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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 29, 2013 6:00am-6:31am PST

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>> the black friday frenzy turns into chaos. the hot ticket item leading to this pushing, shoving, and shouting. >> personal thans from president obama to the nation's armed service men and women this holiday welcome. >> good morning, day after thanksgiving to you will after you at 6:00. hoping you had enough turkey year and the leftover are coming today. there is a lot going on with weather and a fatal accident. here is leyla gulen. >> as we take you to san francisco this is where we have a fatal accident involving a pedestrians on i-80 in the eastbound direction a truck hit the pedestrian and now we have all lanes blocked. if you are headed in and identity thanksgiving and you need to make it from the skyway to the bay bridge all lanes have been shut down and you will need to use an alternate. the transition from southbound
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101 to eastbound 80 is closed. coming from the peninsula or daly city to the city use 280 to king street. an accident at eastbound 580 at center street involving a vehicle that almost flipped. cy blocking one lane. we have top speeds out of tracy into dublin. we have a beautiful day ahead of us, mild and dry. that is the story for the weekend before it changes. no returns out here because there is no moisture. a few scattered high clouds passing through the area and that is sfo but it is the mount tamalpais camera looking toward san francisco with twinkling lights and clear. it is a pair spare -- "spare the air" day and per if equity --
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perfect for black friday shopping. >> black friday is underway. many stores opened on thursday before the turkey got a chance to get cold. amy hollyfield is at the sun valley mall in in concord. >> lot of people here for gray friday stayed up all night and they are shopping and full of energy. an employee said macy's opened last night at 8:00. she was surprised to see how crowded it was. it was a busy night. she was surprised to see so many shopping on thanksgiving day. some hesitated about going out on the holiday especially the remain lowees would had to be at work but they could not resist the deals and shopped all night.
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>> i come shopping on black friday because i have younger children and there are great deals for the kids. can't beat 'em, 60 percent off and 50 percent off. she started at 9:00 and leaving the mall to head to wal-mart. target announceed it what be a successful start to the weekend with the sun not even up yet. a dozen major retail others opened earlier than usual on thanksgiving day and this target opened its doors for black friday topping $810 million last year and retailer hop to capitalize on that. >> at best buy shoppers lined up for days with a thousand best
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buy stores opening thanksgiving to get a head start on black friday sales. k-mart will not close until 11:00 tonight with door buster deals thousand the day. toys 'r us in san mateo, the doors opened at 6:00 and employees let people in 50 another a time to prevented a crush of shoppers with the line forming in the afternoon. it re-opened an hour ago. and the gamers, up to 60 of them sold with play stations and latest investigation of "call of duty" and "battlefield" were out there. >> look at the republican difficult at a wal-mart store. >> that is north carolina last night after the doors opened. the mop of shoppers appear to be
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fighting over big screen tv with people shouting at each other. the man would shot the video claims employees kicked him out of the store. this friend difficult is in floridaed if. 9 situation at a store in west palm beach with shoppers yelling and shoving each other pushing their way to the front of line. >> from nevada, police are investigating a shooting near target that happened at 9:45 last night. a man bought a big screen tv and was walking home and someone approached him and fired a gun into the air and took off with the tv but the victim caught up with him and tried to get the tv back the gunman shot the victim in the leg and he is expected to be okay. we have resources to help you with the holiday shipping at
6:06 am the turkey is served, the pies are eaten and that means it is time to go home. here is how sfo looked yesterday on thanksgiving, this were a few lines to check in and there was will very little wait in the security line. however, sfo officials say more than a million travelers will go through the airport between last weekend and this coming sunday. >> this morning, glide memorial church is holding the annual day after thanksgiving breakfast. yesterday, thousands of volunteers helped to feed the hungry crews arriving before sunrise to prepare the feast in san francisco's tenderloin. glide has hosted the holiday meals for decades. the breakfast starts at 7:30. >> while most are shopping san francisco mayor lee is hopping to the other side of world. the "san francisco examiner" reports that the mayor flies out of van today leading a group of 50 local businessmen on trade
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missions to india, specifically, headed to the sister city of san francisco which is spenting explosive growth. the business group represents several industries including construction, engineering, health care, and technology. >> a sacramento judge ruling put the break on bullet train bond and threatens to derail billions in federal funding. the superior court judge ruled the state cannot sell $10 billion worth of voter-approved bonds to construct the rail system and ordered the state to re-do the $68 billion spending plan before construction can continue. it sidetracked $3 billion federal dollars because there are no longer required state matching funds. on monday lawmakers get a 5.3
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percent pay raise but a dozen lawmakers will not take the raise in the wake of a tax hike and three democrats are month ago those saying no thanks including one from the sacramento area. the "los angeles times" reports that senate leader and assembly speaker will accept their pay raises because it was approved by a citizen's compensation panel. leyla gulen? >> this is status quo and all lanes are blocked off. eastbound i-80 eastbound there is lots of activity with c.h.p. on the scene because of a fatal accident, a pedestrian was hit on the freeway and eastbound i-80 at 7th all lanes have been blocked off so if you are making the drive to the san francisco skyway we will have alternates. southbound 101 to eastbound i-80 is shut down until further
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notice. the traffic is snarled coming up 101 to i-80 if you are headed away from 280 we will have stopped traffic. take 280, it lieds you to king street. this crash in san jose is affecting traffic northbound 85. one lane is blocked. today, this is san rafael, chilly out this. santa rosa has 40 degrees. 38 in napa. los gatos is lower to mid-40's and 38 in gilroy. no cloud cover is what is making the temperatures cooler. cooler, still, neck -- next week. twinkling lights, clear, and
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poor air quality with a "spare the air" alert, and poor air quality expected for the north bay and the santa clara valley. keep that in mind, though burning of wood otherwise you will be fined. the fiscal year three days, high clouds but, mostly, a warm-up on sunday which is the calm before the storm and it will cool down on monday into tuesday with freezing temperatures in the north bay and a chance of some rain. president obama is giving thanks to service members. >> imagine seeing a huge ball of fire outside your window, it happened in a neighborhood and 9 source of the explosion is ahead. >> this pizza hut managers fired after refusing to bork on thanksgiving and now pizza hut is offering the job back.
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burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> now our sig-alert. it is eastbound 80 at 7th street a truck and pedestrian had a fatal accident and you can see the traffic is diverted off the freeway and will be diverted back on the freeway at 7th street. right now it is a mess. c.h.p. has blocked things off. leyla gulen is following this with the latest. >> very unfortunate. from missouri investigators are looking into the cause of a pipeline explosion that was caught on camera. it happened two hours out of st. louis at midnight local time with cell phone video showing the ball of fire. the company that operates the pipeline says a 30" natural gas line rupture asked slided. there are no reports of injuries >> across the country shoppers
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lined up for early black friday deals. this was macy's in new york city. a huge crowd of shoppers waited for the store to open in manhattan. there were no problems reported. >> shoppers lined up in times square to get toys. this is the toys 'r us store. employees were dressed in holiday outfit. >> the pizza hut manager fired for not working on thanksgiving is not sure he wants his old job. he was fired for refusing to open his pizza hut. the corporate office stepped in and told fran chinese he should be rehired but he says that he hasn't made a decision yet and wanted to celebrate thanksgiving day first and consider whether he will go back to work. >> president obama paid thanks to some of america's servicemen on thanksgiving by giving them personal phone calls.
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this photo provided by the white house shows the president making the calls yesterday from the oval office. he made ten calls. the recipients included two from the army, two marines, two from the navy, two from the air force and two from the coast guard. can you catch president obama with the first lady for the first joint interview of the year with barbara walters airing at 10:00 p.m. followed by the news at 11. >> leyla gulen is doing weather and traffic. we have a fail accident. >> traffic is diverted. >> a picture from sky 7 shows i-80 traveling long eastbound side at 7th street we have all lanes blocked. c.h.p. is diverting traffic off the freeway and they will get back on at 7th which is the area where it is blocked off by c.h.p. a truck fatally struck a
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pedestrian. that is causing a blockage of southbound 101 to eastbound 80. that transition road will be shut down until further notice but a lost c.h.p. units are on the scene and san francisco police as well. expect plenty of delays. you can see up to the 280 extension, the solid red line is bumper-to-bumper traffic because of the shutdown. we will let you know if any lanes re-open. plan on using alternates. we have a warm-up in the forecast. our live doppler 7 hd shows no runs, for cloud cover. that is making it cooler. it will warm up with plenty of sunshine in the forecast today and this morning and this welcome. you can see the sky and the
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morning lights are coming through the high clouds. if san francisco you can see twinkling lights and a beautiful morning but cool. there is a pacific storm that was going to visit us and it went to the southeast of us and is affecting more of southern california where we had 20 percent chance of rain for southern california, los angeles, warmer temperatures today. it is replaced by cool air coming from alaska that will come in at sunday into monday and monday into tuesday with freezing temperatures for the north bay and the hills. for california the temperatures are in the upper 60's to lower 70's and 68 in chico and 50 degrees in lake tahoe and 57 in yosemite. we will have moisture on tuesday
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into thursday. 65 in san mateo and the north bay upper 60's. mid-to-upper 60's moving inland. lows tonight are chilly in the north bay at 36 degrees in santa rosa and the along the coast in the mid-40's and mid-40's for the peninsula and inland. beautiful today. great for shopping. headed into the weekend we have a steady warm up on monday and it will cool down at five to continue degree drop in temperatures monday into tuesday with a chance of showers on tuesday evening. >> early black friday shopping turns to mayhem with a shoplifting incident that turns into a shooting. >> the auto shore is putting you hi. i'm henry winkler.
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>> this is i-80 eastbound at 7th where a pedestrian has been fatally struck by a truck. cars are diverted off the freeway. that is causing major backups.
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that is the drive away from the skyway. with the diversion it is causing major delays away from 280. we have alternates and ways to get and -- around this. now, "good morning america" at 7:00. >> coming up happening right now the black friday frenzy. we have the best buys on black friday right here next on "good morning america" so we see you soon. >> looking for big ticket item? the san francisco international auto show is in full swing. 38 manufacturers are displaying 600 cars and s.u.v.'s and trucks and concept vehicles. g.m. is offering a next generation corvette and the first plug-in electric. demand if new cars is soaring. sales in october jumped 10 percent. the holiday welcome, 300,000
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people are expected to attend. >> you can try it out before you go to the dealership and make a purchase. you cannot buy the vehicle here is there is in high pressure. >> the san francisco international auto show is long-standing thanksgiving weekend tradition with doors opening at 10:00 at $10 for adults and kids 12 and under are free with an adult. >> the bulldogs qualify for the super bowl in florida but before they can win or even play the game they have to get this. the 12- to 15--year-olds are 9-1 division to champions and dominant cross the country but they are in the furry up game trying to come up with $40,000 to send 21 kids and seven champion reasons. as of yesterday they raised $18,000 but the deadline is this weekend. >> i do whatever i have to do. though way i can say, we can't make it to florida.
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>> they still have money to raise with the game clock ticking down. if you can help this is information on our facebook page on donating at >> tonight, olympic gold medalist is part of the opening sermon for san jose's downtown ice rink. a crowd gathered to skate on the ice one of many outdoor skating van sues greeting people away the area sponsored by hawaiian airlines and the bay area native . the tree lighting for christmas in the park begins at 6:00 p.m. across the street at the plaza. >> you are a skater the. >> i cannot remember it has been so long but i can picture myself being graceful. >> we would like to see.
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>> the abc7 news continues at 6:30. >> an overnight crash shut down a freeway and that led to a man's death. >> a look from sky 7, pictures of i-80 where another fatal accident involving a pedestrian is shutting down. eastbound 80 at 7th street. you will neat alternate routes the drive southbound 101 to eastbound connection is re-opened now so we are starting to see some lanes re-opening. however we have major backups away from the 280 extension. use ♪ black friday deals up in the store. ♪ ♪ getting presents and so much more. ♪ ♪ that's my holiday,
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♪ a tree for me. ♪ a tree for everyone in the family. ♪ ♪ we're shaking up how we deck the halls, ♪ ♪ and trimming trees that are fun for all. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. on friday morning the day after thanksgiving you are looking at sky 7 pictures of the traffic jam on the skyway in san francisco eastbound 80 a sig-alert because of a fatal accident. we are following this for you.
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>> i am katie marzullo here for kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. leyla gulen has been following this. what is the latest? >> we have an update. southbound 101 transition to eastbound 80 has been re-opened. from sky 7 the pictures of i-80 eastbound show the flares put out bit c.h.p. and that is blocking off we all lanes so traffic is diverted off the freeway at 7th street and they are allowed to get back on at 7th but it is causing heavy backup. you can see the traffic is stopped and this is due to a truck that fatally struck the pedestrian as they were on the freeway. we are getting more information right now and we do not know when all lands will be re-opened or when one lane will be re-opened. on the maps, you can see where the backup is coming from. we see the delays headed away from 280. they have


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