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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 12, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> cal fire set up planes within reach within 20 minutes. they will drop this stuff, a mixture of watt arer, mostly salt, plus dye as fire retardant. as the summer gets busy crews may load planes 20 times per day a thousand gallons per load. keith and his crew, busy men. >> it's a game where every second counts. >> great look at how they do that job. sandhya patel is outside. >> enough of a sea breeze, tomorrow things are going to change. advisory goes into affect.
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live doppler 7 and we are tracking mainly clear skies right now. taking a look there is a heat advisory. highs expected to reach into 90s around the bay. mid-90s to low 100s inland. there is a risk of heat related illness. pay close attention to the next couple days. i'll be back to let you know how hot going to get at your house coming up. >> sun will be blazing above the amgen tour. that stage three. emergency crews will keep a watch on racers and fans watching that tour. temperatures could have reached 80 degrees, stage three ends 108
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miles away. it's expected to reach mid-90s tomorrow going to be a challenge for riders. nick smith is live where temperatures are going to heat up. >> sandhya said it's going to get hotter. we had to take off a. >> i and jacket. a sign forcing those below to seek relief. temperatures kissed 90s and finding a way to keep cool can be tough. >> we didn't want to drive over the hill. so trying to be creative. >> she and her son
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alone. that is why public safety officials want everyone to think peak safety now. >> first, hydrate. for those working outside, kicking back in the shade isn't an option. among most vulnerable, construction workers that is why the warning to drink early and often is something they want nailed in. if you must be outside protect yourself. and be aware of heat related illness. >> if you're experiencing those it could be too late. find a cool place >> we're lucky. it cools off. >> nick smith abc7 news. >> and you can track weather any time using abc7 weather app.
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it's free to down load. >> investigators looking into what caused a crash that happened about morning. investigators say the officer was responding to a call at the time. >> the officer responding to an in progress burglary call. the union city officer was driving with lights and sirens activated. >> the officer is out of the hospital. a driver and child that was in her sedan being treated for nonlife threatening injuries. >> chevron says crews put out on oil fire this afternoon. sky seven was on the scene
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moments after the fire was reported a spokesperson tells axe bc seven news it was minor. the fire is out and nobody was hurt. the owner of a small plane had to get it towed yesterday in livermore. officers taking away the pilot in handcuffs the question is because it's a high security area the pilot later released. faa says engine failed. >> usually find shells on the beach but a thousand pounds of marijuana was found on a bay area beach this morning. it happened at pescadero state beach. vic lee is live with the story. what a haul, vic?
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iet was. this is a boat with a lot of gasoline. that is the gas tank here. from mexico to san mateo then had two very powerful out board combloerts if you will, picture this weren't that smart. deputies found marijuana turning it over to the feds. >> we believe that the vessel landed here under darkness. and there is a pick up crew on to their vehicle. >> smugglers loaded their suv. roughry 1200 pounds. that is their down fall. >> the strugglers abandoned ship and ran off. leaving their cargo before the
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county deputies in agents arrived. investigators believe there is no mother ship. the huge gas tank indicates the boat weaved from mexico the name plate on the side said it came from mexico state of sinaloa. beach growers were surprised. . >> i don't think you can from mexico to here. that is impossible. >> the irony of what happened struck this couple. this is the 8th confirmed landing to the beaches since march of last year. they believe the pressure of interdiction is driving the strugglers farther north. >> still ahead not everybody
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likes change. coming up... >> it's not a joke last san francisco exit for golden gate bridge moved and causing some commuters to freak out a bit. the story coming up. >> plus a historic transfer of fire. how the openly gay >> and again nettics versus the environment. how causes of breast cancer could be around us. >> getting a same boost from chocolate without eating it. abc7 news at 5:00 cont
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>> you're looking live at a picture of the commute.
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sometimes aggravating. tonight caltrans worried about getting on golden gate may turn into karmageddon. it's all part of a doyle drive rebuild project. abc7 news is live with what's happening right now with the mess. cornell? >> reporter: surprises. the evening commute is on, and commuters are noticing big changes the last san francisco exist on northbound 101 moved and it's throwing many drivers for a loop. chp is here to make sure no one tries an illegal u-turn. some did, resulting in accidents. now, last san francisco before san francisco for the bridge has moved about a thousand feet south of the tall plaza. it's part of the doyle drive construction project. otherwise known as presidio parkway.
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there is signage, but if you're not paying attention and need to get to presidio, you may miss it. caltrans concerned about this tonight. and don't want to see anyone doing anything risky. >> many who missed exit today had to do just that. go across the bridge and return. sky 7 was over the approach. concrete barriers and more or yank cones have been extended. to reduce the temptation of drivers if they want to make an extreme hard right if they do miss the exit. chp says don't think about doing it all of the barriers and cones will be replaced with landscaping in the next couple months we're live at golden gate bridge, abc7 news >> thank you. >> santa rosa police believe a
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17-year-old girl reported missing by the family may be okay. she was last seen at her home about 8:00 friday night. police say she left without her wallet or cell phone, which is troubling. but police say a friend of hers says she has been in touch with her through social media ask she says she's okay. we'll keep you posted on this. >> oakland police looking for help finding an at risk man who has gone missing the 79-year-old seen near 6:00 last night. he has alzheimer's he was wearing a blue blazer and blue jeans. >> investigators say speed was a factor in a crash that killed two people, injuring three others in oak loned yesterday the victims have been identified as a 21-year-old from emeryville. and a 28-year-old. the crash took place near mills college yesterday morning. five people were in the car. four of people were trapped and
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had to be freed by crews the 25-year-old female driver was found blocks away. >> it's getting a lot safer to ride muni in san francisco. the transit system says cell phone thefts dropped 77% officials credit a safety campaign. it put more police officers on patrols inside of muni buses. riders urged to be more aware of surroundings. crime down by a third. now, despite drop, riders are urged to avoid using their smart phones on the bus pay attention, too. the city launched a blitz to fill in pot holes and cracks on the street like these. crews will focus on east oakland first, then move to another district each week.
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the mayor says pot holes are among top concerns and complaints of people in the city. >> california state assembly swore in the first openly gay woman as speaker. tony atkins took the oath of office said, she's the third woman, first lawmaker from san diego to serve as speaker. >> i want to thank my colleagues for allowing me the privilege to serve as your speaker. i promise to work hard and to work with you every day owe live up to this honor. >> her priorities include dealing with the state water infrastructure and prison overcrowding and says personal priority include working on affordable housing and housing for the homeless >> scientists say 17 chemicals found around us are linked to breast cancer. researchers say chemicals in gasoline, flame retardants, paint removers and disinfectants can increase the risk of breast
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cancer. the reason, scientists say is because women are in close contact with them every day. they're sprayed on furniture and in charred food researchers say reducing exposure could save lives there are seven tips on ways to avoid the chemicals. >> new research suggests pregnant women are a greater risk to be in a serious car accident while drives during the second trimester. those in the second trimester were in 42% more crashes than any other time of pregnancy. they believe they don't drive as carefully in weeks leading up to birth. >> moms love the smell of a newborn. now, research shows why that is. a study found the scent of a
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baby gives women a mood boost similar to that of eating chocolate. perhaps to care for a child if it isn't her own. a classic cookie your grandparents might have enjoyed is back on the market. >> first a bows does of reality. >> vacation season about to kick off. here is your warning about pickpockets. watch, this unsuspecting shopper turn as way from the cart. the man on the right sees his chance, takes her wallet then hides it under a tote bag. the woman has no idea the man hands off the wallet to his partner. these theech thieves play a game of double distraction.
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this woman is not looking at her cart. police released the videos to our san diego affiliate but they serve as a warning to us that when we're in towns like san diego, still stay alert. >> could there with a potential wage increase in your future? it's getting harder to find skilled workers and economists believe if approaching 6% they will be forced to pay more. to keep track, of then companies will hope those currently employed don't catch on. an american original is back. hydrox is a cookie that came on
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the market 19084 years before oreo and have been available in store shelves in nearly a decade but recently the rights have been acquired to the trademark. they're more crispy, a little less sugary and stand up bet twroer milk. >> there is a big debate. >> is that right? >> well, talk about weird weather. middle of may, colorado dealing with a foot of snow. national weather service expects similar weather throughout june. >> and in the bay area, temperatures rising in san francisco. >> wow. let's find out how hot it's going to be.
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>> blue skies behind me and a bit of a breeze. things are going to change. live doppler 7 hd. we'll talk about hot weather coming our way. no moisture, clouds around. that is about it. let's take a look at a live picture from our camera. looking towards mount diablo. moderate air quality so we're looking at unhealthful air quality tomorrow. emeryville camera, it's 73 now in san francisco. 80s in oakland. 73 half moon bay. from our bridge camera, sun out there temperatures so far 69 in half
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moon bay. 92 in los gatos. the view from our mount tamalpais camera, it's going to be warm to hot. >> 100 temperatures inland onned wednesday. here is the reason for the heat. we have this strong ridge of high pressure developing and that is what is going to combine with the wind flow. that is going to come off the land we'll see off shore flow. that is going bring warmth with it down to beaches from our inland spots. and the temperatures are 75 degrees to degrees higher
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tomorrow, # # pens wednesday. at or below normal so we'll have cooler weather but not immediately. and clear skies and shorts type of weather. look at the heat in the south bay. 94 san jose. 88 in daily city. 95 degrees in napa. inland spots you're cooking. here is a look at the forecast for amgen tour. i feel for those guys it's stage three starts out on the warm side warm by noon.
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it's hot by the time they make their way into low 90s. by wednesday, mid-80s along the coastline. temperatures fall on thursday near the coast as fog returns. friday cooling down mid-80s inland. over the weekend, our sea breeze, fog, low 60s to mid to upper 70s by weekend by then, we'll need it. the biggest thing i want to pass on is make sure you drink plenty of water, try to limit that outdoor time. dan? cheryl? >> still ahead, unstoppable a report about ant arctic and ocean waters around us. >> plus, what is behind a square pole on a round sun.
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and it's demonstration day at 6:00 how some of the things are coming to pass. that is at 6:00.
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a new study says the collapse of the western ice sheet could rise the sea level by 13 feet. either way they say it will destroy places such as new jersey and florida. >> a nasa space craft found a square-shaped hole on the surface of the sun. it's where solar wind streams out of the sun interrupting the sun's field. >> you can't reach a vast section of the internet by google, it's called the dark
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net. abc has been working on an unprecedented look at secret marketplaces you can buy guns, drugs and working credit card numbers and so much more. you'll be stunned. dan noyes talked with the people behind the technology making it difficult for law enforcement to crack. >> not going to say it will never be un-breckable. >> we'll show you the positive side of the dark net. the dark net exposed, a special eye team report tonight at 11:00 following the season finale of castle. it's interesting report, too. >> still ahead you can call one young man patrol kid. >> coming up a little guy gets a souvenir. why he was
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wum coming up a local billionaire ordered to explain why he's blocked access a popular surf spot. >> and a car burglary mystery a tool allowing thieves to break into cars those stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> chp has a special birthday wish for a patient at oakland childrens hospital. >> the 8-year-old brought to the hospital from outside of the bay area after he fell on his birthday, injuring his kidney. >> he didn't have a family nearby but oakland chp staff visited with him every day. >> justin was released today and he got his birtay party at chp oakland office oocht how cute. like a lot of girls and boys justin loves trains so police escorted them to the transbay tube and gave them a tour. >> happy birthday.
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>> that is all for now. >> we'll see you at 6:00. tonight the lost girls. the dramatic new video. are these the kidnapped school girls? the world studying the ground, the trees and their eyes for clues. how to find them. weather whiplash. twisters in the heartland. snow buries colorado and scorching heat sets the west ablaze. a second american infected with the deadly new virus tonight. and real money. the ingenious ways families are making money right in their living room. can you make thousands of dollars just by watching tv? >> that's real money! a good evening to you on


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