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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 18, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PST

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making news in america this morning -- deadly outbreak. >> our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. >> tornadoes tear through the midwest. images show how powerful the twisters were. as the storm heads east, the recovery effort already under way. new video of the destruction just in. then, chaotic chase. a routine traffic stop turns into a wild scene. >> open the door! open the door! [ screams ] [ gunshots ] >> officers smash the windows and even fire a gun at a van packed with children. why they were so determined to stop that driver. and big back. a high school football player making headlines for his performance and presence.
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good monday morning. we begin with a deadly tornado outbreak across the country's midsection. >> here's a look at the line of powerful storms right now. it's quickly moving east. that system is what spawned dozens of twisters across seven states yesterday, many of them caught on camera. a central illinois community of washington was particularly hard-hit. >> and now some looks at -- new damage there. piles of rubble where homes once stood. it's a scene playing out in several towns. abc's that man -- tahman bradley has the very latest. >> reporter: severe storms wreaked havoc across the midwest. killing at least six people and injuring dozens more, the fast-moving system delivering severe tornadoes, rain, hail, and fierce winds leveled homes, shredded trees, and downed power lines. [ siren blaring ] illinois took the brunt of the
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storm. entire towns were decimated by tornadoes. one man looking out his window as a twister barrels toward him recites the lord's prayer. >> our father, who art in heaven. >> reporter: in roanoke, illinois, these storm chasers witnessed the destruction as it happens. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: in rural town after town, the raging storm struck at lightning speed. >> it was gone within three or four minutes. you can see what it's done here. just everything. demolished everything. >> me and my boys, we ran straight to the creek. we ran as fast as we could. the tornado was right behind us and we ran to the creek. >> reporter: in chicago, an unbelievable sight. 60,000 football fans rushing to the concourse at soldiers field. the bears-ravens game put on hold as a dangerous storm surrounded the stadium. >> due to the inclement weather, the game will be temporarily suspended. >> reporter: parts of indiana also took a direct hit. there are reports of storm
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damage in at least 12 counties. in the small town of lebanon this starbucks was destroyed. >> all we could hear was glass shattering everywhere. when we came out, the building was gone. >> reporter: overnight, the storm slammed through parts of the upper midwest making its way to the mid-atlantic states. tahman bradley, abc news, washington. >> another hard-hit city is lebanon, illinois. >> the city of just over 5,000 east of st. louis suffered extensive damage with high winds and possible tornado knocking down trees and telephone poles. damaging buildings and sending residents running for cover. >> the wind was crazy. the windows were shaking back and forth. just absolutely scary. it was surreal. >> at least two people were injured there. luckily, no one was killed. that storm system is losing steam as it starts to move east. >> it's packing quite a punch for folks on the east coast. here's accuweather's jim dickey. >> good morning, john and diana. after producing the dangerous weather we saw on sunday, our storm system continues to march east.
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now, good news is, nowhere near the impact expected on monday that we saw on sunday. still soaking rainfall. powerful wind gusts, especially through the morning. the morning commute will be tricky here. cities like boston, new york city, philadelphia. some soaking rainfall and strong, gusty winds. it will keep the winds strong throughout the day, separate of rain and thunderstorm activity. this low producing this is quite powerful. these are peak wind gusts. 37 in buffalo. 46 in detroit. that's separate of thunderstorm activity. you can expect that through the morning into the afternoon, producing more in the way of power outages, tree damage, and flight delays. john and diana, back to you. >> jim, thank you. stay with abc news for the latest on the severe storm. we have live team coverage coming up on "good morning america." another developing story we're following. all 50 people aboard a russian jet have been killed in a crash. the boeing 737 belonging to tatarstan airlines was trying to land about 450 miles east of moscow when it went down.
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reports say the plane appeared to lose altitude as it was making a second attempt at landing. then it crashed and caught fire. investigators will be at the scene of a fatal mine accident in colorado later today. two miners were killed at the revenue mine early sunday morning. a spokesman said the accident was not caused by a cave-in or collapse at the mine, but rather a release of hazardous chemicals. the lead contractor behind the health care rollout. the company, known as cgi, has been linked to the mishandling of at least 20 other government projects. "the washington post" says those failures include writing useless computer codes, shipping military parts to the wrong places. concern is growing at the white house with the deadline to fix the website less than two weeks away. >> right now, they're triaging. once you've stabilized, how do you give confidence to the american people and to the president himself that you have this under control going forward? >> even when the website is fixed, the white house believes 1 in 5 users will still be
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unable to sign up. an update on the health of former african president nelson mandela. he is still quite ill and cannot talk because of the breathing tubes. because of his great susceptibility to infection, he has to be kept in a sterile environment. winnie mandela says he's been treated by 22 doctors. the president of the philippines saying he will stay in the storm zone until he sees more relief efforts and progress. he's set up in tacloban. where virtually every building was destroyed or damaged by that typhoon. the united states said this morning they're donating another $10 million to the relief effort. and efforts to remove the toronto mayor from office are picking up steam later today. the embattled major showed up at a football game over the weekend, despite being asked by the league's commissioner to stay away. the city council is expected to vote today to strip him of his remaining powers. president obama and his family spent time as first fans yesterday. they headed to see oregon state
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play maryland. oregon state is coached by the president's brother-in-law, craig robinson. the terps and the beavers. close enough game. the obamas stayed until it was over. in the end, oregon state came out with a seven-point victory. let's talk fowl. the turkey kind. a turkey shortage could have you looking long and hard for the right thanksgiving day bird. and highway drama. cops open fire on a minivan filled with kids. why the driver is under arrest. and what the department says about the officers' actions. waiting game. a university hopes an emergency vaccine will be approved as a potentially deadly disease is spreading across campus.
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welcome back. there could be a stock market milestone today. with a gain of 39 points, the dow would cross the 16,000 mark. and any gain whatsoever would mean the dow's 39th record close this year. the dow and s&p 500 have posted gains for six straight weeks. sony says more than 1 million of the new playstation 4 game consoles were sold in the first 24 hours on the market. sales don't start in europe and latin america for another ten days. sony gets competition this week when the new x-box 1 goes on sale. here's a warning for you thanksgiving procrastinators. butterball, the nation's top producer of thanksgiving turkeys, says it's experiencing a shortage of fresh turkeys. apparently, it says the biers are not growing as fast as they used to. butterball notes the shortages only affect fresh turkeys, not frozen turkeys. we have movie news. starting with this weekend's box
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office. it was an unlikely battle of sequels. when all the money was counted, "thor" on top. for the second week in a row. but "the best man holiday" was a close second. and "last vegas" was third. in seven weeks of release, "gravity" has made nearly 515 million globally. that makes it one of the most successful sci-fi movies of all time. it's the biggest box office hit now for sandra bullock and george clooney's careers. >> i still haven't seen it. have you? >> i haven't seen it. i don't want anybody to talk to me about the plot. they say you have to see it in the theater. 3-d, you need the glasses. you gotta float in space with them. >> yeah, yeah. >> or something like that. >> it will be good from my couch, too. when we get back, what is wrong with this picture? the hunter did nothing illegal. but the image is sparking global outrage. triple digits once again. a college basketball player scores over 100 points in a single game. by the way, it's not the first time he's done it.
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visit or call 1-800-medicare spectacular eruption over the weekend. mount edna. air space over that area had to be temporarily closed. let's take a look at your morning road conditions. slippery across the south and gulf coast. and some slick spots around the great lakes. wet roads in the northwest and snowy mountain passes. if you're flying, airport delays possible in boston, new yorking philly, d.c., detroit, and houston. a disturbing story from new mexico. a mom facing charges after she tried to outrun the police. >> the police responded by firing at a minivan full of children. all of it caught on tape.
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here's abc's aditi roy. >> reporter: it was a traffic stop that escalated. >> you were doing 71 in a 55. >> reporter: a come identified at oriana ferrell from tennessee. she speeds away, starting a half-mile chase. the officer pulled her out. >> i pulled back over. i didn't run away. >> turn around and face yore vehicle. ma'am, listen to me. >> reporter: she tries to get back in the car again. her five children, ranging from 6 to 18 years old, are all in the car. her son comes out of the car and scuffles with the officer. you can hear the other children screaming. >> open the door, open the door! >> reporter: the officer smashes the rear side window. she drives away a second time
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while another officer fires three shots at the minivan. finally, she gives up in front of a hotel. she and her son are arrested. she faces charges including child abuse, fleeing from authorities, and possession of drug paraphernalia. all three officers in the video are being investigated. abc news tried to reach out to ferrell and her lawyer. her attorney says they have no comment. ferrell is out on bond. overseas now, global outrage is building over a photo out of south africa of a hunter smiling over a dead lion. melissa bachman is said to be an animal lover. the kill was legal. it was done main a private game reserve. if current trends continue, in ten years, the wild lion
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population could drop to zero. officials at princeton university are expected to announce today whether they will launch a large-scale vaccination effort today. seven people at the school have been diagnosed with meningitis since march. stories from around the nfl. a scary situation from yesterday's jets-bills game. man trying to slide down a railing lost his balance and fell on to the fans seated below him. there you see it happen. the guy who fell hurt his shoulder. the man he fell on suffered a head injury. they were both taken to the hospital and luckily, their injuries are said to be nonlife threatening. >> what was he thinking? >> not much. >> not much. something we don't see every day. arizona running back andre ellington took a handoff. >> i have to watch this. oh, my gosh. >> he didn't get far when
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everyone got up, there was a handful of dread locks. ellington said he didn't feel them being ripped out. >> are those extensions or real hair? >> i have a funny feeling they are really his hair. ouch. and le sean mccoy from the eagles didn't care for the redskins flag being waved in his face. eagles won it, 24-16. tile. time now for more sports. >> here's steve levy at espn with the highlights. good morning, america. welcome to "sportscenter." i'm steve levy. the kansas city chiefs tried to start the season 10-0 visiting the broncos in denver. here are the pretty pictures, at least for the broncos.
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manning to thomas. 70 yards down the sideline. later in the same drive, manning to julius thomas at the 3, runs it in for a touchdown. manning connects with thomas, two defenders surrounding him. 10-0, broncos. as for the chief, third and goal, alex smith, right to dwayne bowe for the touch crown pass. bowe was arrested in the bye week. chiefs down 10-7. manning, the handoff to montee ball. broncos win by ten. the chiefs will have to settle for 9-1. number 48 makes it six. denny hamlin won the sprint cup race. ninth place was good enough for jimmie johnson. won his sixth championship in eight years. he ranks third all-time, trailing richard petty and dale earnhardt. both have seven points titles. cam newton and the panthers have won five straight games.
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jumped into the playoff chase. can they make it six? they'll have to earn it against tom brady and the pats. 6:25 p.m. eastern tonight. all right. an incredible college basketball performance makes this our "play of the day." it involves a team from a tiny college in iowa. >> in their game yesterday, jack taylor, number 24, nearly unstoppable. he scored 109 points in a winning effort. >> last season, he set the single-game collegiate scores record when he poured in 138 points. congratulations to him. poor defense on the other guys. >> even if you can hit every shot, you would run out of gas at some point. that's amazing. >> the entire team should have been on him. >> exactly. coming up next, it's "the pulse." lady gaga is taking the stage and snl, getting high marx for
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so you feel free. powerful sinus relief. sudafed. open up. ♪ i live for the applause applause applause ♪ all right, time to check "the pulse," stories we think you'll be talking about today. starting with lady gaga taking a pot shot at kanye and kim on "snl." >> she dressed way down and impersonated an apple store employee interviewed on a kanye west/kim kardashian morning tv show. >> what do you have to say for yourself. >> this is my work uniform. >> ooh, work. >> but honestly, i don't care about fashion.
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i think people who try too hard with their outfits are maybe hiding something. like come on, dress like a person. >> not bad. so far, no comments from the real kanye west or kim kardashi kardashian. if yo were appalled when they put it in a box, this will make your -- pop your cork. >> coming soon to a store near you, wine in a can. >> with no glass or corkscrew necessary, some are calling this a beer-ification of wine. they'll be released next year for about five bucks a pop. they say it doesn't affect the taste. >> i'll be the judge. >> some connoisseurs say better. here's a football player to keep your eye on. tony is 6'4". >> picard place for the white
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abc7 news begins with breakings news. >> the breaking news in oakland where investigators are on scene of a deadly accident on interstate 880 near the high street exit. two people were killed. right now only one lane is open on southbound 880. the c.h.p. says the driver of a bmw was speeding northbound 880 before 1:00 o'clock a.m. and he hit a semi truck and flipped over the center divide on to the southbound side of 880 hitting a honda s.u.v. head on. in word if the people killed were in the car. or the semi truck. the investigation will impact traffic this morning. >> leyla gulen has more on the lane closings. leyla gulen? >> we continue to look at this video shot usually this morning. this happened before 1:00
4:29 am
o'clock this morning in oakland certainly you can see what a crumpled mess the accident, severe fatal accident caused. it is still creating a traffic impact for travelers who need to make it in the southbound lane along the nimitz. in oakland you can see where the red is popping up. that is an indication of nine miles per hour speed. with a lane blocked everything else will be shut down. northbound traffic is not affected now. there are a couple of alternates rather than 880. you can use embarcadero or 7th. one lane only is open until further notice. to the north we had early indications of possible fog and mike tell us more about that. this is the drive from oakland into san francisco a couple of cars are making the commute to the toll plaza. mike? >> thank you very much. good morning, everyone, we will start with live doppler 7 hd
4:30 am
with a few clouds rolling in and cooler temperatures this morning. this afternoon, we are going to see increasing clouds with temperatures close to average. it will be drive 68 to 54. that is inland the around the bay it is the same 57 to 63. we will talk about when the rain arrives and how many chances we will get from the system. here is the news. >> thank you, mike. happening right now the bay area's first ever monday morning commute with a brand new bore in the caldecott tunnel opening to traffic over the weekend after three years construction work. amy hollyfield is near the tunnel with the story. amy? the people are coming from the new


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