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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 9, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PST

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rain is soaking the bay area tonight. flash flood watches and warnings and damage all around the bay. trees down and roads closed. a live look outside tonight, where the rain is still coming down. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. the northspec bay was hit especy hard. lots of rain and lots of flooding. a flood watch is still in effect tonight. almost ten inches of rain has fallen on mount tamalpais in marin county since the storm began. we have team coverage tonight from the north bay to the south bay wp we begin with abc 7 news meteorologist leigh glaser. >> reporter: just in the last two days mount tamalpais over 12 inches of rain, and more is poised just off the coast. you can see live doppler 7 hd,
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and much of the moisture today has been feeding right into the north bay. ukiah, cloverdale, santa rosa, right in this trajectory. and another big plume of moisture sitting just off the coast will slide in overnight tonight and tomorrow. i tell you, hillsburg, windsor, moving all wait down toward santa rosa. moderate rain there. we had flood warnings in effect earlier this evening for the petaluma area. shellville, some heavy rain moving through there. part of that roadway already blocked with high water. and now starting to see some heavier cells moving into the east bay. concord, pittsburgh as well as antioch and down toward san jose. very little in the amount of rainfall, but you will definitely get some tomorrow. flash flood watches up for all of marin county until sunday at 3:00. and rainfall potential, folks, we're looking in the higher hills of marin county tomorrow. anywhere as much as three to
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five inches of rain. mount tamalpais over eight inches the last 24 hours. mount st. helena close to five. over 4 1/2 in napa. lesser amounts as we head south. a detailed look at how much more rain is in our forecast coming up in a bit. >> thank you, leigh. the biggest problems are in the north bay. take a look at this rock slide. large boulders came crashing down on highway 101 near sir francis drake boulevard. and a flash flood warning was issued today for parts of sonoma county. abc 7 news reporter sergio campana live with a look at the flooding. >> reporter: sonoma creek jumped its banks around 2:00 this afternoon, overswept through, ad here, and watched out this intersection. a lot of the residents here know that this place is prone to flooding. so they quickly adapted the detours. but tonight the chp is telling anyone who happens to be touring through here tomorrow and even tonight to pay attention to those detours because there's a good chance this intersection is
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still going to be flooded out and closed. >> the flooded out intersection didn't stop a few drivers from trying to get through. this person finally realized it was a bad idea and turned around. chp officers say this is one of the biggest dangers when it rains. >> there's a lot of standing water. so we want to try to have people avoid the standing water. standing water is very dangerous. you can't tell the depth of it. you don't know what's inside of it and you don't know how your vehicle's going to react. >> this flooding happened during sonoma county's flash flood warning. a flash flood watch throughout the north bay remains in effect. the deluge of rain caused a series of problems throughout the north bay. in santa rosa parts of tanglewood park were underwater because of a nearby creek that overran its banks. in sebastopol the creek near janol road nearly swept over its banks. standing water here caused this stretch to be shut down just in case. in rohnert park we talked with one resident as he shored up his home with sandbags. >> obviously the rain, a little bit of work to do, but you know
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what? all in all it's going to benefit our stuff in the house because it's not going to get wet and ruined. >> reporter: down the way in marin county the creeks near lagunitas road and corte madera looked full but didn't seem as if they would overflow. caltrans will remain here on site. all they can do, they say, is wait till this water recedes before they can open up 121 again to traffic. reporting live near shellville, i'm sergio quintana, abc 7 news. >> thank you, sergio. take a look at the damage the rain left behind on this stretch of fort watts road. half of the street gone. road crews arrived to see the two-lane highway reduced to one. >> down below there was one vehicle that was inundated by the rock slide from fort ross road. >> you can make out the roof of a truck that got swept away in the slide and remains buried in thick heavy mud and rocks. new at 11:00, more severe storm damage, this time in san
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francisco's russian hill area. a large tree was uprooted by gusty winds near francisco and clums streets just after 9:00 tonight. look what it did to this toyota corolla parked right beside it. the car was just crushed. in mill valley a massive tree at the mill valley golf course split in three and one of the pieces came down over glen drive. it snarled up the only street into and out of this neighborhood. crews worked quickly to clean up the mess. people were preparing for the starm all over the bay area. lots of sandbags were handed out from the north bay to south bay. in oakland the public works agency is making sandbags available for residents and businesses to help prevent flooding. umbrellas were popping up everywhere on san francisco's embarcadero. the wet weather didn't keep tourists or shoppers away from the ferry building today. now to the south bay and john altman who is live along highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains. >> reporter: light rain, some
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photographic moving at a full clip. the last time some areas of the santa cruz mountains saw rain before this week was back in october. and then they only got about a quarter of an inch. not tonight. a noticeable amount of water is finally cal cading into the san lorenzo river in felton. but it's still not much to make much of a difference. the folks of santa cruz county are used to a lot worse. >> it normally gets trashed. limbs down, trees down, all kinds of crazy tough. >> about as crazy as it's gotten for ben loam sn 3 1/2 inches of rain over the past 24 hours. that's a small fraction of the rain the area usually sees over the rainy season. enough to do some damage. >> skylight leaking. i was just worried about a lot of my electronic equipment today. >> okay. >> but i'm happy to say that i'm breathing a lot easier and, yeah, still happy to be here in santa cruz county. >> it's much needed but this is nothing. this is just the tip of the
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iceberg. >> i just don't want people to get fooled that we've got a little bit of rain, so people start using water a lot more. we're still in a drought. >> heavier rain is expected for sunday. in the santa cruz mountains john alston, abc 7 news. >> viewers are senting us their pictures frt storm. glenn m. trying to keep the drains clear on hidden valley road in guerneville. and you can see crews trying to clear debris off roadways covered with water. new at 11:00 all the water created problems for crew in hillsborough tonight after a water main broke. this six-inch water main is on hillsborough boulevard and temporarily closed the road. it is expected to reopen any minute now. pg&e has been struggling with power outages all day. here are the latest numbers. more than 1,600 customers on the peninsula are currently without power. in the north bay 825 customers in the dark. 33 customers in the south bay are affected and 109 customers in the east bay. and taking a live look at
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san francisco international airport, where airlines are still recovering from a long day of delays brought in by cloudy skies and strong winds. some arriving flights at sfo saw delays of up to three hours. departures saw an average delay of 45 minutes. dozens of short haul flights were canceled. delays at oakland and mineta san jose were much less severe. flights saw delays of 20 minutes at most. in the sierra it is snow that's slowing down travel along some of the roadways up there. this is highway 50 at twin bridges and el dorado county. chain restrictions are in effect on 50 between here and meyers. chains are also required on 80 between kingvale and donner lake. the snow is great news for tahoe area ski resorts. this is video sent in to us this afternoon by north star. elevations oaf 8,000 feet got close to three feet of snow today. higher elevations got to tenaround six to ten inches. and it is not just in the bay area. later this hour a look at the storm pounding the northwest and the bi
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and causing. and join us for the abc 7 morning news tomorrow at 5:00, 6:00, and 9:00 a.m. for the latest on the winter storm. you can also track the rain anytime by adding live doppler r hd to your twitter feed. three people are in custody tonight after a high-speed chase. they crashed their car in mountain view following a chase started in san francisco. the suspects are suspected of being involved in yesterday's shooting in san francisco's western edition. today police tried to pull them over on gerard street. instead they rammed the squad car so hard the grill fell off and air bags deployed. at least two of the suspects are juchblsz. new at 11:00, another problem has been discovered on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. the "san francisco chronicle" reports caltrans recently found rainwater dripping into the steel bridge below the bridge deck. that structure was designed to be watertight. the "chronicle" says outside metal experts believe it could pose a risk of corrosion on the bridge. still to come on abc 7 news
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at 11:00, a major recall. why millions of pounds of meat from a bay area county is being pulled off the shelves. plus, the new deveplus, the tonight in the fight over same-sex marriage. the new federal rules that are being announced. and woody allen breaks his silence. the rare statement after renewed accusation that's he molested his adopted daughter. and we are of course tracking the storm on live doppler 7 hd. there's still lots of rain and more on the way. we'll have the full forecast when abc 7 news at 11:00 continues.
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when i have an asthma attack... i feel scared. sometimes my parents have to take me to the hospital. i feel like a fish with no water. you know how to react to their asthma attacks.
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here's how to prevent them. call... visit... or call your doctor. because... actor-director woody allen is defending himself against renewed allegations of sexual abuse. a rare statement from allen today, days after a letter by his adopted daughter was published in the "new york times." here's abc news reporter juju cheng. >> reporter: "of course i did not molest dylan." that flat out denial in the sunday "new york times" from the famously reclusive director, lashing out against allegations from his donated daughter, dylan pharaoh. "i loved her and hope one day she will grasp how she has been
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cheated out of having a loving " father." allen argues legal details and addresses personal matters, from his marriage to soon-yi to frank sinatra. but foremost he accuses mia farrow of coaching their adopted daughter dylan, then and now. "one must ask, did dylan even write the letter or was it at least 2k3w50ided by her mother?" dylan, now 28, spoke out in the "new york times" after the director was honored at this year's golden globes. she described in detail alleged sexual abuse in the attic of her home at age 7. in his letter allen denies it saying "the attic was never a place i'd go because it's a tiny closed spot and i'm a major claustrophobe." for years allen has cuesed his one-time co-star in hannah and her sisters for manipulating them out of spite. "my north never coached me. she was dris draw the when i told her. she was hoping against hope i made it up." juju cheng, abc news in new york. new at 11:00 a petaluma company is recalling more than 8
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million pounds of meat products. the rancho feeding corporation processed diseased animals without federal inspection. 18 products in all are being the bod heads.ding beef the boxes of products are market est 527 inside the usda mark. each box has a case code number ending in 3 or 4. the products were made from january of 2013 to january of this year. they were shipped to california, illinois, texas, and florida. tonight equal rights advocates are hailing a historic announcement on same-sex marriage. speaking to the human rights campaign's new york gala this evening, u.s. attorney general eric holder announced he will extend the federal government's recognition of same-sex marriages to the justice department. holder says he will issue a policy memo on monday, instructing his employees to give lawful same-sex marriages full and equal recognition. >> all of these steps forward
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are worth celebrating. i also want to make one thing very clear. for my colleagues, for me, and i know for all of you they're really only the beginning. >> the change means same-sex spouses cannot be compelled to testify against eachfederal cou federal court and will be able to file for bankruptcy jointly. the rain didn't dampen redwood city's fourth annual lunar new year celebration. abc 7 morning news anchor kristen bee helped kick off today's festivities, which will move inside the san mateo county natural history museum to keep spectators and performers dry. martial arts performances, a traditional lion dance, and an arts and crafts venue for the kids. and it was a good idea to move that indoors. lots of rain today and is there more on the way? abc 7 news meteorologist leigh glaser up on our roof with live doppler hd. hi, leigh. >> hi, everyone. foggy day, especially in the north bay. let's get right to live doppler 7 hd.
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you can see, boy, check this out. look at that pool of moisture just feeding right over in toward the north bay. and that, my friends, is where most of the heaviest rain has been and this continues this e. check out a little bit of that dark orange and also a little bit of red showing up just to the south of hillsburg. some very moderate rain. that stretch of rain heading down toward windsor. also picking up some moderate rain heading east to the lucas valley. san rafael, moderate rain. and finally, we're starting to see some moderate rain out toward concord. pittsburgh. leyland road just in the last 15, 20 minutes. very heavy downpour and heading out toward antioch as well in oakley. and even santa cruz now picking up some moderate rain. this new pool of moisture will make its way from the north bay to the south bay tomorrow.
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and here's our storm risk. north bay will be high. street flooding will be medium. mud rock slides, wind damage slides. flooding low and up to five inches. maybe even a little more expected in some of our wettest areas. san francisco 57 degrees, 51 in san jose. and sfo, you can count on more flight delays throughout the day tomorrow. we are all pretty much, especially in the north bay, mid up toer 50s. concord right now 55. here's a look at our forecast highlights. rainy and breezy overnight. the heaviest rain tonight will be in the north bay and a series of heavy rain across the entire bay area for this sunday. we get a couple of days of dry weather and then more wet days expected by the middle part of next week. let me show you the water vapor loop. you can see that pool of moisture all the way to the hawaiian islands. but you can see the big plume just off the coast and that is aimed for the bay area.
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we'll start our timing 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. moderate rain across san francisco. and then check out by 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 very heavy rain. then it all starts to shift toward the east and to the sout and overnight sunday night, early monday morning. that's when the moisture starts to head on out of here. maybe a few lingering showers early monday morning. that's about it. but boy, from now until then, though, in the north bay mountains three to five inches t expected. that's why that flood watch is in effect for all of marin county until 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. the lower elevations, one to two inches. santa cruz mountains can see up to four inches. speaking of the mountains, blue canyon 48 degrees right now with moderate rain for those snow levels. because this is a warmer system, very high at 8,000 feet. the higher elevation seeing the snow. but that snow level will come down tomorrow. so we will look for a lake level about six to ten inches by
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tomorrow night. winter storm warning up through monday morning, 4:00 a.m., and then above 7,000 feet maybe one to two additional feet. at to near 60 y with rain heavr degrees, and we'll see some early showers on monday, followed by a dry day on tuesday. more showers wednesday. looks like this weekend will be wet as well. so we'll be here tonight as well as tomorrow morning to keep you updated on this next roundvery very heavy rainfall. >> all right. thank you so much, leigh. the warriors escaped the rain. >> but not the sun. the warriors dealing with an injury bug and it's starting to show up in the time score. david lee and andrew beg ut both out tonight against phoenix and the suns got the heat. smacking the warriors down a peg in the division and the playoff hunt. highlights coming up in sports. >> this medal count update is brought to you by united. carrying the hopes of a nation for over 30 years. united.
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proud to fly team usa.
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- ( snaps) that sounds awful. ( music stops ) but a lot better than last week. ( rock music playing ) ♪ we weren't born to follow. ♪ well, the warriors in phoenix hosted by the suns, who trail golden state by only half a game in the pacific division. now, david lee and andrew bogut both out for the second straight game with injuries and it showed. this little guy, though, still believing. andrew i go iguodala. 12 for golden state including this great crossover and the
2:24 am
one-handed slam. the defense was a problem without bogut. warriors trailed by four at the half despite 16 at the break from steph curry. 13-2 run. dragic with a three. curry three.p his team in it. had 28. great reverse layup. warriors down 12. now it's a two but every time they got close suns pulled away. dragic with another three. career-high 34. warriors fall to seventh in the west, third in the pacific with a 122-109 loss. march madness right around the corner. gonzaga pulling away from the pack in the west coast conference. but st. mary's and usf not far behind. let's head to malibu, california. st. mary's andpepper pepperdine. 23 seconds left in the game. pepperdine down two, bounce pass to brendan line for the dunk we go to overtime tied at 59. steven holder career-high 29 lays it in to give st. mary's the lead. three seconds left in o.t. gaels up 2. majors picks it up, goes for the
2:25 am
win but it's wide. st. mary's wins their second in a row, 69-67 that final. usf facing b yuchlt. walters not happy with his team at the half sew brings them out early to work on rebounds. woke them up. holmes long pass for the alley-oop. dons up three. byu too much in the second half holding the dons scoreless in the final 1:50 of the game. cougars go on twoin that one 68-63. santa clara hosted by san diego at the slim jim. jenny craig pavilion. nice off balance jumper. second half, clark misses. santa clara ends a seven-game slide with a 69-63 victory. we'll take a brief time out before we hit the links. pebble beach dealing with rain and wind. patriots quarterback tom brady used to playing in this stuff,
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is it just me or is it fun sometimes to see pga professionals suffer? that's going on with pebble beach with the wind and rain delaying the first three rounds. today it was the wind. 30-mile-an-hour gusts had balls rolling sideways. check it out. along with players and flags the third-round play resumed at 1:30 after a 2 1/2-hour delay. patriots head coach bill belichick signing autographs, then draining putts, even though he was on 8 for bogey. knocked it down. then a little celebration. his quarterback not to be outdone. tom brady eagle on 2. got it. giants pitcher matt cain birdie putt on 18. he's got game. tuning up for spring training. kid rorks his first appearance here, rocking the american flag golf attire. didn't help his game, though. bunker right there on 8. he's only been playing a year, but he's having fun. playing in a group with john daly and the great one, wayne gretzky, greatest hockey player ever, not a bad golfer.
2:30 am
par. in the hole. gretsy partnered with his future son-in-law, dustin johnson, his approach on the par 4 4th using the wind to his advantage. sticks it to within five feet. he would birdie. meanwhile, other pros vying for that top spot, jordan spieth, long birdie on 4 but he was 5 over today. your leader jimmy walker pulling away from the pack. shoots a 4 under 67. he's the leader at 13 under. a 6-stroke lead. walker's already won twice this year. round 3 suspended due to darkness. we'll try to finish tomorrow but here's your leaderboard so far. much better weather in florida for the champions tour. second round. jay haas, second shot on the 12th. check it out. he'd birdie the hole. 8 under 64, three shots back. meanwhile, san mateo's own, michael allen. leader at 15 under heading into sunday's final round. this abc 7 sports report brought
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to you by river rock casino. coming up, lpga hall of famer on perhaps her final year on tour. we'll see you then. >> thank you. this winter weather isn't just here in the bay area. coming up, the storms causing problems across the northwest. plus, a 9-year-old comes to the rescue of his mother. what he did that saved her life. and the story of a different kind of war hero. the men and women
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lead paint poisoning affects one million children today. it's also 100% preventable. if your home was built before 1978, visit to learn more. a live look outside right now at the richmond san rafael bridge. lots of rain making for some wet and dangerous roads. good evening. i'm ama daetz. a stretch of highway 121 in sonoma county is still partially
2:35 am
submerged in flood watters tonight. happened near highway 12 in shellville this afternoon closing the busy roadway to traffic. a mudslide destroyed part of fort ross road. one car went down the hill along with parts of the road. it will take weeks to repair. in the south bay residents there also received a healthy dose of rain. this is what the san lorenzo river in felton looked like this evening. water was flowing, but the river was nowhere near full. and no one was hurt after this huge tree came crashing down onto a parked car in san francisco's russian hill area tonight. happened on francisco street near columbus avenue just after 9:00. and it's not just the bay area getting hit whiby a major storm. it's hitting the entire northwest. oregon could take the hardest hit. there are ice storm warnings there tonight. and that's already caused lots of accidents. here's abc repo reporter check seefrtsen. >> reporter: in or or the latest storms meant traffic jams and traffic slams. this wreck was on i-84. the situation isn't expected to
2:36 am
improve for the rest of the weekend. authorities tell drivers to stay home or end up like this man. >> i just couldn't get traction from the back and we're going, going, going, and i couldn't go forward anymore and off to the shoulder. i'm like, well, let's just leave it here. put our thumbs out. a nurse picked us up. >> reporter: as another storm hit the northwest, cars slid, wheels spun, tow trucks worked overtime, and sometimes horsepower was no substitute for manpower. at portland international airport near whiteout conditions canceled 50 flights friday night, and the cold conked out furnaces. >> kind of felt like what it feels like to -- >> reporter: in drought-stricken california rain in sheets answered prayers too well in some places. >> it's raining sideways. it's raining into everything. it's raining upside down. i mean, it's finally here, but it is here. >> reporter: these people couldn't keep up with the deluge. in western arkansas dozens of
2:37 am
car wrecks littered the snow-coated roads and highways. >> i saw a car -- well, a truck actually just turned over on the side. >> i did see a truck slide off the road and went plum through a fence and hit a tree. >> reporter: still, some tiny travelers made the best of the mess. >> go for a ride? >> mm-hmm. >> reporter: chuck seibertson, abc news new york. a 9-year-old colorado boy is being credited with saving his mother's life after she found herself pinned against a wall. 48-year-old dawn howe tried to run back inside her home but didn't put her mini van in park. the van rolled right into her, pinning her against the garage door. she couldn't move and was starting to have trouble breathing. her young son cody, sitting in the back seat, jumped into action. >> and he was saying to hit the brake, but i didn't know which one that is. so i pushed one of them, and then the car went forward, and immediately i pushed the other. >> cody's actions freed his mom.
2:38 am
dawn says she's proud of her boy and feels blessed for her son's actions. now to a different kind of hero. the men and women, so many of them american, who toward the end of world war ii were sent off to help not to fight the enemy but fighting to get back all of the incredible art stolen by the nazis. here's abc news reporter lindsay davis on the monuments men. >> reporter: you likely won't recognize his name. >> by name is javy epilinger. >> reporter: but this 88-year-old's story now being told on the big screen in the movie "monuments men." >> i'm proud of what we're doing here. >> reporter: his family was one of the last jewish families to make it out of germany and into the u.s. they arrived on american soil only to be sent back to germany in uniform. >> i graduated high school nd immediately was drafted. >> reporter: but his ability to speak german spared him from the battlefield and put him right on the front lines of a group known as the monuments men.
2:39 am
>> i learned that they were interested in saving works of art, returning them to their owner. >> i'll take them out. >> reporter: but they weren't all soldiers. many of them volunteering their art expertise to hunt down the art stolen by the nazis. >> it is written by hitler, signed by hitler. says if he dies or if germany falls they're to destroy everything. >> this actually was not only art that was stolen but it was also art that the nazis had decided was, quote unquote, degenerate art. >> is there a particular moment or a particular piece or pieces of artwork you that remember saying wow, pef we have recovered this? >> the city where i was born in germany had a self-portrait of rembrandt. >> and this is the moment you're realizing we have a rembrandt that we recovered. >> right. first time in the history of civilization that a country
2:40 am
adopted a policy to save the culture of all people of this particular world. and we as americans ought to be damn proud. >> that was lindsay davis reporting. "the monuments men" is now out in theaters. still to come, despite all this rain we're still in a major drought. ahead in tonight's assignment 7, the consequences of the drought, already taking its toll on the waters of san francisco bay. and hi there again, everyone. i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. light rain starting to make its way from the north bay to the south bay. moderate rain expected for the entire bay area tomorrow. another look at live doppler 7
2:41 am
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a government scientist says the current drought is the latest reminder of critical changes happening to san francisco bay, changes that will likely have a big impact on the future. in tonight's assignment 7 report we ride along with biologists trying to make sure we're ready. here's abc news anchor. >> reporter: just after sunrise at the port of redwood city a crew of scientists heads out on san francisco bay. a picture perfect cruise with a purpose. >> we're regularly taking the pulse of the bay. >> reporter: this is the research vessel polaris, one of the oldest working federal boats on the water. >> all the original glass, bent
2:44 am
glass. >> reporter: this 97-foot boat was a luxury yacht when it was built in 1927. now its elegant wood-trimmed lounges are laboratories operated by the u.s. geological survey. senior scientist jim klarn has used this ship to study bay water since 1976. >> so this station is about 48 meters all the way to the bottom. >> reporter: san francisco bay is constantly changing. right now the drought has cut the flow of fresh water so parts of the bay are unusually salty. >> we're seeing the highest sal int ever measured in the bay. >> reporter: sampling water in specific spots over a 90-mile route. it is a carefully choreographed routine with elaborate high-tech instruments done exactly the same way every time. >> you have to move quickly, collect a lot of samples in each station and there's not a lot of time in each station and some of the samples are light sensitive, so we have to get them processed and preserved as quickly as
2:45 am
possible. >> some changes to bay water are natural. some are caused by humans. and it's not always obvious what's good and what's bad. take the water running into this sink. the water is actually coming from the bay. and as you can see, it's very clear. but that's a relatively recent change. for years it was much murkier, mainly because of gold mining sediment that washed down rivers into the bay. >> there was something like a billion, with a b, yards of sediment deposited in the bay in the 1860s, '70s, and '80s. >> reporter: all these decades later the sediment is finally disappearing. good news. but it has a flip side. now that the water is clearer, sunlight penetrates deeper. >> in the last decade we've seen a threefold increase in the amount of chlorophyll over the last several months. >> that could lead to an algae bloom with serious consequences. >> the worst case scenario would be fish kills and bird kills with public health problems p. >> reporter: part of rhyme'll
2:46 am
effort to make sure the worst case scenario does not happen. that could mean long-term changes in sewage treatment to keep the nutrients that fuel algae growth out of the water. >> but a change like that would cost billions. for now jim's focus is to get local officials to commit to just monitoring the water. >> to develop a knowledge base so we can anticipate changes in the future. >> reporter: dan ashley, abc 7 news. >> there's no question san francisco bay is much healthier than it was in the 1950s and '60s thanks to the clean water act but stients say new threats to water quality are emerging all the time and every change in the climate is like a new experiment with bay water. there is lofts water this weekend and viewers are sending us their rain photos. take a look at this flooding. water filled up this field near a barn in sebastopol. and in sonoma a viewer send us this photo of fowler creek rising. send us your weather photos at youreport@k xwchlt let's get to abc 7 meteorologist
2:47 am
leigh glaser. hi, leigh. we apologize. we're having some audio issues with leigh there up on the roof. we will get back to her. but first let's get a look at sports. >> a's getting tuned up for their spring training with fanfest today. 20,000 showed up. introduce you
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this is your computer. let's go on the internet. let's go. ok. she's going to love me all over again now. jamaica, here you come! here we go. ha ha! good job. all right. the oakland a's held their fan fest today at the coliseum club and oracle arena. not letting the rain spoil the parade of athletics. a lot of fun for the players and the fans signifying spring training is right around the corner. great chance for the players to meet the fans especially new closer jim johnson, who always loved playing in oakland.
2:51 am
>> i'm looking forward to being on the other side with the right field fans. i've got a firsthand look at a lot of it and they're a great group. i had a lot of fun playing with them over the last several years. the fans here in particular. you talk about them going crazy. it's hilarious. great baseball fans. it's good to be on the other side. >> the goal for johnson this year is simple -- stay healthy. when they do this team is dangerous. tim hudson shared a ball for the start recognize taigs this season. shortstop brandon crawford is thrilled to have timmy lincecum back on his side this season. >> got that bulldog mentality, which is always nice to have in the rotation. i know personally for me it's going to be more fun because he's a good ground ball guy. so i should be seeing a lot of action with him on the mound. the warriors in phoenix hosted by the suns who trail golden state by only half a game in the pacific. david lee and andrew bogut both
2:52 am
out for the second straight game with injuries and it's starting to show. this little guy will not stop believing, though. andre iguodala, 12 for golden state including that one. defense was a problem without lee or bogut. green throws it down too easy. wrord trailed by four at the half despite 16 from stephen curry. dragic with the three. curry trying to keep his team in it, he had 28. great reverse layup. warriors narrowe narrowed the l two but err time they got close the suns pulled away. dragic another three. 34 points. that's a career high. warriors fall to seventh in the west, third in the pacific. 122-109 that final. this week i had a chance to talk with hall of famer julie engster who was performing the swinging skirts lpga classic to be played at lake merced april 21st through the 27th. the 53-year-old is winding down her playing career with only 12 events this year while working six events for the golf channel. the santa cruz native and san jose state graduate has won 31
2:53 am
times on the t tour, which includes seven major titles. she's carried the torch for american golf for over 30 years and told me it's time to wind it down. >> very happy that i can play golf for a living and very blessed. and i just -- every time i play i enjoy it. you know, but i am winding down. and you know, you get a little nostalgic about what you've done and, you know, how you've approached the game and stuff. so you know, it would be great to be able to play in front of my friends and family. you know, maybe for the last time. >> one of my favorites. we found out who's -- last three days rain has pelted the monterey peninsula for the annual at&t pro-am. today was the wind. 30-mile-an-hour gusts. check that out. balls just rolling on the green in the wind. third-round play was resumed at 1:30 after a 2 1/2-hour delay. look at this. took two men to get the pin out here. patriots head coach bill belichick signing autographs.
2:54 am
then draining putts. even though this was on 8 for bogey. knocks it down. little celebration. his quarterback not to be outdone. little eagle on 2. tom brady, nice putt. giants pitcher matt cain not to be outdone, he had a birdie on 18. he's got game. looking forward to spring training. kid rock, his first appearance here. check out the pants. rocking the american flag. didn't help his game, though. found the bunker there on 8. he's playing in a group with john daly, the great one, wayne gretzky. greatest hockey player ever. not a bad golfer. if the fringe for par. bottom of the cup. 3r5rd with his future son-in-law, dustin johnson, his approach on 4. using the wind to his advantage. within five feet. he would birdie. other pros still vying for that top spot. jordan spieth was in the lead but he was 5 over today, now 4 under. your leader jimmy walker drains the birdie on 7 at monterey. 4 under 67. he's the leader at 13 under. 6 stroke lead. already won twice this year. round 3 suspended due to darkness. will try to finish the entire
2:55 am
tournament tomorrow. here's your leaderboard so far. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock ka seen poep. >> thank you so much. let's get one last check on our weather with leigh glaser. >> hi. i'm back now. as i was saying earlier this moderate rain feeding into marin county. you can see it there. it is going to cause all kinds of problems overnight tonight, early tomorrow morning, and let me show you what has been picking up down toward the coast. the summit, santa cruz, another plume of moisture moving in that direction as well. really we're going to be in the thick of things for at least the next 24, possibly 36 hours. and the pacific satellite tells the story, folks. you can see just that plume, that line, that pineapple express, whatever you want to call, it all of that moisture just pinpointing right in toward the bay area. and we've got to get through all of that before we see some clearing. let's go ahead and go through your day tomorrow.
2:56 am
5:00 a.m. it's going to wake up and it will be coming down. wave after wave of rain will start to make its way across the bay area. at 1:00 that heavy rain in the north bay, it shifts south. and then it looks like by overnight sunday night, early monday morning, that's when we'll start to dry things out a bit. and don't forget the abc 7 morning news tomorrow morning. lisa argen will be here with live doppler 7 hd. be careful out there. >> thank you very much. that is for tonight. i'm ama daetz. for mike shumann as well as leigh glaser we want to thank you for joining us. and as leigh mentioned abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. we will be tracking the storm on live doppler 7 hd and have all the latest on the storm damage across the bay area. and the news continues now online, on twitter, facebook, and on all your mobile devices with our new abc 7 news app. have a great night, everyone.
2:57 am
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eight years into the disease was when all the light went out. for me, it was heart-wrenching. look into the eyes of somebody with alzheimer's sometime, you just don't see -- the person's soul is, like, gone. bea: and it takes a toll on everyone. i mean, it's -- it's a depressing disease to watch unfold before your eyes.
2:59 am
she actually thought those of us who were caring for her and who loved her most were her worst enemies. more and more responsibilities fell on my shoulders. lisa: this disease just ravages a family. it changes your life. the magnitude of it is indescribable. my mother taught me to be in the moment. we have to live in the moment with them. and i'm going to be with that person right now, in this moment, wherever she is. art: now is the moment. if we work together, we can stop this epidemic. grace: contact brightfocus and learn more.
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