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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 6, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PST

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ve, on your choice of freshly baked bread. both are available all month long as our february featured values. subway. eat fresh. good morning, america. breaking new details, a new terror warning for the olympics. as the games kick off, intelligence officials sound the alarm for those flying to sochi right now. could explosives be hidden inside tubes of toothpaste, enough to take down an entire passenger jet? brian ross here with the latest. developing now, hundreds of thousands of people in the dark after losing power in the treacherous snow and ice storm. crews working around the clock to restore it. and is a new monster storm really on the way this weekend? caught on camera. the heart-pounding video as police officers pursue a man determined to take them down. authorities ambushed inside their cruisers in a vicious shooting. now, one of the hero officers speaks out.
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you lost 155 pounds. >> a big victory for a woman battling to drop the pounds on a top weight loss show. losing 60% of her original body weight in less than five months. now, the backlash escalating. people saying it was too much too fast. why she says she finally feels alive. and good morning, america. boy, so much of the country digging out from that storm yesterday. there's slush all over the northeast. you see it right there on the streets. starting to wipe away here in new york right now, but, josh, you had to fight through it a bit to get in late last night. >> yeah, i did what i could to get out of los angeles where it was 70 degrees and sunny to get here. late last night, or early this morning, 2:00 a.m., it was already fine landing on a frozen runway, that's -- i wouldn't suggest it.
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it's not -- it doesn't -- it gives one pause. >> glad you're okay. >> that's the important thing. but, you know, these kind of conditions, they want this over in sochi at the olympics. and two snowboarders have already with the competition they've gotten -- it's gotten pretty nasty. the spills on the slopestyle course this morning and there's been so much dispute over the safety of that particular course, it's the same event that american shaun white just dropped out of yesterday citing concerns about potential injury >> that's the sport. there's also security concerns. a u.s. alert to airlines that explosives could be concealed inside tubes of tooth paste. that's all as they're getting ready for opening ceremonies. i think we have shots of the fireworks rehearsal going on, as well. there it is right now and we go to brian ross with the latest. >> reporter: well, good morning, george. u.s. officials tell us this morning the toothpaste bomb warning is tied to information learned during an array of counterterror operations in europe and elsewhere this week and this past month and that, in fact, the right explosive concealed in just three or four
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toothpaste tubes could bring down a passenger jet. the urgent alert is meant primarily for the international airlines that are flying into sochi. with athletes and spectators heading to the olympics. >> hi. >> reporter: russia had already banned all liquids and gels including toothpaste in carry-on luggage on domestic flights into sochi. >> i think you're going to see a tightening of the screening procedures on these types of items that could contain explosive devices that could either be used to blow up an airplane going into russia or be smuggled in to the sochi area for the olympics. >> reporter: bomb experts say just a few tubes of toothpaste could contain as much explosive power as the amount seen in these demonstration tests of the so-called shoe bombs and underwear bombs built by al qaeda. >> a small amount of certain explosives can, in fact, have grave damage and can do grave damage on an aircraft.
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>> reporter: and while the initial warning is connected to the olympics, u.s. officials say the tsa may soon announce additional security precautions at american airports out of an abundance of caution. but authorities say the threat to sochi is very real. the chairman of the house homeland security committee, congressman michael mccaul told us the information on the toothpaste bombs in terms of sochi is specific and credible >> that's planes coming in. is there any moment at the olympics themselves they're most worried about. >> we're told by security experts that their real concern is not today or tomorrow, that perhaps 48 hours or 72 hours in when security might belessened. >> okay. brian ross, thanks very much. >> all right there, george. to the latest on that powerful winter storm that slammed many areas with more than a foot of snow. abc's gio benitez is just outside philadelphia where so many people have lost power. good morning, gio. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. from one of the hardest hit areas in the northeast, the
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biggest problem right now. you have ice that brought down so many trees here, also bringing down these power lines and right now, in pennsylvania alone, we have 500,000 people still in the dark. more than half the nation inundated with snow and ice. a state of emergency in pennsylvania, iced over trees crashing on to homes. a man helping his neighbor clear debris from his driveway was hit in the head by a snapped branch. he was critically injured. those downed trees plus iced over power lines cutting electricity to more than a million customers throughout the northeast. villanova university also in the dark, students packing up and heading home. in new york city, heavy, wet snow caused the roof of this home to buckle. the midwest, no better off. ice storms in southern michigan leading to this 30-car pileup. two big rigs mangling a vehicle like it was tin foil.
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car parts flung on to guardrails and truckers in central kansas understandably frightened. >> i kept seeing 18-wheelers in the ditch. it was getting to where i was almost hitting these vehicles. >> reporter: and right now, all across the northeast this morning, we have more than 600,000 people still without power and it could take days, we're told, for the lights to come back on. robin. >> okay, there, gio. thank you. we bring in ginger with the latest on this next storm that's coming in. >> well, that's what everybody has been talking about. i'll get to it. because this is what we're dealing with. 63.6% of the nation is covered in snow, right? that's a lot but it's been a brutal winter. look at a place like detroit had 7 inches or so yesterday. that makes them 66.7 inches to date. that would be average. so more than 40 inches above where they should be and, yes, the storm that everyone is asking me about, we have seen tweets and social media blowing up with this 3 to 30 inches thing. look at this. leaving for the weekend.
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i can't deal with being snowed in with more than 30 inches. that's the worst. don't worry about it. you won't be. you're not going to get 30 inches of snow. everybody saw some article printed -- this is a year ago -- and we have been watching the storm sunday into monday but that looks like it's falling apart so we're all good. >> it's just a myth though. >> correct. it went on the internet. >> you promise? >> i promise. we'll get some snow. we're going to get some light snow. >> not 30 inches. >> like saying kate and will are getting married this weekend. i mean, really, that's how old that story is. >> that's incredible because it was everywhere the last few days. >> i know. wow, thank you, ginger. >> isn't the internet amazing? a new development in the investigation into the death of philip seymour hoffman. police have determined one of the men arrested for dealing drugs did have ties to hoffman and abc's john muller with the details. good morning, john. >> good morning, george. did the gifted actor buy heroin from a talented musician? investigators now checking into cell phone records while toxicologists test specific types of heroin hoping to find out who and what are behind philip seymour hoffman's death. this morning, police
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investigating the death of philip seymour hoffman are turning their focus to this man, suspected heroin dealer robert vineberg arraigned overnight and while police have not linked him directly to hoffman's death they do tell abc news he knew the actor and even had his phone number stored in his cell phone. vineberg seen in this youtube video is an accomplished saxophone player reportedly played with david bowie and amy winehouse. but police believe he may have turned to selling drugs recently when his musical career started to dry up. police received a tip that hoffman bought drugs at this apartment and arrested vineberg tuesday night. two other suspects at the apartment are also in custody this morning. their lawyers calling them scapegoats. vineberg's lawyer telling abc news "we are very confident that there is no connection between the charges brought forth against my client and the death of philip seymour hoffman." meanwhile, officials revealing an autopsy report on hoffman's body is inconclusive and that more testing will be needed.
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overnight, this picture released of a somber looking jennifer lawrence returning to the filming of the final "hunger games" film. word that filmmakers will use digital imagery to insert hoffman into the scenes he had yet to shoot to avoid having to drop him from the script as so many continue to mourn his death and the lights on broadway were dimmed in his honor. all three suspects including robert vineberg entered not guilty pleas. the heroin allegedly found in the raids, more than 300 small plastic bags' worth so far not believed to be the same brand of heroin found in hoffman's apartment. george? >> thanks very much. today's other top stories from josh. new concern about the economy and specifically the job market. new figures show that private companies created but 175,000 jobs last month, a steep drop from december's total. the government's official monthly jobs report will be released tomorrow. now, according to "the wall street journal," one of every six men between the ages of 25 and 54 in this country is
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without a job right now. and four weeks after that massive chemical spill in west virginia, children are still getting sick from the contaminated water. at least two schools are closed today as the government insists that the water is safe. some doctors, though, are warning patients not to drink it. people are reporting rashes, headaches and nausea while frightened parents are even melting snow to use to bathe their children. and virginia police have made arrests linked to the disappearance of reserve police captain kevin quick and now they're hoping an increased p reward of $30,000 will lead them to quick himself. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: these siblings are behind bars in virginia this morning, charged in connection with the disappearance of this man, missing police officer kevin quick. 20-year-old mersadies shelton and her 18-year-old brother daniel mathis taken into custody
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from a hotel. police say the arrests are in connection with the missing officer's vehicle. that was involved in an armed robbery and shooting sunday night. that silver forerunner was abandoned sunday night but no sign of quick. the 45-year-old police captain and father was reported missing saturday when he never showed up to a party. >> we're still hoping that he's still, you know, with somebody or somewhere, but you can't help to think the worst. >> reporter: officer quick's suv was captured on surveillance images in two parts of the state along with one man police said they wanted to talk to. this morning they will not confirm that man is daniel mathis. meanwhile, virginia authorities continue to pore over every clue in an attempt to find quick. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. we will have news as it becomes available. thank you, linsey. meanwhile, in north carolina, a 20-mile police chase finally ended this way.
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the suspect slamming into another car at an intersection. he then tried -- you see here -- to run away. but fell on his way out of the car. that suspect now facing drug charges. overseas big trouble for the crew of this cargo ship because it split in half during a fierce storm. sent the ship as you can see here crashing into a jetty along the french coast. a dozen crew members had to be rescued by a helicopter in 70 miles an hour winds. and a bionic breakthrough is allowing one man to do something no one has ever done. this man from europe has become the first amputee to feel in realtime with a bionic hand which scientists surgically wired to the nerves of his upper arm. he can feel the shape and stiffness of objects, even when he's blindfolded. the technology in the last decade has -- is staggering. something to behold. finally, would you be scared if you saw this while walking to
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class? >> i don't know if scared is the right word. >> it was one word. some students at wellesley college want this sculpture removed. it is called "sleepwalker" part of a campus art exhibit. but critics say it is a little too realistic. >> it really is. >> shall we say to be on display on the side -- >> do they have to go with the tighty whiteys. >> i know. >> good morning, america. i support the arts, i'm a supporter of the arts. >> yes, you are a renaissance man. >> you really are. >> we'll leave it at that. >> let's move. >> all right. now to clay aiken who won millions of votes from fans as u owe non"american idol" now seeking votes for congress. aiken has launched a bid for the house seat currently held by a tea party favorite. abc's mara schiavocampo is here with a look at his political chances. mara. >> reporter: good morning, robin. well, simply put, he is a long
7:14 am
shot. that hasn't stopped aiken from throwing his hat in the ring. the newly released campaign video shows a completely new side of the singer who says he's ready to move from performing to public service. ♪ is it me >> reporter: an "american idol" runner-up. ♪ i can see it in your eyes >> reporter: is running for congress. >> i'll need your help. >> reporter: in a video posted on his website wednesday clay aiken announced his candidacy as a democrat vying for a congressional seat in north carolina, his home state. the campaign video revealing a different side of the singer, sharing his humble beginnings. >> for eight months we stayed in this living room and slept on a mattress on the floor. >> reporter: an upbringing he says allows him to relate to the hardships of others. >> for most americans there are no golden tickets. at least not like the kind you see on touchdown. >> reporter: aiken has done his fair share of advocacy work over the years working on a presidential commission for people with disabilities, traveling the word for unicef and speaking out against lgbt discrimination. >> i think the qualifications for representing people is caring about them and listening
7:15 am
to them. >> reporter: the incumbent second term republican renee elmers has already poked fun at his celebrity status. >> we know he didn't even fare all that well, he was runner-up. >> oh, snap. >> reporter: while stars like arnold schwarzenegger and al franken have shined bright, celebrity status does not guarantee political success. >> it means that you've got national name recognition, a fund raising base, excitement generated around your candidacy. the flip side is the scrutiny. >> reporter: an openly gay single dad is running in a conservative district in a state with a republican governor and a gop run state legislature. one race where this political newcomer has to hit all the right notes. >> realistically clay aiken is a long shot. it will be a fierce fight. >> thank you for watching. >> reporter: as for where he stands on the issues he wants to focus on unemployment and funding for military families. he is facing two other candidates in the democratic primary which takes place may 6th. he is expected to raise a lot of money but probably not enough to propel him to victory. >> i'm telling you, that tape
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was impressive. >> he did very good. it seems very authentic. >> he has a great life story in terms of connecting to other people relating to struggles. very conservative area. >> very much so, mara, thank you. mara schiavocampo. >> thank you. >> your father was so proud of how she said it, so. >> the italian accent in there. >> which is fantastic. dad is thrilled at this moment. >> schiavocampo. >> see, there. >> trifecta. >> thanks, dad. >> thank you, mara. final countdown to the olympics. in fact, some of the competition has started ahead of the opening ceremonies in sochi tomorrow. matt gutman there for the entire spectacle. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, george. the sprint before the games has already begun to get this glimmering stadium complex open and ready before the opening ceremony just tomorrow night. as late as yesterday we saw pictures of people spray painting the grass green, of course, all that attention and focus now shifting to the main event, the athletes. and they're off.
7:17 am
just hours ago, all three of team usa's snowboarders qualified for the men's slopestyle finals, even after america's highest flying snowboarder, shaun white, grounded himself wednesday. and bode miller dominated the downhill skiing to victory in practice. he's hoping to medal in his third olympics. the women are fighting for spots in the finals right now. team figure skating slated for tonight. these qualifying events coming even before the opening ceremonies friday at the glimmering olympic stadium. security is tight. preps are feverish. painting the grass outside the fisht stadium designed to look like a colossal faberge egg but details about the ceremony in its nearly 1100 performers, that's virtually a state secret here. only a few photos trickling out from sunday's dress rehearsal. expect firework, lots of them. ♪
7:18 am
♪ running through my head >> reporter: and rumor has it russian pop duo tattoo, famous for suggestive lyrics will also be featured along with a famous russian violinist, conductor and ballerina. and today the americans already getting into it. slope style skiers keri herman, devin logan and i got to shake a leg with a bunch of cossacks. nice hats. just a few minutes ago the final planeload of american athletes landed here, and as you saw here, the folks here, the athletes just looking to have a good time and in that spirit, the russian federation has asked for a worldwide truce and to end to all conflicts while the olympic games are going on. george, robin, the gang. >> matt looks like he's ready to have a good time too. okay, matt. thanks very much. >> let's get the weather from ginger. seems like every region trading off who will have the worst weather every day.
7:19 am
>> exactly, josh, we started a count, 42 days till spring. remember, guys. it's going to sound better every time. >> can we round up or down? >> quickly, the windchill advisories for some two dozen states, even santa fe feeling like 1 below. oklahoma city, and kansas city 19 below with the fresh snow. and the atmospheric river is pouring in. more than an inch and more in the purple. 2 to 3 inches. that's great news for them of the that's through saturday. your local weather coming up in just 30 seconds. first the rainiest cities brought to you by kay jewelers. good morning. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco.
7:20 am
microclimate forecast, light rain through the morning commute. that will taper to scattered showers by the afternoon hours. a weather week is in store especially for saturday. have a plan b inside. storm track will be close to the north bay next week. most of us, probably dry. low to mid 50s along the coast. low to mid 50s in the afternoon hours. in the 40s once again this evening with our best chance of wet weather up >> coming >> coming up, we'll talk about some snow in oklahoma and dallas, just some light stuff but still 42. 42. >> 42 days. >> 30-ish. 30-ish. >> that sounds better. thanks, ginger. also coming up, emotional testimony in court in the movie theater shooting trial, the suspect breaks down in the courtroom. and that dramatic police pursuit caught on tape. authorities ambushed inside their cruisers in a vicious shooting. one of the hero officers speaks out. superstar selena gomez revealed she has checked herself into rehab. why she needed some time to
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[ male announcer ] 15 minutes for a quote isn't how it works anymore. with esurance, 7 1/2 minutes could save you on car insurance. welcome to the modern world. esurance. backed by allstate. click or call. ♪ [ male announcer ] bob's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. good morning. i'm eric thomas. the rainy weather and wet roads resulting in numerous accidents on bay area streets this morning. traffic on interstate 80 after a big rig jack knifed and crashed into the center divider.
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it happened about two hours ago. and crews are still on the scene, trying to clean up the mess. luckily, no one was injured. for more on traffic, here is leyla gulen. >> we do have some pictures that were take fren amy hollingfield and steve. tow trucks around the scene. two lanes are open in the eastbound direction. highway 4 to 580. three right lanes blocked in the westbound direction. that's snarly traffic. be very careful. slick condition. >> leyla, thank you very much.
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welcome back. still a soggy morning out there. picking up some light to even moderate rain. red you see, that's actually maybe some hail up in the clouds, not reaching the ground. it could produce some bigger drops as it melts, moving through that layer and down to the surface. we have rain everywhere, even up north. it's going to remain light to moderate through the morning rush. you can see a little bit of a drying or back edge of this precipitation building. this weekend storm will be very impressive. one to two inches down south. the rest of us one to three
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♪ when you're ready come and get it ♪ ♪ nah what a superstar, what a singer and a surprise, as well. selena gomez revealing that she checked herself into rehab saying she needed to slow down and that is how she did it. she wanted some time to herself. we'll have all the details coming up on "good morning america." also ahead, that dramatic footage caught on tape as police officers pursue a man determined to take them down. now, one of the hero officers is speaking out. >> stunning video. we've been talking about in this morning. concern now over the winner of a top weight loss reality show competition dropped, as you can see here, that is a before and after, more than half of her body weight.
7:31 am
some 60% of it to be exact. many now asking if it was too much. here comes the backlash. >> also it was in 4 1/2 months so it was the amount and the amount of time. >> which is the length of the show, though. >> right, exactly. it goes both ways. also, day two of our "epic wedding showdown," three couples competing and we are putting them to the test. they're going through our obstacle course yesterday and now wait until you see what -- >> this happened yesterday. >> this happened yesterday. josh, you were off and pure matrimonial mayhem. today, well, we're taking it to another level, i dare say. all in a bid to win a live wedding right here on "gma." >> they all said it was harder than it looks, as well. >> sure. >> great sports about it, all the couples. >> looking forward to that coming up. we begin with the latest on that shooting in a florida movie theater. it started over a spat over texting and now the shooter is claiming self-defense. a judge will decide if reeves can be freed on bond. steve osunsami has the story.
7:32 am
good morning, steve. >> good morning, george. curtis reeves remains locked number a jail and at the bond hearing to determine whether he should be let out before trial, the emotions spilled over. nicole oulson, the wife of the man gunned down at this florida movie theater breaking down at this bond hearing wednesday. she was there that cold day in january when police say this retired police captain shot her husband 43-year-old chad oulson because he was texting. >> he said, i can't believe he shot me. he took another step and a half and then he collapsed on my son. >> reporter: police charged 71-year-old curtis reeves with second degree murder saying he started arguing with him during the previews. an off-duty police deputy says he overheard this exchange between reeves and his wife after the shooting. >> he said "that was no cause to shoot anyone." and then he leaned back around and stuck his finger out, you know, as to, you know, scold her. and said, "you shut your [ bleep ] mouth and don't say
7:33 am
another word." >> reporter: reeves pled not guilty on wednesday arguing that he shot oulson in self-defense. and police reports he said he was struck in the face with an unknown object. but witness after witness said the only object they saw was a bag of popcorn. >> he throws the popcorn and almost immediately the gun comes out and the shots fired. >> reporter: the retired policeman held it together until his daughter took the stand. >> he was having trouble pulling his bow back. >> reporter: he cried as she tried to explain he's an old pan with health issues and should be set free while he prepares for trial. >> he kept all of his tools because he just knew that his hands would get better but it hasn't happened. >> reporter: but if nicole oulson gets her say, reeves won't be going anywhere. >> i don't want him to see daylight ever again. >> reporter: nicole oulson will be there to tell her story and prosecutor are expected to share surveillance videos and photos they've obtained from the movie theater that afternoon. george?
7:34 am
>> okay, steve, thanks very much. let's bring in abc's chief legal affairs correspondent dan abrams. let's talk first about the video that could be played tomorrow. this obviously could be so significant. >> crucial because it'll help determine was there something thrown. remember, that is his defense, it's something was thrown at him. seems that's the defense. was something thrown? what was thrown? when was it thrown? the timing becomes very important because, remember, there are two questions, number one is self-defense where he is going to say that he reasonably believed that he was in danger of serious bodily injury or death. the other issue is trying to get this down from second degree murder to manslaughter. second degree murder requiring intent and manslaughter being more sort of reckless conduct as if it were a fight. one person responding to the other and so in terms of that determination, the timing becomes really important and the video should be crucial. >> this is florida, but there's no chance of a stand your ground defense, is there?
7:35 am
>> he could pursue a stand your ground defense. but not the sort of most controversial part of the law. the most controversial part of the law relates to the duty to retreat, right? there's no duty to retreat under stand your ground, not really relevant here. one of the key questions in my mind is how is it going to play into the fact it's a movie theater. right? i think that prosecutors will say when it comes to the law of reasonably believing you were in danger, you're in a movie theater. you really believed that whatever it was that was thrown at you made you believe reasonably that you were in danger? >> popcorn. >> now, by the way, he may challenge it was popcorn. i think even the victim's family suggesting maybe he didn't throw popcorn. there's still questions there, and that's why the video becomes important. >> does he have any chance of getting bail? >> he's got a chance. it's been denied once. if this was manslaughter, he probably would get bail. the fact it's murder makes it tough. >> okay, dan abrams, thanks very much. another video of that shooting rampage in albuquerque in october. a gunman wounding four police
7:36 am
officers and then leading police on a 16-mile chase through city streets. the video looking like something out of a hollywood movie. abc's ryan owens has this story. [ sirens ] [ shooting ] >> shots fired. >> reporter: the video is heart stopping. a rare glimpse inside a police shooting as it goes down. this video is so shaky because it comes from lapel cameras worn on the uniforms of police officers in new mexico as they were ambushed last october. 35-year-old christopher chase dressed in body armor and camo and carrying an assault rifle told witnesses to call police, that he was waiting for them. chase, who had cop killer tattooed on his knuckles, fired on the first officer to show up, carjacked his police cruiser and led other officers on a chase through albuquerque.
7:37 am
he shot three more cops inside their cruisers -- >> she's been shot. i need paramedics. breathe, breathe. >> reporter: -- before chase was hit eight times and killed. >> i walked up on him. he's dead. >> reporter: he had a deep-seeded hatred for law enforcement. he was determined to kill or injure as many officers as possible. we don't know any other motive besides that. >> reporter: all four of the officers survived, but one is still recovering after a bullet severed an artery in her leg. >> as far as my leg, it's going to be a while. i have maybe two more surgeries coming up. >> reporter: still, she's eager to get back on the beat back to a job these cameras remind us can be a terribly dangerous one. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, los angeles. >> that video is absolutely chilling. another check of the weather and, ginger, i was just talking to tom at ktrk, our abc station in houston.
7:38 am
not liking the weather down there this morning. >> no, or they're impressed by it. either way they're waking up in travis, the meteorologist tweeted me and said snow and sleet is around here. that's weird for us. it is. it's not accumulating. very light and oklahoma industry picked up a couple of inches of fresh snow back into parts of the panhandle of texas into new mexico, some winter weather advisories that will stick through today. look how far south they go into louisiana. something we'll watch and all it takes is that little bit. don't need a lot for the roads to get messy. extra time in the south for planning your morning commute. 10, that would be a high or by 9:00 p.m. temperature but either way, 14, oklahoma city, 23, dallas, 27, austin, so it certainly comes along with plenty of cold. a city like denver, you look at it and go, 12. that seems cold. good morning. i'm mike nicco. light to moderate rain steady through the morning hours and a scattered shower possible. that chance will even taper
7:39 am
during the evening hours. temperatures mainly low to mid 50s. heaviest rain this weeke >> this weather report brought to you by progressive. i shouldn't say all around because orlando was 66. they had a record high earlier in the week in the 80s. >> there's some good spots around the country. >> yeah. coming up, selena revealing she checked into rehab. why the young superstar did that. and the winner of a top reality weight loss show drastically dropping the pounds. now there seems to be a backlash whether it was too much too fast. fast. e today? yeah. i heard about progressive's "name your price" tool? i guess you can tell them how much you want to pay and it gives you a range of options to choose from. huh? i'm looking at it right now. oh, yeah? yeah. what's the... guest room situation? the "name your price" tool,
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♪ we are back at 7:42 with the news that selena gomez secretly checked into rehab last month for two weeks. fans were wondering what was up when she suddenly canceled the last leg of her 2013 world tour and now we know why. abc's bazi kanani has the story ♪ when you're ready ♪ come and get it nah >> reporter: when a chart topping hit and a successful fashion line, selena gomez has seemingly got it all. ♪ >> reporter: but now the slow down singer admits she needed to do just that, the 21-year-old revealing she checked herself into this arizona rehab facility last month reported by for exhaustion. gomez's rep telling abc news "selena voluntarily spent time at meadows but not for substance abuse." >> hollywood stars go to rehab
7:44 am
literally every week and most of them don't make an announcement. >> reporter: gomez who instagrammed this video of her in a dance studio on wednesday reportedly spent two weeks in a program specializing in emotional trauma and addiction for 18 to 26-year-olds. in december, she shocked fans when she canceled the australian leg of her tour saying "i need to spend some time on myself in order to be the best person i can be." but some speculate her reported stress came primarily from her three-year on and off again relationship with justin bieber. the singer was spotted riding a segway with bieber three days before she apparently entered rehab. >> none of us really know the reasons why she went into rehab but you have to imagine hanging around justin bieber, you have a lot of temptation around you. >> reporter: but in the age of twerking and wrecking balls gomez has been careful not to cross the line. >> let me tell you one thing,
7:45 am
the sexiest thing i think actually i know is class and that's it. >> reporter: now this new example for her fans getting help before it's gone too far. for "good morning america," bazi kanani, abc news, los angeles. >> and gomez recently told "teen vogue" i'm 21 so now entered the decade of confusion about who i am and what i want to do with my life. first decade of that. >> first decade and we sure hope she's okay. >> good thing she's handing it. coming up, the "o shot. how they're improving desire and satisfaction in the bedroom. >> oh my. and if you're still listening, "play of the day" too. >> wow. ♪ i think the sun might be shining ♪ ♪ just a little more bright ♪
7:46 am
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7:50 am
>> admittedly this was producer's choice this morning so i'm -- i'm going to wash my hands of this. >> not a good sign. >> ah. >> i'm just saying. i'm just saying. >> are you kidding? you just threw all of them under the bus? >> no, one specifically. michael, sorry. i love him and this is why, because, boy, he would pick me a winner, right? >> i think it's great. >> it is. it's awesome. >> well, he's very talented. >> uh-huh. >> all of them. >> all of them are. >> mike, it's great. >> i do believe denise in the control room also signing off on this one, as well, denise. >> way to go, denise. >> do they drop them or anything? does a dog appear? is a panda coming? >> i'll say this, sarina asked moo he to juggle and i do it with two oranges and she's incredibly impressed and it's not juggling, it turns out. turns out that's not juggling. >> these guys are great. i think michael is great.
7:51 am
i think denise is great. >> but you know what, america, i'm just -- i think i may have failed you this morning. >> george clooney is here. george is coming. >> george clooney. >> and this guy too. >> coming up "gma's" countdown to the oscars brought to you by nasacort allergy, 24 hour. nasacort allergy, 24 hour.
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. police are investigating whether drinking or slick roads caused a crash. ka reasoning into a pole and a planter box. the driver was injured and taken to the hospital. wet ride. let's see when the rain will stop with meteorologist mike nicco. mike? >> back edge of the steadier rain is starting to move through the north bay. right after the morning rush is over, that's when the heaviest or steadiest of the rain will be over. this weekend, one to two inches down south.
7:57 am
1 to 3 for most of us. two to five up north. leyla? >> sigalert still in effect. all lane notice eastbound direction are shut down at this time so they can move the tractor trailer that has jumped the center divider off to the side of the freeway. westbound traffic still three westbound traffic still three lanes blocked. hmm, minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that parker. well, did you know auctioneers make bad grocery store clerks? that'll be $23.50. now .75, 23.75, hold 'em. hey now do i hear 23.75? 24! hey 24 dollar, 24 and a quarter, quarter, now half, 24 and a half and .75! 25! now a quarter, hey 26 and a quarter, do you wanna pay now, you wanna do it, 25 and a quarter - sold to the man in the khaki jacket! geico. fifteen minutes could save you... well, you know.
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♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m., and george clooney is here live taking over times square. >> how about that for a tease? >> hollywood's leading man here lighting up our studio this morning. and our "epic wedding showdown" revs up. our competing couples go head-to-head to see who takes the cake, and your votes are vital in choosing who stays and who goes. ♪ it's not about the money plus, big deals and unforgettable steals made in america only for our viewers as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. and there they are, all
8:01 am
three couples getting ready for that "epic wedding showdown" with "cake boss" buddy valastro who is going to be judging a contest with them. of course, it's all leading up to next friday, valentine's day, the winner, live wedding right here on "good morning america." >> so, with buddy, we know cake is involved in the challenge in some kind of way. coming up. where are our manners? good morning, george clooney. >> good morning. >> hi. nice suit. >> good morning. thanks. >> nice suit. >> yeah, i've worn it once before, on this show, i think it was. >> we're going to talk to you about "the monuments men." i can't believe no one did this before. it is such a brilliant idea for a movie. >> and it was a funny story. i didn't really know the story and so researching was really fun to do. we actually met one of the monuments men at the premiere. it was fun. >> like a big treasure hunt. it's really a remarkable story. >> so we'll talk about that and congrats on "gravity." >> thank you. yeah, i had so much to do with that. you know, i hung around in space for awhile.
8:02 am
>> it's not the quantity, it's the quality. >> that's when you know you're big. you can just -- >> a movie about me and sandy bullock is in it. >> yeah. >> basically. >> we have a lot to get to. also, we've been talking a lot about in this morning. a drastic weight loss by a contestant on a show about relatively drastic weight loss. well, she lost more than half her body weight. that's a before and after of herself. she now according to some may have gone too far. experts weighing in. it's a talker. >> it's a real talker. >> so is this one. >> so is this one, lara. >> what? >> let's get a close-up. >> no, you don't need to do that. >> a two shot. >> so -- >> i'm in. >> so we'll also tell you -- i hope you all enjoy this. we'll tell you about the "o" shot. >> the what? >> the "o" shot. it's breakthrough science in treating female desire. >> oh, the "o" shot. >> oh. >> the "o." >> "the." >> aren't you glad you got to do that?
8:03 am
good morning, america. >> we can take it all. we've got "deals & steals" coming up. everything made in america. we have news from josh. all right, george. we will begin with what's being called a specific and credible threat against the olympics in russia. u.s. homeland security has alerted airlines flying to sochi that terrorists could be trying to conceal explosives inside tubes of toothpaste. officials tell us the warning was developed from intelligence gathered in the last month. because of it, the tsa may soon announce added security precautions at u.s. airports. meantime, today, russia is calling for a worldwide truce in all conflicts for the duration of the olympics, and that includes the brutal civil war in syria, but the plea for peace came just one day after russia said it would block new aid shipments to syrian civilians. meanwhile, here at home, nearly 500,000 homes and businesses are without power in pennsylvania this morning in the wake of that snow and ice storm
8:04 am
that did all sorts of damage, collapsing tree limbs, bringing down power lines in the process, could be days now before power is fully restored. today alone, in fact, more than 2,000 flights are delayed or canceled across the country as 115 million americans dig out from the storm. ginger's got the complete forecast coming right up. a texas judge ruled a teenager who drove drunk and caused a crash that killed four people will not serve prison time. lawyers for ethan couch claimed that overcoddling by his wealthy parents made him irresponsible, a condition of sorts that was infamously dubbed affluenza. well, instead of prison the judge has ordered couch to enter lockdown rehab. two other people were severely injured in that crash. meanwhile, in miami, surveillance cameras caught this, a very different take on the typical smash and grab. it was a pickax that jewel thieves used. they broke in through the roof of that store, smashed open a case, grabbed what they could
8:05 am
and left the way they came, back through that roof in just about two minutes' time. they got away with $75,000 in jewels. and finally, as the boy scouts say, be prepared. one zoo certainly following that rather sage advice with a twist. take a look. the tokyo zoo staging an emergency drill today simulating a gorilla escape. >> oh. >> are you kidding me? >> nope. >> i feel compelled to actually say this, complete with a zookeeper dressed as a gorilla. you'll notice they sedated that rampaging gorilla. >> that's the greatest thing i've ever seen. >> i think it's the dumbest thing i've ever seen. >> it's amazing. i mean -- >> the rampaging man in the gorilla suit. >> they couldn't get a different head? i mean, happy, happy gorilla. >> i'm having so much fun today.
8:06 am
>> that was amazing. >> well, they're ready now. "pop news" is coming up. let's get some weather from ginger. >> that's a tough one. i do love it. thank you so much for that. can we talk about some nice weather because we've been really avoiding florida because i just didn't want to. no, we just didn't have time because we were so stuck in the ice and snow but look at that. hollywood beach in florida and, yes, still very warm. the stationary front going to stay north of them. orlando changing from record highs to now in the 60s but 82 for miami today for a high and look at some of those other numbers in the southeast. not exactly where you'd want to be, but in the west, this is exactly what they want. >> rain. >> snow and rain. >> yes. >> rain going to be pouring in through the weekend, and we talked about the amounts. look at the snow amounts, though. that's great for any skiers and good morning. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. microclimate forecast, light rain through the morning commute. that will taper to scattered showers by the afternoon hours.
8:07 am
a weather week is in store especially for saturday. have a plan b inside. storm track will be close to the north bay next week. most of us, probably dry. low to mid 50s along the coast. low to mid 50s in the afternoon hours. in the 40s once again this evening with our best chance of >> oh, all that nation's weather. we have so much more coming up. lara, i was sweating with you, by the way, on the last tease. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> hey, here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." in "pop news," bradley cooper's ooh-la-la move, oui, oui. and it's made in america day on "deals & steals." you don't want to miss that. and then it's my favorite thing to say, george clooney is here. he's live talking to our george. that and more coming up on "good morning america" live in times square. stay with us, won't you? ♪ "gma's morning menu" is brought to by new, fast-acting advil. nothing is faster. ♪
8:08 am
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8:13 am
speaking of weddings, you know what we have coming up later, the "epic wedding showdown." very excited but right now time for "pop news." let's get to it. good morning, everybody. this one is for sabrina, my producer. women already think ooh-la-la when they catch a glimpse of bradley cooper but the oscar nominated actor is taking it to a whole other level talking -- [ speaking a foreign language ] >> christian bale. "speaking french." amy adams -- >> yes, george, he speaks french too. >> impressive. >> chatting it up with a french reporter about which of his co-stars has the best hair in le cinema. he was inspired to learn the language after watching "chariots of fire" as a kid and spent time as aen exchange student in france. he just got hotter. another brad who loves the french, brad pitt. he and angelina received --
8:14 am
[ speaking french." >> they've been described as charmingly pretty in color with a delicate structure that deepens through the palette. their first vintage was the highest ranking rose. the new vintage comes out tomorrow and it's $23 a bottle. >> i remember last year you promised us -- >> that's right. >> you promised. >> you promised us. >> i shall deliver. i'm waiting for it tomorrow because i wanted to you see the one that's so charming in color so i'm waiting for tomorrow and it will be here. it will. hey, you know, another celeb doing big things in the booze biz, tequila brought to you by those who drink it including one george clooney who if we hadn't mentioned it is here live. >> good tequila. >> it is really good tequila. maybe we can get some of that. >> or maybe some of that miraval
8:15 am
rose you promised. >> i will, i will. brad pitt, line three, please. finally some pretty amazing dogs in "pop news." we love the animals but this morning might be the best yet. check out lili the golden retriever guarding his owner's bike. who needs a lab when you've got lili. this is what lili does every time his owner rides into town. lili is something of a celeb in china where he's known as the bike hugging dog. >> ah. >> as if being a living bike guard is not enough, look what happens when lili's owner returns. this is also apparently the norm when he's done performing his duty. >> unbelievable. >> it's time to head out. lili, we love you. >> the balance. >> that's "pop news," everybody. >> that is the most adorable thing i've ever seen. amazing. >> incredibly talented that dog. >> thank you. >> if it you want to take credit for him, fine. >> all right.
8:16 am
we're going to move on to the uproar over the winner of "the biggest loser" who some are saying lost too much weight. rachel frederickson shocked fans when she revealed the body that went from 260 pounds all the way down to just 105 pounds. juju chang has the story for us. >> your current weight is -- >> reporter: it took just a matter of months to get to this moment. you lost 155 pounds. >> reporter: after a tortuous journey of sweat and struggle 24-year-old rachel frederickson was declared the winner on nbc's "the biggest loser" finale tuesday night. >> i won. >> reporter: a $250,000 grand prize for a 155-pound weight loss. >> congratulations. >> reporter: that some are now saying went too far. the show's trainers seemed shocked. and on social media an outpouring of concern for her health. some criticizing her for losing too much weight. >> this is a game show.
8:17 am
it's not a healthy model for how you should be losing weight. what we recommend is one to two pounds per week, not the kind of enormous weight loss that she experienced. >> reporter: frederickson dropped 60% of her original body weight. the most in the show's history. like all contestants she followed a program of rigorous diet and exercise. constantly monitored by weight loss professionals. but some doctors question the program's safety when it leads to such extreme results. >> having a prize of $250,000 to lose weight puts pressure on people to do things that might not be good for their health. >> reporter: as for frederickson now 5'4" and 105 pounds her bmi or body mass index is slightly below healthy. but despite the criticism t"the biggest loser" stands by their message stating "we remain committed to helping contestants achieve healthy weight loss and live healthier lifestyles and to inspiring viewers do the same."
8:18 am
more than a few that looked shocked were the other team's trainers, julian michaels and bob -- they said "we're not comfortable commenting on rachel's journey because we weren't her trainers and weren't given an opportunity to work with her at any point." any questions about the contestants on "the biggest loser" should be directed to the show's producers. and frederickson tells "access hollywood" she's never been more proud. >> it's not just a number, it's a life. i feel alive. >> reporter: for "good morning america," i'm juju chang, abc news, new york. >> well, we asked you at home to weigh in and you did. you had a lot to say. here's one example. one viewer tweeted "watched the finale with my teenage daughters. disturbing to reward emaciated young woman with cash prize. dangerous message." but another viewer wrote, "she did look a little thin. it's her body though. aas long as she's healthy and happy, it's all good. great job, rachel" so let's bring in a guy who knows more than a thing or two about weight
8:19 am
loss. our dear friend extreme weight loss transformationist, the special it and author of the book "choose more, lose more," chris powell. great to have you here with us. so, okay, this young woman set a record. this is the most in the history of this program, the percentage of body loss, what do you think about all it? >> clearly what she did was impressive to lose that much weight. and she did what she set out to do. i mean that really is the name of the game to lose as much as you can in a short amount of time as you possibly can. of course, in my opinion, though, the one thing that raises red flags is how fast she did it and how far she went. that does raise red flags but she's playing a game. we need to keep that in mind. that's the biggest thing. this is not necessarily real life. but she's playing a very real life game in the long rung. that's the catch-22 here. >> you've talked about this, as well. you have to change the way you think if you want to lose weight. is it possible that she's taken
8:20 am
this too far, that it's turned into kind of an unhealthy obsession of losing the weight. >> absolutely and i'm glad you brought that up because it is, yes, it's about changing the way you think and most of the people that we work with, they come from the overeating side of things but we also need to remember that that is an eating disorder, an unhealthy relationship with food. it's so easy to switch over to the opposite end of the spectrum and maintain that unhealthy relationship with food by simply undereating. we deal with this a lot throughout our process, as well, working with people on the show and off the show. it's easy to overeat and it's easy to undereat, the true challenge is finding that balance. but then again throw a $250,000 cash prize in the mix and guess what, it's a slugfest to lose as much as you can. yeah, very tricky stuff. >> all right, chris, we thank you so much. >> thank you. >> good to see you, as always. okay, now we turn to a doctor who says he's found the answer for making women's lives better in the bedroom. it's an injection that's shown real success in sending libidos
8:21 am
soaring. abc's cecilia vega here with what could be the female viagra. cecilia. >> reporter: it could be. men have that little blue pill and dozens of drugs to spice things up in the bedmany roo, but this could be the very first one for women. ♪ >> yes, yes. >> reporter: in "when harry met sally" this was the big "o" heard around the world but for many women, this isn't happening at home. >> i'll have what she's having. >> reporter: it's estimated that more than 50 million american women have trouble between the sheets. discuss ask 53-year-old michelle who asked us not to use her real name. >> i just thought that i was part of life at this point because of my age. >> reporter: now there's the "o" shot, yeah, you know what it stands for. this injection being tested could be the answer that helps improve female sexual desire and function. >> the most common thing i hear is wow.
8:22 am
what an orgasm. >> reporter: while men have 24 fda approved medications for sexual dysfunction, there are none for the ladies. in an early study dr. samuel woods says he has injected 80 women with the "o" shot and claims it worked in almost 85% of them. >> it affects all aspects of the female sexual function. it affects arousal, it affects orgasm and it affects libido. >> reporter: how does it work? a woman's own platelets are injected directly into the vagina. dr. woods says it stimulates the growth of new cells making the injected areas more sensitive. michelle says with topical anesthetic, the injection didn't even sting. >> after i got the shot and i had sex for the first time, i was amazed at how my body felt and how wonderful i felt mentally. >> reporter: it might not wow everyone. dr. woods warns the "o" shot isn't for certain women on
8:23 am
certain medications or with relationship issues. >> i do commend the doctor for attempting and thinking about new and effective treatments for female sexual dysfunction. that said, injecting growth factors into the genital area in the woman has risks associated with it and the ben if is have not been teased out. >> reporter: berman and other experts say there could be complications like scarring or infection and that other types of studies are needed to prove the treatment really works and is not merely a placebo effect. dr. woods says the procedure is very safe and adds that he has more in-depth studies planned and he says with the "o" shot -- >> oh. >> reporter: -- there may be a lot more of this to go around. >> in the end that combination has a tremendously positive effect both on their self-esteem, on how they view life, as well as their relationship. >> reporter: had to use that "when harry met sally." you knew that. it could have a positive effect on self-esteem and how women
8:24 am
view their relationships and really, guys, this is an estimated 40% of women have trouble in the bedroom so this is a real issue and this might be the answer that people are looking for. >> and real quick -- >> it'll take a while. doctors are testing it now and not cheap, 1500 bucks and is not covered by insurance. >> lots more to discuss on this. >> got to hit the road. >> we got to go. >> tory, let's go. "steals & deals." made in america today so you feel good and patriotic and save yourself some cash. >> ready, baby. >> tory, everybody quick, log on because this stuff is going. >> on yahoo! flint and tinder, men's underwear, socks, t-shirts, button downs, huge assortment of stuff, 99% of men's underwear is made overseas. an amazing chance to get it made in america. normally starting at $16 slashed in half, 8 bucks, perfect time to stock up now. >> awfully attractive, i might add. on we go. >> this company freaks amazing
8:25 am
insulators for water bottles, beer and fun names. these are little critters, abraham lincoln, big assortment on our website. normally 10 bucks apiece, slashed in half, $5. amazing based in will ming ham, north carolina. links jewelry, manufactured in boca raton. 10% of the proceeds go to sean penn's haitian relief fund. feel the weight. sterling and leather. very nice, beautiful, beautiful pieces that are all hand woven. >> supple. >> big, big bucks on this. normally $180 slashed by 56%, 80 bucks and come in a really beautiful gift box >> that's great. >> ready to melt your heart a little bit more. okay, so look at this little book. check it owl while i explain it. this is my new obsession. this company is called mosaic. they print on the east and west coast. you upload through an app on your android or iphone 20 photos and then you get in the mail this adorable little 7x7 hard
8:26 am
cover book. is that the cutest thing ever? the other night josh texted me 20 pictures, i was like, yes, i have enough for a mosaic. >> that's amazing. >> normally these books already a great price, $20 slashed in half, 10 bucks. that's the cutest thing ever. cutest ever. >> last but not least. the really great company that's based in trenton, new jersey. these are anna's candles, striped candles. i bet lara would give these a big thumbs up. beautiful, beautiful stripes. >> thumbs up. >> there she goes. normally $24 for a pair of 14 hours of burn time. these are slashed in half, $12 and an exclusive made in america only at at yahoo! >> made in america, you're helping out the country. thanks to all. lots more coming. george clooney live. go nowhere.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. rainy weather and wet roads resulted in many accidents on bay area roads this morning. traffic snarled on interstate 80 after a big rig jackknifed and crashed into the center divider. it happened about three hours ago between hilltop and el portel drive. nobody was hurt. crews are still on the scene to clear the mess. sorry about the confusion there, but leyla has more details. >> no confusion here. nothing but traffic. plenty of red there. brake lights as you make it into the westbound direction because of this big rig at just the center divider. they've blocked off all eastbound lanes to get the truck off to the side of the freeway.
8:28 am
heavy backup out of the hoffman split. it will take you at least 45 minutes to make it in the westbound direction. kristen? >> leyla, thanks a lot. we'll talk to meteorologist mike
8:29 am
. a good that comes in 25 flavors. from whole natural to wasabi and soy sauce. and once good gets going, there's no stopping it. good . get your good going. blue diamond. snack nut of u.s. snowboarding. good morning. good news if you're traveling the next couple of hours. rain is letting up right now. up to the northwest, a chunk of energy that could bring scattered showers for the rest of the afternoon. let's talk about this weekend real quick. rainfall amounts through at
8:30 am
least saturday. that's when the heaviest rain will fall, one to two inches in the south bay. two to five up north. here is your accuweather seven-day forecast. should be drier almost everywhere next week. hey. >> well, it's day two of "gma's epic wedding showdown." she couples blindfolded right there. now, right now they have no idea what our special judge, "cake boss" buddy valastro, our friend right there -- no idea what he's going to ask them to do and, of course, this is all so they can have the weding of their dreams next friday, valentine's day right here on "gma." the winners are going to be married live. john legend is going to sing. >> john legend as your wedding singer. not too shabby. head to our website, on yahoo! to vote to for your favorite couple. your vote will help keep the couple you're rooting for in the running. >> exciting. also excited about george clooney being here talking about his new movie military milita"m"
8:31 am
he wrote it, directed it. fantastic story. nodding to him. we'll talk to him in just a minute. >> can't wait for that. also chris pratt who is here. >> who is awesome. >> so, so funny. over there at the twitter mirror. the store of "the lego movie." look at him. we can't wait to talk to him, as well. >> range, he's got range for days. >> is that why you were late getting back over here from the hellos? >> could have been. probably, yes, yes. and time now, morning mega meme time. >> announcer: the morning mega meme. >> what you got? >> well, not just olympians facing certain challenges in sochi. sochi problems now on twitter account of its own with like 55,000 followers plus. >> oh, wow. >> and it's fair to say there are some less than ideal situations the visitors are
8:32 am
facing, in fact, our own matt gutman, yeah, pointed this out. that was a bee -- it's a bee in his honey. >> and he ate it anyway. >> it can happen. >> you know, for the bee, it's home, so i can understand it. >> but also the toilets aren't flushing, the water is beer colored. >> to that point, you see this here -- hair dryer won't stay on the wall. tape saves the day. i mean these hotels were thrown up -- >> is that julie foudy? >> our very own julie foudy. julie, your bad hair days are -- and this, a write fixture crashed a foot from my bed so things are falling apart even as they're standing. and finally, dustpans short so cardboard being used. >> oh, my. >> i think hopefully the competition itself rules the day in the end because certainly other things have ruled the day
8:33 am
to this point. >> yes. >> as it begins today. >> i'd rather talk about shortage of dustpans, though, than potential terrorist actions. >> agreed. >> opening ceremonies coming and, in fact, the games have officially begun, oh, by the way. george and george. georges. >> we're right here here because we'll talk about "monuments men." you know george clooney does everything in the movie, he acts, he writes, he produces and based on an incredible true story about a special world war ii platoon with art ex-pers that wanted to save masterpieces from the nazis. here he is with matt damon. >> monuments men. >> signed by roosevelt. >> oh, i see that. >> i'm to put a team together to try to protect what's left and find what's missing. >> respect you a little old for that? >> yes. >> you want to go into a war zone and tell our boys what they can and cannot blow up. >> that's the idea. >> okay. how many men? >> for now, six. >> jesus.
8:34 am
>> with you, that's seven. >> that's much better. >> go through basic england and wait for orders. >> basic? >> uh-huh. >> basic training? us? oh, boy. >> and they went on the adventure. cle clooney right here and right now and heard there's life imitating art getting the gang together. you went all over the world to get them. >> i went to australia for a day which is a fun flight to get cate blanchett and bill murray came out to my house in italy, we've been friends for a long time which is -- it's a funny friendship, you know, because he's hard to get a hold of a lot of times and sometimes he'll call and say i'm here and send a car to pick him up. and matt, i just -- i think i just sent an e-mail to matt because we worked together six times fairly easy. >> you could see it on the screen. so great it see you all work together and what a gift to bring this story to so many people. i was just telling you before this was a big blind spot to me.
8:35 am
an incredible story. >> it is and you know we think after 70 years we really do have all the stories sort of milked from world war ii. we figure we have them all down and this is a really big story because it was literally hitler and the nazis' plan wasn't just to steal all the art from all the countries that they conquered, but it was also to destroy a lot -- >> if they couldn't get away with it they would destroy it. >> it wasn't enough to own a piece of art. he was building a giant museum in austria but he also -- he just wanted it to be as if you didn't exist. he wanted to destroy your culture and i've seen that in other countries, i've soon it in the sudan when i've been there, you know, and it is a very interesting piece of -- it's an interesting way of how you destroy someone's, you know, entire history. >> you have a lot of fun in the movie. a lot of action but you do get at these big question, not only the ones you raise but also the sacrifices people make for art and whether it's worth
8:36 am
sacrificing a life to save a piece. >> i think it's a really fair question because if we were going to talk just you and i and you said i got a famous piece of art hanging in my house and it's on fire, you get your family out and i'm not quite sure if you risk your life. if you're willing to die to save that painting. >> some people would be wills to die to save the mona lisa. >> they might be but the argument i would make these men and what they were doing they weren't talking about risking their lives to save a piece of art, what they were saying is you're not going to be allowed to destroy our entire culture and not only kill everyone, but also say that we never existed, that we weren't here and that is worth dying for and that i think is what those men -- that's what was so important. >> may be about to get the recognition. i hear they're up for a congressional gold medal. you got to meet un. >> ari atlinger was the youngest and came to the premiere the other night and going to have dinner with him and he's really fun and funny and enjoying this
8:37 am
time. >> i bet you he is. a lot of pranks but i got to tell you we're getting all kinds of questions coming in on twitter right now. everyone wants to know what you're going to do to tina fey and amy poehler for this. >> oh, you got it. >> it's a story of how george clooney would rather float away into space and die than spend one more minute with a woman his own age. [ laughter ] >> now you promised to get them back. >> i already started. i sent -- i sent her a letter from matt damon -- matt damon's stationary that said dear tina, i may sound like a hypocrite but understand -- because i laughed at the jokes about george and about leo but they're kind of known for that and, you know, when you called me a garbage man, you know, it really hurt me and my kid calls me a garbage man now and i sent her the letter and then matt -- matt knowing nothing about it gets two giant baskets of fruit a few days later with letter number one and letter number two and letter number one, matt, jesus, i'm so sorry. i thought we were friends. i thought you could take it and
8:38 am
letter number two is this is a prank from george clooney and tell him we're grown ass comedians and you better step your game up. so -- >> that's justs beginning. >> i'm doing something that i'm actually ashamed of that's -- >> we can't wait to hear about it. >> we'll send you photos. >> i'm sure you'll find out about it later. "monuments men" opens nationwide tomorrow. george, thanks a lot. >> thank you. outside to ginger with the weather. >> good morning, george -- i mean george and george. we've got homemade signs here. last minute. hi, tom. hi, doug. we're saying hi to you in massachusetts. let's go and get into the weather forecast. houston is having a little bit of a rougher morning. live shot from there and start with twitter photos. there's houston right just above the freezing mark. they've seen sleet, light snow, fortunately not causing too many issues but something to watch for because winter weather advisories from oklahoma through parts of texas this morning and there it is, close to pompano
8:39 am
beach in florida, a beautiful shot and, yesterday's ice, that was not so beautiful, malvern, pennsylvania, cold and snowy goes away a little bit, and the warmer weather returns. look at some of those numbers. kansas city by the weekend you'll get close to freezing. good morning. i'm mike nicco. light to moderate rain steady through the morning hours and a scattered shower possible. that chance will even taper during the evening hours. temperatures mainly low to mid 50s. heaviest rain this weekend will be saturday. >> all that weather brought to you by temper ur-peditempur-ped. >> across the room, everyone is blindfolded for our "epic wedding showdown." buddy's going to tell them who is going to win it in just a little bit. ♪ the applause "good morning america's" countdown to the oscars is brought to you by nasacort alle
8:40 am
hales corners, wisconsin.
8:41 am
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8:42 am
♪ will you marry me >> it's game time. day two of "gma's epic wedding showdown." >> i'm so bummed i missed day one. >> day one was amazing. we started out yesterday with four couples battling it out in our clash of the couples obstacle course. it was really quite epic. now, though, we're down to three. the final three. they all want that incredible live "gma" valentine's day
8:43 am
wedding with wedding singer john legend. i mean, before we kick it off today on today's challenge here's a look at our remaining three couples. >> go. >> it was a fiery fight to the finish line in the round one challenge of "gma's epic wedding showdown." >> find it. >> as these four engaged duos chosen out of hundreds eager to step into the wedding ring of battle went veil to veil in our epic obstacle course. in the end, though, alex and jeremy came out on top. team red. nice job. and after our viewer vote, team blue's sergio and lauren were eliminated. for the three remaining couples, they're in it to win it. chris and abria from houston, sweethearts who met in college. >> i think it will be exciting to share your love with millions of americans. and so they know that true love does exist. >> alex and jeremy of pennsylvania have such large families they say getting married on "gma" is ideal.
8:44 am
>> this would just be -- allow everyone even if it's in the comfort of their own living rooms to be able to share in this awesome day with us. >> and brittany and paul from upstate new york are looking to celebrate a love that has been put to the ultimate test. >> that first thing you can always rely upon, that person you know will be there for you, that's what we've always done for each other. >> so who will outwit and outlast round two of "gma's epic wedding showdown"? the competition begins now. yep and we'll be down to two couples after today. big welcome back to today's teams, blindfolded this morning in the dark about the challenge. right now, though, we'll ask you guys to remove your blindfolds and just to remind our viewers, team red, jeremy and alex, team yellow, christopher and abria and team green, paul and brittany. >> okay. so here you go. now, look right in front of you, masterpieces to come, of course, our good friend, buddy valastro, the cake boss is going to join
8:45 am
us today as a guest judge. very fittingly getting to the rules for today who takes the cake challenge. you can see a plain cake in front of each of you. when we start the clock, you will have one minute to use the decorations in front of you to re-create buddy's cake right here as close to the actual appearance as possible so run up, look at the model cake as much as you want, when you hear the words step away from your cake, that's it. hands up. and then buddy is going to award one first place couple. they are through automatically. >> and the other two will have to wait. >> just so you know i couldn't do this cake in one minute so it's on. >> you can. >> no, i couldn't and i'm the cake boss. >> get as close as you can. >> let's go. the counter is ready, three, two, one. go. >> check it out, check it out. >> oh, all right. >> come on. >> team green goes right to the cake. >> nobody has gone to the cake. of the other two. >> item to the cake, josh.
8:46 am
>> i would. i would have taken a look. >> interestingly -- >> team yellow. team red. >> relying on a lot. >> who is going to win this? huh? come on, now. >> team yellow getting very creative with the black icing. >> okay, so -- >> glue them on. >> you have 30 seconds left, josh. >> everybody is working their way down. >> everybody is going with those roses on down. >> what are you guys doing here. >> team red is going for speed. not necessarily accuracy. >> you've got to put cream. they're not going to stick. >> buddy. >> what are we doing here? >> giving his -- >> stay focused. >> all right. >> first buddy is the judge. >> ten seconds? on the clock. >> nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. >> hands up. >> step away from the cake. >> that looks beautiful. >> buddy, buddy, three very different looks here. we had only one team actually go to the cake to check it out. team green but in the end there
8:47 am
could only be one winner. who is it. >> let me take a quick look. two. all right. i am going to go with team yellow. >> team yellow. >> all right. >> the reason being, the piping is a little bit more scrolled. this is the best details on it. they completed the most. team yellow. >> team yellow is through. you're back tomorrow for day three. it'll be down to two couples. it'll come down to actually you, our viewers, later on. >> we'll find out who goes home. >> which of you is going home. by the way, the cake boss providing the cake for the wedding as part of the wonderful package. >> good job. >> go nowhere. >> i love this.
8:48 am
♪ ♪ ♪ told ya you could do it. (dad vo) i want her to be safe. so, i taught her what i could and got her a subaru. (girl) piece of cake. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
8:49 am
they have been around for more than 50 year, more than 560 billion parts produced and now
8:50 am
legos are ready for their close-up. tomorrow their first ever full length 3d animated feature hits theaters. well, like a cut of bricks. we're talking, of course, about the lego movie. take a look. >> good morning, apartment. good morning, doorway. good morning, wall. good morning, ceiling. good morning, floor. ready to start the day. oh, here it is. instructions to fit in. have everybody like you and always be happy. step one, breathe. woo! okay. got that one down. step two, greet the day's smile and say -- >> all: good morning, city! >> how about we say good morning to chris pratt. yes. he voice the that happy little camper, emmet. great to see you. >> nice to see you, robin. >> you said that, you know, you've got the hand gestures and all that but what is it about his personality that strikes you? >> oh, man, this guy, emmet,
8:51 am
he's kind of lonely and has been trying so hard his whole life to fit in and be normal that he's essentially become invisible in this world that he lives in and he's not memorable to anybody and so it's a very lonely place and, you know, he's a very regular kind of guy. >> you say invisible is a great way to start to be a hero. no one is really looking, expecting anything? that's just right. he's so ordinary when he's given a chance to be extraordinary, it's really fun to watch. >> tell you the cast is not ordinary. by the way can i just give a shout-out to our crew. this is a lego set. this whole set was made by legos, our coffee cup, yes. you do that so well. >> oh. >> i'm so sorry. >> i think will arnett did something similar when he was here. no, no, no. will arnett is in the cast, will ferrell is in the cast. morgan freeman. >> morgan freeman. liam neeson. >> did you get a chance to interact because it's animated.
8:52 am
sometimes you don't get to see anyone. >> we did intense research for months together in a house built of lego and that was really cool for us to spend -- we slept on lego beds, no -- >> no you didn't. >> i'm just teasing, robin. we did have a chance to interact in the studio which is not normal doing an animated movies. a lot of times they like to isolate an actor and get clean sound but the filmmaker thought it was important to allow comedians to interact with each other so that was pretty fun. i got to work with all those guys. >> and came through on screen and in the time we have left, i know you have an adorable son jack. >> yes. >> he doesn't have a set of legos, does he? >> he does not yet. >> we'll change that -- >> don't you dare. >> these are the baby edition. hey, thanks, man. that's the baby edition. >> duplos. >> for little jack. you and anna. >> thank you so much. i cannot wait to step on one of
8:53 am
these in my bare feet at 2:00 in the morning. >> i know. it'll happen. think of us when that happens. >> i sure will. thank you so much. very thoughtful. >> you ago like you're winning an award. i'd like to thank. >> first of all -- >> well, it is going to be a lot of fun. this movie is. >> it's really good. i'm really excited for it. >> "the lego movie" hits theaters tomorrow nationwide and right out to find out the finalists -- you saw our "epic wedding showdown." >> yeah. >> we'll tell you the winner copping back. >> cheers. >> that was a good bit. >> cheers.
8:54 am
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8:56 am
♪ we're back with the results. buddy valastro, our guest judge gave first place to team yellow. our bottom two couples are in jeopardy. whichever team scored more votes online will advance. buddy, the envelope please. thank you very much. robin. >> all right. who is it? >> team green. i'm very sorry -- >> oh. >> you're going home. >> oh. >> oh, team green. >> i'm sorry. >> team red is advancing. >> sorry.
8:57 am
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. first big rain of the year is causing commute troubles. let's check in with leyla. >> the rain is tapering off. should taper off later this morning. temperatures will not reach above mid to upper 50s. a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast, more rain coming in for the weekend. it's going to be soaked. and then starts to dry out for the middle of next week. and it's really doing a number on traffic this morning. we have had a major sigalert. it is in the clearing stages, though. all westbound lanes at 80 el portel drive has reopened. eastbound traffic, three lanes
9:00 am
are shut down. should reopen shortly. major backups coming interest away from highway 4. kristen? >> join us for our midday news at 11:00. announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." director r, writer, producer, george clooney. and performing their new hit "i want it all" carmen. plus, no lip strike, no liner, no powder, no makeup for kelly. time to pay off the co-host super bowl bet. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause


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