hail the size of quarters pelted milwaukee. power was knocked out to thousands. the rain coming down so fast it triggered flash floods in many areas. it could be mayhem in the northeast especially during the morning rush hour as the storm front keeps blowing.
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>> check in with accu-weather where meteorologist jim dickey is standing by. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, john and diana. we continue to track the storm system that brought all of the dangerous thunderstorms on sunday to the midwest, to the ohio valley. good news here this monday, nowhere near the impact expected. we're going to see soaking rainfall in new england, strong gusty winds through the morning. we are talking gusts 50, 60 miles an hour. a mess of a commute from bangor, maine, through boston, new york city, into philadelphia. we're going to keep the winds gusty, too, even behind the main line of rain and thunderstorms. this is a powerful area of low pressure producing wind gusts 40 miles an hour. still into detroit. that will continue through the day. that will cause power outages here and flight delays. john and diana, back to you. >> thank you very much. the president of the philippines benigno aquino promising to stay in the storm zone until he sees more progress in those aid efforts. he set up camp in tacloban, where virtually every building was damaged or destroyed by the
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typhoon. the death toll is 4,000. hundreds are still missing. we are seeing new pictures of the damage caused by the typhoon. amateur video shows the stormy waves completely submerging surrounding houses in the area. the footage was taken around the time the storm made landfall. 50 people aboard a russian jet have been killed in a crash. the boeing 737 was trying to land in the city of kazan. it crashed 450 miles east of moscow. reports say the plane appeared to lose altitude as it was making a second landing attempt and it crashed and caught fire. in the southwest part of colorado, investigators will be at the scene of a fatal mine accident later today. two miners killed in a mine early sunday morning. a spokesman saying the accident not caused by a cave-in or collapse. they say there was a release of hazardous chemicals inside of that mine. a tennessee mother and her teenaged sons are facing serious charges after police say she apparently tried to outrun
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officers in a dramatic pursuit in new mexico. as abc's aditi roy reports all of it was captured on videotape. >> reporter: it was a traffic stop that quickly escalated. >> doing 71 in a 55. >> reporter: the dash cam video, a woman who police identify as 39-year-old oriana farrell from tennessee. >> turn the vehicle off for me. >> reporter: oriana farrell speeds away, setting off a half mile chase. the officer catches up with her and reaches in to pull her out. >> you ran away from me okay. you're facing evading charges. >> i pulled back over, i didn't run away. >> reporter: finally she comes out. >> turn around and face your vehicle. >> please don't. >> ma'am, listen to me -- >> reporter: but farrell tries to get in the car again. her five children in the car. her 14-year-old son comes out and scuffles with the officer.
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you can hear the other children screaming. the boy rushing back in as police backup arrives. >> open the door! open the door! >> reporter: the officer smashes the rear side window with the baton. farrell drives away a second time while another officer fires three shots at the minivan. [ gunshots ] >> reporter: finally farrell gives up in front of a hotel. she and her son are arrested. she faces charges including child abuse, fleeing from authorities and possession of drug paraphernalia. her son is charged with battery of an officer. new mexico state police say all three officers in the video are being investigated. abc news tried to reach out to farrell and her lawyer. her attorney says they have no comment. farrell is out on bond. aditi roy, abc news. >> i don't know where to start. >> this is such a difficult -- you want to say what your opinion is but you are going to be wrong no matter -- >> clearly the driver was putting her kids in danger but -- acting ridiculous but then to see shots fired. i see the little girl in the
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back and think of the little girl who doesn't belong there. nobody belongs there. yes, exactly. she didn't hit anybody. she is in a bad situation with people acting badly and to see bullets go flying at the car freaks me out a little, a lot. >> we were talking about this in our meeting and perhaps she was scared. she has a prior arrest for driving intoxicated and police say they found a marijuana pipe in her possession when she was stopped. maybe all of those things were racing through her head. she had her kids in the car. >> i'm not cutting her slack. but i'm not cutting the police any slack either. bad situation. >> i can understand trying to get her out of the car, scuffling with the son. he's old enough and should have known better but the shots is i think where i draw the line, as well. political efforts to remove toronto mayor rob ford from office picking up steam today. the embattled mayor turned up at a canadian football game despite the request from the league's commission that he stay away. the toronto security council is expected to vote today to strip ford of his remaining powers including the budget.
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an update to the health of former south african president nelson mandela. his former wife says that he is ill and cannot talk because of a breathing tube. mandela says because of his great susceptibility to infection her former husband has to be in a sterile environment. she revealed mandela is being treated by 22 doctors. the latest revelation about the lead contractor behind the health care rollout. the company cgi has been linked to the mishandling of 20 other government projects. the "washington post" say they include writing useless computer code and shipping military parts to wrong places. concern is growing at the white house with the deadline to fix the website less than two weeks away. >> right now they are in triage. once you've stabilized, how do you give confidence to the american people and the president himself that you have
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this under control going forward? >> even if the white house is fixed, the white house believes one in five users will be unable to sign up. gives us great pleasure to wish a special happy birthday to one of our favorite little fellas around here. >> uh-huh. ♪ >> you are looking at today's honoree, steam boat willie. of course, willie later came to be known as mickey mouse. only the most recognizable creation of walt disney. he made his first appearance on november 18th, 1928. >> doesn't look a day over 84 1/2. disney is the parent company of abc news and we see that little mouse on our check. >> yes, we do. quickly, by the way, i want to get to this. if your kids are fans of mickey mouse, "mickey mouse clubhouse" will be on to celebrate, disney channel from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
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so watch it if you can. >> cool. coming up, wedding couples outdoing one another with choreography. we will show you a video that is a sensation. and guns made out of plastic using 3-d printers. security systems can't usually detect them. wait until you see the experiment done in one of the most secure government buildings in the world. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. i've got a nice long life ahead. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. n i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, it helps pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs.
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♪ ♪ all right. game-changing technology and one that's posing a real security threat in airports around the world. do-it-yourself plastic guns that fire real bullets are slipping past metal detectors. >> abc's pierre thomas tells us about an investigation that shows how dangerous these weapons really are. >> reporter: what you are looking at is not a toy. virtually all plastic, able to defeat metal detectors, lethal. tested at as a viable killing weapon by the atf. the federal firearms enforcement agency. some of the bullets may not have enough metal to set off a magnetometer. courthouses, major sporting events, all vulnerable. >> this is one measure that can defeat security systems. a firearm like this can defeat hundreds of thousands of dollars that arena or courthouse has invested in security.
3:17 am
>> reporter: case in point. an israeli tv station made a plastic gun and was able to smuggle it past security in to a room with prime minister netanyahu. look at that. gun and prime minister only feet away. what also has police concerned is that these guns can be made at home. they can be produced by commercially available 3-d printers that literally build three-dimensional parts from plastic materials. the blueprint for how to make such a gun has been posted online. you can legally produce such a weapon as long as you include several ounces of metal. the problem is the metal can be easily removed. with this block, if you remove it, this gun is invisible, undetectable, an assassin's dream. >> reporter: a bigger problem, current federal law regulating undetectable guns is set to expire december 9th. then such a gun can be manufactured with no meaningful requirement for metal
3:18 am
so the market for undetectable, untraceable dangerous guns, a security nightmare. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >> scary stuff, huh? >> yes. coming up, the symbol of a day that stunned the world. >> we'll look at the vehicle in which jfk was riding in when he was assassinated and the surprising fact about that limo's fate. and ahead in our next half-hour, the little girl who saved her mom's life. how a popular movie taught her what to do in an emergency. you are watching abc "world news now." announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. ♪ announcer: "
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♪ this week will mark 50 years since the day that president john f. kennedy was assassinated.
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>> the event and the vehicle in which it happened will be forever linked. >> reporter: five decades later, jfk's limo is one of the symbols of that day. the vehicle the president and first lady were riding in in dallas. the 1961 four-door lincoln. there is now near silence when people see that car where it now sits at the henry ford museum in dearborn, michigan. >> we have images burned in our mind and every one of those images includes the car, a vital intimate part of the assassination. that's where the president's life essentially ended. >> reporter: so many asking those what ifs. what if the car was moving faster, what if the bubble top had been on it. the president had no armor when the president was assassinated. it was brought back by the secret service and the fbi. it was refurbished with new titanium arbor, a permanent top added and put back in the presidential fleet and driven
3:21 am
untily 1970s -- until the 1970s. it was code named x-100 but americans only saw it on black and white tv. that lincoln limo was actually a midnight blue. it has been said that president kennedy didn't like the bubble top and when the rain cleared that fateful friday the bubble was removed as the sun emerged in dallas. >> standing orders from the white house were any time the weather permitted the roof came off. >> reporter: what is unclear all these years later is whether that top, that wasn't bulletproof would have made any difference on that day, november 22nd, 1963. david muir, abc news, new york. >> amazing seeing that video. >> as many years have passed there's as many tales, folklore or not of what happened. the second incarnation apparently of the car belonged to president lyndon johnson who said he disliked the color because it reminded him of kennedy and had it painted jet black. >> instead of that midnight blue. by the way, kennedy did not like having secret service on the car.
3:22 am
he liked to be seen and thought it translated in to viewers. we'll be right back. seen and thought it translated in to viewers. we'll be right back.
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welcome to "the mix," everyone. we have amazing video, this popped up on youtube. a couple got married earlier this year. what they did at the reception is what is special here. they performed that dance from "dirty dancing" you know the one with baby and johnny and the -- that lift at the end. they posted the whole thing on youtube. take a look at this. ♪ ♪ i've been waiting >> so you saw the original "dirty dancing" video. >> they look good. >> you have to go on-line and see the whole thing. you can see they are nervous. obviously not performers but do
3:26 am
an incredible job. you have to go on-line and see the whole thing because it will make your day. >> very brave. look at dancing of a different kind. these people from arizona. >> dangerous dancing. >> dangerous, not dirty. they stopped traffic in chicago's busiest downtown area. check it out. they got on top of a chevy tahoe in the middle of an intersection in that area, four children and started to dance on the roof of the car. a lot of attention. some people honking because they want them to get out of the way. others egging them on. only 50 degrees. a lot of people are worried about the kids. chicago police telling nbc 5 chicago the adults from arizona. 59-year-old, 36-year-old, 27-year-old female charged with misdemeanor counts and causing child endangerment. this wasn't a safe place for the kids to be. >> really isn't. should have just danced outside of the car instead of on top of the car. what were they thinking? still cute and endearing. >> unless you are stuck behind them. and are late for something -- not so cute.
3:27 am
>> and if you are the police. okay, check this out. have you ever wanted wine in a place that a glass of wine isn't practical? >> of course. right now would work. >> exactly. see? the next time you are anchoring and you want some wine, check this out. there you have it. wine producers are going to start selling booze in cans and not just any beer booze but wine booze. the oregon-based union wine company is selling pinot in an 8-ounce can because they want to make wine more accessible. >> it affects the taste. >> some wine connoisseurs are saying it does not affect the taste. [ belch ] they have thought of everything. i figured out why i didn't like vegetables when i was a kid. kids avoid plants and greens because they are finding out kids have an aversion to touching anything that may poison them. >> from back in the day. >> so if devon doesn't want to eat his greens psychologists say it is an instinctual thing.
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and even though some things you're facing seem overwhelming - sometimes even small changes can have a big impact. but you have the power to change your problems... to change your life. all it takes is courage. (tdd# 1-800-448-1433)
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this morning on "world news now," deadly tornadoes. the storm so powerful it blew neighborhoods to bits and forced an nfl stadium to evacuate. what's next as the nasty system blows east? crash investigation, dozens are dead in an airline disaster in russia. the complaints before the crash and the new questions about safety. heroic action, a little girl saves her mother's life thanks to something she saw in the classic comedy movie "mrs. doubtfire." what a first-class daughter. and superstar spoof. lady gaga's performances poking fun at celebrities. the comedy that is all the buzz. it is monday, november 18th. >> from abc news, this is "world ed news now" with john muller and
3:31 am
diana perez. >> brave of lady gaga, huh? >> i'm excited. >> taking on kimye. >> yeah. apparently took everybody on. >> yeah. >> the fact she did that knowing that whoever can come on and host next week can do the same thing to her. you know what, everyone spoofs her though. she's in her right. good for her. >> should we get to it? >> let's do it. tough stuff to talk about here. we'll get started with the tornado outbreak that happened across much of the midwest. >> at least six people are dead after dozens of tornados swept across seven states. one of the hardest hit areas, in kokomo, indiana. it was put under a state of emergency. the schools are closed and police are asking everyone to stay inside. >> in coal city, illinois, this funnel cloud caught on video outside of a fire house. the filming was cut short as the twister got too close. perhaps the hardest hit was washington, illinois. abc's alex perez has more. >> okay. this is as close as i want to get. >> reporter: within seconds a quiet sunday morning turned to mayhem as a vicious storm ripped through the midwest.
3:32 am
this video captured in washington, illinois, after the angry funnel cloud disaster. all as panicked residents seek shelter in the middle of it all. >> we are getting hit with hail some debris. >> reporter: response teams in washington, illinois, scrambling to create this triage center, preparing for an unknown number of injured storm victims and launching emergency shelters for those displaced by the storm. in peoria, illinois, at least 50 homes crushed like cardboard boxes. a local hospital reporting 37 injuries, all related to the storm. in longpoint, illinois, many homeowners say the raging storm came in faster than they ever imagined. >> we saw it coming like this way, the angle at our house. the shed is gone. >> we got storm warnings on tv and we was watching it and heard a big noise. you can see what it has done here. just everything. >> reporter: in chicago, the dark clouds swallowed the city's iconic skyline. at soldier field, the heavy
3:33 am
downpour and violent winds caught 60,000 people in the stands as they waited for the bears/ravens game. with lightning striking nearby, officials make the call. >> due to inclement weather the game will be temporarily suspended. >> reporter: the game delayed about two hours as fans packed into the con source area of the stadium for safety. bears fan jerry shafer says it was tense. >> you are scared somebody is going to act out of an orderly fashion. that they are not going to be receptive to what the rules and regulations are. >> reporter: in indiana, at least eight counties reporting storm damage. outside of indianapolis, trees and power lines snapped. in lebanon, indiana, this starbucks store ripped to shreds. >> reporter: here at soldier field, the bears game was eventually able to restart. across the area they begin the process of assessing the damage. alex perez, abc news, chicago.
3:34 am
>> this ferocious storm system is blowing east, potentially interfering with rush hour and delaying morning flights. >> our coverage continues with accu-weather where jim dickey has an update. good morning, jim. >> good morning, jim and diana. after producing dangerous thunderstorms on sunday, storm system continues to march eastward. thankfully not anywhere near the same threat for severe weather here today. we are going to see soaking rain and strong gusty winds in the morning hours. the morning commute will be difficult here. we will keep the strong winds in place. this is a powerful area of low pressure we're talking about. the peak wind gusts 37 miles an hour in buffalo. 46 miles an hour in detroit. that's separate. thunderstorm activity, keep the gusty winds in place in the northeast throughout the day. john, diana, back to you. >> jim dickey, thank you. the president of the philippines promising to stay in the storm zone until he sees more progress in typhoon aid efforts.
3:35 am
the president setting up in tacloban where nearly every building was destroyed. the u.s. announced it is donating another $10 million to the relief effort. spectacular eruption from europe's most active volcano. mount etna rumbled to life lighting up the sky over sicily. air space over the area did have to be temporarily closed. another deadly air crash in russia. the latest accident happened when a boeing 737 went down after trying to land. abc has this report from moscow. >> reporter: the plane hit the runway nose first and exploded. all 50 people on board were killed. pieces of the decades-old boeing 737 were scattered all across the runway near the russian city of kazan. authority are looking into whether weather with pilot error and mechanical problems are to blame. passengers on the same flight earlier in the day reported severe shaking as the plane was trying to land. this is the third deadly major plane crash in russia in just over a year and a half. one reason why many consider
3:36 am
russia one of the most dangerous places in the world to fly. abc news, moscow. a navy cruiser hit by a malfunctioning drone during a training exercise is back in san diego. investigators will pour over the u.s. chancellorsville to assess the damage and figure out what went wrong. two were treated for minor burns after the accident on saturday. the maven robotic explorer is blasting off this afternoon from cape canaveral on a ten-month journey to mars. it will study climate change. nasa scientists are trying to figure out how mars transported from a planet capable of supporting life to a cold, dry planet. >> this maven mission will cost $671 million. >> 671 million. pocket change, chump change. >> that's amazing. >> it took off but it is not going to get there until next september. september 2014 and it will stay there, you know, circling around the planet for a full year. >> takes off this afternoon. that is sooner than i thought it
3:37 am
would be. takes off this afternoon and gets there. >> in about ten months. >> ten months. wow. we might see people on mars before we are done. i have a feeling. >> we are giving it time. keep going back for more. let's move on to this. a health scare at one of the nation's top universities. seven cases of bacterial meningitis have been diagnosed at princeton since march. the outbreak is so serious the cdc approved using a vaccine that is not usually approved for use in the u.s. school administrators haven't decided whether to go forward with the vaccination program on campus. a scary situation from the second quarter of the bills/jets game. a man trying to slide down a railing, fell on to the fans seated below him. there video of it. the guy who fell hurt his shoulder them man he fell on suffered a head injury. both were taken to the hospital.
3:38 am
their injuries, luckily for both of them, were not life-threatening. >> he needs to be banned from every sports event in the history of humanity. >> one or two few brain cells. president obama has started to get ready to make his march madness picks. went public yesterday with a trip to see oregon state play maryland. >> the game was something of a family affair. oregon state is coached by the president's brother-in-law, craig robinson. the terps and beavers put on a show. >> got the first family there for the game. in the end, oregon state came out with a seven-point victory. >> nice. it will be a little bit of a lucky charm. >> i love when president obama is in to picking his ncaa brackets. >> last year, espn got the kid president involved. that was hilarious.
3:39 am
>> that was hilarious. i remember that. >> this year we've got to see if we can get president obama and kid president together to pick. >> i imagine the late-night talk show guys, getting on to president obama's picks linked in to i don't know how. i'm not a comedic genius but there is a joke there. there is a joke there. >> gave them material. >> i'm sure they already figured it out. coming up, the movie sequel that has hollywood movie producers seeing unexpected dollar signs. and big questions about an outspoken tv star who considers himself an animal lover. her lion hunting pictures that are getting worldwide attention. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by delsym. weather brought to you by delsym. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by delsym. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by delsym.
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there's outrage this morning over a picture of a hunter and her kill. >> the woman was photographed smiling with a dead lion. now there are new calls from conservationists and movements to ban this hunter from an entire country. here's lana zak. >> reporter: good morning. in a country that prides itself on conservation efforts so many people are outraged by this photo. many are saying, "don't come back." melissa bachmann is a self-professed animal lover. >> absolutely beautiful animal. >> reporter: she also makes a living hunting animals down. >> check out the size of this rack. >> reporter: she's killed zebras and bears, but it's this image of a lifeless lion that sparked a
3:44 am
global outrage. and even though her actions are perfectly legal, because these kills are made on a private hunting preserve, the disturbing picture has prompted some 60,000 to sign a petition demanding she never be allowed to return to south africa. >> melissa should be banned from south africa and not just melissa but other people that do the same thing. >> reporter: they teach conservation through safe interactions with lions. >> the last 20 years, lion populations have gone from 300,000 to less than 50,000. why would anyone want to come out and decrease the numbers even more? >> reporter: for bachmann it is part of her cable show, "winchester deadly passion." >> wonderful wart hog. >> reporter: we received no comment when we reached out to her and her show this weekend, but on line there was plenty of outrage. one said it is not the hunting part that people have a problem with but the lack of regard for creatures that aren't meant to be eaten or hunted. her actions are poorly timed. a new report just out says if current rates continue, the
3:45 am
population of lions living in the wild could be gone in as little as ten years. john, diana. >> lana, are you really that close to those lions? >> there is nothing between me and that giant lion. >> she is pretty brave. >> i couldn't do that. >> that would give me pause. >> chills. >> yeah, chills. >> and serious pause. by the way, here's -- it is true what she is doing is legal. but if we look at the fact, it's the lion is what has everybody upset because 75% of the lion population has been killed in the last 20 years. and you heard lana say in another 20, or ten rather, the only lions that will be left will be in zoos. that is one less lion out there, reproducing keeping this population alive. >> in case you are wondering,
3:46 am
the lion was killed on a land at a conservancy and the motto is conservancy through sustainable hunting. >> there are so few of these precious animals, i don't know that killing any of them can be in any way can be called sustainable. you do that be deer because there are so many of them and squirrels and ducks. >> and you are going to eat the deer. >> correct. but if you are killing to take a nice picture because you have a show, that's not the right reason. moving on, coming up. when one superstar pokes fun at another it gets a lot of attention. and looking for laughs while taking some jabs at jimmy kimmel. we will have that next in the "the skinny." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:47 am
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♪ skinny so skinny "skinny" time. lady gaga getting big laughs. taking on kim and kanye in an "snl" skit. i'll set it up a little bit. she plays like a computer genius and the "saturday night live" character is playing kim and kanye. but basically they turn to lady gaga, who's playing this computer geek that's going to fix one of their computers. let's listen. >> what do you have to say for yourself, karen? >> well, first of all, this is my work uniform. >> ew, work. >> but honestly, i don't care about fashion.
3:49 am
i think people who try too hard with their outfits are maybe hiding something. like come on, dress like a person. >> all right. the character who plays kanye shouts, you don't deserve the title of genius, you can't throw that title around. mark zuckerberg is a genius, i'm a genius. i'm god. it gets better and better but funny stuff. pretty good, wasn't she? >> i'm looking at these clips and i want to go back and watch the entire show. she let herself go. >> she really did. >> that's the way you have to do it. looks like she's having fun. >> when stars come on and let themselves go that's when everybody has fun. the stars, the cast and us, the audience, as well. so we have big news. "best man" movie we have been talking about huge in the box office. huge. "thor" was able to hang on to number one, but "best man holiday" topped expectations in its debut and brought in $30.6 million. coming in at numero dos. by the way, it scored an a-plus
3:50 am
from moviegoers, according to cinema score. that is joining an elite group. this club of movies that enjoys long and fruitful times at the box office include movies that are recognizable including "argo," "42," "the help," "the kings speech," "titanic" and now the "best man holiday." this is a sequel to the "best man," came out years ago. wonderful movie. it is a smart comedy and i think that's why people liked it. >> they responded. they expected it to have a good opening weekend. >> they expected 17 million but not 30 million. >> blew them away. >> love when that happens. >> that's right. all right. jimmy kimmell certainly knows how to roast people but he was at the other end of the roast this time. some comedians roasted him over the weekend, and it all benefited
3:51 am
the noreen fraser foundation. it was a benefit. let's listen in at jimmy kimmel getting it a little bit here. this is from joel mchale. >> jimmy has revolutionized the late-night comedy monologue by adding clips from reality shows. wow, where did you come up with that, bud? really good. >> yeah. one of jeffrey ross who got the ball started on jimmy kimmel's recent scandal, jimmy has been in hot water lately but enough about oprah's hot tub. got to love the roast, right? fun. cool one-liners. >> he gives it out and knows how to take it. finally good news out of the justin bieber camp. he wants to get involved in the relief effort for the philippines. he tagged a wall, not so great because it is graffiti, but he took a picture. and it says, "pray for the philippines," signed it j.b., justin bieber. he is going to auction it off. as well as a picture from his instagram account. the next picture is from tmz and that's all of the spray cans he used. he's going to auction off the
3:52 am
pictures and donate it to a soon-to-be-named typhoon relief effort. finally good news. good pr. >> way to go, justin. yeah. finally good news. good pr. >> way to go, justin. yeah. esglefrt way to go, justin. >> good pr. yeah. fsglefrt way to go, justin >> good pr. yeah. fsglefrt way to go, justin >> good pr. yeah. osglefrt way to go, justin >> good pr. yeah. rsglefrt way to go, justin >> good pr. yeah. .sglefrt way to go, justin. >> good pr. yeah. way to go, justin. >> good pr. yeah. way to go, justin. >> good pr. yeah. o cf1 o eah.
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a little girl is a big hero this morning after she saved her mom's life. >> she learned to do it by watching "mrs. doubtfire," that movie. this is why it is our favorite story of the day. here's abc's sara haines. help is on the way, dear! >> reporter: who knew this scene from "mrs. doubtfire," would save this mom's life? >> amazing what they can learn on tv. >> reporter: there's no doubt that tv can be educational but teach a life-saving technique like the heimlich? >> time to expand your minds -- >> is pretty scary because there was no one else here. i couldn't talk and i was in shock. >> reporter: she was laying on the touch watching tv when she heard a noise from the kitchen. >> she was going like -- waving her arms. >> reporter: choking on a piece of sausage, her mom couldn't breathe. >> i picked her up three times. >> reporter: her tiny arms
3:57 am
wrapped around her mom's waist and finally. >> she spit the sausage out. >> reporter: mom wasn't surprised by her strength. >> welcome to the control, baby. >> at that time i was like she saved my life. >> reporter: sara haines, abc news, new york. >> that is incredible. now mom and daughter have that really cool connection. >> probably grandpa helped out, too with a lesson once in her memory. she morphed grandpa and mrs. doubtfire. whatever gets the job done. >> at that age to know how to do that and to spring in to action, not panic, not call police, not run to get a neighbor but know to jump in. >> have you ever had to use the heimlich? >> i have not. >> me either. >> do you need it now? >> don't break my breastbone. i hear you can. oh, jesus, criminy. >> i'd let you try but you can't try on me. >> don't do chest compressions either. >> reporter: this is abc's "world news now." informing insomniacs for two decades. >> reporter: this is abc's "world news now." informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning -- deadly outbreak. >> our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. >> tornadoes tear through the midwest. images show how powerful the twisters were. as the storm heads east, the recovery effort already under way. new video of the destruction just in. then, chaotic chase. a routine traffic stop turns into a wild scene. >> open the door! open the door! [ screams ] [ gunshots ] >> officers smash the windows and even fire a gun at a van packed with children. why they were so determined to stop that driver. and big back. a high school football player making headlines for his performance and presence.


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