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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 22, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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the call for help during a terrifying moment on the tracks that left a b.a.r.t. crew hanging in the handle. several cars jumped the tracks. we begin with developing news. sky 7hd was over the scene as crews first moved the derailed cars today. you can see crews used a large crane to lift the car off the track. nick smith is live at the concord b.a.r.t. station. they're rushing to get the track
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back online for monday morning's commute. >> i have new information. ten minutes ago i learned from the spokesperson for b.a.r.t. they hope to have service physically restored by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. that's right, 8:00 a.m. sunday morning. they hope to have both cars up and running, and you can see crews on the tracks right now. they're committed to working around the clock to make that happen. >> as this is something you just don't see every day. 60,000-pounds of steel and fiberglas suspended in air. this is one of four b.a.r.t. passenger cars removed from the scene of the train derail. >> it was a speed of 27 miles-per-hour in automatic mode, when it derailed. >> the accident brought the b.a.r.t. gm out to see it firsthand and push the agency back into the spotlight as the try to look at how the train came off the tracks. >> it rolled out in automatic train operation, to the interlocking, and that's when it
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came to a dead stop. >> even that b.a.r.t. admits doesn't answer the question of why it happened. the accident folded these car like pretzels and pushed this one dangerously over the edge. in this video you see the mangled steel and parts of the crushed commuter cars b.a.r.t. says may have been damaged when then train jump tracks. the engineers inspected an area that saw similar damage three years ago. it is the. >> is it the same spot as the derailment in march 27. and we'll look at that. >> in 2011 a train came off the tracks. 65 passengers were on board and some were injured. the threat of what could have happened here has left some shaken. >> i have concerns that this is the second time it's happened, and these accidents can be dangerous for passengers and employees of b.a.r.t. >> the damaged cars will end up at b.a.r.t. residents hayward
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facility where teams are equipped to do the repairs. the two cracks have been cleared and repairs have been started. >> abc7 news obtain the emergency call made from the b.a.r.t. train operator to b.a.r.t. dispatch. >> emergency. derail, concord. concord. >> how do you know you derailed? >> derail for -- i'm looking over the edge. making a weird -- like a derail. i'm stuck in the lead car. i need help. >> very scary. the driver identifies himself as cartwright. he is on paid leave while the investigation continues.
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b.a.r.t. is operating a shuttle service between pleasant hill and pittsburg. b.a.r.t. strongly recommends that riders access trains at the pleasant hill station if they're traveling to san francisco or oakland. passengers we talked to at the pleasant hill station were taking it all in stride. >> actually i live in vallejo so i'm going to take 80 over to the el cerrito b.a.r.t. >> this is not going to affect you? >> no. >> i didn't know they had a shuttle. otherwise i would not have inconvenienced her to come here to pick me up. but she is on her way. she lives in clayton. i have no idea where that is. >> the big test for the bus bridge comes monday when regular commuters join the crowds. we'll continue following this developing news story on air and online, and you can get the latest developments on the b.a.r.t. derailment on abc7 news at 6:00 and right now on
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twitter@abc news bay area. >> protesters are in control of ukraine's capital after seizing the office of president january the president. the riot police have left city streets and the president left. >> can't believe. >> former prime minister -- president's rival has been freed from prison and is promising to run for president. the president was defiant, comparing protesters to nazis. >> the bay area's ukrainian community and supporters held a demonstration today. the groups demanding that u.s. and european leaders take action
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and support the ukrainian people, including providing security to opposition leaders and imposing sanctions of members of the regime. >> one man accused of being the world's most powerful drug lords is now in custody. he faces drug trafficking indictments and is on the daye deas most wanted list. officials say his empire stretches throughout north america. here's a report. reporter: mexican authorities paraded their trophy by the scruff of his neck. he calls himself el choppa, joaquin 'oguzman was captured by u.s. and mexican law enforcement. at a news conference mexican authorities say day were able to capture 13 individuals during the appraisal, including guzman, without a single shot being
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fired. the 56-year-old guzman led mexico's sinaloa drug cartel, responsible for 25% of all illegal drugs that enter the u.s. forbes magazine once included him on its richest people list. the cartel is especially notorious for bloody and indiscriminate violence. its battles with a gangs have caused carnage and estimated 70,000 mexican have dried in -- identity since 2006. experts say without him the cartel will do business as usual. >> the year-long investigation into and the daring capture of this on abc world news with david muir here on abc7 at 5:30. it's the first full day of the dalai lama's visit to the bay area but not all were
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enlightened by his presence. [chanting] >> demonstrators gathered outside the symphony hall in san francisco to protest the spiritual leader, accusing him of religious persecution and human rights abuses, but inside the hall a sold-out crowd listened to his holy necessary speak on the nature of the mind. he says he is committed to preserving the dib bet yan buddhist culture. >> re'll continue his bay area visit with the blessing of the tibetan community center? richmond tomorrow morning. then he'll hold a public talk at the berkeley community theater. on monday the dalai lama will participate in a talk on the theme of compassion. back accomplish over corporate tax breaks had protesters.
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>> a security warning for apple products. the software glitch and what consumers can do to protect their devices. >> i'm on the roof of the kgo news center. very busy right now still sunny, but the clouds are starting to roll in. fog pushing in off the coast, we're looking at a warm day tomorrow but the rain is just ahead.
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>> activists from the anticoalition and other organizations gathered at mission high school in san francisco, saying no to google buses, particularly calling for the reversal of the san francisco municipal transportation agency's decision to allow google buses to use muni stops for its employees. protesters say allowing private buses to use public stops will cause further backups and delays to muni riders, and also believe corporations like google should pay for any muni fare hikes or use of public stops. >> a warning oregon openers of apple product. a software flaw could allow hackers to intercept your e-mail. it's anyone using an iphone 4, ipad touch, 2, 3, and air. the security risk stems from encrepting data over a wireless internet connection. apple says the hacker may capture or modify data.
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>> every consumer needs to do the following. they need to have up to date software on their iphone, on their ipad, on their mac. the reality today there is are vulnerabilities. >> apple has not comment on how or when it learned of the security flaw on its security socket player or if the flaw is being exploited by hackers. >> up next, the castro district about to get a lot more colorful. a view you don't often get as the latest round of storms batter parts of the south. >> looking live outside. our weather is much calmer today. there's some much-needed rain in the forecast. we'll find out when you'll need the umbrella.
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incredible new video of a powerful storm ripping the roof off a high school gym in tennessee. debris is left strewn across the parking lot. school officials say the roof was brand new. the inside of the building sustained water damage. teams from the national weather service are surveying three sites to determine if tornadoes touched down thursday night. >> traffic could be a issue other oakland tonight. the warriorers scheduled at 7:30 at oracle arena, and the same time, the monster jam at the coliseum. 50,000 fans are expected to attend that. fans are asked to get there early and, if possible, take public transportation. >> your opinion can help shape the look of san francisco's castro district, including
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sidewalk etchings, street lighting and crosswalkses. tomorrow a survey on the best design will be conducted at the plaza at the corner of 1st and market in castro. you can vote online right now. we have a link on our web site, under "see it on tv". >> the bay area has rain coming in four days. you can track it on your smartphone anytime with the abc7 news weather app. talk about a beautiful weekend, layla, right? >> it's a beautiful weekend indeed. we have had some decent temperatures around the bay area. you can go outside and enjoy it. starting to cool off a little bit. take a look across the embarcadero and behind me, plenty of sunshine. however the clouds are now starting to roll in. there's a bit of haze in the bay area as well. taking a look right now from our sutro tower camera.
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you can barely see the golden gate bridge. that's where it's pointed. just in case you couldn't tell. the clouds are rolling in over the bay area, cooling things down. so now we have the onshore flow. not seeing any satellite returns and moisture coming into the bay year not just yet. that's just up ahead this next week. so, now what is happening, current temperatures, 50s in accept rosa, san francisco, 54. peninsula, 54, 68, los gatos, 71, antioch. so still a bit warmer in the east bay. now, for today, we did see clouds rolling in. come tomorrow you'll see them burn off by late afternoon and then just a little cooler by tomorrow afternoon. so, what we want to know is the rain ahead, it's all going to come on wednesday. that's when we'll see the first
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wave of this system coming in over the bay area, starting north bay, and it's going to be accompanied by gusty winds, about 30 to 40-mile-per-hour wepts, and then it's going do -- thursday evening, into friday, that is when we'll see another area of low pressure come in, bringing us lots of rain. so, with that rain and wind, you want to -- make sure you have everything tacked down in your backyards and keep the umbrellas handy as well. highs for tomorrow, 60 in monterey, 55, tahoe, sunshine. 71, los angeles. 83, palm springs. our highs for tomorrow here in the bay area, 58 in gilroy. 68, san jose. along the peninsula, 66, san mateo. the coast, going to be a little chillier. 60 in pacifica. san francisco, 61.
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north bay, 69. santa rosa, 70. union city, 67, and in the inland valley, 68 in concord. 67 in brentwood. our overnight lows, pretty chilly, especially if you're in the north bay. 47 degrees, cloverdale, 47. palo alto. my accuweather seven-day forecast stays dry right through the beginning of the week, and then closer to wednesday is when we'll need the umbrellas. >> thank you so much. colin rush is here with a preview of sports. >> pretty impressive. michael sam answering reporter questions. give michael sam an a-plus for his performance. when it came to performing on the field, few are as good as
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>> a massive media contingent gathered at the nfl combine. not to ask jim harbaugh about the cleveland browns but to ask michael sam bat future in the league. he'll showcase his athletic skills on monday. today he was eloquent in show casing his verbal skills and his messaging is the same. >> i wish you guys would say, how is football going, how is training? i'd love for you to ask me that question. it is what it is and i wish you would see me as michael sam the football player instead of michael sam the gay football player.
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>> impressive. today offensive linemen tight ends on display. greg robinson, 4.92 40 time. not a good showing for richard rodgers, 13th in the bench press yes, 14th in the 40 with 4.8 seconds. he left cal after his junior season. >> quarterbacks and receivers and running backs, the nfl network has all-day coverage through tuesday. >> 2008 the last time bruce bochy and barry bonds compared notes. bond is expected to arrive in spring training and work as an instructor,. >> the ncaa selection committee, 20 wins is the key number. entering today's contest against ucla, stanford sitting on 17 with five regular season games to play. we deserve to go dancing. something like that.
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hot potato alley-oop. cardinal up 13. norman powell. one dribble. the j. the offensive rebound leads to points. 26 points for him. cardinal up nine. fullcourt pressure from the bruins, big win for stanford, 83-74. now 18-8. >> st. mary's with a thumping of santa clara, taking a bite out of the broncos. santa clara bet the gaels earlier in the season on a last- second shot. gaels in a blewup, -- plowout, 76-54. >> dickerson, the lone senior and slicing his way through the pacific defense. 21st career double-double. the alley-oop and then the
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jordan tongue wag. tied at 57 late. usf the winner. homecoming at cal, 8-0, versus ucla, 7-1, the bears scored 32 unanswered to finish the game. that's russell webb. multiple cut backs, 32-10 the final. >> the wgbc adventure match. chipping for birdie on 9. beat graham mcdowell. foul we're try to get up on jason day and ernie els, also victorious. tonight at 6:00, mike shumann at a's camp. >> we'll be right back.
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>> at 6:00, why the city of san francisco is encouraging home owners to transform home exteriorors into a more natural setting. >> an invention by a bay area seventh grader made from leggos could hem the hearing impaired. >> we appreciate your time. see you at 6:00. good night.
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this is "world news." tonight's breaking news. caught, one of the most ruthless drug lords in the world captured tonight. the biggest supplier of drugs to the u.s. in one american city he was enemy number one. tonight our team underground the tunnels to the u.s. and 43 cars, 16 homes now seized. rescued. the massive melt tonight, and this woman lifted to safety. the damage as tornados hit the heartland. the warmup and next polar plunge coming. the surveillance tape and manhunt tonight. the senior citizen hit by another driver. was it road rage that led to this? the made in america victory tonight. that will have you scratching your head. what the pentagon must now do. many of you doing it already. >> made by americans. for americans. to fly by america.


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