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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 22, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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good afternoon, everybody. two people killed in last night's wild wind storm in the bay area. one man died when he drove into a tree that fell in front of him. >> authorities investigating the death of a second man in oakland a tree and power lines fell on, and around him. police don't know if the tree killed him or if he was electrocuted by downed lines.
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>> sky seven hd got this video of a large tree in oakland that fell across the street and on to two cars. you can barely see them here. >> we're at lake chalet. people have been coming here nonstop the impressive part is that without a doubt the base of the tree is 30 feet in diameter. first thing people say when they see it is wow. many people saw pictures on social media and felt compelled to see it firsthand. >> that trees remind you of your roots and connection to the earth. >> oakland department of public works says it receives 1990
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calls one is hanging over this home on rio vista avenue. power lines are the only things keeping it from falling onto the house. >> we're save and out of the house. so you know, right now just would like to get it fixed. >> downed trees caused traffic back ups on oakland this, tree fell on the off ramp the winds so strong, they toppled light polls at lake merit.. >> i don't know. i'm taking inventory of the neighborhood. >> where we ride bikes? >> workers are working as fast as they can. because of limited crews they say going to take a while before it's cleaned up. >> the winds knocked over the big gas station
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>> the score board was knocked down overnight as well. officials have no idea how they're going to pay for it. >> a tree came crashing down on to a home. the you can share your photos on our face book page. >> power is still out for nearly 20,000 bay area residents according to pg&e, 10,000 are in the east bay. about 6,000 customers don't have power are now. north bay, 2300 homes and businesses are still waiting to get their electricity back on. there are just a handful in san francisco. and peninsula. >> the winds are calmer now, but still gusting in places.
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>> here is a look at sunny skies and high clouds to the south. winds calmed down south of the golden gate but we still have strong winds and as a matter of fact we are taking a look at current wind gusts now. 20 miles per hour gusts in petaluma. and 39 miles per hour gusts at fairfield z we still have wind advisory in effect until tonight. winds gusting 35-50 miles per hour and stronger winds blowing now, continuing to blow into western slopes of the sierra until 4:00 in the morning we have a high wind warning in
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difficult driving conditions and local power outages, oem we'll see winds moderating here in the bay area. taking you forward to 7:00 this evening, gusts 50 miles per hour overnight into 1:00 a.m . nearly 40 miles per hour in fairfield. mid morning hours, winds beginning to moderate. things will be back to normal by tomorrow afternoon. larry? >> thank you, spencer. you can get weather alerts any time with abc7 news weather app. it's tree for iphone or an droid smart phones. >> temperatures seem to have an upper hand on a fire that burned about 300 acres. it's now 50% contained. an order is in place
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for residents that will be lifted at 6:00 tonight nochlt injuries have been reported. the cause of death r.cause of the fire is still unknown. >> a serial killer has been sentenced to death. the man convicted of killing four men. evidence today connected nayso to two other murders. nayso defended himself in this case saying evidence was planted and the judge had motivations. nayso will be transferred to san quentin prison. california has 700 inmats on death row but there has not been an execution since 2006. he is 79 years old and it is expected he will die in prison. >> in san francisco police arrested a man suspected of throwing a woman's dog into traffic during a robbery. on
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december 28th last year a woman pulled over to-to-look for her phone under her seat. police say her 12-year-old dog started barking he threw her into the street and the dog had to be put down adds a result. police identified the man and he was arrested on wednesday. a fourth student in san jose state is facing the hate crime charges after police say he and three others bulleed their african american roommate he has been charged with misdemeanor hate crime and battery. police say he put their roommates head in a bike lock, called him names with slave references. on monday naacp will hold an event to address racial tensions on campus. >> americans paused to remember john f kennedy after being guned down 50 years ago in dallas. for
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many, it's a touch stone moment in their lives. abc7 reporter has the story from dallas. >> reporter: 50 years after the assassination of president john f kennedy shocked the nation, the city paused to remember that fateful day. thousands packed the plaza to reflect on the timeless link between a city and the 35th president. >> tragedy, yes, but out that have tragedy an opportunity granted to us the chance to learn how to face the future when it's a darkest. >> he was ambitious to make it a better world. and so were we. a plaque was placed in the plaza with quotes from the speech he was set to give that day. visitors gathered at arlington national ceremony and
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in boston, singer james taylor performed in a private concert at jfk library. many americans who were alive in 1963 remember where they were when lee harvey oswald fired the fatal shots at the motorcade. >> the president was hit in the head. >> 50 years later there are new memories honoring the iconic president slain on that november day. >> the events here mark one of the darkest days in american history, many are choosing to remember the tragedy as the day america uniteed and moved forward to a brighter future. there was a moment of silence to remember president kennedy during a special ceremony in pleasant hill. the school also unveiled a bust of
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mr. kennedy identical to the one at the smithsonian. david wallace was at the ceremony 50 years ago. he was waiting to catch a glimpse of the presidential motorcade. and what he saw was much more. >> i saw the president after he was shot. i was about eight feet away. it was horrible. i seen the president so vie vashus, full of life at the airport, then to, seat first person i ever saw was killed with a bullet wound. it was crushing. >> wallace and his friends followed the motorcade all the way to the hospital. he grabbed a rose left in the car and he still has that flower to this day. the pink suit first lady kennedy wore that day will be hidden until 2103. it has not been cleaned and no one has seen
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it except for national archive workers. it was sent to the archives by the kennedy family on condition it would not go on display until the 22 nd century. >> still ahead, fed up commuters and nothing to do with a bart strike. a glitch that stranded drivers for hours. >> legislation preventing toy gun tragedies. >> michael finney still taking your questions and will answer them here live in he just a few minutes. you can contact michael here and on twitter. >> just a rough commute for drivers trying to make their way to the lower deck of the bay bridge. this is the skyway. you can see it's not too much better for drivers heading south towards peninsula and beyond.
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bart largest unions say they're considering legal action but without one key pro vision. union leaders held a news conference calling the board actions unprecedented and yesterday, the board voted to leave out a family leave provision that they say was included in the union contract by accident. this just hours bart system had a melt down and
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stranded commuters. this is absurd. >> it took some people three hours to get home last night. a computer glitch caused huge delays during the morning commute as well. it's blamed on an update that crashed the main competer. it left passengers stuck last night and into the morning. we have refraction from frustrated riders. >> computers had a rude awakening discovering their bart train would not be picking them up this morning. >> they tried to catch a cab. i don't want to drive in the city. i may have tochlt so i don't know. >> the train stopped running around midnight because of a computer problem. people on board had a rough journey home.
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>> they had to wait to reboot. it's frustrate traiting you know? >> i got to the station at 12:00. the main system stopped communicating the drivers had to throw switches manually. >> it took so long to get people to where they're going. train operators had to go down on to tracks and use a crank. before that train could be moved. >> they stopped all service and gave no estimated time of when it would resume. some decided to gamble and wait around for trains to start up again. >> we're going to give it like ten minutes then, the greyhound to san francisco transit center or ferry. >> the train started back up at 7:15
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the shut down did cause goodwill among customers. >> it's frustrating seeing we have to deal with the strike. and now, issues with the service. >> good news is that for busiest period we should have full service again. and >> bart is explaining the problem saying they upgraded the problem, and that triggered the computer problem. they're providing free parking in all stations today. >> a trains were become in service this morning that app is free. you can down load information on abc7 >> in utah, a discovery existed millions of years before t-rix.
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>> he doesn't look real friendly. >> and 30 feet long weighed four tons. he this from field museum in chicago. now, this finding today. >> yeah. that he does look hungry in that image. >> they got bigger they're hard to ride. >> i remember. >> with the line. >> yes. yes. >> we'd never say that. >> of course not. >> exactly. >> how is the weather? >> it's lovely outside. it's warm to mild. then, winds are still strong up in the north bay. especially into higher elevations. things aren't beginning to calm down a bit. we do have sunny skies and high clouds well south and east. pleasant conditions around the bay area now. 71 degrees in
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oakland. upper 60s in mountain view. only 59 half moon bay. north live view looking at the golden gate which is clear. napa, 73. upper 60s in fairfield a live view from mount tam looking down onto the bay. these forecast features gusty north bay winds tonight. sunny skies and mild into next few days but looks like a rainy outlook for thanksgiving. the storm system moved well south and east right now. we've got strong winds because of the alignment of the systems. so windy pattern winds down tomorrow we'll start at 7:00 this evening, clear skies. breezy to
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gusty conditions giving way to sunny skies tomorrow. and breezy and mild conditions tomorrow. as we look farther, starting out at 5:00 next wednesday morning we'll see a storm system coming down along the coastline. it's producing right now a rather wet thanksgiving outlook. from mid week. windy and chilly in spots. also, high temperatures, low temperatures ranging from upper 30s into coldest inland valleys to low to mid-40s around the bay and coast. tomorrow, sunny skies and on coast about 60-63 degrees
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a big game forecast for saturday, tomorrow afternoon. will be sunny at the start of the game. here is the accu-weather forecast. sunny skies and mild next four days. but wednesday cloudy, chance of rain, periods of rain thursday, thanksgiving day and showers likely open friday. so looks messy there for travellers. >> thank you. >> up next surprise these 8th graders received today. >> new after 4:30 bat kid giving back. maybe you've seen one of these. popularity of the bat kid tee shirts raised more than $10,000 to help other children. >> taking a look at traffic,
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traffic on the right side of the screen a little heavi
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to those who've encountered welcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way. enroll today at
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nafg came early for a group of school kids. they are eating a traditional holiday dinner for the first time, including turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes. some students gave thanks for living in a new country. >> some 8th graders will be getting a nice gift in the spring courtesy of facebook. >> that is reaction when they learned each one of them will be receiving a free lap top at the end of the school year. >> our lap top to nation program is a way we'd like to encourage students to get exciteed and interested in technology by giving them access to that
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technology. >> facebook has given away a thousand lap tops in this program. this is the third school targeted this week. >> just ahead on abc7 news at 4:00 police from the wife of a man being held in north korea what. communist regime acknowledged today. >> new legislation aimed at preventing toy gun tragedies an effort inspired by a shooting that has a north bay city on edge. >> and
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bay area cleaning up after fierce winds made a huge mess. >> matt keller with more now from oakland hills and problems facing a family. >> winds howled overnight. most trees would bend smshgs did break.. >> i was hoping they would not smash down on our house or hit any of us. there are some close to the house. >> this tree came down, crashing into the fence and horse barn, bringing down the power lines,
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too. the family doesn't want to talk on camera but said they're all okay. neighbors still in the dark this morning, describing frightening sounds during a wind storm overnight. >> we can hear trees scraping against the house. it sounded like ghosts running around the house. >> in berkeley winds made a mess. trees and branchs were blown into the middle of telegraph avenue. parking under a large tree may be costly. a huge branch and several smaller branchs covered the car with roof damage for companies to sort through. dana street a branch landed on power lines knocking out electricity to the area. that means stop lights were out. and everyone supposed to treat those intersections as a stop. except most did not. and when no one stops, this happens. in the end they're both stopped
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in the middle of the road. >> this is wrong. >> pg&e is here working on the issue. it may take a while for the crew to give access to their driveway. >> we've been getting a lot of viewer pictures of weather damage this, is what one mother saw at a bus stop in berkeley this morning. send us your weather pictures. >> north korean authorities have confirmed for the first time that they have detained an american citizen that is believed to be an 85-year-old palo alto man. merrill newman was removed from a plane after a ten day visit his wife, lee pleaded with north korean authorities to let her husband return home n a statement said the family feels there has been a dreadful misunderstanding leading to his
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detention and ask they work to settle this issue quickly. >> the nation pauses to remember john f kennedy were we're looking back at how the assassination changed the presidency. no more opening in open cars. president obama now rides in a high tech limo called "the beast". president and mirrors mrs obama took public strolls on pennsylvania avenue, now unplanned strolls have been been an option for presidents since asassation. former presidents and first ladies now have lifetime secret service protection. it's a law passed in 1963 to protect jackie kennedy the agents protecting presidents will tell them no if they ask agents to back off to give them more room to interact with the
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public, a request president kennedy made to his detail in dallas secret service is more powerful today the agency is now 6500 strong compared to about 500 personnel in 1963. >> two bay area nurses spent the past week helping with disaster relief in the philippines returned home the two are volunteers with national nurses group sending over 3,000 nurses to the country. they spend time working with other aid agencies as well as providing hands on care for those in neechld saying there are not enough nurses or doctors on the ground. it's been a month since a sheriff's deputy shot and killed a 13-year-old boy. andy lopez carrying a realistic air soft rifle when he was shot.
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abc7 news reporter wayne freedman with the story from santa rosa. >> reporter: it's been 30 days and the andy lopez memorial in santa rosa is still here, through rains, winds, and now, larger, more permanent than ever. some see symbolism in that. >> i think we're heart broken by it. and a month afterwards, you can still feel the pain. >> reporter: the county supervisor happened to stop by today on his way home from this gathering. politicians say they plan to introduce legislation forcing manufacturers to make replica weapons look like toys. >> this now happened in a small community in northern california. and i think that people state wide are beginning to wake up to the fact we have a problem this, toy guns, they look like the real thing. >> it's not the first attempt in california but would be the first successful one. >> how do you convince nra this is a good idea. >> i think trying to convince
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nra is a lost cause. it's making sure people with a vote make the right choice when looking at this legislation. >> after a month of protests this was a quiet anniversary with no new news about the investigation of how and why deputy eric gelhaus put seven shrugs inside of a 13-year-old. it's led to a disconnect between the latino community and law enforcement. >> i'm hopeful the rest of the city is getting it. >> reporter: much of the city was busy getting lunch and more than aware today marks an anniversary of president ken yesterday ease assassination. >> if we can do something after newtown, if that didn't change then i don't, one child in sonoma county?
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really? >> they're trying. in santa rosa, wayne freedman abc7 news. authorities are investigating whether recent attacks at pedestrians are part of a game called knock out. >> a warning some of you goring to find this disturbing. so called game involves a young person walking up to a passerby, then suddenly just trying to knock him out cold with a wallop. several have been capture by the cameras and others videotaped intentionally. attacks have been reported in five states, especially new york and new jersey. two people have been killed by these assaults. some attackers being treated as hate crimes. >> new information about last months murder of a massachusetts schoolteacher court documents show a 24-year-old was found in the woods with her throat cut and a note that read i hate you all. the documents also show the
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14-year-old suspect planned the crime by bringing a box cutter, mask, gloves and multiple changes of clothing to school that day. there new video today of last month's school bus hijacking in arkansas. police dash cam video shows kids running off of a bus command yooe yooerd -- by a knife wielding man. investigators say miller took the bus because he felt someone was after him. he's pled not guilty. a police officer being called a hero for stopping an out of control car on a dash cam video. showing the car slamming into the side of police cruiser. officer showfield positioned his car in front of the speeding vehicle. turns out the 67-year-old driver had suffered a seizure and was barely
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conscious. air bags saved both drivers. >> just ahead dangers over what is being called the cotton ball diet. >> and a half court shot. big deal? it is when you hear the rest of the city. >> i'm still taking your questions you can reach me on twitter or facebook. at twitter, it's m finney. >> looking at western sky, sun going down, so are the wind speeds i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> at 4:38 another look at friday afternoon commute this, is 680 in walnut creek. traffic is headed northbound. see headlights coming this way? southbound traffic is lighter, back with more
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to those whoworried......
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go broke joking because they're hitting every half court shot the rest of the story is that this is sponsored by a local bank which decided not to take out insurance which is pretty much every team does they're paying cash. you'd think after second shot you'd take out insurance, guys >> we should say the bank's name. >> well, in oklahoma they know who they are. >> let the banks figure it out. here is live doppler seven hd. sunny skies, winds still brisk in spots. tomorrow, active weather over the sierra and way down south around san diego, showers tomorrow, here in the bay area, we'll have sunny skies and calmer winds. sunny tomorrow, high lrts low to mid-60s taking a look at forecast for
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the big tree lighting tomorrow, i'll be mcing that as a matter of fact. between 1:00 -- 3:00 and 6:00 p.m rather. will be sunny, up until by 5:00 as the gun goes down. temperatures late into low 50s then, after sunset, dropping into upper 50s. cool and pleasant. >> yes. >> still to come darkness. >> okay. >> good morning america's amy robk makes a diagnosis. >> why a talent for music, he can't read music..
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>> i'm michael finney what. can you do about threatening calls
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health experts are warning with b.a dangerous diet called the cotton ball diet involves eating cotton balls dipped in juice. experts say this practice should be labelled an eating disorder. >> good morning america's amy robak is revealing her doctors found a second tumor when she underwent a tumor that was not detected. she says her cancer had spread to her limp node. she will need to undergo more treatments the 40-year-old mother of five found out sheaed cancer after undergoing a mammogram live plast month on tv.
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>> it's not every day when a concussion could be called a positive thing but that could be the case for a teenager. he spent weeks in the hospital after suffering a series of concussions playing lacrosse and football. doctors tell him he should not play anymore. but something bizarre happened suddenly he could play music. almost effort >> the thought that is a talent laying in his brain was uncovered by brain rewiring after the injury. i think something got rewireed and something just changed and thank god it did. >> now, he can play 13 instruments, all by ear because he can't read music. what is more, he no longer has epileptic
4:49 pm
seizures and hopes he'll be able to keep the gift. >> that is wild. >> michael finney is here now answering questions you sent him. this first one comes from joe h, e mailed my pick up parked at home depot. someone hit my fender and didn't leave information. is home depot obliged to show video? >> no. there are no rules about this, we often get complaints and concerns around condo complexes someone says my place was broken into. the guy next door has a camera. give it to me. it's private video. they can do what they wish. she should ask nicely. go to the police department. often if they say we'd like to see that video they're forth coming. >> linda asked i receive call from collection agencies they're harassing me. some say they're coming to arrest me. can they do this? >> now that just ticks me off.
4:50 pm
they can't have you arrested or call the police to come after you. there is no such thing as debtor's prison. they're not allowed to threaten you with that. that i will legal in the state of california. you want to report, might want to report them, up to you to the attorney general. you know their name let me know bit here at the station. perhaps we'd like to visit and have a conversation. >> linda e mails why can't i refinance my manufactured home. >> it's tough. banks shied away from manufactured homes. and especially after housing price crash. they're backing off. a few bank are coming back in. several companies specialize in this. you know the problem that they're very, very expensive. >> you're talking about prefab homes that are just assembled as opposed to built? >> right. right. if they don't like them because they can be
4:51 pm
rolled way. they like something attached to the ground. >> thank you. >> sure. how bat kid is giving back to other children. >> i'm cheryl jennings. coming up new developments in the abuse of a children at san jose state we'll have reaction and tell you how a major group is stepping in. and in contra costa county thousands are still without power. we'll have the stories to those who'v to those who've waited... worried... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need.
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at 8:00 season premiers of last man standing, then, the neighbors ", shark tank, then 2020 at okay.
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>> take a look at this, an earthquake preparedness suit for the dog. this is designed for those working in post disaster conditions. >> how about for humans? supposed to withstand everything from flames to freezing temperatures and sparks. costs about $200 the web site is only in japanese. >> today is your last chance to help name a giant panda cub born in august. just the second surviving panda cub, ever, born at the zoo. >> the name will be revealed december 1st. the cub making a debut next year. to find out how to vote go to our web site abc7 >> a week ago today san francisco came through for a boy
4:56 pm
who just wanted to be batman for a day. >> miles scott battled leukemia, now in remission. he is making a difference in his own special way. abc7 news has the story. >> reporter: bat kid saves gotham city, capturing hearts of people across the globe. bat kid is now back to being a 5-year-old. tonight, make a wish greater bay area is thanking all who helped make the wish come true, including our viewers. >> awesome to have abc7 on a partner on a wish. for the first time in my recent memory social media became social good. >> 16,000 people rsvped. crowd estimates at more than 20,000. a city spokesperson says san francisco spent 105,000ses today
4:57 pm
make this wish come true whchlt realizing how big it had become, some became concerned for the city, stepping in to help. >> they offered to offset expenses for the city. i didn't have to ask. >> a wish average costs $7500. local chapter hopes to grant 357. make a wish received $10,000 from tee shirt sales. that money will help find more wishes and goodwill goes on. ask miles, he'll tell you. he's inspired his fund raider next week. all kids will dress as super heros the family set up a fund to help other families. >> they're setting up a bat kid fund to help three charities that were most helpful to miles during his recovery. they want to give back. >> the sfund part of the 49ers
4:58 pm
foundation. to learn more go to abc7 >> thanks for joining us for abc7 news at 4:00 >> abc7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> its crazy. you can see trees are falling. >> the bay area cleans up after a deadly wind storm. >> live on the roof of the kgotv broadcast center, your weekend, holiday forecast is coming up. >> we go live to dallas. city remembers a moment that changed america forever. >> and 30 seconds to demolition how destructive a tornado can be. >> trees coming crashing down around the bay area and northern california. this massive tree
4:59 pm
fell in oakland. a viewer posted this voido of a tree that crashed on to a home in clear lake. and overnight, more trees blowing away, or falling over. good evening good evening. thousands are with out pou yes, thousands are cleaning up. >> now, besides black oudz, winds sparked power lines. >> right our coverage begin was laura anthony joining us live tonight. laura? >> this is about one of 20 big tree that's fell here in concord. a clear sign of what wind left behind. it's not the only one. this show whtz wind toppled a large sign in concord. >> what does the wind sound
5:00 pm
like? >> like gusting. it's very -- too much. >> for the car driving by on the left a sign fell right. across town, the score board collapsed in pieces. an administrator says students are worried about next year. >> this morning we came to assess damage and found out it's gone. all gone. we have no idea how to pay for best of the solar panels and in danville, winds caused power to go out just as dancers were beginning to perform once audiences turned off cell phones dancers performed one of their routines. >> this is like one of my favorite moments.


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