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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  November 26, 2013 1:05am-1:41am PST

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industrial freezer. but even that was not as deep as the time two years ago when he plunged into the waters of the arctic preparing for a trip to the north pole. jumping in with him, our own bob woodrow. >> was i insane to do that? >> you tell me. >> prince harry had to pull out of the north pole expedition for family obligations, the wedding of his brother. now harry is leaping at the chance for another polar expetition. >> me and my big mouth. there is no way i could have dropped out of this. >> the antarctic conditions are notoriously harsh but prince harry with held some of the details. >> my father was a little concerned. i tried to keep him calm by saying the north pole was the
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dangerous one because that is a frozen ocean. but, you should be able to take care of yourself. >> heading out into the wild, harry offered up a parting shot at his brother, prince william, who has been busy changing diapers for his young son. >> my brother? he's just quite jealous that i managed to get away from the screaming child. >> i would love to see the look on his big brother's face when he hears those comments. thank you for watching and tune in to gma in the
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because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right.
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from ornaments to ottomans, memories are made with ikea.
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>> where are the bodies? he killed 6 women and was sentenced to death. in an exclusive jail house interview serial killer joseph meso sits down tonight with the i team dan noyes. good evening. >> this evening abc 7 news i team just got the first interview with serial killer joe mays 0. >> sentenced to defendant row for killing 6 women in the late 1970's to mid 90's and dan is back from the marin county jail with the remarkable story. >> i have been working on meso for the past 2 years. each mailing him. seeing him in court app person at the jail. my aim all along was to get him to reveal the location of more women he's suspected of killin killing. family key serve closure. -- deserve closure. i met convicted serial killer joe mays 0this evening at marin county jill three days after judge sentenced him to death row. >> i'm very annoyed. i'm angry. i don't feel i should have been arrested. >>reporter: prosecution presented evidence that meso
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killed 6 women in marin, contra costa county and nevada county and jury convicted him. yet meso maintenance his innocence. >> because they haven't proven their case against me. >> they proved their case you are convicted. >> no. >> jury of your peers concluded that you are guilty. >> the jury found me guilty. >> they proved it. >> but not from these charges. >>reporter: he wanted me to see the nice picture he took during the career as photographer. but in safe deposit box investigators found photographs of several of his victims who appeared to be dead. and in his reno home they found meso own writings that tied him to the crimes including a list of 10. when investigators believe is a dump list of where he put the body. what was the reason for the list. what did the list mean. >> that's good question i was expecting that. that i have to reserve for my appeal. >>reporter: oh, come on joe. you are kidding me right. i wanted to know about the 4 entry on the list that remain unsolved. in meso words girl near healdsburg mendocino
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county. girl on mount tam. girl from miami near down peninsula. girl from berkeley. who are those women? >> you tell me. >>reporter: i don't know. >> you tell me then i tell you. i don't know. >>reporter: you are still playing games. >> ask the prosecution ask the judge i don't know. >>reporter: meso appears to be wholly unaffected by the death sentence and crimes convicted. brutal decade long run as serial killer. when you look in the mirror can you live with yourself. >> absolutely. hi joe. >>reporter: you are okay with that. >> ya. i'm okay with who i am. i'm not i got no regrets. >>reporter: no matter which way i came at him meso stuck to story he never killed anyone. he said maybe see me at san quentin some day. hope he comes clean about the other victims that may out there. tomorrow at 6 watch as i take meso step by step through all the evidence. >> as you said the jury found him guilty.
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>> absolutely. >> thank you dan. >> well the raiders are showing their appreciation for a fan creditd with saving a woman's life after she jumped from the top deck of the coliseum. 61-year-old don navidad had severe bruising when the woman he destroyed catch last night landed knees first into his arms and chest. raiders sent contingent to his home today including legendary defensive back will brown who brought thank you gifts. navidad act of heroism happened last tonight as fans were living the raiders game. >> i braced myself to catch he her. i was hoping i could i can when i caught her lock my arms around her so she could absorb the impact with me. but unfortunately sht and she hit ae bounced off. >>reporter: that young woman jumped 45 feet. she did suffer a serious head injury. she's in critical condition tonight. >> breaking news. motorcycle
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list dead after crashing head on with a car in the tunnel. heading south on highway 1 at 9 tonight when the vehicle collided. person in the car was not injured. highway 1 shut down for nearly 2 hours. did reopen just about 15 minutes ago. >> bay family utterly shattered tonight by a terrible loss. eager brit young toddler named alike a killed by car while being pushed in his stroller. happened on oak and vine street in san jose. elijah sister family friend all in the crosswalk. nick smith is live at the spot where this happened tonight. nick? >>reporter: this is still an active investigation. driver not charged with a crime. there is a steady extreme of mourners stopping at this corner to say prayers and to light the candle that you see behind me. >> awesome little blonde head blue eye smart little 3-year-old that honestly i have never seen a 3-year-old so
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smart. >>reporter: her friend corrina and her son elijah arrived in san jose for family visit but got a call that would change her life forever. >> she calls the mom and she's all lake you need to come right now. baby got hit and mom is running one way i'm running another way. >>reporter: maria 13-year-old daughter was pushing he line a in the stroller. teen was also holding the hand of elijah 6-year-old sister. they were in this crosswalk when they were hit by pick up truck making a turn on to vine. her daughter and the 6-year-ol were briefly hospitalized but incorporating to police elijah took most impact and pronounced dead about an hour later. >> justin minutes they were gone. in that 10 minutes you know, we lost a little angel. >>reporter: police say both the truck and the children had the green light but the driver failed to yield. i spoke with elijah mother by phone. she's in salinas with family working on arrangement to lay her son to rest. in san jose nick nick
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smith. >> president obama is in los angeles tonight landed at lax early this evening aboard air force one after spending the day in san francisco. it was his appearance in china town that drew national attention when local college student heckled him about deportation. lillian kim has the story. >>reporter: it all we know as planned until 21 minutes into the president speech. >> most importantly we will live up. >>reporter: graduate student from san francisco state interrupted him. >> i wasn't planning to interrupt his speech. >>reporter: he's undocumented immigrant from south korea. cal graduate and handful of friends hand picked to stand behind the president not too long after they arrived at san francisco recreation center. >> they picked us out of the crowd to be deck asian in the background but we have our own minds. >>reporter: he's tired of hearing politicians talk about immigration reform but doing nothing about it. this is why he decided to speak out. >> please use your executive
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order to halt deportation of undocumented immigrants in this country right now. >> if in fact could i solve all these problems without passing law in congress then would i do so. but we are also a nation of laws that's part of our tradition. >> treated me like a little ki kid. and he did not directly answer my question. so it was very disappointing. >>reporter: despite the disappointing response he remains undeterred with efforts to stand up for undocumented immigrant. in san francisco, lillian kim, abc 7 news. >> we don't want no climate drama. >>reporter: protestors near the sf jazz center were also ready for the president arrival this morning as he weren't inside for a fundraiser there. they marched down the street chanting against the keystone oil pipeline project. >> next stop much quieter. fundraiser of sales in presidio height. 32,000
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dollars a plate was paid to attend e.naacp wants 4 san jose state students accused of bullying black student to face felony charges. however the da said today that's not going to happen. naacp met with the university this morning to discuss this incident. pros can youtors say the students decorated rooms with nazi imagery. used racial slur and put a bike lock around the student's neck. they were charged with misdemeanor hate crimes and battery. da sets the charges are appropriate given the evidence. during nuts conference today san jose state president says he failed the student but is pressing for justice. >> when i look out at this offense, this east are certainly not minor. we are asking the prosecution to the the fullest accident of the law for prosecuting these cases. >>reporter: and independent expert will help determine how the alleged abuse went on for weeks without university intervention.
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>> fda ordering bay area company to stop settle home genetic at the timing kit. the test for more than 240 health conditions video provided by the company. fda says 23 and me failed to show it technology supported by science and as medical did he vase it need fda clearance. 23 and me says it's committed to addressing the fda concern as for now still marketing the kits on line. company is based in mountain view. google is among the chief investors. >> well giving hope to women with breast cancer. next on 7 news. carolyn has special report of plan to get new drugs an treatment to patients sooner than ever. >> plus she is at it again. what this northern california mother of 3 wrote about obese women that got her banned from facebook. >> and scientist think they found the key to keeping men faithful. the hormone that could save marriages. >> temperatures in the 40's in these areas rate now. we take a look at the morning chill in my make up weather and let you
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tomato florentine soup, it took a little time to get it just right. [ ding ] ♪ but finally, it happened. perfection. at progresso, we've got a passion for quality, because you've got a passion for taste. >> new at 11:00. sacramento mother who created a body image uproar with on line photo of herself is at it again. you may remember m ri a and this photo of her with the caption what is your excuse? critic say it was body shaming. this time facebook suspended her account for response she posted to article showing plus size women in lingerie. here's what she wrote. >> you need to change the strange mentality we are breeding in the u.s. it's important to love and accept your body i was a little peeved
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because i feel like we are normalizing obesity in our society. >> facebook says someone reported the post. site removed it calling it hate speech with you now facebook says it was a mistake. when they discovered the error facebook restored her account but not the post. >> for decade most women diagnosed with breast cancer could expect to have the tumor removed as the first step in the treatment with chemotherapy to follow. but twist on that time table is helping researchers to test drug much more quickly and in the case of bay area company to get new treatment to patients faster. taking a stroll with laura on recent fall day you probably never guess that she has been locked in a fight for her life. a little more than a year ago she was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer which had also spread to her lungs. part of treatment she began receiving a drug. >> i feel amazing. nobody knows i'm sick. or that even if anything is wrong with me unless i tell them. >>reporter: this was developed by the bay area company and
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first approved last year for specific form of advanced breast cancer. chief medical officer barren says it works by helping to brock protein believed to drive the cancer. >> this is a very, very very exciting drug. can actually stop the signal of the very, very bad protein from causing problems with women who over express this pro team. >>reporter: in fact it was successful enough that the company hoped to fast track approval for early stage breast cancer as well as advanced. process that normally takes years but what happened next could signal a major shift in the way cancer drugs are teste tested. just as importantly how quickly they reach patients. the company used he mentaling clinical trial method give cancer patients the drug therapy before surgery rather than. thatter. that allow researchers to gave effectiveness at shrinking the tumor. model champion by breast cancer researcher dr. dr. laura. >> whole idea is as soon as you know something is really we wano patients as quickly as possibl
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possible. >>reporter: the pre-surgery therapy produced compelling results in the trial here. >> we were able to significantly increase the number of women who at the time of surgery had no evidence of tumor in their breast. >>reporter: this fall the fda granted accelerated approval for this drug for early positive breast cancer patient patients. supporters of the trillions hope new cancer drugs and newcomb by nation of existing drugs could quickly follow. >> this is a new paradigm. this is a new way of developing drug that is should allow not only this company but any company to take a promising new therapy and test it in the early settings way in inconvenience of whether normally would have occurred. >>reporter: shortening the time line 3 to 5 years. cancer patients like laurel are grateful for the new approach. >> i can speak for anyone with cancer any breakthrough for anyone is a breakthrough for all of us and i just can't wait to see where the technology ladies from us here. >> this drug is used this combination with another drug. the company is now doing a
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follow-up study to examine in the long-term benefits for patients. >> scientist and women everywhere have long wondered exactly what keeps a man from straying with a stranger. researchers think they may have found a clue in a hormone released during intimacy oxytocin. when men were sprayed with the hormone it boosted aatraction to mate even when presented with pictures of other women. brain scan backed up the findings. the study published in this week issue of the proceedings of the national academy of sciences. >> there has been an outpouring of support for walnut correct teacher who lost his wife to cancer this month. jeff loving and his wife brenda adopted 4 children from ethiopia before she became ill. she died of cancer november 9th. 2 of the former students al at walnut creek intermediate school wanted to heff help jeff pay the bills. they created a page to collect donation and since we first aired the story last friday, our viewers have really stepped up. 300 people helped raise more than 26,000 dollars.
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we would like to thank you for your generosity through donation or sharing the story on social media. you can still help. we have a link to the go fund page for you at abc 7 new >> fabulous how people have responded we are grateful. >> let's turn our attention now to the weather forecast. >> sandhya is here with a look at that for us. >> yes. i'm happy to report even though we need the rain, the models are trending dryer and dryer for thanksgiving. live doppler 7hd just showing you some high clouds out there. it is spare the air night and that continues tomorrow. now if traveling to the tahoe area here are the resorts that are currently open. squaw valley open on wednesday. alpine meadow december 13. everyone else open slight chance of snow showers on thanksgiving but it's a very slight chance from east bay hills camera still have the hazy sky spare the air alert as we look back towards san francisco where it is 54 degrees. 50 in oakland. temperatures are coming down in the upper 40's. san jose
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redwood city it's 46 in los gatos and a half machine bay. from exploring camera beautiful view right now. from a degrees in santa rosa. mid 40's novato napa 41 in fairfield. you know it's a chilly morning when already seeing temperatures like this. no worries out of sfo if traveling at least weather wise. we are not expecting any delay and aren't any right now. chilling morning ahead with high clouds. spare the air for tomorrow. chance of rain coming for thanksgiving but it is mainly around the monterey bay. you will see here in just a moment. high pressure for the time being. keeping us dry right on through wednesday but see some high clouds spilling over the top of the ridge. chance of rain with this system is actually dwindling now so i show you quick computer animation what's coming. cloud cover ahead of this system. especially on wednesday and then the rain just brushes south bay monterey bay. keep slight chance around the area but i couldn't cancel any thanksgiving plans not that you are going to. if traveling here's the area where there
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might be major concern. going in tomorrow morning major storm developing hear across the gulf coast. heavy rape. some of the had you been that might be impacted atlanta. washington, d.c. new york. boston. some snow on the back side winter storm warnings are going right on through the next 24 hours so they are expecting heavy snow with this as well. here in the bay area it's the chill we are concerned about. i don't know but but i just pack on the layers. it starts off this cold. mid 30's to the upper 40's tomorrow morning. the high clouds not going to help us and then tomorrow afternoon filter sunshine. comfortable day low to mid 60's check of the accu-weather 7 day forecas forecast. spare the air alert tomorrow we look at mailed weather. slate chance really south by mont ri bay for thanksgiving. it's looking great. otherwise friday black friday. terrific for the shoppers and the rest of the holiday weekend i really can't say much more than it looks great. that little blip on thanksgiving nothing to worry by. no umbrella. >> don't worry about the
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umbrella. get the cell phone. who has the the meal. >> thanks. >> sports is up next. >> yes. collin will have friend ♪ hey, that's the last crescent! oh, did you want it? yeah. we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light,
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and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas! and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. >> good evening. statistics are oftentimes misleading but not in this case. when kaepernick has threaten for more than 150 yards this season the 49ers are 6 and o. that includes tonight win over washington monday night football. jim harbaugh saying after the game he anticipates michael crabtree to play sunday against the ram. good news there. ugly first quarter kaepernick finding bolden at the goal lane. 19 yard touch
1:32 am
down. early lead big for the psyche of the offenseth defense as expected getting after robert griffin the third. pressure by smith. terrible throw. picked by winter. smith crushing rg 3 in the tur turf. mav to the third. cap and company fine ago rhythm. great protection. roll right. throw across the body here. bolden 6 yards another touch down. 17-6. smith he hadn't had a sbing since week 3. 2 tonight. griffin corral 4 times total by the forty-niner defense. late in the third. good punt return for james. set up 5 play 39 yard drive. davis. wide open. kaepernick. 2 35 yards passing. 3 touch downs. 27-6 the time. san francisco 2 game losing streak is of. they are 7 and 4. >> we knew what type of game this was for us. we were right in the 100. knew we had to come out with a win so that was come if and play tough, my
1:33 am
mantra. >> this gas step for news the right direction. >>reporter: time now for vernon you view. access to forty-niner star vernon davis medley following the game. mike was in maryland tonight. he talked with vernon after the win. the win the team needed to keep pace in the play off race. >> we did everything in our power you know as a team collectively to win this game. we knew that coming in this game it was a must. we had to win. >> kaepernick 3 touch down passes. 1 to bolden he seems to have gotten back on track. >> he's one of the guys that no matter what no matter what he goes through he's able to bounce back and come back strong. i applaud him in his effort to do that. some people captain do that. >>reporter: 34 family members. we talked about it. always makes you a little more anxious before the game. did you feel that. >> a little anxious. i was. i
1:34 am
was really anxious man. something about come back home and playing in front of your family and friends. you just get anxious because you are trying to hard time press them. >>reporter: more on davis. before we go pan down to the shoes here. we have a couple of pretty good -- if the shoe of pretty good -- if the shoe fits we'll say >> looks like your shoes tonight dan. more of interview tomorrow night in the 6:00 o'clock newscast. sports brought to you by riff rock casino oychlt all about the foot wear. >> those are some shoes. >> bright idea from down under. >> why one family is
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nothing calls them to the table faster. look at the wake up weather. bundle up in the morning.
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chilly start. high clouds temperature. you notice 30's and electricity until about 8:00 a.m. mike is here 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. >> thanks sandhya. >> we are a month from christmas tonight but the decorating season already in full swing in australia. >> yes. here's what it looks like in can berry where family set a new world record for it's huge light display. >> the richards hung 500,000 led lights stretching more than 31 miles. >> took week to install. say the real goal is to raise money for sudden infant death syndrome rech. good night. [ male announcer ] step one, prepare for triumph. step two, baconated cheese for awesome. step three, get ready to wow. step four... mmmmm. ♪ [ male announcer ] pillsbury crescents. make the holidays pop. he loves me. he loves me not. he loves me. he loves me not. ♪ he loves me! that's right. [ mom ] warm and flaky in 15,
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coverage checker from progressive. visit. there you see they obviously gave him a football. i guess in gratitude for what he did. >> i think he deserves a football for sure. at the at least. >> and a thank you from the woman who landed on him. >> somehow i hope his hospital bills aren't paid by him. that's bad luck. >> absolutely. moving on to the bay area's
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other nfl team, the 49ers. they were here on the east coast last night visiting the redskins on "monday night football." the star of the show was san francisco quarterback colin kaepernick and he threw three touchdown passes and that was more than enough. the niners held the skins to two field goals. san francisco stays alive in the nfc wild card chase and they win it 27-6. finally something you don't see every day. it was caught in the atlantic ocean off of miami beach over the weekend. >> it is called a hook skate. wow. look at the size of that thing. it was caught by a charter fisherman that goes by mark the shark. he tagged it and released it back in the water. they usually live at the bottom of the ocean at depths of 1,000 feet. >> glad he let it go. the picture says it all, right. >> you have to wonder if it is that close to the surface it is probably sick. >> unless he was somehow way down there with the bait. i catch skates off the jersey shore. they are almost like rays. but the ones i catch are like


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