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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 28, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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good afternoon and happy thanksgiving. >> you know, some stores opened this thanksgiving day, black friday starting a day early. >> in west palm beach, florida,
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a determined crowd pushing in. some have been in line for a week. >> oh, my goodness. that's just terrible. we are live at best buy where eager shoppers have camped out. >> yes, some pretty dedicated shoppers here as well. the people at the front of the line have been here since last friday. that's nearly an entire week. and as you take a quick walk on down line, you're going to see there are some who showed up within just the last few hours, which is a change in what we've seen in the last few years. bill anders says he's been doing this for about 30 years. >> be prepared to wait a long time. >> sa bri na pope has hit the lines for the last four years. >> we've been here actually since friday. >> waiting in line to get the best door buster buy is now a tradition for these shoppers, but this thanksgiving, retailers threw hunters a curve ball,
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which was tough even for shoppers who work in teams. >> how different does them opening on thanksgiving day make things? >> difficult because neither her nor i had time to plan to see and prepare for dinner. >> when we started check ng with early shoppers, there were only a few in line just hours before doors opened, which is different than in years past. >> i don't think it's too bad today. this line's not that long. i've been in lines three or four blocks line waiting for things. >> why do you think the line isn't that bad? >> oh, because it's thanksgiving. everybody's with their families. >> marketers hoped to meet the demand early, so they opened up thanksgiving day, but it's not clear if that strategy will work. at this hour, you can see there are a few people in lip, but if you sweep down the lip, let me show you, the end of it is just right there. this line is only a few yards long and only two hours until
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opening here. >> you got a chance. you got a chance to get in line right now. >> i don't think they would let me in. >> we'll check back with you later on. thanks. a live picture in san mateo, where people same thing, they're lined up outside a toys "r" us store. the doi doors there are going to open at 5:00. heather will have a live report at 5:00. >> it's a lot safer in here. >> i don't know if it's really dangerous, but there's a lot of determined people that want their big items. >> they want their stuff. it's dry out there. spencer now taking a look at the holiday forecast. >> it's pleasant. what a thanksgiving day. feels almost like a memorial weather day. here's live doppler 7 hd. just a few high, thin clouds. current temperature readings as we look live over san francisco,
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66 degrees in san francisco. 61 across the upper 60s. san jose, los gatos, 61 at half moon bay. how about this view of the bay and the blue sky above from our camera. it's 68 at santa rosa. 68 at fairfield. upper 60s at concord and livermore and a live view shows high clouds and blue sky. this is our first forecast this evening. mostly clear and mild in the earl lly evening hours. it will turn cooler overnight, so tomorrow morning, we'll see bright, sunny skies reaching from upper 30s in the north to the about 50 in san francisco. by afternoon tomorrow, a nice, mild fall pattern continues, however, tomorrow is winter spare the air day again. i'll give you more details on that and a look at ahead. >> thank you. on this thanksgiving day,
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the 18-year-old who suffered second and third degree burns after being set on fire aboard a bus. sasha fleishman is at home after leaving the hospital and for the first time, sasha spoke publicly about the attack. >> my first instinct is kind of dumb. start waving around, trying to put it out, so that fans the flames and makes it bigger, then my second reaction that saved my life was i went back to my kindergarten class and stop, drop and roll. so i just drop on the floor and start rolling around. >> sasha was wearing a skirt and doesn't identify as either male or female. the suspect, 16-year-old richard thomas, faces felony assault and mayhem charges with a hate crime. sasha and the teen's father have talked to prosecutors about
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trying him as an adult. in san jose, a man stabbed several people then carjacked a van on north jackson avenue after being shot by police on dirk glen drive. david? >> reporter: well, that suspect was kill eed right there. you can see the scene is still teeming with police officers and detectives. it started here, ended here, but starteded a short distance away. the crime spree started at this townhouse about a mile away. the suspect stabbed four adults here. police believe they knew each other. thep the suspect ran off and carjacked a van on north jackson avenue. the van then got on to the 680 freeway in the wrong direction. eventually pursued by police to the intersect of white and mayberry roads. that's when a neighbor saw the suspect driving. >> going really fast, wemp we
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were at the other side, he was driving in the middle of the road. zigzagging. >> the suspect then made a critical mistake. he turned on to a cul-de-sac with no way out. that's when neighbors heard gunfire. >> there were gun shots. >> was there return fire by the police? >> we don't know. just like a five, six times in a row. >> it turns out it was a san jose police officer firing at the suspect after his car was rammed by the van. >> the officer feared for his life and fired his duty weapon at the suspect. the suspect's vehicle then crashed into a residence on kirk glen and was struck by at least one round from the officer's duty weapon. the suspect has been pronounced deceased at the scene. >> the stabbing victims were taken to regional medical center with nonlife threatening injuries. new video from the u.s. coast guard of a rescue they had to perform early this morning. this was along highway 92 in san
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mateo county. rescuers pulled three people from a car that had plunged off the highway. a fourth passenger managed to climb out with no help. the crash occurred around 12:30 this morning on highway 92 near skyline boulevard. everybody was wearing their seat belts, so they're all going to be fine. investigators do not know why the driver lost control, but drugs, alcohol or speed do not appear to be factors. not everybody is looking to shop on thanksgiving. these fellas got up early to help people in need. volunteers then delivered the meals to homes and residential hotels. the salvation army had over 200 turkeys to prepare the meals. >> memorial church in san francisco served an estimated 5,000 meals.
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>> amy found out the volunteers who showed up today also have stories of their own. >> alice first volunteered 30 something years ago. >> i have no family here and i wanted to do something so i wouldn't miss my family, so i came to glide to help them. >> but it's the guilt she feels about a woman that keeps her coming back. she was assigned to patrol the line outside. she said it was a very cold day and she remembers a homeless women in line. >> she didn't have on any shoes, a coat. i was supposed to give her my coat and i didn't. i may never see her. i want to give back to her. >> it takes 500 volunteers like alice so prepare and serve the thanksgiving meal to the needy in san francisco's tenderloin district. ramon brings his entire family. >> to give thanks, we kind of help feed the homeless and we have been coming here for the
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last three years. >> even after 50 years, their stories still have an impact on reverend cecil williams. >> sometimes, i cry when i see certain things taking place. >> definitely a busy day and they need all 500 volunteers to get this meal on the table. they're going to serve 312 gallons of stuffing today. it isn't just one day. glide officials point out they serve meals every day. >> we need them year around, so we find some folks repeating and by the way, we do 10,000 volunteers every year. >> it's a way of sharing. thanksgiving is about giving. it's not about the turkey. >> in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> and check out all the activity at the food bank this morning. more than 100 volunteers sort two barrels. they have a shortage of barrels.
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other people were busy -- the volunteers were more than happy to help out. >> it's just a chance to give back, you know, it's a really good opportunity and there's a lot of people here doing it. it's all very organized, so it's kind of fun. >> the empty barrels are going to be placed back out in stores and companies holding holiday food drives, they are still looking for plenty more donations. still ahead, talk about taking one for the team, find out why a police chief is getting tazed by his own officers. plus, the unexpecteded face mishalf today for a bay area ceo and new at 4:30 -- >> at the big bone game where san jose high's football players are fight iing adversity with their helds held high not only off the field, but off the field. that story coming u. check out the traffic at 4:11 on this thanksgiving day. this is a live look at the toll
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plaza at the bay bridge. those folks who have their fast track, they're gliding right along, but if you're stuck in a cash lane, looks like you're going to be there for a while. back with more on abc 7 news at
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abort, abort, abort. call an abort. aborting. >> another aborted launch for the rocket. just moments ago, a second attempt to send the rocket into
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space was scrubbed only 48 seconds before blast off. an earlier attempt this afternoon was aborted only two seconds to go. the first was aborted because of a problem with one of the nine engines producing a lower than normal thrust region. tesla ceo elon musk is also the ceo of space x. a common icon is not survived its close encounter with the sun. the 4.5 billion year old rock was supposed to make a slingshot around the sun. they didn't see the comet come out on the other side. astron mers believe the comet broke up and died. taser. taser. >> ouch. police chief in indiana agreed to get tazed as a way to raise
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money for his department. they need cash to buy a new patrol car. right now, they have only one running vehicle. chief baker agreed to get tazed as a way to get money and he's done this before. >> this is my hometown. my dad died when i was 9 years old. he was a business man here in town. after he died, i didn't have one parents. i had 2,000, okay. this is my way of repaying the town. >> the town's residents have kicked in a bunch of small donatio donations. knightstown has learned they're getting a $20,000 gift to help buy an suv. the whole tazing for cash -- >> i don't know. >> i'm thinking the weather department ought to get involved in this. it sounds like a wonderful opportunity. >> i think mike would really enjoy that. >> my motto is don't
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bro. >> here's live doppler 7 hd. just a few high clouds around. nice, sunny skies. as we said would be the case. here's a live view from our camera at abc 7. the forecast features are these. it will be a spare the air day tomorrow, so while the weather is great, air quality is in decline for one day at least. sunny and mild through the weekend, but much cooler next week. notice the high clouds moving through, but mainly sunny here in the bay area. this system is a system we thought earlier in the week had at least the potential to bring us rainfall, but it has moved far away from the coastline. it has fizzled and leaves us with a nice, dry, mild holiday weekend. let's start our forecast at 5:00 tomorrow morning at which point we'll see a few thin, high
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clouds. midday, sunny skies, mild conditions and that means from coast to inland much like today, only perhaps sunnier. overnight tonight, look for chilly conditions up in the north bay valleys and santa rosa, napa, lows in the mid-40s and just a little bit milder. about 50 will be the lowest. and we talked about that spare the air alert tomorrow with air quality declining. remember, no wood burning when there's a spare the air alert. we expect poor air quality in the north bay and santa clara valley. medium other parts of the area. in the south bay, sunny skies in mid to upper 60s. on the peninsula, mid to upper 60s. 67 at redwood city and on the coast, mild, too, with highs
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from 62 at pacifica, 64 at half moon bay. downtown, 64 tomorrow. 62 in the sunset district. north bay, low 60s on the coast. upper 60s and 68 at santa rosa and napa. on the east bay, oakland at 66 degrees. also, 66 cost row valley and fremont. the inland will have highs in the upper 60s. 68 at fairfield an livermore and antioch. through the weekend, sunny and mild. it sharply cools down on tuesday, wednesday and thursday. a few more clouds in the sky. sort of an unsettled winter pattern with a slight chance of rain in the middle of the week next week. at the moment, doesn't look like it's a major rainstorm, but keep the umbrella handy. coming up, the gift of life.
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how two strangers helped each other's families with the gift of life. but first. ♪ >> thanksgiving with lady gaga and the muppets. we go behind the scenes of this star studded event. another look add traffic and be thankful you are not stuck in this because it is gridlock in both directions. oncoming traffic back towards the east bay and traffic on the oh side toward 101 south and the peninsula and it is really slow in both directions. back with more in just a moment.
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[z l to those who've been waiting welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at this time, the superstar has teamed up with some truly iconic performers. >> she's sharing an abc prime time special with some of the most lovable characters known to the world. the muppets. cameron explains. ♪ >> lady gaga may have become
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famous for videos and shocking -- ♪ but her take on thanksgiving is surprisingly traditional. >> hi. how are you? >> great. >> nice to see you. >> this year, she's celebrating with the must wants. >> it's been a dream come true of mine. >> her and kermit perform a duo of her song, gipsy. ♪ >> you guys seem to have good chemistry. you work together very, very well. >> we like each other a lot. >> i'm a little lower on the food chain bonlgically, but i think there's some chemical stuff going on. >> the two of them seemed gaga for each other. any discussion of their alleged love triangle, miss piggy.
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the muppets even gave gaga creative input. >> we still have a finale to plan. >> as jerel performs a new version of one of his new hits. >> hey, that's not the words. >> do you have any thanksgiving day -- >> about the food. i love the food on thanksgiving in particular. we have great dishes like cricket casserole. >> he's been talking a lot about togetherness and how it's really fun to celebrate the holidays with people that you love and how that's the most important thing. ♪ >> that is good stuff. here's tonight's prime time lineup. it's a charlie brown thanksgiving, then modern family. at 9:30, you can catch the
4:26 pm
muppets special and abc news at 11:00. still to come at 4:00, we can't forget football this thanksgiving. the big high school rivalry today and the adversity. plus, as we enjoy our feasts today, ever wonder what's on the first family's thanksgiving table? got a hint for you. lots and lots of pie. and then later. >> what better way to spend thanksgiving than in a new corvette. the auto show is
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the san jose high school football team went into the big game today against lincoln high after a difficult year, a year filled with adverse thety. they did not win, by but they played with character. nick lee was there. >> the game was never in doubt. at one point during the second quarter, san jose high was down 34-0, but the scrappy bulldogs kept the score respectable. by halftime, lincoln, 41, san jose high, 20. it was like david and goliath. san jose high with 1,200 students is the smallest school in the district. lincoln high has double that number and there's been continuing adversity on the team.
4:30 pm
four years ago, the star player needed life saving brain surgery after he fractured his skull during the big bone game. last year -- which they lost to lincoln, 55-13. in february, another player, anthony santa cruz was stabbed to death near the campus. his mother came to the game today. it's her first thanksgiving without him. >> right now, i'm just thinking oh, my god, i have to go home and set the table. he's not going to be there. >> anthony's teammates wore his initials on their helmets. >> we wanted to tell everybody that anthony's death affected us a lot. >> coach williams imposed strict standards this year, demanding good behavior and good grades. >> i told the kids at the beginning of the year, without the structure, we're not going to win. >> during the year, some 18 play rs left the team, but he has a support of principal.
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>> where they're going to get is because of their brains. it's such a small percentage of students who play sports go on to play professionally. lincoln won 56-29. san jose's high record is now ten straight losses, but team members held their head up high knowing that in their struggle against adversity, they played with with pride and passion. google is under fire by a dutch privacy group. the company accused of breaking the law on personal data protection in place in the netherlands. the chairman for the college of protection of personal data says google's ad targeting software violates a dutch prooif law. they took issue with google's harvesting of data without permission. google says they respect european law. thanksgiving took on a special meaning for people in kokomo, indiana today. more than 50 families lost their
4:32 pm
homes a week ago when tornados struck. hundreds more homes were damaged, but today, people got together ar a thanksgiving day meal at a local church. churches and other organizations are helping to feed those affected by the tornados. this was a chance for everybody to get together and help rekindle their community spirit. >> and on this day, you can add one more thing to the list. shopping. a new traditional way people are celebrating. >> this year even before the parade was over and turkey was out of the oven, it started. >> yeah. >> stores open already on thanksgiving day. offering the kinds of bargains normally reserved for black friday one day early. >> actually i was against this, i really was. and then i was looking for prices for sales for this weekend and i can't pass up $30. >> macy's opening on this
4:33 pm
holiday for the first time in its 155-year history. following in the footsteps of others, including walmart. walmart claims the lead gets first and are paid time and a half. but other retailers will keep its doors closed today. >> we're not corporate retailers to reorder our family values and that i can this away from us. >> family values being honored even by those so far from their own loved ones. over in afghanistan, a thanksgiving feast enjoyed by soldiers. >> i'm absolutely thankful for my wife, my kids, my family back home. >> while here at home, families gather to give thanks. and of course, another traditional gatt eing on this holiday here at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. now, there were some concerns the balloons would have to be grounded because of the wind, but you can see mother nature
4:34 pm
cooperated. >> and snoopy did fly. president obama thankeded members of the military as soldiers enjoyed a special meal in afghanistan. the president called two service members in a holiday edition of his weekly address, he recognized members of the military and their families. >> we give thanks for all our men and women in uniform and for their families, who are surely missing them very much today. we're grateful for their sack rry fis, too. to workplaship according to our beliefs and choose our leaders and criticize them without punishment. >> the first family celebrated quietly at the white house. if you're curious about what they're eating, the meal included turkey, ham, corn bred stuffing and oyster stuffing, also, mac and cheese.
4:35 pm
>> greens and green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and nine desserts. huckab pecan, chocolate cream, sweet, apple, peach. i guess michelle's kind of backing off the healthy. >> it was a calorie food bomb there. my gosh. she'll be working out tomorrow. she's got those great arms. coming up, the traditional turkey dinner with so much more. how you prepare your turducken. >> okay, and later on, strangers affected by the life saving gift. here's a beautiful view of the setting sun from our east bay hills camera. skies will be mainly sunny tomorrow. can this last through the weekend? find out in just a moment. another live look at the afternoon traffic. this is the mcarthur maze and it was kind of clear a few minutes ago, but the eastbound traffic on i-80 is starting to back up a
4:36 pm
little bit. it's smooth sailing heading towards san francisco making the right hand turn back towards
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and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at this holiday season could make you $7,000 richer. with each pledge, we'll donate $1 in your honor to the bay area
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food bank and everyone who takes the pledge will be entered to win $7,000 cash. the winner will be announced december 19th, so spread the love and help us give where you live. say you can't decide between a turkey, duck or chicken for thanksgiving dinner. this is turducken. it's a holiday tradition for a wisconsin meat company. a deboned chicken stuffed into a deboned duck, which is then stuffed into a deboned turkey. >> it's very impressive. when you pull that out of your oven and put it on a plate, your guests are just totally impressed. >> maybe. the company charges $90 for turducken and football fans will know this is sort of, i don't know if it was invented by john madden, but he was the first guy to talk about it on national television and now, you can get it in wisconsin.
4:40 pm
>> and this is the only year he hasn't had it in a long time. i don't know if he eats turducken or not. >> i would think not. spencer, very careful about what he eats. >> i'm not big on the stuff iin. although people do tell me i'm full of it. we've got clear skies in the bay area, a few clouds going over into a lovely thanksgiving day. tomorrow on the day after, national weather picture is looking dry and sunny. it's going to be cold in the upper midwest though where high temperatures will reach only into the low 30s in places like fargo and minneapolis, 35 in chicago and parts of new england, a little chilly. still though, mainly dry conditions across the 48 contiguous states tomorrow and that includes the state of california. mainly sunny skies from top to bottom. a few high clouds moving through the central valley. fresno will have a high of 70 despite the presence of clouds. 67 in sacramento, 71 down south in los angeles. in the bay area, highs ranging
4:41 pm
from low to mid-60s. here's the weather seven-day forecast. mild weather continues through the weekend. cool down a few degrees on monday. then a sharp cooldown on tuesday and tuesday, wednesday and thursday, unsettled weather with a slight chance of some showers and a few passing clouds and breezy conditions. typically, what we would expect this time of year going into the first week of december, so we'll get it next week. >> looks like the onset of winter. >> thank you. up next, the black friday deal that may be the best deal yet. one dollar for a used car. of course, there is a catch. also, the market for kids tablets is growing. michael takes a look at which michael takes a look at which are the is is jim, a man who doesn't stand still. atrial fibrilljim has afib, michael takes a look at which are the is is jim, atrial fibrillation -- an irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. that puts jim at a greater risk of stroke. for years, jim's medicine tied him
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we want to be the first to wish you a happy thanksgivukkah. for the first time in almost 100 years, hanukkah and thanksgiving
4:45 pm
fall on the same day. these are live pictures from union scare where a 25-foot tall manor ra will be lit. this will not fall again on the same day for 70,000 years. >> such a beautiful picture, too. the latest tool to help smokers is supposedly the electronic cigarette and so far, the sale is unregulated, but that could change. >> dor thi reno describes herself as a part time smoker. that's an electronic cigarette in her hand. >> it's a little bit like a cross between incense and being in a wet sauna. >> the device gives a nicotine buzz. it's the latest in replacement prukds joining the patch and gum and they're much cheaper and can be sold and advertised everywhere. last year, americans spent $500 million on e cigarettes.
4:46 pm
but analysts say that number will triple this year, $1.7 billion in sales. dorothy says she and her husband, an addicted smoker, did extensive research. we think that the harm is less than with a traditional cigarette, however, there's still some risk there. >> doctors say that risk could be unknown chemicals in the unregulated product. in one test, antifreeze turned up. they burst on to the market in 2006 and the federal government is scrambling to catch up. the fda is scrambling and if they classify them in the same category, users could pay higher taxes. already, states have taken action. 23 prohibit the sales to minors, several others have legislation pending. doctors say there's little second hand risk. >> it's mostly just going to be
4:47 pm
gliokole vapor. >> but some local governments and small businesses have banned them in public places. doctors say until they're regulated, go with the product sold at the pharmacy. >> my recommendation is to start with the safe and approved and regulated forms of nicotine. a pizza hut manager can have his job back after being fired for refusing the work on thanksgiving. tony roar runs a pizza hut in elk heart, indiana. the owner of this franchise decided to stay open on thanksgiving, but he disagreed. he thought pizza hut should be quote the company who standing up and cares about our employees and let them have the day off. the office stepped in and told the owner he should be retire hired. in the midwest, something
4:48 pm
extraordinary to give thanks for. doctors at the university of chicago performed two successful kidney transplanted with the twist. the surgeries involve two recipients from two different families. thanks to a a surgery that allows overweight pashts to receive a transplant. kevin hamilton donated a kidney to gloria and by doing so, he helped move his mother further up the transplant list. >> 2006 at the time, i wanted to do it, of course, i was too young. i had to wait 12 years, until i was 16. >> randall's daughter was compatible. she donated a kidney and the two families came together as the younger generation joined forces to save the lives of their mothers. >> wow, that is truly remarkable. a car dealer in texas hopes that a super low black friday sticker price will help sell
4:49 pm
hundreds of used cars. that sticker price just $1 for three of these cars at a toyota dealership in houston. sales people will unlock every used car at 7:00 in the in the morning. others can then call shotgun and get in the passenger seat. the prices will get reduced on every car at 9:00 a.m. >> if they're in the driver's side when the new price is marked on the car, they have the right to say, i'll take it. >> now, if the driver passes on that vehicle, the person in the passenger seat can then buy the car. all of the current prices will be reduced, but only the sales manager knows which three cars will be sold for only $1. >> wow. great gimmick. the markets for tablets are growing dramatically. >> go years ago, only 8% of kids had access to a tablet at home. now, that number is up to 40%. >> consumer reports teamed up
4:50 pm
exclusively with 7 on your side to test six tablets especially designed for children. they cost between 70 and $200. here's what we found out. what's better for little fingers that can't yet navigate a keyboard than tablet computers? which is best for the kids in your life? consumer reports called in the experts to help find out. these kids along with consumer reports testers put six kid tablets to the test. checking touch screen response and color accuracy. >> if you're in the market for a kid tablet, you want to keep in mind how many kids are going to be sharing it. the ages of the kids. what kind of screen size you want. they come phone size and full ten-inch tablet size. >> the $230 with its large tinted screen is good for two
4:51 pm
kids to watch at a time and it has a healthy battery life. averaging more than seven hours. all the tablets tested including preloaded kid appropriate content. a wi-fi connection and a camera. >> smile. >> all have parental controls, but these vary. >> they let you control how long your kid can play on the tablet. you can also set access to the internet, whether you want them to be able to go to the web or not and if so, which sites they can access. >> the fun tab mini 2 for $70 allows parents to set up individual profiles so different kids can have different experiences, but there's one drawback. it's battery averages just four and a half hours. most of the kid tablets come with a little extra protection. gripable frames to make them extra kid-friendly. consumer reports also tested a tablet from toys "r" us. the $150 tablet has nearly eight
4:52 pm
hours of battery life and comes loaded with 30 child oriented games and apps. up next, the bay areas's largest auto show is underway. we will check out what's cool in cars. and new at 5:00. a bay area pee wee football team is a win r on the field, but they may lose out on a once in a lifetime opportunity without your help. >> and just about everybody seems to be wearing these new headphones. we team up to put them to the test and bring you the best.
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check this out. the guinness book of world records has declared this display in new york to be the world's largest gingerbread
4:56 pm
village. >> wow. that's commitment. that's a lot of work right there. you did a lot of baking today. but that, a ton of baking. if you just finished dinner, you may want to head over to the international auto show. >> it's been a tradition for years and we spent our reporter there to see what she could find. >> look under the hoot and gawk for several second. >> i'm thinking a chrome metal gasoline goodness. >> do you ever say -- >> just -- >> yeah, this is what many in the bay area do to pass the time on thanksgiving. >> this is the 56th year of the international auto show. it is always run over thanksgiving weekend, so it's kind of become a bay area tradition. >> in fact, about 300,000 people are expected over the next five
4:57 pm
days. the cost, $10 and children 12 and under are free. it's a chance to see the new 2014 models all in one place and without the pressure to buy. to see maybe what my next car's going to be and maybe get some ideas. >> it's really cool. i like the cars, they're cool. >> henry has been bringing his sons here since they were little. and where's your wife? >> she's cooking dinner. i have to take them out of the house. that way, she can have some freedom. >> the demand for cars is good. in october, sales jumped by 10% compared to the same time last year. >> i can't wait to get one. i hope i can own one or maybe inherit one. >> car dealers in the bay area are hoping they will leave here ready to buy. you could also see restored and modified cars like this scion. check out the chandeliers. classy.
4:58 pm
these exotic cars are eye candy to many. pleasing, yet prohibitive. >> she looked good in that. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm really glad to be home. >> a teenager set on fire aboard an ac tran it bus is home for thanksgiving and speaking publicly about the ordeal. >> an thanksgiving has become a shopping day like never before. >> can this mild late november weather carry over into december? find out in my forecast coming up. good evening, everybody. i hope you're enjoying the holiday. >> happy thanksgiving to
4:59 pm
everyone out there and on this special day, we are hearing for the first time from the bay area teen so badly burned by another passenger on the ac transit butt, sasha fleishman returned home from the hospital after nearly three weeks. >> well, on this day, sasha fleishman wanted to thank all those who helped the teen on the bus and in the hospital. and all the kindness, to thank everyone for all the kindness that has been shown to the family. beyond that, sasha had a few words of compassion for the boy accused in the attack. >> i looked down and my skirt is on fire. >> now, home from the hospital, sasha fleishman can look back on last month's incident on an ac transit bus, when a 16-year-old boy lit fleishman's skirt on fire as a prank. >> my first instinlt is kind of dumb, start weathering it around
5:00 pm
and makes it bigger. >> sasha said then another kicked in on that bus. >> went back to my kindergarten class, stop, drop and roll and so i just drop on the floor and just start rolling around. >> other passengers helped put out the flames, too, still fleishman was left with second and third degree burns on the lower body. >> hate is really not going to affect me too much. >> and the teen is already showing that what happened on that bus won't define the future. >> i applied to m.i.t. early action like five days before i got burned. i'm glad i got that out of the way. >> sasha does not identify as male or female. >> i prefer the term they, them their. >> and has given thoughts on what should happen to the boy accused of setting fleishman or fire.


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