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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 27, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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abc7 news begins with breakings news. good wednesday morning. at 5:00 a.m. the breaking news, firefighters are battling a raging apartment building fire in alameda that is suspect today have intentionally been set. amy hollyfield is on the scene. did everyone get out safely?
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you can see step are keeping a close eye on the fire and not calling it "under control," yet but we do not see any flames right now. it was going earlier. firefighters did not rush in when they saw it, it was so big they took a defensive approach. they used their ladders to reach the residents and one resident who was stranded on a balcony. seven people lived in the four units and much got out okay. it was bad. everyone was on fire. but everyone is okay. >> we saw police making an arrest at the scene but police shielded him with a plan coat from our camera. he is in the back of a police
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car in handcuffs and residents say healyed in a unit and he threatened to bun -- burn the place down and often goes on rants. officers say it is "under investigation." precipitation and no fog, and the air is clean from emeryville to san francisco and we are looking good. mostly cloudy, and warmer-than-average with cleaner air than the last two days and mid-to-upper 60's inland and around the bay, upper 50's to mid-60's at the coast. leyla gulen? >> 38 bart trains are running on time and on thanksgiving, tomorrow bart will running on a sunday schedule but today they
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are adding cars to their trains to acome bait more passengers and doing the same for the day after thanksgiving for all the shoppers. that is good news. on the connection between eastbound 84 to southbound 880 we have a car that is blocking one lane. this is the drive through walnut creek southbound 680 to the 24 junction and still moving at top speeds. if you are flying out of town for the holiday be prepared, with holiday travel a mess for millions. 2.4 million people are expected tofully in the country today, the second busiest day of the year and sfo expects 63,000 to arrive and the same departing. oakland international and san jose international are also expecting larger than usual
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crowds today. officials advise arriving 90 minutes early for domestic and two hours early for international nights. matt keller will have a report in the next half hour. the weather will worsen as the day wears on in the mid-atlantic regions with 20 states are in the storm's path and millions are dealing with snow and sleet. the good news is the heaviest part of the system will clear before the turkey comes out of the. oven. >> popular areas will be closed around sausalito because of a raw sewage spill. we are in the newsroom. how is the cleanup. >> a waiting game. we it is not safe to go in the water in sausalito. we know that. roadblocks and signs are up warning of the large sewage leak with 10,000 gallons of raw
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sewage flowing into the bay and poured into the street and down a storm drain and into the bay. >> it is smelled really bad. it blocked traffic >> neighbors say sausalito suffers from recurring sewer problems and to name two, we know in january of 2010, 40,000 gallons spilled it after a construction mishap and february of 2009 a broken pipe sent 500 ,000 gallons into the san francisco bay. water quality officials are testing the water after the spill and they will have to give the all clear when the time comes. >> new this morning, more scrutiny for san jose state university after an in-depth sunny submitted to the administration about campus racism is made public. our media partner, the san jose mercury news, reports that the
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100-page report was commissionened by a previous president and submitted to the incoming president in 2011 but it was never publicized. the president disbanded the advisory vote to start his own committee that met only once in the fall. last week four white students were accused of a string of hate crimes on a black student sparking protests. black students say they experienced troubling and sometimes racist behavior from other students, coaches, and even professors. >> this downtown santa clara, or santa rosa, a protests with arrested and 12 cited yesterday in the demonstration after andy lopez was shot and killed by a sonoma county sheriff deputy. the protesters were cited for blocking lanes after half a dozen requests by police for the mannerrers to move to the sidewalk. a man was arrested after he
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starting fighting with an officer after refusing to move. workers at the sfo will picket and hold a strategic at 7 long 15 and at 12:15 this afternoon saying it is a one day strike back in august that pushed for better wages and benefits and their imemployer says passenger levels down and restaurants and stores at the airport will stay open. speaking of airports, we could be doing fine based on our weather but it is interconnected. >> the east will have issues getting there. but atlanta and chicago and denver, all doing okay this morning. here is our day planner if you are staying around here on wednesday, the next 12 hours, really no weather worries. we have temperatures not so chilly as yesterday and right now through 7:00 and most issue in the low-to-mid 40's and 60's across the board and under
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mostly cloudy sky and temperatures are above average through 4:00 and low-to-mid 60's and during the evening showers no rain, temperatures are in the mid-50's. here is what is happening over the next three days from mount tamalpais. we are going to have mostly cloudy conditions tomorrow and drying trend continues for thanksgiving. temperatures are a lot like today, low 60's at the coast and mid-to-upper 60's elsewhere. friday is the same just more sunshine and maybe just a degree or two cooler on saturday. here is leyla gulen. >> this matchup caused a problem for over the altamont pass and early, indeed, involving four vehicles but the good news is it over on the shoulder and i will get to that in a moment but westbounded 80 headed into fairfield is where we have a stalled vehicle and, also, and debris in the road so watch out for that. back to the a mass where we have bumper-to-bumper track from tracy to livermore with an
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accident at greenville and everything is pushed to the shoulder causing damage to the commute. 44 minutes from tracy to dublin. highway four is still clear at 15 minutes from antioch to concord. and 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is 17 minutes. and outside we go, this is the drive headed out of central san rafael so the tail lights are making it to sausalito interest san francisco and moving along at top speed. >> 5:09. >> if you put off buying a thanksgiving turkry, you are in luck, the bloomberg business report is next. >> angelina's double mastectomy brought new attention to a gene that indicate as high are risk for breast cancer and a warning doctors giving to brenham would test negative. >> new dancing champion is crowned, the move that helped a celebrity walk away with the
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>> covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all the pay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, at 5:12. you are looking at a picture on the thanksgiving get away wednesday where the bay bridge is moving well with traffic light. how were at 3:00, will be it jammed up going eastbound? how much money do you put on that? a lot?
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>> yeah. >> we will check with that >> not that we gamble. if you are shopping online do not be surprised any are caught. microsoft is beefing up security again the government. jane king joins us from the new york stock exchange with the bloomberg business report. good morning. microsoft is ramping up efforts to encrypt the internet traffic on fears the national security agency may have broken into the global communications link. the "washington post" says google, yahoo and facebook are working against government surveillance and as for trading, futures are higher here today and it is a quiet trading overnight. did you get a nice price on a turkey? retailers selling turkeys for as low as 59 cents a pound because of a surplus of frozen turkeys and willingness by the greeceers to discountry turkeys to get people to buy the turkey and buy other stuff. some retailers saying "no" to being open on thanksgiving.
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nordstrom will not deck the halls until black friday because they like celebrating the holidays one at a time. ace hardware says some things are more important than money. a new survey by retailers say one in four consumers will spend at left half of their work day shopping online on cyber monday. nine in ten plan to do at least some shopping for gifts during work on cyber monday. from the new york stock exchange, this is bloomberg news. >> thanks. now a new study bringing attention to breast cancer and why a negative result to the brca test does not mean lower risk. angelina brought national attention to the risks of brca1 and a2 gene musicians after
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having a double ma secretary together to reduce her likelihood of developing the disease. if a specific gene mutation is in your family you have increased risk of breast cancer if you individually test negative for the mutation. >> the storm on the east coast is threatening an 87-year-old thanksgiving day tradition. performers practiced for the macy's thanksgiving day parade but if gusts topping 34 miles per hour the balloons could be grounded and the decision will be made tomorrow by the new york city police department. season 17 of "dancing with the stars" is over and after 11 weeks of competition on the floor this is a new champion this morning. we have all the action from los angeles. amber and derek hough. >> the new champions after a win, amber said she had doubts she would make it this far. >> you can do whatever you put
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your mind to. i'm really proud of myself. i can say i am. i am very proud evidence myself. >> it is great to see her transformed to be just amazing. >> this is a cherry on top of the sundae accomplish all i did each week was my reward and this is extra, something extra. >> here are the second place finishers. >> i accomplished the goal to make it to the end and to be able to show what we were capable of. it would have been great to get the ball but it is not what it is about the >> she danced to a third place victory. >> i went the distance from start to finish and the only thing is, i don't go home with the mirror ball but making it to the finals was enough to win.
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>> "dancing with the stars" is goalie over but the store will be back for season 18 in march. >> how could she not win she looks so "glee"ful. >> how many of those actually vote for the dancers. we would like to see her dance even if jack is with her. >> no dancing around, we will get to the weather. could there still be showers? austral trending dry and we will not dance around that subject. a drying trend is in the forecast. visibility is okay. there is haze out there, but it is not a "spare the air" day and i don't see realing for and the radar runs you can see, the thick are mid-level clouds are coming in ahead of the system, and it is 49 in forest hill and coming in through the ferry ing, 53, coming in from bart, to
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downtown it is 52. richmond is 52, a warm spot, and san leandro is 50, and we have 47 in belmont and 43 in walnut creek and union city and 40 in pittsburg and 46 in petaluma and half moon bay at 43. you can see how beautiful it looks with the lights on the bay bridge to berkeley and emeryville. we will have mostly cloudy conditions but cleaner air. thanksgiving is tripping dry. more good news and it will be dry and mild through monday and maybe not if news considering we need the rain but considering all the traveling and shopping maybe we can put it off until tuesday the next best chance of rain. low-to-mid 60's from the coast into san francisco and i will have mid-to-upper 60's you about everywhere else, richmond today, san mateo, 64 along with santa rosa and san rafael, vallejo, concord, palo alto, 65, and san jose and oakland 66.
5:19 am
tonight, mid-to-upper 40's with a few low 50's in the north bay valley and mostly cloudy. the system is drifting down to the south and it is also starting to stay further out to sea. here you go: it is spinning and sliding to the south and he who are this evening, no travel worries, all up-and-down california it will be mostly cloudy and tomorrow morning maybe you are headed off and you cannot leave, again, quiet, no fog to worry about and it hooks dry for thanksgiving across the state. maybe a few showers around los angeles. look at the mild temperatures, the highs are transported to tomorrow and friday and a degree or two cooler but look at the sunshine for the weekend with the cool weather on tuesday and a chance of rain highs in the 50's. have a good day. >> if you want to get on the roads and make it through the holiday travel, maybe dot -- do the hustle. bart is running on time with 40
5:20 am
trains running and tomorrow, it is going to be on a sunday schedule with trains starting at 8:00 in the morning. they are going to be adding some seats both today and friday, friday being the big shopping day of course. ace train and everything else is running on time as is muni and i remind you that c.h.p. is going to ramp up patrol along i-five the entire stretch of california through oregon and into washington and this is in an effort to prevent fatalities on the road. we have this car that is blocking one lane, eastbound 84 to southbound 880 and that is causing cars to drive on to the shoulder so watch out for that. this is san jose, 280, ambassador from 17, still empty and now is a good time to head on the roads. >> head, seven things to know as you start your day. >> a blast from the past and walnut creek police are
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good morning, wednesday before hack that and here is the san mateo bridge, tail lights are headed west toward foster city moving fine. you can expect all the bridges to be jam packed by early afternoon with the get away. >> what you are just joining us or headed owe the door, breaking news in alameda, firefighters were on the scene of an early morning apartment fire that investigators believe could have been intentionally set. it burned for an hour this morning and the fire has displaced seven people. >> two, san francisco international airport is bracing for one of business of the travel days of the year andis expecting 63,000 people to arrive dead with the same number departing. matt keller will have a report with a check on flights in a few minutes. >> the business of the travel day of the year, this is the bay bridge toll plaza where it looks empty right now and be prepared
5:25 am
for a heavy congestion across all of our roads and bridges especially those that lead to the area airports. >> good news traveling the west coast, two-thirds of the country are fine. i will update on the weather hitting the east coast and delays. plus, a dry thanksgiving forecast. stick around for the seven-day forecast. >> five, the berkeley teen set on fire after sleeping on a transit bus will go home from the hospital today gist in time for thanksgiving. the 18-year-old sasha fleischman has been undergoing treatment for second- and third-degree burns since early this month. >> six, the connecticut judge ruled that 9/11 tapes from the sandy hook -- 9-1-1 tapes from sandy hook shooting will be are leased. relatives fought to keep it sealed saying it will make them relive the day. >> seven, no new trial for o.j.,
5:26 am
a judge shot down the request in the robbery and kidnapping case. he claimed the attorney botched the case and gave him bad advise. he still has four years to senator. >> walnut creek police are going retro to raise money. showing off the "movember," where men raise awareness of men's health issues. >> walnut creek is one of the few departments where you see officers with the goatees in the bay area. >> like it. in style. >> morning news continues at 5:30 with the top stories. >> a strike and a computer outage and now more frustration for bart riders with a new
5:27 am
problem with packed platforms and long delays. >> a huge crowd turns out in the east bay to mount the life of a coach killed after a fender bender and the vigil and what the school is plan diagnosis do to honor the prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out.
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abc7 news begins with breakings news. >> good morning, the breaking news is from alameda where firefighters had their hands full with a raging apartment building fire and they have had one resident that had to jump from the flames. amy hollyfield is in alameda with the latest. amy? >> look behind me. they proposed off the area and they are calling it a crime scene. they do have a man in custody. they actually had to rescue him, first, he was on a balcony and they used a ladder to get to him and get him out of the building and now he is called a "person of interest" in the fire
5:30 am
investigation. the fire call came in at 2:47. firefighters say they had to go into a defensive mode and it was too big to rush in. a couple of residents say they had to jump off of their balcony to safety with a total of seven people inside the building that has four units. some of them say a man who lived here had threatened to burn the place down. he is mentally unstable. >> i amendment beyond...he was on a rampage all weekend. this could have been avoided. crazy. crazy. >> he is in the back of a police car. officers put a blanket an him to protect his identity when our cameras tried to get a soft him.
5:31 am
they say he is a "person of interest" but it is still under investigation. all of the residentses are okay but the homes are destroyed. it is a total loss. one firefighter is suffering from heat exhaustion and taken to the hospital. >> now a look at the weather forecast just ahead of thanksgiving. the clouds show no rain and it is dry. this is how it looks from sutro tower. you can see the cleaner air today with no "spare the air" and we stopped at two. that is good. mid-to-upper 60's is our temperature day, most of us should be right around 60 degrees and well warmer-than-average with the limited sunshine, 64 to 67 and 63 to 68 around the we bay and 63 at the coast. >> more congestion building on the road, however, the accidents have subsided and as i take you
5:32 am
over to the richmond-san rafael bridge, i will show you how clear everything is. 56 miles per hour with traffic moving at the tolls. to the south, through san mateo and also along the dumbarton bridge nothing but top speeds and clear conditions. our drive time traffic headed along 101 from the city to sfo is 11 minutes along the nimitz from 238 to the maze is 14 minutes and highway 85 to the san jose airport is 11 minutes. >> a nasty nor'easter could bring headaches to people across the country making the trek for the long thanksgiving weekend difficult. matt? >> it pays to get up early if you flying over for. we have seen traffic pick up with more passengers arriving.
5:33 am
the busiest travel days of the year is today. here is the good news. the flight board shows on time for all arrivals and departures. the security lines are short. that will change. sfo is expecting 63,000 people to fly and another 63,000 to fly in. a man was concerned of the lines the day before thanksgiving and he showed up a couple of hours early and beating virgin america workers to the check in counter. >> i do not fell stressed so i get here really early so i can take my time, relax before the flight and tame my time. >> people headed to or from the east coast could be feeling stressed out especially if they are driving or flying and the nor'easter is hitting the area with la guardia with an hour delay and flights from philadelphia have two hour delay. that can snowball to more delays here and at airports around the
5:34 am
country and we will keep you updated on that all or on the abc7 morning news. >> just to put how big the storm is interest more expectative nasa released a picture taken from a satellite which monitors theth's her and you can see much of the country is covered in storm clouds. the abc7 news weather app has the latest bay area weather alert downloaded free of charge at >> happening now, the highway patrol is out in full force to keep the roads safe during the long holiday weekend and officers taking part in two safety challenges and hopes of preventing deadly traffic accidents over the five-day period. the c.h.p. says seven people were killed we during the thanksgiving holiday last year and they hoping the number this year is zero. officers are joining other state agencies in crabbing down on drivers who spied, drive drunk and not wearing seatbelts.
5:35 am
>> bart is back on track despite another mishap that snarled the evening commute. debris on the tracks left thousands stalled after 6:00. sky seven was above the train which caused all the trouble. bart says part of the undercarriage fell off and touched the third rail which caused arcing and sparks. eastbound trains were stopped in the tube and rolled back to san francisco on the same track. >> this is irritating because birth always has issues. a couple weeks ago we had the bart strike and that inconvenienced a budge people -- bunch of people. >> all bart trains were running after 7:00 p.m. if you were stranded and took pictures or video post them on our facebook page.
5:36 am
>> the berkeley teen set on fire after sleep on an a.c. transit bus expected to return home from the hospitalled to in time for thanksgiving. the 18-year-old sasha fleischman has been undergoing treatment for second- and third-degree burns after the skirt he was wear was lit on near this month. the suspect, 16-year-old richard thomas, is charged with felony assault with a hate crime enhancement. his attorney filed a motion to move the case to juvenile court saying the client is responsible but his maturity level and peer glue should be considered. >> he is remorseful, as remorseful as a kid could be the he thought there would be a puff of laugh, everyone would laugh and it would be over. he was horrified to see the flames shooting up. >> his parents would prefer thomas be tried in juvenile court. a judge will rule on that next
5:37 am
month. >> the family of a long-term fremont high school football coach is planning a formal memorial after vigil last night. the 7-year-old john webb was football coach and teacher and athletic director. he was hit by a car saturday morning as he tried to direct traffic around an accident. hundreds gathered for a vigil at john f. kennedy high school. he coached the football tomorrow for 25 years. >> the kids are the ones that lose in this situation. he was a remarkable, remarkable man. >> officials say he had four children. the school is planning a more formal memorial before christmas. >> animal control officers are calling it an horrific act of cruelty. someone threw two cats off san francisco's embarcadero into the bay near pier 14 at 4:00 on monday afternoon. a man approached a homeless
5:38 am
woman and grabbed her cat carrier and threw it into the water. it appears to be random. one cat was found dead and they could not locate the other. bystanders had to stop the woman from jumping into the water to rescue the cats. >> the quest by oakland dog althoughers to build a dog park continues without a solution. the city gave up on the latest plan for a grown play area if dogs at the park. it was the scene of the occupy movement. no reason was given why the plans fizzleed. a period of proposal was shut down last year because of the cost. >> a lot skiers and snow boarders will head to tahoe over the holiday weekend mostly because the resorts are open. heavenly is open along with squaw valley and north star. they have not had were natural snow the temperatures have been low enough at night for the
5:39 am
resorts to use snow making machine. >> sugar bowl resort says they will be closed needing more help from more nature. >> we all need. hopefully next week we will get some but not this week. if you are headed to the beach, that is the big holiday thing or what you do on thanksgiving, there are western swells and sneaker waves and strong rip currents from point reyes to big sir -- big sur tomorrow. this is the backdrop for us, clouds this morning and 50 in san francisco. the microclimates are in the morning and by noon, you are hanging around 60 degrees and mostly gray but some bright spots coming through from time to time, and low-to-mid 60's and as you head through the evening hours, no weather worries other than it will be in the mid-50's and moving forward, the forecast shows no rain and temperatures are exactly the same as today
5:40 am
and same thing on friday but we will see a lot more sunshine and we could be a couple of degrees cooler saturday and sunday but you will probably not notice it. how is the commute? >> we see a few extra cars on the road and folks are getting an early start on the traveling. that is a good idea. i have some more good news and we do not have accidents. if you are traveling through the north by through santa rosa into petaluma you are moving along at top speed if you need to continue into mill valley, again, everything is not a problem. that is the same case for san jose traveling along 101, 280 and 85, if you need to make it along 101, you to the peninsula, you are in good shape. the bay bridge toll plaza shows cash-paying lanes loading up and toward the bay bridge, you can see traffic is building into
5:41 am
treasure island but still moving along fine into san francisco. >> he is a painter, musician, and has a very high i.q. and only five-year-old. meet an unmoviebly talented boy. >> judge splashes a cold dose of reality on the makers of a popular hot sauce.
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
covering los altos, petaluma and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> southern california a judge is ordering a factory that makes sriracha sauce to partly shut down after opening. the neighbors say the spice was causing breathing problems. the company said this is no reason to stop operations now because harvest season passed for the hot peppers which is the key ingredient and could limit the availability. >> today is the 35th anniversary of the dark of the days in san francisco history, on this day in 1978 that mayor mascone and supervisor harvey milk were shot to death in their city hall offices by former
5:45 am
supervisor dan white who was angry that mascone did not reappoint him as a supervisor. milk was the first openly gay superviseor. the assassinations are remembered in a ceremony on the steps of city hall. police are trying to identify the vandal who went on a window breaking spree, someone used large rocks to damage vehicles and hopes on the north side of town yesterday morning with the person throwing a rock through a home damaging a hutch similar to a work of a vandal who shot up homes and businesses last month with a bb gun. >> he is an artist and a musician and you can count his age on one hand: five-year-old art at of milpitas. he cannot it is still for long except for art. he started painting at a year and a half and his father started this website of his work
5:46 am
which will is when he joins mensa. >> it is all unbelievable. >> thanmay sharad has a portfolio and the father returned space for the boy's first art exhibit at a local art gilley but the work is not for sale. >> most kids are not seeing the 3-d difficult messagessal -- dimensional effect yet. pretty cool. >> he is not "most kids." he must have learned it from the pbs guy. see, he had a vast repertoire. >> do we have rain for thanksgiving or not? our landscape is dry. make sure you check ahead. we have clouds out there this morning, and that is it, haze, too, but not a "spare the air"
5:47 am
and good news. they still encourage you not to. 50 is san bruno, the warm spot and wood side is the cool spot and palo alto is 40 the menlo park, dress if 41. redwood city is 42. san mateo is 45 and bell -- belmont you have 47 degrees. we are 42 in los gatos and fremont, san jose, and livermore and oakland and novato at 45. hayward is at 49, a warm spot, and 52 in san francisco and 41 now in concord and 43 in antioch. mostly clouds, cleaner air today, thanksgiving is trending dry for us and the better part of the state and it will be dry and mild through at least monday. shopping, traveling, not a worry this welcome. today, the temperatures are showing warmer than acknowledge because of the southern wind with a few pockets of sunshine and mainly in the mid-to-upper
5:48 am
60's with a few low 60's. tonight, trending milder like we have the last couple of mornings and 40 at santa rosa, and most of us in the mid-to-upper 40's and 50 is possible in san francisco and san jose is 46 tonight and oakland is 49. high pressure is pushed away yesterday's storm fell apart but it got the high pressure out the way and the next system could bring us high clouds but it is still trending south and high pressure is hold on enough and put a roadblock up to deter the wet weather through action to our west, clear of rain and headed out tomorrow morning, no rain in sight and as we head throughout the day, it is dry for thanksgiving. go news there. hopefully your turkey is ready, too. same temperatures through friday but brighter, and cool
5:49 am
especially on tuesday the next best chance of rain, mid-to-upper 50's. have a great day. >> 44 bart train on type and ace train number one on time and the ferries are getting ready, as well, as we look at the roads, certain roads are quite busy. i will take you to highway 4 where it doesn't look so busy as it normally is, about 22 minutes to make the drive in the westbound direction antioch to concord, where we are seeing the slowing a 15 miles per hour through antioch and pushing to the west, when you head in this area it is all green so you are at top speed. 680 through pleasant hill is top speed and 44 minutes from tracy to dublin, so, quite slow and bumper-to-bumper traffic in the westbound direction. if you are moving through berkeley from albany to the maze along westbound 80, four minutes. fremont to san jose is 14 minutes, 280101 -- 280 to 101 is
5:50 am
four minutes. >> a rare buck of psalms from 1640 has told for $14.2 million in new york city setting an auction record. the psalms is the first book believe printed in what is now the un. there are only 11 surviving copies selling at the auction house in manhattan last night one of two copies held by a boston church. it will be loaned to libraries around the world. >> how clicking on the wrong link can turn this into a blue christmas. a video is sparking fierce debate after a father goes on-line with his roughhousing. >> in concert, john bon jovi
5:51 am
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there is a warning from internet security companies because of a spike in phishing claims claiming to be from e-mail or fedex saying the package is ready and other claim to be from retailers and they ask you to click a link but that plants a virus that allows
5:54 am
hackers to begin control your computer. security companies say do not open links to product you do not know. >> now the forecast. turkey day is straight ahead. >> we have a lot wet weather along the east coast with snow in atlanta, pulling away, rain around miami, still at fort lauderdale with issues from north carolina to maine is where we have the problems today with rain near the coast and snow inland. here is a look at the temperatures, 59 in new york, so, heavy rain, and same in boston, and 30 in st. louis with sunshine and 52 in denver and along the west coast, the rain stays off the coast and if you are traveling a lot of 60's until you get to tahoe at 51 and 74 in los angeles and palm springs and through the weekend temperatures chess to average but no snow in tahoe. injury. >> if you have a flight to catch, we will show you how traffic is moving. along the peninsula you can see everything is green.
5:55 am
it is wide open. as we look at sfo you can see 65 miles per hour if you are headed in the northbound or southbound direction you will be in very good shape. in san jose at the san jose airport you can see top speeds there, so we are looking at a little bit of slowing between 280 and 680 to the nimitz and it frees up. oakland airport is coming up but the san mateo bridge is will two minutes westbound to the peninsula. >> thank you. two people are in custody after nearly 300 pounds of pot we fell from the sky, literally, near the california and mexican border. bundles of marijuana were dropped from a plane yesterday and agents spotted the aircraft crossing the border and swept in and confiscated the pot. the pot has a street value of $157,000. agents arrested two men waiting on the ground for the haul. >> a video called "how to fight a baby," is burn up the web and
5:56 am
getting parents hot under the collar. a father shows off wrestling moves on his ten-month-old son. the father says it is lighthearted but not everyone gets the joke. >> do you have what it takes? can you take your older -- old man? some people say the video is funny and cute and others do not see the humor and say tossing a baby around could cause serious injury. what do you think? is this dad taking horse play too far? a hot topic on facebook and choke out the conversation and share your thoughts. >> i saw a lot of really heated comments about that. rock royalty meeting real royalty if -- for a
5:57 am
>> i wanted prince william to be in the center to hear him better. that was john bon jovi singing "livin' on a prayer." he got help from taylor swift and prince william for a charity event held in london to benefit the hope -- homeless. >> san francisco teachers skip school on the same day and the reason it is okay. >> we have breaking news from alameda, after a huge fire breaks out at a complex. >> must have gadgets with the hottest electronics in time for
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6:00 am
abc7 news starts with breaking news. >> the breaking news comes from alameda. i am eric thomas. >> several are homeless after an overnight fire in an apartment complex and some are pointing their finger at one of their neighbors. amy? >> investigators are looking into the possibility that a man who lives in the apartment building set a fire they had to rescue him from the balkan where -- the balcony where he was stranded. he is called a "person of interest" in the case. this were a total of seven people who lived inside this four unit building in alameda and everyone did get identity okay. i talked to a woman would had to climb down from hour balcony saying she woke up from the smell of smoke and show knew hour home was on fire when she heard the glass


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