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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 21, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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south of petaluma where c.h.p. deployed a spike strip to top the s.u.v. the man was arrested after a foot chase. a passenger was detained. >> vallejo police are investigating a string of eight armed robberies in four hours. investigator say they were all carried out by the same group of men between 5:30 and 9:15. detectives say the victims were held up in the parking lot of businesses some problems at homes. one delivery river was held up at costco on plaza drive. the last happened in the parking lot of a people boys. all victims gave similar descriptions two or three armed men with blood hooded sweatshirts. >> bart will vote on a disputed contract with the two biggest unions and a "no" vote could rei night the strike.
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>> the unions made a small step toward management saying they would agree to sit down and talk over the differences but, a huge but, only if the board agrees to ratify the contract today in the vote. the board has said it does not plan to do that or has indicated it will not be ratifying the contract. the board is calling the family leave section a "mistake" saying it is too expensive. riders say they are tired of all of this and some are managing to ignore all of the details. >> i don't really get into it because you never know why they are going back-and-forth. i don't depend on bart. i have a car. i have options.
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>> the unions or management will not say what will happen if the contract is not ratified. there is fear there could be a strike. commuters in pittsburg say it is a long way to go to san francisco from here in the cars and they are asking both sides to think of them, the commuters, who need the trains. >> this morning, three san jose state university students facing hate crime charges accused of tormenting a roommate because of the color of his skin. santa clara county district attorney says flee white students targeted the freshman because he is black and put a u shaped bicycle lock around his neck and locking it calling him racial slurring and trying to look him in a closet. they hung a confederate flag and placed nazi symbols around the dorm at san jose state. matt keller will have more in the next half hour.
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>> the apaches of vallejo high school fade interest history at the end of school year. a vote bit school board put an end to the apache mascot to be retired in june. the mascot has been a source of ten from those would believe it honors the apache and those who feel it is offensive. the districts is outlined a plan to pick a new mascot with a school designed developing ideas voted on staff and students and revealed in january. >> neither north korea or united states officials are speaking about an 85-year-old palo alto veteran detained in the communist country. the state department is issuing a strongest warning in 18 years against americans traveling to north korea. now we have the latest. >> few residents in palo alto retirement community are talking about their neighbor, north korean authorities pulled the 85-year-old korean war veteran off his plane on october 26.
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his son told cnn his father spoke to him and said north korean officials asked him about his military service during the korean war. >> the korean war was discussed and my dad's role in the service. the meeting concluded. i understand my dad was bothered but, really, didn't go interest detail with the traveling come pan beyond. >> the friend, who also lives here, would not go on camera traveling with him and said that it has to be a terrible misunderstanding. >> a north korean expert at stanford asia pacific research center says this is in misunderstanding. >> north koreans are very good at escalating tensions and using crisis as a neitherring tool. will it attract ongoing attention? absolutely. for the american government which is having the obligation
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of protecting american citizens, this is serious. >> he is the second american detained under kim jong-un, a missionary, also, was grabbed last year but received less publicity. >> new this morning, president obama added a visit to chinatown to the itinerary for the trip to san francisco on monday. the white house says president obama will visit the recreation center for public event to talk about immigration reform. this is the president's ninth trip to the bay area in 2 1/2 years and will attend a democratic national committee lunch at the san franciscoy center on monday. sales for the fundraiser have been reportedly been slow and organizers have cut the rice in half for the cheapest seats down to $500. >> a board will meet to allow people to keep insurance that
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does not fit the rules of the affordable care act. the sources tell the san jose mercury news individual whose do not have complying congress have to sign up for a new land by -- plan by march 31. >> this morning, caltrain service will be back to normal after being disrupted for four hours because of downed power lines. in san mateo an explosion before 5:30 spewed sparks near hayward. a transmission line forced caltrain to curtail service if both directions so commuters had to be shuted between hayward and hillsdale and many were delayed two or three hours. pg&e suspect the rain was the cause of the downed power lynn. >> we get a lot dust
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accumulation. weapon the rain hits, the electricity beginning through the mud and the dust on the insulation and it catches the wood on fire. >> it was huge. loud pop. a couple of guys yelling to get away because the cables are shaking. >> 2,000 customers last power in san mateo and service was expected to be restored to the final 186 customer this morning. you can install free weather app on your smartphone for up-to-the-minute weather conditions with an easy download at >> now the forecast. we are still getting rain in some spots? >> scattered light showers could be lingering over night. san lenadro headed all the way into alameda is sliding to the south.
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watch out. this is possibly headed todown city and castro valley. it is cooler this morning by four to seven degrees. check out our temperatures: we are running 48 in novato and the rest of us in the low-to-mid 50's. still damp. still fairly mild. we will stay dap -- damp through 7:00. notice how we are sunny at noon and temperatures in the upper 50's to neither 60. by 4:00 we have lower humidity and total sunshine. watch out in the evening, it will become breezy and windy with temperatures in the low-to-mid 50's. >> good morning, everyone. we have construction being picked up as we speak. in the next 10 or 15 minutes we are going to see all lanes re-opened but if friend this is where we have one lane taken
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away southbound 101 at silver avenue but so far, so good, with clear conditions in and out of san francisco, the 280 extension away from daly city beyond 101 you are in the clear and at top speeds. in berkeley, we have a report of a car that was stuck on the tracks right between third and fourth street. a tow truck is on the scene and they will pull it out of the way. this is a clear picture away from hayward into foster city and green and clear is how we hike to start our day. eric and kristen if. >> it is 4:39 construction of san francisco's new industrial subway goes 24/7 with a major milestone the project is reaching. >> we have all gotten lost but not like this, the cargo plane creating a giant problem at a small airport. >> the big change coming today intended to ease travel no a
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covering novato, outbound, sunnyvale and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning at 4:42. quite a predicament in kansas. a 747 wide body cargo jet is at the airport in wichita after mistakenly landing there. the boeing jet was supposed to land at an air force base but for some reason the pilot ended up at a smaller airport eight miles away. there is concern the plane could be stuck because the runway is too short to take off and too small to turn around. lucky it landed safely. >> nasa juries from jetblue flight forced to make an emergency landing reached the destination. this is video of the plane on the tarmac in orlando, florida, where it was diverted. it landed after an emergency
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chute inflated. it happened minutes after taking off from ft. myers on the way to boston. 78 people were evacuated safely out the rear when the plane landed. the airbus was taken out of service. >> new details in the sight at lax that left a t.s.a. agent dead and others wounded this month. the coroner says t.s.a. officer hernandez died within two to five minutes of being shot after last week's report from the associated press it took 33 minutes for hernandez to be put in an plan because the area was not declared safer to enter. two law enforcement officials said officers took accused gunman paul ciancia in custody in five minutes. >> san francisco central subway project will pass an important milestone as the tunnel-boring machine passes under union square. our transportation reporter has details on that.
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heather? >> on the surface of four the south of market you would not know a tunnel-boring machine is building a tunnel 85' below. this is the video. as the machine makes progress it will pass beneath young square 95' below the surface. >> we are about to enter the bart undercrossing. >> it is moving north and crossing under market and existing transit tunnels. >> there are four existing tubes: bart, the two tubes on muni and it is a crossing of the tubes. >> it passed under union square early this year and will end at powell and columbus where the machines will resurface in june. stockton between market and geary is closed to vehicle traffic to accommodate the work but it will re-open friday for
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the holiday shopping season closing again john 2nd. that is a true holiday gift. >> we are heavy and we are blessed to have this re-opened. >> do not hold your weather for the subway opening because that is not until january of 2019. >> more travelers at san jose airport can get through security quickly through a special government program. later this morning, the transportation security administration is unveiling new precheck lanes in terminal b which serves southwest airlines accounting for half the travelers and has been open in terminal a since last month allowing reapproved travelers to leave on shoes, jack coats and belt and keep laptop in the case and liquids in carry ons. >> want do fly first-class in make an offer. american airlines is experimenting with a bid process for first-class seats so passengers can submit a bid on
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the web site up to six days before the flight. american will then decide whether to accept the bid. the airlines says winning bidders get priority check in, boarding and baggage and food and's rages that are complementary. >> hotwire if you are used to >> nice. >> now a look at what is going on with how much rain we received from the system that rolled through in los altos. can you mansion him doing the weather? three quarters in san jose and an inch at sfo and everyone else up to fairly at two-thirds, more than an inch of rain in san francisco and san rafael and concord 1.5" and mount st. helena 1.75" but we captured
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a rainbow from campbell yesterday. just beautiful as the rain was pushing off. the winds are not a big story but are light and variable. they will be a big story at 6:00 this evening. all the areas you see shaded in yellow, the coast, the diabolo rain, east bay hills, sacramento valley, lake and men dough -- mendocino valley, we could have winds up to 70 miles per hour through 10:00 tomorrow evening and we will have downed branches and the possibility with badges coming down of local power identity ages starting at 6:00 this evening. we will see increasing sunshine today and temperatures in the low-to-mid 60's again. tonight, temperatures winds will keep us up in the low-to-upper
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40's and possibly 30's but well hang out in the low-to-mid 40's and maybe 49 in san francisco. low pressure is departing and that is why it is breezy. the dry air will be bone dry again and that will bring us warmer weather. friday is the warmest difficult as the winds blow offshore. we will be in the low-to-mid 60's at the coast and mid-60's to near 70 for the prosecute of us and temperatures on saturday, sunday and monday are close to average and near 60 at the coast and mid-60's if the rest of us and we have another chance of rain possibly next wednesday. not a great chance but that is a busy travel day, the day before thanksgiving, a week away. >> we do have a traffic advisory in effect until further notice possibly being lifted today but because we still have wet conditions in the east bay, especially through livermore, that is where we will see the road closed down.
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tesla road is shut down because of rockslides and rain could affect the commute. it could cause more rock slides so barriers are in place. 101 from san francisco to the airport is ten minutes and from 238 to the maze along the nimitz is 14 minutes and 101 northbound from 85 to san jose airport is 12 minutes and outside we look at walnut creek, 680 is a breeze away from highway four to the 24 junction and the roads are wet. be careful. slow down your speeds. >> happening today, a griefance hearing is scheduled for suspended miami dolphins incognito who is trying to get some of the wages or lost wages and return to the dolphins or be released after he was accused by
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martin of bullying and harassment. the nfl is investigating and the players association is planning a probe. >> thousands of troops could stay in afghanistan after the mission ends next year. the united states and afghanistan agreed on language of a bilateral security pact with american troops training and assisting afghan forces after international troops leave. the pact will need approval from the afghanistan parliament. >> in geneva a new round of talks on iran's nuclear program has resumed with six world powers indicating the possibility of a first step agreement that would rollback iran's nuclear program in exchange for limited relief on international sanctions against the country. iran's supreme leader, ayatollah, insists there are limits to the concession. >> giants pitch in to raise money for victims of typhoon haiyan. it could be a win four you.
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>> an app that could change how you shop for bargains. >>
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good morning, everyone, a look at san francisco and there is still light rain out there in spots. mike will tell us where that is. >> this morning, macy's in san francisco is testing a new app that alerts shoppers of specific store discount on the iphone. this is an ad for the app. macy's at union square is testing the technology. here is how it works: they have a transmit are that sends discount alerts when a shopper walks by an item for sale. if the trial works, macy's could offer that app to the public. >> san francisco giants are stepping up to the plate to help victims of typhoon haiyan in the philippines. if you go to the dug
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intermediate store you can see there are relief efforts again on if you give $30 you get this limited edition t-shirt and the team will donate proceeds for next season's two filipino relief efforts on sale friday november 29. i will guess this could be more bobble heads. >> we will check with mike and the forecast. >> live doppler 7 hd shows the light rain still moving through with one more little been of energy rolling across the neighborhood. right now the east bay is getting the bulk of it and the north bay is getting a little bit. if you are traveling in the sierra, the snow showers are ending as we speak. the winds are the big story and you can see the front range of the sierra going to be windy
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with gusts up to 55 miles per hour from 7:00 this evening until 4:00 saturday morning. the big picture? we have rain to the south. los angeles and san diego have scattered showers and through the grapevine. mid-60's in los angeles and san diego and low-to-mid 60's through the central valley and 36 in tahoe today. >> we are accident free. 32 bart trains are on time. in san jose, nothing but top speeds as you maybe it northbound and southbound along 280 in and out of cupertino along 85 away from 101 up to cupertino looking clear and continuing up to 101, that is a great drive and 101 is not giving us any problem between 280/680 split and the nimitz is clear. 680 from highway four to walnut creek through pleasant hill is eight minutes and 24 if you need to continue through oakland that is ten minutes and 580 westbound
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from tracy to dublin has more traffic building but you are still 30 minutes. a psychic and spiritual medium has died at 77. show passed away yesterday at good samaritan hospital in san jose but does nut give a cause. she was a leader in paranormal world for decades appearing on television and radio. she was aware of her psychic abilities when she was only three. >> a harvard study finds people would eat nuts regularly are less likely to die of cancer or heart disease. nuts have been considered heart healthy and this is the largest ever done on mortality. 119,000 men and women were tracked and those who ate nuts each day had 20 percent less chance of death from all types
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of nuts. as a bonus, they stayed slimmer. researchers do not know why this is true. >> sean penn is getting unwanted attention in video provided by a conference he attended on tuesday. he relaxed with friends at the hotel and a fan snapped a picture with a phone and want closely, shear what -- here is t happened next. >> get out of here. [ blank ] leave. >> not sure that is good p.r. grabbing the phone and slamming it to the ground using language he usually reserved for the press. this video was obtained by tmz. >> a bay area man pulled from a plane and is detained in north korea. next, how his adventure bill a nightmare. >> harmless pranks or hate crimes? the actions that is three san
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jose students facing serious charges this morning. >> from crash strapped to money to spare the big turn around in
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is thursday. thanks for joining us at 5:00. not everywhere has rain. >> it is scattered. mother nature will not let it go as far as wet weather. you can see the broadest radar returns are headed through the east bay from danville and san ramon to livermore. looks like you


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