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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 25, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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a scary situation unfolding for people in ala media. a shelter in place just lifted minutes ago following reports of people smelling gas. it's happening in the area of central area and mound street. >> pg&e is trying to figure out where the smell is coming from. officials found out it's all right for people to go outside again. our breaking news coverage continues now on twitter. follow us on abc7 news bay area. good afternoon, i'm
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dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. president obama's visit to the bay area. >> i need your help. >> okay. >> what i'd like to do... >> hecklers interrupting the push for immigration reform during his first stop in san francisco. >> we have live team coverage on the bay area visit and begin with abc7 news live at sfo. president obama is about to leave. leanne? >> reporter: that is right he's behind schedule. president obama arrived here from seattle, at around 10:30 this morning, greeted by california senator die bean the president greeted a number
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of selected people waiting for him. mr. obama wished them a happy thanksgiving. now, keep in mind 2014 mid term elections are approaching. the president is trying to raise money for the party. he will do the same in los angeles. that is next stop. one of the events take place at the home of basketball giant magic johnson. then, the president returns to washington on tuesday. before he does, of like i mentioned he will go to los angeles. one interesting thing is that about an hour ago someone from air force one came out with a box of trinkets and mem beala. they were selling items mainly glasses, beer glasses, coins for $ten a piece. i managed to, this is all i can
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afford. $five. but it does say air force one on it. if i can see it. i don't know if you can. it's a keeper. but the president is now delayed. he pointed out he did leave the location about five minutes ago. it will take about 15 minutes to get here, and we will be here. >> the first stop was a community center in china town named after betty ng, the flight attendant who died on september 11thth. >> the speech was interrupted, as you saw, by a heckler. vic lee is live with the story. >> reporter: some say the heckler stole the show, but did not minimize the reception the president got from a crowd of about 400 to 500 people. and betty ng's family members were
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here the president wanted to meet with them privately before the appearance. betty ng's niece sang the national anthem. >> i thought of my aunt betty the entire time. >> this rec center's name sake was a hero on september >> she was a flight attendant on american airlines flight . during the hijacking she picked up a crew phone and gave important details of the chaotic last moments. mr. obama's speech focused on immigration. the president said all too often the
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immigration debate centers south border. >> today more than one in four residents born outside of the united states came here from asian countries. >> reporter: a heckler interrupted the president's speech.. >> i need your help. >> that is what we're talking about here. that is why we're here. >> reporter: the heckler was an undocumented college student from south korea, asking mr. obama to use his executive pourers to stop deporting illegal immigrants. >> he said your sister was a hero and can d.a wonderful, brave job of doing what she did on the airplane. >> the family gave the president a personal letter thanking him for remembering her. >> that heckler is ju hong, he
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came to the u.s. 13 years ago. >> he says he wants the president to use his executive powers to stop deportations. >> this is very urgent. that is why this is the only venue i can speak out, i'm representing voices of others who cannot be here. >> the president stopped secret service agents who tried to remove him and others. he said he felt compelled to do so. >> the trip did cause massive congestion today. >> it did. we're going to talk to people who were not afloud and out of their neighborhood. >> this man is a good samaritan credited with saving a life after yesterday's raiders game. witnesses say the 61-year-old i tried to catch the woman when she jumped from the third deck
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the ve r marine corps veteran was hurt. the woman who jumped remains in critical condition. the alameda county sheriff believes she jumped from a closed section of the upper deck. other fans yelled to her, pleading not to jump. laura anthony tweeted this photo. he showed her the severe bruise suffered on his left arm when he tried to catch the falling woman. >> dozens of san jose state students marched for voices to be heard today. well, we'll get to that in just a moment. will raiders and a's stay in oakland? one thing is sure. teams will stay in the coliseum for the near future. the raiders lease extended for another year. members hope to use time to nail down a new stadium plan. that is still in the air this, allegra first time since moving back to oakland they've been on a year to year lease. >> now to that story out of san
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jose. students marched to be heard on campus. naacp met with the university. students say they haven't had enough input after four white students were accused of bullying a black student. today, the university president asked for them to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. >> somewhere in the process, our decision making failed. as part of this, i fail that had student. we failed all of our students. >> the four white students have been charged with hate crime and battery. santa clara county district attorney says charges are appropriate given the evidence. an independent expert will help determine how abuse went p on for week was out intervention. a giant tree that has been knocked down has become a real attraction. kids and grown ups
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have been climbing over that downed tree. now, there are no barriers. some climbed to the top of the giant root fall about 20 feet in the air. people are just amazed by the size of the huge eucalyptus. >> this is mother nature kind of ruling everything. it's -- it's a natural kind of sight seeing tourist attraction. >> we lived here seven years. and it's been here all of this time. it was a shock to see it down. >> look at how massive this tree was. a beautiful tree. it's estimated about 100 feet tall. it will be there for a bit longer. the city says there is no time line to haul it away. so people are enjoying it. a shame to see it fall. >> today and tomorrow both winter spare the air days meaning there is a ban on wood burning. your right. we have a bit of a haze around. you can
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see clear skies here. this is a look of the build up of particulate matter in the atmosphere. we have two consecutive spare the air days tomorrow. and moderate and medium at best, no wood burning is permitted. looking into the bay, temperatures 61 in san francisco. 59 oakland mid-60s in redwood city. another beautiful view over the city of san francisco from sutro tower, hazy and 63 now in santa rosa. one more live view from our high definition sfo camera. things looking great this, is a forecast we'll see mainly clear to partly cloudy skies. chillier in the morning. temperatures dropping into 30s but sunny, mild tomorrow afternoon. i'll have the accu-weather forecast
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coming up and the thanksgiving forecast, later. >> thank you. >> still ahead on abc7 news at 4:00 are you thinking of ditching your iphone for a android? >> first, an kid coming in to save. and a bay area product personalized in a test kit. >> taking a look at the mcarthur maze. you can see it's a little bit sticky. as you would expect this time of the day. >> taking a look at san francisco international airport, that is air force one waiting for the president who should be leaving
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a few minutes ago we told you about a raiders fan and veteran who tried to jump off the oakland coliseum. >> i wasn't positioning myself to do anything. i just happened to be standing there. and i even yelled up to her not to do it. >> you can see the bruises covering his arm. coming up at 5:00 donny going to talk about the price he paid for his heroic act but why he does not regret it. that is in a live report
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from laura anthony in less than one hour from now. >> well, hunger games two broke records and so did microsoft x box. >> yes. emily chang is here with this afternoon's after the bell report. hi, emily. >> good afternoon, dan, carolyn. great news for gaming industry. microsoft says it sold 1 million x box 1 consoles. the first updated x box in eight years went on sale friday morning at midnight. a week after play station four hit shelves, matching the total number sold the first day. apple agreed to buy prime send, a company making motion tracking chip technology. accord toing a person familiar with the deal, apple is paying $350 million for the technology. it gives abilities to detect movement and objects. uber trying to get new
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drivers on the road, partnering with auto makers like toyota and general motors to redues car payments and says it will start offering discounted financing or leasing options for people who sign up as uber drivers in six fastest growing markets. energy shares dropped following an agreement of iran to lower its nuclear program. your silicon valley indid yous closed higher today, hunger games two, catching fire caught fire at the box office this weekend. raking in $161 million. that is the biggest november movie opening of all time. the blockbuster grossed into $146 millions overseas. from bloomberg studios, i'm emily chang, dan, carolyn, back to you. >> thank you. he may be ceo of an internet giant but eric schmidt is also a how to kind of
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die, detailing how he recommends users go about switching from an iphone to an android he says many iphone friends are converting to android. it's a google product. schmidt says android users will never switch back, either. among reasons to make the switch, more options, better screens and points out a faster interface. >> not that he's not biassed. >> right. right. let's talk about the weather forecast. gorgeous monday. >> yes. are we looking at showers wednesday? >> there is a once you go doppler you never go back. we've got clear skies right now. jumping to this part of the country, along gulf coast
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here it's been a stormy afternoon. start the fblth at 7:00 this evening, this massive stormy weather going to push tomorrow up into southeastern states, georgia, alabama, and then approaching wednesday into mid atlantic states and into the northeast we'll get rainfall out of the storm on wednesday and snow inland behind that storm. into late wednesday and thursday, there could be travel delays. back to bay area now, looking live at western skies, clear and chilly tonight. a chance of rain for thanksgiving. looking at what is coming our way, one frontal system head of that we have a few high clouds
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moving in tomorrow and wednesday. no rain expected from those crowds clouds. wednesday moving up from the south. by thursday morning rain south of us down around monterey bay. we do expect this to be a brief rain event. overnight tonight, mainly clear skies. chilly inland. tomorrow, mainly sunny skies and no wood burning. highs low to mid-60s here allegra accu-weather forecast. gets cloudier late wednesday. chance of rain clearing out friday and sunny and happy thanksgiving. >> yes. keep your umbrella
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handy. >> thank you. >> coming up at 4:30 banding together. amazing support a group of boys showed for a class mate who was getting picked on. but first... pit bull calls on bat k
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today, bat kid took over time square. this time, pit bull needed his help the 5-year-old helped save the day once again. bat kid to the rescue. pit bull wooz freed just in time to perform on "good morning america" thanks to miles who got a special mention from the president today during the president's stop in san francisco. >> no more super villain because
4:24 pm
bat kid cleaned up the streets. love bat kid. >> president obama hoping to meet the young caped crusader but miles was already booked in new york. bat kid's adventures are getting a lot of attention on our facebook page. a thousand likes and counting and you can take a look at adventures just go to slash abc7 news. >> bat kid allegra bomb. >> he is >> so cool. >> tonight allegra start of a two-night finale of "dancing with the stars ". four couples vying for the mirror ball trophy. first, sfo, president obama is just walking up the steps to air force one. >> he was in seattle today and he will fly next to southern california he will turn here, no doubt and wave. there he goes. preparing
4:25 pm
to leave sfo. >> we'll have more coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. >> tonight beginning at two-night finale with" dancing with the stars ". we have a look at how the finalists stack up. >> we have something very, very special. if we do the right thing with idea we have, i think it can be spectacular. i do. i think it can be something that will be memorable and that -- am excited. >> it's something she'll look good doing. i feel that there is no need to make them feel uncomfortable. and it's never been done before. >> we're keeping it classy like
4:26 pm
san diego. >> it will be a fun idea we're going to go there. like a full scene. so now, i can see head. iet was unexpected so i do feel pressure to go i've got to choreograph this best that i can choreograph. we have amazing ideas and i really want it to be one of the shows, something, fantastic. >> i'm loving every minute of this. >> just ahead a federal warning against a local health testing company. >> a silicon valley analysis company been ordered to stop
4:27 pm
selling dna testing kids. why the fda is concerned. >> criticism over the report on the sandy hook elementary school shootings. then, later... >> whatever that misunderstanding is, we'll be resolved. >> an international crisis for the family of a man being held in north korea what. they say it's great having at&t u-verse high speed internet. walter likes to download fix-it videos... and watch "boardwalk empire." it helps sam with math... [ beeping ] ...and online gaming. and suze loves her smartphone for "social" studies... hi, sara. [ male announcer ] call to get the fastest internet for the price -- $14.95 a month for 12 months with a 1-year price guarantee. on our newly expanded advanced digital network, get more connectivity, reliability and speed options -- now up to 45 megs. we have our own private wi-fi hot spot -- right here. getting connected is no problem -- even all at the same time.
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showing you a live picture at sfo. air force one getting ready to leave the bay area, bound for southern california next. >> you can see it's taxiing out of sfo now. he did have several fund raising stops and saw a number of protestors along the way. >> yes. gave a speech on immigration reform and was heckled but did not have that person removed. now, the president just wrapped up a short visit to san francisco. you can see that live picture of air force one taxiing for takeoff to l.a. he made three stops in just over five hours. his last is in pacific heights. >> hosted by the founder of sales that is where
4:31 pm
wayne freedman is for us now. wayne? >> we're going to stay with this because we want to you see air force one take off and fly away z head to southern california where the president on board. so we'll stick with this and again, he made three stops here in the bay area before this, he was in seattle. and now, the was upset over the president's efforts, lack therefore with respect to immigration reforms. he was a student from san jose state in the country for 13 years, illegally, but said the president must do something to stop deportations, now. >> let's go live to wayne freedman. wayne? >> reporter: it's over now. somewhere you know, we can't see these events. they keep us off in a distance. that is what
4:32 pm
happened in this case. down that way about a block, a fund raider. by 11:00 this morning, secret service was in place aided by legions of san francisco police, they cordoned after the areas around and behind that home. it was $30,000 a plate, one no camera, no public comments. maybe you'll get a picture taken with the president kind of events wex saw no protestors here there, was hardly anyone from the general public here. there were neighbors who actually did not know what was going on. >> this this, the >> are you going to around now to see him? >> no. very to get back to work.
4:33 pm
>> the president was here roughly two hours, left an hour behind schedule and went to san francisco international airport. it was covered with police coming and going. you should have seen the motorcade. cars filled with very serious looking people. take a look at twitter feed. a good sense of what happened. wayne freedman abc7 news. >> thank you, wayne. >> about 200 protestors rallied around the appearance at the jazz center today. the message they're trying to get across is coming up in a live report on abc7 news at 5:00. a high profile appearance by caroline kennedy, new u.s. ambassador to
4:34 pm
japan. this ten days after her arrival in japan. she september a low profile with her arrival which coincided with the assassination of her father. >> mountain view based 23 and me is? n.trouble with the fda. we profiled 23 and me earlier this month. the number of people when purchased the test kits had grown to half a million users after the company lowered the price to $99. heather? >> reporter: 23 and plea mooe has serious financial backing from google the ceo is google founder's wife. it's expanded offerings dramatically over the six years since it launched. and now, fda
4:35 pm
is ordered it to slow down, and catch up with the requirements. 23 and me web site promises health reports on 240 health conditions and traits direct to you for $99. today the fda made public a letter sent to 23 and me friday ordering to stop marketing the personal genome service because it does not have fda clearance or approval the question is it a consumer product or a medical device? christina far covers health for venture beat web site. >> if it's a medical device it means to be approveed and go through regulation processes and studies. >> the service claims kit assess risks for serious diseases the fda worries false positives are as dangerous as false negatives saying it's concerned about health consequences of inaccurate results and main
4:36 pm
purpose of compliance with the requirements to ensure tests work. the fda thinks the service falls under medical device category. because consumers can act on the results as a diagnosis. >> patients don't know how to interpret results and don't understand it's going to signify risk. >> 23 and me issued a statement saying in part we recognize we have not met the fda expectations regarding time line and communications regarding our submission. our relationship with the fda is extremely important to us and we're committed to fully engaging with them to address concerns. the company has 15 days to satisfy demands, one possible scenario is that it could end hashing it out in the courtroom. a report on the sandy hook
4:37 pm
massacre indicates no motive for the attack and reveals it took police nearly six minutes to enter the school after the shooting was first reported. that report found the gunman was obsessed with the 1999 columbine high school assault. he had mental issues that affected his ability to live a normal live and interact with others but how those issues contributed to the shootings is still unclear to investigators. the report says there is no clear indication why lanza chose sandy hook elementary other than it was close to home. 20 students and six adults were killed in that mass why ker that took place december 14th of last year the report does not contain the full evidence file from the police, which is drawing criticism of the secrecy surrounding the investigation. >> still ahead at 4:00 the government's big announcement about popular diabetes drug
4:38 pm
evandia. >> a woman's work with a classic toy is drawing more attention than her regular art work. >> i'm spencer christian. looking at the western sky, mainly sunny and a little bit hazy. what is coming our way for thanksgiving? the accu-weather forecast is coming up in just a moment. >> taking a look at traffic right now, this is walnut creek. interstate 680. you can see northbound traffic. headlights coming towards us are heavy now.
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>> this story might inspire to you put a toy on your holiday shopping list. >> yes. cary johns makes a living doing landscapes however, her masterpieces are not created by a paint brush but twisting two of white knobs on an etch-a-sketch. >> check this out. this is a toy she used to play with as a kid. >> i needed something to keep me busy. i just started drawing on it. i, everybody was impressed. you have to treat it as a piece of art. you can't, you have to leave it straight up. you can't drop it you have to be careful with it. because if you break it, it's done. >> as you can imagine it's pain staking. she's done 2, 3 per
4:42 pm
year but says she'd like to do more. i had an etch-a-stretch as a kid . >> i hid a fire truck that looked like a horse. >> there you go. here is a live doppler seven hd. mainly sunny skies right now. thin, high clouds moving through the bay area, tomorrow, national weather picture nice, sunny over western half of the nation but stormy weather in the east going to be sliding up the coast. so bear that in mind. state wide, sunny, calm conditions and high clouds moving through the state. it will be mild with highs into 60s and 70s in the southern part of the state. bay area will see movement of high clouds throughout the sky tomorrow, tomorrow, declining air quality but mainly sunny and a little bit hazy. and market street,
4:43 pm
annual of the lighting of the snowflakes on market street. and about 60 degrees at 4:00 p.m . i'll be there as mc with other local officials. we'll be joined by dancing snowflakes from san francisco ballet school. it's going to be clear, cool and pleasant. >> very cool. >> thank you. >> still head at 4:00 boys respond to a company suing them over a song. >> i'm michael finney. electronics are probably on your holiday shopping list. there is not on yours, someone you know. so, i team up with
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tonight the beasty boys issued an open letter to a company that used one of their songs that has now gone viral. >> we showed thu video from goldie blocks last week, reworking the words to the hit" girls ". it's sounder encourages young girls for engineering careers. goldie blocks filed a lawsuit claiming it had the right because it's a parody. here is part of the beasty boys letter whchlt trying to ask how and why our song" girls "had been used with without our permission, you sued us the beasty boys say they support empower young girls but does not permit the music to be used in
4:48 pm
advertising. >> fda loosened restrictions on the diabetes drug avandia after an analysis showed the drug increased the risk of serious heart problems but a study by glaxo smith klein showed no elevated risk. right now just 3,000 people use avandia compared to 120,000 before restricks were put into place. >> and coming up at 11:00, getting new breast cancer drugs approved much more quickly. how bay area researchers are making it happen, and what could be in store for the future. >> this is touching. a show of support for 6-year-old danny keith perhaps the most dapper kind gardener. he was born with a speech disorder called
4:49 pm
apraxia. a group of football players decided to dress up like danny the water boy for the team. >> we heard danny was getting picked on. we thought that we'd have a day to dress up like danny. and we thought we'd come to school like danny and for danny to show danny we love him. that we love him very much. >> wow. that support overwhelmed kids, as you heard and danny's parents. his dad said just the fact other children are looking out for him left him speechless. >> that leaves all of us speechless. >> really nice children there. >> holiday shopping is underway. and electronics are certain to be a hot item. >> so you want to know where to score the best deals? consumer reports has the results. >> to find the best places to
4:50 pm
shop, consumer reports surveyed 21,000 subscribers. can telling where to buy everything from a tablet to a big screen tv. if you're looking for a new tv should you shop at a big store like costco or an independent store? >> your local independent stores tend to have a good selection prof ducts and tend to have high quality production. >> customer service at independent stores is often top notch. costco topped ratings in one category. >> they're cheaper. >> price is excellent. >> and a generous return policy for electronics. >> what you should be aware of is that you do have to pay for a membership. also, their customer service leaves a little to be desired oochl among all stores walmart came in at the bottom,
4:51 pm
getting low marks for customer service and selection, though customers were generally satisfied if you want to let your fingers do the shopping there is good news. consumer reports found web sites outdid walk in stores for quality selection and price. bh photo and among standouts. crutchfield ranked high for customer service. >> it's easy to get in touch if you have questions you can call them directly. or e mail them. or open a live chat window. >> there are no long check outlines to keep you waiting. another tip from consumer reports. whether in a store or onlierng pays to ask for a better deal the survey showed shopper who's bargained were successful most of the time. >> interesting. >> yes. >> thank you. >> sure. >> coming up next a change for a month. >> the family of a man being held in north korea is concerned
4:52 pm
about his health. >> i'm cheryl jennings. coming up at 5:00 she decided to let go. >> he was there to try to save sxher a raiders fan gets love from his favorite time team. and birth control warnings contraception may not work for certain women. we'll have those
4:53 pm
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to thoseworried...ited... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at first responders in new york will be reviewing policies. a hunter became trapped in the iriquois national reserve. four rescuers became trapped as well, one fell through the ice. and the hunter and two firefighters were pulled to safety the rest had to be brought to
4:56 pm
safety by a cold water rescue team. >> the wife and son of a palo alto man held in north korea are making a desperate plea to bring him home for the holidays the korean war veteran merrill newman has been detained now for a month. we have the story. >> reporter: the face of a veteran now held captive. merrill newman's son describes the moment his dad was taken. >> they checked out of the hotel gone to the airport. boarded the plane. and we understand were five minutes from taking off. when a korean official came aboard asked to see his passport. he'd been there ever since >> for the 85-year-old grandfather his hope was to return to the land where he fought as an officer years ago. but why taken off the plane?
4:57 pm
where is he being held? his wife lee is certain it's a huge misunderstanding. >> we hope whatever that misunderstanding is we'll be resolved. very quickly. and that he can return and be at our table for the holidays. >> reporter: i've been to north korea five times but never awill youed to walk freely down the street trail by the someone from the government. merrill newman's son wonders if he was confused with someone else. >> he was three years ago in south korea. but never been to north korea. he wanted to go back. he had a great respect for the people. a keen interest in the culture. >> the family is also very concerned about newman's health sde have a hafrt condition and ran out of prescription medication. more was provided to
4:58 pm
the swedish ambassador but family is not sure if it reached him. thanks for joining us for abc7 news at 4:00 the news at 5:00 begins right now with dan and cheryl. >> in san francisco, a young man challenges president obama. what the president did that had everyone applauding. plus... >> a hero at the raider game who risked his life to save a stranger. >> i'm sandhya patel. live on the roof of the kgotv broadcast center tracking the possibility of rain this week. and holiday
4:59 pm
plans coming up. >> we will live up importantly we'll live up to our character as a nation. >> interrupting the president. president obama gets heckled over immigration reform, the issue he came to talk about in san francisco. good evening. >> the president spoke to push congress to pass immigration reform. he says current system is unfair, providing no solution to 11 million people live hearing. >> some heckler shouted at the president to stop splitting up families with deportations. >> you have the power. >> i don't. that is why we're here. >> no. nochlt he can stay there. let me -- hold on a second. >> easy way out is to try to yell and pretend like i can do something. by vile yath our
5:00 pm
laws. and what i'm proposing is harder path. which is use our democratic processes to achieve the goal you want to achieve. >> you can see the president received cheers for the way he handled the heckler. who is this young man? for that part of the story let's go to vic lee live at the betty ng community center. quite a moment. >> reporter: well, dan, there are a half dozen protestors standing with the heckler behind the president of the. he was speaking and they call themselves dreamers they're supporters of the dream act. that is a bill that was first proposed about a dozen years ago which gives conditional residency to certain immigrants if they fulfilled certain requirements like schooling. >> i ne


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