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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  December 6, 2013 1:05am-1:41am PST

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♪ what you are baby i got ♪ what you need do you know i got it ♪ >> no question about it. nelson mandela is already one of the most quoted men on the planet. his words helped bring an end to apartheid and still inspire those fighting injustice today. >> we are here because you took the humane decision that you could not ignore. the inhumanity represented by the apartheid system. we have never doubted in our minds, even during the blackest hour, that eventually we would win. >> even as we celebrate, let us remind ourselves that our work is far from finished. where there is poverty and sickness, including aids, where
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human beings are being oppressed, there is more work to be done. >> i have completely retired. i have no influence. i am now a has-been. don't call me. i'll call you.
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what a sweeter holiday. >> right now most of the bay area is under a freeze warning and the frigid weather is breaking records and breaking pipes. this video just in to the newsroom shows large water main martinez this burst. >> happened just before 10 tonight and rate new crews are shutting off the water but not before as you can see it influenced some nearby businesses and created a chilly mess. >> good evening. >> sandhya is here now on just how cold it will get tonight. >> cold enough that just about everyone will be feeling it. let me show you live doppler 7hd and the freeze warning that is up until friday morning. sub freezing temperatures for just about everyone except san francisco. temperatures are already at or below freezing. the straits and delta under hard freeze warning as you lack at the new record for this morning, 25 in napa. shattered the previous record exploratorium tied at 40. oakland broke the previous record coming in at 33. upper 20's san jose, oakland, look at
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this picture. it was posted on face back of ice napa where he said it was 19 degrees. that's what some of you will have to deal with in the morning. we will is he some more records. back with the details on that plus a look at when live doppler 7hd track rain her and snow. dan. >> thanks. >> the cold snap not just tough on people but animals too. allen is live in santa rosa tonight with that story. alle allen? >>reporter: over the past 2 hours we have been watching the temperatures drop on this abc 7 weather app. from the high 30's to blow freezing as you can see right now. it's 30 degrees. with clear sky on the doppler making it very uncomfortable for for man and beast. up when bill goes up wheny hi. you have to keep 13 giraffe warm at night here at safari west in santa rosa with more than 850 animals at least 200
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of them need extra heat and shelter. during the winter months they keep the animal more to increase the calorie count. banana are special treat. flamingo do fine in freezing temperatures. the rhino however can't wait to get inside. >> they prefer to be inside when it's cold they especially don't like the rain. >>reporter: human are also having trouble dealing with this cold snap. temperatures fell below 20 degrees this morning in rohnert park causing water pipes to freezeburst. up n burst. >> i opened the curtain and i said not raining. it was like a break. >> 10 customers he saw today could have avoided the problem by insulating their exposed pipes. >> can't get your hand on any pipe insulation, wrap some towels around it. tape it . >> i thought it was lot of money. it was 162 dollars. >>reporter: tonight she is taking the advice. simple
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blanket could have saved her a lot of money in the north bay, abc 7 news. >> now crews at the airport are prepared to deice planes again tomorrow morning. sky 7 hd was overhead this morning as workers spray a combination of water and glycol to remove the ice and prevent it from formin forming. to a scene here in the bay area very often. anything that youed out today will likely freeze over once again in the next if you hours. keep that in mine. cold froze over this fountain in danville this morning. you can e-mail your winter weather pictures to you report at kg o dash t tv.comlove to share them. >> more ice near lake tahoe. this is 2 67 at north star and while no snow falling tonight the low is to be in the single digit. driver should carry chainsaded to the sierra. >> gas scare in the east bay shelter in place was issued tonight. happened in contra costa county in the area surrounding the k 2 solution
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plant in pittsburgh. other problems there as well. amma is there live night with the latest. amma? >>reporter: the solution operates out of the dow chemical plant you see in the distance. now the shelter in place has been lifted but the plant is still closed. they have beenince tuesday since tuey because of other issues. potential for soaring leak leak at k 2 pure solution forced the health service to issue a warning to residents nearing the plant. this is video from sky 7 hk after the warning was put in place. but the need to keep doors and windows was short lived. all clear given once the chlorine tank contaminated with water was empty. in high concentration county health officials say chlorine gas can cause severe injury to the lung. k 2 already closed because of series of chlorine gas that happened tuesday. the rae lease were unrelited to today's
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threat. >> we shut our plant down proactively and have been working with dow and the county and keeping everybody safe and making sure we don't have a problem. >>reporter: he says the top priority is to take care of k 2 employee and surrounding community. this is abc 7 news. >> the world lost a visionary leader today. former south african president mandela died after lengthy illness. >> 95 y 95 years old. he was an icon for frems and inspired thousands of people in the bay area during an appearance at the oakland coliseum in 1990. >> city of berkeley first to call for boycott of corporations and banks doing business in south africa. mandela visit here still resonates. lisa looks back at that historic visit with some of those who were there. >> the bay area who have given me and my delegation strength
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and hope to the continue. >> the strong connection between mandela and bay area clear the moment he stepped into the oakland coliseum june 30, 1990. he had been a 43 man for just 4 months. state senator hancock was on stage with mande that day and at the time she was mayor of berkeley. one of only city in the world that sanked south africa. >> that turned out to be a movement that grew and east bay was the first place, sanctioned. sanctioned. >> student led massive anti-apartheid protest. professor carson remembers those days. he's now thedirectr king jr. research institute at stanford. >> i think that if miss having a person like that. he teachesn american freedom struggle and losing the knife-year-old is significant on so many levels. >> when we think about mandela
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we can think in terms of he is on the level of gandhi and king. >> nelson mandela considered by many to be the last great freedom drugler of the 20th century. lisa, abc 7 news. >> hundreds of people have been gathered outside mandela home in johannesburg for hours dancing and singing in mandela memory. many brought flowers flag and candles. streets blocked off to allow people to mourn yes but also celebrate his life. now people are sharing the memory of nelson mandela on our facebook page. leave your thought at slash abc 7 news. >> new tonight at 11:00. san jose state taking the first step toward addressing what prosecutors call a hate crime against a black student. university has appointed cordel retired judge to head task force that will investigate what happened and recommend ways to ensure san jose state is a welcoming community.
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student protestors demand action from ask leaders following the he have las vegas that what it students tormented black roommate for week in the dorm room snapping a bicycle lock around his neck. >> east bay rpolice say park police say 3 richmond teenager raped 2 girls after getting them so drunk they passed out. the assault took place last friday in picnic area of the park off mcbride avenue in richmond. police say the suspects one 15 years old and supplild supplied the alcohol. the girls ages 14 and 17 woke up the next day and realized they had been sexually assaulted. told their family who then called police >> there's amber alert for girl kidnapped from the pacific northwest. 14-h romero elizabeth romero was taken by her boyfriend 19-year-old eduardo row sol east from kennewick, washington. this is from her high school and that's her getting into his green ford escape. early 2000 model
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escape has washington license plate police suspect florez is heading to mexico now. amber alert signs lit up across the bay area including this one interthe richmond san rafael bridge showing driver pictures of both romero and row sol east. >> personal genetic testing company 23 and me announced tonight that new customers will not have access to its health related genetic test. this is video from twe and me following a warning letter to them from the fda. they want to consider the kids medical devises and has order add regulatory revie review. 23 and me backed by google venture and facebook billionaire will still offer ancestry information to new customers and raw genetic data without perfect entry taition. >> more problems tonight for boy recovering from dog attack few months ago two pit bull attacked hunter while he played at neighbor house in antioch. martinez resident needed surgery for wounds to his face
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and to his head poor guy. now hunter's mother claims the family friend stole money collected during a fundraiser for hunter shortly after he was august. now hunter is doing well medically and in fourth grade at this school l martinez. >> terrifying landing caught on camera next on 7 news dangerous wind pushing this plane side ways. how quick thinking pilot prevented disaster. >> debilitating condition that mothers may unknowingly pass along to their children in the womb. >> super hero in training new mission is coming
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nothing calls them to the table faster. if. >> this is really remarkable video. the crew of this boeing 7 77 had to be diverted to another airport after they tried to land twice in heavy cross winds in england. you can see the plane pointed side way as it came in for the landing. moments before touching down the pilot had to the abort the landing. punching the engine and taking off again. the plane came around again. same thing happened. the flight was diverted about 150 miles near london. >> how would you lake to be a passenger on that plane. >> the district attorney is saying that on his web site th hunter who started the rim fire is likely to face federal charges however the u.s. attorney office if sacramento has no comment on that. unidentified hunter illegally lit a campfire in mid august in the stanislaus national forest. that caused the rim fire the third largest
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fire in state history. >> 18-year-old man in custody tonight in another agreed to surrender on charges of stealing parts of actor pall walk -- paul walker porsche. known for his work in the fast and furious franchise killed when the car crashed and burned last saturday in southern california. witness saw a man take a piece of the car off the bed of a tow truck when the truck was at a stoplight. >> pregnant women with depression may face higher risk of passing the condition on to their unborn children. research rowers in singapore believe babies can get depression before they are born. mri taken after birth show what doctors call abnormal wiring in the brain of babies born to mother was depression. >> for the 84th straight year san francisco recreation and park held the tree lighting ceremony tonight in golden gate park. big crowd took part in the holiday celebration. they trucked in 40 tons of snow for
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kids and grown up to play in. kid also got a chance to make their own christmas cookies. big event the lighting of the huge christmas tree. event continues at the lodge through the holidays and it is all fre free. >> doing good this holiday season could make you 7000 dollars richer. just good to facebook page and take the pledge to give where you live. with each pledge we donate 1 dollarea feedinge bay area feeding america food bank up to 75,000 dollars and everyone who takes the pledge will be entered to win 7000 dollars cash. that winner will be announced on december 19. >> all right. we have a bit of breaking news to tell you about in napa county. 3.8 magnitude earthquake has been reported in rural napa county. 25 miles northeast of santa rosa. >> no damage or injuries reported. of course we'll keep you updated on any development. >> switch your attention to the frosty temperatures. >> which persist sandhya is here with the forecastes
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>> yes. we are going to be seeing wide spread fred'sing conditions tomorrow morning as you look at live doppler 7hd skies are clear tonight. things will be changing. rid arrest tracking not ice but rain. possibly snow. here's a picture just sent to me by boots from castro valley it was tweeted you can see how icey it was this morning. this is what you might have to contend with n mind or ice windshield looking at the financial district. you can see sparkling tonight. 44 in san francisco. 38 in oakland. what is interesting to note is some of the temperatures have actually come up a degree or 2. san jose 38 degrees and the view from our mount tamalpiais camera no fog. santa rosa at 28 degrees right now. napa just went up. you were in the 20s with northeast wind you have gone up to 30 degrees. so still expecting freezing. 32 in fairfield. 29 in livermore. tahoe is seeing some snow at th elevationest elevation up to 20 inches. if
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traveling tomorrow night this saturday be prepared for major delay. record cold again tomorrow. friday night and saturday morning snow for local peak with chilly conditions expected for the weekend. here's a look overnight temperatures. 16 at the napa county airport this morning. no, sir as cold but frigid. 24 in santa rosa. 26 fairfield concord. livermore 24 degrees in below freezing fremont san jose palo alto. morgan hill 26 degrees exploratorium 41, 34 in oakland. >> you know the drill bundle up keep yourself warm. cold air with us another shot of cold air and wet weather cold storms coming down from western canada and will bring us some rain beginning tomorrow night so 5:00 o'clock tomorrow still okay we still have cloud cover then the rain starts to shift by 8:00 p.m. if getting away for the weekend it might be a little dicey slow going. snow rain mix over mount hamilton in
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pink late friday night and watching for snow potential going that saturday morning as well. briefly could be heavy. quarter to half inch most of the bay area but it will pretty much be clearing out for the latter part of your saturday morning and then turning cold again sunday morning monday morning but at least most of the weekend will be dry other than saturday morning when winter weather advisory will be in effect. it starts tomorrow night for the santa cruz mountains east bay hills, diablo range could see couple inches of snow above 2500 feet. kind of weather you expect in january and february. winter storm warning covering a lot of the lo nortion in northern and central california. snow accumulating counsel around the northern portion of sacramento valley. mendocino county interior winter storm warning for those areas so be prepared lake i said for travel delay. mid 40's to low 50's it's chilly tomorrow afternoon. hang on to the coast. you will need them this weekend. temperatures only in the 40's continue with the freezing cold monday morning but then we get out of it with
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milder temperatures. 50's. 60's. that's going to see him balmy after we freeze for a few days. then overnight temperatures will actually come egrees as well. >> we'll be wearing shorts. >> i know. with temperatures like that. >> the morning team will be here at 4:30 am with the first look at just how cold it gets overnight. so tune in for all the latest beginning at 4:30 in the morning. >> 9 versus a huge game coming up. >> sure do. against the seahawks. >> i can't wait until it gets to 54 degrees again. niners want to send a message on sunday loud and clear. we have good news tonight on the line regarding big joe his status regarding big joe his status that's next in
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♪ hey! must be the honey! >> shark saw the winning sceebing come to a halt in pittsburgh against the penguin riding 4 game winning st themselves. super mario. pen owner checking out clash of the 2 of the best in the nhl. second period shark down 1 nothing. gist on with a wris wrister this beats him top shelf. 2ing in. 3 minutes later shark with a turn over here and cross by denied but chris cleaning up to make it 3 zip pittsburg. trouble continue here. pittsburgh on the power my and again penguin score 4 times in the second period. the lone brit spot for the sharks rookie tuvrmingts 14
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-- great name but andre made 44 saves and sharks lose 5-1. good saint for the 49ers. left tackle joe did practice today. he injured the if he last weak against the ram. it was feared he might be out for a couple of weeks. niners need him on sunday against seattle. now this is a game the seahawks want to win. the niners need to win it. seattle leading the nfc westby 3 games. they are coast to go division crown. niners fighting for a play off spot and they want to send a message. >> we really believe that we are the mighty 49ers and they believe they are the mighty seahawks. so we'll see who comes out on top. we are very confident they are confident. 2 teams that are similar when you look at us and it will be a good game on sunday. >> obviously division opponent and definitely want to dominate them because it's if important. coach said it's not rivalry. we love playing games like this
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college football news. case against james winston now closed. florida state quarterback will not face rape charges. prosecutors say there was not enough evidence to proceed. winston will play in the acc title game this weekend and if the knowles beat duke then go on to the bcs championship. >> thursday night football. he proposed she said i see you more as a friend. she said yes she said yes. jackson and texan. chad to lewis. 7 nothing jag. second quarter. the blitz. stands in there and fires to short to make it 14 zip jacksonville. tricky here. double pass. to jordan for the score. jag 27-20. victory after starting out o and 8 now won 3 in a row. are you ready for ka bam? that's the new name of football field at memorial stapled cal internet media game company agreed to pay 18 million dollars over the next 15 years
1:34 am
for the naming rights of the bears will my attica bam field at the memorial stadium. 3 founders of ka bam went to cal. >> the beard will stay in l.a. will sun agreeing to 1 year deal for 10 million dollars with the dodgers. nobody over pays so willingly like the dodgers. 10 million for a set up man lake paying 1,000 dollars for a happy meal. wilson best known for helping the giants win the world series in 2010. growing a long beard. 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> did he well. >> he did fine. 10 million for set up man is stichlt l good work if you can get it. >> why the minicontained crusader himself returning to san francisco. >>
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make breakfast pop! nothing calls them to the table faster. >> when you wake up in the morning you will feel the chil chill. freeze warning record low bundle up. 20's to 40's. san francisco the only exception. mike here 4:30 to 7. >> thank you sandhya. >> embrace yourself san francisco for the return of bat kid. >> yes. the contained crew said is back. bat kid otherwise known as miles scott 5-year-old cancer surverify who wished to be bat kid for a day. >> this saturday miles will reunite with police chief for fundraiser for the make a wish foundation so other kids can have their wishes come true. >> amma is hosting this event 8:30 am at aquatic park
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[cheers and applause] >> hey! what's up, baby? what up, what up, what up? hi, honey. >> hey, how are you? >> come on out here. >> all right. [cheers and applause]
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>> yeah. hello, and welcome to millionaire. we got another big one today because it's double money week continues, y'all! se] yeah. contestants have a shot at doubling their money on just one question. and that means that we show 'em the money, and then we show it to 'em again. then we make it rain cash, and then it rains twice as hard, all right? joining us today is someone who was sitting in our audience just one week ago, and now she's right here in the spotlight. from brooklyn, new york, y'all show some love for clarice mathews. what up? >> brooklyn, brooklyn, brooklyn! >> how you doin'? >> i'm good! i'm good! i'm good! i'm glad to be here! >> so you were sitting in the audience a week ago. now you got to explain, and you kind of have this cool pastime. what do you do? >> well, since i retired from the nypd... >> okay. >> my girlfriends and i, we like to visit talk shows.


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