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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  November 21, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> emergency teams are called to see if anyone is trapped in a car that plunged into a canal in richmond. >> that car was first spotted in the canal this only by a boater. our reporter is near the scene with more on the operation underway. laura? >> the dive team just arrived. behind me down the road a couple of blocks is where the dock is. i am told this team will first put a camera down to see what they can see in the water.
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these are pictures from above from sky 7. it is fought cheer how long this car has been in the water. it was spotted just after 8:15 bobbing in the canal. spirit a gold sedan registered to a man who lives mere and who owns a boat here at the sugar dock. it was not reported stolen. so far, he is not accounted for. the car could have gone in last night or this morning. >> it is not known if it is occupied. the fire department has been coordinating with us getting a rescue put together. we waiting for a dive team from another agency to come out and see if the vehicle is occupied. when that is assessed we will have the vehicle pulled from the water. >> again, as we speak, the team just arrived a few minutes ago and they are ready to go into
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the water. no one actually saw the cargo in according to police. it is not cheer how long it has been submessaged or who might be inside. we are told the operation could go on for some time first with the camera dropped into the water at 20' deep and the divers themselves will go in to see what they can see. we will be here with a full report. >> three white san jose state university students are facing hate crime and battery charges after being accused taunting and tormenting their black roommate. matt keller joins us with more from san jose. matt? >> black thursday rally is held on campus in an hour. they want to show support for the klugman the prosecution says was racially taunted and attacked by the three roommates. >> this campus village at san jose state is filled with diverse drum of freshman students including several
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athletes. the prosecution says what took place in a dom suites -- dorm suites is shocking. >> i am shocked someone would do that. >> it surprises me. i am not naive to 13 it cannot happen, either. bullying and racial taunting is part of the american culture. you cannot escape. >> three, 18-year-old freshmen face battery and hate charges. they lived with the then 17-year-old black student from august to october 13th taunting him with racial names and putting up a confederate flag. they allegedly put a bicycle lock on his neck and refused to give him the key before finally letting him out of a closet. when the d.a. tried to do it again he fought back and ended up with a bruce lip leading to the battery charge. >> i credit the school for
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stepping up against bullying and discrimination. the police were notified bit victim's parents when they discovered the racist it will in the dom in mid-october. san jose state officials say the situation is fluid and they are discussing what steps to take next. the black student union is holding a rally for what they are calling black thursday a time on campus to show support for the student and let him enjoy he is not alone. >> our outreach needs to be stronger to african-american students should be stronger. he should have then he had somewhere to go. >> the three defendants have yet to be arraigned. if convicted, they could face up to a year in county jail. >> happening now in oakland, bart directors are meeting to vote on a new labor contract we that necessity is said they will reject because of a surprise clause that will cost the agency millions. commuters are tense over the vote and the possibility of another strike. our reporter is at bart
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headquarters in oakland. >> the bart board got quite a scolding during the public comment southeast and the directors are meeting in a private closed door meeting, talking about what to do. here is video taken moments ago of the meeting. the board has indicated it will not ratify the union contract saying the item about paid family leave was not supposed to be in there and they cannot afford to give that to employees. this is what they hear. >> another strike is not the biggest threat you face. the biggest thrift you face is insolvency and having to go before a bankruptcy court and ask them to delay the labor contract. that is the direction you ahead in if you approve directions. >> you are like the three stooges. this is in print. no one read it where is your
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responsibility? you are the stewards of the public treasure. >> union leaders say rejecting the contract would be taking a step back and they are ready to move forward. bart causes this a disappointing mistake and a hard fought negotiation. no one is saying if there will be a strike. that is part of what the board will work on figuring out today. the board will vote. if the board rejects this contract, the board members will discussion what to do next. this is a big story that impacts the empire bay area and still developing. >> the wet weather is again for now. we saw the last of the rain for a little while with the showers in san jose this morning. now, strong winds are taking their place. we will check with abc7 news meteorologist, mike nicco, on our studio with more.
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>> different than 24 hours ago. we are seeing the clearing taking place and winds behind me over oakland with the wind chasing the wet weather away. there is no radar return and no santa rosa at 18 and fairly at 26 is where the wind is coming from, straight from the north. there you go. a lot of sunshine. we will start in the lower elevations with small craft advisory from 4:00 this afternoon to 4:00 tomorrow afternoon and north wind at up to 50 miles per hour. in the ocean it will be tough to get crashes with small craft advisory. at 7:00 this evening through 1:00 o'clock tomorrow morning, the big one, the one that will take over all of our neighbors above 900', northeast gusts from 55 to 70 miles per hour everywhere but the santa cruz mountains. the weekend forecast is coming
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up and full of sunshine. >> mike, thank you. vallejo police are warning the public of a screen of seven parking lot robberies in four hours. investigators say it appears they were carried out bit same two men between 5:30 and 9:15. the victims were hold up in the parking lot of a costco on plaza drive in a people boys and several other victims were robbed at home of the victims gave similar descriptions of the suspects described as two men wearing ski masks or ban bandans armed with a gun. police do not think an eighth robbery was recollected. >> the son of an 85-year-old palo alto man is in the dark about his father being in north korea taken off a flight three weeks ago and no one has seen him since. katie has the latest. >> the detainee is mr. new
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sure he gets his heart medication. they have no idea how he is doing. he was on a trip of a lifetime. >> he is a curious cat and has had a tremendously respectful interest in the korean culture and the korean people. >> like a world war ii vet would wants to go back to normandy he wanted to revisit where he served in the korean war. jeffrey newman talked to his dad the day before he was detained and everything was great but for a blip, he met with north korean officials and they questioned him about his service during the war. curious, but not overly worrisome. the next day, october 26, officials pulled him off the plane. newman was traveling with bob, a friend, who lives at the same retirement home in palo alto. his friend was able to take the plight and notified authorities when he landed in beijing. >> that started the diplomatic
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wheels turning but we have heard nothing. >> family and friends hope it is a big merchandise -- a big misunderstanding. >> the north koreans are good at escalating tensions and using a crisis as a negotiating tool. will it attract ongoing attention? absolutely. >> newman is the second men detained under leader kim jong-un, a missionary being held for over a year. the state department representative says that the united states is working through the swedish embassy to get both men released. >> to week the state department issued a blanket warning against all american travel to north korea the first warning since north korea began allowing american tourists in 1995. >> new this morning, san francisco mayor lear is denying the rumor he is in the running to become the next united states ambassador to china. the current ambassador announce ed his resignation and lee currently is in china and
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the spokesman said he has not been approached and he has he of althoughs his job which takes 100 percent of his time. >> still to come, san francisco eyes a plan used overseas to stop bicycle thieves. >> major production for a plane that landed at the wrong airport to take off again. >> bringing sight saving surge troy a san jose man but, first, outside to a picture of the city if all its glory from our sutro
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>> a giant cargo plane that landed in the wrong airport is ready to take off. right now it is sitting at a small wichita airport where it landed by mistake, this is a huge boeing 747 and the jet was supposed to touch down at a new air force base but missed its mark. the runway where it landed is too short and it had to be towed to face the right direction before it can attempt to take the take off. >> connecticut judge order add new prison for a 1975 murder of a dean from the bay area. this morning the judge set bail at $1.2 million for michael skakel and it was posted, the nephew of robert kennedy's widow. he will have to live in
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connecticut and where a tracking device the he was convicted in 2002 of killing a 16-year-old neighborhood, martha moxley who spent her childhood in the bay area before her family moved back east. >> san francisco may soon try a new strategy to prevent bicycle theft in the city. the "san francisco examiner" says transportation officials are considering a plan to install the we corrective bike lockers that are placed in street parking spaces the supervisors announced a goal reducing bicycle thefts by 50 percent the next several years. >> mike nicco is just ahead with the forecast. >> we put the umbrella away from the roof. you only need it for the sunshine. the wins are up and the sun is out, and we deal with warmer temperatures with the forecast coming up. >> how a dog got signed up for the government health care plan, when many americans are still having problem getting
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covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a man in colorado says he could not get help on the obamacare website but it was a breeze for his dog. this is he and his 14-year-old who says his insurance policy was canceled because of the new observe rules and he went to the colorado health exchange to find a new plan. he set up the plan over the phone and somehow his dog's name was entered rather than his own. he says he used the doc's name for a security question which may have been what led to the confusion.
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>> it was some kind of code or something so i gave them my dog's name and they must have put in the wrong slot. >> he called back and had the situation fixed. >> all right...we have an update on a san jose man about to get surgery to save his sight thanks to the power of social media. he met with his fiance and two of the five children. today, william is getting an $18,000 surgery to correct the vision. his future mother-in-law messaged me he needed the surgery and the fundraising was not going out so i sent out a tweet and a few days later i learned an anonymous donor step up to pay for the entire surgery and the doctor surprised william with the good news by skype and the surgery is happening in los angeles office today, at this
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very hour i skyed with the doctor this morning. >> had the opportunity and the pleasure to meet with him yesterday and he is a great candidate for the procedures. it is really going to be life changing for him and his family the. >> we have a crew in the operating room if los angeles and we will bring you all details we later today at five o'clock. >> wow! >> pretty cool. >> you harnessed the energy of social media, traditional media and shear power. >> someone was generous. >> now a check on the ever changing weather. mike you almost lost your voice but hang in. >> it is rough this only but we will get through this as we got through the heavy rain that fell yesterday. it was more than i expected we. hope it didn't cause you issues. it again. you can see, i just love the
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clean air coming from canada and you can see 20 or 30 miles from the rooftop. it is a picture perfect day. broadening out the picture, you can see the turning of the clouds, the area of low pressure singing to our south and we have showers around los angeles and san diego and up into the high desert and headed to las vegas. it will be windy here and windy on the slopes of the sierra with gusts up to 80 miles per hour and northeast winds at 30 to 50 miles per hour. so no matter where you travel, east to west, you will get the perpendicular wind that will blow you off course. the fastest wind is in the sierra, at 7:00 p.m. physical 4:00 a.m. we also have wins at lake level until 4:00 tomorrow
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morning. south lake tahoe will get a breeze coming off the war the santa rosa is 61, a few area that is warmer now than this time year. most of issue in the mid-to-upper 50's but you may want to dress a little bit warmer than that because the wind makes it feel cooler. this is what i can see from the roof and from sutro, as far as the forecast highlights, sunny for the day with wind tonight and the breezes will pick up and sunny and mild this weekend. today, we will may it into the low-to-mid 60's. the high will happen in the next hour and a half to two hours. tonight, because of the winds, we will stay up, and when i say "up" upper 30's or lower 40's.
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you see the lines to the north? that is a line of constant pressure. as we head to tonight, all the way through tomorrow, again, the fastest winds at 900' with saturated soil, the trees will come down, the power lines will come down, that is a possibility. tomorrow we make a run nearly to 70 with the winds calming down and temperatures back in the low-to-mid 60's and a slight chance of next weather next wednesday. i hope that does not happen because it is a busy travel holiday, can you believe it, a week away in thanksgiving. grab the sunglasses and put away the umbrella and be careful if you are driving a high capacity vehicle. >> next, microsoft has a good
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[dramatic music] ♪ >> hey! hey! [cheers and applause] what's up, man? >> how you doing, man? >> i'm good, man. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. >> yeah. yeah. hello, and welcome to millionaire. well, as you can see, the star of abc's nashville is here with me, and he's about to go for $500,000. y'all, give it up for chip esten. what's up, man? you know what? he brought me his guitar the other day. he had, you know, "thanks for a million." >> yeah. >> and now here you are literally 2 questions away from getting $1 million, possibly, man. how you feeling? >> i'm feeling real good. that's hard to believe. but i thank you guys. >> i know, man. this is great.


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