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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 20, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning at 5:00 on wednesday, wet wednesday. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. mike, how is the weather?
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>> light-to-moderate rain has moved across danville and it will be wet for the kids. hopefully you will not venture into the mud that is waiting. 680, the san ramon boulevard is wet with light-to-moderate rain stretching to skyline boulevard and down to hayward and headed through the dublin grade to castro valley. we have rain on top of sfo with our best rain south san francisco headed to burlingame and this will continue sliding down to san mateo and the san mateo bridge. we have steady rain in some areas and scattered in others which is the case today. our best chance of steady rain is this morning. then we will move to scattered showers in the afternoon. upper 50 and low 60's from the coast to san francisco and legal 60's for the rest of us. leyla gulen? >> you were saying this is heavy
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rain falling where we have a solo spinout blocking the intersection, the transition road, from westbound 80 to 680. lots grown behind my indicating where the rain is affecting the commute. the blue is where it is harder. watch your speed. be careful. we have slick conditions. southbound 880, the off-ramp here is shut down to retrieve a vehicle that landed in the mud when it slid off the freeway. the bay bridge toll plaza shows traffic funneling in well but in the cash-paying lanes we have ten cars back moving over to the tolls and into san francisco. >> the bay area is weighing up to some storm-related damage and impact. more than a thousand people are still without power in the south bay and there are issues with trees in roads. matt keller is in los gatos.
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>> no major accidents reported by the c.h.p. traffic is light. that can change quickly especially with the wet roads. the major issue right now for many people in the south bay is a lack of power. this is video from pg&e crews working in downtown san francisco trying to restore electricity to the 15,000 customers who went dark overnight. that number has improved significantly and i checked the map on pg&e's website and the outages is down in the past half hour more than,300 -- more than 1,300 are without power in san jose and 80 are out in morgan hill. if a tree falls in the middle of the night does it make a noise? maybe not until the chain saws arrive. at 2:30 crews worked to get it off the road. it is not raining now but that
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can change during the morning commute. especially here on highway 17 in los gatos and santa cruz county it can cause a your mess on the roads. we will keep an eye out all morning. >> if the tree makes the noise, i don't know about that but the driver does when the route is blocked. >> you can track this by live doppler 7 hd and install the abc7 weather app downloaded it for flow to iphone or droid right now. you can follow live doppler 7 hd on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions at live doppler 7 hd and get weather tweets from mike and the weather team plus video forecasts and power outage information. >> vallejo police are trying to determine if the rain played a role in a gruesome accident. a man was hit by a car at
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product way and hogan and dragged by another car neitherly a mile to the intersection of stand ford and mini. the 89-year-old driver didn't realize he dragged the man physical he was flagged down. investigators say the victim was struck by a woman first in another car and hit by the second car and dragged. he died at the scene. amy hollyfield will have more on what we are lending about the victim next half hour. >> two men are in the hospital after the truck crashed off of a forth bay road, flew down 30' rain and speed were a factor in the crash. >> the bill has been tallied and we know what it cost the city of san francisco to make a wish come true for batkid. katie marzullo is in newsroom with details. >> if social media is any
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indication, he was pricily but the price tag is reported that five-year-old miles scott make a wish cost $105,000 which will come out of fees conventions ato use the mascone center that pays for theup july -- for the fourth of july fireworks. most of the money was for the ceremony where batkid got a key to the city and the city opted if a big presentation with a big screen tv and professional staging. the police chief promising the miss department did not pay any police overtime for batkid. >> this was not one penny of overtime spent by the san francisco police department on friday for the event the it would not be fair to the other tremendously worthwhile charities around if that was the case. >> before the $105,000 total was
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reviewed, this was a public comment how many low income san francisco children could have been fed with the money spent on batkid but he has clarified that comment. many people agree that the expense and the publicity for the city and for make a wish was worth the cost. do you think the amount was worth it? you can tweet us or join the conversation on facebook with lots of posts and many say well worth it and some say it is bad taste to bring up the price tag. what do you think? >> the national rifle association is sponsoring a lawsuit challenging a new passed in san francisco that bans high-capacity ammunition magazines. san francisco supervisors unanimously passed the gun measure last month and it was signed by the mayor two week ago limiting magazine clips to ten rounds and the lawsuit was filed on behalf of retired police
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officers and four san francisco residents. >> a gun buyback event is kicking into gear in oakland and san jose part of an initiative to prevent gun violence and reduce the unwanted guns in the commune. youth upridessing is partnering with the event in oakland in december and san francisco and san jose and los angeles are taking part. >> palo alto, home to technology companies and c.e.o.'s will finalize another green initiative, a committee endorsed an ordinance to require developers to build new homes with electric car charges including adding $500 to the cot of a new home compared to $5,000 to retrofit. palo alto is home to tesla which makes high end electric vehicles. the city council will consider the idea further in future meeting. >> apple headquarters has cheered -- clears the new
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headquarter plans giving $4.4 million tax break each year saying the benefits outweigh the costs. the 2.8 million square feet building will hold 14,000 employees. there is a ban an visits to the san francisco parks stopping vandal emand illegal dumng that costs $900,000 a year to clean unbut opponents say this targets the home mis. >> blue approve or not we sometime have rain. mike nicco has more on that. >> we are in danville and you can see headed to the east of that, that is our best radar return and it looks like all of that area is getting wet all the way back to castro valley. look at all the way over to
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western boulevard some of the better areas for wet weather right now. moving down on the san mateo bridge, you can see pulling from burlingame headed to san mateo and foster city it is only a matter time before the san mateo bridge gets wet, if not wetter than it has been. here is what is going on in the big picture: heaviest rain is moving to the east. a steady rain is still with us and you can see we are getting rain here in san francisco although the radar runs were not as impressive the embarcadero is wet. we used this as a backdrop to talk our steady rain through the morning commute. our bet chance of rain by lunch with steady rain to the south and we will have scattered showers at 4:00 through 7:00 with temperatures in the mid-50 to low 60 for better part of afternoon. leyla gulen? >> we had several crashes and it looks like everything has cleared. that is the good news. what we have is a closure in san
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francisco not because of the rain but because of the event happening at the mascone center closing howard between 3rd and 4th so make sure you have the detours handy. check out the green, and that is an indication of where the rain could affect your commute. we have reports of ponding, flooding, on the freeways at 101 at 80 is one area in san francisco. checking our drive time traffic, tracy to dublin is building at 33 minutes to head in the westbound direction and highway 4 westbound from antioch to concord is 18 minutes and 101 is clear from san rafael to san francisco and as we look right now outside this is going to be san jose to 280 away from 17, a couple folks moving northbound direction but it is quiet, still, in san jose. eric and kristen? >> thank you, leyla gulen. >> this could be a good year to put electronics on the wish list. bloomberg business report is
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next. >> 70 years after providing a secret weapon to help win the war in the pack, native americans are getting their due. a local man will be on hand for the ceremony. >> the new rule the government is looking at that has a lost airline pilots slimming down. >> another look at live doppler 7 hd showing the green which means rain coming down in the bay area and meteorologist, mike nicco is tracking where the conditions are
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covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> a san francisco man is in washington, dc, for ceremonies honoring the native americans who performed dangerous special missions during world war ii. arnold hawkins will accept the congressional gold medal for his grandfather, john bear king hawkins one of a small group of code talkers fighting in the pacific. the military used code talk wees to send messages in the native american language known only to members of the tribe and could not be decoded. the role was kept secret for decades. i talked to arrest mold and we will have a story later that shows how dangerous what his grandfather and others did, how dangerous it was. >> they could not tell their families what they were doing. >> absolutely.
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>> there were own 15 of the indians in the army doing this. >> sony says there could be a problem with new play station 4's and jane king is at the new york stock exchange with the bloomberg business report. jane? >> good morning. they just went on sale and many people bought the new play station four on friday but there could be something wrong with some of them. a small percentage of the console could have been damaged dug shipping with in picture or soup coming from the tv or the play station powers down on its own. gas prices are creeping higher with the average back up to $3.21 according to aaa. it was $3.18 a week ago. aaa has forecast that gas would dip below $3 an hour but a drop if supply could push gas back up to $3.25 before it fews again. so far the bay area is escaping
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this, but we will see how long it lasts with prices in san francisco still lower than a week ago. stock futures are very quiet today and there is if news if you are looking no electronics this holiday season. best by says the list war cuts the prices and they will do it to keep up with discounts including wal-mart cutting prices ahead of black friday. watch if good deals and shop around. speaking of electronics what do you think of people using them at thanksgiving dinner? half of parents would like to ban gadgets during holiday meals. i cannot believe it is not higher than that. >> jane, thank you. >> passengers is been kicked off airplanes for being obese and now they could kickoff the obese pilots based on research that
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suggests they suffer sleep apnea and a lack of sleep can have the same effect as drinking alcohol. the f.a.a. will test the over wet traffic and air traffic controllers. if they are diagnosed, they will be forced to be treated before though go to work. >> users are sharing 400 million photos each day double the 200 million photos users shared in june on paper that means 350 million photos uploaded each day on facebook but the nones are not expect apple to apple because they count each recipient. the service turned down a $3 billion offer from facebook photos disappearing in seconds which is why it is so popular with teens. you have the privacy factor. >> you have seen chichi rodriguez do weird things before hitting a ball through a pane of glass.
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you can see the rules. for every reaction there is an equal and open reaction and this stunt may not be attempted >> it may not be the day to spend on the greens. >> i would rather be in the rough. >> making a transition. >> can you? i would like to hear that. >> talking about the greens. it is wet. you want to stay away from the golf course if you can today. here is a look at the 10 -- san ramon valley and tri-valley you are wet to dublin and 580 and off to livermore and pleasanton, all getting wet if that area. it will keep coming to the west. if you are headed through the altamont pass you are about to
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get wet. here is the san mateo bridge, it looks like we have a few sprinkles. we show you the visibility. we had fog hanging around and everything is looking okay. we will have flight arrival delay because of the clouds. on the hayward side of the san mateo bridge the temperature is 58 and that is indicative all of our temperatures. you can see a few sprinkles developing and a little bit of reflection of the headlights coming at us toward the east so that is going to get wet here in a second if not already starting to get wet. rainy is where our best chance of steady rain is going to be because our system becomes more scattered in nature as we head to the afternoon hours. dry air and sunshine runs tomorrow and extended through the seven-day forecast. temperatures, still, are going to be above average and dry during that time. temperatures today are low-to-mid 60's so pretty mild
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outside and you can see the best chance of the steady rain moving to the south as we head toward the mid-morning to early afternoon. tonight you can see a few scattered showers and temperatures will be cooler mid-to-upper 40's inland and low-to-mid 50's bay shore and to the coast. here is the area of low pressure hooking up with the cold front and that brought us the heavier steady rain overnight. as it passes by well have the cold front to thank for the scattered showers this afternoon and it is the last trigger for the wet weather. you can see the low pulling arm the better radar returns to the east and behind us the front is sliding through and scatters the showers all the way through the evening hours and possibly overnight but they will be very, very light and at 7:00 tomorrow morning, we starting to see the clearing. by noon, we are all break, out in sunshine and there will still be clouds and to the evening hours, everyone is starting to clear out so friday morning is
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going to be cool with a lot of dew on the ground. the seven-day forecast shows offshore wind developing and well flirt with 70's away from the coast and 60's near the coast for most of the week end. >> in the santa cruz mountains this accident has cleared. it was along northbound highway 17 when a car veered off the roadway and interest an embankment. we are looking at slowing in the southbound direction headed into scotts valley. people drive fast along highway 17 through the santa cruz mountains but today is not the day to do it. be came. in the east bay in brentwood, marsh creek road we have an accident at highway bypass and it could be blocking a labor at the moment with machinety -- with plenty of green. here is highway 4, 37 miles per
5:23 am
hour through antioch so slow as you make the push to by -- pittsburg direction and away from 880, at 101, it is looking clear on that drive. traffic is moving smoothly to the san jose airport. >> thank you very much. seven thicks to know as you start your day. >> the top political leader of haiti comes to the silicon valley and the pitch he is making to google, apple and facebook. >> meteorologist mike nicco is tracking where the wettest conditions are right
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with no hoops to jump through... a couple was inspired to use their bankamericard cash rewards credit card to throw the ultimate ugly sweater party of the season. that's the spirit of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. whether you are just joining us or headed out the door here are seven things to know. number one is weather. our radar shows the heavy rain moving away from us. on the left side, we have more wet wet on the way. we are not out of the woods yet. that is ahead? the seven-day forecast. >> two, the roads are saturated. the good news is, we are light in the accident department. this is the bay bridge toll plaza and it is looking quiet but it could be slippery. >> three, people across the bay
5:27 am
area are waking up without power. right new crews are working to restore electricity to 1,400 people in san jose. that down from almost 15,000 people last night. >> four, police are investigating whether rain led to an accident involving a man who was dragged after being hit by two cars if vallejo. witnesses say the second driver an 89-year-old man did not realize he was dragged the pedestrian until he was flagged down. >> we will have a report in a few minutes. >> demonstrators protesting a clear case of police brutality will gather in san francisco with more than 100 protesters circling the mission police station last night angry over an altercation in the neighborhood on friday that left four men injured and under arrest. >> voters in albuquerque reject add ban that would outlay abortion after 20 weeks except where it saves the mother's life. the supreme court decided to
5:28 am
allow texas to continue enforcing abortion restrictions that would lead to the closing of many clinics. >> we now have a price tag for turning san francisco into gotham city for a day costing city of san francisco $105,000. the money will come from convention fees, a price tag many say was well worth it. >> the morning news continues at 5:30 with the top stories including a new call for one of the part unions following the contract glitch and the demand they are making of the transit agency. the reason thousands of u.c. employees will walk off the job today.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning at 5:30 on wednesday. thanks for joining us. >> as you said, it is a wet wednesday. here is mike with pore on that. >> we have live doppler 7 hd on the east bay specifically into the east bay valley. you can see around dublin pulling away from danville, pleasanton to livermore and right into the altamont pass headed to tracy, we have light rain and sprinkles. the sprinkles have moved away from the san mateo bridge but they sliding to the southeast toward the dumbarton bridge. watch out. union city is also about to get wet weather. it is good to be alive in colma, getting the light rain possibly sprinkles. i love colma. i know a last people there. muir beach to the golden gate bridge is another area where we will get a little bit wet
5:32 am
weather. downtown is slick with custody difficult rain through the morning commute with showers this afternoon. leyla gulen has been following the traffic. >> i have. we have 45 bart trains on time with for delays as far as mass transit if you want to put the car keys down and hit mass transit, everything is this go shape. we have this closure, though, and you may have to be re-routed. this is going to be as the mass closures in the area. if you are headed to tahoe to enjoy the snow, we have chain control in effect along highway 50 between twin bridges and meyers. >> more than a thousand people
5:33 am
are waking up without power this morning in the south bay alone and they are just some of the many people in the bay area impacted by the storm in different ways. our reporter is in los gatos with what he is seeing right now. matt? >> the major impact from the storm isn't on the roadways this morning it is actually in your homes. pg&e is reported that more than 1,400 customers in san jose are without power right now a big decrease from the height of of the outages when 15,000 lost power because of storms. pg&e crews are still working to get power restored in downtown san jose. this tree came down on southbound highway 17 at 2:30 this morning north of the summit and it blocked the right lane, crews came out and were able to clone it up and on the lane by
5:34 am
3:45 and highway 17 traffic this morning is running smoothly although the c.h.p. is reporting no major accidents in the south bay the wet roads are always a concern and officers say they actually saw a spike in collisions when the storm started yesterday. >> you can track storms from the smart 15 with the bay area's most powerful weather radar on live doppler 7 hd by installing the abc7 news weather app downloaded for free to iphone or detroit device at stay with abc for continuing coverage to track weather whether you are any time with live doppler 7 hd on abc7 news and follow us on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions, rain, or shine. >> other news, developing news, from vallejo where police are investigating a grew some accident that killed a man.
5:35 am
vote of girths believe the rain may have played a role. amy hollyfield is in vallejo with that story. >> we are learning more of the victim. people who live in the area say he was fondly referred to as "cope." he was well-known. he was killed at 6:00 last night when he was hit by a car and dragged a mile by another car. the driver of the car was an elderly man who did not realize he hit someone. witnesses say the victim was a disabled man who was sweet to the kids in the neighborhood. >> a lot of kids would play ball and he would get together and if there were big and little kids he would form a team so we called him "coach." >> he was hit at broadway and dragged to stanford and mini
5:36 am
drive. police say the victim was not in a crosswalk when he was hit. they say it was a rainy, dark night. they calling this a terrible accident and nothing criminal was involved. they have not released his name. >> today a one day strike will be held cross u.k. campuses and medical centers by 22,000 service workers, and student tutors with pickets lines at uc berkeley and the medical center from 6:00 this morning until 7:00 this evening. the union accused the administration of unfair labor practices and dangerously low staffing levels. officials say they have hired replacement workers and elective surgery with treats postponed. nurses not taking part in the strike. >> one of the bart unions is calling on the transit agency to honor the labor contract it signs despite a last minute
5:37 am
dispute over the family medical leave. the transit union president says that the bart board needs to honor its word and approve the contract and will vote open it tomorrow, bart folks chairman they did not yes to a -- did not agree to giving six weeks of leave to care for sick family members. >> san francisco police now has found the witness, a have iting doctor from india, on reported a hospital staff that he saw a person sleeping inside a stairwell can deputies were notified but they never checked the area. four days later the body was found in the stairwell two weeks after being reported missing. the hospital tells abc7 news the doctor came forward after he saw a flyer and realized that he was the person investigators were looking for.
5:38 am
>> today, haiti's prime minister will be in the bay area on a tour through silicon valley's most influential technical campuses including google, facebook, and apple. the prime minister is hoping to convince corporate executives to share support and innovation with the poor of the company in the americas. fewer than 1 percent we still have rain. mike? >> we have the rain everywhere. the best radar returns are at livermore and near vallejo and headed up 80 with scattered sprinkles and drizzle for the rest us with wet roads from what happened last night and yesterday afternoon. the mild temperatures in the east bay valleys where it is raping in live more at veteran and dublin/pleasanton and
5:39 am
pleasanton with the light rain at 56 and mid-to-upper 50's everywhere and you can spread out the map and see we are in the mid-to-upper 50's everywhere out of that area. we will talk about wall happen, our best chance for steady rain is through the morning commute. the rain will move to more scattered showers headed to lunch and that will be the case going forward through 4:00 and 7:00 with the air mass unstable and could yield scattered showers. the morning commute unlike yesterday is going to be the tougher commute. the evening commute will be the easier commute so the reverse of yesterday. temperatures in the mid-50 to low 60's for the afternoon hours. leyla gulen? >> i have to say as quickly as the accidents pop up, they have been vanishing so c.h.p. is making quick work of clearing the accidents so we do not have a clogged commute. we have this report a stalled big rig westbound 580 in
5:40 am
richmond if you are traveling westbound along 580 you may see that and it is blocking one lane in the eastbound bound not too bad but 80 is building to the hoffman split. we have a report of pickup truck that hit the hillside eastbound highway 24 up to pleasant hill and i will have that in a quick moment. the traffic headed from address into dublin is busy by the minute and 680 southbound from dublin to mission manufactured is 16 minutes and 101 to cupertino is under ten americans and the san mateo bridge is 14 minutes to head from hayward to foster city and that is in the eastbound direction. >> the army wants a few good women apparentlies though, not good looking women. a p.r. campaign causing dissension in the ranks. >> is it cute and sexy or
5:41 am
vulgar? the controversy surrounding a new k-mart ad. >> first, another look at live doppler 7 hd tracking the storm you can see all the greens still hit the bay area. mike nicco is tracking where the rain is falling right new and what will happen to your neig
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covering los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area this is abc7 news. you good wednesday morning at 5:44. you can see from the embarcadero how wet streets are. we have rain across the bay area. turning to showers later today. mike nicco, the expert, will have more on the forecast. right now we have this news. happening now off the coast of florida the coast guard is sevenning for two people who were in an air ambulance that crashed in the atlantic. it went down shortly after take off from the fort lauderdale international airport. the coast guard has recovered two bodies two miles from the airport. two pilots and two passengers were on board. the jet last bound for the island of cozumel. >> cruise are trying to restore power in illinois, michigan, and
5:45 am
indiana. washington, illinois, was harvest hit with a thousand homes damaged or destroyed. that is twice as many as they feared initially. 13 illinois counties have been declared "disaster" areas. the cost of the weather could top $1 billion. >> a high ranking army officer in charge of recruitment is drawing fire for a controversial comment of a photo being a bad choice because the woman in it is too pretty. in a leaked internal army e-mail the colonel wrote and i quote, "in general, ugly women are perceived as competent and pretty women are perceived as using their good looks to get ahead." >> whoever said this statement, doesn't fully understand and appreciate the diversity women in the military. military women reflect the women in american society.
5:46 am
>> a congresswoman lashed out tweaking "the united states army doesn't get it if pretty girls should be used in familiar pamphlets." >> look at this controversial ad. k-mart commerce features men moving hips to the tune of "jingle bells," and was posted on youtube there is a compensateed for other ads. what do you think? post are could comments on our facebook page. do not be shy. we know you are thinking something. >> something... >> i am sorry, our same manager
5:47 am
is doing his interpretation of the dance, so, busted. >> all right, guys. we have been doing a rain dance. >> is that what they are doing? >> it worked. a look outside to show you what is going on. we are looking at livermore, you can see the vineyards, getting wet weather all the way across 84 pulling out of the sunol grade so 80 is wet and we have spotty and light rain on 680, 780, and 80 transitioning in that area and the blip of lie -- light rain holded for sausalito and the golden gate bridge that is about lost all of the starch and this is how it looks from the camera this morning, with dancing lights on the bay bridge and that shows how of more dry
5:48 am
it is now than earlier. we have rain for the only commute, that is the best chance of steady rain with scattered shows in the afternoon and dry air and sunshine will arrive tomorrow and it will be sunny and warm all the way through the extended period. low-to-mid 60's from 60 at half moon bay to 64 in palo alto and fremont and san jose and antioch and livermore and fairfield. tonight, the temperatures are cooler from mid-to-upper 40's inland to low-to-mid 50's a good 5- to 10-degrees cooler. we had low pressure hookup with the front writing us the steady heavy rain while we were sleeping and that moved on and we have the cold front to squeeze out any remaining moisture and it will do that the form of scattered showers and you can she by 7:00 our best chance of steady rain is sliding into the south bay where fill stay for the better part of the morning. you can see a few scatters
5:49 am
showers developing in the afternoon, evening, overnight, and possibly drizzle lingering south of san francisco and oakland tomorrow morning. clearing up north is starting to develop and by noon we will break free of the clouds. a couple of degrees warmer than today and we will flirt with the 70 away from the coast and friday through tuesday. have a good one. >> 46 bart trains running on ties with number three just left the station. i am tracking an accident, a major accident, and it is at mission boulevard. we will try to get more clarification. the drive times headed along the golden gate bridge is nine minutes. slow down to head out of sausalito to san francisco. across the bay bridge westbound is ten minutes gets you between the polls and the city. eastbound direction, though, we have a report of a stalled
5:50 am
vehicle blocking one lane. as we look at the san mateo bridge, 13 minutes to head when from hayward to foster city and behind me plenty of green and a few crashes pop up but mostly it is cleared. eastbound side of highway 24 we have a pickup truck that went and the hillside and the westbound side is building coming away from 680. this is the drive headed south along 680 away from highway 4 and more traffic out there taking you nine minutes to get to the 24 junction. >> samsung is ready to give you more power to thwart smartphone thieves with a big thing that is standing in the way. >> a new title for heart throb singer, one honor he never
5:51 am
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>> a wal-mart store is in a nationwide controversy after this photo was published asking for ad for donation. wal-mart says this is to help employees going through a tough time but credit i say this shows that wal-mart does not pay a living wage. >> grammy award winning can add another award to the resume
5:54 am
"sexiest man alive," according to "people" magazine. he has the looks and a sensitive side. here is a look at the "people" magazine coverage. we want that to be a bigger picture and he does look sensitive and he thought the editors were kidding when he said he won but, ladies, sorry to report he is still engaged to a victoria secret model. >> he needs to shake. >> if only he had charisma or something... >> so talented. >> i recommended five blade razor. >> nice gel. >> you need chains on route 50 with more snow from 10:00 this morning to 4:00 tomorrow morning with the area in purple showing a winter weather advisory and 5" to 10" above 7,000 feet with 509 area of low pressure bringing
5:55 am
more rain for us and, also, more snow in the sierra. temperatures today are 61 in sacramento and 65 headed to fresno and scattered shows around san diego and los angeles and 66. >> an accident in marin county northbound 101 with a reported car traveling in the fast lane and veered across all lanes to get off the freeway and knocked down a sign so you may see activity out there and southbound 101 coming away from 580, you are in good shape with more clarification, those on this accident at walnut creek. pleasant hill road on-ramp to westbound highway 4 is where we have a car that hit the hillside there and we had slowing making the commute in the westbound direction and that is dissipated and you have a clear driven toking in the westbound direction into the tunnel so not too bad. this takes you to san jose northbound 280 away from highway 17, highway 17 in the background a few extra cars making it in
5:56 am
the northbound direction, but, still, accident free in san jose the hope it stays that way. >> for many, thanksgiving is not same without a traditional turkey dinner and food evening behalves trying to make that happen for deserving families. second hardest food bank of santa clara and san mateo county is seeing an unresolution democratic number people seeking assistance with the food bank still need more than 5,500 turkeys. san francisco and marin food banks are also in need of turkey donations. if you would like to donate we have information at under "see it on tv." >> the san francisco district attorney says the idea to install kill switches to disable stolen smartphones has been rejected by the biggest cell phone carriers. at&t and verizon and t mobile and sprint say no to preloading
5:57 am
the anti-theft we software seeing this as a way to fight a nationwide surge in smartphone thefts. the wireless industry says they not the answer because they could allow a hacker to disable someone's phone. >> batkid that captured hearts across the bay area and far beyond, straight ahead how much did it cost to turn san francisco interest gotham city for the dayst. >> first, falling trees, and power outages and rain with complete team coverage ahead include the tree that people down. we tell you how long the wet weather will stay around. >> and michael finney and "consumer reports" check out the newest tablets and which should
5:58 am
prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out.
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> at 6:00, tracking the storm, live doppler 7 hd is tracking the remnants of the fall storm
6:00 am
that does not want to leave yet. meteorologist mike nicco will tell us what to expect as you head out the door. >> from overnight the power goes out to thousands of pg&e cuss tores across the south bay and the newest update from crews trying to get the lights back on. >> we know how much san francisco spent for the event that allowed a little boy to become the contained d mike? >> we have live doppler 7 hd on livermore where the rain is pulling to the southeast down across the vineyards and a few sprinkles possible downtown and a few sprinkles to light rain through the amount pass with rain around bay point and pittsburg headed out highway 4 and willow pass road and all getting wet.


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