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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  December 17, 2013 1:05am-1:41am PST

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this luggage they can literally look inside and see if anything is there. it's not a hit and miss. they know where to look. >> what can you do to protect yourself? for one, never pack valuables in your checked luggage. >> cash, jewelry, electronics. even if it's an expensive bottle of perfume. >> use well worn luggage that won't be a beacon for thieves. if your carry on is going to be checked at the last minute, take the time to open the bag and remove your valuables. >> santa is not the only one watching out for the grinchs. >> we constantly review our cctv coverage of the airport. >> do you have cameras so you can monitor the workers and make sure they're not stealing? >> we have cameras above the jetways and other cameras that are throughout the terminals that are fed to a operational
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room that is monitored. >> you can't show me those right? >> no, i can't. >> you have to kill me if you show me? >> yes, definitely. >> thanks to pierre for that report. while you can and should lock your checked bag it ought to be with a tsa approved lock. world news now is coming up soon with overnight breaking news. tune into "good morning america" tomorrow and we're always online at abc good night. ♪ yeah her gift ♪ i picked it out in a snap ♪ what made it genius ♪ was the camouflage wrap ♪ that's my kind of holiday
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♪ thank you grandma for the dolls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ i'm ninja kicking through the halls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ mom's posting pictures on your wall. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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>> that breaking news happening in the city. you are looking live from camera on top of mount sutro where san francisco emergency crew on the scene right now in the twin peak area investigating report of house that collapsed. happening at home on crown terrace. many homes in that area are built along a hillside overlooking the city. you can see a lot of police activity. we are still getting details in our newsroom. we have a crew heading to the scene. we continue to follow this. the building inspector is on the way again as we can show you a map of the specific area as you look live. it is happening in crown terrace in the twin peak area of san francisco. a report of a home that has collapsed. building inspector is on the way. as i said we get new details. let's go back live if we can and show you that oneless time before we move on for the moment. again from live from mount sutro camera. you can see the police activity. reporting continues right now on twitter follow us at abc 7 news bay area. we'll
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continue to keep you up to date there and of course here during this newscast as need be. carolyn is off tonight. other top story. big if i ever burning in big sur. so far scorching at least 500 acres. burning interhighway 1 in the national forest in monterey county. lillian is on the fire line with the story. >> evening milder temperature did little to slow down the fire. this was the view from highway 1. evacuation affected 100 people in the big sur area. while those bit farther away from the fire have been told to be prepared to leave at any moment. >> we have been told to pack some about and prepare in case we get evacuated. >>reporter: have you done tha that. >> yes. so far -- yes. >>reporter: investigators don't know how the fire starte started. 300 firefighters have been called in and so far 15 structures have been destroyed is including the home of big sur fair chief. firefighters
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aren't used to fighting a fire this time in the middle of december but considering the lack of rain over the past year it's not that surprising. >> probably the driest year like many other parts of the state that we have in the history of monterey county. big sur one of the wettest places in california and we have had virtually no wren here all year. all soap. >>reporter: this is highway 1 and fire burning west of here. firefighters say the main objective is to keep the flames from jumping the highway. so far so good. wild card factor is the wind. the residents here hope firefighters get the upper hand soon. >> i feel really sad to see like the with wilderness burned down and everything. >>reporter: much fire burning in inaccessible terrain why firefighters look for it today break and fight the flames from the air. big sur abc 7 news. >> all right now. lillian mentioned the wild card being the wind. sandhya is tracking
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the conditions at big sur with live doppler 7hd. >> yes. the wind has not really been strong. let me show you this. fir create their own wind of course and that could be a little bit erratic. high clouds moving in on live doppler 7hd. conditions down to the south. 62 degrees where the fire is burning relative humidity 24 percent. wind out of the south west at 3 gusting to 6 so we are not expecting strong winds out there and as you look at the curve tour of the clouds and direction of clouds going, going from south to north. smoke layers may drift north overnight. so far smokey skies reported around monterey all day today. we in the bay area deal with the poor air quality and when we see improvement in that and when you feel the change in our weather. it's going to be a big one. >> okay thanks very much. talking about air quality and it continues to plague us here. tomorrow the tenth consecutive spare the air day this is video
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from the mount tam cam the haze that hangs over the bay area. spare the air day issued when air pollution rises to unhealthy level and make sure it doesn't get worse, wood burning is banned both indoor and out door. 10 consecutive spare the air day tomorrow. we have never really done that before. that's longest streak we have ever had. >> well tonight the family of an eighth grade girl is enduring an anguish that is impossible to describe. one final medical test that will determine their decision about whether to keep this girl alive. now the agonizing part of this is how it happened. left on life support after routine tonsillectomy that so many kids get. the allen is live at children's hospital oakland tonight. allen, they just can't understand this. >>reporter: very hard to understand for the family. very tough on everybody out here. eighth grader atacademy c academy in oakland and tonight the doctors say she hasn't shown much brain fact she hasn't shown much
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brain activity for several days but the family is revving to let go. so tonight the doctors agreed to give her one last opportunity to show there's reason to keep her on life support. >> don't pull the plug. don't pull the plug. >>reporter: the family is praying for a miracle. children hospital oakland says the little girl is brine dead but her mother is revving to accept it. >> they are telling me straight up the corper coming to get her say your last goodbye. i went there and cried to the man just check her brine one more time. >>reporter: late tonight the family says the hospital agreed to give the little girl one last eeg test. >> so if this eeg test shows any type of brine activity they cast take her off life support. >>reporter: 13-year-old girl began bleeding from the mouth shortly after routine tonsil surgery at children hospital oakland last monday. within 3 hours she went that cardiac arrest and by thursday the hospital declared her brain dead. >> brain dead like i don't get
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it. >>reporter: family says the hospital can not give them a reason why this happened. meanwhile the family is not allowing the hospital to speak on camera. >> i'm begging god please just let my daughter have some brain activity so i can bring her home. >>reporter: the family says the test will be conducted either late tonight or some time tomorrow morning. the in oakland, abc 7 news. >> serious charges tonight for woman accused of causing a car crash in san francisco that killed a teenager boy. this is new video tonight of that teenager mother. she recently recovered from a coma suffered in a crash and you can see still coping with her injury. her son 16-year-old kevin died in the crash. his 17-year-old sister suffered several fractures. charges were filed today against jenny jew. police say her car rear ended
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the family minihave been. >> the family is struggling not only with the death of the young 16-year-old kevin but also mom and the sister being so severely injured. >>reporter: now she was accused of driving up to 80 miles an hour when the crash happened on pine street. she told police the car began accelerating on its own. court records show investigators couldn't find mechanical issues that could explain unintended acceleration. all right. the fbi hopes that you can help them capture a bad guy with really bad disguise. look at this. this robber is dubbed as the bad beard bandit and obvious how he got the name. 5 foot 9. stocky build. late 20's maybe early 30's and always wears a fake beard. he's connected to string of bank heist with the latest reported last tuesday. the fbi says he his robbed bank in 5 northern california cities including 2 here in the bay why are. sunnyvale and dub lichbility you can see obviously bad beard on his
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face. >> new at 11:00 o'clock. san jose once called america safest big city now has a crime rate above the state average. that's according to analysis by the city independent auditor and reported by our media partner the mercury news. analysis finds that while the average u.s. police department solves about half of major cases, san jose clearance writ on major crimes has dropped to 30 percent. response time to some emergency calls more than doubled in 8 years. sap jose mayor says the city needs more police officers despite growing crime problem san jose crime rate is still lower than that in san francisco or oakland keep in mine. >> stay in san jose for a moment. terminal a at the international airport there fully reopened late this afternoon after travelers endured a soggy mess. hot water pipe burst around 2:30 this morning. flooded a security checkpoint and knocked terminal a baggage handling system completely out of commission. that forced
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passengers to ride shuttles or walk to terminal b to drop off the checked bags and to clear security. but again things getting about a being to norma normal. >> while talking about airport. baggage handlers caught red handed. next on 7 news. hidden camera capture airport worker stealing from passenger passengers. the exclusive video and happening more than you may think, too. >> plus shopping season is in full swing, right? or is it? why the mall are missing one key ingredient. >> act of terror ladies to act of love. series of events that led one boston bombing victim to the woman that would change his life. >> and i'm keeping an eye, keeping an eye on the breaking news in san francisco. that building collapse in the twin peak area. those are the reports. you are looking at live picture. we are continuing to rundown the story
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>> latest now on breaking news at the top of the broadcast. 7o you tonight. this is live look at the scene of possible house collapse in san francisco twin peak neighborhood. you can see police and fire crew respondin responding. we are told the the building inspector is headed to the scene right now. this all started not listening ago. about half hour ago maybe few minutes more than. that we have a crew on the way. we are watching it here closely in the news room. sure to bring you updates as soon as we get them in and follow us on twitter at 7 news bay area. >> well, you may traveling as so many are during the holiday. we show you videotape that is just out remaining us. baggage thieves caught by police on camera. now this video obtained sluvl by abc news shows worker at new york area
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airport rifling through a wallet packed inside a checked suitcase. police have some tips for all out of his. keep valuable with you in the carry on. don't put it in your luggage that you check and check well worn bag to avoid attracting attention. big expensive looking bag likely to get unwanted attention. new york 3 airports had about 600 thefts during the past two years. but police say it is a nationwide problem. one that is likely under reported. >> president obama will meat with some of silicon valley biggest movers and shakers at the white house. tomorrow meeting comes after the tech industry protested snooping by the national security agency. federal judge ruled today that the nsa collection of phone record is unconstitutional. president will ask for help on how to avoid it pwlupder like problems with the roll out of health care.govern which was such a disaster. >> something good has come from the deadly boston mile an hour
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thon bombing. wedding proposa proposal. james costello injured on april 15 when 2 bottom wept off at the finish line. he suffered burns and had 2 nails pulled from the abdomen. also emotionally scarred of course. 3 of the friends lost their legs. while being treated in the hospital costello met a nurse christa if when costello left the hospital he asked her out on a date. one date led to the and another and another and soon they were inseparable. fast forward 8 most and while on trip to france, costello got up the nerve to ask her to marry him and she said yes. fichlt well, we are that the 8 days of holiday shopping season. should b shop should be jam packed but they are not. brick and mortar stores struggling to keep up with on lean row tailers. john hit the mall for the story. >>reporter: a little more than a we can before christmas and shoppers were sparse. very few carrying bags. the only reason
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codey was at the center here was to get a photo of bull dog ruth and tank with santa claus clause. >> typically i just relay on amazon. just because convenience from home and have it shipped directly to me so i can avoid a lot of the parking congestion and traffic. >>reporter: according to the market research company n pd group consumer finished less than half of the shopping. a little behind where they wer wereless year at this time giova children clothing store store. >> last year was packed throughout holiday season. now it's lake really slow. >>reporter: with thanksgiving falling later in november, the shopping season is 6 days shorter. the result has been significant up tick for on line activity. >> the pressure that cop assum assumers feel during a shorten selling season deals n.e. motion when purchasing. and so on line is a way for them to feel calmer more in cell. >>reporter: shoppers lake the thrill of the bargain hunt in a
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store. >> i do 95 percent in the mall. >>reporter: why is that? >> i don't know. i work on computer all day. don't want to get on computer on free tim time. >>reporter: most shopping occur in the time week before christmas. in daly city, 7 news. >> well there is still tame to enter to win 7000 dollars this week help fight hunger in the bay area and it's easy. just click give where you live on our 7 news facebook page. we'll donate 1 dollar to the bay area food bank for you and entered to win 7000 dollars, certainly nice little extra bonus as the holidays approach. will announce the winner this thursday night on 7 news right here at 11:00 o'clock so be sure to tune in for. that when you have the time go to our site and page and click on that if you would and help give where you live. make hot l day brighter for folks who are in need. >> let's update the forecast. sandhya is watching the windy conditions or weather conditions at big sur but of
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course what we are experiencing here in the bay area. >> that's right dan. today it was a spring like day. we watched cloud writ now that is also high cloud cover around big sur. high pressure today. record. 66 at the oakland airport. 74 degrees at santa cruz. mild across the bay area temperatures above normal this time of year. 73 half moon bay. 67 in san francisco. from our roof cam are looking towards downtown san francisco 55 in san francisco. temperatures falling in oakland san jose in the 40's. 54 in half mp bas glorious and here'ss view from the exploring camera looking to the bay bridge. right now it is chilly in the north bay. santa rosa, napa 42 degrees. 43 in livermore. east bay hills camera not much of a breeze that's why we deal with the poor air quality. high again tuesday. 10 straight spare the air has been declared. dash dlaivrmentd few drops late wednesday going that early thursday but certainly a
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major shift in terms of our temperatures. so high pressure will give us another mild day but then what is happening is this cold front will bring much cooler air wednesday going into switch up your gear oritch up g clothing. you have to go with sweaters and coats. wednesday morning fog along. the coast. higher clouds noticed and wednesday night a little drizzle or light shower breezy though with winds up to 30 miles an hour going into thursday morning. breezes still with us. much chillier and that is when we are expecting the air quality to improve wednesday nature into thursday. over tonight temperatures low to mid 30's in coldest inland valley. most other areas in the 30's. full moon at 1:28 in the morning you want to bundle up but afternoon pretty much shed the layers. is temperatures in the 60's and 70's slightly lower than today but still pleasant. 7 day forecast slight chance and looking slimmer and slim era drop or 2 wednesday tonight into thursday. biggest change will be better air quality.
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breezy. cooler and then we bump up the temperature in time for the first weekend of fall. >> thanks very much. >> we are tipping to honor. >> bricking news the building collapse in stay with us update as we continue but larry is here with big forty-niner talk. >> well unfortunately injury. jim harbaugh talks about lincoln and churchill the subject is houdini tonight how kaepernick reminds him of the kaepernick reminds him of the famous magician kaepernick reminds him of the [s[man] no one told her,right?a. [son]hi!
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>> good evening. miller time may over for the 49ers and that's trouble the. full back injured his shoulder blade yesterday in tampa likely out the rest of the year. miller does the dirty work to spring frank gore so big loss. he's key in pass protection. 33-14 win in tampa. magical throw to davis captured beautifully by mendoza a.vernon hit the wall. he's okay. the wall has a concussion. here's jim harbaugh on the capability. >> some of the older readers in football fans may remember houdini. i don't think harry houdini was in tighter jam than what colonel lip was yesterday in those situation. he was houdini lick escaping and buying time. >>reporter: thank you. more of a chris angel guy. raiders mathematically eliminated from the play offs yesterday. not much suspension there or surprise when 4 and 10. mystery happening at quarterback despite 4 pick and
1:32 am
56-31 loss to kc. starter the here. >> both guys have shown signs of being a quarterback in the national football league. i don't think either one is finished product yet. we look at the last 2 games and try to see what we have and see what we need to do going into the future. >> monday night football. ravens and lions late fourth quarter down 15-10. stafford, touch down. ravens scored zero touch downs and 6 field goal including this 61 yarder from justin tucker. who tuck it in the goal post 18-16. one last drive. stafford picked off by matt to seal the deal. ravens hang on 18-16 now 8 and 6. 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino and cal quarterback is transferring to other gone state. >> thanks investment update on
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my voice? [ auto-tuned ] what's wrong with my voice? yeah man, bee got swag! be happy! be healthy! that's gotta go too. ♪ hey! must be the honey! [ sparkle ] sweet. ♪ hey! must be the honey! . >> update breaking news in san francisco. 7 news reporter john alston live in san francisco where a house has collapsed. what do you have john. >> i just got back from the scene. the house is on the side of the hill on crown terrace in the twin peak section of san francisco. it collapsed at about 10:30 this evening. neighbors say the home was under renovation. initially attempt had been made to demolish over a year ago. neighbors say it's owned by mel murphy a prominent local developer who is also a past president of the building inspection commission here in san francisco. the house again on the s crownl on crown terrace. it collapsed at least one other home has been evacuated. there was a smell of natural gas earlier from
1:36 am
what we heard. fire department is on scene as well as the police department. no report of any injuries at this point but the house is open the side of the hill and we'll be checking it out further for our newscast in the morning. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> all right again john thank you very much collapsed in the twin peak area of san francisco. no injuries ironically owned by the past president of the building inspection commission in the city. we'll stay on the story update you on our morning news beginning at 4:30 am and of course our reporting continues on twitter at the bay area. for all of us
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and everybody wins. yoplait. it is so good. off a ventilator even though her family was fighting to keep her alive. >> the whole family is so devastated, you know, her teachers, her friends. everybody is kind of like in a shock. >> her mother said her daughter did not want to have the surgery because she feared something bad would happen. the family is demanding a full investigation. some healthy headlines here
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this morning. you may be spending a lot of money on products that don't live up to their claims. two major studies found that popping vitamins didn't help men's aging brains or heart attack survivors. the experts advise that healthy people do not need to take vitamins or supplements. when it comes to those popular anti-bacterial soaps, the government says prove it. the fda says after 40 years of study it found no evidence the soaps stop the spread of germs. now regulators want the makers of dawn, dial and household staples to prove their products do not pose health risks to consumers. for better or worse, the holiday season has increasingly become about excess, and this next story is clearly no exception. it is all about this house and what must be the most elaborate christmas light set up ever. >> who needs inflatable lawn decorations when you have strobe light, lasers, fog machines, and big flames? all of that set to rockin' christmas medleys. >> it is set up in a town along the jersey shore. the folks who put it together
1:40 am
did four shows last weekend and two more are coming this sunday. >> oh, boy. we want to see your holiday decorations indoor or outdoor or both. send your pictures and e-mail to keep it clean and we will show you the best ones on the air. i'm not a fan of cheesy or tacky but i love over-the-top christmas displays. >> do you really. >> my daughter and i were having this conversation. they make us laugh. we love them. >> you don't have to do the work but if you drive around and take pictures you can show them to your friends and claim they are yours. >> ten years ago i would be get the nice elegant lights on your house, no, we want the colored lights. >> guys love fire so. >> there you have it. >> thumbs up on that house. coming up a quarter century of christmas mornings in one viral video. an intriguing look in michael jackson's family. his children are talking about their dad in a new way. you are watc


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