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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  December 12, 2013 1:05am-1:41am PST

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about an impressive escape artist. she got locked inside this bathroom for more than eight hours. first she tried breaking out the door handle. then she discovered a 3 foot rod in the ceiling. she did what any rational person would do in a tiny, probably stinky space, she used unconventional tools to chisel a hole. stick her arm through it and unlock the door from the other side. well done we say. caught red-handed. notice anything a little off about this guy. here he is signing away at nelson mandela's memorial service yesterday. spitting distance from president obama himself. but according to the deaf fed ration of south africa he is a fraud. they noticed those "signing moves" were a little closer to in terp dance moves. the interpreter did not use the established recognized sign. the south african government is now investigating now this
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possibly could have happened. but the catch of the day has to go to marine jeff fangman seen here on a beach struggling to reel in a very large fish. while his wife catches it all on camera. but when they wrestle the thing to shore. take a look at what it is. a great white shark. yes a young shark. a terrifying surprise. fangman had just enough time to catch a photo op before the human was required by law to
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east bay where police say a man was lead away on a dangerous chase through the streets of antioch. good evening, everyone. i'm carolyn johnson. >> and i'm dan ashley. lights, sparks are spewing from a a speeding car trying to get 8 way from police on a chase that ended in antioch. john alston is there live with the story. john? >> there is still debris from the suv in the street. earlier members of the richmond pd gang unit and parole officers were here searching for a suspect. we are trying to figure out why, but they did get their man after a high speed chase that lasted more than a half hour. the chase made several loops around long view road in antioch. a weird holiday spectacle for neighbors. >> it was unreal. it kept going in a circle. first the copter would come and then you would hear the -- the sparks are flying and you drive by.
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and 50 minutes later here they come by again. >> each path neighbors say it seemed as if another tire was gone. >> scratching up the street pretty good. and the next time you come by the same way and the next time you stop in front of my house. >> the richmond pd gang unit and the other officers chased the suspect on foot, but it was a dog that brought him down. >> he got off and started running and the dog took him down. the police were all over him and there were cops everywhere. >> the suspect was treated at the scene and taken away in an ambulance. in antioch, john alston, abc news. >> the cold snap may be ending, but it is leaving hazy, polluted air. a record fifth consecutive spare the air day has been issued for tomorrow. earlier tonight you can see the haze over the east bay. this is the view from on top of our camera on -- around 5:00 this evening. ama dates is live in san anselmo for us. >> this time of year it is not
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uncommon to see firewood for sale outside stores. right now in the bay area you can buy it, but you can't burn it. like you said we are in for the fifth straight spare the air day. it is a first and number six could be on deck. >> we have only had four in a row. that is fairly common, but this is not. six would be unprecedented. >> the bay area air quality management district points out the haze we see in the sky as our air quality worsens on this winter spare the air day. >> no wood burning is allowed and that includes your fireplace and outdoor fire pit and chimi in ea and manufactured fire logs. >> i woke up choking twice this morning. the first thing i did when i got out of bed was grab my inhaler. >> she has asthma and suffers when the air quality is poor, especially since there are people who continue to burn even though it is illegal. >> you can feel it.
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i can feel it in my chest. >> there are exemptions for those whose only heat is a wood burning stove. pizza companies on fisherman's wharf are also exempt. >> if you want a wood fired pizza you need to burn wood. >> people used to ask how she got around the spare the air day. for her h's perfectly legal and even so she preferred an almond wood. >> it is a cleaner wood than oak which is used in the wood fire pizza ovens. it has less ash and it is a cleaner product overall. >> for the rest us, us, check before you burn. you can be ticketed and fined. ama dates, abc7 news. >> meteorologist sand -- sandhya patel is here with a look at how our weather is affecting the air quality. >> what we have is an area of high pressure and it is trapping the poluttants near the surface and the cold air doesn't help much. as you look, live doppler 7hd is showing the clear skies. we don't have the wind. looking from our emeryville
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camera toward downtown oakland, the air quality is suffering. it is poor right now. spare the air alert up now and again tomorrow. poor air quality for the valley. moderate air quality for the rest of the bay area. and check out the air quality from our camera. this was a time lapse shortly before sun down. you can see how dirty the air is. the fifth consecutive issued for tomorrow and i spoke with somebody via e-mail and she said if friday is a spare the air day it would be an all time record. tomorrow is a record that is tied. a look at where the freeze warning is in effect and will continue tomorrow morning. dan? fighting to. protect the homeless from another night of frigid weather. a prayer service was held in san jose for four homeless men who died from exposure in santa clara county. two of the men died at anen encampment known as the jungle that is one of the largest
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homeless camps in the country. it is a wake up call for the community. >> let's do something to make a difference. we can open buildings and we can create more housing. we are dropping the ball when it comes to this and the consequences #r people die. in>> now, in addition to the prayer service, the volunteers handed out clothing, blankets and food to the homeless. >> developing news, hawaii an state officials were believed to be on board a small plane that crashed off the hawaii an islands this evening. one person died and eight others survived when the charter plane went down in the water just northwest of molakai. two top officials from the department of health were on that flight and the passenger's names have not yet been released. dramatic new video released as part of the hearing into the crash of asiana flight 214 at sfo. the surveillance video shows the plane coming in for a landing too slow and too low, and its tail hits the sea wall. you can see the plane spinning out of control as it crashed.
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the ntsb today questioned why the pilot depended on computer controls and why no one was able to handle the emergency manually. the crash could have been prevented. >> it was a complicated accident, but the fund mental problem was they were totally unaware of their airspeed or altitude. >> the documents released today confirm what the abc7 news i team's dan noyes reported back in october. and not one, but two fire rigs ran over a body that was covered with the fire retardent foam. she was alive before being struck by the two trucks. victims of the asiana crash watched the hearings during a live broadcast in burlingame. she traveled from las vegas to the bay area to get details about the crash that injured her father. she says she is not interested in placing blame, but she would like the airline to be
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more understanding about what families are going through. >> we hope they will take the opportunity to say hey, we are here to support you guys and we are here to work with you. this is the beginning of a long process, let's do this together. we haven't had that conversation yet. >> most of the people watching the hearings were employees of asiana and some were there to help people like eunice if they needed uh sis stins -- assistance. >> the gas fire in oakland has released new pictures of the pipe that burst near the oakland zoo. you can see some small cracks. the gas that leaked out of the ruptures ignited yesterday morning forcing officials to issue a shelter in place order for those in the area. six homes were alsoe lineuated. the line was capped in a few hours, but it may be awhile before we know exactly what caused the pipe to crack in the first place. >> new details tonight about a highly regarded golf coach now facing charges of molesting
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boys he was teaching and police believe there are likely more victims. 31-year-old andrew nesbit is being held on 65 felony charges. investigators now say they have uncovered a third possible victim and maybe a fourth. police arrested him when he was working at the goring course in livermore. he admitted to some of the lewd acts. a suspect is in the hospital after what police say was a year long crime spree. he crashed his car trying to get away. this is video of the scene overhead. the chase started shortly after a robbery at the bank of the west in novato. now, police believe it could be the serial bank robber known as the cotton bowl bandit because of his unusual hat. this is surveillance video of the suspect in one of a series of marin county bank jobs. a san pablo woman has been arrested in a $19,000 heist from a cosmetic store. 32-year-old kristen haile is
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accused of breaking into the mac store. surveillance video lead them to hale and they found other stolen property in her home including a list of more than 100 identity theft profiles. we have a lot more to bring you. remembering the daughter they lost. next on abc7 news, a mother and father make a bittersweet video honoring their little girl killed in the sandy hook school shooting. >> and caught on camera. a jeep is careening out of control and crashing into a gas station. the fiery explosion and the heros who jumped into action. >> and now the legendary bat kid with new acts of generousity. the make a wish
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anniversary of the sandy hook elementary school shooting a mother of one of the victims is sharing her public loss -- her loss in a public way. >> emily loved the morning. she loved making art. >> the mother of 6-year-old emily parker created this youtube video. in it she shares memories of emily and how the kindness of strangers and her faith lifted up her family to do good after their loss and help others. in all 20 children and six adults were killed at the school before the gunman took his own life last december 14th. alyssa parker entitled her video "sandy hook, evil did not win." a scary crash at a texas gas station. a driver lost control and
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and theninto a careened into the gas pump which burst into flames. two men ran to the car to try to free the driver who could not get out of the car on her own. they were able to open the backdoor and pull her out despite the flames. the men say they were not thinking of their own safety. >> he wasn't even thinking to be honest. i didn't have time to be scared. >> i thought i was going to explode. >> he just jumped right in. still not clear why the driver lost control. her injuries were not life-threatening thanks to those two imbued samaritans. good samaritans. one of two cooling pumps on the spacestation was producing too much ammonia and had to be shutdown. nasa is not sure if it is a soft water or hardware problem, but the agency says a spacewalk may be required to fix it. the six astronauts are not in danger right now. talking on your cell phone
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while flying could soon be allowed. they are taking up this issue tomorrow. this after the f.a.a. allowed passengers to use tablets, e readers from gate to gate. many are not excited about the possibility of fellow flyers chatting. a new poll finds 60% of americans do not think cell phones should be allowed when planes are in the air. there is a new list of the best restaurants. they were the topic by open table diners. number two was mama's fish house in hawaii. number three anaka in los angeles. the frefn laundry in yountville in the bay area. the diner's choice awards for the complete list go to and click on see it on tv. bad news for hot sauce fans. the maker of sriracha say it cannot ship anymore of its popular hot sauces until next month because the state department of public health is rearing the -- requiring the product to be held for a month
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before it is shipped. that means the latest batch of sauces will not arrive in stores and restaurants until mid-january. so sriracha will not be in stores for some time. could you win an extra thousand dollars? that's how much you could win when you click give where you loif our facebook page we will donate $1 to the bay area's feeding america food banks for you and you will be entered to win $7,000 cash. think of all of the good you can do with that. we will uh united states no the winner on december 19th. 2k3w0* to abc7 news facebook page and help us give where you live and spread the word so your friends can help too. >> absolutely. on to the weather and the north bay is the only region that is under a freeze warning tonight. >> when you look at the month of december you see warnings issued almost every day for the past week. saturday is the only day we got a break. >> abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the forecast. finally, sand yaw -- sandhya,
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it eased >> we are almost done with this. one more night. it has been a long stretch of the icy weather. one more night like i said. freeze warning for the north bay and valleys until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. still expecting 20s and low 30s and increased risk of hypothermia. you you need to protect pipes, plants and pets. this was posted on my facebook. he was repairing this fence in napa and found the llama's water was frozen. poor little llamas. my sources tell me they can survive very cold and very warm weather as well. it will be warming up very soon. the winds are down at the lower elevations very calm. san francisco 48, 43 in oakland. currently 40 in san jose. 36 in los gatos. these temperatures are actually running higher than where they were 24 hours ago. we are starting to see a moderation in the air mass. from the exploratorium camera
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you can see a beautiful view. 32 in santa rosa and it is bone chilling cold. petaluma, 30 degrees. fairfield 31 and 36 in livermore. the view from the camera, the camera has been shaking tonight a little bit. so the breeze is definitely going to play into our forecast. freeze warning for the north bay valleys as we head into tomorrow morning, record fifth spare the air issued for tomorrow and milder weather is expected as we hit the weekend and even beyond the weekend. tomorrow morning still some frosty spots. napa, fairfield and down to 29 with concord and 28 in santa rosa. you will be actually right above freezing. fremont, san jose, palo alto, mid30s. notice the temperatures in places like san francisco, oakland are in a comfort zone. upper 30s to low 40s. you will still need your warm weather gear tomorrow morning. it will be cold no doubt about it. your morning lows as you look at the temperature trend, livermore bottoms out at 32 tomorrow and then the temperatures start to actually your overnight numbers will be
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more on the mild side and your afternoon highs will only come in higher. high pressure is keeping the storm track well to the north of us. just looked at the latest computer models and no rain coming in anytime soon. a milder pattern setting up, and this is around the time this weekend and early next week that you will start to wonder if we were really just in this cold snap for this long. it is going to be much milder. you will have to start those heavy coats and sweaters away and pull out the short sleeve shirts believe it or not. mid50s to low 60s tomorrow. occasional high clouds and plenty of sun out there. you look at the seven-day forecast and the numbers will be inching into the low to mid60s range. numbers by tuesday, monday and tuesday, 66 bayside and inland. well above average for this time of year. we are expecting possibility of some upper 60s during that time period. if we get way up there, we may be going from the end of the extreme to another. we shall wait and see.
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>> welcome change though. >> let's talk basketball now. >> larry beil is here. >> this is fun. at one point, steph curry and monty ellis played side by sided state and tonight mano-y-mano. which will hit the game winner? that's coming up.
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monty ellis is back in the house. 10 in the first half and strong drive from the basket there. nowitzki seven feet tall with a touch like velvet. golden state makes a charge. steph for the tie. got. it dead -- got it. look at monty go right at david leigh. down six and a four-point play and hits the three and the foul. steph with 33 and 16 in the fourth quarter. rises and fires and hits the jumper. the game is still going and that would have ended it. he could not hit. no chest pumping. the time has expired, please. the warriors with a thriller 95-93. jim harbaugh's name has surfaced in connection with the expected opening at the university of texas.
1:32 am
now, it is 100% pure speculation, but it sounds juicey. harbaugh has a great resume and ped dree. he won with stanford and the niners and the long horns may pay more than it is $5 million a year he earns now. he may use texas as leverage for a sweet contract extension smghts. come on he does president want to go -- come on. she not going to texas. he wants to win a super bowl not a pac-12. >> i don't talk about any jobs i don't have. >> that was it. the redskins are a train wreck. shanahan blerching robert griffin iii. kurt cousins will start. shanahan says it is for rg iii's protection. he rushed back from acl surgery and doesn't want him hurt in what amounts to meaning less games now. >> what is in the best interest of robert? what is the best thing going for him?
1:33 am
have those next three games and the experience of going through those reps? or having hem healthy in the off season. >> i expressed my desire to want to of course i want to be out there and pin the season with my guys -- and finish the season with my guys and see it through. at the end of the day the coach's decision is what we go with and that's what it has always been. >> that's not going to end well. abc7 sports brought to you by riverwalk casino and shanahan will not be there. >> it is ugly at the end. well bat kid hits another homerun for the make a wish foundation. >> next on abc7 news, the big leaguer with a big heart
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freezing cold in the north bay valleys where the warnings are spare the air. it is not as cold as previous mornings. nice niko is tracking the numbers. >> thank you. another hit for the bay area make a wish fan station. >> san francisco giants pitcher matt cain offered to donate $50,000 if make a wish could raise the same amount by 8:00 p.m. this evening. >> the challenge was inspired by 5-yles scott, aly keep yaw -- a leukemia patient known as bat kid. >> here is the website right now. go to make a wish. they surpassed their goal, well over $51,000 and you can find a link at they got it done. [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up.
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hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at city of barre, florida, over a year arguing her autistic son should be able to keep the chicken. the city has passed a resolution allowing the chickens to stay. >> he doesn't speak totally clear, but he is talking. he is carrying on. he can call me mommy.
1:39 am
he's communicating. so, we like to think that the chickens have done a great help in addition to everything else that we have done. >> reporter: the city council will vote on the resolution allows the chickens to stick around this month. at this point other families keeping chickens will have to get rid of them by the year's end. an update on the 6-year-old colorado boy suspended from school for giving a classmate an unwanted kiss. hunter was accused of sexual harassment and given a two-day suspension. now the school district has changed the offense listed on his record from sexual harassment to misconduct and yet he has returned to school. >> sanity prevails. a school in louisiana forming a human snowman. it was a cute holiday-type story. >> now another holiday-type story from louisiana only not so cute. check out the holiday light display that one woman put up. we had to blur it out because it is the middle finger. >> the woman put the same finger up last year.
1:40 am
police told her to take it down. the judge backed her up and she is planning to put up more. she apparently first amendment protects it. >> she is just telling the people in her neighborhood where the highway is. she's pointing them in the right direction. over there. >> who would do that? no matter how much you hate your neighbor. >> who would take it all the way to court? apparently she said it got to the point where she couldn't handle it anymore and instead of becoming violent she decided to employ our first amendment rights. >> should have saved the lawyer's fees and gotten therapy. >> might have been a better idea. what one hotel in california did with 1600 pounds of icing and two tons of candy. and one man and one woman say the same things on a job interview. who's more likely to get hired. this is an eye-opening experiment. you are watching "world news now." ♪ this is a woman's world


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