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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 20, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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>> we can use the rain. but it knock out power to thousands last night and early today. matt keller has coverage from the south bay. matt? >> for news and bad news in los gatos. for people who are planning on driving, it is not raining. the bad news is you could feel the impact of the effects of the rain overnight. check out this video we shot at 3:00 this morning on highway 17 north of the summit on the santa clara county side a large tree blocked the lane. we just learned that both lanes now are open on 17. it wasn't just the roads impacted by the rain. overnight, 15,000 people in the south by last power because of the stormy weather. a majority were in san jose, los gatos and morgan hill. pg&e shows san jose with the most customers without power at
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1,500 people in the dark. on highway 17 the road is clear with not a lot of traffic. the wet roads are a concern, obviously, for people hitting the roads this morning. the c.h.p. says overnight they did see a spike in collisions because of the wet weather. >> you can track storms from the smartphone with the bay area's radar live doppler 7 hd installing the weather app which can be downloaded for free to iphone or droid device right now. you can track weather any time with live doppler 7 hd on or follow us on twitter. the weather is being investigated as a possible factor in a horrific accident in
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the north bay. a disabled vallejo man was hit by two cars and dragged for a nile. amy? >> police are looking into the condition. weather was probably a factor. the roads were wet. it was dark. it was a rainy night. it happened at 6:00 last night if vallejo. a disabled man was hit by a car and was knocked into another lane and a car in that lane hit him and dragged him for a man. the driver of that was was elderly and did not realize he hit someone. >> i have been hit by a car so i don't understand how anyone could drive that distance and not know they have someone hanging on the car. >> he was hit at broadway and dragged to stanford and mini
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drive. the victim was not in a crosswalk when he was crossing the street. it was a rainy and dark night. they are calling this a "tell accident." it does not appear that anything was control. they have not released the victim's name. >> demonstrators protesting a clear case of police brow facility are planning to gather again today in san francisco. stop police brutality! >> 100 protesters circled the mission police station last night angry over an altercation that left four men injured and under arrest. it happened at the apartments when plain clothed police officers tried to site a 21-year-old for riding his bicycle on the sidewalk. he bit one of the officers and ran to the apartment.
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others decided to get involved. >> to me, he was profiled. whether the police think what they did was wrong or not it was wrong. >> the officers are being punched at. our rule is, they can use whatever force is reasonable to overcome the resistance. >> five police officers were also hurt. the district attorney has not filed charges again the men arrested pending further investigation. >> today a one day strike is held cross u.c. campuses by student tutors and patient care employees with rallies throughout the today at uc berkeley at 9:00 a.m. and santa cruz at noon. the union accuses the administration of unfair labor practices and dangerously low staffing levels. officials say they have wired replacement workers and certain treatments and surgeries are
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postponed. nurses are not taking part. >> bart is calling a union to honor the contract they signed despite a last minute dispute over family medical leave. the union president says bart's board needs to honor their word and approve the contract. the board is scheduled to vote open it tomorrow. officials claim they did not agree to a provision giving workers six weeks of paid annual leave to care for sick family members. >> san francisco police found the witness they thing they have been looking for in the case of a missing patient who turned up dead at san francisco general hospital. we broke the story. the witness was a visiting doctor from india who works now at the hospital and reported to hospital staff that he saw a person who was sleeping inside a stairwell. deputies were notified but never checked the area. four days later lynn spalding's body was found in the stairwell two weeks after being reported
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missing. the doctor came forward after he saw a flyer at the hospital and realized he is who they were looking for. >> now the forecast. rain this morning. showers later today. mike if. >> absolutely. there is light-to-moderate rain in piedmont right there at hampton road. the whole area between 580 and 13 getting wet. we will slide to the southwest a little bit and you can see alameda shoreline drive, pacific avenue, lincoln avenue, light-to-moderate rain. as far as the bigger picture with all this moving rapidly to the east, san leandro should be there in six minutes, san ramon 20 minutes, dublin, 29, and it will pass over castro valley in 10 minutes. there will be ponding on 580.
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big picture, it is all moving off to the east and it is starting into snow. we will are snow in the sierra down to 7,000'. here is the day manner: steady rain is falling and rain will turn to scattered showers at noon which will hang around for the better part of 4:00 and, also, 7:00. we will not be completely drive until midday temperature. i will show you that in the big forecast with the warming trend in the seven-day forecast. >> back to the flooding in san francisco because we have an update. two lanes are taken away. one lane is open and that is slowing things down as you can see. behind it this is red. if you are traveling northbound along 101 at 80 in the central freeway we will have lanes blocked until further notice because of flooding. the green is an indication where rain could affect your commute.
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580 from tracy to castro valley is 33 minutes. 101 northbound in san jose is 85 to the airport and 12 minutes, 280 northbound from highway one from daly city to san francisco is under ten minutes and we will look at wet, it is a wet toll plaza there coming from emeryville to san francisco is want out for slick conditions otherwise it is quiet. kristen and eric? >> the army want as few good women but not good looking women. the p.r. campaign causing dissension. >> is it cute and sexy or just vulgar? a controversy surrounding a new k-mart ad.
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covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> on wednesday morning, a look from our high definition camera at the embarcadero. the roads are slick. the wipers should be on. the headlights, they need to be on according to california law. we will check live doppler 7 hd for where the rain is. if you take pictures of the storm, its effects, or any damage, send your photos and videos to we will share in of them on air and online. >> off the coast of florida, the coast guard is searching for two people after an air ambulance went down in the atlantic. it went down after taking off from the fort lauderdale airport. two bodies have been involved. there were two passengers and
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two pilots. it was bound for mexico off the coast of cancun. >> crews are restoring power in illinois and michigan and indiana. washington, illinois, was hardest hit bit tornado with a thousand homes damaged or destroyed, twice as many as they feared. 13 illinois counties have been declared "disaster" areas. the cost of this severe weather could top $1 billion. >> should only women considered conventionally unattractive be used to recite female soldiers? a high ranking army officer in charge of recruitment things so and is drawing fire for the controversial comments. abc7 news reporter has the story. >> it is offensive. why are we talking about women's attractiveness? >> that is what women are wondering after an army colonel called this photo a bad choice
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because the woman is too pretty. he said and i quote, "ugly women are perceived as competent and pretty women are thought of using their looks to get ahead." it is frustrating to see that feeling exists. >> former united states air force captain finds the attention on this soldier's lipstick shade or looks, sad. >> what it has to do with is the nature of the people, the character of people. >> a congresswoman spear lashed out and tweeted "another example that the army just doesn't get it as it debate as pretty girl should be used in pamphlets." but a senior fellow thinks using an average looking person in an ad actually makes some sense. >> you do not want someone who is sending the wrong message, oh, the military, they are a place for the glamorous people. >> the colonel whose comments set off the firestorm also
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happens to be a woman. >> a holiday commercial featuring pantless men is the focus of a growing online debate. look at the fuss. that is k-mart's joe boxer commercial with men moving their hips to the tune of "jingle bells." this is posted on youtube and some say it is in bad taste 679 there is a comment frenzy on k-mart's facebook page with critics saying they will no longer shop there and others think it is funny. what do you think? post your commends on our facebook page. i don't know, in this day of twerking that seems relatively tame but that is one woman's opinion. >> there you have it. i'm going to say, mike, how is
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the weather? >> we are not touching that. no, we will let kristen decide if that is male twerking. good morning, everyone. we are in bay shore and looking at 101 with the best radar republicans about to move off 101 but this is ponding possible with light-to-moderate rain. in daly city and colma to pack -- pacifica, you can see better radar runs so expect ponding on the roads. this is sliding ever-so-slightly south of due east so want out, milbrae, san bruno and foster city and the san mateo bridge in 15 minutes. if it is not wet now, it will be wet in 15 minutes. we will look at what to expect when you step outside: mid-to-upper 50's and very mild. our best chance of rain as we
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look at embarcadero from our camera, you can see the water in the grooves of the road, it doesn't take much, we have ponding there, also. our steady rain through the morning commute and we will have scattered showers through, say, mid-morning to mid-afternoon. dry air is arriving and sunshine tomorrow afternoon and the extended period is going to be sunny, dry, and warmer-than-average. the highs today will be mostly in the low-to-mid 60's with a few upper 50's along the coast and another mild air mass sitting on top of us that will be yielding scattered showers from time to time. you can see the scattered showers continuing overnight and sightly cooler than this morning and mid-to-upper 40's inland and low-to-mid 50's at the bay shore and the coast. our cold front has the low bringing us the heavy rain and pushing the front closer to us and that is why we are seeing by
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7:00 the steady rain moving through the south bay and the east bay, with scattered showers developing as we head throughout the afternoon and evening and the overnight hours. this could be a few lingers patches of drizzle for tomorrow's morning commute and you can see by the afternoon hours and into the evening, we start to clear up as the new air mass comes in. the seven-day forecast shows wins are blowing out down from the mountains and offshore and i would not be surprised to see 70 in a couple of places friday, saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday. it will be a lot of mid-to-upper 60. some of rain is falling now and we will find out about the commute. leyla gulen? >> we have a report of an accident that occurred if hayward on 880 and we have an accident in san francisco. wet conditions could contribute to this accident, northbound along highway 17 the santa cruz highway making the commute up to
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mount herman road, this could be slowing traffic down but watch out through scotts valley it could be treacherous. back in san francisco, eastbound 80, noninjury accident which is good news and it is problemming a couple of lanes of the one is open but we also have flooding reports on 80 as it meets 101. that is causing bonding in the roadway and you do not want to lie drove plane or spin out so want out for that. as we take you outside into san jose this is your commute along 101 as you head away from the nimitz being right there in the background and northbound side headlights checking in at top speeds and looking clear and so far, so good. >> a florida congressman charged with cocaine possession will be arraigned in court in an hour. the republican representative was charges in washington, dc superior court. a federal law enforcement official says the 37-year-old bought cocaine from an
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undercover agent in a sting operation. he released a statement saying he struggles with alcoholism and intends to seek treatment and counseling and face as maximum of six months in jail and a fine if convicted. >> thousands of same-sex marriage will want the illinois governor sign a bill into law legalizing same-sex marriage in that state. two weeks ago both houses of the legislature approves the plan. the chicago sun time reports the governor will sign the bill on the conclude used by abraham lincoln to pen the first address. the law will allow gay couples to get married starting june 1 of next year. illinois will be the 16th state to i a lou same-sex same o allow same-sex marriage. >> we have more on thieves who are prone to taking iphones and a way to thwart them.
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>> the one honor that a main five front man thought he would never receive. >> first, another look at live doppler 7 hd with rain out there this morning you can see where the green is concentrated. our meteorologist will explain what that means for the commute and where the wettest conditions
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good morning, as we track the storm that is still moving through the bay area, you should check out the weather app for iphones and droids and you can download that for free useful in the weather we have right now. >> grammy award winner can add another award to the resume, sexiest man alive. "people" picked him for the honors with the looks, the news capitallent and sensitive side.
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he was on "people" magazine released this morning and he does look sensitive on that cover. he thought the editors were kidding when he was told he won. sorry to report, ladies, he is engaged to a victoria secret model. this is the cover. >> leyla gulen, he does look sensitive, this is for you. >> now, turning over to mike nicco calling from a payphone regarding the weather. >> that is a song. >> leyla gulen necessities. >> i know the song. >> here we go. forward if you are coming from there, we had heavy rain roll through. watch out on 80. we will fine some problems.
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we have winter weather advisory from 10:00 this morning until 4:00 tomorrow morning all of lake tahoe. we expect 5" to 10" of snow above 7,000 neat feet -- 7,000 feet with scattered showers all way to san diego. mid-60's there. sacramento at 61. 65 in fresno. temperatures in the upper 30's to mid-40's around tahoe. leyla gulen? >> as we look at bart we do have 29 trains running on time, and in union city we have report of an accident, another vehicle went off an embankment and it is slippery. want your speeds. they are having to shut the -- close the off-ramp down to pull it out of the mud so it looks serious. as we look at our drive time traffic 101 from san francisco
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to sfo if you need to watch a flight is 11 minutes and 880 northbound from 238 to the maize is 14 minutes and from highway 85 to the san jose airport is 12 minutes and walnut creek southbound 680 away from highway 4 to the 24 junction is six to seven minute commute. it is wet but all is showing accident free. >> local food banks are working to make sure low income families can get a thanksgiving turkey. the food bank is seeing record numbers seeming assistance. the food bank needs 5,500 turkeys and the san francisco and marin food banks are in serious need turkey donations. if you would like to donate we have the information you need at >> california's vehicle license fee could go up again. former governor arnold
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schwarzenegger reduced the fee hours of taking office 10 years ago. right now the fee is .65 percent of thealue of the car. a group called transportation california is looking to raise it saying it would generate $3 billion a year to go a long way toward fixing california's roads and freeways. >> friend district attorney says that samsung's idea to install kill switches to disabled stolen stock market -- stolen smartphones has been rejected. at&t, verizon, t-mobile and sprint have said "no" to the proposal to preload the phones with antitheft software. the officials see the swings as a way to fight a nationwide surge in thefts. the wireless industries say the kill is not the answer allowing a hacker to disable a phone. >> yahoo c.e.o. was interrupted by wal-mart protesters at a
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conference going on right new in san francisco. the san jose mercury news reports that marissa mayer was taking part if a discussion yesterday when there was a disruption. demonstrators supported wal-mart workers who were fired if protesting unsafe practices at the giant. labor activists have been dogging marissa mayer for months. she senators on the board of wal-mart. >> wal-mart store in ohio is the center of a nationwide controversy over a thanksgiving food drive. a union-backed group posted this photograph from an employ oh only area asking for donated food so employees in need could enjoy thanksgiving dinner. wal-mart says the food drive is to help employees go through a tough time but critics say the donations show wal-mart does not pay the remain employees a living wage. >> slick roads, downed streets and power outages and the bay area is waking up to a wet morning. we have what crews are doping
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right now to get the lights back on. >> peninsula city becomes more electric car friendly. >> san francisco's favorite pint-sized super hero, batkid. the world was captivated by his wish come true. we
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning at 5:00 on wednesday, wet wednesday. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. mike, how is the


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