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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 19, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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good afternoon, everybody, i'm larry beil. >> people dusted off their umbrellas today. you're looking at south of market area. >> yes. this is highway 24 in the east bay. not really a big soaker but the storm continues moving in throughout the night. >> here is a look right now from our camera. you can see overcast out there. damp, damp skies.
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>> here it is. you can see a large area of moisture and it's continuing to push through the bay area now. we forecast yesterday it's starting as a north bay event and now, shifting south ward. we're getting light rain and moving down towards south bay. we have pockets of rain over east bay now. in places like, well, near danville and locations around the east bay and into the sierra, light snow now. we do expect an increase overnight. winter weather is in effect from 10:00 in the morning to okay tomorrow night. we expect several inches of snow above 7,000 feet. back to the bay area, we're getting much-needed rainfall now. we'll start at
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5:00 this afternoon, notice later this evening, we can get intense rain, or more intense, i should say, rainfall pushing into santa cruz mountains and south bay. so might get soakings in parts of the bay area dur evening hours overnight tapering off by 5:00 in the morning we'll look atted just light pockets of scattered showers. so, the morning commute may not be too bad but this evening going to be slow and slippery. >> thank you. you can keep tabs on where rain is in the neighborhood with abc7 news weather app. >> it's free to down load. >> yes. our weather is light compared to extreme conditions over the weekend into mid west. power of tornadoes on sunday just now coming into focus. national weather service says 11 twisters touched down in that state the one devastating the town of washington peaked at 190 miles per hour and stayed on the
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ground a staggering 46 minutes the death toll now at eight after officials confirmed two more storm-related deaths the mayor of washington, illinois says a thousand homes were destroyed but the family got an offer of help. >> i heard from the philippines today. a general counsel just wanting to send money. think about that. what philippines have just gone through, throughout time, just speaks volumes. >> and the million in aid to victims of typhoon haiyan. there is a major international relief effort underway to help survivors. a special thanks to our viewers, abc7 teamed up with
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american red cross for a 12 and a half hour marathon relief drive. $104,000 was raised. you can donate to help with the relief efforts going on in the philippines. >> yes. we have a link for you for that. negotiators for the city of san jose reached an agreement to restore a 10% raise over three years. >> the cut in pay had been cited as the reason 69 officers resigned this year. many moved on to better paying jobs in other police agencies. >> >> reporter: this is a tentative deal. officers and city council need to vote on this, that process doesn't begin until next week. the agreement says nothing but b.putting more police officers on the streets and raises do nothing about matching the competing officers are getting paid in other
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cities. they voted to recommend they vote for the deal. >> we want to give our police officers a raise we've been offering to for a long time. i'm glad to be back at the bargaining table. >> there is good reason for help. we've got to ensure that everyone is on board. and that requires a vote of the entire union membership. >> officers will start voting on tuesday, if approved, then, the council will vote the agreement calls for a immediate 4% raise and a one-time lump sum equal to 2% of base pay two. annual raises will follow the police union president says that will bring officers back to 2009 salary levels he warns that that will not stop officers from leaving for other agencies paying more.
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>> i fear that it won't stem the tide of the officers leaving. remember, july of 2015, our officers will be making what they made in 2009. and they're seeing peers go to other agencies making more per month. >> in san jose, abc7 news. >> sonoma county deputies shot and killed a man they say fired on them in guerneville. the victim's wife reported her husband was drunk, armed with a high-powered rifle and threatening to kill her, she managed to get out, safely. police say the man opened fire on officers and they shot him. witnesses heard about a dozen gunshots. police will investigate this shooting. let me see your face. >> in san francisco a protest gets underway next hour to
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demand justice over claims of police brutality this, is cell phone video of a friday on friday at valencia gardens apartment. investigators say this started when a man ran from them when they tried to cite him for riding a bicycle on the sidewalk. the police chief told abc7 news officers were justified in how they responded and the man is known at the police station. three people tried to intervene. they were taken into custody. >> oakland city council will consider a resolution showing solidarity with 18-year-old sasha flieshman the teen was burned on board a bus this month. police say the skirt sasha was wearing was lit on fire by 16-year-old richard thomas. tonight's resolution declares tomorrow as transgender day of remembrance, honoring victims of violence. today the mother of a girl
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taken 25 years ago today received hugs. michaela garecht was with friends as a man abducted her. her mother says she remains hopeful her daughter, some day, will be found. >> she could be somewhere. she could be hurting. she could be sad. she could be grieving. she could be being abused. right now. and we have to keep looking for her to try to help her. >> last year authorities tested dna of bone fragments connected to a pair of serial kip kilers but dna did not match michaela's. >> investigators believe the son of a state senator shot his father then stabbed himself to death >> the senator is improving. police say the stabbing occurred inside of his home, where his son died of a gunshot wound. gus was reported he evaluated in a
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mental hospital yesterday but there were no beds available so he was released to his parents. a congressman is asking for prayers for the family. >> it's shaken everybody in virginia. he is a good man and our prayers were him. and i encourage everybody to say a prayer for senator deeds and his family. >> deeds, a democrat served as a virginia state senator since 2001 ran for governor in 2009 and for state attorney general in 2005. an explosion injured two workers in a northern california aerospace company this morning inside of an air jet hangar in rancho cordova. you can see debris on the ground there. no word on how this happened but the company says there is no threat to other employees or neighbors arrow jet builds rocket motors used to move craft in space. >> still ahead at 4:00 reaction from tesla's ceo. the governor
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opens an investigation into the company's model s fires. >> why 49ers safety daunte whitner is dropping plans to change his name. >> also another live look at live doppler seven hd. you can see light to moderate rain currently hitting the bay area. the accu-weather forecast is coming up next. >> michael finney taking your questions on twitter and facebook, will answer them here live, a little later. you can contact him on twitter. >> you can see the roads are pretty slick. very, very slow for those folks on the lefthand side heading to lower deck of the bay bridge. going towards east bay, better for folks heading towards 101 south. back
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diane disney miller, daughter of walt disney passed away. miller lived in napa and san francisco since 1980s she was a co-founder of the disney family museum and spear headed developments of the walt disney concert hall in los angeles. disney is the parent company of abc7. she's survived by her husband, seven children, 13 grandchildren and one great granddaughter. >> investigators launched an investigation into the tesla
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model s car. the national transportation safety board wants to find out if the cars are vulnerable to fires. two of the cars burst into flames. the company made an update to give the car more ground clearance at high speeds. tesla's ceo says the company asked the government to investigate. he says we think it's unlikely, if something is discovered that would result in material improvement, we'll immediately apply that change. >> on to business news, snap chat taking on facebook and search for a microsoft ceo continues. >> cory johnson is here with this afternoon's after the bell report. hi, cory. >> reporter: good afternoon, larry and carolyn the search for a new microsoft ceo rolls on. microsoft co-founder bill gates says and he other directors met with quote, a lot of ceo candidates, including replacing steve balmer the board did meet yesterday,
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gates says he will not give a time line for the decision. twitter has done an about face on direct message policy b a month unveiling ability to direct message someone who is not following you. now, users can only message same users who follow them. well, uber making a big change to payment structure has a plan to start accepting pay pal. it could help the company expand transactions internationally. your bloomberg silicon valley index falling today, led by a drop in adobe shares well, snap chat sees more daily photos than facebook to -- according to a report. facebook has 350 million photos up loaded every day from. our studios in san francisco, larry, carolyn, back to you. >> warriors guard steph curry
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will not play after suffering a mild concussion last night. curry hit his head on the court in the 4th quarter. 240 pound marvin williams landed on top of steph's head the warriors say the only symptoms at this point is a headache. he's gotten better since last night he will not play tomorrow against memphis which is steph curry bobbel head night his status will be day-to-day after. that 49ers safety daunte whitner will not be changing his last name to hitner, withdrawing his application to drop the "w" from his surname. one of the hits cost him $21,000. he sent out the tweet very to withdraw the name change until the end of the season. his name on twitter is still daunte hitner, his
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handle is daunte whitner. he won't have to pay for uniform changes as well. >> so we're seeing rain out there today. >> we are. finally. a break in the mild, sunny pattern. strange drop lets from the sky. hard to recognize what these are. right? much-needed rainfall moves through the bay area, began as mainly north bay event today you can see now, the activity is shifting south ward, a lot of moisture off shore, most pushing into the bay area and across the peninsula and east bay. we've got pockets of light to moderate rainfall now. let me step back so you can get a view here, you can see towards union city towards hayward an area of more active weather now. and looking farther into the south we've got
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warm, wide spread area of light rain in the south bay now. rainfall totals now you can see not so impressive. south of the golden gate just trace amounts on the peninsula. and nearly a tenth of an inch at kafrng yord. 5/100ths in oakland. notice west bay figures a third of an inch in santa rosa. looking west, it's 59 degrees in san francisco now. temperatures low to mid 60s from oakland to redwood city. 54 in half moon bay. we've got temperatures in
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degrees there. some expected higher elevations tonight. forecast features periods of rain tonight. a slowly sagging frontal system bringing us rainfall now. we'll see more wide spread rain becoming more intense in areas by 5:00 in the morning we'll see rainfall breaking up. and by tomorrow afternoon, we'll see more pockets of showers by widely scattered and giving way to mainly sunny skies. perhaps an inch by 11:00 tomorrow night. much lower totals over the remainder of the bay area. temperatures mid 50s and tomorrow's highs into low 60s here is the accu-weather
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forecast. we're going to have sunny skies and mild weather again starting late thursday. continuing into the weekend and into next week. let's embrace rain while it's here because it's much-needed. >> coming up next a big announcement made by monty python. >> then, 6, 4 and 400 pounds h
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monty python is reuniting for a stage show 15 years after last performing together. >> the troupe had a big success in the 1970s they backed shows and the official announcement expected to come on thursday. terry jones says he's exciteed and hopes to make money to pay off the mortgage which i believe is all of our goals. >> the semi finals of dancing with the stars brought a special guest judge. >> and a favorite. >> yes. >> joining the gang for the first time, would you like to
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talk about max? he was very pleasant last night. >> okay. >> that is a backhanded way of saying he's usually not that pleasant. let's get to the dancing. each couple did two dances last night. she's back and she got 39 out of 40 points on this dance. so just one point away from perfection. >> that is very good. >> yes. the tang yes was filled with passion. >> what is this? manic monday? they whatever that stuff was there, that is 35 points. and jack osbourne, very to tell you this guy is growing so much week
4:25 pm
after week with cheryl burke. he started feeling ms symptoms this week. you can really see he didn't know whether he's going to be effective. if they had an award, no question. >> he's terrific. >> yes. he is. he's a step below other two but he's come so far. but not enough quality, not enough quality. so only gave him 33 points total of 71 for two dances and now, to america's darling bill engval. he had the understatement of the season. he said you're not and nothing stops the freight train. >> he's in the finals now.
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>> he's not winning. there is no way he can win. >> we'll find out. >> i don't think. >> coming up at 4:00 proposal to change disabled parking lots in san francisco. >> one police department is using zombies as latest crime-fighting weapon. and later... >> in alameda still ahead, why bay area distillers are giddy about a change in california law. >> rain hitting the bay area now. spencer tracking a storm to those to those who've worried... suffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 800-675-2607.
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so you can. it's never easy finding a parking spot in san francisco officials met to take a look at spaces made for disabled. >> the road to change will go through sacramento before anything changes in san francisco. >> we're live outside of the meeting at city hall. >> an advisory committee is asking for 470 more handicapped spaces here in san francisco. here is the report. it's being presented hashed out, up stairs in a fourth floor hearing room here. the committee says that there are certain elements that have to happen to fix what is
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called a broken parking system. here is a problem. according to the mayor's advisory committee there are 500,000 blue disabled placards in the bay area. but only more than 29,000 regular metered spaces in san francisco. and only 700 blue handicapped spaces in san francisco. committee says the problem is not only supply, but also, turnover. people with placards can park free with no time limits leading to rampant misuse the committee wants a three-pronged approach. better local enforcement and better management from the dmv. the recommendations include updating computers so the agency can begin to identify doctor offices committing fraud, selling placards for a price. >> right now they have no way to track whether a clinic certifies
4:31 pm
50 a week or one per month. it's challenging. a cause for change for the better to enable one to find a space to park >> the policy committee looked at the best practices of 11 other cities. some recommendations. the board has sort of started down the path towards that happening. the policy committee decide that had rather than going the local route first, which is their plan to get this cleared and then go to the board of supervisors then the state today they announced a shift going to get hopefully this resolution, they say from the nta board then on city's legislative list trying to get
4:32 pm
changes in sacramento first, then come back to the board of supervisors. >> big delays on muni when trains lost power between van ness and civic center stations. one passenger was supervisor scott weiner deciding he's just going to walk. along the way sending out a tweet that says late for a hearing because of a subway melt down accompanied by no back up shuttles >> if we don't address this now, we're going going to be in a world of hurt as the population grows. >> supervisor weiner blames the old and defective trains. the on time performance is well below goechlt >> george zimmerman has been released from jail
4:33 pm
the man acquitted of murdering t trayvon martin was accused of abusing his girlfriend. >> it's been alleged that there was a domestic violence related aggravated swault a deadly weapon, do you understand that? >> yes, sir. >> 24 hours earlier zimmerman's girlfriend called 911 following a heated argument. >> he broke my glass table, sun glasses and put your gun in my freaking face. >> she says he was packing his shotgun when he pointed it at her and kicked her out of the home. >> we've had an opportunity to speak with the victim. she is in fear for her safety. the defendant indicating he was going to commit suicide, because nothing to lose. >> zimmerman was arrested after barricading himself and denied allegations >> he's upset. he's calm, but
4:34 pm
wants to go home. >> zimmerman's estranged wife accused him of threatening her but charges were never filed he'd been pulled over several times for speeding. >> i'm going to set the bond in this case at $9,000. >> within hours, zimmerman posted bond the judge ordered him to stay away from shieb and her home. he cannot carry weapons and must wear a monitoring device >> i didn't get the impression he was suicidal. i would not characterize my client as a loose cannon. >> his next court appearance is in january. while in custody he was served with divorce papers from his estranged wife. >> bufl combrauf low bills fan that fell from the upper deck of the stadium now lost his job. he was fired by an advertising firm two days after his reckless
4:35 pm
attempt of sliding down the upper deck railing. he has been banned by the bills for violating a code of conduct for fans. los angeles police department using skomy bes to warn the public about car burglaries. >> it's hollywood, you know? in the video zombies wander streets, breaking into cars and steal ipads and valuables left in plain sight. police are hoping undead will scare people into hiding their belongings and locking cars. the police captain says it's an especially important lesson during holiday shopping season. >> burglary for motor vehicle saz nagging crime. we're making a dent knit, 26,000 cars were burglarized last year. >> the video made with help of a small army of volunteers
4:36 pm
one officer involved doubled as a hollywood makeup artist, another, a screen writer. a sign of the times. smart phone self portraits have become so common the word selfy is the word of the year. selfy beat out other candidates, including twerk. also, showrooming when you check out products in a store then buy them online, then, binge watch, watching back back to back episodes of a tv show. selfy has gone main stream with proliferation of smart phone cameras we asked people to share their selfies and take a look. mary posted this selfy with her entire family. emmanuel used hash tag silly to describe this selfy. here is emily posing with a cat named lego. you can share
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yourselfies on >> still ahead, why milk may not do a body good for men z a 400 pound high school running back wowing college recruits. >> today's seven on your side q ask a is just ahead i'm still taking your questions on twitter and facebook. you can me at finney abc7 and on twitter. i'll answer your questions here live in just a moment. >> i'm spencer christian. looking at live doppler seven hd, we can see rainfall across parts of the east bay. looks like a slow, slippery evening commute. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> another live look at traffic. this is the bridge, you can see traffic is a sea of headlights. heading to the east bay. and it's pretty heavy, better and lighter on the right side of the skreevenlt back with more
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a football player from washington is making a big impression. >> he's mass yichlt at 64, 400 pounds he's not only bigger than teammates, but bigger than anyone in the nfl and he's a running back. that is the frightening part. who wants to tackle that kid?
4:41 pm
>> i try to take advantage of being this size takes multiple guys to take me down. >> you look at other team looking at him when they're shaking hands. >> tony is big but also agile, playing on the basketball team as well, and that athletic ability with his size has college football teams checking him out. >> family members say he's a big teddy bear because imagine if he got angry. that would be bad for the neighborhood they say he's got a big heart and mature for his age. he has a nice stroke as a basketball player. he won't play running back in college but he's got great agility. >> let's take a look at the forecast. >> rain getting bigger as you can see. large area of moisture off shore continuing to push through the southern parts of the bay area. a nose of
4:42 pm
down to redwood city, palo alto and down towards the south bay going to be more intense in that region. tomorrow, state wide we'll see areas of rain, showers up and down the state. so going to be a wet weather picture. after some heavy rainfall developing dur evening hours in the south bay, things breaking up overnight. just pockets of showers the commute may not be so slow as this evening's commute will be. then, during afternoon we'll see areas of rain, maybe heavy at times in parts of the south bay. and pushing south ward, areas north of that region will see scattered showers tomorrow, pockets and breaks of sunshine here and there. high temperatures low to mid-60s around the bay sxinland areas and on the coast highs into upper 50s to near 60 degrees then this, rain is out of here after tomorrow we'll get clearing later in the week. it's
4:43 pm
going to be sunny, mild going into the weekend >> thank you, spencer. >> still ahead, was she murdered? the new report out claiming actress brittany murphy was poisoned. >> how treating insomnia could be the key to battling a common health issue. >> a historic deal today to help yeah, it's perfect for us tv fans. they made this for me. oh, and you've worked out a theory. this is exciting. what's the evidence?
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over the counter treatment for overactive bladder. put the control back in your go with new oxytrol for women. now in the feminine care aisle. a new toxicology report finds the actress brittany murphy was poisoned. testing positive for are ten heavy metals that are nouned rat poison, also found in her husband's system. >> very a feeling there was a definite murder situation here. brittany murphy's death is sus spishus. it's a report from an accredited laboratory. it cannot
4:47 pm
be ignored. >> murphy, who starred in films "clueless" and "8 mile" died in 2009. the coroner ruled her death was due to knew moana. the l.a. coroner saying quote we have not seen results and nothing has been presented to us we stand by what we've ruled in this case. >> checking healthy living news a study discovered a link between insomnia and depression and finds treating a sleep disorder could double chances of overcoming depression. researchers in toronto found 87% of resolved insomnia saw depression symptoms improve. government figures show depression is the most common mental disorder in the us us and more than half of those who suffer from it also have insomnia. a report on men and milk is raising eye brows showing boy
4:48 pm
who's drink a lot of milk height be more at risk for hip fractures as adults the findings based on the fracture history of nearly 100,000 middle age men and women who recounted their milk drinking hab yates yits decades earlier. >> one south carolina church is holding bible study in a bar. >> members of the church gather in a local watering hole for a program they call spirituality on tap. say it let's people discuss the bible without worrying about being judged. >> they're encouraging people to try it before they knock it. bartender please, turn my water into wine. okay? >> there you go. >> michael finney is answering questions and first relief for struggling homeowners after a large settlement. >> yes. this has been leaking
4:49 pm
out. today it's a done deechlt it's a scandal the u.s. attorney general blamz for planting the seeds of the mortgage melt down. jp morgan chase reached a record $13 billion settlement with the u.s. government including $four combrinl to help disstressed homeowner was principal reductions. chase accused of selling toxic loans california attorney general harris says among the victims are the pension funds of california public employees and teachers. criminal charges are still possible. jp morgan chase did not return our inquiries for comment. amazing. >> let's get to questions. one e mail, what do you suggest to do to terminate our time share in addition to notifying them of our intention? >> you can't just terminate a time share. you're going to get into trouble. you sign a contract. this is often, depending on the kind you have, like owning property. you just
4:50 pm
can't walk away. you're going to have to sell it. easiest place to do that is on ebay. if you check it out, you'll see people take a huge beating there. you can also check out donate time share on look. buying one of these is easier than selling one. >> yes >> carol e mailed this one. my dentist said insurance could cover and after having it they said they made a mistake. do i have recourse? >> oh, brother. when everything is said and done as a patient you're supposed to know if you're covered or not. if you actually think it was fraud, you can go to the dental board and report the dent scombrift say look, i just don't think this is right. i would personally tell the dentist i'll split the difference with you. that i wasn't ready for the payment.
4:51 pm
you said i didn't have to pay it. look. let's split it. say michael finney says that is what you ought to do. >> works for me. finney says it, we do it. and are there inspections on our crab for radiation due to reports of contamination in the pacific ocean? >> yes. from the japanese nuclear disaster. yes. we're just looking into that the seven on your side office. fda says they're watching this closely. they always watch it closely and they don't see a problem at this point. it's nothing to worry about if you trust the fda. i'll leave it up to you. >> you're going to have that at 6:00? >> yes. >> or 5:00? >> 5:00. >> okay. >> coming up next a team coming to california with bay area distilleries toasting ahead of the holidays >> coming up a major development in the case of a patient found
4:52 pm
dead in a hospital stairwell. it's a story you'll see only on abc7 news. also, a controversial public relations effort. why the army wants only average-looking women. that is at 5:00. stay
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afghanistan in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation
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bay area distilleries are toasting a new law >> saying it puts them on a level playing field with wineries and brewerys a sober laura anthony has the story from st. george spirits. >> reporter: there is a chink in the armor of an old liquor law dating back to 1934 in the days of prohibition. something distillers say will be good for them. >> somewhere between 60% and 80% of the economy is fuelled by small businesses you want to do something to support small business growth.
4:56 pm
>> starting january 1st, distill riz will be able to charge customers for tastings. rather than give their sample as way, free. berkeley democrat nancy skinner sponsored assembly bill 933 called taste california act. >> this is not only a industry that is using california products and california based, but, they're hiring californians. these are california jobs. >> he says tasting is essential to marketing unique beverages he and others create. >> when people come and taste it and they see how we make it. it makes a big difference. just makes it more personal. >> reporter: starting january 1st distillers can charge for tastings but can't sell bottle prod ducts at the facilities. >> maybe it wasn't everything hoped for but still a huge
4:57 pm
success i'm here to celebrate progress made. >> just this light fruity aroma. >> reporter: distillers and supporters hope it doesn't take another 80 years to make more changes to the decades-old law. in alameda, laura anthony abc7 news. >> seven score and ten years ago abraham lincoln delivered the gettysburg address. >> marking the 150th anniversary of the speech, it was about two minutes long. >> made during the dedication of the soldier's national cemetery, calling on people of the north to redouble efforts to win the civil war. >> thanks for joining us for abc # news at 4:00. i'm larry beil. >> i'm carolyn johnson. abc7 news at 5:00 begins right now.
4:58 pm
>> thank you. next at 5:00 a big development tonight in the case of a woman found dead in the hospital stairwell. a witness comes forward, it's a story only on abc7 news. >> plus, rainy roads and a good soaking right now. >> and it's far from over. i'm sandhya patel and will have the latest with live doppler seven hd, coming up. >> also ahead a bay area retailer calls a truce in what some see as a war on we're tracking the rain tonight. bad news if you're trying to get home. >> good news for the reservoirs. this is a live picture looking at the bay. >> good evening. i'm cheryl jennings. >> let's get to sandhya patel with a look at conditions right now. sandhya? >> yes. we're looking at wiper
4:59 pm
weather now across a good part of the bay area. taking a look at live doppler seven hd. we'll talk about where it's raining and where it's heading. you can see we have our own radar on mount st. helena. it's watching pockets of rain between ukiah and z.hopland. you can see yellow showing up. we're watching that, that is the latest batch that developed in the east bay. light returns towards hayward and oakland. san francisco, it's wide spread light rain. towards south bay we're seeing some very light returns. have you been the last to get that. story road in the south bay and san jose, willow glenn getting light showers, far from over, hang on to umbrellas. morning commute will include slick roadways. >> thank you very much. abc7 news learned a mystery witness has come forward in the bizarre case of a patient missing in san francisco general hospital for
5:00 pm
two weeks. before being found found dead in a stairwell the witness saw her lying there, reported it, yet no one followed up. a major development only on abc7 news. >> reporter: sources cross to the investigation tell us they solved the mystery of the man who says he saw a person presumably lynn spalding at the bottom of a locked stairwell. now, everybody has been looking for this man, who reported what he saw october 4th, two weeks after spalding vanished from her hospital bed he told the nurse he saw the person lying on the stairs between three ready and 4th floors then, he left quickly the nursing supervisor notified a sheriff deputy to check it out. sheriff mirkarimi says deputies never did check that stairwell. the body was found four days later. the mystery person appears to be the only whoun saw the body during her


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