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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 23, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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boy and miss grandmother are victims of a home invasion robbery. hales corners, wisconsin. nice pass by alyson dudek. can she hang on to that spot? and she does! [ male announcer ] with the u-verse wireless receiver, your tv goes where you take it, allowing inspiration to follow. ♪ [ dad ] looks pretty good, right? [ girl ] yeah.
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[ male announcer ] switch to u-verse and add a wireless receiver today. ♪ robbery and a young boy ran for help after his grandmother's mother was broken into. i'm ama dates. it happened on the 1100 block of via doble. sergio joins us live from the concord police station with the latest. sergio? >> reporter: ama, right now police say they are trying to track down three men who forced their way into a woman's home and then held her and her grandson at gun point. it happened around 3:30 according to a neighbor who called police. one of the men knocked on the woman's door and then forced his way into her house. two other men with guns ransacked the place. the woman's grandson managed
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to get free and run for help. her next door neighbor is senator mark desanye. >> they had guns and tied her up and then left. when concord pd came they had their weapons drawn and went through the house and made sure nobody was there, and that was that. >> reporter: the state senator says this is a safe neighborhood so he is surprised this happened especially next door to where he lives. the grand son was shaken up and his neighbor was also upset. police say she suffered minor injuries and was taken to the hospital as a precaution. right now detectives are also trying to figure out exactly what those robbers stole during that armed burglary. they are trying to determine exactly the value of that. they are looking for any information that will help them track down those three men. reporting live in concord, abc7 news.
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breaking news in fremont. an amtrak train hit a car near peralta. that was a short distance from the fremont station. officials say people have been injured, but there is no word on how many people have been hurt or how badly they have been hurt. bart service is back on track, but it hasn't been completely fixed and there is no word on what caused the train to derail. bart trains from concord and beyond were back on track and running on their usual schedule. one passenger said her train made a slow run through the newly repaired section of track. >> it will be slower and we apologize. it was an easy feeling going on the train for sure. >> pry day night around -- friday night an empty train jumped the tracks beyond the
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concord station. >> how do you know you derailed? >> how -- i don't know if it is a a derail -- well, i am almost looking over the edge. >> reporter: part of the car jutted over the track. you can see how that car and a few others skewed across the rails. a massive crane was brought in on saturday to remove the cars so crews could begin fixing the track. >> some of the things we did was replacing sections of track. cutting it out and replacing it with another 39 section track. >> reporter: with service restored they congratulated bart on a speedy repair, but a few voiced their concerns. >> kind of scary. trying to understand how it it happened and why it happened. >> reporter: they have to repair the switch where the derailment took place. >> the inter locking is where the wheels came off and the derailment occurred. it was when the train operator was switching from one track to the other to go to the maintenance yard. the inter locking is the same where where the derailment
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occurred. >> it could take a month to figure out exactly what happened. to get updates on your morning commute watch the abc7 morning news traffic report tomorrow from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. breaking news in san francisco. a power outage has knocked out electricity to more than 6600 homes and businesses in the richmond district. the outage began an hour ago. pg&e told us that three different crews are working to find and fix the problem. no word on when power will be restored. the family of a man shot to death came forward to tell their side of the sorry today. 61-year-old david gowans was killed during a confrontation with deputies in his home. abc7 news reporter lilian kim has the story. family members gathered at the law office of john burris after he was shot to death in
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his san lorenzo home. he was a husband, father and grandfather. >> i can't call him between -- again. i can't ask him for help and my kids can't see him. i want it to be serve the the right way for my father. >> reporter: they shot at him when he came at them with a baseball bat. they said he assaulted a paramedic trying to take him away in an ambulance. but they say deputies had no right to enter the home in the first place. >> knew he had mental and emotional and physical limitation. there was no need to enter the house in the manner in which they did creating a confrontation which they in fact did. >> reporter: sergeant jd nelson said it is a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation. if we didn't enter and something bad happened we would have been villa fight
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for not going in. they plan to sue the sheriff's department when the attorney completes the investigation. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> a memorial will take place for two patrol officers in the san juaquin valley. governor jerry brown will attend services. they are expected to salute them at the save mart center. the 15,000-seat sports arena. their patrol car overturned and crashed. redwood city police believe a teenage girl was drunk when she crashed a car and injured five people. the single vehicle accident happened on jefferson avenue and ruby street around 1:40 this morning. officers discovered self- bottles of alcohol in the car. police arrested the driver. her injured passengers are all expected to survive. now to a live look outside
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where the skies are clear now, but rain is on the way. let's head to leigh glaser for a first check on weather and live doppler 7hd. >> a terrific weekend and now get ready for big weather changes. i think you will like it. it includes quite a bit of rainfall. they are picking up on just a little bit of low cloudiness and also some fog from about half moon bay to santa cruz and some of the fog will start to creep back up the coast and inside san francisco bay by early tomorrow morning. folks, get ready for two storm systems. you can see them there swrus lined up -- just lined up one after another. letsy look at the -- let's look at the timing. it will move in across the bay area on wednesday and we will get a little break on thursday and then a second stronger storm will move in on friday. we'll check out the timing and look at my accu-weather seven-day forecast coming up. this week's rain won't be
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enough to end the drought, but it could be enough to double the rainfall in the bay area. the rain is badly needed. since july 1st, less than six inches of rain has fallen in san francisco and that is 35% of normal from this time of year. the state legislators are expected to take up several bills. the biggest drought bill proposes spending $687 million for watery cycling and conservation projects along with housing and food assistance. they need to revamp an $11.1 billion water bond already on the november ballot. the dalai lama recognized a lafayette man an unsung hero of compassion. he was 51 recipients of the award. he was recognized for organization and trust in education which helps people in afghanistan. he strengthened his resolve. >> you walk away saying i am going to keep at this as difficult as it can be where
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the future is anything but certain. i came away resolved to continue working as long as i am able to. >> these are pictures of mackenzie with some of the people he works with nf april began. they build schools and bridges and provides relief funds for thoseary kabul. coming up, we will hear from the dalai lama and find out why his visit to the bay area was so controversial. president obama hosted a dinner for many of the nation's governors at the white house this evening. governors representing democrats and republicans are in washington, d.c. for the national govenor's association conference. still to come on abc news at 11:00, the details about how a notorious drug kingpin was arrested and the effort to bring him to the u.s. and how a world war i replica plane ended up on its nose. and then later, it is like
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something out of the oscar-nominated film "gravity" but it is an all too real risk. what is being done to prevent the potential disaster in space when abc7 news at 11:00 continues.
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go to where our lowest fares are now available as low as $69 one-way. book now at and carpe vacay. ♪ of the arrest of one of the world's most notorious drug lords. authorities track down "el
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chapo" by keeping tabs on these family. here is larry jacobs. >> reporter: immediately after mexican authorities uh united states nod his arrest, calls for his extradition to the u.s. went out. >> i would ask the mexicans consider extraditing him to the united states where he will be put in a supermax prison under tight security where he cannot escape. >> reporter: the powerful leader of the powerful drug cartel is being held in this maximum security prison. the concern is he escaped custody before and went on the run for 13 years until his capture on saturday. just a week ago el chapo narrowly eluded authorities by slipping out of the residence he was hiding to an underground tunnel. >> he does not play by the rules. >> reporter: mexican officials released this video of a messy room in the beachfront hotel where guzman was caught, breakfast still on the stove. "el chapo" was armed with a
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military assault rifle and not a single shot fired. >> this is a super capture. >> reporter: he is facing prosecution in several u.s. cities including brooklyn and chicago where he was public enemy number one. the u.s. wants guzman imprisoned in the states during the legal process to see who tries him first. larry jacobs, abc news, new york. >> people on both sides of venezuela's political divide protested in the streets. demonstrators voiced their support for the socialist government. the rally came after police clashed with the anti-government protesters. university students have organized general strikes and other protests against the government. in the bay area, people formed a human chain on the golden gate bridge to show their solidarity with loved ones in venezuela. >> the only thing they have right now is had ideas. the government is responding with bullets.
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the majority are woman. >> reporter: some local venezuela ans say they look food and other basic supplies because of corruption in the government. in the ukraine, parliament installed speaker of the assembly as interim president. as a result russia has withdrawn its ambassador. russia is deeply divided between regions pro russian and western areas along with closer ties with the european union. a pilot escaped unharmed after a mishap with a world war one replica plane. they tweeted this picture of the plane after it flipped over at buchanan field. it happened during a speed test along a taxi way around 12:40 this afternoon. mechanics pushed the damaged plane off the airfield after uprighting it. netflix reached an agreement with the number one internet service provider to ensure smoother streaming.
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the multi-year deal with comcast will allow the companies to establish a more direct connection. netflix is hoping the partnership will boost the quality and the speed of its individual joe streaming. of its video streaming. the countdown is on. it is coming on wednesday. you can track it on your smartphone anytime with the abc7 news weather app. for now you have to keep watching because leigh glaser is up on the roof with the latest on our forecast. hi, leigh. >> hi, ama. hi, everyone. we are seeing clear skies out there. the temperatures are starting to drop off. live doppler 7hd is picking up on the light fog and the low cloudiness and panging -- banking up near the coast. as it is starting to push further south toward monterey bay it will move inland. look for reduced visibilities near the golden gate bridge and the protected valley areas. we are looking down on the bay and you can see the clear skies over the san francisco bay right now. san francisco 51, but boy it
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is chilly. los gatos is 47 degrees. sutro tower looking down over market street in san francisco, santa rosa 45 and 44 in napa. concord 49. and here is a look at some of our forecast highlights. things will change rapidly for us this week. we'll start off tomorrow morning with areas of dense fog tonight and tomorrow morning and then break out into sunshine. it will be mostly sunny on monday. thickening clouds on tuesday. and the first wave of rain will move in on wednesday. secondary wave will move in on friday. in fact, here is a look at our lows tonight, generally in the 40s. don't forget the fog will be sitting right near the coast. the paw sesk satellite showing you the high pressure will be in command for at least one more day. monday will be mostly sunny. they cannenning clouds on tuesday. and there are the two storm makers that will make their way across the bay area this week. the first one look likes it -- looks like it will move in by wednesday afternoon and be
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with us on wednesday night and then out of here on thursday morning. so thursday right now looks to be the dry day between storms. then by friday morning in time for the friday morning commute, this low will barrel in here increasing rain and heavy at times and just very strong winds with this storm on friday. let's go ahead and time you out on wednesday. the first wave of rain is 5:00 a.m. looks like it will hold off until at least midto late morning there. by 10:00 getting hit with a heavy rain and then it will keep on moving in 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, check it out. the rain is moving from the north bay to the south bay. and these storm systems will affect the entire bay area unlike the one that moved in and sat over the north bay. by 4:00, 5:00 on wednesday evening it has since started to move on toward the east. and that will set the stage for the clearing day or the dryer day for our thursday.
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the 10-day outlook, close to five inches of rain is expected in the higher elevations. the rest of us, the low lands one to two inches. wednesday the storm will be medium and friday it will be high. the mud and rock slides will be in the medium range. the wind danger will increase on friday and thunderstorms will below. here is a look at your highs for monday. we will drop them down a little bit. low 70s inland and 60s elsewhere. my accu-weather seven-day forecast, rain and wind on wednesday and brief break on thursday. heavier rain and stronger storm moves in on friday. that's a look at the forecast. we need the rain and we will fennelly get some. finally get some. >> colin rush is in for mike shumann. >> the nets call it a basketball decision and that's all jason collins wanted. he made his nba debut as an openly gay player. sports is next.
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can rebound, they signed him to a 10-day contract and hours later he was in uniform and in action against the lakers as the first openly gay player. he entered early in the second quarter to a warm welcome from the l.a. fans. collins played 11 minutes and took one shot and missed it. he committed 5,000 and it was a 108-102 victory. all of this attention for a guy who didn't score a poimt, but collins understands why. >> it is weird that usually one of the background players and it is weird this, but it
11:25 pm
is what it is. it is part of life. again it goes back to teammates and coaches. we played hard and got the win. >> larry scott courtside and the trojans' only conference win came in january. they gave all they could ham, but he was pretty good. 22.7 rebounds and that is jordan matthews. 77-64 cal and they are now 9-5 in pac-12 play. women's hoops and cal is playing at usc on senior day. they opened up on a 12-0 run. she is good. 22 points and 11 rebounds. look, a little inside-outside action. she had some range. 76-67 and they tbet to 20 wins for a third straight season.
11:26 pm
the farm represented in so-cal. she had 24 today, but dominating as usual. up four at half time. 26 and 15 and 65-56 and for a 14th straight year. after outlasting the rain dale earnhardt ended his perm -- his personal drought. the second t
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daytona 500. when it resumed, carnage. 55 lapse to go and turn four problematic. 12 cars involved. danica patrick was taken out. watch her hit the wall. a 40th place finish. three laps to go and under caution. dale earnhardt, junior, debris hits his grill. didn't affect him. dale goes on to win this thing. his second daytona 500. the wreckage behind him and
11:30 pm
kyle bush across the finish line. >> winning this race is the greatest feeling you can feel in this sport. aside from accepting the trophy for the championship, i didn't know if i ever had a chance to feel that again. >> it is becoming soap opera-ish. he told reporter jarod bell that there was an opportunity there and it didn't materialize. he was referring to discussions between his team and the 49ers regarding a trade for jim harbaugh. he said two days ago the report isn't true. as for football matters, since season's end since resigning anquan boldin, the reports today that the 33-year-old wide receiver and the niners are closing in on a new deal. timlintim lincecum's no hitter against the padres was a bright spot in a sub par season.
11:31 pm
lincecum struggled to find consistency in 2013. he thinks he can be a cy young pitcher. he will lean on tim hudson for help. >> you question how did he stay in the game that long. he hasn't been more awry in the last couple years. to have him come in and say something like that eliminated some would be stress on any given day of pitching. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> thank you, colin. and a project that could save hundreds of lives mired in red tape devastated families wanting to know why nothing has been done. dan noyes questions the bridge officials. what they are saying tonight and what families are doing tomorrow.
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i'm ama dates. breaking news out of fremont where an amtrak train hit a car just before 10:00. th is a live picture of the scene. the fremont fire department says at least one person was injured in the car and they have been rushed to the hospital. bart resumed service between pleasant hill and pittsburgh bay point after they removed a derailed train near the concord station. it may take a month before bart knows why the train derailed on friday. more breaking news in san francisco and that's where pg&e crews are working to end a power outage in the richmond district. more than 6600 homes and businesses lost power after 10:00 this evening. the outage is along gear reboulevard. gear reboulevard. the dalai lama will wrap
11:36 pm
up his visit with a stop in santa clara. his visit has drawn hundreds of supporters and protesters. cornell bernard has the details. >> i got into tears and i didn't think i would get that emotional. >> reporter: ashley was moved to tears when the dalai lama took the stage in berkeley. >> peaceful mind. >> reporter: a simple talk about how to live a happy life that he says lives with love and compassion for others and society. >> we need to work together and a sense of oneness of humanity. that i think is very, very important. >> reporter: the tibetan spiritual leader took questions from the aweddence why. one parent asked how do i get my kids do my homework? >> let me marry and have children and then i will have real experience. >> reporter: the two-hour talk
11:37 pm
left many enlightened and energized. >> i came to be in the presence of a man who is open to the em nation of love and compassion. compassion. protest. they say the dalai lama has excommunicated buddhists. he said their factions harms and divides their followers. they gave this video questioning the dalai lama. >> this is not religion. that is wrong. >> we are honored -- >> reporter: later in the day the dalai lama took part in an award ceremony at the ritz. an inter faith coalition gathered in the east bay to discuss poverty in contra costa county. the event was designed to raise awareness. one man spoke of the time he spent without a home and addicted to drugs.
11:38 pm
>> didn't want to talk to anybody and i knew life was not meant to be like this. i was entitled to more. i thought i lost everything and it was all on my own decision. >> he got his life back together thanks to the trinity center in walnut creek. they have nearly 200,000 people living in poverty. the abc7 news eye team has discovered a disturbing fact. 2013 was a record year for suicides from the golden gate bridge. yet a suicide barrier has been stuck in red tape for years. dan noyes has the investigation. >> reporter: kim and manual invited us to walk the golden gate bridge with them and not to take a in the view like so many tourists that day, but to remember their 18-year-old son, kyle, who died here last september. >> he wassen neither
11:39 pm
energetic, inspiring, popular. >> reporter: they drive from the sacramento area to attend the bridge district board meetings to push for a suicide prevention barrier. >> time is is of the essence for every day, every week, every month, more die by jumping off the bridge. >> reporter: they approved the suicide barrier in 2008. a steel net that will hang 20 feet below the sidewalk. they refuse to fund the project. >> to be quibbling around what agency will provide most of the money, i find that very, very upsetting. >> reporter: state assembly member has been pushing for the suicide barrier for more than 20 years. he tells me the bridge district, the metropolitan transportation commission and cal trans can't agree on the amount each will pay for the $66 million project. >> if we had had to determine years ago those lives would have been saved. >> it is a funding issue?
11:40 pm
>> reporter: we took concerns to the golden gate general manager. >> is it just a matter of quibbling and who will pay what share? >> right now we are having lots of conversations with lots of agencies. we are trying to see if we can finalize the conversation to put together a full funding plan. >> reporter: the families of those who have died are upset that the bridge will be installing a $26 million moveable barrier to prevent head on collisions by the end of the year. one person has been killed in a head on crash in the golden gate a in the past 15 years. there were four other nonfatal head on collisions. >> why install the moveable barrier when you have many more people dying because of a lack of a suicide barrier? >> we were fortunate we were able to get outside funding for the barrier. >> the district's latest numbers show a record 46 confirmed suicides in 2013. 10 in the month of august alone. >> there is no indication that the number will decrease in anyway.
11:41 pm
>> reporter: john is a long-time suicide hotline counselor and author of the book about the bridge's deadly history. he said more people die from suicide on the golden gate than any other structure in the world. about one death every 10 days. >> if you stop and think about it, if there were two or three deaths every month from cable car accidents in the city or if a fan tell to their death from at&t park, the problem would be fixed immediately. public pressure would demand it. >> these are the faces behind the numbers. >> kathy was bright and sensitive. >> they come from all walks of life. >> my son, michael, was one of the sweetest sons you could ask for. >> established businessmen. >> he enjoyed people and enjoyed getting to know all different people. >> young people who showed so much promise. >> was highly creative and sensitive and creative with animals. she put people in front of herself. >> everyone in this group lost
11:42 pm
someone on the golden gate brimming. most died after the board approved the net. >> december 15th, 2011. >> august 3rd, 2009. >> november 22nd, 2012. >> august 29th, 2013. >> these family members shared their stories with us. their private pain in hopes of spurring the bureaucrats to finally get it done. >> they will say why should we spend $50 million or $60 million for a suicide barrier? we will go somewhere else. that's not true. there is no evidence to support that. >> we know in suicide prevention that limiting access to lethal means prevents suicide. the golden gate bridge is a lethal means. for many of us it is like having a gun in your backyard. >> the bridge general manager's office has an incredible view and he has seen firsthand how urgent this issue is. >> from your office have you ever seen somebody jump? >> next question. >> it took a minute to answer the question. >> i worked here a longtime and unfortunately have witnessed people take their
11:43 pm
lives at the bridge. >> does it affect your decisions or things you push for with the suicide barrier? do you favor the suicide barrier? >> i value every human life. >> the author believes the number ropes because they removed -- numbers are up because they removed the toll takers. the district argues that is not the case. most of the tips come from drivers on cell phones. the district tells me they prevented 118 people from jumping off the bridge last year and that's also a record. for the eye team, dan noyes, abc7 news. >> families and survivors will meet on the steps of city hall to call for the installation of a safety barrier to prevent more suicides. still to come, a neighborhood watch in space? the battle happening far above us and what is being done to protect the men and women at the international spacestation. >> reporter: i'm leigh glaser and it looks like the storm
11:44 pm
door is open again. two storms this week. we'll check it out coming up.
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♪ [ male announcer ] spring is calling.
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get 10% off all in-stock composite decking at lowe's. ♪ earth and a giant ring of debris around the it. around it. now the air force is starting what some call a neighborhood watch in space because of it. here is clayton sandal. >> you can't see it from the ground, but earth's orbit is a
11:47 pm
messy graveyard of space junk. the giant field of rubble crowded with more than 22,000 pieces larger than four inches across. fragments of old rockets and exploded fuel tanks and even defunct spacecraft like this one. in 2009 it destroyed another satellite. this year the air force will launch two new tracking satellites to keep an eye on the growing constellation of space junk, but the satellites will also keep an eye on spacecraft from other nations. what the general in charge calls a sort of neighborhood watch in space. all of the space junk is a danger to astronauts living on on the spacestation. three times a day the u.s. military updates mission control on possible threats. hoping to ensure hollywood disasters like this one from "graph --" gravity" stays science fiction. and missions cleaning up orbital clutter. but it is challenging and expensive.
11:48 pm
for now explorers will dodge the danger. clay son sandal, a -- clayton sandal. a man has people crying for. >>. he calls himself somebody who can choose movies and books that touches emotions. he calls crying for. >> seminars where people have haveen -- people are encouraged to weep. seminar participants say it works. we will be having tears of. >> when we will see some rain this week. leigh glaser is up on the roof with the latest. leigh? >> it looks promising as two storm systems will be lined up. one right after the other to move into the bay area to bring much-needed rainfall. live doppler hd is not picking up much in the way of rainfall. it will be with us tomorrow morning. here is a look at storms.
11:49 pm
the first will make its way into the bay area on wednesday. thursday right now looks to be dry and then a secondary system, a stronger storm will move in on friday and we are talking heavy rain and very strong winds. new orleans 67 with some showers and dallas warming to 61. southern california will be nice and mild with 71 in los angeles and tahoe 57 degrees and my accu-weather seven-day forecast increasing clouds on tuesday and wednesday storm one with rain and wind and a break on thursday and heavy rain and strong winds and a stronger storm on friday. ama? >> leigh, thank you so much. mike shumann is off tonight and we have colin rush with our last check on sports. >> hi, ama. we will bring shu in. he has been here before and can he do it again? mike shumann will talk with giants' pitcher tim hudson. how could this end up in a good spot?
11:50 pm
oh but it does. match
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book now at and carpe vacay. ♪ their splining -- spring schedule on wednesday. 24r* was a time when tim hudson was on the a's side and now he is a giant. mike shumann talked with huddy about making the move back to the bay area. >> it is great. it will be awesome.
11:53 pm
there are not many places we considered coming out west for, but san francisco is on the top of the list. me and the family are happy to come out west. >> how tough was it to integrate into the clubhouse? >> i can tell there are great guys on the team. i am looking forward to getting to know them and looking forward to them to get to know me and seeing how each of us click and win some ballgames. >> too bad barry wasn't here and you would have been reunited. you replaced him in the roster. >> it would have been. that goes without saying. he is a great friend of mine, and i'm sure everybody here in san francisco is going to miss him, but too bad we couldn't be teammates again. if he was here i probably wouldn't be. >> your ankle? >> close to 100%. the challenging part will be me getting in shape and my body and my arm feels really good. from a pitching standpoint arm
11:54 pm
wise and ankle standpoint things are good. getting this 38-year-old body in shape is the challenging part. >> you have a pretty good catcher to get used to here with buster posey. >> i am looking forward to working with him and understanding how he likes to work with his pitchers. i'm excited to let him start seeing my game. i'm fired up to throw to him. hopefully we can help each other out and learn from each other jie. even though it is auburn and florida state? >> everybody has their faults. he can't be perfect. >> good stuff. true story here. now 23, victor dubosan quick school at the age of 10 to focus on golf. as he says now, it was difficult to do both. i said the same thing to my parents and now i am sitting here. he is playing in his first ever match play event. made it on the 18th hole
11:55 pm
and left this putt one rotation short. the second playoff hole and he had this one from be henned the green. it trickled through and coming to rest six pete -- six feet from the putt. then on the 23rd playoff hole. it is just off the green. birdie putt goes and finally defeats the frenchman. at the nfl combine, archer with the fastest 40-time, a blistering 4.26 seconds. after archer with dad looking on, stopwatch in his hand and george atkinson the third goes 4.48. i think both georges expected better. coach harbaugh looking on, hey, no reporters. this is awesome. complete coverage will be seen on the nfl network through tuesday. who was the bigger winner, dale earnhardt junior or nascar? despite a rain delay of six hours the great american race produced a fantastic and
11:56 pm
popular finish. 55 laps to go and turn four and this was the problem all day. danica patrick is watt up in this one. three lapse to go and under caution. debris flies into earnhardt's grill as he is leading. would it affect his ability to finish? no. he wins his second daytona 500. wreckage behind him as he takes the checkered flag. kyle busch in reverse to cross the finish line. jeff gordon on one crazy race. >> i don't know what happened when the rain went away and the track dried. everybody's brains flipped over to this is a shootout. it was unbelievable the kind of race two wide, three wide and bump drafting. craziness. >> it was awesome. we showed all nightlong what kind of car we had. >> nascar lingo, bum drafting. this report is brought to you by riverwalk casino.
11:57 pm
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