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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 25, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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laws. and what i'm proposing is harder path. which is use our democratic processes to achieve the goal you want to achieve. >> you can see the president received cheers for the way he handled the heckler. who is this young man? for that part of the story let's go to vic lee live at the betty ng community center. quite a moment. >> reporter: well, dan, there are a half dozen protestors standing with the heckler behind the president of the. he was speaking and they call themselves dreamers they're supporters of the dream act. that is a bill that was first proposed about a dozen years ago which gives conditional residency to certain immigrants if they fulfilled certain requirements like schooling. >> i need your help.
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>> the heckler is a student at san francisco state and an undocumented immigrant from south korea. he became disappointed when the president failed to mention anything about the plight of illegal immigrants. >> 1.8 million undocument immigrant family members are, have deported and 1,000 are facing deportation every day. >> he feels it's an urgent issue. and the president can stop the deportation by executive power. >> he can do it but he doesn't have sympathy towards undocumented workers. if he does, he'll stop deportation right now. >> he was a student at uc
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berkeley. he's an activist. about four years ago he took a step and came out as undocumented on you tube. his dream to go to law school and become an immigration lawyer. but the status is in limbo. >> thank you. >> the president headlined a fund-raiser at san francisco jazz center today. enthusism has been lacking a little bit. carolyn? >> the president's last trip to the bay area was back in june and he hit a rough patch, he can count on support francisco. it doesn't matter to these folks president obama's popularity is sinking. >> to me, it's worth it z this
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is passing down to my children and grandchildren. i shook the sxhand took a picture with the first african american president ever elected >> tickets were $1,000 to $15,000 but organizers cut the lowest price to $500 aclairing claire to attend. >> some of us can't afford 1500 or $2,000 this, is a stretch. but i'm very proud and have been a big supporter. >> this allegra president's ninth fund raising trip in the past two and a half years. if he pulls in money for democratic national committee, this gives protestors visibility. >> several dozen gathered from canada to texas. some shouting
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through megaphones. >> it's a choichls you wnt healthy profits for the top? and stockholders or a healthy citizenry and environment? >> inside the president saying the web site will be fixed and attacked obstructionists. supporters say what they got for their money was worth it. >> inspiration. validating hard work that i have put into make being sure right people under option. >> the demonstrators included code pink against the use of drones. during his speech, the president said that is par for course in san francisco.
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>> president visit put a crimp in tourist plans. service shut down several hours the president left about 35 minutes ago, he boarded air force one at 4:25. he's on the way to los angeles for more fund raising, attending one event at the home of magic johnson and two more tomorrow. money is raising will go to help other democratic candidates a big time oakland raiders fan being celebrated as a here yes tonight he risked his life after athe game to save a stranger. live with this amazing story. >> it is. he is resting at home
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and felt well enough to have a visit from the raiders organization. he says he's just trying to dot right thing. >> this stockton man who tried to catch a woman at the stadium told abc7 news he'd do it again. >> i braced my stoefl catch her. and i was hoping i can lock my arms around her to absorb impact with me buchlt she hit and she bounced off. >> the 61-year-old ended up with severe bruising but no serious injuries when the young woman he tried to catch landed knees first into his arm, sending both to the pavement. >> she did bounce
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he is very concerned about her, he wants to know how she is. he's, his major concern is her. >> just 15 minutes after the raider game, a vietnam war veteran and raiders season ticket holder were walking outside on a concourse. they saw the woman, 45 feet above. >> i'm not a hero. i don't wear a batman suit or superman, these, you know these characters i just reacted the way i did. >> despite efforts, the young woman still sustained a serious head injury, remaining in critical condition at highland hospital. >> amazing story. >> there are several new developments tonight in a hate crime case in san jess yeah state the president of the university is accepting full responsibility saying by failing to recognize the gravity of the behavior, we
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failed him, i failed him. that is not enough to satisfy angry students and naacp. four white students have been suspended, three charged with misdemeanor battery hate crimes. >> reporter: african american students and their supporters are not happy with the university president saying he's been ignoring them for months about growing problems more than 100 students lined up near the dorm where the black student was tormented wore tape to protest how the university doesn't listen to them. some raised their fists to mirror the stat use behind them in protest at the 1968 mexico city games. san jose state president welcomed more dialogue with students. >> we need to have more communication was our students. last night we had a good, great communication with some of our students i hope that will be the beginning of more discussions.
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we'll have. he left before hearing student leader complain they'd been trying to warn him. >> last semester we were trying our hardest to let you know something was terribly wrong with the experience african american students are having at san jose state. but did you not want to hear us. >> for charging with misdemeanor battery and hate crimes. >> this is a deeply disturbing outrageous case and must be properly prosecuted as a felony in order to enforce hate crime victim rights. >> responding with a statement, quote, we understand outrage of those calling for stiffer charges in this case charges are not a reflection of the degree of the racism. a charges are a reflection of the conduct. a san jess yeah woman brought her two young grandchildren. >> something should have been done a long time ago. school
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started in august. just now they're taking care of the situation. >> the university plans an independent investigation. in san jose, abc7 news. >> american indian tribes meeting in san francisco taking aim at team mascots. the gathering brought together tribes are from several western states. it's organized by american indian movement. the group scored a victory last week when vallejo high school was forced to change it's apache name and mascot. next target allegra s.going to be harder. washington redskins owner resisted calls to change the team and mascot. >> these mascots dress up in traditional sacred article of clothing of indian people and run around like they're crazy when someone scores a touchdown. >> the american indian movement plans to use civil rights laws to make changes.
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>> just ahead, derailed california's bullet train hits a speed bump. why the project is now stuck in neutral. >> plus, pan doera's genetic box. a company defies the government after being told to stop what it's doing. birth control warning a couldn't septemberive that may not work for some women. >> shopping online without paying sales tax? that story when
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firefighters not only put out this fire, but they saved a dog from a burning home in campbell. police provided the video after breaking out this morning. nobody was hurt. california high speed rail project hit a road block when the judge stopped a sale of bonds to finance the first bullet train. voter as proved
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proposition one a in 2008 to sell $10 billion in bonds a sacramento judge ruled the rail authority did not comply with certain pro visions the same judge ordered state to redo it's entire $68 billion funding plan for the construction can continue. and that take months and possibly years. >> the fda is ordering a mountain view-based company to stop selling it's testing kits. 23 and me promises health properties on more than 240 health conditions but fda claims the company failed to show technology is supported by science and not fda cleared. regulators worry false results could lead to unnecessary medical care. this is video the company issued a statement saying it's relationship with the fda is important, and 23 and me says it's committed to addressing the concerns. maker of the european
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version of the plan b morning after pill says it's not always effective for women over 165 pounds and doesn't work for women weighing more than 176 pounds. recommended they use iuds instead a new warning will be added to pill packages the european version is identical to the major morning after pill sold in the united states like plan b one step. and not known if the u.s. makers will change labeling as they're doing in europe. one more health note before moving on at 11:00 on abc7 news, a bay area company's trail blazing new method to treat breast cancer and the critical drug given before surgery instead of after. >> john f kennedy high school is in mourning after a beloved coach died trying to help others he spent 25 years coaching football, and serving as kennedy
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athletic director. a car hit and killed him saturday morning. the patrol says webb was trying to direct drivers around an accident. webb influenced countless students. >> we're the smallest school in fremont. he'd say we're a smaller school but you play with a big heart. that was the mess yanl. hard but got everything he taught us you know? so real now. we're older, we can see it. >> a candle light vigil takes place at 6:00 tomorrow evening. >> friends and strangers teamed up to raise $25,000 for a teacher known for his generosity. jeff loving lost his wife to dance cancer this month the two had four children, adopted from ethiopia. two former students want to help out. so they set up a go fund me page. it's been online five days and just passed $25,000 minutes
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ago. we have a link to the go fund me page at abc7 if you'd like to help this. >> got to love those students. holiday weekend is here tips on smart shopping. this holiday season. this allegra question i'm going start w national retail federation says it will spend $160 on gift cards, an increase of 4% over last year. popularity of gift cards dipped between 2008 and 2010. that is where shoppers can find great deals on just about everything. when buying gift cards be sure to compare the cost of
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bank-issued cards store cards usually have additional costs attached. excuse me do, not have additional costs attached to them. now, 51% of us say we'll participate with black friday. black friday, as you probably know is more of a week than a single day. it begins with thanksgiving thursday, then black friday, small business saturday, and cyber monday the only day missing is sunday. a reshow some of the best deals will be on sunday if crowds seem too much, you can save between 8% and 10% by shopping online with an out of state web site. they can collect california sales but but have no obligation. here is a warning you often don't hear. have you the obligation to turn tax money over to the state. so there is a chance. probably a small one, california tax collectors could track you down ask demand
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payment this, allegra time of the year we want our homes perfect for family gatherings for many of us that means getting carpets clean. it's not cheap. be care whfl picking a company starting with understanding ads when they advertise a price per room. kevin with bay area consumer check book just rated carpet cleaners. >> you nied to be careful what they consider a room. it's probably different than what you consider a room. if you have an l-shaped room they're going to consider that two rooms hallway, another room, stairs $seven each. >> consumer check book says a good way to measure area, count stairs and call and ask for a phone estimate. very a link to bay area consumer check book on our web site. normally costs but you can check out the carpet cleaning for free. >> excellent. >> i want to point out this beautiful picture behind us. >> thank you.
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>> that is great. >> absolutely gorgeous we'll talk about the weather forecast. >> sandhya patel is on the roof with a jacket on, right? >> yes. that picture is amazing. look at this picture behind me. another stunning back drop. we're going to see possibility of rain. but things are changing. live doppler seven not watching rain now. here allegra view with the bay. then, a gorgeous shot of the bay bridge. air quality is suffering. and wood burning. you might want to turn up the heat tonight. it's going to be chilly. lovely view of clouds passing through. 59 in san francisco. 57 oakland. 58
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san jose. temperatures low to upper 60s look at this shot. from our camera, this is after glow of setting sun. cooling off. 51 napa. fog not a problem. but we're going to be watching for the future as well. so chilly overnight tonight. high clouds expected. and high pressure just going to keep us dry next couple days but you'll see clouds passing through. then, we'll watch for a chance of rain on thanksgiving. this is a system isn't going to be a heavy soaker. it may inconvenience some of you. light rain chance enters thursday
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morn, thanksgiving morning. best chance in the south bay. but can't rule it out. as you look across southeast, tracking national weather picture, a storm system could cause problems. heavy rain expected, some freezing rain along eastern seaboard. snow and freezing rain f you're going up to, out to washington, new york, boston, keep m mind this could be problematic. tomorrow morning make sure you dress warmly. high clouds filter sun tomorrow, temperatures low to mid-60s a check of the accu-weather forecast cold morning. wednesday, dry. thursday morning we're watching thanksgiving
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morning. nice weather for black friday. rest of the weekend going to be dry and comfortable. we're live from the roof of the kgotv broadcast center. so, weather is changing in favor of travellers. at least locally for time being. >> that is good and thank you. >> just ahead, silent night how owls can lead to new secrets about being stealthy. >> why you should not only be concerned about the stove but what is above
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with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. a series of blasts brings down a highway overpass the demolition part of a project in the downtown area. this city is getting ready to post 2016
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olympics. >> in indonesia a volcano forced evacuation of 1500 people. a series of eruptions. people were seen running away. airlines have been rerouted to avoid the mountain in north sumatra provence. and brought their umbrellas. a team of engineers looking to owls to help design wind turbine asks submarines they believe they have traits making them stealthy and quiet. wings have stiff feathers along the edge, flexible fringe. this
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apparently reduces vibration to almost nothing during flight. engineers want to develop quieter products. >> neat idea. >> interesting. >> coming up next, hustle and bustle. >> well, it's not thanksgiving just yet but there is a lot of
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sd ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at >> coming up at 6:00 typhoon high yawn's impact on a fragile environment. also, attention holiday shoppers. michael finney breaks down the rules on rain checks and popular chain that
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was the target of some residents. it's coming up in half an hour on abc7 news at 6:00. >> thank you. >> hundreds of volunteers will brighten thanksgiving for family as cross the south bay. >> sacred heart community service began a thanksgiving food box give away. >> each contains either a turkey or a ham with staples. charities help feed families all year long, and not just during holidays. >> they say the economy is recovering but we see the same need rents in san jose rising 10%. so we see that need all year long. >> they need turkeys. >> you can help them by donating online. find a link on our web site. >> that is going to do it for
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us. >> thanksgiving follow us on twitter. for welcome to "world news." tonight triple threat, snow, rain and wind sweep across the country, 2 million miles of frozen road. hundreds of flights already cancelled. the winter blast threatening holiday travel plans for 43 million americans. mind of a mad man, the new report and new images tonight from inside the home of the sandy hook shooter, what investigators have learned about the killer. and -- >> i'm packing. >> for the first time that pint-sized crusader tells how he became america's tiniest hero. good evening. diane is off tonight and we begin with that killer storm moving across the country right now, c


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