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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 27, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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of the year. how does it look for us? >> right here it looks great. it is trending dry. it is milder this morning than yesterday mainly in the 40's for the temperatures. you can see how clean the air is. it is not a "spare the air" today. cleaner air. the temperatures are will above average from mid-to-upper 60's inland to upper 50's as i take you to a car and deer accident with one lane blocked. it is mostly green on mat that indicates you moving at top speed.
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westbound 580, four cars are involved with traffic blocked. we have clear conditions from hayward to foster city. not too many cars. maybe folkers taking an early start to thanksgiving day holiday. >> if you are flying east for thanksgiving pack your patience and good luck on this day. a wicked winter storm is threatening to force thousands of flight cancellations or delays. >> the calm before the storm. the weather is just fine at sfo but if you are traveling to the east coast or from the east coast here you could experience delays. the weather is threat being to complicate plans for thanksgiving for people trying to get to or from new york, new jersey, philadelphia, boston, and other places along the east coast starting today. windy conditions could cause several hour delays. the f.a.a. is reporting
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philadelphia and la guardia are seeing two hour delays. all is clear here. check out the shot of the board every arrival and departure says on time but that could change as the only goes along. if you arrive now you get a short security line at terminal two and passengers have an easy time to get to the gate at 4:30. sfo expected 1.2 million passengers from last friday through sunday and the hose airport officials expect a 5 percent increase during the holiday week compared to last year. officials say the bet thing to do to get on the flight is arrive an hour and a half early for domestic flights and two hours early for international flights. >> just to put how big the storm is, nasa released a picture taken from a satellite which monitors the atmosphere of the earth and you can see the country is covered in storm
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clouds. you with down load our weather area at >> the highway patrol out in full force to keep the roads safe during the holiday weekend. officers are taking part in tuesday's challenges to prevent deadly traffic accidents. c.h.p. says seven were killed on bay area roads during the thanksgiving holiday last year. they hope that number zero this year and crackdown on speeders and those that driver drunk and those that have no seatbelt. debris on bart tracks left thousands stalled after a computer glitch crippled the sell a few days ago. after 6:00 p.m., embarcadero bart was flooded with
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passengers. >> i need to get to the post office at 7:00...and now i can't. >> eastbound trains were stopped in the tube and rolled back to san francisco on the same track. we were above the train which caused the trouble. a worker with a flashlight is searching the track. after leaving the tube and headed to west oakland at 70 miles per hour bart says part of the train's undercarriage fell off and touched the third rail which caused arcing and sparks according to a passenger. >> between the loud noise, the feeling of hitting manage and everyone's gasped and went silent and we all knew something happened. >> so many filled the platform many passengers were held behind the upstairs gate. this is the 4th recent hassle for bart passengers including two strikes and last friday's computer glitch. >> this is irritate because bart always has issues.
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a couple of weeks ago we had the bart strike. now this. all trains were running again after 7:00. >> of course, we will check with leyla gulen to see how bart is doing this morning. if you were stranded on bart and took pictures or video we would like to see them. you can post them at or send them to where you can see them on air or online. >> nervous black friday shoppers can get escorts at west oakland bart station from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. on friday, bart and oakland police will be available to walk with shoppers up to three blocks away from the station. designated patrol cars give rides to those who do not want to walk to their car. bart will run longer trains starting at 6:00 a.m. to carry the anticipated crush of extra shoppers. >> the berkeley teen set on fire
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after sleeping on an a.c. transit bus is expected to come home from the hospital today in time for thanksgiving. the 18-year-old sasha fleischman has been under going treatment for second- and third-degree burns after being set on fire on an a.c. transit bus. the suspect, 16-year-old richard thomas is charged with felony assault and hate crime enhancement we as an adult. the attorney says his client is responsible but his maturity level and peer influence should be considered. >> he is extremely remorseful as a kid could be. he thought there would be a puff of smoke and everyone would love and it would be over and three was -- he was horrified to see the flames. >> his parents say they would also prefer thomas be tried as a juvenile. a judge will decide next month. >> the family of a long-term fremont high school football coach is planning a formal memorial after a vigil was hell last night.
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76-year-old john webb was a football coach, teacher and director at john f. kennedy high school. he was hit by a car on saturday morning on interstate 680 as he tried to direct traffic around an accident. hundreds geared for a vigil at john f. kennedy high school. he coached the football team for 25 years. he served as athletic director. >> the kids are the ones that lose in this situation because he was a remarkable, remarkable man. >> officials say webb had four children and the school is planning a more formal memorial before christmas. >> animal control officers are considering it more evening act of cruelty throwing two cats off the san francisco embarcadero into the bay. it happened near pier 14 after 4:00 monday afternoon. a man approached a homeless woman, grabbed her cat carrier and threw it into the water. officials say it appears to be a random crime.
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one was was found dead and they could not fine the other. bystanders had to stop the woman from jumping into the water to try to rescue her cats. >> the decade long quest by oakland dog lovers to build aing do park continues. the oakland tribune reports the city gave up on the plane for the lay area for dogs. it was the seen of occupy movement. there was no reason given why it fizzled. the proposal to build the park at tass tremendous park was shot down being the cost. >> a lot of fears and -- skiers and snow bad others head to tahoe. this is open at heavenly with squaw valley opening today. there is not much natural snow but temperatures have dropped for the resorts to use their snow-making machines. >> we do not is the natural variety much.
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>> that is true. we won't for a while. if you are headed to the beach, it will not be the greatest there, either, thanksgiving day with large western swoles that could create sneaker waves and strong currents from point reyes to big sir covering most of central california coast. be careful. tomorrows are in the low-to-mid 60's on thanksgiving you could be a new tradition. on wednesday, mostly in the low-to-upper 40's so when you step outside it is not so chilly as early this week the we will be cloudy for the better part of the day but with the southern wind we are looking at temperatures above average and near 60 at noon and low-to-mid 60's at 4:00 and mid-50's with no rain if you are getting out this morning and traveling around it will be dry. thanksgiving is trending dries also, but look at the temperatures, 60 at the coast and mid-to-upper 60's for the rest of us and sunshine for friday, and same temperatures, slightly cooler, and a few extra clouds on saturday but no weather worries through the next
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these days. >> as we look at bart we have 24 trains running on time and hopefully you did not get stuck in the delay yesterday but for anyone who did or did not you are going to be running on time today so good news the as i take you to the collision of a car and a wall eastbound 80 being pushed to the shoulder so we may have one lane blocked for a time. 580 from tracy to dublin is wide open and top speeds over the altamont pass is 25 minutes and highway 4 from antioch to concord is 14 minutes and 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is 16-minute commute. this is the bay bridge toll plaza where you come into san francisco away from the maze with just a few cars. maybe a new of us will get an early start to thanksgiving holiday. >> it is 4:40. a painter, musician, and has a higher i.q. than most adults you
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know. he is five. an unbelievably talented south bay boy. >> judge splashes realty on makers of hot
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covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> 4:43 on wednesday. headed back east for the holiday? this is how it looks in buffalo, new york. you can see the wet roads, the dusting of snow and the trees and on the ground and 32 degrees. if this is your destination, you will want to pack for winter. >> developing news from southern california, a judge is ordering a factory that makes hot sauce to shut down. it opened we but the city went to open because neighbors complained of the smell was causing breathing problems. the company says there is in
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republican to stop operations now because harvest season has passed for hot pope periods the key ingredients. the shutdown would not limit their availability this year but next year, we don't know. >> today is the 35th anniversary of one of dark of the days if san francisco history in 1978 that the mayor mascone and supervisor harvey milk were shot to death if third city hall office by dan white angry that mascone did not reappoint him. milk was the first openly give supervisor. the assassinations will be remembered this afternoon in a ceremony on the steps of city ham at 4:30. police are trying to identify the vandal who went on a window breaking spree. someone used large rocks to damage vehicles and homes on the north side of town. the person threw a rock through the window a home which damaged
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a hutch similar to the work of a randall who shot up businesses last month with a b.b. gun. >> boy has the talent you is to see to believe: an artist, musician, even a menss >> an hour a day in front of a canvas has resulted in this wall of art. >> like any other five-year-old he is full of energy. he cannot sit still except if his art. >> it is all unbelievable. >> and thanmay sharad started painting when he was a year and
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a half old and his father started this website of his work last year which is will when he joined mensa. >> i feel very proud him, a special feeling. >> at owner of an art gallery, when he was four, two months ago, they rented space for his first art exhibit. >> it is not for sale not until thanmay sharad decides for himself. >> we will say we knew him "when." >> i want that last i painting with the beautiful blue sky. >> it is pretty but not for sale. we have blue skies, or are they grayish? >> gray but cloudy and good and we will be dry. >> coming up on 4:47, with visibility out there a little
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hazy around livermore and santa rosa but no fog and no rain drops to be falling on your head. the only cool spot is santa rosa at 37, and fairfield and novato at 41 and 43 in napa and los gatos and 44 in san jose, san ramon, mountain view, 45 and hayward or livermore, at 48 and oakland at 49 and san francisco is 52 degrees, the mild spot. from our roof camera downtown into the bay bridge this is the backdrop, mostly cloudy but cleaner air today and it is not a "spare the air" day. thanksgiving is trending dry. it will be dry and mild all the way through monday. we all the shopping and all the holidays, the big holiday travel days are quiet around here. most of us should be right around 60 degrees for the
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average high. 63 in san francisco and half moon bay and fremont, livermore, morgan hill, the warm spot at 67. oakland and santa rosa and san jose, all 66. tonight the clouds will keep us you, 40 in santa rosa, 42 in napa and fairly and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 40's and possibly 50 in san francisco. high pressure has been pushed out of the way and high clouds are streaming at us from the southeast but coming in from the southwest. the next system is diving south and it is trending dry. yesterday we talked about the limited chance of rain on thanksgiving and now all of the molds are keeping the rain off the coast. if you are traveling anywhere today, or early tomorrow, it looks to be dry headed into the afternoon on thanksgiving here, it is still dry. the temperatures are still mild and the same on friday with more
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sin shine and maybe a bit cooler on saturday and sunday and the next chan of rain is tuesday much the coolest day, too, with temperatures in the 50's. >> ace train one is on time. we have one item in the traffic report that is going to be a possible setback if you need to make it over the altamont pass, involving four vehicles and it is still blocking one lane, westbound 580 as greenville road you have heavy traffic especially as you get closer to vasco road with a buildup of cars making it out of tracy and to the south to the sunol grade along 68050 miles per hour and the nimitz is wide open and at top speeds. if you need to go westbound 580 from tracy to castro valley it is a 37 minute commute and 101 northbound to san jose is 11 minutes and from highway one to san francisco from daly city is
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under ten minutes and the golden gate bridge has clear conditions. in fact, we do not see any cars. that could be the story for us today. eric and kristen? >> i am sure that will change. 'tis the season for...cyber scams. a bomb of psalms from 1640 sold for $14.2 million in new york city setting an auction record for a book. the psalm book is believed the first printed in now the united states, only 11 copies survived in varying degrees of completeness and sold at the action house in manhattan we last night, one of two copies held by boston's old south church bought by an american businessman who plans to lend it to libraries around the country. >> 'tis the season for cyber scams, and how cooking on the wrong link can turn this into a blue christmas.
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>> video called how to fight a baby is sparking fierce debate after a father goes online with his roughhousing. >> star power joins bon jovi, taylor swift and prince william. >> prince william? >> can the prince
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the day before thanksgiving and we will look at weather conditions. we showed you buffalo a few minutes ago and palm beach, florida, overcast and clouds but no rain and no snow. the jogger looks comfortable. it is still nice. >> shoppers, hackers are targeting cyber money. internet security companies are reporting a spike in phishing schemes. some are saying "your package is ready." and others are from retailers
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offering a special deal but when you hit the link it plant as virus. >> security companies say do not open e-mail links you do not specific the >> president obama has a tough decision to make, which thanksgiving turkey to part. >> both contenders are brothers, believe it or not born and raised in minnesota. the white house has create add page to decide which turkey the president will pardon. right there this site has the bios on each bird and voting is over. here are some fun details for you: carmel loves lady gaga and popcorn is a beyonce fan. maybe go with that, who you align with. you can listen to their gobbles to decide who has musical gobbles. >> i have a dollar that says they will both be pardoned. >> i think so, too.
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>> 4:54. mike has the forecast. >> the one on the left should be pardoned, it is not so fat. then you get more meat. >> you are practical. >> the fit if mom. >> please, come on. from miami up to maine we are having a mess but most of it is yet from buffalo to the maintains. trafficking across the country is quiet even in california where we will have mostly 60's until you get to fresno at 71 and 74 at los angeles and 51 and clouds in tahoe. >> it looks like by looking at our cameras in concert, more and more drivers have been taking to the roads. it looks like the holiday road trips are going to be packed with fellow travelers but westbound 580 at greenville is causing a crimp in the commute
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at 45 miles per hour and 10 miles per hour closer to the accident. at the drive as you get closer to fremont, southbound 880, at highway 84, we have a stalled out car, blocking one lane, and a wide look at san jose. this is where we are seeing quiet conditions so no accidents out here, no stalls, and no construction to get in your way. >> this morning, a video called how to fight a baby is bumping up the web. gavin shows off wrestling moves on his ten-month-old son and the video received three million views in two days. he said it is a lightheartedject but not everyone gets this joke. >> do you have what it takes? can you take on your old man?
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>> some say it is funny and cute and others do not see the humor saying tossing a baby around could cause serious injury. what do you think in is this dad taking horse play too far? it is a hot topic on facebook. >> rock royalty most real royalty for a benefit. that is john -- john bon jovi with help from prince well and taylor swift in a charity to benefit the homeless. >> the prince wasn't bad. >> in the east bay there was a pirate an apartment building still burning and we have one person's close call. >> a bay area beach is off limits after a large sewage spill. neighbors are unhappy but not
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surprised. >> new questions about charges of racism at san jose state university. the never-released report that
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abc7 news begins with breakings news. good wednesday morning. at 5:00 a.m. the breaking news, firefighters are battling a raging apartment building fire in alameda that is suspect today have intentionally been set. amy hollyfield is on the scene. did everyone get out safely?


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