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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 19, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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found dead in a stairwell the witness saw her lying there, reported it, yet no one followed up. a major development only on abc7 news. >> reporter: sources cross to the investigation tell us they solved the mystery of the man who says he saw a person presumably lynn spalding at the bottom of a locked stairwell. now, everybody has been looking for this man, who reported what he saw october 4th, two weeks after spalding vanished from her hospital bed he told the nurse he saw the person lying on the stairs between three ready and 4th floors then, he left quickly the nursing supervisor notified a sheriff deputy to check it out. sheriff mirkarimi says deputies never did check that stairwell. the body was found four days later. the mystery person appears to be the only whoun saw the body during her long disappearance and gators
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have been looking for him, hoping he can provide answers our sources tell us that the man is a doctor. a visiting doctor from india, working at ucsf in san francisco general. at 6:00 tonight we'll tell you more of what we've learned and why the doctor finally came forward. >> now to police protest about to get underway. some residents in san francisco say officers went too far in this arrest captured on video. this is cell phone video obtained by abc7 news after friday's incident at valencia gardens apartments. in a few minutes demonstrators will march from apartments to a police station. leanne? >> they just took off a minute ago. you can see the tail end of
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the protest the plan to march from here down valencia street to the mission. and this video has been given to occ that will determine whether or not police went too far. >> it was not a pretty incident. >> he is talking about this altercation last night in the mission district. captured on a cell phone. police say the 20-year-old shown here on this flyer was told by under cover police officers to stop. after riding a bicycle on the sidewalk. his cousin told us williams never heard them. >> he was on his bike. he had head phones on and hoody on. he didn't hear them. >> the chief told abc7 news as williams was being cited he walked towards his apartment. police grabbed his shoulder, police say williams bit one
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officer. >> they're thinking about this person have a gun? is the bicycle stolen? is the person up to something else? >> reporter: under cover police are part of a union that confis stated ten guns in 30 days. but friday night, no guns were found. as the arrest was happening a crowd gathered and tried to intervene. rodriguez says her brother was caught in the altercation. >> they overabuse their power, of course, the family is going to help. that is family. that is what anyone. i'm sure you're walking in the street you see someone getting aback to yoused by police you're going to help. >> the officers are also being punched at right? so our rule is that they can use whatever force reasonable to
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overcome resistance. >> five officers were hurt. the district attorney decided against formally charging them pending a further investigation. the da is waiting for surveillance video of the cameras located at the apartment complex. now, that could show whether or not williams biting the police officer. live in the mission district of san francisco, abc7 news. >> thank you. sonoma county deputies shot and killed a man armed with a gun after his wife called 911 asking for help. it happened around midnight at riverling resort in guerneville. the woman complained her husband was drunk threatening to kill wher a rifle. she got out safely before officers arrived they surrounded this resort. 20 minutes later the man came out and started firing at police, they shot back, killing the man.
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san francisco police identify aid suspect in the shooting death of this woman who was killed sunday while out celebrating a friend's birthday. she and another woman were in a car south of market district. another car backed into them. an argument followed. police tonight say they hope to arrest this shooter, soon. >> it appears a deal has been worked out to end a pay dispute between the city of san jose and police officers. the negotiators reached a tentative agreement to restore a 10% pay cutoffser cut that in 2009. year. >> remember, july 2015 our
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officers will be making what they made in 2009. and they're seeing peers going to other agencies making $2,000 more per month than what we're making now. >> membership will begin voting on that a week from today. >> san jose sharks ford patrick marlo not hurt after a crash in san jose today the same cannot be said about his suv, these are pictures of it. the front is wrecked after colliding with a car this afternoon. significant damage. the other car hit on the driver's side. authorities have not reported whether anyone inside was injured. and warriors guard steph curry will not play tomorrow night after suffering a mild concussion. he hit his head after 250 pound player marvin williams lost balance and fell on him. the warriors say only
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symptom at the time is a headache which has gotten better since last night but they're worried about a concussion. >> airports in the philippines now have reopened but air traffic is being limited to relief planes u.s. officials say five americans are among 5,000 who died in that disaster. hundreds of other learn americans are receiving assistance. u.s. providing $37 million in aid we want to thank our abc7 news knewers because abc7 teamed up for a 12 and a half hour marathon relief drive. $104,000 was raised. >> that will provide food, water, medicine and live saving needs. >> very grateful to viewers. american red cross is still taking donations for the typhoon victims. you can find a link on abc7 >> thank you for calling n we
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appreciate your generosity. it's part of the holiday spirit. we're about to kick off holiday shopping. with it controversy how retailers should label ads. one is in the middle of this controversy with merry christmas over happy holidays. >> reporter: for past few years, conservatives say there is a war on christmas. now, they say the gap is joining their side. the busiest shopping time of the year, retailers try to lure consumers american family foundation wants advertising to say merry christmas rather than happy holidays we talked to the president of the conservative organization via skype. >> people buy gifts for christmas. there is nothing wrong with acknowledging
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christmas. and your promotions and advertising and in your greetings. >> reporter: his organization issues a naughty or nice list of companies and for the first time, san francisco based gap is listed as nice. no decorations up yet, at stores we stopped by by wildman is declaring victory for what is described as a policy change after years of talk was the gap. >> they're going to make effort to say merry christmas in their advertise and in their stores. >> reporter: gap is not admitting to bowing to pressure saying this season we're including a number of seasonal greetings such as merry christmas, happy hanukkah, and joyous kwanzaa in our messaging. >> i go happy holidays do you know why? in this opportunity, there are thousands of muslims, and jewish
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people. >> shoppers seem fine with either greeting. >> i don't see it as, to me it doesn't bother me. i can say merry christmas or happy holidays. or i don't know. something in another language. >> and by the way we saw a gap commercial from last year and it does include the words merry christmas aa.long with other holiday greetings including happy kwanzaa. >> still ahead politician stabbed. coming up, tragedy in virginia. what may be a murder suicide. >> a public relations push. why the army wants only average-looking women. >> and michael finney and consumer reports team up to check out wearable gadgets. should they be on you
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a virginia lawmaker is recovering after police say he was stabbed by his son. police say the stabbing happened in his home where his son was he was evaluated yesterday but was released because no beds were available. >> he was able to make his way out to the road, after he left the scene on foot. he was able to make his way to the road and has evidently was picked up from, by a family member. >> deeds, a democrat served
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since 2001. >> diane disney miller, the daughter of the late walt disney passed away in napa. she and i took this picture together last year, at the disney museum. she gave me a private tour in 2010 at christmas time. because a movie was going to be shown with rare home footage. also, i met diane through one of her favorite charities roots of peace. she donated to start a pilot project to remove land mines in afghanistan. our condolences to the family tonight. >> and other news we have a leaked internal army e mail saying best way to integrate pim wim into combat roles is use, quote average looking women in advertising a female colonel writes in
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general, ugly women are perceived as competent. and pretty woman perceived as having used their looks to get ahead. critics say the comment is proof army culture has a long way to go before women will be treated as equals. >> jackie speier tweeted about the controversy saying it's another example the u.s. army just doesn't get it as a debate if pretty girls should be used in pamphletses >> and talking about wearable electronics, consumer reports naerted with michael finney. >> yes. let's watch. that watch. not your father's watch. this wearable technology the next big thing? several companies have smart watches on the market. and apple is rumored to be working on one.
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what do they actually do? in this commercial seems like the future has arrived. consumer reports checked out the gear to see if it delivered. it can make and deliver phone calls for example. you can take picture was a command. >> smile. >> but the quality isn't very good z men use hard to use and there is another draw back. >> at $300 it's twice the price of other smart watches, only working with one phone. it's expensive. >> the other alerts you as long as you're in blue tooth range.
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>> it's a business buzz, then, what appears is that person texting you's name. >> the pebble doesn't take photos you can use to it trigger camera on the phone. so you can take photos of yourself from across the room. carol thinks this will be appealing to women. >> i don't want to haul it out every time i hear something. i can just take a look at the wrist. >> it's a watch, too. >> you can down load other apps to the watch. including fitness apps. consumer reports expects more apps to be developed. now, coming up at 11:00 tonight, price trackers you know apps promising to alert you to best deals? tonight, which work and which don't. >> thank you. sure >> talking about weather again, let's head out to northern marin
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county. >> wayne? >> well, take a look at downtown novato. this is grant avenue. it's been that way most of the day in the north way. we did go looking for rain. we did find a little bit of it. let's call this what it's been in the north bay. yes, this is what a meteorologist describes as rain. >> it's sputtering. >> this is rain. drizzle. >> for optimistic a start. because experts say we need the water. case in point roughly two hours north of san francisco. water level as low as it's ever been this time of the year. >> we're very happy to see this rain. we can use more of it.
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>> pam jean is the acitiesant general manager of the sonoma county water agency last time we've visited water was lapping at the rocks. jeff bradley says he hasn't seen think the low, yet, he says it's too early to worry. >> it's happened before. going to happen, again. >> and rain, if you can call it that, is back. >> nice to have rain back. >> nice to have sandhya inside. instead of out of rain. >> i hope you tracked a storm here. we'll talk about the rain that is moving across the bay area. it's just a slick evening commute. you can see how wide spread it is. there are pock
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withits of moderate rain showing up. looking towards guerneville there is some brief down pours there. looking at san francisco area, street level radar some light rain. daily city, 280. east bay communities some steady rain around alameda and oakland. rain is in there now. very light returns, willow glenn avenue. a lot of you responded confirming what our live doppler seven hd is seeing. too mild in tahoe now. mid-40s and leading up to tahoe. so we're looking at a winter weather advisory. snow expected for tahoe area. above
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7,000 feet. rainfall past 24 hours highest up to the north. santa rosa, a third. look at san francisco. 6/100ths. oakland, 500. about 800/100ths in half moon bay. it's dark and dreery. san francisco, 67ment temperatures now comfortable. clouds gathering there right now. 55 in santa rosa and novato. rain drops on the lens from our camera looking towards the bay here. periods of rain tonight. changing coming up but not immediately. this is the system slow moving and it will continue to press south ward. here is a computer animation of tonight tonight. 7:00 p.m dinner time, it's raining. it shifts at 11:00 p.m then, scattered showers for
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morning commute. beginning of it at 5:00 a.m we'll see showers for evening hours as well. and it starts to wind down by thursday morning. we're looking at a clearing trend we'll see up to an inch in mountains throughout wednesday night. most other areas quarter to half an inch of rain. so tomorrow morning, temperatures starting out comfortable. afternoon, hang on to rain gear. 64 san jose and palo alto. looking at the accu-weather forecast, showers end thursday dry. milder and brighter into the weekend. temperatures milder into tuesday. just a reminder we do have a handy weather app. you want to keep track of the weather.
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>> it's easy, too. >> thank you. >> still ahead, royal treatment. >> wedding guests ended up as a groom. and it's the monster at mosco nichlt. huge technology conference how this is different from all others we'll ha
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landslides are overwhelming the town of sardinia. sweeping cars away. >> caroline kennedy made quite an entrance today she arrived in a horse-drawn carriage for the traditional
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meeting with the japanese emperor at the imperial pal yachls thousands turned out to watch her complete the mission her father dmot fulfill. jfk was tobt first u.s. president to visit japan. but he was, of course assassinated. >> tickets for president obama's fund-raiser are so slow there is a price cut the fund-raiser will be held at ss jazz center. tickets were once a thousand dollars are now $500. that is according to an e mail sent to potential donors some of the $15,000 tickets may drop to $10,000 oochl a 30-year-old man was a guest in a wedding in india and ended up being the groom. accord together times of india original groom ran off and could not be found after arguing with the bride's family. so the guest, a distant relative offered to marry her in
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what many considered a kind gesture. that was indeed. maybe that will work out better, anyway. >> thanksgiving
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hose who've beend ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at coming up at 6:00 he'llan musk's efforts try to extinguish the hype about the tesla fire sxtz sweet deal the city of san jose is giving u.s. government but with good reason. its coming up tonight at 6:00. now, back to dan and cheryl. >> thank you. >> finally here, thanksgiving won't be the same without a traditional turkey dinner.
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>> local food banks are working hard to make that happen for deserving families. >> second harvest food bank says it seeing an unprecedented number of people seeking assistance this holiday season. yes, recession is technically over but there are many people out there who are not doing well they need our help. >> yes. you can see they still need more turkeys they need 5500 more turkeys >> san francisco and marin food banks are also in need of turkey donations as well. let's be mindful and make provisions for them. >> we're going to have the web sites for you on our web site just case you want to pick one in your county to help. that is going to do it for us. world news is coming up next. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. our next newscast at 6:00.
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>> bye-bye. welcome to "world news." tonight attacked at home, the well known lawmaker stabbed, raced to the hospital, what we're learning about who police say targeted him. pay back time for the big banks. after millions of americans were hurt by that near banking collapse, tonight we ask how will the biggest fine ever for a bang actually help you. george zimmerman hauled back into court, what they've done with his gun and a special delivery he wasn't expecting from his angry wife. the famous lady in red at that moment 50 years ago, what she insisted she saw and heard, but did anyone listen. good evening on this tuesday night. diane has the even


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