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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 26, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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good afternoon, black friday and cyber monday around the corner, san francisco district attorney issued a consumer alert to help protect you and your money during holiday shopping. >> carolyn tyler joins us live now from union square. >> reporter: hi, guys do you remember back in the day you'd hear someone getting a fantastic deal they bought in the parking lot in the store? they'll thaid find it was just a
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box of rocks? the scams moved online chlg the district attorney is trying to help you avoid that. and more. it's still calm out now. before shopping frenzy begins how about a refresher on dos and don'ts to avoid getting ripped off? >> this is really a time of the year when we see an increased number of scams going on. >> san francisco district attorney's tips to prevent being victimized include use a credit card rather than debit. and our shoppers know why. >> if anything goes wrong you have recourse to go back to your credit card company. >> that is right better fraud protection f you shop online, stick with trusted web sites oochl they have security of, you know, verification. >> you'll see https in the url. watch out for too good to be
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true deals and yourself. don't get distracted on your cell phone, and be aware of your surroundings. >> just use common sense. basically just put stuff in the trunk of the car, make sure niem a safe area. >> tips are just common sense, but before this scene turns into chaos, the district attorney says we can use these reminders. >> just keep thinking about it. and frankly when i'm going through this, it's helpful for me. i was going through this is stuff i need to be doing. >> me, too. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> and this black friday shoppers who use the west oakland bart station zil options to make trips safer from 5:00 ml 8:00 bart and oakland police will offer safety escorts. and will give rides to people that
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don't want to ride in the dark and bart will provide longer trains all day. >> big question, how is weather shaping up for thanksgiving? >> yes. spencer christian has a look at the accu-weather forecast. >> that chance of rain you've been hearing about is diminishing to like that much. here is live doppler seven hd. cloud cover continues to thicken with breaks here and there as you can see, clearly on this view looking towards mount diablo. we have a spare of air alert in effect until midnight tonight. north bay air quality has been poorest i hasn't been great. now, a live view from sutro tower over san francisco, under partly to mostly cloudy conditions, temperatures now around or just above 60 degrees in san francisco. 57 half moon bay. mount tam, clouds at various levels and sun peeking through. it's 60 in santa rosa.
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upper 50s in napa and novato. another live view looking towards bay bridge first forecast, partly cloudy and cool this evening. cool with a mix of clouds and sun. increasing clouds but mild and that chance of rain continues to diminish for thanksgiving, looking good. >> thank you, spencer. good news there. live look at sfo there no delays to report. you know it's going to be busy tomorrow, we'll see what conditions are later tonight. coming up big winter storm barrelling down on the east coast could create major headaches. >> investigators say they have solved a cold case murder in castro valley dating back 23 years. two people now face charges in the stabbing death of steve rutager. officers arrested his ex-wife and her current husband, investigators say they received information in this case in 2010 and they were able to link the couple to the
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murder. >> to be able to give closure to the family is huge for us. and it's personally gratifying to help to do that. >> investigators say money was the motive. rutager was selling the home when killed. the announcement met with tears and hugs from his daughters who have been waiting decades for an arrest. >> an 18-year-old from berkeley set on fire while riding an ac transit bus is expected to go home from the hospital tomorrow. sasha flieshman has been there since suffering expected third degree burns. 16-year-old richard thomas is accused of setting the skirt on fire. he was in court today, his attorney argued he should be tried as a juvenile. prosecutors charged him as an adult. thomas's attorney says his maturity level and peer influences should pb
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factored in. >> he's remorseful, about remorseful as a kid can be he thought there would be a puff of smoke and everybody would laugh. he was horrified to see flames shooting up the way they did. >> sasha's family tells us they believe richard thomas should be tried as a juvenile. after a hearing in december, the judge will decide. a san jose nonprofit has been burglarized for times in just two weeks. administrators at teen challenge say the thief or thieves made off with 20,000s ndz cash and items. that money being used to buy presents for kids whose families are in recovery. administrators told police they have a person of interest in mind. >> new questions being raised about pedestrian safety in san jose following a deadly 48 hours there. >> three people hit by a car. the youngest killed on sunday, only three years old. a woman and teenager were also struck
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the teen in front of a high school. >> abc7 news has the story from san joes yachlt >> today is the last day of class at james lake high school in east san jose before thanksgiving vacation. instead of celebrating, many students are mourning the death of classmates. >> this is a place you're used to the presence of the student. so there are reminders of the student being gone. >> the teenager hit by a car late sunday night on white road after leaving a boyfriend's house she was taken to the hospital, where she later died. her parents had a message for students. >> they said we would really benefit from thoughts and prayers but just be careful, make good decisions. >> the death was the second of three pedestrian deaths in 48 hours in san jose. starting sunday afternoon. a 3-year-old was being pushed by a 13-year-old family friend with his 5-year-old sister, they were hit by a pickup truck in a crosswalk. police say the driver
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failed to yield. two girls had minor injuries and oechlt lijah died in the hospital. he was an awesome blond hair, blue eyed smart 3-year-old. >> the latest death last night on this stretch of monterey road. police say a 50-year-old woman hit and killed crossing just before 11:00. the 24th death in san jose in 2013. that is an eight-year high. >> it's high. we're concerned. so, you know, we're asking drivers to drive cautiously and pedestrians use caution. >> all of the drivers stayed at their scenes, police say alcohol or drugs were not factors in crashes. they will still have to complete the investigations before they decide if charges will be filed. in san jose, matt keller abc7 news. a candle light vigil will be held in memory of a beloved coach. a 76-year-old john webb
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was a football coach, hit by a car saturday morning on i 680 trying to direct traffic around a fender bender. webb taught and mentored several school's current leaders including a principal and football coach. san francisco is restarting a program to help property owners finance energy efficiency projects in homes. >> mayor ed lee and district two supervisor announced return of green finance sf today. farrell says the program will reduce energy and water usage as well as cut green house gas emissions. >> green finance sf will cement san francisco's role as a national leader to reverse affects of climate change, make it easier for property owners to finance homes in energy upgrades they want, and need. >> the then mayor started green finance sf in 2010 for rez den
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sxshl commercial property owners however, residential program suspended afterwards due to concerns about associated risks to mortgages regulated by the federal government. >> still head on abc7 news at 4:00 a follow up on a man that needed a life saving backpack cancelled because of a nurse's strike. >> a presidential pardon turns into a faceoff. how you can help choose the thanksgiving michael finney is what parents may want to cross off holiday shopping list. >> here is traffic to avoid f you can do it. downtown we'll have a look at san francisco skyway. it's gridlock. it's a parking lot for traffic going to lower deck of the bay bridge into east bay. and on the righthand side of the screen heading towards 101 south. really bad about 5 or 10 minutes ago. stay with us
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♪ at our thanksgiving we're gonna make our turkey fly ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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♪ it's black friday ♪ we're shopping deals ♪ in little black dresses ♪ cute hair and heels. ♪ let's go! ♪ that's my kind of holiday. check out this rare sting ray. it's a giant whipping sting ray, 14 feet long, weighing in at more than 800 pounds. the captain and crew said it took four hours to land the fish. it was taged and then, released. >> wow. >> the 49ers will not be the only local team playing at new
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levis stadium next year. cal bears announced that i mral there october 24th against oregon the first college football game in the stied staid yichlt you may wonder why cal isn't playing at memorial stadium the answer is cash money. cal expects to pocket $1 million more than usual by playing at niners new stadium. levis stadium will host the fight hunger bowl next year. >> google heads to the airport and online gambling makes its way to new jersey. >> hi, emily. >> reporter: good afternoon. tablet computer market is growing and chipping away at pc market. tablets will account for 50% of the market next year, and the big winner with the tablet is android, accounting for 65% of the tablet that's will ship next year. google adding airports and train stations to
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street view the search giant gathers images of streets for maps and google earth, it's expanding it's efforts to map international transit hubs. google plans to map 16 airports and 50 subway and train stations. intel looking to sell it's still in development paid tv service on cue, learning they've spoken to very on and liberty global about the deal and hopes to wrap up the process by the end of the year. stocks closing little change today. nasdaq rose to a record high of 4,000. your bloomberg silicon valley rising led higher by a gain in apple shares. and new jersey just become the biggest state to legalize 24-7 online gambling. gambling web sites went live at
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midnight allowing residents to play dozens of games all from the comfort of their own homes. from bloomberg studios i'm emily chang, back to you. >> thank you. >> well, very special thanksgiving for a san diego man who saved life saving kidney transplant. homer riviera will be home in time for thanksgiving. he'll share holidays with the whom donated the kidney that saved his life wex told you after two met on facebook they went through many highs and lows before the surgery cancelled during a nursing strike. riviera waited seven years for this new kidney. >> you have a chance to pick our new national turkey. politicians are involved but not eligible. >> white house created a web page to decide which turkey president obama will pardon
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tomorrow. you can see it here. popcorn and caramel. the site has bios so you can decide which you like best. yar mel loves lady gaga. popcorn is a beyonce fan. >> i just think popcorn has superior plumage. we're going to listen to popcorn first. >> to me that sounds like more than one bird. >> here is caramel. >> i think caramel just getting a raw deal. if you look at the photo, also, i think, popcorn has a much better photo. >> true. >> caramel weighs more. it's just bad photography. >> keep in mind this isn't a thanksgiving version of the hunger games both turkeys will live out their
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natural days in a huge public estate in virginia. this boils down to a popularity contest. >> like "dancing with the stars". except birds won't be dancing. if you want to vote we have a link. >> one will be crowned national turkey. >> spencer christian not eligible. not this year. >> despite the fact very great plumage. >> shake your tail feathers. >> let's travel to live doppler seven hd. >> go while you can. >> we have cloud cover here in the bay area. but it's been a pleasant day. hasn't been a gloomy-looking day but it's gloomy in the eastern u.s. stormy weather up and down east coast and inland. let's take a look at what's happening over the next couple days center of low pressure over georgia now. and over the next couple days we'll see lots of
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rainfall and thunderstorm activities. inland, slow on the back side of the system. looking at conditions tomorrow new york, boston and maine, by thanksgiving day, it will be out of here. skies clearing and conditions calmer over atlantic coast. back to the bay area a beach hazard statement in effect for thanksgiving day for a high serve surf. monterey bay, just stay away from the coastline. we have some high clouds and haze still. clouds will increase tomorrow and rain unlikely now for thanksgiving. looks like a chance of rain diminishing.
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first just brought us clouds today this, system turning south ward has potential to bring us rainfall. you can see it's going to dive south ward, missed a bay area and produced clouds for tomorrow. looks like a dry thanksgiving forecast. lots of people out on the roads traveling by other means as well. overnight tonight, clouds, low temperatures mid to upper 40s. some periods of clouds as well. temperatures mid to upper 60s around the bay area and low 60s on the coast. here is the accu-weather forecast. now looking like a dry thanksgiving day. it will be mild except at the coast. then, friday, great day for shopping. partly cloudy skies. turns cooler and now
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looks like a chance of rain tuesday. next tuesday comes, let it rain. >> yes. >> thank you. >> up next, who will get the mirror ball trophy tonight? we'll take you live to l.a. for a preview of what to expect on the dance floor. >> prep to a 12-year-old girl over
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hose who've been denied ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at
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that coveted mirror ball trophy will be handed out tonight >> yes. it was eliminated last night. so it comes down to amber riley, corbi blue or jack osbourne. >> hi, george. you might notice makeshift stages because part of the show is going to take place outside. that is right. just too big for stage with all learned and what they know with, a little time travel,
4:25 pm
what would they ask? what advice would they give if they haven't danced the step at all? i would tell me to keep on trucking. i would say pace yourself. know it's working. >> what would i say? it's okay to be nervous but not okay to be scared >> celebrities will be leaving with dance knowledge but leaving with a new batch of great friends. >> it's cool. it's not often you happen upon a new group of frivendz. it's great. from pros
4:26 pm
to others. >> number one here. >> word. >> it's just cool. i like it. >> it's funny. because we're in this hot box every day together. just normal to go outside. and talk about life and what you learned and how scared you are. and there is a sense of community you walk away with a family. >> we'll see the family for one more night of competition. it's the beginning of the end at 9:00 right here on abc7. >> back to you. >> george, thank you so much. >> well, >> let's here your prediction. >> you've been wrong. >> what a great set up.
4:27 pm
>> i like amber riley. she is great along with derek, i don't see how they lose >> you're going amber derek? >> i have been wrong before. >> it will be fun. >> yes. >> still ahead at 4:00 a tiger attack on a zoo keeper. >> also, swallowed up a massive sink hole leaving residents dumb founded so what disappeared? plus... >> my ears were one of the inspirations for "shrek". >> the president goes [ male announcer ] with at&t, you call the shots. only pay for the services you need in your bundle. [ female announcer ] hurry and call at&t now while you can still choose internet for 15
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a deadly winter storm is causing a ripple affect on holiday travel. 25 million people are expected to fly this holiday and airports are experiencing delays, backing up planes else wrchlt frustrated flyers have advice. >> just be patient. because nothing you can do about the
4:31 pm
weather. not the airline fault weather is there. >> check flights. be prepared bring your own food. travel with a pillow. >> all good advice. forecasters say plans for anyone heading east will be impacted airports are reporting problems so far, this storm is blamed for 14 deaths moving into southern states and could cause planes to be grounded on thanksgiving day. rather snoopy, not airplane buzz talking about snoopy, the parade in new york might be grounded. >> all right. delta, u.s. airways and jet blue will wave change fees for people who get stuck or have flights cancelled. it's likely more airlines will dot same as the storm hits. >> taking a look at sfo, no delays. but that could change because of the storm. make sure you call ahead of time if you're travelling to pick someone up,
4:32 pm
go to our web site abc7 and check out flight tracker. >> turns out george skim skim -- zimmerman had a shotgun, assault rifle and handguns when taken into custody. 100 rounds of ammunition were found. zimmerman acquitted in the murder of trayvon murder is free on bail. a tiger handler is out of surgery after being attacked at a zoo in australia. >> officials say the tiger became excited during a play station in front of a crowd. marcy gonzales with the story now. >> reporter: a terrifying tiger attack on video. a zoo keeper mauled during a show in greensland. spectators including children watching in horror. the
4:33 pm
30-year-old senior tiger handler was held underwater by a tiger then bitten in the neck as he tried to escape. >> one of them got a bit of a bear hug and just over the shoulders and was bloody on his neck and arm. then, blood came out. >> he was dragged to safety by fellow zoo keepers and air lifted to the hospital. he's said to be in stable condition. this is the zoo founded by the late crocodile hunter steve irwin. the web site carrying a warning please remember they're predatory animals and are quite capable of exercising natural instincts. something they know all too well after an attack in 2009. but after this considered the most serious incident in its history, zoo officials tweet that this tiger still has a home at
4:34 pm
australia zoo. styles said to have trained this tiger since it was a cub. the zoo stressing this was an accident not an afkt aggression. >> as many as 30 may have been killed and dozens injured after a freighter cap sized about 15 miles from the bahamas officials found nearly 100 immigrants cling together hull of the grounded ship the coast guard worked together in this rescue with royal bahamian force. >> now we have a case of the disappearing pond in bosnia. a small body of water likely swallowed up by a giant sink hole leaving a crater 50 yards wide and 30 feet deep. half of a football field disappearing. a witness says he saw fish jumping out of the pond and got pulled
4:35 pm
down like someone just yanked witness a cook. scientists say it's not uncommon for the ponds to suddenly disappear. >> president obama rubbed elbows with celebrities while making a stop at dream works studios today. >> just a day after stops in san francisco, mr. obama wrapped up a tour in southern california. >> carlos grand from our sister station in los angeles has a look at the visit there. >> reporter: president obama toured this studio with the ceo who raised millions for the reelection in 2012. the president saw technique called motion capture photography. used to create animated feature. >> there we go. >> then, the president met actor
4:36 pm
steve martin and jim parse ynz here to do work. >> this guy performed at the white house, was unbelievable. i was shocked how good he was. it was fun. >> reporter: the animators had fun with the president's voice. >> happy thanksgiving everybody. welcome to the white house. >> i've got to get that clip. that will impress the girls. >> reporter: mr. obama here to speak with film industry executives saying this is an opportunity to highlight success in creating jobs in california the president spoke about the economy. >> global rates for jobs and industries that, thing we do better than anyone else is create activity. that can't be copied. >> the president raised money on the trip, $2.5 million for house and senate democrats. reporting from los angeles, abc7 news. >> coming up on abc7 news at
4:37 pm
4:00 a video bomb that caught lebron james after guard. >> one father's mission to keep his baby entertained while mom is gone. >> i'm spencer christian. looking onto the bay, breaks in clouds now. this is a good look for the thanksgiving weather. >> traffic jammed out there this is interstate 80 in berkeley. traffic headed towards berkeley. coming back, it's
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♪ at our thanksgiving we're gonna make our turkey fly ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday. to thosuffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 800-675-2607. ♪ it's black friday ♪ we're shopping deals ♪ in little black dresses
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♪ cute hair and heels. ♪ let's go! ♪ that's my kind of holiday. >> this sets foundation for victory. >> nicely done. miami heat video bomb with a cart wheel during lebron james interview the defending champions are known for their boato bombs. but the cart wheel, that is taking it too-to-a new level good, job by the way. >> new dads can learn from a southern california man what to do when a baby is hundred agree and mom isn't around. take a look. >> how, are you dizzy? >> he kept his 5-month-old daughter mesmerized by playing
4:41 pm
with her proportions on the mac book. it's freaky. some stuff. like yeah. that happens when mom showed up. and the baby is like please, get me away from him. >> i had enough. >> yes. dad did his job, though. mission accomplished. >> yes. >> i think baby was disstressed by the whole thing. >> good job, dad here is live doppler seven hd. lots of cloud cover. we're going to have a pattern again, tomorrow, looking at national weather picture, beautiful, dry sunny weather. but cold air and central part of the nation looking g thanksgiving eve tomorrow, state wide, california looking rather nice, calm and pleas yabt. some breaks of
4:42 pm
sunshine. and high temperatures ranging from low to mid-60s and upper 60s inland locations. and later today, lighting of the snowflakes on market street, market and powell. or, watch it on our 6:00 news. then, it will be dry, temperatures ranging from 55-57 degrees during one hour from 6:00 to 7:00. there will be dancing snowflakes on market street. great way to kick off the holiday season. >> had those are good dancing snowflakes. >> just about all of the sierra ski resorts will be open for thanksgiving this, video, over the weekend heavenly and north star opened with kirkwood l
4:43 pm
following yesterday squaw valley, tomorrow, they haven't had natural snow yet but investments in equipment are certainly paying off. >> continuing to make snow, to add to our already-great base we have. coming up next a school's ultimatum to a young girl if she doesn't change her natural hair. a rescue story with a twist. a blind man saved a woman from a burning apartment. to those who'v to those who've waited... worried... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health.
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just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. now i can do the things i want to do, like e-mail my mother-in-law. or check celebrity gossip. ♪ [ male announcer ] with our newly expanded advanced digital network... thank you, daddy. thanks, dad. [ male announcer ] get more connectivity, reliability, and speed options... you're welcome. [ male announcer ] bring it all together. ♪ a 12-year-old girl is vowing not to altar her hair style. she says she's been given a week to decide whether to cut or tone
4:47 pm
down her hair. she says after she approached administrators to complain she was being teased >> i'm depressed about leaving my friends and people that i have known for a while. i'd rather have that then principal picking on me saying i should change my hair. >> if she wants her hair like that. she will keep her hair like that. >> faith christian has a dress code and rules against how students can wear hair reading it must be a natural color and not a distraction the school refused to comment on this case. a 7-year-old from florida was playing in a family driveway over the weekend. he was conked in the head by rocks. lab tests showed those rocks were from a meteorite. odds of being hit are as mom cal. we're told steve is find he did get three staples to close the wound. >> wow. a florida man being
4:48 pm
nominated for a heroism award by saving a woman's live. tommy barber is blind and needs a cane to get around but leapt into action when smelling smoke from a apartment. they grabbed a fire extinguisher and entered the unit. >> let's go in. you direct the hose, i'm going squeeze the arm. flames coming up out of the pot. i'm dragging. >> i appreciate my life is being saved coy have been dead in a second. >> diane marshal was sound asleep in another room. officials are mazed that barbara was able to make it through thick smoke saying diane probably is only alive because her neighbor refused to let his disability get in the way. remarkable. >> great story. >> just in time for holiday
4:49 pm
shopping a report on unsafe toys. >> michael finney tells us which toys you want to avoid this holiday season. >> yes this, is the trouble and toyland report recalls are way down, so far this year, only some products have toxic metals or small parts. >> match the age with property tie toi ask keep in mind siblings those little siblings are likely to put things up. >> also saying watch out for toys and the study warns about
4:50 pm
noisy toys. some like fake cell phones so loud they can damage hearing. i posted a link to the report on abc7 home prices continued their amazing rise, prices up 11% nationwide compared to last year, first time percentage increase has hit double since housing crisis began in 2007. san francisco home prices rose 25% in the third quarter compared to last year. that is year over year, the big jump raised worries about another housing bubble. a warning out tonight about a hacker targeting online holiday shoppers. innet security rrting a spike in fishing schemes
4:51 pm
others ask you to click a link which just allows them to take over your computer. so don't open links you're not expecting. and if you don't recognize an e mail just blow it off. >> i've seen a few just in my own e mail. >> yef. >> there is a lot of it. >> coming up next another challenge to obamacare. >> supreme court wade nose a fight over religion and birth control. >> i'm dan ashley. a daring robbery in a busy shopping area. the story, and... tough love and how rough is too rough when playing with a baby? those reports
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
coming up a couple that
4:55 pm
survived a crash at sfo sharing their ordeal in the five months following that crash they just left to return home to china but before going they shared their story with abc7 and they have video and pictures they took from the tarmac. their story tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. >> the supreme court will hear another challenge to president obama's health care law. >> time it has to do with birth control coverage for employees. >> one company makes wood cabinets, the other is an arts and crafts chain, but owners are christian families who want to assert their religious beliefs. the health care law says no church will be forced to provide contraception for its employees.
4:56 pm
but it's parent organization the daughters of charity has to provide coverage to employees of non-religious organizations it runs like seton medical center in san mateo county. >> seton will not pay for contraceptives but the insurance company will pay for them. >> but now, the supreme court will consider cases of two for profit companies that want to get out of that requirement. in both cases, the companies are not religious but the founders and families who own them are. and believe some forms violate their religious beliefs so the question is can a corporation assert its religious beliefs under 1993 religious freedom restoration act? >> in the catholic tradition, any type of contraceptive is a demonstration of a part of the couple that there is not an openness to must life. that is difficulty within our moral
4:57 pm
institution. >> planned parenthood says changes would put women at right after this sxk that is just the beginning. >> this opens flood gates to choose what they can and with k.not have in their plan >> the white house says no one should be able to dictate those decisions to women. the supreme court will hear the arguments in march and a decision should be issued by the supreme court in june. should be interesting to see what the supreme court decides whether the law was being hammered out. coverage turned out to be popular with many americans among unmarried women. in the newsroom abc7 news. >> leanne, thank you. and thanks for joining us for abc7 news at 4:00 >> abc7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> finally. we can just begin to
4:58 pm
close this chapter. >> cold case murder, solved. later up next what led police to victims ex-wife. >> also, shopping season smack down. walmart faces what could be the biggest protest. what workers say about working on holidays. >> i'm sandhya patel. live on the roof of the broadcast center, weather is changing. i'll let you know how this is going to play into thanksgiving plans coming up. >> they robbed him of so much. and my daughter, too. of so much we never gave up hope. >> new technology solves an old homicide and brings relief to a grieving family. tonight two suspects charged with first degree murder, thanks for joining us. >> a 23-year-old murder case now solved. >> and the victim, this man was
4:59 pm
43 years old when he died. >> rudiger was found stabbed to death in december of 1990. now, tonight, his ex-wife and her new husband are in jail in, hayward that, is where abc7 news is live with the story tonight. cornell? >> police not releasing a lot of information about this. but we can tell you that two suspects kwharjed with a murder that happened 23 years ago. many had forgotten the case except his family and detectives. >> i can't describe it. what we're feeling. it's -- we finally that, is all i can say just finally. we're, we've arrived. >> it's been a long, painful journey of the family of steve rudiger found stabbed to death in 1990. >> 23 years is so, so long. so long. >> with few clues the case went cold. until now. >> i can only tell you that dna
5:00 pm
is a factor in this case. >> reporter: detectives say new dna evidence led to arrest of the victim's ex-wife and her former husband. >> information gather that had suggested both cheryl and billy as they called him, were planning on doing harm to steven rudiger. >> reporter: detectives say the sale was money. from the likely sale of the house. >> they robbed him of so much z robbed my daughters of so much. never forgiving, but never up hope. >> his three daughters believed their former stepmother could be responsible for the murder. >> my dad may not get to sit with thanksgiving with us again, but -- >> he'll be there. >> i'm thankful they were able to put the people way who did


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