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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 12, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, thursday at 5:00. >> we had a sig-alert early this morning on interstate 80.
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we will find out what is going on. leyla gulen? >> as we take you over to 80, i can tell you it lookings like traffic has dissipated if you are traveling eastbound 80 and come up to sunol valley it is look clear. we had an early sig-alert because of a big-rig fire and that is is on the shoulder. westbound direction, unfortunately, we have this problem involving a big rig that last a trailer and it is block one lane there. it is not causing any delays which is the great news but you will find some delays as you head we beyond university avenue to the maze. if you are making the drive you could run into slow-and-go traffic. definitely warmer weather on the way this afternoon but we still have to contend with dry air
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this morning. that is possibly yielding some freezing temperatures up in the north bay which continues until 9:00 for the freeze warning but it could be the last time you have to worry about the pets, plants, pipes and yourself with the freezing temperatures. we have close to average temperatures. the warmest is morgan hill and san jose and santa cruz at 60, and everyone else is in the mid-to-upper 50's and we will have sunshine for the better part of today and a few high clouds in the afternoon hour. now the cold snap we are wake up to highly unusual 5th straight "spare the air" day but mike says it is the ninth overall and some are feeling the health impact. what is happening in the south bay, matt? >> another record breaking day this weekend and we have been talking about the cold temperatures and breaking records in that department but today we have another record, the most consecutive "spare the
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air" days. this is the fifth in a row for "spare the air" days so it is illegal to burn wood in the fireplace or stove unless it is your only heat source. restaurant using wood to cook are also exempt and the bay area air quality management district says it is important people follow the rules. one in seven bay area residents have breathing problem so keep that to mind. >> officials hope a change in the weather pattern will clean it up but are not ruling out a sixth "spare the air" day and inspectors will go out and check to see if you are burning wood and you could get $100 ticket for first-time violation. check of with you burn and sign
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up for phone or mail alerts. >> thank you, at 5:04. the sig-alert is over and now the investigation interest a massive accident that sparked a big-rig fire on interstate 80. our reporter is in the area where more. amy? >> it was an amazing accident and c.h.p. is calling it a miracle. check out the pictures. this was an original accident on eastbound 80 at the exit and two cars ran interest each other, one flip add few times and landed in the middle of the freeway. the next round of cars coming along hit that car and a second collision happened. there were a total five vehicles involved including a big rig that went up if flames and burned the entire trailer and even did damage to the highway and the wall on the shoulder of
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the highway burning it. spectacular accident but minor injuries. c.h.p. officers were stunned to find everyone was able to walk away. no one even needed to go to the hospital. at this point they policemenning speed -- blaming speed and do not plan on making any arrests. they are happy everyone was able to walk away and they got the accident clears, the highway, now, is re-opened. >> a 36-year-old antioch man is in custody this morning after leading police on an hour-long high speed chase through self east bay cities much the chase topped 100 miles per hour at points before ending on long view road. investigators say it started when the suspect hit a police officer with his car as he tried to get a away from a traffic stop. he was chased through pittsburg and bay point and concord before heading back to antioch. spike strips flattened the tires
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but the car continued on the rims as it circled around. finally the suspect bailed and tried to run but a police dog tracked him down and the suspect was treated and taken away to an ambulance. >> the ntsb is expected to recommend changes in pilot training in automation to the f.a.a. next year following the hearing on the asiana flight 214 at sfo. at the hearing the ntsb released for the first time this stunning video of the plane coming into hand only to hit the seawall. you can see the plane spinning out of control as it crashed. yesterday, the ntsb questioned why the pilot depended on computer control and no one prevented the emergency manually. >> it was a complicated accident but the fundamental problem is that the pilots were totally unaware of their airspeed or altitude. >> documents also released confirm what the abc team reported that two fire rigs ran
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over a 16-year-old passenger whose body was covered with fire foam. she was alive, it was concluded, before she was hit by the trucks. >> new details this morning an a natural gas fire in oakland. pg&e has released new pictures of the pipe that burst under golf links road near the oakland zoo. you can see small cracks in it. the gas that leaked from the hose ruptured tuesday morning and ignited prompting officials to issue a shelter-in-place order for people would live in the area. authorities evacuated six homes and it took several hours for pg&e to cap the leak. the utility says it could be a wild before they know what exactly caused the pipe to crash in the first place. >> investigators talked to another boy who says he was molested by a highly regarded golf coast. the 31-year-old andrew nisbet is held without bail. a third possible victim and
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maybe a fourth has been uncovered. he was working at a golf court in livermore and was arrested the he admitted to some of the acts. >> a woman is accused of a $ 19,000 heist from a cosmetic store in berkeley. surveillance video led them to the woman. detectives found other stolen property in her home including a list more than 100 identity theft documents. >> an ordinance will take effect on february 10 with the city council voting on a resolution on monday staying the enforcement of the law batch people from sleeping in cars wanting to wait until a law is ruled on in los angeles. some support more review and
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outreach. >> new a check on the weather forecast with another "spare the air" day in the bay area. >> poor air quality is possible again, with two days we have exceeded the standards for five particulate matter of 2.5micron size. freezing in palo alto at 28. menlo park is 29. you will scrape east ice again today. belmont is warm at 39. san mateo is 36. freezing in concord at 29. san a lone and fairly at 28. los gatos at 31. san jose and fremont are at 33. same in hayward and 35 and 26 in santa rosa. today, our day planner as we breakdown the next 12 hours we are freezing cold and the last night of a hard froze. we may have frost tomorrow morning, inland but it will not be a hard freeze with temperatures at 28 degrees or colder the sunny is with we will have for the better part of
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today with low-to-mid 50's and a few high clouds as a cold front is going do roll through. all the rain will stay north us and we have not talked about it because i didn't think it would come in. it will change the air mass and bring high clouds today, and temperatures in the mid-50's at 4:00, and at 7:00 we are down into the low-to-mid 40's. here is what the air mass does moving forward, clean arer air for friday, saturday, and sunday and hopefully no "spare the air" days and temperatures in the low-to-mid 60's. have a good one. >> we will check out a few things with construction that is in affect at the moment and this is through the presidio northbound 101 from presidio to the golden gate tolls until 7:00 this morning. if you you are planning on leaving san francisco and need to head into marin county, you will possibly have to use a detour. as we look at to drive, away from sfo right into san francisco it is a clear ride as you can see and plenty of green
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on map as we make it up to the bay bridge you have wonderful commute so far and just nine minutes gets you fromto third. outside, this drive is through san rafael and if you are headed in the southbound direction from marin county toward san francisco you are, looking at a 15-minute commute. so, clear and accident-free. >> the sex of the man -- sexiest man alive has a new gig in the bloomberg business report with a new pitch. >> what new foreclosure news are telling us about the economy. >> teens got wild, what a
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covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> new this morning in hawaii state officials have identified the person killed in a plane crash yesterday as one of their own. the director of the hawaii state health department died in the crash aboard a small charter plane that had nine people on board. she was traveling on her annual visit to a remote area that is a settlement run by the state for lepers. >> the number of homes in the united states foreclosuring is the lowest level in eight years
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and this month down 10 percent from the previous month and 32 percent drop from last year in november. the latest figures are the latest sign foreclosures are becoming less of a national factor on the housing recovery. >> major airlines are highing their fares. >> and the future of milk prices is still up in the air in washington. we are joined from the new york stock exchange with the bloomberg business report. we have to talk about adam levine. >> i know. good morning, to you, eric and kristen. milk prices may not double. there was fear of that. congress may head home for the holidays without passage new farm law that keeps milk closer to current prices but the secretary of agriculture says that even if that happens, there would be a one month lag before the prices went up. something that is going up is air fares delta and american and
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united raising prices $10, the 12th attempt at fare hike this year. wal-mart has an iphone bargain with a seal starting tomorrow offering the iphone for $27 with a two year contract. apple reduced the in15 if $99, three months ago. trading looks to be lower start today. president obama's health care plan is getting help from the sexiest man alive, pop singer adam levine is among the celebrities kickoff the social media campaign promoting enrollment in health insurance exchanges. >> thanks, jane. the c.e.o. of a san francisco start-up is apologizing for comments he made on facebook about the city's homeless on tuesday night. yesterday, the c.e.o. of angel hack posted a message on facebook saying and i quote, "i made inappropriate comments about san francisco's less fortunate citizens between 8th
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and 4th on market. i'm sorry for my comments i trivialized the people trying to get by. this is nothing more grotesque marking down market street which is overrun by crazy homeless drug dealers and trash." he has since deleted that facebook post. >> in southern california, authorities have made arrests in connection to a mansion party that left more than $1 million in damage. the sheriff deputy says 16 teens and they adults were arrested yesterday in connection to a wild party last month. officials say the pair was announced on social media without the homeowner's knowledge and the house was up for sale and the owner was in europe at the time. investigators say party goers crashes the place and sold pricey items including designer suits, jewelry and a stuffed snow leopard.
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a 16' window over the food -- fool was shattered. >> $1 million in damage. >> didn't they have a security system with cameras? >> okay, now the cold snap which finally is slowly going away. >> slowly going away. hopefully today is the last day of freezing cold temperatures. we can have forecast tonight but the hard freeze is just about over. live doppler 7 hd shows it is quiet this morning, showing the air too dry to muster a few clouds and not even anying for and from the tower this morning, it is clear air, but, there is a thin haze and it leads to a nine the "spare the air" day, and milder temperatures today, with frost inland and possible record highs as we head into the extended forecast, with some areas getting to 70 and that would trigger a few. from the east bay hills camera, it is calm in the bay, because of high pressure dominating our
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weather the temperatures are finally close to average and two degrees warmer in oakland and one degree warmer in san jose at 60 and live more and napa at 57, and that is spot on for livermore, a degree cooler, and 58 in redwood city at a degree cooler, and other areas around 60 including santa cruz, morgan hill at 61, and everyone else is in the mid-to-upper 50's and about total sunshine today to late in the afternoon hours and we will have high clouds rolling in. we have frosty spots in the east bay valley and the north bay value but the reporting stations are above freezing but for napa and cloverdale at 32 and we are in the 40's around oakland and san francisco and richmond and half moon bay. here is what is happening. high pressure is dominating our weather and a mild are high pressure is taking over as it sinks to the south and the storm will pass up to the north and you can see the wet weather, radar returns are off the coast of oregon and washington and
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that will slide away from us but also it will introduce for us a cleaner air mass and one that will be actually slightly warmer. so, we will look at it with the seven-day forecast, tomorrow, probably not a spare air day with the through air mass and upper 50 to low 60's and you can see the low-to-mid 60's on saturday and sunday, and even into monday. monday and tuesday that is the timeframe where a few areas may hit 70 and set a few reports and wednesday has a dip in the temperatures with temperatures in the low-to-mid 60's warmer-than-average. >> have a great day. >> with the warm weather it is still cold as mike is saying, in many parts of the bay area, and, in fact, freezing enough that it could cause black ice. we have not had reports of it yet but i cannot stress enough you want to be careful when you head out this morning because certain pockets like along 280 and the north bay we are look at cold temperatures this morning. so, be careful this morning. as we head over to the drive, this is in albany westbound 80
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as gilman, that is where we have the tractor-trailer that is blocking one lane and it is not causing any delays, and to the south westbound 80 you are at top speed and slowing down a little bit as you should, as we make it to the bay bridge and seeing more volume building as we head right into san francisco. north bound 101 in san jose at story road we had a hit-and-run on the shoulder not causing spectator slowing,er, and you can see green on the map which means you are at top speed in the area and a look outside, this is in san jose, 101 away from 880, to the north, you can see how smooth the ride is and not a problem in sight. >> ahead, seven things to know use start your day. >> also, oprah reveals why she doesn't have children. >> happening it up, the little girl is now an intent start.
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including those in key hiring positions, university of phoenix can help connect you to a world of opportunity. let's get to work. ♪ [ female announcer ] may your holidays be merry and bright. merry pringles. >> blue are just joining us or head out the door, breaking news, a massive accident sparked a big-rig fire with five vehicles involved in the crash
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near the exit but the only injuries were minor. a sig-alert is cleared. >> a record straight "spare the air" day is issued and a sixth could be on the way tomorrow. no wood burning is allowed including fire places and outdoor fire pits and manufactured fire logs. freezing temperatures and we are below 28 degrees in several hours in the north by and other areas of frost. i will show you the temperatures coming up and the possibility of record highs in the seven-day forecast. there is a possible threat of black ice with freezing temperatures over the bridges and overpass so be very careful. the tolls are smoothly from emeryville to san francisco. >> antioch man is in custody this morning after leading officers on an hour long high speed chase that topped 100 miles per hour before ending in antioch.
5:26 am
investigators say it starts when the suspect hit a police officer with a car when he tried to get away from a traffic stop. >> bart and the unions resume talks this morning with a federal mediator. they are trying to reach an agreement over a dispute in the paid family leave provision left in the contract that ended this strike. bart directors say it was left in as a mistake after budget sides agreed to take it off the table. >> nasa is trying to determine if computer software or a hardware problem is causing a cooling pump on the international space station to malfunction. the station has two external cooling pumps and the crew is not considered at risk but some equipment on the station is powered down. >> in a new interview oprah is revealing why she never had children saying she doesn't regret not being a mom and the 59-year-old says she made many sacrifices in her personal life and one of them being motherhood. she spoke to the hollywood reporter saying if i had kids, my kids would hate me. the foam talk show queen told a
5:27 am
magazine her children would have probably ended up talking about her on tv on a program like oprah. >> this morning, video of a little girl what built whatted her deaf parents to enjoy a christmas song is getting buzz. ♪ jingle bells ♪ too cute, right? the five-year-old in the plaid dress using sign language to interpret "jingle bells" and other holiday songs for her deaf parent. the girl is able to hear can she wanted them to injury -- enjoy the song and now she a big buzz on the intent. cute. >> nothing like what happened in south africa. >> wonderful thing. >> the morning news continues at 5:30 with the top stories including happening now, the senate is pulling an all-nighter with a dispute leading to the
5:28 am
marathon session. >> the man who made fake signs at nelson mandela's memorial service claims he has a m
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, at 5:30 on this thursday. thanks for waking up early and joining us. >> can you say "hard freeze." we have one, but, there will be fewer. mike? >> yes, hard freeze is out there again and we will show it to you with live doppler 7 hd and how quiet it is. the freeze, there you go, is for the north bay, the valleys, until 9:00 this morning. keep everything protected not that is in. now, as we head deeper into the
5:31 am
forecast, i will talk about the ferry building, warmer weather. the first forecast, nearly normal highs, mid-50's to upper 50's inland and mid-50's to low 60's around the bay and at the coast we have mid-50's to upper 50's with a few high clouds and it is a "spare the air" day. >> with the exception of one event there is not too much going on but for congestion building. good morning, everyone, in san jose we have construction and this is in the north bound direction from 280 to forest avenue and we will have construction crews out there for another 30 minutes and right now, southbound side is fought too bad and 280 morning and southbound direction you are looking clear. it is busy over the altamont pass and 40 minutes from tracy to dublin is busy and 101 is clear in the north bay.
5:32 am
the drive along 680, coming from pleasant hill to walnut creek, it is busier out there and more people have the same idea to take the 680 to the 24 junction. kristen and eric? >> thank you, right now as leyla gulen has been telling us, it could be slow going for commuters headed westbound on 80 through berkeley with a big rig losing the trailer near the exit and a lane is blocked. it happened an hour ago and there is no word, yet, when the loose trailer could be taken off the road. >> braking overnight on the same freeway all eastbound lanes of interstate 80 are now open following a big-rig fire and crash involving several cars that took place near the exit. speed contributed to an initial accident involving two cars and one of the cars flipped several times and they are investigating the change reaction that followed with self -- several people suffering injuries.
5:33 am
>> another polluted day could be on the way with the "spare the air" but, now mike has revised that. there are exemptions if restaurants and people who only have a heat source that includes burning road. matt keller will have a report at top of the hour. >> we have another night of frigid weather with a prayer service in san jose if the four homeless machine dying from exposure in santa clara county since the cold snap. two of the machine died at the san jose encatchment knowns at the jungle considered one of the largest homeless catches in the country. there was a prayer service and volunteers hand out clothing and been debts and food to the homeless. can you stay on top of the cold weather with the weather app with severe weather alerts and download it free at /app or on google play. >> this morning, an antioch man is under arrest after leading
5:34 am
officers on a high speed chase. investigators say it started when the 36-year-old hit a police officer with his star as he tried to get around from the traffic stop. officers chased him through pittsburg and concord before heading back to antioch and spike strips were laid in the road self times flattening the tires and the car continues on the rims as it sick cold -- as it circled. a police dog finally brought the suspect out. ahe was out running and made it to the drive and thing do took him down. the police were all offer him and there were conditions everywhere. >> the suspect was treated and taken away in an ambulance and the officer who was hit bit suspect was not injured. >> a suspected bank robber is in the hospital this morning after a high speed chase thattened in san rafael. a sheriff deputy shot him after the man crashed the car trying to evade police near the north gate mall. we were offer the scene moments after the crash yesterday.
5:35 am
the chase began after a robbery in novato and police believe this man could be the serial bank robber which is the cotton ball bandit at one of several marin county robberies. he wears an unusual hat and police have been staking out local banks to catch the bandit. >> bart and the two biggest unions resume talks this morning. a federal mediator will help the two sides try to reach a final agreement. the dispute is over the six weeks of paid family leave the union members received in the contract agreement that ended the strike and the bart directors say the provision was last in as a mistake after budget sides agreed to take it east table. the bart board accepted the contract minus that part which resulted in the union's filing a lawsuit. talks are scheduled for dead and for tomorrow. >> happening now on capitol hill an all nighter in the senate forced by republicans angry over new rules that limit their
5:36 am
ability to filibuster. it could mean days of around-the-clock votes open business normally handled in the day. this is an unusual happening. >> it looks like a filibuster but technically it is not. it is republican after republican after republican speaking on the senate floor about any number of things to puts off a vote. we go now to the senate floor with senators at this since yesterday and democrats are trying to vote on presidential nominees and republicans are stalling as best they can under the new results. they can if longer filibuster indefinitely. the g.o.p. can debate for hours and prevent other business from taking place. texas republican john cornyn had the floor early this hour criticizing the rule change. >> this majority leader, senator he hear and his political party have decided to break the rules of the united states senate that have been in effect a long, long time in an overt powerbly
5:37 am
to stick this second most important court in the nea -- in the nasa, the d.c. circuit court. >> after 1:00 o'clock a.m. in the east that the senate voted 51-44 to place someone on the influential d.c. circuit court. if republicans do not stop stalling, harry reid will keep the senate in session through the weekend and through christmas and approaching the christmas holiday could be interesting because the senate will need to vote on the new budget agreement next week. but they is to get to it, first. >> people in south africa continue to pay their respects for former south african president, nelson mandela and thousands waited in line before walking past the coffin where nelson mandela's body is lying in state. cuban president raul castro was among the mourners there today. nelson mandelas casket is
5:38 am
brought back to a military hospital. the body of thant apartheid leader will lie in state for the third and final day tomorrow and will be buried if his home village on sunday. >> new details the south african cabinet minister admits she made a big mistake hiring the sign language interpreter accuses of being a fake on tuesday at nelson mandela's service. the man's movementments had no meaning and the woman on the left side is the real interpreter with the gestures clearly not matching. here is the same man with president zuma. he was complaint about then. the man said he suffered from schizophrenia and started hearing voices and began hallucinating the day of the memorial. >> time for a check on weather forecast, now, what did you have, mike? >> cold temperatures. it is a hard freeze in the value right now, with 28 in san a
5:39 am
gallon and dublin/pleasanton and 26 in danville and 29 in walnut creek and 32 in livermore, and 31 in lafayette and the only areas not freezing are pittsburg and brentwood. although you have a freeze warning for the north bay temperatures are as cold in the san ramon valley. mid-to-upper 30's through most of the bay shoreline right now and los gatos is freezing cold at 31 and san francisco is 45 degrees milder here. today, looking at the haze as we talked about the "spare the air" days, this is the ninth overall for the winter season. we will be cold. 27 to 44 degrees through 7:00 and 52 to 56 with sunshine at 2,000 and a few high clouds at 4:00 and we well fall back into the mid-to-upper 40's at 7 so milder but you will need a coat.
5:40 am
a new air mass comes in comb and why think tomorrow is a "spare the air" day with upper 50's to low 60's and the air mass does not have cold air although it is coming as us we have low-to-mid 60's with warmer weather on saturday and sunday. >> nothing to worry about here and now, the traffic? >> almost bathing suit weather. very close, right, mike? >> you lead the charge. >> good morning, everyone, as we head back into albany, good news, the tractor-trailer has been cleared. we had a big rig that lost a temporary left in the lane and they have moved everything out of the way of the westbound 80, all lanes are open, however, now with the morning commuter underway we have heavier backups coming toward university avenue with slow-and-go traffic up to the maze but the maze is looking clear to the toll plaza. across our bridges, 580, richmond and san rafael bridge is six minutes, and along the san mateo bridge, thin minute --
5:41 am
13 minutes and along the dumbarton bridge to the peninsula, 11 minutes gets you there and san mateo bridge shows a new extra cars but only going to take you amount of time to make it in the westbound direction. >> new this morning, preventing breast cancer, the just released research says that it can only be a pill away. >> happening now, trouble abefore the international space station a hardware michigan michigan -- glitch that could force a spacewalk. ♪ have a blue christmas >> the video you have to see to believe. and hear, too, elvis christmas favorite from a ♪ yeah her gift ♪ i picked it out in a snap
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are an irresistible sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster. make breakfast pop! ♪ no presents beneath the tree? ♪ ♪ wait a minute, now i see ♪ my gifts are above me ♪ that's my kind of holiday virginia state police are working a motor vehicle accident involving an amtrak train in waverly with an unknown number of injuries with a helicopter en route to the seen to deal with injuries. a new breast cancer study finds that high risk women could
5:45 am
be able to reduce their chances for getting cancer by getting treatment ahead of time. researchers in the u.k. studied 3,800 women at higher risk for getting breast cancer and divided women into two groups, one get estrogen reducing drugs and those who got the real pill were 53 percent less likely to develop breast cancer which could be the first step to preventive care for women at high risk. >> happening now, nasa is trying to figure why a violate system in charge of keeping astronauts on the international space station has failed. one of two cooling pumps was producing too much ammonia so it was shut down. it is woring fine now but the problem is not pinpointed. a spacewalk may be required to fix the problem. the six astronauts are not in danger. nasa is ready to order an evacuation of the station if necessary.
5:46 am
>> regulators have shut down 52 bus companies in a major nationwide crackdown on unsafe bus lines. some of companies had drives with suspended licenses or worked routes of more than 800 miles without rest. some companies have transported boy scouts and senior citizen and school bands. of 1,300 inspected 340 were taken off the road. >> now a scary crash at a gas station in texas. we a driver lost control of a car, slammed interest a van and careened into the gas pumps and burst into flames and two men ran over to the car to try to free the driver who could not get owe the of vehicle and they were able to on the back door and pull her out despite the flames, though, the men were not thinking their safety. >> i wasn't thinking. i didn't have time to be scared. >> i thought it would explode, the fire was everywhere.
5:47 am
>> it is not clear where the driver lost control but she was taken to the hospital but the injuries are fought life threatening injuries. >> a last people are into very right in weather but after the crop worries and unhealthy air, ared if a change. >> ready for a change? well, we have one on the way, the warming trends starts this afternoon and continues tomorrow. live doppler 7 hd shows no radar runs and the air is more moist this morning but no clouds and no rain. this is how it looks from the east bay hills camera, looking to san francisco, you can see it is hazy out there and that means, yes, the ninth "spare the air" of the winter season, and mild are today, frost inland tonight but not a hard freeze and record highs are possible as we get to the back half of the seven-day forecast the now, the air quality: the poorest air quality is in the not bay and
5:48 am
east bay and south bay and today, it could be confined to the south by. no wood burning again. now, the temperatures in oakland, 61, san jose and santa cruz at 60, and 54 in antioch and the cool spot with a last us in the mid-to-upper 50's and only a few high clouds in the afternoon the tonight, frost is possible inland and a hard freeze means the temperatures are in the mid-to-upper 20's for several hours not going to happen. our best chance of seeing freezing is nap and clever dill at 32 degrees. 33 in santa rosa and 34 in concord and everyone else in the upper 30's to low 40's. san francisco is 44 and clouds tonight that bring the temperatures up. >> high pressure is still dominating our weather but it is getting cramps a little bit by the next system. it is knocking down the high that is putting up a roadblock and keeping the storm north of
5:49 am
us. any precipitation that falls is north of our border with oregon. it is going to pass by, it is going to push the cleaner air mass in here that will take away from the pollution and that is why tomorrow is nut a "spare the air" day and notice, though, the weather as far as temperatures, upper 50's and low 60's and low-to-mid 60's on saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, the days we could see areas near 70 and it cools off with low 60's on wednesday but most of the temperatures are above average. >> you never want this on the road if you drive along and the hood is unlatched. this happened on westbound 980 is a disabled vehicle is resting on the shoulder. that is dangerous. does not appear to be slowing traffic. to the northeast, slow through antioch and closer to pittsburg to concord, you are at top speeds. continuing the drive in the westbound direction along
5:50 am
highway four you are look at a great drive to hercules and because of the patch of slowing in antioch, 43 minutes is the travel time. going back to 80 if you are traveling toward the maze as we look there, the tail lights pushing in the westbound direction along 80 and on the bay bridge, it is looking clear away from 580, the drive eastbound 80 is the good cop mute -- commute. >> french canadian team is giving the gift of elvis on this holiday season. >> the "blue christmas," sounds so much like the king you may do a double take. listen for yourself. ♪ have a blue christmas ♪ without you ♪ i'll be so blue ♪ just thinking about you >> that is 16-year-old who
5:51 am
people his rendition of the classic in quebec. if you closed your eyes you would think that was elvis. some could think that elvis was still alive. the king is living on law this teen's voice and the slicked back door. we posted the entire song on our website. >> uncanny. my goodness. >> still ahead, batkid inspires new acts of scene -- acts of generosity in a "giant" donation
5:52 am
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good news if bay area make-a-wish foundation. >> san francisco giants pitcher matt ca until e offered to donate $50,000 to make-a-wish foundation if the public raised the same amount by 8:00 last night. he was inspired by batkid, five-year-old miles scott, the leukemia patient who took over san francisco last month. make-a-wish foundation made the goal raising $51,000. no word when he will "step up to the plate," for matt but you can
5:55 am
still donate at it is just perfect. >> maybe "taking the mound" is the metaphor. >> much better. >> now a check on the weather forecast. mike? >> good to hear good news in the morning. if you tires of the cold weather, it is about to change. we are in the mid-60's -- mid-50's and close to sick. look at san francisco and concord and fremont and san jose, one to three degrees warmer and still have freezing temperatures with hard freeze in the southern central valley down to bakersfield so want out for that and 62 at fresno, and 47 with high clouds and sunshine in tahoe. >> and now, extra company on the roads like we have a quiet commute headed over to the presidio in san francisco, we
5:56 am
still have construction that will be blocking lanes until 7:00, and that going to reach the golden gate tolls and when you head over the bridge you are looking at a great drive there, and traffic at 101 headed southbound direction along 101, the golden gate bridge is eight minutes and along the bay bridge is nine minutes and the san mateo bridge is thin minutes and this is the drive in san jose away from the julian street off-ramp with extra headlights and not a problem. kristen and eric? >> what would you do with an extra $7,000 this holiday season? it doesn't have to be hypothetical, that is how much you could win for helping us fight hunger in the bay area when you click the give where you live button on facebook, we will donate a dollar to the bay area feeding america food banks for you and you could win $7,000. imagine the good you could do with that. we will announce the winner on december 19th at abc7 news facebook to help us give where
5:57 am
you live. >> a 27-year-old resident in brooklyn returned home to find two packages blocking to her can her boyfriend ripped open outside their apartment building. she says they looked through the building and found two suspects on the video. one suspect was twerking and keeping watch and holding the elevator while the other suspect took out the contents from the packans and lost -- left the boxes behind. >> there should be additional punishment for the twerking. >> "spare the air" alert is backing everyone across the bay area. >> but, first, a big rig blocks traffic on an east bay freeway and the chain reaction crash that led to this mess. >> later, "7 on your side" teams up with "consumer reports" to reveal the best batteries if toys and gadgets and other electronics you are giving
5:58 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> breaking overnight a big rig crash blocks lanes on a busy bay area freeway. we have the work to clear the road ahead of the morning commute. ought bay area is waking up to another "spare the air" alert for the winter. the records coming with the bad days. >> the man who did the fake signing at nelson mandela's memorial service now admits he has a medical problem. what he is blaming the incident on. >> good morning, at 6:00 on thursday. thanks for joining us. >> first an update on the weather forecast. mike? >> thank you very much, everyone. freezing cold again inland especially in the north bay, and that is with the national weather service deemed a freeze warning is needed until 9:00 this morning. with temperatures in the 20's to low 30's and the san ramon valley is


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