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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  May 10, 2014 1:07am-1:31am PDT

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woman? >> yes. >> do you recognize this woman? >> i do. >> >> how do you know her? >> she was the lady trying to scam me for money on a rental. >> abc7 news uncovers more about a woman accused of an elaborate rental scheme. scheme. >> we brought you this story on abc news at 11 and tonight we are learning the woman has an extensive arrest record. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. alan wang has the latest on the story you will see only on abc7 news. >> this all came about after a landlord found out someone else was trying to rent out her home. she lured the imposter to the rental home for a surprise confrontation. after our story airedavet night we have been in contact with two law enforcement agencies and a private investigator and another perspective tenant who said she nearly became a victim. >> i wanted to see your license number and make sure we have all of that.
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>> no problem. >> and then do you have an id? >> she just caught this other woman trying to rent out her oakland home illegally. a perspective renter contacted sanchez after the woman asked for the deposit in the form of a blank money order. >> do you recognize this woman? >> yes. >> how do you know her? >> she is the lady who was trying to scam me for money on a rental in oakland. >> this is another potential victim who said the woman tried to rent the same house. it didn't work, but now there is more to worry about. >> this lady has pretty much all of my paperwork. the copy of my social, brother's id and pay stubs. she knows where i live and where i work. it is scary. >> what makes it more scary is that police who identify the woman as 33-year-old kiyena has been arrested for fraud all over the bay area. >> do you recognize this woman? >> i do. >> he arrested her several
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times for fraud back in 2012. he says she was caught returning stolen goods to stores that refunded her in the form of gift cards she later sold. >> she was able to con them into believing she was a legitimate customer making a return. >> they work with corporate loss prevention investigators swindled home goods and tjey maxx out of $120,000. they had her arrested in four bay area counties. >> it was the bay area and the northern california corporate investigators to do this investigation. >> detective joseph bocci says san mateo county will revoke her probation and issue an arrest warrant. the alameda d.a. is looking to see if there is rental fraud and how many people she may have victimized. dan and carolyn? >> alan wang reporting.
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there are red flags to watch out for when renting a home. a lot of scam artists ask for the first month's rent or deposit in a mown order -- minute or cashier check. another if i are to mail it to another address or if it is way below the mark -- market value. a plane crashed at mineta san jose international airport. the nonof the three people on board was hurt. the runway was closed during the response, but back open now. commercial flights were not affected in anyway. >> a cal football player is facing serious allegations. he has been suspended from the team. he is accused of attacking a man and his dog. ama dates has the story from berkeley. >> i am just really shocked to actually find out that he is in jail. that's crazy. >> kayla taylor is talking
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about her good friend on the football team from livermore. he was arrested by berkeley police after an incident on on tuesday. it happened on bancroft way. >> the insurance department occurred -- the incident occurred during a fundraising event so there were students in the area for that event. >> the victim said he got into an altercation and the suspect, drew, kicked his dog and punched him in the face repeatedly. taylor says that's not the friend she knows saying drew is a great person. the athletic department says they are tracking the case and cooperating fully. drew has been suspended indefinitely from the team pending further information. >> i think we need to be careful as student athletes. we are under a microscope all the time. >> they have had problems with players before. lasts year two team members got into a locker room fight
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that sent one to the hospital. >> the dog may have attacked his client of the he also says the focus right now is getting drew out of jail. . a scoul player from -- a basketball player from the sketp area has been kicked off the team. he graduated in richmond. he and two other players were not charged with a crime. but the coach said to success spend all three is -- suspend all three is in the best interest of the school. a woman says they forced her to have 6 during a house party. a girl who was abused we are sad to tell you has died. he is being held on child abuse charges and may be charged with homicide now. he was arrested in belmont on april 17th after being on the run for more than two weeks. the baby girl was airlifted from stockton to oakland's children hospital and suffered 13 broken ribs, a broken collar bone and a brain
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injury. a subcontractor has been fined for its role in the massive fire at a construction site in san francisco in march. the report says sparks nearly started the fire that destroyed the six-story apartment building being built. the subcontractor has not been named. the damage is estimated at 40 million. a businessman in san francisco's mission district is the target of hate speech spray painted on several properties. they say he is partly responsible for the gentrification of the neighborhood. cornell bernard has both sides of the story. >> carolyn, police are investigating, but tonight no one knows who is responsible for the graffiti tagging this upscale restaurants. it is in the middle of a neighborhood that is changing rapidly.
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this is some of the graffiti covering the market. the word was painted outside local corner eat re. two other businesses were tagged with hate speech. all of them were owned by >> iram. >> it is a tough way to start the day. >> he doesn't know who is responsible, but one community group protested the businesses before. it means not only does it drive up rents and people get misplaced. >> but they say the graffiti is not theirs. >> that kind of violent graffiti does not help the situation. >> the group does accuse him of discrimination turning away large groups of people of color twice in the past. >> last week i was part of a group of six white people who were easily accommodated in the restaurant jie. he de mys the claim. he lives in the mission and
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employs a diverse staff. >> every day we open the doors for everyone. >> they demand they take sensitivity training or face more protests. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc7 news. was your tax refund seized? >> michael finney is here to explain. strange. >> unbelievable is right. the government may be going after you because of your parents. i will tell you exactly what is going on and what you can do about it. >> plus on fire and falling a from the sky. the desperate search for survivors tonight after a hot air balloon crashes into power lines. >> also hear why a northern calf a calf sheriff's department pulled all of the deputies off the streets. >> i'm sandhya patel. looking good tonight. it is going to warm up for married. for mother's day and looking beyond that. first, here is jimmy kimmle jie. here is what we are up to
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chilling pictures of a hot aire. imagine the people on that balloon. it crashed moments later. state police say one pilot and two passengers were on board. rescue crews are still looking for them. the wreckage of that balloon. witnesses tell police the
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balloon was trying to land when it hit a power line and caught fire. witnesses saw the balloon rapidly rise and then the basket fall from the balloon. well some faulty guns forced the sheriff's office to pull the deputies off the streets for hours yesterday afternoon. the problem started when new guns were being tested at the range and two would not fire. instead of risking it on the field they had deputies turn in those guns, all 300 of them. the old guns were handed back out and other law enforcement agencies including stockton police provided protection during that changeover. >> and look at this. this picture was posted by the highway patrol in contra costa county. this little chihuahua ended up on the median and needed a little help to safety. no word on how the dog got there, but it looked terrified. >> it is like a hamster. it is owe way.
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that's the good news. >> it happened to hundreds of thousands of americans this tax season. they were shocked to find out it was the government that took it. >> several bay area taxpayers contacted 7 on your side's michael finney for help. and he is here with answers. i didn't even know this was possible. >> this is absolutely astonishing. the government seeming to way overstep thousands and thousands of taxpayers and found money gone from their tax refunds. all because of what happened when they were little kids. now the social security administration may have gone too far. >> it is ridiculous. >> steven rodriguez is still in shock. he was expecting a $1700 tax refund and instead he got this. >> it was $9. >> he was even more surprised to find out why. >> it is like robbing citizens of their money. >> the federal government snatched the rest of the money out of the refund and it went
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to payoff an old debt to the government, a very old debt. >> it was an over payment to my mom. they didn't tell me what year, when, why or anything else. >> it was the social security administration claiming it had overpaid benefits to steven's mother fourth years ago. and now it is taking the money back. his mom is deceased. steven is mystified. >> how can we be responsible for something we didn't know about? >> all he knows is his father died when he was 7. his mom received survivor benefits for their two sons. and now social security wants some back, but can't give an accounting. >> beyond outraged. i was so shocked. >> they found $756 missing from her tax refund. the social security seized it without her knowledge to repay a 30-year-old debt. >> that's crazy. 30 years. >> susan was left to figure it out for herself. she was five when her dad
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died. her mother received survivor benefits for their four kids. now social security claims sue got too much but couldn't give her an accounting either. >> the fact that this came blues outrageous. there is absolutely no due process. >> it turns out social security has gone after tax refunds of lots of taxpayers, 400,000 of them. it was triggered by one line in the farm bill liftstatute iet statute iewft limitations for collecting government debts. i sat down with congresswoman jackie spear to ask if social security should be reopening old cases. >> to go back and claw back the money that was not legally supposed to be given to you, i think it is fair. to go beyond 10 years i don't think is fair. >> she said the agency should at least give aninging before seizing your refunds. >> they don't play by the same rules.
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we already know that. >> social security spokesperson tells us we started the offset program because of the change in the farm bill. everyone can get an accounting from their local social security office. she said the agency sent five notices to each taxpayer before taking their funds. and some folks may not have opened their mail. or in cases like susan's they were sent to a 30-year-old address. now after getting a flood of complaints, social security has stopped intersecting tax refunds while it refused the tax collecting effort. little comfort if your money is gone. >> it seemed crazy and outrageous. >> you can file an appeal to try to get your money back. susan isn't too confident. but steven, he is already on it. >> i just want to get some answers or at least stop it.
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it is not fair. >> they have brought a federal lawsuit claiming it had illegally confiscated her refund without due process. if you have had your refund taken i posted all of the information you need. check under 7 on your side. >> i haven't heard anything like that. let's focus on the weekend weather forecast and mother's day is on sunday. >> sandhya patel. >> it is going to be perfect for mother's day. warmth headed our way, but first we will have to deal with the winds. live doppler 7hd is showing a few clouds in the north bay and patches along the coastline. otherwise clear.ies are clear. the winds are tapering a little bit for the time being. gusting to 24 at sfo and 21 in san carlos and 20 miles an hour at half moon oueastb from our east bay hills camera we can clearly see all the way across the bay. the fog is not a factor here.
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53 in san francisco and 57 in oakland and 55 san jose. cooling down to 52 in half moon bay. from our exploratorium camera looking toward the ferry building, visibility is good. temperatures mid50s for santa rosa, novato, fairfield, livermore. a pretty narrow range and one last view from the sutro tower camera. san francisco sparkling tonight. sunny and windy for your saturday. warmer weather for mother's day. and it heats up mix week. we may be talking about possible records by wednesday. here is the satellite and the radar. we had showers and measurable rain. and now we are dealing with this trough that will create locally windy conditions tomorrow as the high pressure builds in behind that low take a look at the computer animation. the winds are gusting along the coastline, 29, 30 miles an hour. as we head toward the evening it is pretty gusty. close to 40 in san francisco
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and half moon bay. the wind is going to change direction and it turns offshore. it relaxes. this will bring us the warmer weather. tomorrow running cooler than average at 71 degrees. the numbers will come up and it is really a steady climb all the way up to wednesday and getting you up close to a hundred degrees in some of our bayside and inland communities. it will get toasty. tomorrow morning on the cool side with only a few patches of low clouds. bundle up for early plans. windy near the coast and breezy around the bay. we are obviously going to have to deal with the pollen. if you suffer from allergies, it may be a tough one. 75 in antioch and 74, 72 santa rosa. oakland 69. 64 san francisco. half moon bay, 59 degrees. a lot of sun for mother's day. it is just in time.
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mid60s to mid80s. we are going to crank the heat next week. mostly 90s showing up inland. close to the triple digit mark. 70s at the coastline and we may be talking high fire danger as well. >> sandhya, thanks so much. we have baseball and football to talk about. >> larry beil is here. a tough situation. >> good news and bad news. the giants have the best record in the national league, but not happy expr here is why. an injury to their top homerun hitter and he will be out awhile.
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