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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  November 22, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 800-675-2607. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. everyone is irritated. >> bart trains are rolling but a computer glitch left riders stranded for hours. we learned why. >> our other top story, windy problems spread spreading across the area with oakland's fire department responding to 50 downed tree calls just this morning. >> more on bart's that nation but, first, the winds that pounded the bay area are just now quieting down after quite a mess. at one point, 67,000 people lost
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power. our reporter is in the oakland hills with a big problem facing one problem. matt? >> the big problem is the winds just picked up and this tree is down. the family inside is okay. they can walk out but they cannot drive out. this is one of many big messes caused bit winds. >> the winds howled. most trees would beach. some, however, did break. >> i was praying hope that they would not smash on our house. or knit of us. there are some are close to the house. >> this crashed into the fence in the horse barn bringing down power lanes, too, and the family did not want to talk on camera but are okay. neighbors are still in the dark. they describe the frightening sounds from last night. >> we could hear the trees scraping against the house. it sounded like ghosts running around the house.
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>> in berkeley the winds made a mess at the campus with trees and debris blown into the middle of telegraph avenue. parking under a large tree overnight ended up being costly, a huge branch covered the car with obvious roof damage for the insurance company to sort through. a branch knocked out electricity to the area so top spites were out. everyone is supposed to treat the intersections as a four way stop. most did not. when no one stops at a light, this happens, a witness says the lexus slowed when it hit the intersection but in the end they were both stopped in the middle of the road. >> they were both wrong. >> they hope to have power returned in the neighborhood in another five hours. >> we are having transmission problems but look at this: stop winds knocked over signs at a
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high school the school board is on the ground. no one was hurt. >> in concord, the winds knocked over the big gas station sign with the damage the world gas station on clayton road. it happened before 7:00 last night. >> there was a large pine tree on a truck in petaluma but no one was hurt although it damned the top of the shelves the audi minutishing, but the wind is locking how, leyla gulen? >> good morning, everyone, from the east bay hills camera toward the bay bring, you can see it is springing up-and-down and the winds are diminishing but it is making way for hazy sunshine to get us going and we are going to see blue skies later on today. right now we still experiencing some pretty heavy gusts up to 44 miles per hour in fairfield and 31 in napa and 33 miles per hour in santa rosa. oakland is experiencing 25 miles
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per hour wind and calmer along the peninsula and with the south by. our live doppler 7 hd shows we no runs, just a little bit of high clouds making their way to the south of us. we did have rain earlier this week and that is making its way into the south, as well. looking from sutro tower camera to the golden gate bridge and sausalito, it is clear. we are warming up, too, and we will experience the warmer temperatures in santa rosa especially but we are in the 60 for the most part. a little cool. >> now we want to show you a picture from jake of a tree that fell from the petaluma bowling alley parking lot that landed in someone's front yard. you can see us your pictures at >> the storm also knocked out power to thousands of people. right now the biggest cluster is in the east bay with 8,600 customers are still in the dark. 4,000 in the north bay, crews
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are making progress, though, and 67,000 people were without power overnight at the heist the out -- height of the outable the you can be the first to leadership of dangerous weather with our new weather app that is free. it lets you track severe weather on your phone. to download go to >> the wind may have contributed to two deaths. a driver hit a toppled tree in oakland hills. another man's desk is being investigated with reports that he stepped on a power line and was electrocuted. >> napa firefighters are working against the wind to try to contain a wildfire that caused evacuations. the fire is burning with flames spreading across 350 acres since last night. the napa, sheriff ordered mandatory evacuation around
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midnight. the fire is 25 percent contained. >> another tough day for thousands of bart riders because the trains weren't running. it was not a strike but a your glitch. amy hollyfield has details from walnut creek. we just learned in the past few minutes about the cause. >> they just released a statement saying that last night they were implemented a computer upgrade that was planned. that triggered computer problems that were not planned and created quite a domino effect. commuters barely rubbing the sleep from their eyes had a rude awayening when they discovered the bart train would not be picking them up. >> i am at a standstill. the cab company is driving because of bart. why want to drive into the city because the parking is an issue. right now, i'm stuck. >> the trains stop running at midnight because of a computer problem and the people on the trains had a rough journey home. >> we have to wait and it is
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frustrating. we are dust getting pack here. >> this is serious. i have been at the bat station since 12:00 and it is 4:12 in the morning. >>the main computer system stopped commute indicating with the track system and the driverred had to throw the switches manually. >> that is why it took so long to get people where they were going. train operators had to get out of the train, go on the tracks, use a crank and move rails into the proper alignment before the train could be moved. >> this method would not be practical during the morning so they stopped all service and gave in estimated time of when it would resume. some commuters waited around for the trains to start up again. >> we will give it ten minutes. then we will do gray -- greyhound or the ferry the. >> the shutdown cost bart
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goodwill among the customers. >> we had to deal with the strike and now the service. if i had the option i would not do bart anymore. >> lot of people were inconvenienced but for the busiest party between 8:00 to 8:30 we should have full service and we getting trains running. >> bart is providing flow packing at all of their stations today to apologize for the shutdown. >> you can see it was a mess everywhere including the peninsula where there was another option. commuters sounded off using other dear -- dear bart. >> some say it is all about the computer player. >> dear bart, thanks for getting back to work. hire it. >> when the trains will rolling out later commuters did not
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almost notice the problems. >> we tried to get this in case the usual train did not work out so it was, you know, a little bit of bad news but not too bad. >> we tried to take the caltrain and missed that and came here for 45 minutes and bart train was supposed to be running and i missed the caltrain but it is still not hire. >> he got the first train to leave the station. this woman was close but shocked when the doors would not re-open but those who missed it by a second. >> we are all waiting and they did not on the door. >> we saw a bart employee opening the dos manually. announcements about continuing the delays rang out and a woman desperate to not be late helped up not only being late but a few dollars lighter. >> in addition i was speeding so i get a ticket.
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>> we used our app to get the word out the minute bart trains were back in service. the app is free for tablet or smartphone with information at >> convicted serial killer joseph naso will be sentenced today. the 79-year-old is convicted of a decades old killings of four women in northern california. he defend himself at trial. the jury voted for the death penalty and a judge will deliver his orders today. >> coming up, how good lucks could be the key to a happy marriage. >> on-line recruiters for up. >> and you can see the camera on the bay bridge bouncing around defenseless against the
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the nation is marking the 50th and was of president john f. kennedy's assassination with remembrances. ♪ god shed his grace on thee >> memorials and moments of silence got underway this morning to mark the moment when president john f. kennedy was shot riding in a motorcade in dallas. flags were lowered in honor of our late president. >> this morning, a security firm
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is wanting about a growing scam on a popular professional networking site. "usa today" reports fake job offers are spreading on linkedin. they are gearing e-mail addresses and passwords of job hunters, and linkedin says people should think twice before checking a job promises thousands for doing nothing. >> presidio and oakland international airport has a new traffic control tower 236' tall replaces two towers that served airport for 40 years. a $33 million grant paid for the construction of the tower. the federal grant was the f.a.a.'s largest single award under the 2009 act. >> meteorologist, leyla gulen, has has been busy with the crazy
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wind. >> very windy and a little cool but warmer than normal temperatures in some areas. from mount tamalpais, we have clouds but certainly very windy and that is where we have a high wind advisory until 10:00 p.m. tonight for the north bay hills and mountains with the full forecast ahead in a little bit. >> the time of year to start drooling over the dogs and the macy's
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>> covering cupertino, wine country, and all bay area, this
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is abc7 news. >> we have a terrific follow-up to a story we brought you yesterday as the power of social media. a san jose father of five had successful surgery to save his sight from an eye disease. the surgery was paid for by a donor who saw my tweet asking if fin could help the family with fundraising. the donor contacted the office of the doctor in los angeles who let me know speedy recovery, william. hope to see you soon. >> fantastic. >> beautiful. >> and a beautiful day. >> we can all feel the windy conditions. >> the high wind advisory has been canceled and they have been lifted. as we look right now a picture from the camera guard the bay bridge and look at that. we still have wind gusts in friend and cross most of the bay area, certainly in the east bay.
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in the north bay, we still will have high gusts in the hills and the mountains and the high wind advisory will last until 10:00 tonight. right now, we have the high gusts in certain areas, at 44 miles per hour in fairfield and 31 miles per hour in napa, and calmer along the peninsula and into the south bay, so you may want to hold on to your hats for a little while longer. looking at live doppler 7 hd radar satellite, not seeing any thing in the way of returns, but the moisture is head the to southern california. the ridge of high pressure is coming in, leaching us with a cool air mass that will rest over the bay area the next few days with winds subsiding, and that is going to make things quite chilly overnight. we are going to be experiencing some freezing temperatures for parts of the forth bay. our highs for today, we are going to immediately be in the upper 60's to the lower 70's and
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unseasonably warm in santa rosa, topping out at 70 degrees. our lows for tonight are very chilly indeed so make sure you pack a sweater and a jacket when you head out. 42 degrees at half moon bay and along the coast, very cold, and certainly if you are headed into napa, 37 so protect your flowers and plants. we also have a couple of special events over the weekend. experience christian will be at the tree lighting celebration at pier 39 tomorrow and you can meet disney characters and santa. we have a big game and this will be at stanford, cal versus stanford with kickoff at 1:00 o'clock p.m. pack a sweater. my seven-day forecast shows sunshine for the weekend and we are going to be seeing some nice weather for the beginning of the week but possibly rain showers
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visiting us on wednesday and thanksgiving, as well. it will make way for a nice weekend after thanksgiving. >> we could use the rain. >> actually, i have not been talking about the game as past years because we are 3 1 1/2 points underring do? 31 1/2 points! >> good luck. >> thank you, leyla gulen. >> study finds that men who feel they have more attractive wives report higher levels of marital satisfaction. the 450 newly wed couples were surveyed over four years and partner physical attractiveness played a larger role in redidn'ting husband's marital satisfaction than in predicting their wive's satisfaction. >> hope they didn't spend too much on that study. >> today in san francisco, a holiday tradition is underway at union square. it is part of the effort by the
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spca to find a home for dozens of cute puppies and kittens if adoption. you can see them along the macy's store front tonight new the new year. >> we are not done with cute stuff, the perfect pet will come to your aid if you need. >> at 3:00 p.m., wait for it, a new role of playing a dog to 500 kid
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to those who've been waiting welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at >> cover california, the health insurance website is scheduled for an upgrade with the enroll mat portal taken off line for improvements but you can shop and compare health care coverage costs are up and running, bringing self service enrollment online no small business owner whose want to offer employees coverage and for the same service for individuals. >> coming up at 4:00, the wife of an 85-year-old palo alto man
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is responding for the first time since her husband was detained in north korea a month ago. and at 5:00 on abc7 news, new video from the tornado that hit the midwest and what a man did that has social immediate can buzzing. >> it has been a rough week so lets bring up a "purr-fect" pet. leyla gulen will introduce us to maggie. >> no better way to end the week than be here with maggie. >> she is very special, we love her at the shelter. she is 7 1/2, she has two beautiful body -- breeds. she has been fabulous in her dog training class because she loves
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treats. she will dance and rollover and shake hands, whatever you ask. for a treat. she could lose a few pounds but she is wonderful. >> a dog that can dance is my kind of dog. how can folks find out more about her? >> give us a call. we have wonderful shelter, just come on down. >> that is what you need for do. she is an angel. >> plenty of others down here, too. >> quick question, what about the sneeze we were talking about ? >> she has a sneezing
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♪ >> oh! [cheers and applause] >> how you doing? >> good seeing you, man. come on. [cheers and applause] yeah. hello, and welcome to millionaire. we got a really great contestant in the house today. he's getting ready to plan his wedding, and with more money, the crazier this reception is gonna be. from new york city, y'all, show some love for matt caporaletti. what up, matt? >> thank you. thank you. [cheers and applause] thank you very much. >> so you're planning a wedding. the higher this cash goes, the crazier this reception's gonna be. tell me about it. what are you gonna do, man? >> exactly, cedric. so i think the first thing-- for the bridal party, i'm gonna


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