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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 11, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PST

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making news in america this morning, severe weather. much of the east coast and southern states are gearing up for another winter storm, and this could be the worst one yet. surgical snatching. new video shows the u.s. nabbing an al qaeda leader and a rare look at tactics used by special forces. >> scandal resurfaces. new documents reveal hillary clinton's mind-set during her husband's presidency including what she thought about monica lewinsky and the scandal. excessive celebration. a soccer player gets a little too excited after a goal. good morning. i'm john muller. >> and i'm marci gonzalez in for diana perez.
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we begin with the southeast bracing for yet another dangerous winter storm. >> millions are again in the crosshairs with winter storm watches, warnings and advisories in a dozen states now, texas to new jersey. we start our coverage this morning with abc's tahman bradley. >> reporter: this relentless winter is set to deliver another blow. the forecast across the south calls for a dangerous mix of snow and ice. in georgia the storm is expected to dump more snow than the 2 inches that paralyzed atlanta two weeks ago. >> i just hope that we don't get in the same mess we did last time. >> reporter: georgia officials were blamed for not anticipating the last storm, which left thousands trapped in cars and children stuck in schools. this time the governor is not taking any chances and has already declared a state of emergency. >> we are making every effort to be prepared for these events, and i would simply say that we should all individually use extreme caution. >> reporter: north carolina residents are also gearing up. snow shovels are flying off store shelves.
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>> we sold everything we could get our hands on. >> reporter: across the u.s. there's big worry about icy roads. 26 people were hospitalized when thousands of families who have been in the dark for a week. >> this has been the longest. this is outrageous. >> reporter: it's a different problem out west. in california, mud slides sent trees rolling into cars. in utah and colorado avalanches from the heavy snow killed at least two people including a 21-year-old college student, ashley cox. >> she just had a good spirit about her, and you felt good when you were around her. >> reporter: a significant east coast storm is looking more and more likely for wednesday and thursday. winter storm watches run from d.c. to baltimore to philadelphia. tahman bradley, abc news, washington. >> all right, tahman, thank you. the more immediate weather threat today is in the southeast. >> accuweather's jim dickey joining us now with the very latest. jim. >> good morning, john and marci. a winter storm continues to
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impact the south here as we head on through midweek. the worst of the ice this morning, that's from northern louisiana eastward into mississippi and alabama. watch out for slick spots on the roadways, but this will be light compared to what's going to go on here tonight into wednesday across south carolina into north carolina, portions of georgia including atlanta. we're talking significant ice accumulations, over an inch in some locations that will likely lead to downed trees, power outages across the region. john and marci, back to you. >> all right, jim, thank you. breaking news out of the dallas area, those icy roads have claimed the lives of at least two people. a firefighter dying last night after he fell from a slippery overpass onto an interstate below. >> fire crews were responding to several crashes when the fatal accident happened. earlier in the day, a 16-year-old boy died when he lost control of his pickup truck because of slippery conditions. and now to the winter olympics where there are hardly winter-like conditions today. in fact, temperatures in sochi are well above most of those across the storm zone we just told you about.
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>> athletes complaining about the conditions. some even questioning the safety. the competition rolls on as abc's kirit radia reports from moscow. >> reporter: what a day for 29-year-old julia mancuso. the american took the bronze medal in the women's super combined despite less than ideal conditions due to a warm day on the slopes. mancuso dominated the downhill and in the slalom she finished strong enough to win her fourth ever olympic medal. >> i really knew i had a long shot after the downhill. slalom is not my strength, and i knew that i just had to ski and go for it, and crossing the finish line, i was quite surprised. >> reporter: the u.s. women's hockey team clinched a spot in the semifinals with a 9-0 shutout over switzerland. on wednesday they'll play their arch rival canada. in men's short track speed skating, american j.r. celski fell just short coming in fourth. canadian alex bilodeau became the first olympian to win
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back-to-back gold in the men's moguls. looking ahead to today, american shaun white goes for his third straight gold medal in the men's halfpipe snowboarding competition. >> i'm excited, and then i'm not excited because i'm not nervous but just kind of antsy, and it builds and snowballs into other things, and it's just a lot of mixed feelings rolled up into one. >> reporter: american erin hamlin goes into today's luge final in third place. she's two slides away from a medal. the pairs figure skating competition begins today with americans marissa castelli and simon shnapir looking to add to their bronze in the team competition. organizers have already canceled today's final women's downhill training session. mild temperatures in the mountains have made the snow too soft to ski. kirit radia, abc news, moscow. >> eight gold medals being handed out today in seven different sports. >> all right. here's the updated medals count. most of the traditional powerhouses right there at the top including the u.s. breaking news this morning,
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shirley temple has died. she was one of the most popular and famous child stars ever singing, acting and dancing her way to stardom. in fact, in the mid-1930s she was the most popular actor of any age. shirley temple was 85. new video shows the capture of a senior al qaeda leader. it happened back in october. a white van cuts off the target's car. u.s. delta force members jump out, guns drawn while a second car blocks any possible escape. up the street a quick reaction car pulls in to keep the scene clean, and after an apparent struggle, anas al libi is pulled into the white van. the entire operation took about 60 seconds. u.s. citizens are being warned to avoid caribbean airline flights from guyana this week because of a security threat. some officials said the threat was not that serious, and a flight to new york was allowed to land at kennedy airport met by homeland security. all right, meantime, president obama honoring his french counterpart at a state dinner tonight.
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president francois hollande arrived in the u.s. alone after the recent breakup with his longtime girlfriend. yesterday hollande and president obama toured thomas jefferson's virginia estate where they highlighted the alliance between the u.s. and france. there may be a break in a cold case that shocked the d.c. area nearly 40 years ago. 12-year-old sheila lyon and her 10-year-old sister katherine vanished on the way back home from a mall in 1975. well, now police say a convicted child sex offender has been identified as a person of interest. he's currently in prison in another state. more information is expected to be released today. across the pond, torrential rains are flooding the river thames in southeast england. >> it's triggering mass evacuations in surrey and berkshire, home of the royal family's winter castle. many businesses are under water. thousands more are at risk. in many areas, that river is the highest level it's been in nearly 30 years. all right, move over, big mac. a fast food restaurant is now
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boasting about its burger that's bigger. and inside the affair. what hillary clinton really thought about monica lewinsky and who she blames for her husband's scandal. plus, crash course, a car drives right into a dmv. it's who was behind the wheel that's getting all the attention. attention.
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welcome back. the stock market was up slightly yesterday, but most investors are waiting to hear from the new chair of the federal reserve, janet yellin. she testifies at congressional hearings today and tomorrow, although analysts don't expect
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any big surprises. as more people turn to natural foods, kraft changing its most popular sliced cheese. the company has decided to remove artificial preservatives from kraft singles. sorbic acid in the individually wrapped cheese slices will now be replaced with a natural ingredient that inhibits mold. get ready for more movies based on toys. the success of "the lego movie" this past weekend has hollywood shopping in toy stores for the next big hit. the "los angeles times" says toy-based movies are in the works that include hot wheels, the ouija board and monopoly. all right. burger king beefing up its competition with mcdonald's. the new big king burger uncooked weighs 8/10 of an ounce more than the big mac. >> but mcdonald's is fighting back in the burger wars. in some markets a second big mac is being offered for just a penny. making me hungry. >> big mac for a penny. >> deal. >> that's good. all right. when we come back, an "snl" alum under arrest. new video this morning of the failed sobriety test.
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background music continues. chobani. how matters. another sinkhole has opened up in central pennsylvania just outside the borough of palmyra. fortunately, no one was hurt was the 20 foot by 20 foot hole swallowed in these buildings at a chemical mixing company. it's the latest in a string of sink holes that have opened up in that area. now we look at your morning road conditions. that wide band of ice and snow in the southeast has officials has officials urging drivers to stay off the roads altogether. rain will slicken roads along the gulf coast, and mountain snow will make driving tough in the northern rockies. and if you're flying, airport delays likely in atlanta, new orleans, dallas and charlotte. back to the news now, a new insight this morning into a painful chapter in hillary clinton's personal life.
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>> that was the moment she discovered her husband had cheated with monica lewinsky. here's abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. >> reporter: until her death in 2000, diane blair was one of hillary clinton's very closest friends. the longtime university of arkansas professor kept a detailed diary during mrs. clinton's time in the white house, a diary that remained secret for years. among the revelations, new insight into what the then first lady was thinking in the days after bill clinton admitted having an affair with white house intern monica lewinsky. >> indeed, i did have a relationship with miss lewinsky. >> reporter: "it was a lapse," blair writes, but she says "to his credit he tried to break it off, tried to pull away, tried to manage someone who was clearly a narcissistic looney toon, but it was beyond control." blair says hillary insisted "it was grossly inappropriate behavior, but it was consensual." according to blair, mrs. clinton
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put some of the blame for the affair on the pressures of the white house and herself. she thinks she was not smart enough, not sensitive enough, not free enough of her own concerns and struggles to realize the price he was paying. clinton supporters don't see anything particularly damaging in these papers, and her spokesperson simply declined to comment on them. jonathan karl, abc news, washington. actress julia roberts is mourning a loss in her family. roberts' half-sister has died from an apparent drug overdose. nancy motes' body was discovered in a bathtub at a los angeles home over the weekend. the coroner says prescription and nonprescription drugs were found nearby. the death at first was considered suicide, but determining the actual cause could take weeks. former "saturday night live" cast member chris kattan could face up to six months in jail after a dui arrest. the 43-year-old best known for the "snl" character mango was captured on dash cam taking a field sobriety test.
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police say he was weaving all over a california freeway before crashing his mercedes into a construction crew's car on the side of the road. all right, let's just say a 10-year-old colorado girl's driving experience got off on the wrong foot. police say she put her mom's suv in gear, drove it right into a dmv office. it rolled through the front glass window until the mom was able to open the driver's door, jump in and stop it. the mother had left the girl and her sister in the car while she was inside. the 10-year-old got a ticket for reckless driving. >> first ticket at 10 years old. >> at the dmv office. >> oh, goodness. all right. time now for some sports and what they weren't playing at the winter olympics. >> but they were playing on the basketball court. highlights from last night from our guys at espn. good morning, america. welcome to our "sportscenter" set here in los angeles. this is neil everett. i'm stan verrett. we're going to talk sports. >> yeah, we're not in kansas anymore, dorothy. oh, wait, yes, we are. >> yes, we are. >> we're in manhattan, kansas. kansas state taking on number seven kansas, the jayhawks
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absolutely have owned k. state. joel embiid, he might have to miss some games with a sore back coach said after this. andrew wiggins missed a lot of shots but made this one here. this went to overtime. in overtime, marcus foster, baseline bucket. he led all scorers with 20 and kansas state is going to beat kansas, 85-82. thomas gibson with the miss, d.j. johnson, one man gathers what another man spills. spill on to the court. yeah. it's party time in the little apple. the nba, dwight howard and the rockets are on the road against the timberwolves. houston riding a five-game win streak. james harden for howard. howard, 18 points, 15 rebounds. fourth quarter, houston by 13, jeremy lin to terrence jones. the rockets are 13-0 in the calendar year so far when they score 100 or more points. put 107 on the timberwolves.
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>> yeah, they're also undefeated no matter how many points they score as long as they score more than the other team. >> yes, yes, they are. back to you. >> guys, thanks. all right. you probably know by now that soccer's world cup is this summer in brazil. >> all right. here's an italian soccer player who won't be there, but his goal celebration was enough to be our "play of the day." >> yeah, check it out. he scores an easy goal after making a mistake by the goalie and then runs over to his teammates on the bench. >> and when he gets there, he puts his head straight through the team's shelter and, gosh, the guy was fine, but the referee was not amused giving him a red card, throwing him out of the game. >> doesn't seem like the wisest thing to do. thrown out of a game and if he didn't have to go to the hospital, he's ahead of the game. >> right. up next, "the pulse," on air mishap. a tv anchor makes a big mistake when interviewing samuel l. jackson, and the actor has a pretty strong reaction. and secret revealed. we know who is behind the dumb starbucks store that popped up in l.a. 24/7.
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♪ i call your name but you're not there ♪ all right, welcome back. time for "the pulse," and we start with samuel l. jackson. he was doing a morning show appearance yesterday on an l.a. station and he was plugging the movie "robo cop." >> the problems started when anchor sam rubin obviously confused jackson with laurence fishburne. rubin mistakenly asked him about reaction to a super bowl commercial. >> one black guy doing a commercial. >> there it is, no question about that. >> i don't know what's in your wallet black guy. he's the car black guy. >> there it is. >> morgan freeman is the other credit card black guy. >> rubin apologized and pointed out that jackson was, in fact, in a super bowl commercial for the movie "captain america." >> it's a little bit awkward,
4:23 am
don't you think? >> yeah. all right. well, a 10-year-old boy in michigan coming up on a birthday he will never forget thanks to thousands of caring strangers from around the globe. yeah, colin told his mom he didn't want a birthday party because he had no friends to invite, so his mom created a facebook page. she was hoping to get about 50 responses from friends and relatives. well, instead, colin got more than 16,000 likes and still counting. >> man, oh, man. colin has a disorder similar to autism that makes it tough for him to socialize. his mom plans to show him the facebook page when he turns 11 on march 9th. i hope he's not watching right now, otherwise, she just blew it. >> right. that dumb starbucks shop in los angeles, turns out it was a publicity stunt and now it's gone. the health department shut the parody down yesterday for operating without a license to serve food. >> all right. it turns out the dumb starbucks shop was promoting comedian nathan fielder's upcoming show. he claims the right to parody is protected by law. and besides it wasn't selling any coffee. it was giving it away and that's certainly not the case at
4:24 am
starbucks. >> not at all. >> here's something from norway for the true coffee addict. java that comes right out of the tap. i think that is a beautiful thing. a norwegian tv show put ordinary instant coffee in a storage water heater, and then the temperature was turned up. >> yep, when the tap turned on, voila, there it is, wait for it. wait for it. all right. coffee. >> ah. >> right out of the faucet. so there's now the choice of cold water or hot water from the same tap, and, oh, the name of the norwegian tv show that this was on actually is called "don't try this at home," which is probably a good idea. >> i disagree. i would like to try this at home. >> you know, you got 0 make the cold side come out like milk or cream, you know. >> that would be perfect. >> there you go. so then you're all set. >> sign me up for that. >> yeah. a little milk, a little cream. what do we do for the sugar? got an idea for that one? >> i don't know. >> garbage disposal. >> i guess you have that on the side instead of the soap dispenser. >> you put one cube in.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 >> the world is mounting the loss of ice conic actress shirley temple black passing around last night surrounded by family she was the child actress who sang and danced her way into the hards of millions of moviegoers. >> good morning, thanks for joining us on this tuesday. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. now, the weather of the day. mike? >> good morning, from the top of the news broadcast center where i am looking at fog. we knew it was going to happen. it is thick. we are tracking the lower visibility at quarter-mile visibility in stand rose and less than that in novato and livermore is less than quarter-mile visibility and scattered fog through the bay. can you see the dense fog all
4:29 am
areas below a thousand feet so visibility will be lower than quarter-mile visibility throughout the morning commute. in the central valley it is as thick but it will hang around an hour longer. here is the forecast: at emeryville we will have mostly clouds this afternoon. limited sunshine. still, a moist and mild air mass will yield temperatures in the upper 50's to mid-60's. good morning, everyone, at 4:29. we have areas of fog but so far it hasn't affected the traffic. the areas shaded in orange is where the fog could be impacting your commute the right now we have top speeds and no accidents to report. here are drive time traffic: 580 , tracy to dublin is 23 minutes. from antioch to concord it is a freeze from marin county to san
4:30 am
francisco, and the bay bridge toll plaza it is empty. the cloud cover is there but we hope it does not get too bad through the morning. shirley temple has died. the former hollywood child car, ambassador, and long time bay area resident passed away at her home last night. she was 85. we look back at her remarkable career. ♪ on the good ship >> she was the biggest thing to hit the picture screen, something about her optimism, and her smiles, and curls that helped people in the midst of a great depression forget their problem problems. >> i will never see you again! >> she started dancing at able two and acting at able three


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