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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 29, 2013 6:30am-7:01am PST

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>> i am katie marzullo here for kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. leyla gulen has been following this. what is the latest? >> we have an update. southbound 101 transition to eastbound 80 has been re-opened. from sky 7 the pictures of i-80 eastbound show the flares put out bit c.h.p. and that is blocking off we all lanes so traffic is diverted off the freeway at 7th street and they are allowed to get back on at 7th but it is causing heavy backup. you can see the traffic is stopped and this is due to a truck that fatally struck the pedestrian as they were on the freeway. we are getting more information right now and we do not know when all lands will be re-opened or when one lane will be re-opened. on the maps, you can see where the backup is coming from. we see the delays headed away from 280. they have dissipate add little
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bit headed through the portrero district but when you come up to 101 and toward the drive headed to the bay bridge we will see most of the delays. now the weather. we do have a warm-up in the forecast. dry conditions for today. into the weekend, as well. live doppler 7 hd shows no runs because we do not have miles an hour, just a few high clouds. look at how beautiful from the exploritorium camera the sun is rising and in the distance we do not have any clouds, just blue skies. san francisco is at 52 and 42 in oakland and mid-to-upper 40's for the bay area. walnut creek has a "spare the air" alert. no wood burning. dry and perfect for shopping and cooler next week with a chance of showers tuesday into thursday. >> we have developing news in san jose where firefighters are getting a handle on a stubborn
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emergency building fire that broke out after 4:00. the flamed damages a party supply business but the store was closed. no one was hurt. the fire started in an electrical panel. the power needs to be shut off but they can extinguish the flame. >> all lanes of westbound 80 are open after a man was hit and killed. at 12:30 c.h.p. received reports of a disabled vehicle in the fast lane. the driver tried to run across the freeway to the right shoulder and was hit by one vehicle. he died at the seen. c.h.p. closed the westbound lanes for an hour and a half. >> shoppers are out early to score deals. our reporter is at the mall in milpitas with details. matt? >> the south bay turkey coma or
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that so man retailers opened up early we have smaller cruds. it is consistent but the early start on thanksgiving means black friday will be gray friday if you counsel the usually morning hours it back packed at 4:00 a.m. it looked like a busy saturday afternoon with the parking lot full and shoppers coming in and out. many made this an all night event hitting different spots for the best deals. i came at 3:00 and was at target, wal-mart, best buy and other stores and came here. i was surprised it was still packed. now it is 4:00. it is still packed. you have people walking around...almost? >> many complained the early black friday deals take away to the holiday and force retail employees to work rather than being with their family but now the holiday is over, will they shop for the big dealed to?
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this mall is staying open 26 horses straight of the all of the sales will last until 10:00 tonight. >> in san francisco, 300 storms the doors at macy's when the employees unlocked the doors at 8:00 p.m. >> i have never known macy's to open at 8:00 on thanksgiving day before. i am here to be here. >> a big line to the corner but we got here early and got to the counter. >> the line at best buy south of market was stretched around the building. stores promise to slash prices to convince shoppers do buy early and on continue. labor groups will use black friday as alated form to protest wages and working conditions at wal-mart stores. shoppers at san leandro can
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expect something similar to this pick the line if los angeles and the east bay apply an is organizing a 3:00 p.m. demonstration and is part of a larger national effort to organize associates as the biggest retailer. >> an illinois police officer was hospitalized after being dragged by a car driven by a suspected shoplifter. another officer shot and wounded the driver bringing this incident to an end. there were reports of two men stealing clothes from a department store. the officers chased the suspects to the store where the driver ignored orders to stop the an officer was dragged. all three suspects are in custody. >> santa rosa police senator for men responsible for a violent whom invasion robbery. several armed men entered the louse and held a familiar including a six-year old boy at gunpoint. a hand was severely beaten on tuesday afternoon. it is believed they were looking
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for marijuana and cash. >> in san jose, detectives are investigating a fatal police shooting. the man was shot, was a stabbing suspect would tried to ram an officer with a stolen car. it started at a home yesterday morning with the suspect stabbing several people and then carjacked a van. he got on to better state 80 going in the wrong direction and police chased the van into a cul-de-sac and shop and killed him. all stabbing victims will recover. the officer is on paid leave which is standard roar. >> an oakland teen is celebrating the thanksgiving holiday at home while recovering from severe burns suffered from a hate crime. sasha fleischman was riding an a.c. transit bus and a 16-year-old boy set his skirt on fire. we he suffered major burns on
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his begs. >> i was in the hospital each bay my parents would visit and bring a stack of cards this high and not of them were total strangers. >> we incredibly thankful for have sasha not just home but with us at all. period. >> other passengers helped put out the flames. the boy would set the fire has been charged as an adult with two felony hate crimes. sasha fleischman don't like pants will continue to wear skirts. >> our black friday coverage continues next back to the sun valley mall in concord to see how big the crowds are. >> first, mission aborted, the trouble leading spacex to scrub the latest launch. >> from sky 7...we are expensing problems on the skyway with traffic diverted off because of a fatal accident.
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leyla gulen is following that.
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welcome back. we are looking at sky 7 over the skyway, i-80 eastbound has been reopened after a fatal accident.
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it was a truck that hit a pedestrian. it blocked all lanes. all lanes have re-opened. traffic is throwing. eastbound and westbound i-80 re-opened. we will look at our maps and see how traffic is moving. we can see where the red is still lingering but it is starting to dissipate. some people were taking 280 but you will be able to use 101 to get to 80. we have a warm-up with dry conditions. black friday will be pleasant and a there day to fly from sfo to the san francisco international airport there are no flight delays here or anywhere in the country and current temperatures in santa rosa are 38 going from chili at 42 in fairfield and concord and los gatos and gilroy in the upper 30's to lower 40's.
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the in three days and "spare the air" alert day poor conditions expected in the hurt bay and santa clara valley with the forecast coming up. >> second stage. abort. abort. abort. abort. problems. abort. aborting. >> spacex tried and tried again but could not blast into orbit. the first was called off seconds before lit -- lift off. the company c.e.o. elon musk says the next launch is in a few days pending review. >> we will update you on our breaking traffic news with a sig-alert near san francisco. >> another case shoppers behaving badly, a video into the newsroom showing a brawl going
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covering benicias san ramon, san mateo and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> more now on black friday.
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>> we will check with amy hollyfield at the sun valley mall. amy? >> it is included. does this parking lot look like 6:private in the morning? more like the evening the many have been here all night. the shoppers have a lot of energy. they are focused and dedicated. if you on the doors on thanksgiving night and put stuff on sale people will come. they will buy. shoppers have been walking out all night with hands full bags. employees say though are exhausted. they worked all night. they were surprised but the crowds. shoppers say it is not uncomfortably crowded. the lines are not too long. they are having fun and fining good deals. we talked to a shopper would resisted the urge to come last night. she wanted to keep it traditional. >> i want to superpower thanksgiving traditionally with the family and wait until the morning. we knew it would be slower.
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at 3:00 in the morning and i went to bed at 12. >> 3:00 in the morning she got up and started shopping. she hooked good, too. she was one of the unique ones. a last people headed out last might and shopped all night. when they talked to us they didn't know what day it is, they say we 2010 -- got here tonight but of course that was last night. this is just one stop for many. first they went to target, then heres then headed to wal-mart. it was all mapped out. i don't know if we can call it black friday with people starting last night maybe we should be gray friday. >> new video from southern california showing the shopping republican difficult out of hand in wal-mart.
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two men under arrest for attacking a pan -- man leaving the store. an for broke his wrist. there were fights inside the store, as well, over merchandise. >> trading is underway on wall street. how does the board look? the dow is up 47 points to 16,14 4. based on the seems projection based on black friday. who knew? black friday is the biggest tire-selling days of the year. ford says dealerships are 50 percent higher today than any other day. analysts say the rise is because of a combination of a day off, petroleum ready travel and the convenience of dropping the car off with tire service while you shop. >> tomorrow is small business saturday. shoppers are encouraged to visit and shop at independent local
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retailers. a forecast says that so far this year business has been dismal for independent merchants. sales growth grew 2 percent, but only 30 percent expect holiday sales to be strong compare compared with 40 percent last year. >> good news, the accident was cancel at the fatal accident at 7th street. all lanes have re-opened and traffic is continuing to dissipate. the approach to 280 extension was clear. up to the bay bridge we do not have problems. all lanes have re-opened and the sig-alert canceled. our mass transit shows no ace train service, muni has service but it is impeded for a try
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leasting sermon at 6:00. bart has delayed through the transbay tube in the east bay direction. that is 10 or 15-minute delay. this is the skyway, san francisco skyway with traffic moving. no delays. no accidents. we have sunny skies today. clear conditions. we look right now at live doppler 7 hd and mount tamalpais shows beautiful and clear skies and beautiful conditions. what is happening is the low is spinning off of the southern california coast and that brought us a possibility of rain and we did not have rain this week but we will next week as the area of low pressure comes in from alaska bringing us not only cooler temperatures but a
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chance of rain, slight showers, for monday into thursday. our highs today are going to be in the mid-to-upper 60's and the san jose spartans will taking on the bulldogs at 12:30 at the spartan stadium. on the peninsula we have mild conditions and 67 degrees and 64 in downtown san francisco. 68 in santa rosa. we inland, 67 in calistoga and mid-to-upper 60's if east bay and in the east bay valley almost reaching 20 degrees in many areas. overnight the lows are chilly in the north bay and mid-to-upper 40's for much of the other areas and my seven-day forecast shows the warmup today with dry conditions over the weekend monday and into next week we
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have nice conditions. however we have cooler temperatures and the possibility of light showers, as well. the fatality we reported earlier is not a fatality but a major injury accident. that purpose has been transported. good news there. we hope that person is getting treated and will be fine. >> we want you to help us feed the bay area this holiday season by visiting the abc7 news facebook page and take the pledge on give where you need. we donate a dollar in your on to the feeding america food banks up to $75,000 and your deed could be rewarded, everyone who takes the pledge will be entered to win $7,000 in cash. the winner will be announced december 19th so spread the love and help us give where you live. >> ahead, seven things to know
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before you go.
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as we hand things off to "good morning america" he are seven things to know. >> number one, as we look at the san francisco skyway an early sig-alert shut down eastbound 80 has re-opened. c.h.p. first reported this as a fatality. we are glad to learn it was major injuries. we hope that person is transferred to the hospital and will receive treatment. >> two, san jose firefighters are mopping up a fire that damaged a party store on west san carlos street. the by was closed when the fire was first reported this morning. it may is started in an electrical panel. investigators will not know for sure until pg&e cuts off the electricity. >> three, a man tried to run across all four lanes of
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westbound i-80 in richmond this morning and was hit and killed by another vehicle. the c.h.p. says the deceased man ran from a disabled car in the fast lane at 12:30 this morning with all lanes westbound i-80 closed for an hour and a half. >> retail retailers are getting what they enwhatted with sparked stores, on the busiest shopping days of the year the many stores opened to get a jump on the holiday rush. >> black friday shoppers in illinois watched in horror as a police officer was dragged by the driver of a get away car then shot and wounded by another officer. the driver was picking up two shoplifting suspects. all three were arrested. the dragged officer will be fine. >> if 30 minutes, glide memorial church holds the day after thanksgiving breakfast with thousands of valuetorying feeding the hungry. they have hospitalled -- hosted
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the meals for decades. >> we have temperatures reaching the mid-to-upper 60's for much of the bay area and nice and dry today and into the weekend before a major change that is forecast if you are here next week with freezing temperatures expected overnight monday into tuesday in the north bay hills and valleys. also, a chance of showers tuesday into thursday in the pay area but beautiful today. well enjoy it. over the weekend, as well. >> i thought her say "freezing" temperatures. oh, my. >> next week. >> see you in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. this morning, mall brawl. violence breaking out at stores across america, as shoppers battle to get those early holiday bargains. pushing and shoving their way into the shops. police, out in force right now, trying to control the crowd. we're going to show you the incredible video. a dragout door-buster fight. smooth criminals. take a look at this thief taking over a high-end jewelry store as he made a record-breaking haul that has baffled police. is there a new clue in this video that could crack the crime? and one father's fight. the medical mystery that would have cost him his precious daughter. we're going to take you inside his battle to keep his family together.


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