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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 13, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> good afternoon, everybody, i'm larry beil. >> a record day for heat in parts of the bay area today. in berkeley, no records were set but hot enough for people to take refuge under umbrellas for shade here is a look at the beaches. santa cruz beach board walk. check out the water, it's icy cold, which may be a welcome relief from the blazing hot sand caused by high temperatures. >> let's check out san francisco ocean beach the city broke a record set in 1927. 87 years ago. spencer christian outside to show how hot it is.
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>> no jacket, no tie. taking off every layer because it's hot here today you can see how sunny it is across the bay area and of course we still have heat advisory in effect until tomorrow night. it's all over the bay area except coastal lobings highs from 96-102 tomorrow, inland, warm night in the hills the risk of heat-related illness is a possibility now. looking live here at abc7, taking a look at highs including records set today. napa 83. oakland tied it's record for the date. 93 degrees sab fran set a new record high for the date. shattering old record of 87 set back in 1927. and moffett field tied it's high for the date notice records set on this date in 1976, which was apparently a very warm year, on this date, it
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was. i'll be back in a moment with -- oh, let's me give thu look. air quality, tomorrow will be our third spare the air day. the heat is rising, air quality declining and we're hoping for better air quality by the end of the week. i'll give you a look at what is coming up are our way next. >> those of us with allergies are dieing now, for sure. sky 7 live over the amgen tour of california bicycle race. this is the third stage. cyclists making their way up the summit of mount diablo. my car doesn't look going up mount diablo. no immediate reports of any heat related problems. professional cyclists through livermore valley. temperatures mid-90s now, racers are provided with water any time needed.
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they have mobile water stations and say high duration is key. >> there sf a water spigot over there. everybody is waiting in line. there is another one up there. >> race organizers urge spectators to drink plenty of water. >> one guy cheering them on in just the small pair of shorts there, nothing else, nick smith is live with how other people are beating the heat today. nick? >> that is right. you know how we do that fried egg test? here is the surface. i'm cooking now. one of the things we do is try to find a way to escape. the beach is one way. so for seniors and children, those groups that are at risk they don't have that as an option. >> you put your feet on the post
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in the sun. sun goes up >> if there is a secret in keeping cool, james ellis knows it. his home doesn't have air the best place to catch a breeze is on the stoop. >> i have partly in the shade seeing the sun. relaxing. >> with parts of richmond baking under the sun, a escape to the beach can feel like a get away. >> i can't deal with it. >> not many can. for seniors and retired folks finding a way to stay cool is key. that is why finding a free, cool place like neighborhood house senior center where lights are always low, and the crowd,
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festive can be music to the ears heat-related illness can hit seniors hard and fast. the combination of age and medication can place them at higher risk. >> we encourage them to drink liquids. especially water at times like this. >> not only seniors are at risk. little ones have to be watched, too. >> my kids run around a lot they get really hot. >> so brenda and staff make sure this group of 2 and 5 year olds play, they're hydrated. >> kids don't know when they're hot. they just want to play and play. so we try to keep them cooled off out there. >> that is cool. >> that looks like a plan they can all go along with. in richmond, nick smith abc7 news. >> we'll find out how hot it is in your neighborhood using abc7 weather app. it is free to down load. >> firefighters battling at
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least three separate wildfires in southern california and central coast. mandatory evacuations are underway on the north side of san diego. evacuations have been ordered in lompoc and santa barbara county. another fire has destroyed a mobile home in the rural town of campo in southern san diego county. >> two teenagers now face charges of endangering drivers by throwing plastic water bottles into traffic. you may remember in february, several cars had their windshields shattered on highway 12. the chp says boys are 15 and 16 years old. and video surveillance and cell phone records helped identify them the 16-year-old just had been issued a license and now restricted from driving passengers under age 20 without adult supervision. >> police have taken a man into custody he attacked a tv station in maryland. they say the man rammed a stolen
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landscaping truck through front doors of wmar outside of baltimore a reporter posted this video of the incident. s.w.a.t. teams surrounded the station. they went out of the back door. the man captured inside of the station. police say he is mentally ill and taken in for treatment. >> flight delays nationwide continue after smoke in a radar facility halted all planes coming in and out of o'hare international airport for a while this morning. air traffic controllers were evacuated after a small fire. fire officials say the source of the fire is a bathroom exhaust fan that overheated controllers now back to work but it forced cancellation of 600 flights at o'hare, and another 75 flights at midway airport. >> california governor jerry brown released his latest revision to the state budget showing state spending hitting a record $107.8 billion the governor says the plan would pay down $11 billion in debt.
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shore up the teacher pension system, increase payments to medical to cover enrollment, and provide more money to respond to the drought. >> san jess yeah city council expected to decide how to regulate marijuana dispensaries tonight. more than 100 illegal dispensaries operate in the city. officials say they need to take action. officials want to hear more from residents, they've heard testimony from representatives of the dispensaries. >> los gatos monte serino police department is getting a new chief the captain, matt frisbee will be the new captain he's a 21 year veteran of the department he will succeed the former chief and has previously served as acting chief. >> another bone marrow drive will be held for a 7-year-old bay area boy battling leukemia he needs a biracial bone marrow donor. his parents are japanese and
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german and a nationwide search for a marrow match has come up empty. marrow drives were held over the weekend. tomorrow's drive will be held from noon to 2:00 at the uc berkeley shared services building on fourth street. joining is easy and painless all have you to do is have your cheek swabbed. >> still ahead at 4:00 beta breakers race is sunday. why spectators better not go to one popular viewing spot. >> arianna huffington's advice to attendees at the conference in san fraven. >> that is the sound of water. during the heat wave we no no drops of water can be wasted. still to come how growers are using technology to conserve water. >> and taking a look at traffic in walnut creek. 680 on the righthand traffic traffic going south towards san jose.
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heavier traffic on the lefthand side heading north. >> one more look at the scene. this is amgen tour of california and cyclists braving incredible conditions today cycling up and heading back down down mount diablo. 90 plus degree weather. back with more in just a moment.
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beta breakers is sunday. runners will see people dressed
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as police officers but won't be in costume, but real police officers san francisco city officials say there will be 20% more officer as long the route. there will be keeping an eye out for alcohol, and there is a ban on bags bigger than eight and a half by 11 inches owe so a piece of paper the size of a standard notebook or printer paper. there, issue of nudity. official policy is no nudity but check out these comments. >> good looking folk was nice six packs come out naked. kidding. >> there has been a certain degree of nudity. they're asking people be conscientious, i'm stg asking people just not be naked. >> there are changes to this year's race, part of alamo square will be roped off and the race begins at 8:00 a.m instead of 9:00. >> it's standard for nfl teams to introduce new players after the draft but this is a special day for the st. louis rams. michael sam meeting the media
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for the first time as a member of the club. saturday night he became the first openly-gay player picked in the nl draft he was one of the final few picks in the draft. number 249 out of 256 players chosen. many people question whether he will be able to make the rams roster but sam is very confident. >> when you see me, like i said, i'm determined to be great. i'm determined to make this team. so when i do make it, when i put my pads on, when someone wants to see something, you'll see number 96 running and making big play for this team. >> the draft wrapped up, sam has the second-highest selling uniform among nfl rookies. >> yes. >> 49ers ryan lot tried his hand
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at reporting today. >> you have to tell why are you here? >> to raise money for the kids. this is our 12th year now. we've raised over $30 million. >> what? >> yes. $30 million. >> pretty smooth. >> in the bad he's got a lot of experience. you know, don't work for pack 12 pack we used to do tv bits together. he was there to be a guest trader. and eve yn man the phones. >> be a team player. >> yes. >> someone bought 500,000 shares of twitter shock while he was working the phones. >> oh. >> professional business woman conference wrapping up tonight in san francisco. you were there today . >> i was. it was fantastic.
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i had pleasure of emceeking the session. the event founded by california congress woman jackie speier. >> it's a sold out gathering on the conference there are seminars and work shops and an expo. it started as one congress woman called an instinct. and has become a day of empowerment. >> i think security, networking and learning how to better position yourself in a corporation. taking risks. >> many of those we talked to called it inspirational and say it showcases growing camaraderie among women in the work place. >> i'm in tech and in a man's world. when you work with women you realize you have to unite.
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support one another. . >> i find it easier now. >> but despite changes, the glass ceiling remains reality. >> women are still struggling, key note speaker suggested ways to rise above. thousands jammed the auditorium to hear the president and editor in chief of the huffington post. >> women should not only just aspire but need to change the world. because the way the world is designed at the moment, it's not working. and this conference is continuing now with diane keaton
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giving a key note. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> and cheryl jennings emceeked afternoon portion. great and so inspiring. so wonderful. >> yes. it's great. >> spencer christian. star power coming are from the sun. it's hot around the bay area right now. you can see we've got sunny skies and warm to hot as you know. 83 in san francisco. down from the high of 90 francisco. 78 in half moon bay. more temperatures right now 91
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in santa rosa. and a live view from our sutro tower camera. heat advisory through tomorrow. coastal cooling begins on thursday. later in the week cooler in all areas and a beach hazard statement for tomorrow. a long swell may produce rip currents and large shore breaks so be cautious if you're going to be travelling along the coastline or walking along the coastline. that heat peaks tomorrow, winds off shore but those winds are going to shift tomorrow afternoon. we're going to have a stronger sea breeze, going to produce a
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bit of cooling along the bay but won't be enough to keep temperatures inland from hitting or exceeding 100 degree mark tomorrow, our high tomorrow leveling out and normizing over the weekend. that is typical of what we can expect. low temperatures into low 60s in many locations. will be mild. records likely in san jose. 96 in mountain view. and record high downtown san francisco, likely hitting 92 tomorrow, that would be a record we may see records in napa. east bay, records are likely producing numerous readings and here is the accu-weather forecast. notice coastal cooling thursday. cooler friday.
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by the time weekend arrives back with more normal range of high temperatures. i can't wait for the weekend but i feel that way every wednesday, tuesday. >> it's five days after the weekend that are the toughest. >> we'll give you the first look at ben afleck as batman, the dark knight. >> a bike ride gets alec baldin in trouble with the law. things on purpose? youe not a color found nature. there's nothing wrong with tha. i can hear your arteries clogging. ok. no. this is tap water. i can't let you buy this. oh. crystal geyser please. crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain source.
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>> the poor dog. take a look at this unusual pet behavior. a dog in a bowling alley streaks out every time he hears foul line buzzer. the dog is fine he's not getting shocked. just surprised by the noise. his owner says he doesn't know what triggered it. he has been bringing the dog to work since he was a pup. >> i feel sorry for the dog. >> dark knight returned with a new ride. director zach snyder released first official photo of actor ben afleck in costume as batman standing along side his bat mobile. >> looks sportier the new bat suit has smaller ears the caped crusader sequel set to be released in 2016. >> tens galore over the dance floor last night in semi finals of "dancing with the stars". you predicted candice would not advance but she did make it and
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an olympian was sent home. >> in the that he's blaming anyone . >> i blame america. let's start with the olympian that will keep dancing. merrill davis and partner, max. he was stressed out because he knows marl is the best dancer she might be a better dancer than he is. dancing here to "hound dog". did a perfect job. 410s. what do you think about it? >> that is tough to do it. is. going up to high standards there. >> they pulled it off actually and advanced to the finals as well. america's sweetheart, check out the prosthetics. once losing graphic there. she johned blade runners. does she get more bounce for the
4:26 pm
quick step? oprah called amy to encourage her and said she's been calling in to vote. or maybe she has people. >> she has people. >> she doesn't dial. >> amy stored a 45. going home he got a perfect score. charlie is happy and smiling. >> yes. >> so charlie was sent home. i still say mayor yil and amy. i think amy captured the heart of america. >> she has >> still to come on abc7 news at 4:00 new high tech conhe ser vacation project hemming farmers find a balance in watering crops plus... >> what kind of a guy goes there with every girl? then catches hiv. >> donald sterling with his latest attack on magic johnson and how the basketball legend
4:27 pm
responded today. >> and second u.s. case of mrs virus. and
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>> this week' heat wave creating
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a dill lem yachl the brought drought put pressure on them to conserve water. >> there are high tech methods to find best balance to water plants but not hurt the quality. david louie is live in an heirloom tomato farm. hi, david. >> hi, ama and larry. this farm is using drip or low flow irrigation but there is a tool available to be used in conjunction with intertuition and years of experience to learn how to adjust water usage. these are heirloom tomato seedlings. in gilroy, it used one acre foot of water. given the drought, the goal is to use less, that is why michael johnson is in the field today.
4:31 pm
>> they take care of the water. that is their livelihood. >> he and his colleague drip irrigation system. data will be collected to help mike and sheri kennedy to determine when to adjust the how much. and what to do when plants are stressed by too little or too much water and supplement their knowledge. >> if they found plants weren't looking or looking as strong we look to make sure there wasn't an invasive pest. >> having access to data can help you make decisions right away. >> this week's heat wave will require more water because they haven't shaped the soil. >> plants are still.
4:32 pm
roots aren't deep yet. so at the same time, drive down deeper. >> stressing a plant can impact flavor of the tomatoes. >> you're saving money and have a better quality product to market. >> in gilroy, abc7 news. >> magic johnson is rerespond responding to comments by donald sterling. he didn't stop there. he went on to criticize magic saying nba legend did little for charity or inner city business ask was not a good role model for kids. >> what kind of a guy goes to every city and has sex with every girl? then catches hiv? is that someone we want to
4:33 pm
respect? and tell our kids about? i think he should be ashamed of himself and i think he should go into the background but what does he do for the black people? doesn't do anything. >> well, for the record magic raised millions to fight hiv and opened hundreds of inner city small businesses. today, magic said sterling is just angry at the wrong person. >> my whole life is devoted to urban america so, i just wish he knew the facts when he's talking. but he's a man who is upset. he's reaching. he's reaching and trying to find something he can grab on to to help him save his team. it's not going to happen. >> sterling has been banned for life from the nba. commissioner silver said the league board of governors is working as fast as possible to remove sterling as the clippers owner. >> tsa and cdc will post signs at major u.s. airports alerting passengers about the mrs virus
4:34 pm
a dozen hospital workers in florida have been told to stay home after possibly being exposed to the virus. >> it's a potentially deadly disease with a record case in the u.s. now health officials say the latest patient diagnosed with middle east respiratory syndrome, or m.e.r.s., may have exposed many. >> they were showing flu-like symptoms. >> fever, cough, trouble breathing symptoms of m.e.r.s. a disease doctors believe originated in camels in the middle east and spread to health officials there. >> he's a health care worker from saudi arabia. >> doctors say the man had symptoms when he left saudi arabia. hundreds of people on board flights with him travelling to london, boston, atlanta and
4:35 pm
orlando, abc's dr. richard beser says there is little chance any of those passengers were infected. >> good news is that it does not spread easily person to person. every has has been a health care worker for family worker >> but doctors in florida now reaching out to people who may have been in hospital waiting room was infected patients. that 44-year-old now in isolation undergoing treatment. >> the patient has been doing well. >> recovering well as is the man diagnosed about two weeks ago in indiana now released from the hospital. but still, another precaution taken for health advisories warning travellers about m.e.r.s. >> singer clay aiken won a congressional seat, he got more
4:36 pm
than 40% needed voters went to polls on tuesday. the final results coming a day after his closest rival, keith chris co died in a home accident his campaign manager said he decided shortly before he died that he would concede the race. >> a ceremony marking a milestone at the nation's most hallowed burial ground, laying a wreath laying commemorating 150th anniversary of the first soldier buried there. union private kriftman was laid to date in 1864 the land december nated as a military cemetery. his great grand nephews and nieces attended the ceremony. >> the president presented medal of honor to kyle white for heroism during an ambush in 2007
4:37 pm
that killed six soldiers he fought through enemy fire and helped with evacuations other wounded comrades. after word he spoke of a piece of a medal given to him of a survivor. >> this is maybe more freshus just than placed around my neck. on it are the names of my six fallen brothers they're my heros. >> one of those names is out of 23-year-old paratrooper. just weeks before the ambush vowed to take care of the others family. white is the tenth recipient of the medal of honor for actions in afghanistan. >> coming up on abc7 news at 4:00 a mystery the piece of history one explorer claims he found. >> plus, an underwater scuba attack. what the diver says saved her
4:38 pm
life. >> you can see how sunny it is and almost feel how hot it is the heat wave is going to break, coming up. >> traffic is not letting up any time soon. and stuck in the heat and cars this, is a view on the skyway in downtown san francisco. traffic very heavy in both directions. stay with us. more in just a moment. don't. i want you to be kind.ff i wantsuper o be smart.
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ab environmentalist wants a diver arrested for attempted murder following this incident. they were documenting damage to the coral reef when they came across a pair of divers. you can make it out. one swims up to umburger and rips off her breathing regulator. she says a less experienced diver could have died they were down 50 feet. renee credits her experience with saving her life. she believes the men were collecting fish. authorities are now investigating >> thousands of women in iran joining a new protest campaign on facebook posting photos of themselves taking off their veils. in iran, women are required to wear hijab. the facebook page gained 160,000 followers since created 11 daysing ayes.
4:42 pm
organizers say it promotes freedom for women in iran. iranian officials denounced the page. >> an underwater explorer says he may have found long-sought wreckage of the santa maria. >> saying circumstantial evidence is overwhelming that a wreck he and his son first explored back in 2003 off the north coast of haiti is the santa maria and says evidence includes what appears to be a 15th century cannon and battle stones that appear to have come from spain or portugal. >> experts are skeptical. and it's going to be difficult to prove. >> it's toasty. >> spencer driving down embarcadero. inside of the car, temperatures outside 88 degrees i thought it's wrong. >> mine said 89 >> well, 89 is closer. official high today was 90. it's a record for this date. so it was 88, hotter depending on what part of the city you're
4:43 pm
in. here is live doppler 7 hd. hot condition as cross the bay area, tonight giants taking on the braves. it's going to be warm throughout the game. tomorrow, nationally, look for thunderstorms over much of the eastern third of the nation. sunny and dry in the west, southwest. and sunny, hot across the state of california. highs tomorrow 99 in chico. 100 in sacramento. 99 fresno. los angeles hotter in l.a. than palm springs again, tomorrow, high expected 89 in monterey. we're going to see several records that are likely. here in the bay area and once again, we'll see highs up around or above 100 degrees. we'll start to cool down a little bit at the coast, thursday, and all areas on friday. >> thank you spencer. >> still ahead at 4:00 actor
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alec baldwin fires back after he's arrested today in new york city. >> plus, bitter family dispute behind the disappearance of top 40 radio icon casy kasem. >> how would you so i got dr. scholl's massaging gel work insoles. ired.l da they absorb the shock of working on my feet all day. i feel energized!
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a bike ride got actor alec baldwin in trouble with new york city police police say he was riding the wrong way on the street and officers stopped him he has problems on planes and no matter where it is. he was asked to show id. police say he started getting belligerent he was issued two summons. the actor fired back saying new york city is a carnival of stupidity and anxious to criminalize behavior. >> the children of legendary dj casy kasem are asking for help
4:48 pm
to find their dad a judge ordered an investigation into his whereabouts the 82-year-old suffers from advanced parkinsons disease and can no longer speak the order after the attorney for his wife testified the radio icon was moved from a care facility out of the u.s. but he doesn't know wrchlt his children from his first marriage say they're baffled by their stepmother's behavior. >> we had an incredible relationship with my father we don't ask for money. we're all successful. why she's doing this is beyond me we want people to help us find our dad it's important. he's very ill. he shouldn't be moved. >> yesterday the judge named cary kasem as her father's temporary conservatory. the children have been battling with their stepmother since september. >> a ground breaking bionic arm inspired by star wars won fda
4:49 pm
approval. it's a battery powered prosthetic that is controlled by signals from the brain. unlike most devices, this one can perform tasks like skipping up a coat, unlooking a door with a key. the arm inspired by the prosthetic that star wars hero luke sky walker received after losing his right hand in a light sabre dual. >> two popular services are getting very creative to expand offerings >> yes. michael finney has news from both air b and b and triple a. >> yes. they're making it easier to use them. you know approval can be lengthy. now it's starting instant bookings in san francisco and los angeles. you can make res magss tonight and tomorrow. there will be a choice on
4:50 pm
whether or not they want to participate. if you heard from emergency roadside assistance, now, triple a is offering the same thing for bicyclists have a flat? now, cyclists can call triple a. right now, the services offered in select states. they look for it to be expabd panneded in the near future. a survey confirms what many sensed the worst winter on record for flight cancellations. 4.6 of the flights were cancelled. that is a long time ago. heavy snow and ice storms paralyzed parts of the nation to blame for this. economics also play a part. it's cheaper to cancel flights earlier so there is a certain
4:51 pm
vibe there perhaps they're going to have. >> there are a lot of these. >> none of these are going >> right. >> thank you. up next why early education was a big discussion in a meeting today. >> coming up at 5:00 rating for loved ones. and disaster in turkey. some rescues but many deaths after a mine explosion we'll see you on abc7 news at
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does breathing with copd weigh you down? don't wait to ask your doctor about spiriva. tonight, season finale of marvels agents of shield. and join us after that for abc7 news at 11:00. >> may is asian pacific american heritage who. we're using our instagram feed
4:55 pm
to showcase our area. we have more information on instagram on abc7 news bay area >> research has shown exercising a baby's brain in first few years of life has dramatic impact on development. >> the bay area council took note that have during their convention because well educated children will have an affect on california's economy. >> yes. >> more now. >> reporter: they say that by the time a child enters kindergarten his or her brain is largery developed why are these business leaders gathered to talk about it? >> early investment in children is a no brainer. and the business community gets that. >> james stier is with the center for next generation addressing the bay area council today on the importance. an early education. california has the highest population of young children in
4:56 pm
the nation. groups like first five california invested millions in early education. the organization says babies and toddlers need to get right amount of growth support, especially those in under served communities. >> kids have small voe cab back to you larrys. with lower success levels they end up not being able to read and dropping out of school. >> the bay area council thousand joined first five california in a campaign called talk, read, and sing. bill boards like this one will go up in june, and appear on buses. >> so telling moms, just talk to them. >> other groups are involved in this campaign. those behind this campaign say if we invest early, we can close achievement gap before it starts. in san jose, abc7 news.
4:57 pm
>> a 9-year-old boy in montana has a skill most aultradults, well never mind have, can't conceive of having. >> right he's a typical kid taking piano lessons plays with his brothers but what he can do in front of a computer that is different. ben knows how to code. and makes his own video >> very difficult. it took me a long time you get to barriers and just have to find the key to open the door. >> wow. his key game is shark attack programmed by m.i.t.students okay, he's nine years old. >> you and i won't go on that web site . >> i feel infearer.
4:58 pm
>> all right. thanks for joining us. >> abc7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> what a day for a bike race our heat wave is just beginning. >> temperatures at record levels today, another round coming tomorrow, i'll have numbers straight ahead. >> fire danger has been a serious concern all day long. not 1, 2, but three have broken out south of the bay area >> we're live with their return to the bay area. >> breaking news in northern san diego officials ordered 20,000 homes evacuated the rafrnlo bernardo area because of a fast-growing
4:59 pm
wildfire. it's grown to 700 acres and only 5% contained. you're looking at a live picture now. cal fire is fighting flames from the ground and in the air. several schools have been evacuated a separate fire has destroyed a mobile home. evacuations ordered in lompoc. a fire burned 150 acres. >> officials there are reported down, power lines are causing problems. thanks for joining us. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm cheryl jennings now, other top stories this evening. we're going to move on today to talk about the amgen race today taking place in this heat. riders sprinting through the top on one of the hottest days of
5:00 pm
year, people walk dogs or sought out a breeze on the bay or water. the high is 90 degrees, steamy in the city. and just as hot as phoenix. abc7 news is outside with records we're setting. >> we're in record territory today for some cities let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd. clear skies now. heat pushing us to levels we're not used to. from our santa cruz camera, this is the place to be if you want to get relief. san rafael, 92. did not get to record level buzz oakland, 93. tied so far. 90s in san francisco. shattered previous records of 87 back in 1927. and sfo new record, nine #. moffett field, 92. 95 san jose. those are not records but we're still getting those


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