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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 22, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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trees and power lines around berkeley which is just one place. a tree branch landed on a car that was stopped at a traffic light. the two women inside were not hurt thankfully and a fallen tree branch took power lines down putting the neighborhood in total darkness. police blocked the street to keep people away from the live power lines that were damage goaling on the ground. >> we saw a lot of spark in the rear view mirrors and heard intense buzzing sounds and the lights flickered and went out come completely. >> due to the wind destruction there were two deaths in oakland blamed on the winds. the power lines, also, was down in berkeley with crews working into the night to clean up the branches and get everything restored. happening now, 33,000 customers in the bay area are without
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power after the power lines came down because of the winds pg&e says the biggest us which december is the east bay where 25,000 customers are still in the $. 8,500 is the told in the north bay and 100 homes and businesses are in the dark on the peninsula. pg&e says crews are working to restore power but there is in word when the lights are back on for everyone. and more evidence of powerful the winds have been with figures totaling 33,000 people in the bay area. more evidence of how powerful they have been, the gas station sign in condition core at -- in concord on clayton road. no one was hurt there. not far away winds blue -- blew the phone lines into each other swaying above the eastbound lane of the freeway and they were quickly cleared away. >> the winds brought down the tree in oakland, a photo sent to us at piedmont avenue a viewer
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tweeting that several blocks were without power. san us your pictures at you can keep tabs on the rain with the weather app which is free. >> breaking news from napa where dozens are being chased from their homes by an out of criminal grass fire with an evacuation center sent up and hundreds of firefighters or on the scene. katie marzullo is in the newsroom. >> i just talked to the command center and firefighters have their hands full, it is not just grass. you have grass, brush, and oakland trees, a real rural area plus they tell me lots of canyons making for teach access in many areas. right now, the fire has burned 350 acres with firefighters have it only 25 percent contained with no estimate if full containment and petroleum have been forced their rural homes and authorities have evacuated four areas, including chimney
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rock and ridge drive and shady oak which is 50 homes and 30 to 40 people evacuated. deputies had to go through the flames and help an elderly man get out of his house but he is okay and everyone is okay and everyone would wanted to leave is out of harm's way. also, the red cross center i got this information, they set up a shelter at napa high school, five people went there initially but have since found other accommodations so the red cross center has now closed and, also, soda canyon road is closed and the firefight continues right now. >> in martinez there is a four acre fire under control in a remote area after 9:00 last night. officials say the flames spread in steep terrain with the cause under investigation. >> a lawmaker will announce new
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legislation to regulate toy guns after the death of a santa rosa teen, the 13-year-old was shot and skilled by a sonoma county sheriff who mistook the gun he was carrying for a real ak-47. this morning at 10:00, d state senator will join others to announce legislation aimed at preventing tragic accidents when toy guns too closely resemble real firearms. >> school district officials are planning a meeting to address last week's fight at hercules high school between a transgender student who identified as a girl and three other girls the ton accuses of bullying providing this cell phone individual embryo of the november 13 fight that started when the trans gender team responded to repeated taunting by slapping another student. the unified school district board maps to hold the special meeting in richmond on december 2nd to talk about the fight and the larger issue of gulf living. >> flags are lowered to mark the
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50th and was of president john f. kennedy's assassination thousands mark the day with a solemn ceremony in dallas where kennedy was shot while riding in his motorcade. the public assassination left a lasting imprint for people who remember hearing the stunning news. today, a moment silence will be observed as dealey plaza in dallas at 10:30. we will have a special report starting at 10:john f. kennedy university will observe a moment silence at 10:30 the only university in the nation named a after john f. kennedy. >> the presidio trust board is giving three groups until january 3rd to make rescissions for the proposal for a cultural center across from crissy field one proposal from george lucas. this is a rendering of the museum. the chair washington post expresses reservations about the
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plan by lucas meaning the decision will not be made soon. lucas wants to build a museum to build the collection of illustrations and art. >> major delays if folks hoping to take bart. the trains are not running yet because of a technical problem. >> exactly, because of commuter issues, not wind-related issues. bart will not be taking off until 5:00 this morning which is the current estimate. we will let you know if that changes. you may want to is another plan in place to get yourself to work this morning if you are not taking a long week end. right now, we did have clear conditions if you do decide to hit the roads, we plenty of high wind advisories. if you are taking the richmond-san rafael bridge want out for that if you are driving a high-profile vehicle proceed with caution. observe westbound -- westbound
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580, be careful. bart is now out of service and you can take caltrain, instead, starting at 4:30 and a.c. transit does not start rolling until 5:00 this morning, as well. you want to plan ahead and hopefully they will get things cleared up. >> any, weather situations? we have clear conditions from live doppler 7 hd and you do not see any runs so clear conditions. we do have gusty winds. we are going to have a high wind advisory in effect until 10:00 tonight. from mount tamalpais camera to san francisco, it is leaving us with very clear and beautiful skies. you will see plenty of sunshine later today. the current temperatures are going to be on the chilly side at 56 degrees in san francisco and oakland and mountain view is in the upper 40's and mid-40's
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to los gatos and half moon bay at 55 degrees. when the winds subside that will bring our temperatures down. here is a look at the temperatures, you will see the temperatures dipping ever-so-slightly and it stays clear into the beginning of next week. we do have rain on the way and that could damp were -- dampen our thanksgiving plans. >> the cover california website is getting an update and what it will mean to you. >> major upgrade at oakland international airport get as big bash today and the difference travelers will see. >> your friends will be talking about it, the batkid gives back with big plans and all of his
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covering santa rosa, berkeley, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, this is the ferry building and the bay bridge with wind advisories for the bay area. be careful. there is a continuing problem with bart. the trains that should be running will not start running for another 20 minutes. that is an estimate. there are computer issues. we will have more of that ahead. >> the winds are very gusty even in the bay and valleys with quite a bit of damage, and even deaths. matt keller is in the east bay to show us what happened. >> we are in downtown berkeley on telegraph. what a mess. debris is spewed everywhere. you can see this is a sign that blew from this corner here about
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75 yards away from me. i have a book that was blown down the street. you can see a lot of debris in the area. the winds are very strong at this hour. as the photographer turns around you can see what the winds are doing. this tree was blown out from the roots. it is laying in street on telephone. as we were driving in we had to avoid garbage cans, tree branches, trees, all along the street on telegraph near the berkeley campus and the power is out in the east bay for a lot of people, 25,000 customers. berkeley has 1,600 customers. oakland has the most outages in the east bay with 17,600 customers without power this morning. of course the winds turned out to be deadly yesterday and we had we deaths from the wind in
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oakland yesterday when two people died. as people are driving it is dangerous. you can see all the debris is in the streets and you never know what be blown down or blown over. as you drive in berkeley it is obvious you have to be careful. the power outages can go up with tree branches coming down on the wires potentially so we will keep if contact with pg&e to keep you apprised of developments a cover california, the state health insurance website is preparing for the first upgrade with the enroll 349 portal taken off line while improvements are installed but you can shop and compare costs. the upgrade brings self service enrollment for small business owners and further streamline service for individuals. >> a week ago today san
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francisco came through in a big way if a boy would wanted to be batman for a day. miles scott is in remission from leukemia and as he transitioned to regular life he is taking thed if will he receives and paying the failure. >> batkid saves gotham from the villains and captured the hearts of petroleum across the globe. miles is back to being a five-year-old in his hometown of california. make-a-wish foundation is thanking all would helped make miless' wish come true including the viewers. >> for the first time in my memory social media became social good. >> 16,000 rsvp to be at the city hall ceremony. san francisco spent $105,000 to make miles' wish come true and
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when make-a-wish foundation realized how big it was the donors were concerned for the city and stepped in to help the. >> they offset some of the spends upfront and i didn't have to ask. >> on average, a wish comes $7,500 and they hope to grant 357 wishes this year. miles wish was not a fundraiser but make-a-wish foundation received $10,000 from t-shirt seals to fund more wishes. ask miles committee hall -- miles will toll you, he has inspired the school to hold a fundraiser for make-a-wish foundation all the kids dressing as have heroes and the family has a fund to help other families. >> they are setting up a batkid fund to help the three charities most helpful for miles during his recovery and now he is in rescission they want to give back. >> the fund is part of the 49ers foundation and you can learn more by going to
4:46 am >> on monday the batkid and his family are on "good morning america" no an interview which you can watch right here on monday at 7:00 a.m. >> superpowers will not help you now trying on get on bart. >> good morning, everyone, unfortunately bart is experiencing commuters and left commuters stranded last night. bart will not run until 5:00 this morning. that does mean you need to have plan "b" in affect. we will health you me if bart runs earlier but plan on it not rolling until 5:00. you can take a.c. transit or caltrain at 5:00 so you may need to jump in a car. in vallejo, if you plan on hitting the roads we is downed trees eastbound 80 at 780 with a
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lot of reports of this because of the highway wind we have plenty of debris brushed over on to the roads so be careful when you head out. over the altamont pass, anyone driving anything that is high sided from tracy to livermore and pleasanton, we will watch out for that and we have top speeds, clear conditions, but i will let you know if the winds will cause accidents. here is a picture of the drive at the bay bridge toll plaza, another high wind advisory from emeryville into san francisco it is looking quiet but we do have a few cars building in the cash-paying lanes. now, speaking of winds, we had much needed rainfall the last couple of days and we have the wind to blow all of the dirty air out and that is causing enough problems because we did have power lines knocked down and pg&e had their hands full and you probably heard it while you were sleeping gusty
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conditions, but right now at live doppler 7 hd it is looking clear and we do not see returns and no moisture in our forecast whatever. a look from the east bay hills camera we have high gusts and we saw gusts up to 50 miles per hour in the east bay and the north bay and looking to the bay bridge you can see how it is bouncing up-and-down ever so violently and we have potential gusts up to 33 miles per hour, and 26 miles per hour in hayward and six in mountain view and half moon bay at 32-miles-per-hour gusts. the highs today will include sun so we have scant clouds bringing us beautiful sunshine today and 67 degrees in san jose, and 67 in sunnyvale. along the peninsula, 66 in redwood city and 62 along the coast in pacifica and 65 in downtown san francisco. in the north bay we will warm up to 70 in santa rosa and 68 in
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calistoga, oakland is 67 degrees and 68 in castro valley and in the upper 60's looking to livermore and brentwood. as we talk about our lows, with the wind calming down the advisory is in effect until 10:00 p.m. tonight and when it subsides we will experience cooler temperatures in the lower 40's and mid-to-upper 30's in many places and my seven-day forecast is sunshine on the way for the weekend but next week we could experience rain that will put a damper on thanksgiving. >> there is a stolen laptop that contains personal health information on 8,000 patients that was taken in late september with social security numbers, birthdates and other health information. >> this morning, officials will
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dedicate the new airport control tower at oakland international airport. the 236' tall tower replaces two towers that served the airport if four decades. the grant from the american recovery and reinvestment we act paid for it, the f.a.a.'s largest single award under the 2009 act. >> coming up, the plan to allow phone calls on planes and some people believe it is a really bad idea. >> how much is that puppy or kitten in the
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>> this is a picture of the bart station in oakland with no bart station. we are not just talking this station but system-wide because of a technical problem which stranded 19 trains overnight and now only six trains.
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the problem not fixed and they hope for a 5:00 start. leyla gulen has reports on getting to work. >> black friday deals a week early? today at wal-mart, the biggest retailer is offering slashed prices on toys and electronics starting at 8:00. the store is offering a price match with target and best buy taking place in stores and online. >> in san francisco, holiday tradition is underway at macy's union square. fuzzy faces will return to the weapons at macy's today. it is part of an of the by the spca to find hopes for dozens of puppies and kittens up for adoption. you can see them along the macy's store front starting at 5:00 through the new year. >> if you normally take bart you may want to think about driving this morning because there have been problems. leyla gulen?
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>> if you know a friend who has a car maybe car pool and offer to buy them a cup of coffee. bart will be out of commission until 5:00 this morning and that is due to computer issues and nothing to do with the wind. we have a high wind advisory for the richmond-san rafael bridge and there is a ferry parking alert because some cars will be towed because folks have been leaving their cars and taking up parking spaces. want out for that. trees are down in oakland at highway 24 and this is a common problem today because the gusty conditions blew the debris on the roads with downed trees, and branches. be careful on the road. outside, we do not have a high wind advisory westbound from hayward to foster city. how calm is it in the weather
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department? >> not so, with a high wind advisory until 10:00 tonight. what we will know to get you out the door, our day planner at 7:00 this morning you have cool temperatures and the sun will come out and not seeing any clouds and no moisture. by noon, it will warm up to 60 degrees inland and 60 degrees an the bay and 58 along the coast and by 4:00 p.m., we will top out under 70 degrees and 65 degrees an the bay and 63 around the coach and a clear evening to get you going looking at the rest of california the highs, today, with the rain we had is pushed to the south. in southern california they have snow fall in the higher elevations and thunderstorms and rain. >> 4:55. samsung will appear a decision by a san jose jury awarding apple $290 million in a copyright infringement covering 13 older samsung devices that
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copied iphone and ipad features. the previous jury awarded apple $1 billion, but the judge concluded they miscalculateed the damages. >> there was an illegal gambling ring run out of coffee shops with warrants served in multiple locations including six in san jose and one each in milpitas and castro valley. several people were arrested and face federal charges now and that is all they will say. authorities are expected to release more details today. >> hugh jackman has his wife to thank after a recent cancer scare. the 45-year-old star revealed he had a cancerous growth removed from his nose. he post add picture of his bandaged nose to the 245,000 followers and said he had a
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urging of his wife. >> there will be a proposal to allow greater inflight access to mobile broad band on airplanes and flight attendants are afraid it could underpipe safety. restrictions were lifted on using personal electronic devices during take off and landing but not making cell phone calls. >> bart trains are not running this morning and they are supposed to start in a few minutes. we have the latest if that will happen and on the hundreds of passengers stranded over night. >> the bay area is still cleaning up after damage was caused by powerful wind with a challenge the pg&e crews are
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facing. >> more medical personnel are headed to the philippines to help in the recovery from typhoon
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abc7 news begins with breakings news. >> on this friday morning there are a lot of problems. >> the top problem right now for commuters is bart. we will get the latest from leyla gulen. >> we are hearing rumblings about bart possibly being back on line. we do not have confirmation of that. we have been listening to scanners. we hope that is the case. they were hoping to get


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