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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 28, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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surrounded by the well wishes of hundreds of people, friends and strangers alike. >> when i was in the hospital every day my parents world visit and bring a stack of cards this high, most of them from total strangers. >> we are thankful to have sasha not just hope but with us at all. >> i looked down and my skirt is on fire. >> reporter: for fleischman life changed forever when a 16-year-old boy lit his skirt on fire on an ac transit bus. >> my first instinct i start waving it around and that just fans the flames. >> reporter: other passengers helped put out the flames. sasha was burned but alive. the boy who set the fire has been charged with two felony hate crimes. >> probably didn't realize how
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big a deal it was going to be. and like, how harmful it would be. >> reporter: sasha identifies as neither male or female. the family uses "they" and "them" when talking about the high schooler. >> identify with a gender, i don't have a gender. >> reporter: despite what happened on the bus that day, he will return to riding buses with friends and will continue to wear skirts. >> i'm going to keep wearing a skirt. that's something that i'm not going to give up. it's a big part of who i am. >> reporter: laura anthony, abc 7 news. a thanksgiving crime spree in san jose left four people wounded and a suspect shot dead by police. it started with a stabbing and a carjacking. it ended with an officer involved shooting on may jr.
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berry road. the driver went the wrong way on the freeway. david louie joins us live from one of the crime scenes. >> reporter: kirk glen drive has been a crime scene for eight hours ever since a san jose police officer shot and killed a suspect who rammed his patrol car after stabbing four people. it's unclear why the suspect stabbed four people. there are bloodstains near the front door and used medical supplies on the front lawn. police said they believed the victims and their attacker knew each other. the suspect got away by carjacking a minivan on north jackson avenue. he then got on the 680 freeway in the wrong direction but can't cause any accidents. but once he exited and got back on the city streets, san jose police were in pursuit.
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a neighbor saw him driving erratically. >> he was going fast. we were on the opposite side and he was zigzagging. >> reporter: the neighbor then heard gunfire. the suspect turned into a cul-de-sac with an officer on his tail. >> there were gunshots. >> was there any return fire by the police? >> we don't know. just five or six times in a row. yeah, that's it. >> reporter: the shots came from the officer after the suspect rammed the stolen minivan into the patrol car. >> the officer feared for his life. the suspect vehicle crashed into a residence and was struck by at least one round. the suspect has been pronounced deceased at the scene. >> reporter: the four stabbing victims were taken to the hospital for treatment of nonlife-threatening injuries.
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>> some treasure island residents face an uncertain future on this thanksgiving night. they have been ordered to move. 24 households received a letter telling them to move. the u.s. navy is cleaning up toxins from the area surrounding their homes, digging up chemicals soaked under building left behind from when the island was a naval base. part of that clean up surrounds homes and apartments. >> you have to give them a little bit of a view of the future. but it hit other people harder than it hit me. >> the letter promises that it has been and continues to be safe to live in the units on treasure island. the development authority will hold a cleanup update meeting for residents on december 11th. a rescue in san matteo county overnight. a car rolled about 500 feet down
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a hillside on highway 92. the witnesses say the car drove off the side of the highway and the crews had to wait for sunrise to hoist it back. a helicopter rescued three people who were riding in the car. a fourth managed to climb up the hill. investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong. drinking, drugs, and speeding are not factors. two people suffered injuries in this accident after a police pursuit over 100 miles an hour. the mistried to pull over a driver for droves through a stop sign. the driver and the passenger are not cooperating with investigators. the driver of this car arrested on suspicion of drunk driving after he crashed his vehicle into martin luther king middle school. the accident punched a hole in the wall of the school.
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the turkey is digesting. maybe you have spent enough time with the family. and now it is time to shop. that is the scene playing out in many bay area house 40eholds tonight. we begin our black friday coverage on thursday evening. >> reporter: and in just the last few minutes the people have already started shuttling into this best buy. you can see this is now the third crop of people that are waiting to get in and get those big deals. let me show you five minutes ago is when the doors opened and the first people started flooding in. at one point, a lot of the people in this line patiently waited in a line that snaked around the parking lot and only the most dedicated shoppers were at the front of the line. on this thanksgiving, plenty of people turned to noodles instead of turkey and camped out in tents instead of getting stuffed
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on stuffing. >> we have been here since friday. >> reporter: and sabrina is among the most dedicated. these are her chairs. they are chained together in place for nearly a week, marking their place in line which is a change from years past. >> they wouldn't allow us to set up a tent here. >> what have you had to do instead? >> sleep in the cars. >> reporter: i met sabrina last year when she was outside best buy with her friend. they have a strategy. part of the strategy is to get friends and family in on the action. >> she does this every year. this is my first time. >> what do you think joining her? >> so far, i love it but it is cold outside. >> reporter: sabrina and josetta have a friendship forged in line four years ago. >> we met in the best buy line. we only see each other once a year and that's black friday
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week. >> reporter: this year retailers opened for business on thanksgiving day. but for those of you at home wondering what kind of people would spend their holiday in line, here you go. >> why not invite her over for thanksgiving dinner? >> we're both busy. . >> you saw the opening of the best buy store. another wave is getting underway and more stores are opening later tonight. many retailers are calling their employees in to work on this holiday. abc 7 news reporter heather ishimaru has that part of the black friday on thursday story. heather? >> reporter: we're at the toys-r-us and the store is packed. people trying to take advantage of a four-hour window for the four-hour deals from 5:00 to 9:00 tonight even though the store is open until midnight.
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the doors opened at 5:00 and people went in in groups of 15. there were 500 people waiting in line. the first shopper came out at 5:20 with a full cart. in redwood city, the k-mart opened at 6:00 and will not close until 11:00 tomorrow night. this seems to be for people who have bought a pre-fab dinner who is waiting at home. the sales were not frenzied but steady and not all for holiday gifts, either. >> my mom got me a lego set and tomorrow is my brother's birthday. on my birthday, my dad let him get a lego set. >> reporter: at this point, here in san matteo, the doors opened promptly at 5:00 with shoppers allowed in in groups of 50 at a
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time. they want to make sure that the entryway is clear before they let anyone else in. the line started forming at 2:30 this afternoon. last year the store opened at 8:00. this year three hours earlier in part to make up for six fewer shopping days between thanksgiving and christmas. for some it was a post-turkey activity. for others, pre-turkey. >> my agenda is to go in before the crowd even though it will be crowded and be out and come home for dinner. >> last year i come here too late. so i wait at the very, very end here. so this year i come earlier, hopefully i can get what i want. >> i never thought i would do anything this crazy, stand in line to get some toys. >> what's gotten into you? >> i have grandkids who like a lot of things. >> yeah, those grandkids will drive people to do all kinds of
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crazy things. this toys-r-us on this thanksgiving pre-black-friday black friday is open until midnight. if you are thinking all of a sudden i should have been there, they do open tomorrow morning at 5:00. live in san matteo, heather ishimaru, abc 7 news. >> here are some of the other places you can shop on thanksgiving, wal-mart, best buy, shorts authority and select stories at the outlets. >> seems like everybody's open. this is not the first time that businesses have come underfire for overcommercializing thanksgiving in 1939, president franklin roosevelt moved the holiday from
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the last thursday in november to the fourth thursday in november. he did so with the express purpose of extending the christmas shopping season. 25 states refused to observe thanksgiving on that new date. still ahead tonight here on abc 7 news. a major new milestone. and from san jose tonight, can the bulldogs overcome the odds stacked against them this year on and off the field? and a than
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the san matteo high school football team went into their final game after a difficult and trying year. they did not win, but did play with character. abc 7 news reporter vic lee was on the sidelines. >> reporter: the game was never in doubt. at one point during the second quarter, san jose high was down 31-0. but they kept the score respectable. it was like david and goliath. san jose high is the smallest school in the district. lincoln is double that number. four years ago, star player matt
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ballet needed life saving brain surgery after fracturing his skull during the big bone game. and another player suffered a spinal contusion in the big game. in february, another player, anthony santa cruz was stabbed to death near the campus. his mother came to the game today. >> oh, my god, i have to go home and set the table. he's not going to be there. >> reporter: anthony's teammates wore his initials on their helmets. >> we wanted to tell everybody that the death has affected us a lot. >> reporter: the coach imposed strict standards, demanding good behavior and good grades. >> i told them without the structure we're not going to win. >> reporter: during the year, 18 mayors left the team. but he had the support of the
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principal. >> where they get in their life is because of their brains. such a small percentage of students go on to play professionally. >> reporter: san jose high's record is ten straight losses. but the team held their head up high. in their struggle against adversity they played with pride and passion. vic lee, abc 7 news. a peninsula youth football team hopes that the holidays will help them see the opportunity of a lifetime. they earned a spot in the national championship in orlando, florida beginning december 7th. this is the first team in the local league's history to make that far but it's they don't have enough money. and that may force the 12 to 15-year-old boys to stay home. the deadline is this weekend. >> i'll do whatever i got to do to get it. there's no way i can tell them we can't make it to florida. >> they need to raise $40,000
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for trip. so far they have raised $18,000. we have information on our abc 7 news facebook page. a celebration is underway tonight in san francisco to mark the start of hanukkah which this year happens to fall on thanksgiving. a short time ago, a lighter of the menorah took place on union square. it won't happen again for another 78,000 more. i think we're going to miss the next one. the menorah was put up by concert promoter, bill graham. >> spencer may be taken along for that one. >> i was here for the last one 100 years ago. >> turkey keeps you young. let's look at the live doppler 7 hd. mainly clear skies. december is almost here and feels like late summer out
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there. nice and mild, mainly clear skies. looking across san francisco. the current temperature readings finally beginning to dip below 60 degrees. 58 in oakland. upper 50s at san jose and los gatos. another live view from the mount tam camera, looking out at downtown san francisco. we have temperature readings of 57 in santa rosa. 59 at livermore and one more live view along the embarcadero which is nice and bright right now. these are our forecast features. a spare the air day tomorrow. sunny and mild through the weekend. and much cooler weather next week. it will feel like the season we are in. the satellite image shows a system way off shore that threatened earlier to bring us rainfall. today it is gone. far from the coastline taking the moisture with it.
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so that means we will have a dry holiday weekend. things improve overnight. starting the forecast animation, 5:00 tomorrow morning, a few thin, high clouds that quickly disappear. giving way to sunny and mild conditions from coast to inland. let's look at the overnight lows. chilly weather in the north bay. low to mid-40s in most other locations. and the spare the air alert. we have declining air quality. look for poor quality in the north bay. and other locations no wood burning. this is in effect all day and all night tomorrow. then tomorrow afternoon, sunny skies in the south bay with high temperatures in the mid- to upper-60s. 66 at san jose. on the peninsula, highs of 67 in redwood city. low to mid-60s on the coast. downtown san francisco 64
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degrees. low 60s in the north bay. 68 at santa rosa. east bay highs from 66 in oakland. and castro valley. the inland east bay, 67 at walnut creek. 66 at concord, by the way. don't want to overlook concord. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. a little bit cooler on monday. sharply cooler on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday with high temperatures in the mid-50s with more clouds on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday and a chance of showers and light rain on each of those days. >> i think you need some food. >> i need a lot of food. turkey and stuffing and veggies. >> see if it is waiting upstairs. >> a bottle of wine. >> spencer, thank you. coming up next on abc 7
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news. no rest for the
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tonight we launch a new campaign to help feed the bay area this holiday season. all you have to do is visit the abc 7 news facebook page and take the pledge to give where you live. >> with each pledge we will donate $1 to the feeding america food bank.
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and your good deed might be rewarded. >> everyone who takes the pledge will be entered to win $7,000 cash. so spread the love and help us give where you live. >> thousands of volunteers helped to feed the hungry in the bay area today. crews arrived before sunrise in the tenderloin district. they have hosted special holiday meals for decades now. >> to give thanks we help feed the homeless. and we've been coming here for the last three years in sacramento we have gone to feed the homeless. >> i volunteered at different places throughout the city, oakland, richmond and san francisco and different places. but i keep coming back here. >> the founding pastor greeted folks as they arrived for the feast. he has been there since the 1960s.
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>> he is amazing. people who can't make it to a food kitchen will not miss out. the salvation army delivered dinners to seniors and people in need. families helping out prepared and packed the meals with turkey, mashed potatoes and of course plenty of gravy. a lot of the food donated went through the san francisco food bank. but they are not taking a break. look at all the volunteers sorting through the food in the donation barrels. the barrels were emptied so they could collect more for the christm christmas holiday season. they need to raise $8 million to meet the demand. more to come tonight. the aborted launch attempt of this rocket. the liftoff called off twice at the very last moment. also the aftermath of a
6:27 pm
destructive earthquake that struck overnight in one of the world's most vulnerable regions. a courageous young man going
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not one but two failed tries to get the privately owned space x falcon rocket up into orbit. >> abort, abort, abort. >> aborting. >> engineers had a 65-minute window to work with this afternoon. the first try was scrubbed with a mere two seconds left on the countdown. engineers were worried about one of the nine engines that was not putting out enough thrust. and the second try was aborted with 47 seconds left. they will try again. >> the expectation right now is of course we will detank the rocket, bring it horizontal and bring it back in the hangar,
6:31 pm
determine the path forward and then be ready to attempt another launch probably within a few days. >> space x ceo says, quote, it's better to be paranoid and wrong than to go ahead with a problematic mission. astronomers believe that comet ison didn't survive the encounter. it approached the sun and they lost track of it and they deidnt see it coming out on the other side. they believe that the comet broke up and died and they plan to study those pieces to learn more about comets. at least seven people have been killed in an earthquake in southern iran. the quake scared people out of their homes. the magnitude was 5.6. they say it was centered about 40 miles from iran's only
6:32 pm
nuclear power plant. the plant was not damaged. but in addition to the seven dead, 45 were injured. iran is in a spot where two plates come together. 90% of the country is criss crossed by fault lines. a san francisco appeals court has ordered federal immigration officials to reconsider not granting asylum to a gay man in russia. he has been attacked twice because of his sexual orientation. as you may know, russia has adopted a number of anti-gay policies. a lot of families are giving thanks today. and some are grateful for a program that helps children and families living with cancer. and in tonight's assignment 7 report we meet up with a former camper who is helping the camp raise money. >> i remember distinctly at a
6:33 pm
very young age believing that everybody did what i did. everybody was in the hospital. and everybody couldn't play certain sports. >> reporter: danny thompson survived two bouts with cancer when he was little. he is volunteering to help his dad with a fund raiser to make sure other kids can attend this summer camp in the sierra fool hills because it meant so much to him as a child. he said a lot of summers here. it offers free camp to children and families living with cancer. the first time danny was diagnosed, he was just three. it was about the time his baby sister megan was born. we met danny when he was six going through treatment to fight t the second bout of cancer. >> what did you tell them? >> i tell them it's going to be
6:34 pm
okay. >> reporter: he has not been to camp for six years because he went to college and got a great job. but she back at camp to help his dad with art projects for a fundraiser called art inspiring hope. it's the 20th anniversary. >> this is my favorite. >> why do you like this one? >> it was the old logo that i remember when i was first coming to camp. the one with hair and a girl this there and everyone is smiling and it encapsulated it very well. >> reporter: danny and his dad brought a number of artists to camp to work with the kids. he owns a business in san francisco. >> we were at camp one year. i offered to help out with some fundraising and art inspiring hope is a natural fit for my business. we were able to connect with the artists. it was a good source of -- a
6:35 pm
place to raise money for the camp. >> i always donated artwork to the event. and i was fortunate enough to have the work sell. so i feel very happy to be able to contribute to it. >> reporter: this interactive art experience is a new addition at camp. the camp co founders are always adding something different. these two started the camp more than 30 years ago. and the need is greater than ever. >> part of that is a reflection of the fact that there are more kids being diagnosed. part of is it a reflection of the fact that more of them are doing well. they keep coming to camp for longer. >> the family camps are so in demand that we have very large number of families who are unable to get in the fall camps at this time. we are making room for them and adding extra pace. we have to have a city of tents on the end of the field to have accommodations for everybody.
6:36 pm
>> their $5 million loan is down to $2 million b. but they need money to replace the old cabins and replace the decks. one of the camp donors came to visit. she brought her children to meet the campers. >> so tell me what is -- >> and i caught up with a teenager i met last year who is walking a lot better now. >> i had bone cancer. and so i had some of the bone and the joint in my leg replaced with a titanium rod. >> if you are missing a limb or have a surgical scar that adds to that sense of all of a sudden now i'm different from all the rest of the kids that i used to be the same as. it makes them feel alone. >> people do stare and ask and when i explain i had cancer i get a lot of blank looks and people don't know how to respond
6:37 pm
or what to say. >> kate and kyle are sister and brother. they each have a different cancer one right after the other. kyle had leukemia. and kate -- >> i was diagnosed in december of 2007 with a brain tumor. >> you don't feel alone here. you always feel like there is someone who understands what you are going through. >> reporter: and danny thompson is right. kids here at the camp learn that it is going to be okay. >> everyone here at camp is all in the same boat and it makes -- it's a nice feeling to know that it's sort of a community. >> it really is wonderful. the camp needs a lot of renovation and they have been around far while. they are looking for someone to help refurbish the cabins and the decks. there is a link on our website, >> a wonderful story on thanksgiving night. >> it's a great way to say thank you to the co founders and the families who go there.
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a lot of folks are out shopping this evening and others are checking out new wheels at the international auto show. it is open until 10:00 this evening and thousands of people are getting behind the wheel. >> when it comes to selecting new cars the bay area is all about tradition. >> i do this every think. it's an annual event for me. >> reporter: for the past 56 years, san francisco has put on the international auto show. it gives people a chance to touch, admire, and get a feel for what the auto industry is offering. >> the exhibition draws about 300,000 spectator over five days. people like to kick the tires and look under the hood. do you ever kick the tires. you know how they say check under the hood and kick the tires. >> it's not necessary any more. >> do it. just do it. >> am i covered for insurance?
6:42 pm
>> reporter: the demand for cars is good. sales jumped 10% over last year. >> you can try it out. you cannot buy the vehicle here. there are no high pressure sales. >> reporter: car dealers are hoping they will leave here ready to buy. >> hopefully i can own one one day or inherit some. >> reporter: others just want to look at the cars. the cost, $10 for adults and kids under 12 are free. for this family of all boys, it's a bonding experience they share on this thanksgiving day. >> we're trying to bond but he didn't bond very well with people. >> we have different opinions about cars. so i like to have cars that i can enjoy. he wants cars he can just look at. >> and the girls can look at too? >> he is having a problem with that too. >> reporter: there is a car for every person with every kind of personality. in san francisco, lyanne
6:43 pm
melendez, abc 7 news. >> the brothers with thanksgiving zingers. >> that was brutal. we have a lot more for you. the nation's n
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four bay area cities held turkey trots today. but with 25,000 participants, the silicon valley turkey trot claims to be the biggest run in the country. is it a fun run fundraiser. got that one out. katie marzullo has the story from san jose. >> reporter: before runners compete on the road some compete in a costume contest. >> in 407b thanksgivingukkah i'm a >> that is a 20-pound ship he is
6:47 pm
carrying for the entire 10 k. >> i love running. i love san jose and having fun. this brings all three together. i get to do everything i love. >> for felipe gonzalez this is a first. >> excited and a little nervous. >> he was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident 11 years ago. and he is competing in the 10 k. >> i might be in a wheelchair but others have other difficulties and they are leaving it aside to participate in this. >> the family from campbell is motivating and hoping the little ones learn a lesson. >> you should sign up for goals, right? >> yeah. >> not only are all of the thousands of runners burning calories they are helping others. the raise is expected to raise $850,000 for local charities including the second harvest food bank. call it the icing on the cake or the whipped cream on the pumpkin pie. >> and spencer christian just
6:48 pm
completed a sprint of his own to grab thanksgiving turkey. >> the meal looks pretty good. the doppler is looking good too. we have clear skies and had a nice mild thanksgiving day. tomorrow it will be sunny and mild. a few more clouds down south. but a lovely day from top to bottom in california. and in the bay area, mainly sunny skies from the coast to the bay to inland. mid-60s in coastal locations. and inland. here he is a look at the seven-day forecast. it's going to be a mild weekend. saturday and sunday, highs in the upper 60s both days. cool down a few degrees on monday and cool down sharply on tuesday. tuesday, wednesday, and thursday will bring us cooler and unsettled weather with a chance of light rain or showers. >> dinner is looking good, by the way. >> thank you. >> excellent scouting report.
6:49 pm
in sports, a great start and horrendous finish. that was thanksgiving day for the raiders in dallas.
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to those who've been denied ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at
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the raiders spent thanksgiving in dallas where they built a two touchdown lead and in the spirit of giving, gave it away. to the palace in dallas. the raiders got a gift on the opening kickoff. as the ball is picked up and he sprints 23 yards for the touchdown. the cowboys answered later in the first. jennings puts oakland up 21-7 just before the half. but dallas comes down the field and they score. murray four yards out. 21-14 at the break.
6:53 pm
in the third, tony romo, dez bryant, 4-yard touchdown. cowboys rush for 134 yards in the second half. 28-21, dallas. going for the game-tying touchdown picked off in the end zone as dallas comes from behind to win 31-24. romo talked about the momentum switch before halftime. >> i think we were in a hole there down 14 and that drive, we really needed that. and starting the second half with the ball. i think that was as important as anything in the game. >> former raider quarterback, matt flynn back with the packers against the lions. lions down 10-3. matt stafford finds ross for the touchdown and the slam. reggie bush, 182 total yards. and 1-yard run there. all lions after that. stafford back pedals and finds
6:54 pm
megatron over the middle. flynn sacked seven times. say hello to ndamukong suh. detroit scores 37 unanswered points. a nice one handed grab there. stafford beats green bay for the first time in his career. high school football, galileo against lincoln for the san francisco section title. the 90th turkey day game at the stadium. a five yard run for lincoln. nelson throws for 186 yards and three scores. galileo wins the san francisco section championship 34-30. the big bone game that we mentioned earlier, san jose and lincoln high schools. gonzalez to his tight end jesse gal van. san jose scored 22 straight
6:55 pm
points. on the read option 20 yards for the score. but lincoln withstands the rally. lincoln takes home the big bone trophy for the 16th consecutive year winning 56-29. after take care of business on monday night. the 49ers return to candlestick as they try to lock up a playoff spot facing the rams on sunday. rams going for their third straight win. the niners beat them earlier in the season. the niners have a 7-4 record. the passing game is seeming to click more. and the niners with a chance to peak at the right time. >> the challenge and the task is the rams. this is a very good football team that is playing their best football. a big task for us. it's a challenge that we just have to concentrate on and have a great week of preparation to put ourselves in position to have a chance to win.
6:56 pm
>> yeah, rams much more formidable than one might expect. abc 7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> dallas cheerleaders? >> it was a gift i was trying to mention. >> yeah. >> it with u.s. a giwas a gift the cowboys a lift. join me at 9:00 on cable 13. black friday madness getting an early start. we're going to take you live as more stores open for the deep discounts tonight. and on abc 7 news at 11:00 when you write to the president you don't expect to hear back, do you? the surprising response a teacher received from the commander-in-chief. stay with abc 7 news for a special line-up that starts with a charlie brown thanksgiving and then it's the lady gaga and
6:57 pm
muppet's holiday special. here is a preview of the lady gaga special. she will perform with kermit the frog. and sir elton john will be among the guests tonight. >> and that's it for this edition of abc 7 news. >> have a happy than
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this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are a writer and stay-at-home dad from asheville, north carolina... a public-health program coordinator from new orleans, louisiana... and our returning champion, a substitute teacher originally from hyde park, massachusetts... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! alex: thank you, johnny. ladies and gentlemen, happy thanksgiving, and thank you so much for deciding to spend this half-hour with us instead of with a football game.
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john, as you heard, picked up over $28,000 yesterday, doesn't have to work as a substitute teacher for the rest of this month. but if he earns more, who knows? whitney and steven, welcome aboard. let's go to work here in the jeopardy! round and see how much money you can earn with these categories. please? you know what that means. alex: john, start us. let's start with show biz stupid answers for $200, please. whitney. what is "the view"? no. john. i will also say "what is 'the view'?" [ laughter ] 'cause that was my answer. [ beep ] no, it's called "the talk."


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