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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 18, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at >> good afternoon, i'm dan ashley in for larry beil >> i'm carolyn johnson. a powerful storm that blew across the mid west killed eight people. you can see washington, illinois entire blocks are now
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piles of rubble. >> an ef four touched down here, winds of 170 to upwards of 190 miles per hour. this one captured on a deputy ace dash board camera in indiana. >> today, hundreds of thousands of people without electricity as they try to cope with catastrophe. >> reporter: the shards of wood and crumbled bricks. remnants not just of houses, but a place where many cherished memories were made. >> we lost our dream home like many people in the area lost their dream homes. >> reporter: from dream homes to this nightmare the aftermath of as many as 81 tornadoes tearing through five states in the mid west, leaving scene after scene of utter devastation and unthinkable
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loss. from illinois, >> we asked god to bless immortal souls of the six people killed yesterday by these tornadoes across our state. >> reporter: to michigan. one other person was killed, so many today are mourning all that was lost. and giving thanks for what was spared. >> i'm thankful my wife and kids are alive you look around the town, it's a freak -- i don't know man, it's scary. >> reporter: this is considered one of the hardest hit areas they believe an ef four did the damage and search and rescue teams have been looking for anyone who might still are trapped beneath the rubble. >> we're guesting a different view of how difficult rekrifr is. more than a week after super
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typhoon haiyan hit. 4 million people are with out a home. they need food, shelter and water. people around the world including here in the bay area doing what they can to try to help victims. >> abc7 is teeming up red cross. >> i have to tell you the drone video is stunning. you've seen pictures. you've heard the horrible statistics now you can do something about it. you can give us a call. we have red cross volunteers here on the seven on your side hot line office. they're taking your calls so you can help people in the philippines. we've got celebrity phone answerers here right now. cheryl, sandhya here
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the station has been working on this. since before today. we're going to be here until 11:35 tonight. now, we need your help, the number is on the screen. how important is this? >> this is important we get money to the people in the philippines. philippine has volunteers but need money to get food, medicine water where it needs to be. >> so this time rather than people from here go through tl you've got people in place? >> yes the philippine red cross is an amazing organization. they deal with typhoons on a regular basis. but what they need are supplies best thing we can provide is money so they can buy it in the country, and stimulate the local economy, and help the people. >> here, give the phone number real quick. >> we're going to be here until
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11:35 tonight. 415-954-7621. >> one call with k.make a difference. >> you've probably noticed changes outdoors. rain is on the way. >> we have clouds thickening over the bay area now. there is no rainfall here yet. there is some rainfall well north of ukiah and then, a batch of organized rainfall out to sea. this is moving into our direction. you can see this long trail of moisture out to sea. not very well organized so we may in the get a lot out of this but we'll start at 7:00 this evening, by around 1:00 a.m just after midnight, rain begins to arrive in the north bay. during early morning we'll continue to spread across the north bay by 5:00 in the morning looks like it will be wet in much of the north bay. remainder of the bay area not receiving rainfall at this point. mid morning hours, same picture, whatever is falling will be
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north of the golden gate. that pattern continues into afternoon hours. so there could be some wet pavement. there could be a slow commute for a north bay commuter in the morning but looks like remainder of the bay area will not receive rainfall until later into afternoon or perhaps in the evening hours, dan and carolyn? >> thank you very much. >> you can keep tags on conditions yourself with our abc7 news weather app. down load it for free on abc7 >> we're going to show how it works to stay tuned. >> former oakland raider thomas howard died today. investigators say thomas was speeding when slamming into the back of a semi truck in oakland near 5th avenue. officers say when howard hit the semi his car went airborne, hitting an suv head on the other driver was also killed. you can see both
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vehicles were just destroyed howard played with raiders from 2006 to 2010. he most recently played a couple games for the falcons but was released last week. a 10-year-old student taken into custody after caught wandering hallway with a knife. >> it happened at hill view crest elementary school. the boy reportedly told authorities he was tired of being bullied. >> vic lee is live at the school with the story. lee? >> reporter: the boy holding an eight-inch knife. my note bad pad is eight inches long. police say the boy is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. the school invited parents to a meeting to discuss the incident. it happened just after 8:00 in the morning, parents dropping kids off, police say the 5th grader entered faculty lounge
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and grabbed a kitchen knife. he walked out into the hallway with it. >> i walked towards the kid a little bit. he turned and another dad knocked him down the third guy, dad, just picked up the knife and that is it. >> the boy reportedly told staff he was tired of being bullied. wallace's 9-year-old daughter says she and her friends try to avoid that student who has been accused of being the bully. >> that is the girl bullying the kid she just, like didn't, she's out of control. she can't control herself. and it's just me, my friends just stay away from her. >> one parent suffered a minor cut on his hand as he disarmed the boy. no one else was
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injured. >> breaking news out of oakland firefighters removed a man's body from a crane on top of a ship near the port of oakland the man died at the scene. the coroner has to determine cause of death. >> tremendous relief for a family pleading to keep their undocumented father in the united states. supporters said a prayer over phillip valued yechlz he reported to immigration officials for deportation back to mexico. instead, ice granted valdez a one-year stay based on his eligibility for u.s. visa, he was only advised of recently. his family is overjoyed. >> one more year to see him. the border separated us. and i hope
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i never have to see my dad like this. >> it's a life, a life in this country. we hope the family stays, forever. >> valdez says he's been working for a decade to get his citizenship. >> make a wish foundation has been flooded with inquiries to people who want to help out following success of bat kid's day on friday the organization grants wishes to children with life threatening conditions. the 5-year-old miles scott in remission from leukemia wished to be bat kid the city got on board transforming san francisco into gotham city and a record number of people watched our coverage online. all led to a great deal of interest in the make a wish organization, granting 14,000 wishes per year, relying on volunteers and donations to make them come true. coming up at 5:00 we'll have more on the
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lingering affects of bat kid's big day we want to show you one more thing. take a look. a bad kid cometic. you can see here page one introduces to us miles, who is by day a mild mannered 5-year-old but by night, miles becomes bat kid. here, you can see him foiling the riddler, then receiving a key to the city at city hall the artists are printing a copy for miles and we have a link to the online version for you. you'll find it under see it on tv. >> that is fantastic. >> still ahead at 4:00 tech giants joined forces to help stop a crime against children how a team is responding. >> a live look at our abc # news fund-raiser to help victims in the fill yil peens they need help. red cross
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volunteers need your help. to help, please call right now. it will make a big difference. and a live look at traffic outside on the san francisco skyway. not too bad heading into the other direction away from bay bridge. the cars coming at you trying to get to the bay bridge. it's stic
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google and microsoft are teeming up to clear the internet of child pornography saying they have developed new technology to tackle the problem. 200 google workers have spent three months to prevent links from appearing in search results and showing warnings on searches making it clear child sex abuse is illegal, and offering advice on getting help. the process is being helped by new microsoft picture ding teches technology applying a unique mark to child porn content then copies are removed from the web. >> want to take a look at where you can find holiday toy deals. >> cory johnson is here with this afternoon's after the bell report. hi, cory. >> reporter: good afternoon, dan and carolyn. there are apple stores, microsoft stores and gateway stores now there will be google showrooms just in time for holiday shopping the search giant opening six retail locations called winder wonder labs featuring latest
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google gadgets. all at a google store coming to you. well looking at more details from holiday gifts according to a study your best bet is check out the prices were in cases as much as 3% lower than those available online at walmart and target. stocks moving mixed, index rose above 16,000 today. your bloomberg silicon valley closing lower. yahoo looking to keep user data safe according to a blog post, the company plans to enkrift information flowing between data centers and plans to give an option to encrypt data by the end of 2014. these increased measures are interesting. they're part of the efforts to combat u.s. government. for more on
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bloomberg studios in san francisco, i'm cory johnson. dan ask carolyn? >> thank you very much. here is a thanksgiving crisis. butter ball announced a bird shortage affecting fresh turkey that's weigh in at 16 or more pounds. so the company is cutting all supermarket orders by 50% in half to supply all markets with at least some birds the company's turkeys are not growing as fast as in the past but there are still plenty of frozen turkeys from butter ball as well as fresh birds available for your thanksgiving table this year. >> you can't run out of turkey. >> it's starting to feel like thanksgiving. i >> yes. it is. >> it's looking grayer and we may get rain tonight. here is live doppler seven hd. clouds thickening now. a cloudy afternoon, becoming overcast sxf course, looking north you can see moisture, a large batch of it out to sea. but this is
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forth. we'll get rainfall until later tonight. looking towards coit tower, 56 degrees in san francisco. mid to upper 50s. and half moon bay. another live view from our sutro camera, beautiful view looking east over the bay. other readings mid-50s. and another live view, great view of the northern sky from our emeryville camera, clouds there and low, dark clouds and lots of blue showing through. rain spreads south ward during daytime hours, slowly. showers may linger into wednesday morning. here is a look at satellite image. you can see approaching frontal system and a long trail of moisture reaching well out to sea. rain starts to push in we'll get wet weather developing tomorrow morning. we'll start at 7:00 this evening
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during a late night and overnight hours we'll see rain spreading across the north bay. but not much expected to fall south of the golden gate. then later in the day by 5:00 p.m this begins afternoon and evening rush, rain spreading down around monterey bay. and pushing into the south bay mountains. then, tuesday night, we'll see more wide spread rain this, will be mainly in the south bay. down towards monterey opposed to central part of the region. then, into wednesday, trailing pockets of rainfall. and some showers. rainfall projections by wednesday night. maybe up to two inches in the north bay mountains. and about two inches, two tenths of an inch to four tenths of an nifrj other parts of the bay area, these numbers indicate how much rainfall in inch wez need to erase rainfall deficit we have now. you can see over four inches needed in parts of the north bay. over in sierra, snow
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level starting out at 6500 feet and rising up to 7500 feet. milder air moves in. overnight, rain developing in the north bay. tomorrow's highs low 60s here is the accu-weather forecast. showers wednesday, drawing out thursday, and friday, throughout the weekend into next week, sunny skies and mild all over again. but this is a welcome rainfall. let's hope a few inches of rain come out of this. >> yes. thank you. >> yes. >> up next puppy love. a special bond between a toddler and the family pet. >> that is cute. and after 4:30, former vice president dick cheney's daughters fight over same-sex marriage. >> and our fund-raiser to help typhoon victims in the philippines runs until 11:35 tonight. to donate just call the number on the screen. we'll be
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this ta big hit on the internext a family adopted this mixed-breed puppy earlier this month. bo's mom started taking these pictures of the two napping together and posting them on a blog. she says theo waits for bo to fall asleep every day. they've gained their own hash tag. it's so cute. >> that is adorable. >> and a guest host for semi finals. >> five remaining couples will perform two dances they haven't practiced we have a look at the competition. >> he is not resting on his laurels into semi finals.
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>> i'm going to be seeing the fie until the end. i learned so much from this beautiful woman right now. and everything i just want to do for them, out there. a >> if you just hands up to do two more dances? >> this is every, we we know that now. no one is whoever they want to see in this fight. that is just calling. that is, have you to vote. >> welcome to semi finals. >> thank you. i know, i love you. >> i can't believe we're here. this is amazing. >> amber riley is fighting a knee injury. >> this week i feel like very to
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take judge's comments and use it as fuel to just go harder every week. and if i'm going to work through this injury, i just have to do it. >> bill is also keeping a positive attitude. >> someone gave me a saying the other day that just stuck with me. said if you think you can, or you think you can't, either way, you're right. and i think i can. >> each of the five couples will perform twice tonight. then, before the end of the evening, one more elimination before next week's finals. >> two hours of "dancing with the stars" starts at 8:00 tonight and then "castle" at 10:00. >> still ahead tonight at 4:00 deputies arrest a neighborhood watch volunteer acquitted in the death of an unarmed teenager, again. george zimmerman's latest run in with the law.
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heated exchange and another set back for toronto's crack-smoking mayor. >> we're raising funds tonight with the red cross for philippines
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the california public utilities commission was in the hot seat testifying before a senate subcommittee. >> focus on how cpuc is improving performance in the area of safety. heather? >> the subcommittee that called the hearing just issued this report titled slow progress towards safety. it's the result of an investigation into what goes on behind these walls here. led by senator jerry hill, the subcommittee came to san francisco for a hearing on how the regulator is improving it's record on safety. >> i think we're seeing a recognition that there is a problem today. i think it's a healthy recognition that week move forward with. >> the hearing is just one of many since the pipeline
4:31 pm
explosion. eight people were killed and 38 homes destroyed. this hearing is part of the ongoing process to correct them. and the commissioner told legislatures that they had need more people and better training to do a better job and a return to 0 based budget planning should help the budget is built from scratch rather than based on the prior year. >> i honestly believe that if we do this 0 based incorrectly, it will show that there isn't and probably has never been enough staffing to do all of the things that the commission is asking to do. >> san bruno city manager hopes an independent monitor will be created to watch over cpuc on
4:32 pm
safety. that could require legislation. >> the city is cautiously optimistic. >> the subcommittee asked for a status report in several months. abc7 news. >> investigators on the scene of a deadly plane crash in russia caught on tape the video shows the airline boeing 737 going down at a near vertical dive and exploding on the tarmac last night, killing all 50 on board the plane approaching from moscow the pilot aborted fizz first landing and then, crashed on the second. they're trying to figure out the cause. a buffalo bills fan who fell from a third deck of the stadium could be charged with a crime he slid down a hand rail and landed on top of another man.
4:33 pm
there he goes the bills president says the fallen fan's behavior was irresponsible and he should not be allowed back into the stadium. >> george zimmerman was arrested again today after his girlfriend claims zimmerman pointed a shotgun at her during an argument. take a look. this is his latest mug shot. deputies say he pushed his girlfriend out of the house and barricaded the door with furniture. zimmerman accused in a separate domestic dispute in september involving his estranged wife. he's now being held without bail until he can appear before a judge tomorrow. >> more controversy for toronto mayor today, he took off running during a city council meeting and knocked over a council woman the incident during a heated debate about whether to stripford of his power. the council voted to cut his office
4:34 pm
budget and to allow his staff to join the staff of the deputy mayor. he's been under fire since may when reports surfaced he'd been caught on video smoking crack cocaine. >> what was he doing there? goodness. could this story get stranger? >> typhoon haiyan has come and gone but impact is going to be felt for year still to come. >> abc7 is teeming up to help collect donations for the relief effort. >> good evening, there are so much deaths and destruction. you go what can you do? here is what you can do. you can call and we have red cross volunteers joining me right now. they've been here since 11:00 in the morning and will be here
4:35 pm
until past 11:00 tonight. we're raising funds people being quite generous. phones ringing off the hook. seven on your side have been working hard to put together this call center today i know people have to be saying how about mid west? joining me right now from american red cross is woody baker co hen. >> there is a huge massive tornado last night, we've got 12 shelters open in the mid west. we're sending in resources people, and trucks. so there is quite a bit going on here. >> we're focusing on philippines here, tonight. what are the needs there? why is this important? >> philippines are really devastated. yil yip peen red cross about a thousand paid staff. so they're all mobilized
4:36 pm
and have been since before the storm hit. now, they're setting up shelters and getting into areas as soon as infrom a structure allows it. >> and money coming in here tonight are buying that food, water, and shelter materials. and everything else, so here is the number again. 415-954-7621. >> michael, thank you very much. you don't have to be too big, or too small to donate a group of students pitched in to help. 8-year-old miles lou called on his classmates at alta vista to help him sell baked goods miles saw what happened in the philippines and decided to take action. >> i felt bad and i wanted to help typhoon victims i just typed on signs and sent e mails and stuff. i had brownies.
4:37 pm
i had cookies i had cup takes. >> such an assortment paid off the sale raised $1800 thanks to miles parents who matched the money made in the bake sale. what about miles a bright young kid. >> great idea coming up at 4:00 a star fish hotel let's you sleep with fishes. where it is, how much it costs. >> and later street work in san francisco. it's the new norm. what one supervisor wants to do to minimize frustration for drivers. >> how about this view of the western sky? presunset western sky. you can see low clouds there adding drama to the picture here. we have rain in the clouds moving into our direction. >> ugly traffic in the south bay. these drivers on interstate 280 trying to make their way to downtown and beyond. it's slow going for those drivers. better
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some resorts allow to you swim with the dolphins. >> you're looking at a resort and the room designed by a swedish company and includes a
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roof top deck. >> the bedroom down stair wtz fish the resort is popular among divers. it will cost you, though, $1500 a night for a two-person stay. $900 for a single. >> it's gorgeous. >> yes. >> now you can take the abc7 weather team with you whenever gouchlt >> you can put the power of doppler seven hd into your pocket. >> sheer how it works. >> with severe weather, abc7 news will be on the air and on your phone. watch us live on our exclusive weather app. we'll stream straight to you. you'll know weather down to street level. track storms with bay area's most-powerful radar. live doppler seven hd. when there is danger we'll send alerts from the weather team to keep you in
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your family safe during severe weather. >> national weather service issued a flood warning. >> you never know whether it's going to be cloudy or sunny in san jose. you can put the power of live doppler seven hd in the palm of your hand. track storms or follow live doppler seven hd on twitter and facebook. it's all built into a new weather app. catch a snap shot of crazy weather? share it. >> up load to you reports. check out other photos you might see your picture on tv. >> it can be set to follow you whenever you go. the new weather app let's you check the weather anywhere or check out detailed accu-weather forecast right down to the hour. it's on abc7
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weather app. >> only app putting experienced weather teams into your pocket. >> and is free. >> you can track right now by down loading abc7 news weather app. >> so use whenever you wish. it's convenient. right now live >> yes. spenceer here. >> i just dashed here. we've got clouds in the sky. and will be getting thicker and rain moving into our direction. a first dose, we hope significant rainfall this season. we'll take a look at the quiet weather day. and showery this time of the year. into the bay area, the southern part of the state will
4:44 pm
be dry. it could be a wet commute. looks like rain will be confined with patches of scattered light rain in areas high temperatures tomorrow mainly low 60s around the bay and inland areas. so we'll be into a seasonal range tomorrow, and wet weather again, mainly north bay. could slow down morning commute. sweeping south ward may top the late afternoon commute. >> absolutely. >> thank you >> it's likely to be a messy commute in the morning so tune in to abc7 morning news. >> and coming up a family feud goes public. the words exchanged between dick cheney's daughters about same-sex marriage. >> did one nation leading health organization overestimate the
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open now. red cross volunteers are taking your calls right now. it's very easy to donate. >> checking healthy living news officials at princeton university says it plans to distribute a meningitis vaccine that hasn't yet been approved in the united states. since march 7th under graduates have been diagnosed with a rare form of meningitis but doses won't be available until next month. it's the only vac he yeen for use against this type of men meningitis without treatment, up to 10% could die. health experts are revealing, saying a calculator greatly overestimates risk. expanding how many people should consider taking
4:49 pm
cholesterol lowering statin drugs american heart association says flaws in the formula are small. coming up at 5:30 on world news, abc news doctor looks into this controversy. >> dick cheney's daughters in the political war of words over gay marriage. his eldest daughter, liz spoke out against same-sex marriage though her younger sister, mary is gay. more on the family fire storm. >> reporter: this statement made on fox news sunday ignited a public family feud over same-sex marriage. >> i do believe in a traditional definition of marriage. >> the daughter of former vice president cheney is running for wyoming's senate domination. her sister, who is gay recently married her long time partner. mary described how she told her parents. >> there wasn't anything to wait for. i knew i was game. listen,
4:50 pm
i love mary very much. i love her family very much. this is an issue on which we disagree. >> after that interview mary wrote on facebook liz this isn't just an issue on which we disagreechlt you're wrong ask owe on the wrong side of history. mayor ease partner writing when mary and i got married in 2012 she doesn't hesitate to tell us how happy she was for us. 15 states have now legalized gay marriage. and their father made his opinion known for a decade. >> my general view is that freedom means freedom for everyone. >> a polarizing issue dividing one of the country's most prominent political families. >> his daughter, liz, believes it is a state issue. >> the former vice president and mrs. cheney released this statement this, is an issue we've dealt with privately and are pained to see it become
4:51 pm
public. liz alls believed in traditional definition of marriage and treated her sister and sister's family with love and respect exactly as she should have done. a mom has been fined $ten in canada because she didn't include crackers or grains when making her childrens lunches official says they gave ritz crackers because meals are required to have one milk, one meat, one grain and two fruits or vegetables. the mom says the day care nufd a less controversial hot lunch program. >> fined for that? >> crazy a striking video shows a set enough born trin twins acting as if they're still in the womb. look at this, this was taken in paris showing the day old baby boy and girl mimicking life inside of the womb when immers nayed baby spa. >> the clip has gotten more than 9 million views. that is
4:52 pm
precious. >> road construction has become the new normal in san francisco. >> officials say it's a good thing for city. a supervisor has one idea to help ease frustration commuters are feeling. >> coming up, crunching numbers since learning about the glitch in the bart contract the two sides meet to figure out if the money is big enough to scuttle a deal z a restaurant pushed out. tonight down side to an oup side economy. and bat kid is's back.
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some mone deposit a check, transfer some money. so it's your uncle's turn. what? wait, wait, wait... no, no, no, wait, wait. (baby crying) so you can deposit a check... with the touch of a finger. so you can arrange a transfer in the blink of an eye. so you can help make a bond... i got it. that lasts a lifetime. the chase mobile app. so you can. if you drive or walk around san francisco, you can't help but notice street construction. so what is going on? one supervisor is calling about a hearing about extensive road work. we're now live with the story.
4:56 pm
>> well, last year about 850 blocks of streets were repaved, that was a record that is going to be shattered this year. that is only a part of the road work that is going on. from marina to mission they're staring up streets of san francisco. >> inconveniently. not too bad. >> i don't know what they're doing here >> various projects the city is replacing the century old sewer system. improving water mains and resurfacing streets. >> at the end of three years over 2300 blocks will be paved. that is in in san francisco getting improvement to streets. >> dcw director says it's like christmas, bringing jobs with
4:57 pm
new amenities. voters passed bond measures and the board approved funding to get this long overdue work underway. but when you add in pg&e pipeline upgrades and contractors, all this can be a headache. >> this is making me late to work >> the supervisor says the work is disruptive. >> at times, residents and businesses don't have information on why work seems to be starting and stopping. >> so tomorrow, he wants more coordination and private contractors and more communications with those of us caught in the tile >> thanks for joining us for abc7 news at 4:00 >> abc7 news at 5:00 begins
4:58 pm
right now. >> live doppler seven tracking the storm. when the rain will get here and what chute will be wet, coming up. >> also ahead a former raider dies and kills another driver after sending his car flipping through the nar a crash. >> and fund-raiser right now. red cross waiting for your calms. >> also tonight bat kid buzz new status thanks to a pint-sized super hero. >> rain is on the way. here is a look at the clouds. you can see from our south beach camera, stormy skies have yet to reach east bay but it's coming. good evening, i'm dan ashley >> i'm cheryl jennings
4:59 pm
commute could be >> we're getting a storm. let's check out live doppler seven right now. you'll notice cloud cover at this hour. some light rainfall. this system has quite a wide moisture tap we're watching it for you. this is all heading into our direction. not all of it will reach us right away. let me show you computer animation tonight. we see rain approaching. north bay is getting wet. you'll notice south ward after that 9:00 a.m looking at rain in the north bachlt by afternoon. we can see moisture just approaching central part of the bay area.
5:00 pm
i'll let you know how much rain and how much snow, and how long you'll need umbrellas. >> you can track storms right now from your smart fwoen a powerful weather radar. you can down load it for free right now. >> and now toshths severe storms of ravaged parts of the mid west. tonight officials declared seven counties disaster areas. officials say 53 million people were in the direct path of the storms. some barely escaping. >> this hard rain and winds i guess my heart stopped.


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