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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 27, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. wall of storms. the great getaway. snow, ice, rain and wind, turning roads treacherous at this hour. this school bus flipping. cars overturned. as possible tornadoes touched down overnight. sam and the extreme weather team with the delays right now. into the danger zone. developing now, rising tensions. american b-52 bombers sent over disputed territory in a direct challenge to china. ambassador caroline kennedy's tough words overnight. new this morning, o.j. simpson denied. a judge rejects the former football star's bid for a new trial for armed robbery and kidnapping. why the judge turned o.j. down. ♪ we got to hold on to what we got ♪ well, here's a first. a prince, a king of rock and a queen of country. go for it, your highness.
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♪ living on a prayer ♪ i love hearing that. what a trio. who had the biggest thrill in that trio? >> i don't know. i think it has to be the prince. >> go ahead. go ahead. >> i think he did. >> it was great. what a great way to start this holiday getaway. 43 million people living on a prayer on the highways and in the air. look at those people coming in across the country right now. holiday travel mess, as the thanksgiving eve storm takes hold. a lot of travelers facing lot of trouble up and down the east coast. and the midwest. and the travelers, including the champions from "dancing with the stars," the bad weather impacting them. the champions. derek, for a fifth time, amber riley. and they're just arriving right now. all bundled up.
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getting here to our studios as we speak. again, all the travel woes, it's great to have them here with us. >> can we have a count of how many times derek has won? >> five. >> five times, wow. amber was so jubilant when she won. saying, she wants women of all sizes to know they can do whatever they put their minds to. it was really inspiring. and well deserved. >> cannot wait to talk to them. a lot to get to. let's get right to the latest on the holiday travel. busiest travel of the year. we have full coverage from extreme weather team. sam starts us off outside in times square. a roughly morning out there, sam. >> yeah, it has been, george. we're in a break right now in times square. but we're ten minutes away from another deluge of rain. that's the way it's going to go all day long. we'll show you how the rain goes, from the deep south into maine and beyond. quick zoom-in for some road surfaces. there's some watches and warnings out. 11 states with flood watches from georgia to maine. 12 states have wind weather watches, warnings or advisories.
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and 11 states have winter weather watches, warnings, and advisories. that storm animation takes this storm out of the way by late tonight into tomorrow morning. it's gone. the only thing left is cold air and wind. right now, just north of new york city, we have flood warnings. we have flood warnings just west of new york city, around the new jersey turnpike. that's where our ginger zee is. good morning, ginger. how are those roads? >> reporter: yes, sam. we've seen a steady flow of traffic here. but that's not the case everywhere. of the 43 million americans traveling, 39 million right here on the roads. the snow, the ice, just a mess. now has gone from miserable to what could be dangerous. this morning, a holiday horror show from mother nature. possible tornados reported in florida and in eastern north carolina, a state of emergency declared. at least two people injured, evacuations ordered, as 77-mile-per-hour winds damaged buildings and knocked out power to at least 6,000 homes. >> it sounded like a freight train.
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>> the neighbor's roof and his dhimny was in our backyard. >> reporter: this trampoline up a tree. and this two by four, into a wall. hundreds of accidents in 13 states, on this one of the busiest travel days of the year. in southeast pennsylvania, this school bus flipped on its side, sending the driver and 14 high school students to the hospital. this guy, near pittsburgh, found himself upside-down in his car. >> i just lost control and hit the side of the bridge. and i guess i spun. >> reporter: in michigan, a truck jack knifed, narrowly missing this stopped vehicle. in new york, as dancers rehearse for tomorrow's macy's day parade, big concern for the balloons. howling winds could keep them grounded for the first time in more than 40 years. in 1997, similar winds caused a six-story cat in the hat to slam into a light post, showering the crowd with debris, nearly killing one woman.
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you know there's something going on when you wake up in the 60s in the northeast and pensacola, florida in the low 40s. and big changes, too. sam? >> and big changes in the temperatures, as well, ginger, brought by that wind. let's talk about the travel conditions. the rest of the nation is looking at the east coast going, we're fine. and you're right. but take a look at what happens to the eastern seaboard all day long, that smash-up of snow and ice and rain into the weekend. and it doesn't leave until tonight. but all of the dry weather from the rest of the country sweeps in for the weekend. here's a look at what snowfall totals are looking like. we're dropping the snowfall totals around the western part of new york state. it's not a big snowmaker. but an inconvenient snowmaker. that's for sure. our reena ninan is in rochester, new york. good morning, reena. >> thanksgivukkah may be tomorrow. but here in rochester, it's a winter wonderland. and here's why. nearly a foot of snow. while this white powdery stuff may be fantastic for building a snowman, not so good if you have to drive through it.
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look at the video of the conditions we drove through along i-90. if you have to hit the roads today, remember to keep your head lights on, don't use cruise control and pack one of these, an ice scraper. sam. >> you'll need one of those. even though the snowfall totals are a little less, it's tough to drive through four to seven inches of snow, no matter what you're doing. especially for the holidays. just a quick roundup is that we have travel troubles on the roads with the wet surfaces and wind problems today on the eastern seaboard from probably washington, d.c. north will cause the airport delays. let's get back inside the studio, gang. >> speaking of that, sam. thank you so much. more than 3 million people are traveling by air this holiday weekend. and many of them could face serious delays, as sam was talking about. abc's david kerley has the latest on all that. joins us from chicago's o'hare airport. how's it going, david? >> reporter: pretty good, robin. good morning to you. today, 2.4 million are going to travel. here are some of them, lining up getting ready to go, trying to get home for the holidays. the real question is, does the weather cause serious delays today?
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the mad dash is on to avoid a departure board filled with delays. in pittsburgh -- >> the snow slowed everything down. so we've been in a panic. >> reporter: in atlanta, one out of every three flights was delayed by weather. now, it's the big northeast hubs that are being hit by this slow storm. in the united airlines chicago o'hare command center, they know that the eastern storms could make their jobs tougher today. the pressure is on airlines in this busiest flying time of the year. for us, a behind-the-scenes look as united airlines turns around a plane quickly. your connection is less than an hour? your luggage is now a hot bag that handlers want to move quickly to the next plane. >> that's the one we're looking for. good job. want a job? >> reporter: inside, cleaning crews, and caterers, bringing on more foods. there's more than 200 actions under way to prepare this plane. and then, reload the bags.
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how could somebody pack that much stuff in there? fuel is going on. the pilot does his walk-around, knowing that a packed plane wants to get home for the holidays. this 737 has been on the ground for an hour and 26 minutes. and now, they're pushing it off so it can take off. for this flight an on-time departure. they even arrived in l.a. early. but today could be a much different story. sara here with her two kids trying to get to harrisburg. and here is the good news. take a look at this. this is the departure board at o'hare. look at this. on time, on time, on time, on time. the airlines were able to get their aircraft in place this morning. so sara's polite is on time this morning. the question is later on this afternoon. robin, we'll have to wait and see. so, sara's flight is on time this morning. the question is later on this afternoon. we'll have to wait and see. sara and the kids get to see the cousins for thanksgiving. >> i love the fist-pump from sara. thank you, david. we appreciate it very much. but the weather, not the
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only big story. >> not at all. rising tensions between u.s. and china. america sending b-52 bombers over disputed islands in the east china sea, a direct challenge to china's claims to control the air space. it's the latest scrimmage of the u.s. and china over influence in asia. abc's chief foreign correspondent, terry moran, in washington with more. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, george. high tensions over the high seas, for sure. this showdown between china and the u.s. began when china staked a national security claim, out of the blue, really, to hundreds of thousands of square-miles of air space over the east china sea. and it was a muscular claim. it was based on their claim over those little disputed islands. japan says they belonged to them. and china warned any plane flying into that zone must identify itself or china had the right to take military action. in response, the united states sent those unarmed b-52 bombers as part of a long-planned military exit through that zone. china didn't respond. stakes are very high here. u.s. ambassador to japan, caroline kennedy, just took up that post, issued a strong statement.
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she said that what china is doing here, staking this claim, undermines security there, and increases tensions. and so this is a real showdown out in the east china sea. >> you say the stakes are high. but we're looking at the photos of the islands there. a couple of barren rocks. the u.s. taking this very seriously. this is not the end of it. >> absolutely not. those rocks are over a lot of oil, and gas, and fish. there's a lot of money involved here. and vice president joe biden is going to head to the region to try to calm nervous allies very soon. >> terry moran, thanks very much. let's get to josh and the other top stories. >> we're going to begin with new security concerns for the upcoming winter olympic games in russia. overnight, we learned 14 members of an islamist militant group have been arrested in moscow, reportedly armed with explosives, detonators, and guns. police have yet to say what the group may have been plotting. their arrest coming just one month after this deadly bus bombing in southern russia. you saw it there. an attack the police believed was aimed at undermining olympic security preparations.
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breaking news from ohio right now. some 400 homes southwest of cleveland are being evacuated because a railcar is believed to be leaking a highly-flammable and toxic liquid used in plastic and rubber products. it's leaking in a rail yard in the town of willard. we'll have more details as they become available this morning. in the wake of the irs targeting scandal, the obama administration wants to limit the political influence of tax-exempt groups. and thus, it is proposing new rules and donation standards to curb the explosive growth in political spending by nonprofits. the irs has been accused of unfairly scrutinizing groups affiliated with the tea party. and the coast guard has helped rescue more than 100 haitian migrants. you can see some of them here scrambling after a jam-packed boat began to sink off the bahamas. rescuers did drop life rafts and food to the survivors.
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however, 30 others didn't make it. off the west coast, a stunning sight here. boaters getting very, very close to a swarm of sharks. they are leopard sharks. most of them pregnant females. harmless, we're told. they migrate through the warm waters off of california to give birth. maybe you don't go tromping through a maternity ward of sharks in california. one young man's life may have been changed forever after what happened last night. two small colleges. oh, yeah, robin. huntington/marian, facing off. a basketball game for all the marbles. final seconds. huntington down one. and this -- >> merryman, catch and fire. and -- oh, he made it. >> shane merryman. and it goes. and the great thing about this,
7:13 am
two small colleges. last night, the twitterverse lit on fire about this. shane merryman, this moment is yours. take a bow, young man. you have earned it. >> he's going to be telling his grandkids about that. >> showing them. >> and showing them, too. >> he's going to be twice as far and twice as much. >> thanks for sharing that, josh. now, to the virginia state senator recovering from an attack by his son. creigh deeds is blaming local authorities for his son's suicide. and vowing to improve mental health services. abc's jim avila has the story. >> reporter: senator deeds blames virginia's mental health system for not keeping his son, gus, hospitalized, the day before he shot himself to death. e-mailing a local reporter, i'm alive for a reason. and i will work for change. i owe that to my precious son. the senator says he has strong opinions about the state agency that released his son, gus, after a mandatory four-hour psychiatric evaluation, saying they could not find an available bed for him. the attempted murder/suicide,
7:14 am
happened just hours later. and deeds wrote, i feel like they are responsible. close friends of gus tell abc news, they saw signs of mental illness ever since his father lost the virginia governor's race in a landslide. and then divorced gus' mom. >> he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. and did get treatment. and for a while, i know he was on medication. >> reporter: tony walters knew gus since they were kids in rural virginia. and followed him to college at william and mary, where he watched as the sweet banjo-playing music student suddenly disappeared. he withdrew from school and his friends. >> he seemed scattered and different. he had strange paranoias. we wondered, do you think he could hurt someone? do you think he could hurt himself? while we were talking to him, i feel like we all felt like, well, you know, gus is still -- still gus. he wouldn't do that.
7:15 am
>> reporter: the inspector general's office in virginia is investigating why there were no beds available for gus. senator deeds hopes to be an advocate for change in mental health. but for now, he just cannot talk publicly, quote, i cry a lot. i just cannot focus now and talk to anyone. george? >> such a sad story. we're going to switch gears to the black friday sales, two days away. some of the best holiday deals are out there. retailers walmart to amazon, offering the kind of discounts we used to see only after thanksgiving. rebecca jarvis has the story. >> reporter: it's the final countdown to the biggest retail rush of the year. the last few minutes of calm before the earliest black friday sale storm ever. what's the secret to get through black friday? >> basically, staying calm, cool, and collected. >> reporter: the turkey time chaos kicks off tomorrow at toys "r" us, before your stuffing can get cold at 5:00 p.m., when you can get your hands on one of these razor crazy carts, the toy giant is offering for $299.
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$100 off the regular price. walmart cracks its doors at 6:00 p.m., where there's sure to be a rush for this 32-inch hdtv for just $98. and if you'd rather wait until after your pie, kohl's will offer its sweetest deals when they open at 8:00 p.m. $15 boots, $40 leather jackets and fleece tops for just 9 bucks. if you'd prefer not to wait in line tomorrow, you can go online right now. target, kmart and sears getting the jump on cyber monday with online savings right now. of course, there are some retailers letting you fuel up on your thanksgiving feast before digesting the big deals. >> this is the way some retailers want you to spend thanksgiving. at p.c. richards and son, we believe thanksgiving should be spent at home. nord drom, bed, bath & beyond are among those that are opening
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their doors friday and holding off until black friday proper before opening up for their savings stampede. >> our thanks to rebecca jarvis for that. and, lara, you have the video of the morning. >> i love this story, george. it is quite the surprising moment at the microphone that has everybody singing "living on a prayer" this morning. prince william, rocking out with bon jovi and taylor smith. taylor instagramming the shot of the trio singing overnight. it was all part of a concert at kensington palace to benefit homeless youth. take a listen. ♪ we have to hold on to what we've got ♪ ♪ it doesn't make a difference if we make it or not ♪ ♪ we've got each other and that's a lot for love ♪ ♪ we'll give it a shot oh, we're halfway there ♪ ♪ oh, living on a prayer take my hand ♪ ♪ we'll make it, i swear oh, living on a prayer ♪
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>> that's great. such a great moment. they sounded pretty good together. >> even princes want to be rock stars. >> you notice how he was playing to the crowd. let's hear more. that was wonderful. quite a moment there. now, to sam with the thanksgiving forecast. all i can say is good thing that the one direction concert was yesterday morning and not this morning. the fans would have still come out for this. >> i know they would have stayed out in this rain. you know how i hate to brag. i mean, i just hate it. it just kills me. at the top of the show, i said we were just about ten minutes away from the next round of rain. and you know, i'm just saying. it's raining outside right now in times square. let's talk about the holiday travel. we have cameras everywhere. "gma" is everywhere for you this morning. and take a look at what's going on in chicago, where the temperatures in the 20s right now. that's the cold air that starts to work in our direction.
7:19 am
by the way, we'll be at the parade in philadelphia tomorrow. and that temperature will be about 29. a chilly start to the parade in philly, even in new york city. quick look at our dancing turkey across the big map. you can see what the holiday map looks like. it actually will be pretty nice on the day itself of thanksgiving in most locations. on the west coast today, we have comfortable temperatures. seattle all the way to l.a. 55 to 74. the air stagnation in the northwest is gone.
7:20 am
>> that list of all east coast rainiest cities was brought to you by kohl's. it's likely there will be airport delays. not so much for the rain but for the winds that will come with this storm. back inside to the gang. josh, robin, george, lara! >> sam, thanks so much. come on inside. coming up, stunning allegations against celebrity chef nigella lawson. high-stakes trial. why her former assistants say she let them spend thousands of dollars of her money. and setback for o.j. simpson's request for a new trial. why the judge rejected his plea. and the new queen of the
7:21 am
ballroom. amber riley, and her partner, derek hough. all of the finalists here live this morning.
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7:25 am
residents believe one of the tenants set the fire. the man had just been released from a psychiatric ward and facing a three-day eviction noticed and threatened to burn the place down. police say they're questioning him as a person of interest. pretty mild start to one of the busiest travel holidays. as we take you right into san jose, we have this accident a little over to the shoulder northbound 280 at highway 17. a little bit of traffic there. your drive over to the san jose airport not going to be a problem. this drive also improving right now from tracy to dublin. highway 4 and 101, you're in the clear, eric.
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good morning. check out the forecast 7:00 tomorrow morning. mostly cloudy all throughout the day mostly cloudy. it's going to be a dry thanksgiving, but watch out for the rough surf at the coach. temperatures 35 in santa rosa. most of us low to mid-40s and san francisco at 51. here's your accuweather seven-day forecast, temperatures above average all the way through the weekend. back to average monday.
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for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. ♪ we're halfway there take a look at that tough weather hitting so much of the east coast right now. that's lower manhattan right there. there's boston. take a look at chicago. stevenson expressway. we're listening to "living on a prayer," because of prince william and bon jovi. taylor swift trio so much. >> tough morning for people trying to get home for the holidays. but it looks okay right now. >> not so bad right now. and we're nice and toasty inside. wishing everyone, by the way, safe travels for the holiday. we're warming it up inside. d.j. kiss here this morning. we showed you the "dancing with the stars" champions. she's with them. d.j. kiss always has them. arriving a short time ago. they had some travel woes to get here. amber, five-time champion, derek hough. finalists corbin bleu is here.
7:31 am
jack osbourne is here. but they're in the hall of fame, the mirrorball trophy. >> big fun. looking forward to that. we're going to turn to a medical mystery and a health scare for "malcolm in the middle" star, frankie muniz. this is the second stroke. this is in just one year. he's add two. almost a year ago, same thing happened. it's a bit of a mystery. we begin with allegations that for years, tv chef nigella lawson was a secret drug abuser. two of her assistants have been charged with defrauding her and her ex-husband, for hundreds of thousands of dollars. linsey davis has the story for us. >> reporter: this morning, elisabetta and francesca grillo are back in a london courtroom, accused of spending nearly $500,000 of celebrity chef nigella lawson and her
7:32 am
then-husband's money, without their knowledge. >> it's a very simple recipe. >> reporter: but in a bizarre twist, it's now the popular tv cook who seems to be getting burned by the sisters who are accusing her of abusing drugs. >> these are the traditional flavors. >> reporter: the bombshell allegations are part of the grillos' defense in court. their lawyers claim lawson used cocaine, marijuana and prescription drugs on a daily basis. and they had a tacit understanding they could use her then-husband's credit card, as long as they kept her alleged drug use from them. >> a common defense strategy is always going to be to attack the credibility of a prosecution witness. i think that's what's happening here. >> reporter: the domestic goddess now has a new nickname from her multimillionaire ex-husband, charles saatchi, who in an angry e-mail to his former wife, described her as highgella. part of that e-mail which was read outloud by a drug in court
7:33 am
said you were so off your head on drugs that you allowed the sisters to spend whatever they liked. and, yes, i believe every word they've said. >> this is half the squash. >> reporter: some speculated maybe a case of sour grapes. lawson and saatchi's marriage spoiled very publicly this summer after photographer captured this moment with his hands around her throat. and tuesday, suggested in court that incident had something to do with lawson's alleged drug use. >> if they were to later determine that the allegations were untrue, it kind of already taints the trial. >> reporter: a publicist for lawson told abc news, we can't comment, as the court proceedings are live. the prosecution calls the allegations. and they didn't make the allegations until a year after their arrest. lawson hosts the show, "the
7:34 am
taste," which returns to abc on january. we turn now to o.j. simpson, behind bars for up to 30 years for robbery and kidnapping charges in las vegas. that's where he's going to stay. late yesterday, a judge denied his appeal for a new trial. david wright has the story. >> reporter: a nevada judge's decision to reject o.j. simpson's bid for a new trial means his conviction stands. for armed robbery and kidnapping. that conviction stems from the former nfl's star's botched attempt in 2007, to recover sports memorabilia he says belonged to him. >> i followed, what i thought, the law. i didn't break into anybody's room. the guy acknowledged it was my stuff. these were things i hadn't seen in ten years. and i was a little emotional about it. >> reporter: simpson had requested a new trial, arguing his old attorney blew it. making at least 22 mistakes at trial. but the judge rejected that argument saying, all grounds in the petition lack merit. and consequently are denied. >> the fight's not over. we're going to continue this on. one day mr. simpson will be vindicated.
7:35 am
orenthal james simpson, found not guilty of murder -- >> reporter: he beat the rap of the killing of his wife, nicole brown simpson. a civil jury found him liable for their deaths. and ordered him to pay $33 million to their families. >> count one, guilty. count two, guilty. count three, guilty. >> reporter: simpson is serving up to 33 years in prison, after the conviction in the vegas armed robbery and kidnapping case. he's done five years so far. for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, los angeles. >> our thanks to david wright for that. now, to the dramatic rescue caught on dash cam. a driver pulled from his pickup truck after it burst into flames. and a courageous police officer who did not hesitate for a second. abc's alex perez has that story. >> reporter: it was a jaw-dropping sight on this new jersey road monday night.
7:36 am
this police officer, racing to an suv engulfed in flames. watch as the officer drags the unconscious driver out of harm's way. patrolman scott krissinger, a seven-year veteran of the police department in cape may, first on the scene, showing no fear of facing the flames. >> so many things were racing through my mind. i couldn't understand why someone would stay in it if there was no car accident or anything like that. >> reporter: krissinger, said when he opened the door, smoke rushed towards him. >> when i opened the door, i couldn't really see. i was able to grab the collar of his shirt. >> reporter: he reached in and dragged the 61-year-old man to safety. >> i looked down at him. to see if he was breathing. i couldn't tell at the time. >> reporter: the officer raced back and opened the passenger door. again, a giant plume of smoke. >> i couldn't see anything. so, i decided, i'm going to try to feel with my hand across the seat. >> reporter: but there was no
7:37 am
one else inside the vehicle. the driver remains hospitalized, in critical but stable condition. >> i don't think myself as a hero. >> reporter: for "good morning america," alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> he may not. but we certainly do. >> yes. >> good he was there. time again for the weather. sam, we have this tweet from nick. he says, to all of us here on the desk, do you really believe sam champion hates to brag? when you were bragging outside, saying you hate to brag. >> it's not something -- >> it comes naturally to you. >> sometimes you got to say what you got to say. >> twitter doesn't lie. >> it's unavoidable, sam. we're going to start with the cold air in just a minute. we just got news about a severe thunderstorm warning out on long island, all the way to eastern connecticut. this is the kind of thing in this storm all day long you got to watch for. all of a sudden, it will be raining. then, you'll get something powerful out of it. take extra care, even though it
7:38 am
looks like it might be light rain for you on the east coast. sometimes it won't be. behind this storm system, coming in is a sweep of cold air. already there's some freeze warning, frost advisories for places that you might not be ready for them. and that's the gulf coast. robin, your hometown gets freeze and frost overnight. so does tallahassee. and basically, almost to charleston with that. the cold front dips all the way to south florida. but the cold air doesn't go completely all the way down. 41-mile-per-hour wind gusts. right now, 23-mile-per-hour, 24-mile-per-hour winds in new york city. the problem with the winds tomorrow during the parade, right at the threshold. they'll make the decision early, early in the morning. >> that beautiful look at the national map, all brought to you by home depot. we'll have more on america's weather next half hour.
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we are back, now, at 7:43, with "malcolm in the middle" star frankie muniz opening up about his medical scare. a ministroke. it's unusual in someone so young. he's just 27 years old. and this is not his first one. >> 9:23, i win. >> reporter: former "malcolm in the middle" star, frankie muniz, has found himself in the middle of a health scare, revealing he recently suffered a second mini stroke. he tweeted monday, almost a year to the day, i experienced another ministroke.
7:44 am
hopefully that will be the last. last december, muniz told "gma" about the stroke. >> i couldn't say words. i thought i was saying them. my fiancee was looking at me like i was speaking a foreign language. >> reporter: a ministroke occurs when blood flow to the brain stops temporarily. rare for a man who is not only healthy but also under 30. >> strokes in young people are not very common. but they do occur. often, you don't find out the cause. but it may be from a hole in the heart, a torn artery. >> reporter: the 27-year-old said last year, he was proud of his healthy lifestyle. >> i'm literally to this day, never had a sip of alcohol in my life. i never had any drugs. i never even smoked a cigarette. >> reporter: medical experts say you should know the signs of a stroke and remember the acronym f.a.s.t. >> "f" is for face. ask the person to smile. is their smile symmetric. ask them to hold up their arm, does one arm dip? "s" is for speech. and "t" is for time. >> reporter: muniz has traded the small screen for the stage. he lives in phoenix and is the
7:45 am
drummer for the band kingsfoil. >> when you're young, you don't think a stroke is something that can happen to you. this just shows you really do need to know the signs. >> so glad he's okay. and so much to look forward to. frankie's engaged to be married. wish him nothing but the best. coming up, a big "dancing with the stars" after-party. it's about to kick off. we have amber and derek. there they are dancing their way to the mirrorball trophy. the whole gang is here. and you know, music is the thing of the day. you might remember this. >> i don't know how to put this. but, i'm kind of a big deal. >> kind of a big deal, all over again.
7:46 am
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7:49 am
right then. here's "the play of the day." >> "anchorman 2."
7:50 am
they're rolling it out well. they are really whetting the appetite. take a look as ron burgundy looks to answer a very important question. what is love like? take a look. the team in action, at a premiere in australia. starland vocal band, "afternoon delight." ♪ afternoon delight ♪ afternoon delight ♪ afternoon delight >> they're good. it was actually good. you -- there's nothing to mock there. however, this movie -- i'm ready for this movie. >> aren't they coming here? >> the whole cast.
7:51 am
>> they're going to be here in december. >> can't wait. >> coming through. i'm sure we won't be repurposing anything. >> no. >> it tastes so good. here we go. "dancing with the stars," are you ready? let's get our dancing party shoes on. >> there they are! >> here we go. >> they're up and ready. ♪
7:52 am
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. stay out of the water sausalito. debris clogged a city pipe near ridgeway and richardson street. check out your forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. trending drier. mostly cloudy 7:00 through 5:00. here's your accuweather seven-day forecast, mid to upper 60s in most areas today all the way through sunday. temperatures well above average,
7:57 am
dry until tuesday. have a great day. mike, we have a report of a car that hit a post near the country club in the east bay. sounds like there's some structural damage and electrical lines cut. we take you into south san francisco, this accident northbound 101 at grand avenue is blocking a lane. southbound side looking clear to sfo. kristen. leyla, thank you.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. 8:00 a.m. and ballroom's hottest stars tango into times square. last night, a blockbuster finale on "dancing with the stars." and it all came down to this. amber riley, crowned the dancing queen. >> i want to let women of all sizes out there know, you can do whatever you put your mind to. >> here, live, with her champion partner, derek hough. plus, corbin bleu, jack osbourne and cheryl burke. our biggest after-party live. as we say -- >> good morning, america. >> and the after-party, it's on.
8:01 am
it was such a memorable night on "dancing with the stars." they're getting a little taste with the wonderful dancers we have here with us. >> i can do that. >> and that. >> is that all you got? >> a dance-off. don't challenge us. and just a short time ago, earlier this morning, they made their way here. d.j. kiss. here to welcome amber and derek, the new champions of "dancing with the stars." so emotional. >> rain not going to stop them from getting here this morning. going to have a great morning here with d.j. kiss. our "dancing with the stars" after-party. joining us live here in times square. >> you mentioned d.j. kiss. think about the travel last night. they really -- work to get here this morning.
8:02 am
we saw those dancers. we want to thank -- we just found this out. we have an official "dancing with the stars" dance troupe. and thus, the party shall dance an all morning long. >> you're a part of it. >> we have to thank them. they have flown through the night to be here. here they come. amber riley, and her partner, derek hough. so looking forward to talking to them. >> yeah. >> that's a fun crowd right there. that's a fun crowd. this time of year, we know it's the "dancing with the stars" finale. but you also think of this time of year, as saving money. we told you about all of the black friday deals. now, if everybody jumps on this bandwagon that everything's on sale, don't you want to know which are the real sales and bargains? what you should get up for? what you should sleep through? >> i think we can all agree. >> we're going to game the sales. >> oh, game the sales.
8:03 am
>> yeah. we're going to do it on "gma." first, the news from josh. >> i'm going to begin with sam's news this morning. a travel nightmare for so many folks trying to get home for thanksgiving tomorrow. from the midwest, to here in the northeast. snow, ice, rain, heavy winds, making a mess of the roads. for millions of others, meanwhile, that rain causing problems as thousands of flights have been canceled or delayed. overnight, a reported tornado left behind a trail of damage. power outages in coastal north carolina. and here in new york, fierce winds threatening to ground the iconic macy's parade balloons. sam's forecast and further bragging in moments. the other big story this morning. tensions escalating between the u.s. and china overnight. this comes after the u.s. military sent b-52 bombers flying over disputed islands in the east china sea. this is a direct challenge to china's claim that it controls that air space. u.s. ambassador to japan, caroline kennedy, said today that china's claim will only undermine security in the region. and a texas nurse is being hailed as a hero and rightfully
8:04 am
so. for giving her life to protect her patients while a man went on a stabbing rampage. police say the 22-year-old kyron templeton, claimed the hospital was trying to kill his mother, when he began randomly attacking people. the nurse here, did not hesitate. she rushed in. she tried to stop the violence. her patients and a hospital worker were attacked and survived. they are recovering. but hats off to gail, a true hero. a man in washington, d.c. has been caught red-handed staging an injury in the subway so he could sue for thousands of dollars. take a look at this. he looks directly into the camera there. and then, drops a banana peel on the floor, there. and then oh, no. oh, gosh. he fell. oh, my gosh, he fell. i hope he's okay. wait a second. he actually sued for $15,000,
8:05 am
claiming he was hurt on the subway. now that this video has surfaced, he faces fraud charges. i don't see his lawsuit getting off the starting block. and finally, happy thanksgiving reynolds. seriously. that's her name. happy thanksgiving reynolds. >> no, no, no. >> yeah. happy turns 43 tomorrow. she was named in 1970, when hippies may have been procreating. they checked the calendar. and they decided to name her happy thanksgiving reynolds. >> so, like, wow. >> that's like totally awesome. >> we knew right away she should be happy thanksgiving. >> someone said happy thanksgiving to me. >> she goes by her middle name, thanksgiving. >> i love it. good for her. >> i love it. happy thanksgiving. and happy birthday to you. >> hard to top that in "pop news."
8:06 am
first, weather from sam. >> we're going to start with the windchills that come behind the storm. everybody right now, you know what to expect for your travel day today. then, look at how much of the country is affected by the push of cold air. and you know when you see this, how strong the storm pattern is that is exiting overnight tonight. we haven't really talked about that. but once you get from boston into maine, today will be the day when you're soaking with the bigger rainfall totals of three inches or more. there's about an inch left on many of the road surfaces, particularly on the i-95 corridor. as you're driving, understand that traffic will be blocked and slow. take it easy. the rest of the country, looking fantastic. happy thanksgiving. happy thanksgiving
8:07 am
>> i saw some balloons upstairs. i saw some "dancing with the stars." >> look at you. >> what's coming up next? >> hopefully more of that dancing, sam. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." "pop news." and in it, madonna and sean penn reunited. and the secrets to gaming the sales of black friday. how to beat the rush. and what's really worth buying? and throw on your dancing shoes, champion. we're with the champions of "dancing with the stars." d.j. kiss in the house. all that and more on "good morning america," live in times square.
8:08 am
8:09 am
♪ our plan is in place. ♪ we've rigged up a trap to catch sight of his face. ♪ ♪ if only we could, just stay awake... ♪ ♪
8:10 am
standing by, sitting by, our dance troupe getting ready. we have all of your celebrities for "dancing with the stars." sit down, derek hough, five-time champ, amber riley, et al. we'll be right back. champ, amber riley, et al. we'll be right back. go nowhere. of the pressure my bassoon
8:11 am
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8:13 am
[ santa ] ho, ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer ] lease the 2014 e350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. you know lady gaga would make it. "dancing with the stars" after-party. this is the official "dancing with the stars" dance troupe. i believe they will be dancing straight through. >> a lot of energy. >> yes, they do. we get set to talk with all of our celebrity finalists and our champions. but first, lara spencer, with "pop news." >> good morning to you all. we begin with madonna. she and sean penn have reunited. they have remained friends. and this week, madonna joins
8:14 am
sean in haiti to participate in his humanitarian relief project. he has been highly involved since the earthquake in 2010. and he invited madonna to lend a hand. she is joined by her son, rocco. she's been documents the visit on instagram. nice to see them together for a great cause. >> and not forgetting. so many times after a disaster. they still need a lot of help. >> sean penn moved down there for great periods of time. he has taken that bull by the horns. also in "pop news" this morning, thanksgiving is tomorrow. but some of us are already getting a little christmas crazy. and tlc is secelebrating that. they're going to show you in "my crazy obsession." they're showing adults who have year-round yuletide love like this guy. >> i would rather be loney than
8:15 am
with everybody that doesn't love christmas. >> he celebrates christmas every day of the year. >> there's someone out there. there's someone for him who loves christmas just as much. >> i agree. and there's worse things to love. it's a beautiful holiday. a wonderful message. as my mom who is here today, there is a lid for every pot. >> exactly. >> it is an incredible show. on tlc, airing december 7th. finally in "pop news" a cleaning company that gives new terms to dress for success. men in kilts. >> wait, wait, wait. >> the backs of their t-shirts read, no peeking. >> did you get that camera angle? >> i went on assignment. men in kilts. they do jobs like pressure cleaning your house and cleaning
8:16 am
your house. the woman behind the idea, wears the pants in the company. there's already nine franchises and counting. no peeking. >> my windows have never been cleaner. >> it's tuesday. i better call. >> your mom is so proud right now. she's beaming right now. >> mom, i like to keep a clean house. >> thank you, lara. >> thank you, lara. here we go. black friday. it is, after all, now just a couple of days away. famous for causing the stampedes. all weekend long, we all want the best deals. how to avoid the madness if possible with secret strategies to make the most of black friday, "gma" contributor, becky worley, up early for us in san
8:17 am
francisco. becky, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. are you prepared for the battle that is black friday? it should, you know, just be a fight to get a good deal. not to get the last x-box in aisle seven. so, retailers are changing things up this year. we have a look at what's new. and my top tips to maximize your markdown mastery. black friday can be a full-contact sport. but this year, instead of coming armed only with a rolled up newspaper to fend off the hordes, this year, come with knowledge and my secret strategy. strategy number one, as you know a ton of stores are opening on thanksgiving. and after extensive research, here's my opinion -- the discounts on big-screen l.e.d. tvs, ipads and laptops are impressive. target has a $22950-inch l.e.d.
8:18 am
229 bucks. ipads, walmart has the ipad mini for $299. but here's the kicker. they'll give you $100 walmart gift card. wow. but for other products, meh. the deals will still be there on friday, over the weekend, and online. for example, android phones, three or a penny all weekend long in-store. even new ones, like the galaxy s4, a penny at staples or free at best buy with a two-year contract. you want an iphone? the 5c rolls out friday morning at walmart for $45. and they give you a $75 gift card. here's strategy number two. know what time your deal goes live. this year brings us the rise of staggered deals. for example, walmart has different discounts rolling out at 6:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m., then friday morning. best buy rolls them out thursday night at 6:00, different ones at 10:00, midnight.
8:19 am
new deals, friday morning. remember when black friday was simple? and on friday? okay. moving on. strategy three, map your store. some target and walmarts are putting up detailed diagrams to show you where they're putting the product piles, the one that have door-buster items. beeline to your item with confidence. and before you go, strategy four. make technology your friend. last year, good samaritans were posting online about parking availability, as well as line length. so, big savings. if you do decide to forgo the pumpkin pie and the football, head out to the stores on thanksgiving, well i've got a list of the top 25 best, smoking deals. not just where and how much, but when they go live. they're all at on yahoo! i'm staying home to watch the
8:20 am
baltimore/pittsburgh game. finally football. >> you bet, becky. that's one of the "fs" to focus on tomorrow. thank you. time, now, to get the dance party going. robin, george, and our champions. >> all right, guys. "dancing with the stars," the top finalists, you see, are all here, to relive it with us. we have the mirrorball champions, amber riley and derek hough. our runner-up, corbin bleu, is here. and your partner, karina smirnoff could not be here. she had a family emergency. we're thinking of her. >> absolutely. >> and coming in a strong third, jock osbourne and cheryl burke. wonderful. it was so much fun to watch. but let's relive that moment when, amber, what you had to say when you took home that trophy. >> i did this competition because i didn't know if i could
8:21 am
do it. and anything that scares me, i want to do. i want to let women of all sizes out there know, you can do whatever you put your mind to. it doesn't matter what size you are, what color you are. you can do whatever, whatever, whatever, whatever, whatever you want to, now. >> that's what i'm talking about. love that. >> and you broke a little barrier last night. first african-american woman ever to win p. >> yeah. >> on "dancing with the stars." >> yes. >> we can really see how much this meant to you. >> it did. it meant a lot to me. i was -- man. it was hard. it was hard. you know, it was something i never done before. and i put myself in a position to do something new. and hard every, single -- every, single week, i was learning something i didn't know. very uncomfortable position to be in. but i just pulled it out. >> you talk about uncomfortable. the pain you were in. we knew about the knees. how are your knees holding up? >> they're really bruised. the top of my tibia is bruised.
8:22 am
there's a little bit of fluid on my knees. those will be gone with a little ice. >> derek, you had to work around that, as well. doing the choreography. congratulations on your emmy. we have not seen you since then. >> yeah. >> tell us how you worked around. we loved the jazz dance where you came up with the chair idea. >> three weeks ago, she texted me and said, i don't know how much i can do with my feet, my knees. so, i figured out a way we could do half a dance sitting down. and i was thinking, if we made it to the finals and freestyle, maybe do a dance on wheels. i don't know. but we fixed it. she came out and -- >> that was great. >> it was. and then, we have -- you are on this little show called "glee." >> yeah. >> well, your friends there, they have a little something they want to say to you. >> oh, gosh. >> hi, amber. congratulations. we are so, so proud of you. and love you so, so much.
8:23 am
cannot believe you signed up for something that involves more dance rehearsals. but we are happy for you. >> it's funny. i kept running into them, just out and about in l.a. they're like, i can't believe -- we never thought she would be this good. and she was killing it. >> it's wonderful. all of y'all had family and friends. the ballroom was packed week in and week out. corbin, for you, as well. mentioning your partner, karina. let her know that we're thinking of her. >> definitely will. >> and hope everything goes well. you were so much fun. you were so exciting to watch. that freestyle to michael jackson. can you bust a -- >> my favorite? probably the moonwalk we got a chance to do. >> can you show us? oh. >> oh.
8:24 am
>> there's something on the floor. wrong shoes. >> you still made it work. even you were just so into it. week in and week out, like everybody was. >> i grew up performing. i grew up entertaining. and i've made a career out of it. and to be able to perform on this caliber of a stage and have it so much at your fingertips, every, single week. that really was the highlight for this entire experience for me. it really was. >> talked about growing up performing. let's go back to the video vault. >> are you going to do that? >> corbin. >> 5 years old. >> first time on "gma." >> oh, my lord. that's -- wow. oh, wow. there's a kick, i think. wait. >> yeah. really funny. always, from day one.
8:25 am
>> jack, you grew up in the business, as well. you've been so open, on the whole show, about your issues with m.s. how are you feeling right now? >> i feel good. i'm a little tired. but i'm good. i'm hanging in there. >> if you weren't tired after this much on "dancing with the stars," something would be wrong. >> that's true. i would be derek. >> cheryl, we saw the special bond you have with that young man right there. and how emotional after the freestyle. the tears were just blow flowing. where does that coming from? >> he brought out a different side of me. in 16 seasons, it's the first time i've ever cried, with my partner. three times, made me cry. three times. he's proud of it. i'm just so proud of jack. i can't believe the struggle he's been through and being able to overcome that is so inspiring. and getting through that freestyle, after having a shaky jive in the beginning of the show, was pretty amazing. i'm just so proud of jack. he has come such a long way. >> we're proud of all of you. it's exciting to watch. >> very proud of all of you.
8:26 am
a lot more coming up. when we come back, the secret questions, before they dance the morning away. we're going to play a little game. >> how well you know each other. >> the skinny mic.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. firefighters remain on the scene of an overnight fire in an alameda apartment building that displaced seven people. the fire started shortly before 3:00 at a fourth-unit two-story building on briggs avenue near lincoln park. residents believe one of the tenants set the fire. they say the man had just been released from the psych ward, facing a three-day eviction notice and threatened to burn the place down. police have detained him as a person of interest. let's check out the morning commute with leyla gulen. take you over to sfo in the northbound direction along 101 at grand avenue, this accident has cleared. so all lanes now reopened put just a slight dent in your travel time. take you back over to the east
8:28 am
bay we still have this car that hit a post office right near the diablo country club. not affecting 680 right now. both northbound and southbound you are in the clear there. kristen. thank you so much, leyla. we'l
8:29 am
good morning. i have some good news if you're traveling today. look at that, 5:00, not a drop anywhere across the state. tomorrow morning, same thing. tomorrow afternoon, same thing. thanksgiving looking dry for all of us. we'll watch out for some rough
8:30 am
surf at the coast. here's your accuweather seven-day forecast, temperatures above average all the way ♪ the official "dancing with the stars" dance troupe. they are -- they're looking to -- they are not going to stop all morning long. except for right now. >> good. >> congratulations to you, and the record holder. >> you have a knack. also, our "dancing with the stars" after-party rocks on. the finalists that you see, they're here after the finale last night. amber, corbin and jack, along with their partners. we have more dancing games. find out which couple knows each other best. and who will win our dance-off. and d.j. kiss in the house
8:31 am
this morning, spinning all morning long. for the dance party. and right now, we want to look at a special message for jack osbourne. take a look. >> jacky boy, to take it into the final of "dancing with the stars," we thought, at best, you'd be three or four weeks. the final. you are living a dream. >> what are you trying to say? >> only your family's going to be honest with you like that, jack. you know what i mean? >> a little harsh. >> they all are. it's time to put the social spin on this, by the way. you've been asking us all morning long, asking us questions to ask them. >> we're going to get to it. this is what your fans really want to know. this is a question from a superfan. in earlier interviews, you said that derek was helping you find your sexy. and not be a 17-year-old. how sexy do you feel right now?
8:32 am
>> i feel early morning sexy. yes. >> oh, jack. >> that's the best kind of sexy. >> good answer. >> corbin, this question. i've been waiting all day to say this. from cute cakes 100. >> sam, you're not allowed to send questions in. >> it's my own twitter account. wants to know, what are you going to miss most about dancing with karina? >> oh, man. it's got to be the accent. it's hearing her just not say articles. it's -- i have to go to store. it's absolutely -- she makes me laugh. i love her. and i love how she cracks the whip, she's so dedicated. really is. a hard, hard worker. hard, hard worker.
8:33 am
>> yes. >> so, jack, this one's for you. in what way did "dancing with the stars" change your outlook on life? >> it changed my outlook on dancing. i used to not really care about it. and now, i kind of care about it. but now, i don't know. >> really love it. >> i love it. >> you're going to start dancing in weddings. >> we're going to go pro together. i'm available for weddings, bar mitzvahs. funerals, if you're into that kind of thing. >> somehow, the traffic cop dance. >> i've seen that. hey, hard times come, i will do that. >> derek, by the way, how about this one? how does amber compare to derek's other winning partners? >> well, everybody's been so amazing. amber was amazing, in her charisma and personalities. she would do things on show day that we never rehearsed. she would put on an extra smile or a look. i haven't seen that look before. but that's what made it so special and so fun to dance with
8:34 am
her. >> she had her own big game. >> she had, like, brought things that i didn't teach. that she had, which was fantastic. >> that means a lot coming from you. >> this is for cheryl. when is tom bergeron going to dance? >> i keep saying the same thing. i think tom would be a great partnership. he tried a quick step in season three. after that, i don't think he wants to come back. he's hanging up the dance shoes. >> cheryl, if anyone, can actually get him. he's limber. >> speaking of, sam, when are you coming on? >> hey. >> sam, sam, sam, sam. >> all right. next question. this question is for all of you, i wish it was a nasty question after all of that. >> cutie cakes. >> the question is for all of you. how did you keep up with your personal and professional lives in the other arenas that you're
8:35 am
in, while you're doing "dancing with the stars"? we'll start with corbin. >> i don't know. laundry was never done. when do you eat? when do you sleep? it honestly is a 24-hour gig. you go seven days a week, you're dancing. you're doing like ten hours a day. it's crazy rehearse schedule. i'm excited to sleep. >> and, jack, what about other experiences? could you do anything else? >> no, not really. you do what you can. you try to make it work. but i have a couple really ticked off business partners. you know. we're trying to mend the relationship. we're going to work through it. >> you can mend it with a good salsa. >> you have a hit show. there's a lot of responsibilities that come with that, year-round. >> but professionally, i kind of kept up. but personally, not so much. yeah. my -- >> so, finally -- >> yep. >> this is to all of you.
8:36 am
would you come out for an all-star season? >> you could do it. >> only if derek's not in the competition. >> yeah. you are -- i don't want to say a ringer. but you're amazing. >> yeah. >> the person who you dance with gets a level of something. a je ne sais quoi. >> i owe a lot to my partners. they're amazing. >> it's about that chemistry. >> 100%. >> we're going to see more. >> we're going to have more fun with you guys. >> dancing up in here. >> oh, no. >> cutie cakes 101. >> yeah. how about if we do a little of weather, by the way. we'll do this as quickly as we can. your twitter and facebook pictures have come in from all of the country, to let us know what the rest of the country is looking like. how about a shot out of texas. everything looks pretty good. albany, new york, one of the places that picked up some snow.
8:37 am
a big snow event or all-snow event. not as large as we initially thought in the snowfall totals. that's very good news. in comes drier and cooler air. new york city all the way to boston, philly, washington, d.c. your thanksgiving looks great. just a little concerned about how windy it is, thanksgiving morning, for all of the parades. and the balloons. the parade will go. it's whether or not they fly the balloons. that's going to be the big issue. they'll make up their minds first thing in the morning. there's our dancing turkey, in >> all of that weather was brought to you by mercedes-benz. we're not through with some of
8:38 am
the folks yet. amber, this is for you. a tribute to monday night's freestyle. guys, take it away. ♪ >> oh, yeah. >> okay. when you're this close, that's a scary thing, ladies and gentlemen. there's a lot more of our "dancing with the stars." and we'll be right back.
8:39 am
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8:41 am
corbin, you have shown the world what an amazing person you are. and i know your future is so much brighter than any mirrorball. i'm really proud of you. [ cheers and applause ] >> corbin's girlfriend. that's awesome. it is -- derek. it is skinny mic time, my friend. >> i love the skinny mic. >> as much time as they spend together on "dancing with the stars," we hear it every year. under unbelievable pressure, they circle the wagons. they become a family.
8:42 am
this morning, all of the family ties being put to the test, as it is time to play, a lightning round we like to call "two to tango." how well do you know your fellow dancers? are you all ready? >> yes. >> jack, you're first up here. amber's favorite song that she danced to this season? was it -- "what was the fox say"? "a little tenderness"? or "turn back time"? >> was it "fox"? >> judges? no, it's not. >> look what you're playing for. these golden shoes. high stakes here. high stakes here. cheryl, this question for -- >> i'm a bronze shoe kind of guy, seeing as i am third. >> cheryl, which body part does
8:43 am
corbin say he developed the most during "dancing with the stars"? abs? legs? or feet? >> legs. >> corbin? >> the feet. >> how do you develop the feet? >> there's a follow. >> it's the arch. the arch. >> fine, whatever. >> the legs have diminished. i sweat way too much. >> it was the only thing that wasn't perfect on your body. and now that it is, all is good. >> are you ready? >> we're all losing here. >> to derek. >> yes. i'm ready for this. >> and by the way, we should add, derek, this is another thing for you to win. so, here we go. what dance did jack say he will never do again? is it the samba? is it the tango?
8:44 am
is it the cha-cha? or is it "d" all of the above? >> it must be all of the above. come on. >> if you had to pick one. >> oh. >> i knew it. >> i thought it was the cha-cha, too. but i thought all of the above. >> realistically, when am i ever going to do a samba or a tango ever again? unless you hire me for a bar mitzvah, wedding and/or funeral. >> it is a tie. zero, zero. >> what made derek panic this season? a lower back spasm? running out of tight shirts? oversleeping for a performance? >> what? >> oversleeping? tight shirts? or back spasm? >> back spasm. >> on the board. >> i got a point. >> you got a point.
8:45 am
>> you're winning. >> derek, have you ever been worried about a shirt? have shirts ever been a real concern of yours? >> they are. >> corbin, cheryl's biggest pet peeve is -- lateness? is it people that smell bad? or is it a slow quick step? you see what i did there. >> i think it's one of the first two. i'm going to go with people that smell bad. >> oh. >> yes. >> and we have run out of time. >> oh. >> run out of time. it's going to work out well. corbin can get the male shoes. and amber. >> love that. there you go, amber. >> beautiful. beautiful. everybody wins. everybody wins. >> a special dance. don't go anywhere.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
♪ what does the fox say i will never forget it. i'm trying to get the sound out of my head right now. it's amber and derek, with the big "what does the fox say" dance. the "dancing with the stars" after-party. where did the ears come from? >> you know, i have to say -- that we are all on team fox. >> owl on foxy. >> that was a fun dance. that was fun. that was fun. >> thank you so much for hanging with us this morning. this is our favorite time, actually. after the stars, the big dance-off, we get a chance to talk to you guys, really find out what it was like behind the
8:49 am
scenes. this is also going to be your big championship dance for us. before we get to that big, award-winning dance we have between the two of you, let me ask you about. amber, you have a big show. you are a big, big star. this puts you in america's heart solidly. what's the next step? what's the big plan now? >> man. i'm not really sure. i do know i'm going to sleep. i do know that. that's the plan. >> are you going to breakout? films? movies? i don't know what this does to someone who was already doing really well. do you get a bunch of offers in the mail right away? >> i have a couple meetings next week. we'll see. >> atta girl. tell me about what you're going to do. what you have planned for us. >> we are going to dance. the charleston. >> oh. the charleston. i was hoping "what does the fox say?" >> if we must. okay. >> no, no. let's see the charleston, everybody. congratulations. >> all right. [ cheers and applause ]
8:50 am
>> do it if you know it. >> yeah. here we go. wait. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:51 am
♪ >> i didn't know you were going to go there. [ cheers and applause ]
8:52 am
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wow! would look like jowow! and in a perfect world, what's delicious would be healthy too.
8:54 am
wish granted. dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt. this really is too good to be true! dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt. ♪ dannon. ♪
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oh, oh. hammy. hammy. >> what a great morning here. >> oh. >> no, no. >> come on. ♪ >> hey. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> keep it going. keep it going. we want to thank everybody. five.
8:56 am
four. three.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
we have breaking news from ocean beach in san francisco where firefighters are helping a surfer. he washed up on shore this morning. live sky 7 hd pictures of the scene of that surfer is on the way to the hospital right now. let's check things out with meteorologist mike nicco with your weather. >> rough surf at the beaches tomorrow. so far today it's been okay. in fact, from point rays all the way down to big sur. this evening notice it's just cloudy all across the state. same thing tomorrow morning if you're traveling, same thing all day tomorrow it's going to be dry. accuweather seven-day forecast, above average temperatures until the rain tuesday. leyla. mike, no accidents, but as we take a live look outside perhaps it's the quiet before the storm. here's a look at our toll plaza right now as you come away from the maze and into san francisco.
9:00 am
wide open there. look in san jose, going to be 87 if you head right past the julian street offr announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the film "out of the furnace," woody harrelson. and we will talk with the hilarious sarah silverman. plus, from "the hunger games: catching fire," jena malone. all next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ kelly: thank you


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