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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  November 23, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning. i'm katie marzullo. thanks for joining us at 8:00 a.m. on saturday morning. we're going to start with a look at the weather. good morning. >> good morning. we're starting out with clear sky, breezy winds, not only in the north bay but the east bay. with the wind we're looking at temperatures in the 40s and 50s in the next hour. by noon time in the upper 50s at the coast, to the lower 60s and by the afternoon big game today, temperatures will be in the low to mid-60s. so fair skies and less wind all around the bay throughout the afternoon, should be a very nice
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day today. it continues into the rest of the weekend but we'll get pretty chilly tonight with patchy frost. we'll talk about that and when the rain's coming back. katie. >> thank you. we're following breaking news in burlingame, two buildings are damaged by a four-alarm fire. the fire was reported just before 4:00 this morning in a residential four plex. crews found the building in flames when they arrived. at the same time they were struggling to protect a second building, a commercial building to the east. it was damaged. not destroyed though. no injuries are reported. the cause of the fire has not been determined. following breaking news in is a knoll, interstate 680 is moving again after a fatal accident early this morning. the chp says the elderly driver of a corvette hit a disabled minivan on the shoulder and then got out of his car to check on the van's passengers, and he was hit and killed by a third driver. the highway patrol reopened all lanes around 3:30 this morning. things are back to normal at
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l.a.x. after police searched and evacuated two terminals last night. you're looking at and hearing video showing police searching one terminal at gunpoint after receiving points someone fired a gun. a caller reported seeing a man with a gun in a different terminal. police quickly determined that both reports were false. what happened was a woman had a medical problem and crashed her suv in front of terminal 5. the sound of the crash and people screaming may have been what triggered the false report of a shooting. >> and that made everyone think that there was gun shots and then somebody in terminal 4 called and said they saw somebody with a gun so they evacuated the terminal. and everybody was outside and chaos. >> police say the evacuation was precautionary. the incident delayed 60 flights and impacted about 4600 travelers, also four arriving
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flights were diverted to other airports. the incident comes of course weeks after a deadly shooting at l.a.x., it was november 1 that police say 23-year-old paul ciancia walked into an l.a.x. terminal killed officer gerardo hernandez. ciancia is facing murder charges. in meep the embassy suites hotel is open despite a stabbing. a woman was rushed to the hospital in critical condition after being found on the third floor around 5:30 suffering from numerous stab wounds. police believe she knew her attacker but she has been unable to give a statement. they found evidence that she was attacked in the 9th floor room where she was a registered guest. so far no arrests have been made. >> developing news from the north bay, wind gusts have spread a massive wild fire in sonoma county. the fire burned the cooling tower at a geothermal plant. it has been evacuated. no one has been hurt but two
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plants have been knocked off line. the fire started at 2:00 yesterday morning north of geyserville. it has burned 2500 acres. firefighters have it 10% contained. >> sticking with the wind, people still cleaning up after strong gusts hit the east bay thursday night. this is a picture tweeted by abc 7 news reporter heather of a giant tree that was uprooted by the storm near oakland. alan wang has more. >> reporter: a power line stops this tree from falling into a house in oakland. crews got to it. >> with everything happening in the city, it was really hard to get through to emergency crews. >> reporter: about 170 customers in her neighborhood are without power. >> i don't want another cold shower. >> reporter: oakland public works says it was not at the top of the priority list. roads like this one at fifth and
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jackson had to be cleared before the evening rush hour. >> folks are using an online application where you can use your smart phone and allow tuesday know where there are downed trees. >> reporter: debris is pushed off to the side of the road. it's even taking up parking spaces for potential customers at ledger's liquor store. >> they had 130 calls or something and trying to move along and pick it up as they can. >> reporter: a 50-foot tree is still leaning against this home in berkley. >> if we were a one-story house it would have come through. >> reporter: crews are working quickly but safely. in the east bay, alan wang, abc 7 news. >> good reminder that now is the time to inspect trees before the next storm f. a tree on your property has been marked with a red x it's your responsibility to have the tree removed. thursday night's wind storm took the lives of two people in the
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bay area. in one case a man was killed by falling branches on austin street in oakland. the tree had been marked for removal but never taken out. >> it's dangerous because even the branches are still really dangling even when there is a little bit of wind. they need to cut that down. >> the second death occurred on skyline boulevard. a man tried to avoid hitting a downed tree. he wound up colliding with another tree and he died. >> the winds took down a scoreboard at concord high school, students there are worried about next year's football season because they don't know where they will find the money to fix it. reminder, be sure to get abc 7 news weather app. we'll alert you to severe weather. it's free. for information go to abc 7 new this morning, secretary of state john kerry is in geneva to finalize agreement on iran's nuclear program. negotiators from china, france,
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ushia, the uk and iran are attending. the international leaders have been working on an agreement to roll back iran's march toward a nuclear weapon. in return tehran wants to ditch the economic sanctions it claims are strangling the economy. >> new this morning a 6.5 earthquake has hit in the south pacific. it happened around midnight our time. the quake could be felt in fiji and tonga but there are no reports of damage at this point. the pacific tsunami warning center did not issue a warning, saying the quake was centered too far underground. a bay area man held captive in north korea may be the victim of mistaken identity. north korean officials admitted they are holding merrill newman but there is another korean war veteran with the same name. he is 84-year-old merrill h. newman from oregon. he won a silver star during the war. merrill newman's wife issued a
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statement begging north korea to release her husband. he has been held since late october. >> in the south bay the naacp will team up with san jose state officials on monday to address racial tensions on campus. it comes as a fourth student has been charged with a hate crime and battery against his roommate. they called him names with slave references and put nazi symbols and confederate flag in their shared room. stay with abc 7 morning news. coming up south bay reporter david louie will bring us more on the investigation and the new details we're learning. >> this morning convicted serial killer joseph nasois awaiting transfer to san quentin prison, sentenced to death. at a hearing yesterday nasoresponded to the judge's decision with an indecent gesture. he was convicted of murdering four women. the judge called him evil and
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disturbed and told him the world was a worse place with him in it. >> the death toll in the philippines from typhoon haiyan is up to more than 5200 people. two bay area nurses saw the damage caused by the storm first-hand and just returned to sfo after spending a week assisting with relief efforts. >> all of the homes have been blown away because they started off being built with light material anyway. the schools are gone, the churches are gone. >> we were dragging our feet knowing there is a lot of stuff to do. >> both nurses said they hope to return to the philippines to help with the relief efforts again. >> it is 8:09 in the bay area. lisa's keeping track of wind. >> yes. the wind is with us in the higher elevations. we saw winds from 20 to 35 miles an hour north and east bay hills this morning so despite the mild temperatures, still red flag and high fire danger for parts of the north bay.
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the air is very dry, that will keep us cool tonight. rain is coming back. >> thank you. coming up, remembering the jfk assassination 50 years later. the events around the country and here at home marking one of the darkest moments in the nation's history. plus, an east bay teacher dealing with a family tragedy but getting a boost from his form
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good morning. so glad you're with us. 8:13 on this beautiful saturday morning. blue skies, this is the look from the emoryville camera. looking at temperatures in the low 60s today. lisa will have the full forecast coming up. much of the nation paused yesterday to remember turning point in history. the 50th anniversary of the john f. kennedy assassination. in dallas the city erected a memorial on the grassy noel at dealey plaza with the final paragraph of the speech he was supposed to give that day. at arlington national cemetery tourists pause at the kennedy gravesite where an eternal flame
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has burned since he was laid to rest in 1963. and here in the bay area, john f. kennedy university in pleasant hill unveiled a bust made for the library in boston. >> new details on "good morning america's" amy ro back now revealing her doctor found a second tumor when she underwent a double mastectomy last week. that tumor was not detected by mri, mammogram or sonogram. her cancer has spread and she will need to undergo more treatment. the 40-year-old mother of five found out she had cancer after undergoing a mammogram live on gma. she had initially resisted being screened. she is set to return to work in two weeks. of course we're all wishing the best for her speedy recovery. >> a popular walnut creek teacher is getting a boost after a family tragedy. the former students decided to
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help. >> there we go. >> choo-choo train. >> reporter: in walnut creek lots of people know jeff loving simply as mr. loving, a p.e. teacher. just after a trip back home last year from picking up their two youngest children from an orphanage his wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer. >> she made about ten months and you know, lost it. >> she passed away days ago ending their dream of raising their children together. this week, two former students decided to lend a hand. >> when i heard the news i thought there's got to be a way to help. >> reporter: they found out their former teacher was going to raise four beautiful children by himself they launched a website to try to raise a little money to help out. in a couple days, look at the response. they raised $12,000. aly and lita own a local salon
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along with their page they posted flyers around town for a full day fundraising event. they say mr. loving has always been someone they and other students looked up to. >> i think he's going to be fine. i do think he needs a little help. >> they were wonderful then and they are now and they wanted to find a way to help me. that's i mean, it makes you feel great. it's incredibly humbling. >> reporter: he says he is overwhelmed by the support and the rest of the community. >> 8:16. we are keeping track of the weather. it looks gorgeous out there. there are some tricky places. >> up in the north bay. even our east bay hills winds gusting to 38 miles an hour. mainly in the upper elevations now, but the north bay, we had the fire in sonoma, the national weather service issued a red flag warning because the winds
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can spread that tinder and we're looking at dry fuels and relative humidity only in the teens, the dew point slowly coming up. much better moisture tonight, but right now here's a look at mount tam and the winds are okay, you can see them blowing but temperatures with the winds allowed for a pretty mild start. most areas it's chilly, red wood city and san jose, in the 40s, 55 half moon bay and here is the wind from our east bay hills camera, the wind gusts are over 38 miles an hour. about 1700 feet. santa rosa up to 57 now, 48 in nova too, 48 in napa, mid-40s in lm. the forecast high calls for more sunshine, a nice afternoon. the next couple of days look dry and sunny. the gusty north bay winds throughout the day today until 5:00, rain comes back on wednesday into thanksgiving. and a look at the winds now all around the bay. notice just at the coast up to
8:18 am
22 miles an hour, calm in concord, livermore and it's the upper elevations, but still with the relative humidity at about 16%, it is bone dry so be careful. lots of bike riders up through mount tam and plenty of parks in sonoma for outdoor activity. with the wind gusts it's going to be very, very breezy. and the potential for spreading fires exists. low pressure with the rain and wind heading out of town. high pressure has built in so the gradient between the two stretching out a little more. that means less wind throughout day. here comes the next weathermaker. it's the rainmaker and will allow for rain coming in on wednesday and thanksgiving, too early to tell how much. and thinking about a half inch to 3/4 inch. winds today pretty light and pleasant out there with low 60s at stafford stadium. should be a beautiful day. the sun sets pretty early.
8:19 am
4:54. back around the bay, 65 in vallejo. 69 clear lake, 63 half moon bay. 64 in oakland. the seven-day forecast then, little change except the red flag warning will be dropped. frosty the next couple nights. rain wednesday, showers thanksgiving and ending friday, abc 7 news has another great resource to follow. on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions. plus get video forecasts, spare the air alerts, and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. still some winds. >> a wet thanksgiving. thanks, lisa. holidays, black friday is almost here. ahead, "7 on your side's" michael finney will reveal some
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tradition. check it out. macy's in union square with the help of san francisco spca unveiling the adoptable dogs and cats. dozens crowded around the macy's windows to see the cute critters and of course they are looking for homes.
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over nine years the windows help them raise more than $400,000 and find homes for 2300 animals and those animals will be hanging out at macy's until january 5. too cute. black friday is almost here. shoppers have a big advantage. michael finney tells us black friday is no longer a one-day event. >> this is the black friday scene. shoppers turning into all night campers intent on getting the blockbuster deal. >> it's the one day all year where the tables are turned and we aren't simply reacting at the last minute to marketing. >> that's brad wilson of brad's deals who scans the marketplace for bargains. we have an advantage. ads tell us who has what deals. this year not all stores open at once. >> here is a place to start. after 6:00 p.m. on thanksgiving best buy opens up with door
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busters like this. 55 inch lg flat television will be offered at half price. $499. >> that's the lowest price we've seen on a tv like that. >> beginning at 10:00 a.m. on friday, best buy will offer any mac book air computer for $150 off. or you can get one of these microsoft surface tablets for $199. a savings of $150. >> there will be probably between 700 to 900 people in line. >> here at toys are us doors open thanksgiving day offering deals that last four hours. this popular leap frog computer tablet will be sold at half price, $39.99 until 9:00 p.m. this dancing day will be half price at $24.99. other toys are us deals last through the weekend like this power wheels roadster. also half price, at $49.99.
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patrick gives the.not just one thumbs up but two. here at target we found a $299 camera that will sell for $99 over the weekend. and target regulars might like this deal. a new ipad air for $479, a $20 saving but it comes with a $100 target gift card. for the first time macy's will be open an thanksgiving. from 8:00 p.m. through the night. deals include the $200 five-piece luggage set for $49. this 11-piece cuisinart cookware at half price, $99. and these $129 cashmere sweaters, $39. all of these deals are offered while supplies last. walmart is changing even that. here customers in the store between 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. on thanksgiving day are guaranteed to get the door buster deals. if the store runs out they get a
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voucher. walmart promises to deliver the product before christmas day. >> it's a little funky that they are doing it all in this one hour. the fact that they are offsetting that with guaranteed availability is big time in our favor. >> some of the dealings ipad mini for $200. it comes with a gift card. if you shop there it's a big savings. >> that was michael finney reporting. the abc 7 saturday morning news continues at 8:30 with today's top stories including new this morning, a visit to the beach turns deadly. the the shark attack now under investigation down under. and new details on the hate crime investigation at a south bay university. the critical meeting set for the critical meeting set for mond a world of remarkable tastes comes together. rich, dark chocolate meets sweetened soft centers flavored with exotic fruit juices, like pomegranate, goji with raspberry, blueberry. and acai with blueberry.
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to those who've encountered evwelcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way. enroll today at welcome back everyone. we're coming up on 8:30. starting with a quick look at the weather. >> katie, looks calm behind you but the higher elevations over east bay hills this is our camera on top of bonner peak has a wind gust of 49 miles an hour. this is about 1700 feet. so at the surface it's not that
8:30 am
windy but higher elevations of the north bay have a red flag warning in effect until 5:00. 57 with wind, 42 by the delta with 44, in livermore and the south bay and the rest of the bay much calmer with sunny skies and mild conditions. low to mid-60s coastside. also around the bay breezy now at the coast. we'll be looking at northeasterly winds switching to a westerly component for the second half of the weekend. we're looking at rain. i'll have that in a few minutes. >> thank you. developing news, things are back to normal at l.a.x. at this hour after two terminals were evacuated and searched last night. this video shows police searching one terminal after receiving reports that someone fired a gun. in another terminal a caller reported seeing someone with a gun but both reports turned out to be false. police say the sound of an suv crash at a terminal and people screaming were mistakenly reported as a shooting incident.
8:31 am
the disruption delayed 40 flights and three inbound planes had to be diverted. in new york city a man was injured after getting hit in the head with a knife at jfk airport. it happened yesterday. officials say two men started fighting and one took out a knife, hit the other man in the forehead. the victim is expected to be okay. no one else was hurt. no word this morning on what led to that fight. and new this morning from australia, a surfer has been killed in a shark attack. it happened this morning off the coast of gracetown. police say the victim appears to be in his 20s, no word on the type of shark that was involved. beaches, though, are closed now to visitors. the area has been the site of three fatal shark attacks in the last decade. we're learning new detail this is morning about three white san jose state freshmen charged with hate crimes against their african-american roommate. campus police discovered other hate material in one of the rooms. david louie has the latest from san jose.
8:32 am
>> reporter: the hazing happened on the seventh floor of this dorm for engineering students, suite 704 occupied by three whites, one african-american. the police report says last week the victim returned and found a racial insult on a dry erase board. it was the n word. when a manager contacted police officers found nazi symbols in one of the bedrooms and learned of pranks targeting the victim. the victim told the campus police he felt safe in the suite but would stay in his bedroom most of the time. the suite has a common living and kitchen area with four bedrooms and two shared bathrooms. the police report details pranks such as hiding the victim's shoes t district attorney's office has charged the roommates with commission of a hate crime and battery. we confirmed one has surrendered. san jose state tells us four students have been suspend but they won't comment about fourth student.
8:33 am
the victim's parent yish ued a statement. our focus is his protection. we appreciate the out pouring of support. due to the sensitivity of the ongoing investigation we are requesting privacy. most students tell us the campus is diverse and inclusive. one student claims she was a victim of racial hazing. though she reported it she didn't think anyone was disciplined. >> one of them put dish soap in my juice, this was after us having meetings with the ras to address the situations going on so after that the solution was to move me to a different room. >> reporter: david louie, abc 7 news. >> the death of a teenager is prompting new legislation to regulate toy guns. democratic senator noreen evans announced the act yesterday in santa rosa.
8:34 am
the bill would amend california law to define what an imitation firearm is and what the toy guns must look like to differentiate them from real guns. the effort comes after 13-year-old andy lopez was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy. the deputy mistook the toy gun lopez was carrying for a actual ak-47 assault weapon. b.a.r.t.'s largest union says it's considering legal action against b.a.r.t. management. this after the b.a.r.t. board approved a new contract agreement without a family leave provision. the union called the move unprecedented and illegitimate. b.a.r.t. says the provision was mistakenly included in the contract. the bay area dependence on b.a.r.t., a computer problem shut down b.a.r.t. b.a.r.t. says a network upgrade caused the system to go offline. >> from southern california a man missing for several days is safe this morning.
8:35 am
police found darwin vela. on tuesday he left to walk his dog and never returned home but the dog came home along with a bloody leash. police are not saying what happened to vela if he was kidnapped. he does have some ties to hollywood celebrities, he was scheduled to testify earlier this week at a hearing for a man accused of burglarizing the home of actor nicolas cage's former girlfriend. >> in economic news, pitcher has laid off some of its staff. fewer than 60 people were let go due to the postponement of its next animated feature. pixar is owned by disney the parent company of abc 7. president obama says the economy is improving even if it's owe veer shadowed by gridlock and the messy rollout of his health care law. the president says jobs have been created t auto industry is
8:36 am
recovering and deficits are falling. he's trying to be up beat in the wake of his administration's failure to create a functioning health care website. >> our businesses have created 7.8 million new jobs in the past 44 months, another 200,000 americans went back to work last month. the american auto industry has come roaring back with more than 350,000 new jobs. jobs churning out and selling the high tech fuel efficient cars the world wants to buy. >> the republicans texas congressman mike burr guess says they should scrap obama care. he says some people who like their doctor may lose their doctor. president obama's coming back to the bay area. he will be in san francisco on monday. the president will visit the betty aung recreation center to push for immigration reform. the president has visited eight times in 2 1/2 years. stay with abc 7 for complete
8:37 am
coverage on monday. you can also get updates on twitter, follow us @abc 7 news bay area. >> tesla's ceo elon musk is charged up. the new vow he is making as the federal government looks into the safety of his model s sedan. console complications, microsoft's new x-box is so popular you can't find it but what some customers are finding is a problem with the new system. and let's take a live look outside right now. this is the view from our hd roof cam. it looks like a gorgeous day and it will be in san francisco. but it's not the case everywhere.
8:38 am
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welcome back. the ceo of palo alto electric car company tesla says he is confident his sedan will be cleared. in a new interview elon musk says he does not expect a recall. two battery fires occurred in two model s sedans in recent months. in both cases large pieces of metal pierced the underbody of the cars. he calls them extreme cases and added no one has been hurt in a model s crash. microsoft sold more than a million x-box consoles. sales started friday and sold
8:41 am
out at most retailers. some x-box owners have run into problems, a gaming blog reports some make a grinding noise when the system tries to read game discs. microsoft is not sure what is causing that. sounds like an early holiday for some. haven't had a piece of turkey yet. >> you know what, for turkey day we're looking at rain. more changes ahead in the forecast. right now here you can see the sunny skies, gusty winds north and east bay hills and red flag warning. >> also coming up, phones on plan planes. the fcc may allow passengers to to those to those who've worried... suffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california.
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welcome back. 8:44. traffic wide open at the bay bridge toll plaza as you would expect at this hour on a saturday. weather looks nice. it's pretty nice. lisa will fill you in. big changes could come to air travel. the fcc says it's considering allowing cell phone calls during flights once the flight hit 10,000 feet. the backlash has been quick and
8:45 am
negative. >> can you hear me now? >> that guy is annoying on the street. imagine if he was next to you on a plane. travelers can use their electronic devices from take off through landing. the friendly skies may get more noisy. the fcc is considering allowing cell phone calls on planes above 10,000 feet. the immediate reaction has been negative. >> the people are talking loud i think that might be distracting. >> some things are too personal and you don't want to know. >> flight attendants say no way. >> passengers have rejected that notion and flight attendants don't want that either. >> if the fcc decides to change the rules each airline could decide whether it will allow calls. for now many are worried about passenger backlash. jetblue and united say the discuss am tomers are largely opposed. delta, no voice calls. the calls will be through wi-fi. airlines would have to install special equipment to give off
8:46 am
the signal. passengers would likely pay a fee for the service. if you want to avoid the chatty kathy in row 10 pay for a seat in a quiet zone. >> passengers might not want the calls. if the airlines think they can make enough money off of this they might go ahead with the plan. >> even if the fcc approves the change it wouldn't take effect immediately. there will abpublic comment period that could take up to a year. for now enjoy the peace and quiet. >> i know i'm alluding to how gorgeous it looks. >> we still have a little breeze and gusts out there so sustained winds at 20 to 30 miles an hour in parts of the bay area with gusts over 49 miles an hour. that's way high up at about 1700 feet, our east bay hills. still we are dry enough and breezy enough for the national weather service to issue a red flag warning here for our friends in the north bay, it's going to last throughout the day.
8:47 am
we had the fire in sonoma and a look from mount tam you can see the breeze. 53, san francisco. with the breeze pretty mild out there. except along the peninsula, cool redwood city, south bay, in san jose at 43, higher elgagss, 59 half moon bay. this one is on bonner peak so high up and you can see the shaking of the camera, 57 santa rosa. the relative humidity barely at 20%. so you combine that with the gusty winds and we could have problems up here in the north bay throughout the rest of the afternoon. so, napa, nova too, you're in the highlighted area. 42 by the delta with 48 in concord. good morning, livermore. and emoryville, blue out there. it certainly is dry, though, and you'll feel that throughout the day today. the atmosphere tonight really
8:48 am
chilling off with the lighter winds and perhaps patchy frost in the north day. sunny and mild the next several days for those of you who like that. we're bringing the rain back wednesday and thursday. we'll take as much as we can get. so, some of the higher elevation winds from the north bay, 17-22 miles an hour for knoxville creek. i talked about the east bay hills. the south bay pretty calm. throughout the day today we are concerned with this area here with the winds still blowing and the downsloping winds making for one of the warmer locations up north in clear lake near 70 degrees. as low pressure is spreading the rain and the wind in southern california, high pressure allowing for the dry conditions the next several days, and we'll look for temperatures in the northern half of the state to be mild under the sunny skies. the rain is coming. los angeles, it's coming down for a while. also around palm springs and the
8:49 am
deserts of las vegas. so wednesday here comes the rain into thanksgiving day. it should be lightening up for some showers through the evening hours and then should be over by friday. at this point hard to pinpoint how much but we'll welcome it for sure. 64 in oakland today. look for 64 in livermore with numbers in the low 60s from palo alto. fairly uniform and tonight spencer is there for the tree lighting. 62 degrees. the seven-day forecast, little change on through tuesday. here comes a little bit of rain, thanksgiving looking sloppy. wednesday when people are out trying to get where they are going that could be a problem. >> dicey. get somewhere, stay there. and eat yourself silly. thanks, lisa. >> in sports, the big game is today. stanford versus cal t cardinal heavily favored. you never know what might happen.
8:50 am
and the warriors plagued by injuries. here is larry beil with morning sports. >> good morning everybody. stef curry sat out in l.a. and to make matter worse andre iguodala limped off. it looks bad. curry in street clothes in los angeles. still experiencing headaches after the concussion earlier in the week. even lakers flying. nick young for the throwdown. harrison barnes, andrew bogut, show and go. gasol puts bogut in the torture chamber. lakers by 9. ig igwadala can't walk. he could be out for a while. in the fourth nick young, the night of his life. off the steal. coast to coast. warriors drop their seventh straight to the lakers in l.a.,
8:51 am
102-95 and we'll see what the story is going forward. can cal, can they shock the world and upset stanford in the 116th edition of the big game. the cardinal listed as 32-point favorites going in. stanford won three straight big games. 1-10 on the year allowing 44 points per game. the question for stanford might be more emotional. can they get up for a cal team after having seen their rose bowl hopes vanish in the loss to usc? the bears still looking for their first elusive victory. but the agony after rough season will be wiped away if they can knock off the cardinal. >> this would be a way to end it on a positive note. it will be a challenge for us. our kids are excited. we have a great week of practice. we got to play well. >> incredible institutions that have great tradition and pride.
8:52 am
i paid attention to this game growing up and my entire career. it's a big game. it's what is great about college football. >> the energy around campus, both here and in berkley before the game is pretty unique. it's a great experience. probably one of the best rivalries in the country and it's an honor to represent stanford in that rifbleery. >> see if they can shock the world. college football today on abc 7. oregon versus arizona, then 5:00, baylor and oklahoma state. we'll be on after that with all of the highlights of the day's action and of course the big game. have a great weekend. i'm larry beil. >> prince harry has left for the other side of the equator. ahead, the good cause that has the fun loving royal
8:53 am
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welcome back. here are the winning numbers. 17, 23, 35, 36, 44, and the mega number 8. nobody got them so the jackpot up to $205 million. good luck. >> coming up you might need luck. britain's prince harry arrived yesterday to begin a 200-mile charity trek to the south pole. it involves wounded service men and women. henry is part of a team raising
8:56 am
money for the walking with the wounded. he is expected to reach the pole in mid december. wow. stay safe on that trip. countdown on to the american music awards. you might know him as pit bull rehearsing. tomorrow's show will include jennifer lopez, justin timberlake, lady gaga and miley cyrus to name a few. pit bull amping up for his adventure as the host. >> i never had a hosting job but i wake up and host the world every day so. the american music award, a room full of beautiful, sexy, sophisticated, powerful women. >> tomorrow night will also mark the network prime time debut of his latest hit and you can catch it here on abc 7 starting at 8:00 p.m. meanwhile, we got to keep track of this weather and the wind. >> yes. still a red flag warning up
8:57 am
until 5:00 for the north bay, the higher elevations, marin, sonoma, wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour in spots. over in the east bay there are gusty winds too. we've seen that fire in sonoma so some of those fires if they are initiated could spread quickly. 65 in vallejo. sunny skies and the winds easing up throughout the day today. tomorrow much of the same into monday and tuesday, then rain for wednesday, the busy travel day, thursday looking soggy as well. then drying out friday. >> be careful. have a great holiday. thanks, lee saxt thank you for joining us. at 12:30, tune in for college football, oregon versus arizona. and then abc 7 news continues at 4:00 p.m. then you've got baylor playing oklahoma state at 5:00 p.m., and that is followed by after the game with larry beil and mike shumann. around 8:30. have a great day.
8:58 am
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>> jack hanna's "wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide insurance. >> hi, everybody, i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo. and welcome to "wild countdown." ever since my first job as a vet's assistant, i've had a huge respect for veterinarians. do you think she's being good? >> she's being very good. >> i'd hate to see her if she was bad. they all h what if the patient is a 360-pound gorilla? >> oh, jack. >> the world's fastest land mammal? get out of here! or a herd of wild antelope? >> the problem is we must be fairly quick with what we do because of the horns. >> all that, plus my blooper of


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