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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 10, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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good afternoon, everybody, it was a bizarre, scary scene with an underground natural gas line ruptured in oakland hills, pg and sex trying to figure out why. >> sky seven hd showing flames coming up through the pavement. homes were evacuated the fire burned more than three
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hours before crews capped it. residents were worried about a repeat of san bruno, not the case, fortunately. nick smith joins us at the scene. >> reporter: pg&e described it as a gas pipeline break. all clear given just afternoon. there were in injuries and no damages to homes residents were allowed to return home after being told they need to evacuate at the sound of fire engines.. >> i was like, oh, my god a gas leak. >> reporter: doris lives less than a block from a gas fire that burned for hours in oakland. seeing these flames, she feared the worst. >> i came out i was startled at the fact yellow tape was across my street. >> from sky seven, you can see flames several feet into the
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area over a space that dhufrz intersection. crews evacuated several homes in the area. they realized this is no ordinary fire.. >> i realized this doesn't look right. it's straight lines of fire in concrete. >> a leaky pipe was blamed for this explosion that destroyed a condo two years ago. a plastic distribution pipe was found to have half a dozen leaks. just after 11:00 crews were able to cap off the gas line. >> they'll be taking their tools and squeezing that shut. >> this is new pipe they'll weld in place. crews are installing a kraer work around with hopes of restoring service to approximately 20 customers by tonight. investigators working to determine what ignited this
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blaze and what caused to it bring a leak. >> now, there were three other gas line breaks today in the bay area in brentwood and allen rock. all caused by construction crews. they've been capped and nobody has been injured. >> bay area recorded another morning of below freezing temperatures. tomorrow will be the fourth winter spare the air alert. sandhya pat jell here now with a look. >> looking at live doppler seven hd, clear skies across the bay area. we have very cold conditions this morning. 27 napa, cold in santa rosa. 22. there are temperatures below freezing. san francisco half
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moon bay, we do have freeze warnings up for these areas here in lighter purple going up tonight. that runs until 9:00 a.m in the morn soing there is an increased risk of hypo therma. make sure you bring in pets and plants and a fog advisory for coastline, bay shore line, northern santa clara valley including san jose. you can see how hazy it is. tomorrow, north bay the worst of it. no wood burning. i'll let you know when we'll get a break from the cold snap. >> soorngs i hope. >> in marin county health department is working with nonprofits to try to help people in san photographel with the
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story. >> when it's freezing this gets really cold. you can imagine sleeping on. that the county has been doing what it can to bring people indoors. peter is 53 years old, he continues to sleep on the streets. >> just wake up in the morning you can ski down the hill. one morning it was blew. >> the st. vincent dupaul society trying to conhim, and others to take shelter. there is space for 30 men and 20 women. one parter organization is allowing people even if they're not sober. >> just asking emergency personnel to be on the
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>> our building is an old building. we make due with space heaters and coats and sweaters. >> reporter: some stores still have space kwleertz for sale it's apparently shelves people made last minute tonight is a spare the air day, meaning you can't burn wood. >> and you can stay on top of the cold weather with abc7 news weather app. you can down load it for free, on google play. >> another round of flight delays this morning but it wasn't due to weather around the
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country. deicing equipment broke down. sky seven over the airport as workers sprayed water and glycol to remove ice on the planes >> police say this man molested several young golfers that he tutored. victims are boys from 12-17 years old. detectives claim he met the boys at las positas golf course. >> sky seven hd shows where a sheriff deputy shot a man today. this happened about noon the man got into altercations. that is when the deputy shot him. both went to the hospital. no word on officers injuries detectives spent the afternoon
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talking to witnesses. >> a man served in san jose police department nearly 30 years will now run council says he showed effective leadership and started with san jose pd in 1986 and had several duties. >> well, we know a box labelled radio active found in lafayette had been stolen from a business in walnut creek. employees discovered the box in a parking lot. streets were closed until detectors showed the box did not pose a danger. >> developing news in washington, d.c. good news, budget negotiators say they've
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reached a deal to avoid the threat of another shut down. the agreement send spending levels replaces unpopular spending cuts with other savings ask does not raise taxes. it would require federal workers to increase security fees paid by airline travellers. >> just ahead at 4:00 world celebrates nelson mandela. the freedom fighter's legacy. >> gm reaching a new milestone. the announcement is coming up. >> and labeling women. why a hair product commercial got the endorsement of cheryl sandberg. >> checking the afternoon traffic on a tuesday afternoon. here is a look at the skyway. it's usual, heavy for the cars on the left side of the screen.
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better on the right hand side going towards
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south africa and the world came together to remember nelson mandela. and for hours, world leaders paid tribute to mandela's legacy. >> it was the driving rain you'd expect for the death of a great man. tens of thousands defied
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it, streaming into fnb stadium to pay tribute to nelson mandela. heads of state from 91 countries coming to south africa to pay respects. among them, four u.s. presidents. president barack obama arrived with george w. bush met by former president bill clinton and jimmy carter. speakers paid tribute to the man south africans called tatamantiba. >> there is no one like mantiba. he was one of a kind. >> president obama spoke of mandela's lasting impact. >> mandiba would emerge of the great leader of the 21 century. i learned of nelson mandela and
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struggles in this beautiful land. it set me on a journey to be here today. >> reporter: attendees allowed to stream into the stadium without going through any checks. and later while meeting fellow world leaders president obama greeted cuban president raul castro, responded with a smile. this rain is expected to continue into tomorrow, when mandela will begin lying in state. he's taken back to the village where he group for a funeral and burial on sunday. >> president oeb wrauma's handshake with raul castro caused in washington, d.c. today. san francisco is holding it's own memorial in city hall rotunda tomorrow morning at 8:00 we'll be there streaming live on abc7 >> apple's christmas give aways
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and one company's investment in wearable tech. >> emily chang is here with this afternoon's after the bell report. >> bloomberg learned the company that helps make apple's iphones and ipads is looking to make a mark on wearable tech space a cording to two people familiar with the project the company plans to launch an investment fund valued just shy of $7 million to finance start ups for wearable computers new details on how important the search partnership is to yahoo. the partnership, yahoo said it accounts for 10% of sales. twitter made it easier for users to share photos. the company allowing users to share and view photos on mobile. stocks falling
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today, budget negotiators put pressure on all three major indexes your bloomberg silicon valley index closing lower. apple getting into christmas spirit, introducing 12 days of gift app today. users need to down load the app and apple will offer a free gift. from bloomberg studios in san francisco, larry, cheryl, back to you. >> thank you. >> mary barra will be the next ceo of general motors. the 51-year-old is currently the senior vice president in charge of design of gm vehicle ass krt globe and previously headed the
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company's operations. worked her way to the top. the chairman of the board of lulu lemon athletica is stepping down following controversial statements about women body types. saying some women bodies don't work for lululemon yoga pants. that was in response to comments that the pants were too sheer. he's expected to leave in june. >> better to say nothing. >> that would have been wise for mr. wilson. >> let's move on. abc7 teeming up with several bay area food banks this holiday season. >> more on how you can give, oh, lovely.
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>> i'm here at concord. at the food bank and solano joining me now is the executive director. >> how are you? >> fine, sir, good to be with you. >> alhambra cheer leaders are here. >> they've been collecting food. 26 stations doing enough for us. okay. >> you guys are doing a great job. cheryl mentioned earlier you know sh is the 22 yeared
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abc7 has been involved with the food your food bank. >> great news gochlting to mean we can get 30,000 people out to-to-people in need. $50,000 is great, really good. >> and that is great. >> we appreciate what abc7 is doing for us. >> firefighters thank you. >> all right? cheryl, larry, back to you. >> thank you. >> $15,000. >> we saw spencer out there. >> it's too cold, sandhya.
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>> do something, right? >> by friday you'll get a chance to thaw out. >> friday? >> tomorrow morning we're going to deal with frosty cold conditions again. clear skies except for high clouds passing across the bay area. and as you take a look at the temperatures, i know it's hard to believe, but numbers are actually running ahead of where you were. by a few degrees in most areas this afternoon. look at the dirty air from our mount tamalpais camera. spare the air alerts up now continuing tomorrow, san francisco 53 degrees, oakland is a chilly 48. low to mid-50s. and half moon bay, the view from our lake tahoe camera with clouds passing through. three
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and from our exploratorium camera, sunny skies right now. freeze warning, frost advisories, spare the air again, tomorrow, we're looking at milder weather thursday throughout the weekend. fairfield. 32 san jose and fremont. still cold, watch out for black ice out there. bundle up and make sure kids have jackets and their scarfs strong ridge going to prevent rain from running here cold air mass montheder yates. we'll see plenty of sunshine out chilly to a cool one. sunshining a
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the accuweather seven-day forecast. you'll notice low 60s showing up, upper 50s to low 60s. that is balmy. low to mid-60s. i just want to put things into perspective. wind chill values 20-30 degrees. >> we shouldn't complain. >> we shouldn't. >> that is why we're not there. >> coming up next three decades of tape recordingses are about to make tv history. a school's harsh punishment for a 6-year-old boy after kissing his class mate crush.
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td ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at take a look at this tiny tree floating on the bay near
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san rafael. it's sitting on top of a wrapped white box with string. it has small solar panels to power lights on the tree. >> that is very cute. >> a commission of tv news history fulfilling a woman's dream the internet archive received 140,000 videotapes of newscasts. tapes include a million hours of newscasts from philadelphia and boston reported by a philadelphia woman who believed a well inform public was essential she dieed and her son wrote to see if it would be interested in this collection. >> i said we'd be interested. but i read you to say 140,000. did you add a 0? and he wrote back said nope. that is it. i said we have to
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talk. >> will take two years to dij ties the tapes to be preserved digitally. >> once done, it's history. >> yes. forever. >> still ahead at 4:00 freezing temperatures taking a toll. how much will you pay because of the freeze? >> plus, a greeting between president obama and cuba's president causes an uproar at our nation's capital. >> found safe. after days in the freezing mountains a family including four young children
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to those whoworried...... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 1-800-752-6631.
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the bay area cold snap now in its 7th day. we're seeing frosty conditions changing people daily routines. amy hollyfield has that story. with frost on the ground some say they've had enough of the weather. >> i'm ready to go away. i walk every day. it's just really cold >> a popular walking trail was empty this morning. those who did brave the cold say it feels lonely outside. >> i live by here i watch
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the owner of dom's is still a californian. >> you know, have to keep going. it's fun. yeah. i can take some warmer weather, myself. >> they're just tired of the cold people live in california to be warm. not cold. so if they want cold go to the mountains. >> look. there is snow. it's brought in for kids to play in. it's not melting. some are pointing to this as an example of it's just too darn cold. >> probably have to pay more for fresh produce because of the freeze. citrus growers are
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spending millions and wholesalers say they're noticing some crop damage. freeze damage spots beginning to show up on strawberries. >> it's as long as we don't give any prolonged we're going to have strawberries for christmas. if we get out of the freeze area, we should be all right. >> listen to this. the price of a flat of strawberries jumps from 16ss today 26th. that may actually go higher. sandhya patel will have the accu-weather forecast in less than ten minutes >> it's cold here. up to seven
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inches overnight. enough to give federal government workers in washington, d.c. a snow day. flight aware reports 1400 flights were grounded today. >> like in the whole way. it hard to stop. >> 11 san francisco international airport flights were cancelled because of the weather. most u.s. airlines are waving change fees. >> the hearing on the asiana crash has been rescheduled for tomorrow, they'll do a one day, 12 hour hearing. this is the second time it has been delayed.
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ntsb is investigating pilot error. >> a florida congress woman blasting the president for shaking the hand of raul castro. the two leaders briefly exchanged greetings in south africa for nelson mandela. white house says it happened by chance, not planned. cuban american can gres -- congress woman expressed outrage. >> when the leader of the free world shakes the bloody hand of a ruthless dictator like raul castro, it becomes a propaganda tool. raul castro use that's hand to jail democracy advocates. >> a handshake between us ask yous cuban leaders is not unprecedented. vice president nixon did the same in 1959. >> secretary of state john kerry
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says congress must hold off imposing sanctions again iran or risk endangering a delicate effort to roll back tehran's nuclear program. kerry told house foreign affairs program patience is needed while a final deal is worked out. the us us and other nation as agreed to a six-month interim deal in exchange for no new sanctions kerry urged lawmakers to just trust process >> while we negotiate to see if we can conclude a comprehensive agreement that addresses all of our concerns, there is an important fact. iran's nuclear program will not move forward. >> the committee's top republican thinks otherwise orange county republican says he doesn't understand why sanctions are being lifted at the time iran's economy is on the ropes. >> abc news is bay area food banks team up to help those in need this holiday season.
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>> the way you can help, but first... >> traveling during holidays isn't so terrible one surprise for 250 passengers. >> i'm sandhya patel. hazy skies, spare the air alert is up. you can see from our mount tamalpais camera, it's going to be cold tonight the trend, coming up. >> trend is stagnant because nobody is going anywhere. this is interstate 80. traffic is going towards berkeley at about three miles per hour.
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the snow ball fight that got out of hand will cost the team a chance to play in the bowl game the snow ball fight took place on friday the oregon coach called brown's actions unacceptable and dangerous the event started out just play fully but got out of hand. students started pelting a retired professor with snow balls and dumping a bin of snow
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into his car was just ridiculous. >> hello there. hello. you're looking fabulous. ho, ho, ho. >> that is something you don't see every day. a canadian airplane spread holiday cheer, setting up a two way camera featuring santa claus asking passenger what's they want for christmas. passengers went to get luggage you can see they found their gifts on the baggage carousel. the presents included a 50 inch tv and a tabloid, one guy regrets a request. socks and under wear. >> go for the moon. come on. >> that is the best idea.
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>> brilliant. sheer brilliance. >> spencer is out there raising money for our give where you live food drive. sandhya is inside being warm for a change. >> loving it. >> not freezing on the roof. sheer look at doppler seven hd. morning temperatures going to moderate. there is relieve on the way. take a look at livermore. 28 degrees. numbers coming up above freezing by friday. cold and snowy in washington. minneapolis, two degrees for a high. # five atlanta, mid 30s in salt lake city. in tahoe, 45 degrees into afternoon. yosemite, 52. dry weather north to south. you have to go to los angeles to get
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warmth. 70 degrees with sunshine there tomorrow afternoon. here in the bay area, a cool, sunny crisp day. temperatures coming up thursday, friday. i've got you covered for the weekend. temperatures higher afternoon highs for weekend upper 50s to the mid-60s so hang in there. i know it's cold out there. yes. >> we're wusses >> still head at 4:00 a kiss gets a #-year-old boy suspended from school.. the school is calling it something else. >> a message on a hair product ad gets an endorsement from sarl sandberg. >> at the food bank of contra costa ask sow lan yes counties. there is a lot going on
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uncle go one,two,one,two,one [uncle]thistwo,one.cotch,okay? [niece]okay! [uncle]okay? [niece]one,two three,four,five,six,seven,eight! [uncle laughing] okay,we go the other way,okay? [niece]one,two,three,four,five, six,seven! [uncle laughs]there's ten spaces,you want to try again? [uncle]yeah?
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because of your help we just donated 15,000ses today contra costa and solano county food banks. >> that is fantastic. there is a lot of activity out there, spencer. >> interest there is a lot of activity here. people are hard at work contributing their efforts, time and energy to the food drive. i'm joined now by david gurjen who is the executive director of loafs and fishes. >> we've been operating 30 years, we open up dining rooms. we have five and serve a hot meal every day and have a pantry table wex 7500 to 600 people every day w cold numbers increase so. we've doubled up soups and hot food ask it's needed now. >> i was thinking with winter coming up and holiday season, that you're probably having an
4:47 pm
increased need to sort of -- >> there is more homeless now than in the past. we can see 40% of the clients are homeless. 200 to 300 people who are counting on our food for their only meal of the day. it's very important to provide them with a hot meal and food to take home. >> this is all area. thank you for what you do at loafs and fishes. you can help also, right now, texting the word feed to the number 80077 for $ten donation. for every dollar it translates into $four worth of food it's needed and appreciated. so give especially at this time of the year. much needed and much appreciated. >> i'm trying to do that texting
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now. i'll wait until the commercial. good advice. you can be generous with an additional $7,000 cash. that is how much you can win just for helping abc7 news fight hunger in the bay area. when click give where you live, we'll donate a dollar to feeding america food banks just for you. help us you live. a 6-year-old boy is being accused of sexual harassment for kissing a class mate, a little girl. officials at lincoln school suspended him for kissing the class mate on the hand. hunter's mom says it's a crush the girl didn't complain. she's outraged officials are calling this sexual harassment and the school wants this placed on
4:49 pm
permanent record >> taking this to an extreme that doesn't need to be met with a 6-year-old. now, my son is asking questions. what is sex, mommy? should never be sex in, a sentence with a 6-year-old. >> hunter had trouble in the past, been suspended for kissing the very same girl on the cheek and for rough housing. the district superintendent says hunter's actions do fit the school policy description of sexual harassment. >> a hair care company ad has gone viral and getting after taking on work place stereo types. this pantene ad was created in the philippines and won't be seen in the united states but getting a lot of views on you tube. 3 million this, is the video of the ad.
4:50 pm
facebook's cheryl sandberg posted about the ad it reads this is one of the most powerful videos very ever sign sooen illustrating how when men and women do same things they're seen in different ways. >> speaking of facebook, the company says disney theme parks are the popular spots in the world for user check ins. at and t park is also high on the list. facebook says checking in is giving users an opportunity to brag about whereabouts or just let their friends know where they're add. disneyland jumped to top spot after number two last year. "new york times" square drop to number two. and epcot senter third followed by dodger sdwramd at four. at and t park now fifth. disney is the parent company of abc7. >> coming up on abc7 news at 4:00 found alive. >> the rescue of a family
4:51 pm
including four children stranded in subzero temperatures nearly two days. >> i'm dan ashley. coming up at 5:00 anger, frustration over a needless death. a bay area man freezes to death waiting for shelter in this cold. >> and just in time for holidays the pit falls behind gift cards you may be
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to thosuffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 800-675-2607.
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tonight agents of shield, then it's trophy wife, then what would you do at sock. search teams found a nevada family missing since sunday and they're alive temperatures dipped to 16 degrees below during the search.
4:55 pm
the car went down an enbankment. they managed to build a fire to stay warm until help arrived. >> reporter: celebration in nevada where two adults and four children under age ten have been found alive. after their car overturned and exposed the family to subzero temperatures three days. >> we just found their footprints. >> the 34-year-old, his 25-year-old girlfriend, their two children and their niece and nephew headed out for a fun day in the snow on sunday their car went down this enbankment. rescue teams think sai they burnt a spare tire to stay warm. >> we were very warm, kids were in good spirits, mom and dad were happy to see us. >> teams scoured the area known for it's steep ravines by ground
4:56 pm
and air. finding tire tracks and a cell phone ping. >> the patients are stable. a preliminary exam seems they're doing well. no evidence of frost bite. just keeping everybody safe >> prayers have been answered. >> the family told one rescuer they can hear search teams blowing whistles at night. a sense of comfort knowing people were out, looking for them. abc news. >> remarkable. today 49ers mascot sour dough sam joined the stars of wwe. there is the mayor backers believe it will pump
4:57 pm
into the economy. >> i would pretend to be andre the giant with my little girl. it worked until he grew up and starteded to whip me. it's just way, way over the top. that is what we do. we just go way over the top and having nothing but fun. the biggest event is the super bowl set for 2016. college football taking stage next fall. there are burgers and then, there are luxury burgers. these $65 mno burger as in money is no object. the restaurant says the
4:58 pm
burger pays tribute to the end of truffle season. topped with freshly shaved white truffles. friez not included. thanks for joining us at 4:00. abc7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> tonight a debate after a man freezes to death waiting for shelter in this cold . >> i was like, oh, my god a gas leak. >> that is why she's alarmed. what neighbors are saying about the fire fuelled by a gas leak. >> this is about the coldest winter here. you know? homeless people are freezing to death. putting a name and a face to a man that died on the
4:59 pm
street. good evening. >> tont tonight the mother of a man who died during that cold snap is speaking up, seven men died this week. like most, joe white was homeless. he died in hayward and that is where laura anthony joins us now. >> we learned joe white, the man who died over the weekend was second from top on a list for permanent housing here the problem is that there was nowhere to go so cold weather moved in and time ran out. >> the mother of joe white believes more could have been done to save her son. >> this is the state is a government. they've to the got money to help these people.
5:00 pm
>> reporter: she says she tried to get the 50-year-old to stay with her but he didn't want to be a burden. he was wearing shorts and a hooded sweat shirt and well known long the -- among the community. >> is there a place to go? >> yes, it's called the woods. >> those who live on hayward street say there is nowhere for single homeless men to go in an emergency basis. >> we need in hayward, california we need a community center where we can feed, clothe, shower. and go ahead and help people. >> reporter: abc7 news white was second for a permanent housing program. >> joe had been enrolled in one of the programs. and that was working through process. but not fast enough. >> reporter: so people like joe white end up sleeping in the cold whit gets belo


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