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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 17, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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children's hospital where the young girl was taken. reporter: i talked with the mayor and she says anytime a child is a victim of street violence it becomes a high priority for her administration, and for the police department. it has now been about 24 hours since that eight-year-old girl was shot in the neck. she remains here in critical condition at oakland children's hospital. as police him to the crime scene for evidence in the shooting, the neighborhood quickly learned a child was a victim of the drive-by. >> not sure which kid it is yet. but i know there's a couple kids outside that is usually here. if it was a kid, that mean they was walking with m. else. >> in fact the eight-year-old victim was playing on her front porch when she was hit by stray gunfire. he eight-year-old brother was just feet away but was not hit. according to our media partner, the oakland tribune, the intended victim of the shooting it a 47-year-old man who was hit
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in at the groin and leg and is expected to survive. neighbors say he was standing in the frontyard four houses away. police say a car pulled over just feet from the map. >> two individuals exited the vehicle and fired multiple rounds, striking the victim. >> oakland police have not released further details about the gunmen, a possible motive or the identity of their intended victim. he was rushed to highland hospital and is expected to survive. the mayor says police will be making extra efforts to champ the shooters because of the eight-year-old girl caught in the line of fire. >> this is the police department's top priority. we have investigators in the field. we want people to come forward and tell us what they know. >> the girl would be celebrating her ninth birthday tomorrow but it you fighting for her life in oakland's children's hospital. two shootings in hayward left three men injured overnight. the one happened on verona
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avenue, and the second left another man injure. all of the victims suffered injuries considering to be nonlife-threatening. the shootings are not related. no one has been arrested. >> police in fremont are warning parents to keep a close on eye on their kids are someone tried luring a ten-year-old boy into a car. it happened in front of the hersh elementary. the man asked the boy if he needed a ride home. the boy became scared and ran home. the man was in his 30s, driving a blue four door sedanword in rust. >> family and friends of a missing 19-year-old man with a traumatic brain injury held a walk in san francisco today to mark the first anniversary of his disappearance. sean seedy was last seen may 2 1st last year during a visit to his former high school on oak street. he called his father from golden gate park before he disappeared.
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the walk followed what it thought to be his path from the school to the park. the family is offering $5,000 for information leading to his whereabouts. a san francisco tradition is set to draw tens of thousands to the city tomorrow, and along with it, stepped up security and new rules. bay-to-breakers begins near the embarcadero, winds through the city, golden gate park, and end at ocean beach. cornell bernard is live. reporter: 40,000 runners from around the world, warming up tonight for the eye cop yuck -- iconic bay-to-breakers, first they're coming here to register, get a race number, and of course, that bay-to-breakers t-shirt. there are new safety rules no alcohol no bags or backpacks, and no wheeled objects like floats or baby strollers, and even though nudity has been a
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long tradition, management wants everyone to cover up. >> we highly encourage everyone to attend in clothes. it's in the hopes of making at it more family friendly environment. >> i'm running with two other girlfriendded and we'll wear wigs wigs and tight dresses. not sure i can run eight miles wearing that but we'll try. >> a there will be an increased police presence. parts of the square have been fenced off our neighbors complained the square was father central with drunk spectators, many relieving themselves in public. 25% more port-a-potties have been added and that's a good thing. the race begins tomorrow morning at 8:00. live in san francisco, abc7 news. thank you, cornell. in other news, former santa clara county supervisor george shirakawa has been released from
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jail but his legal troubles may not be over. he served seven months of a one-year sentence for stealing public money and campaign donations. his good behavior earned him an peril exit but he will be on probation for three years. he might not be out of a courtroom for long. last year a grand jury indicted him he used illegal tactics to get a friend elected to san jose city council. >> a new group in san francisco wants to improve relationships between renter are and landlords. this morning members of the group, better housing, walked down deloris street. the group is made up of 400 small property openers and renters who say some of the rental laws intimidate potential mom and pop landlords. they're worried someone moves in, some day it will cost thousands of dollars if the owner wants to evict the owner and occupy their entire building again. >> in reality these laws are pushing two factions further and
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further away and it's not very productive. it's not creative. it's not helping the city to build more houses. the group's leaders say they want changes to housing laws that well image courage mom and pop landlords to rent space and more units will help drive down cowing costs in san francisco. >> across the bay in oak lean, planes are back in motion to build hundreds of new homes homn site of a former naval hospital. sun cal has purchased the property. the developer plans to build 960 homes and 82,000 square feet of shops and restaurants at 580 and mount boulevard. the company lost the land when its real estate partner, lehman brothers, went bankrupt elm the company had to buy back the property from lehman brothers. >> still ahead at 6:00, firefighters in san diego county get a helping hand from mother
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nature, but the firefight is far from over. a boating trip on the bay takes a scary turn. you'll fine out what it took to rescue eight people of their canoe spring a leak. >> could this be the summer of delays? runway closures at sfo begin today and will last for months. >> i'm in the accuweather center. some coastal low clouds moving in. i'll have your
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calmer winds have helped firefighters get a handle on wildfires in san diego county. this week nine separate fires burned almost 20,000 acres. thousands of people had to evacuate as flames spread through canyons and into neighborhood. there are three fires on camp pendleton forcing families to leave. >> hopefully we can come back to a house in one piece and not burned down. so far these fires caused more than $20 million worth of damage, and one man has ban arrested. the pleaded not guilty to arson charges. witnesses told police they saw the man put dried brush on a smoldering bush, caughting it to ignite. the police are looking for the person who provided the first
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spark. >> eight people rescued from a sinking canoe on the san francisco bay today. three sheriffs boats raced to a report of a sinking canoe near the coyote point shoreline just after noon. eight people who were onboard the canoe were clinging on to its side. sheriff's deputies arrived just in time to rescue all eight people. they were taken back to shore where they were treated for minor cuts and possible hypothermia. no one was taken to the hospital. a major runway safety project could lead to possible delays at sfo, beginning today. two of the airport's four runways are now closed through september. the work is part of a federally required safety update. the airport is pouring crushable concrete at the end of the runways to prevent planes from overshooting them. the airport admits the work will impact operations and likely created delays similar to those experienced during bad weather. >> up next at 6:00. the new art exhibit back east is
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making a splashy debut. the message behind this super sized rubber duck. crazy. a live look outside. meteorologist frances dinglasan is up next with the forecast. >> california chrome is one race away from becoming the first triple crown winner since 1978. he won the first two legs of horse racing's triple crowns. details later in sports.
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crystal geyser. crystal geyser. news flash, it's bottled at the source. news flash, we sell it in cases. oh. thank you. oh no no no. crystal geyser. bottled right at the mountain source. tonight charlie, ten-month-old beagle, is back with his owner after being taken from a parked car at a roseville costco two days ago. he says a young couple brought the puppy to an auburn animal rescue center this morning. look at that picture. started when david stopped at costco for 20 minutes on his way home to san jose. but when he came back there was no charlie, just a note that read, water your dog or leave it at home. >> what would you say to somebody who would come out and initially say, you left your dog in a hot car. >> as a dog owner i would probably react the same way, but
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until you hear the facts and until you talk to the two officers and the employees, then the story gets a little bit clarified clarified. >> it is pointer to opinion out this happened on one of the hottest days of the years. officials save if you see a dog left in a hot car, call the police. >> a supersized rendition of a child bath toy is earning celebrity status back east. this 40-foot version of a rubber ducky is on display. it's a floating sculpture by a dutch artist who has taken his creation all over the world and now it's bobbing on the waters of its new home the united states. the artist says it's to remind people that all creatures share the same water. there are no plans for a the duck to come to the bay area but a facebook campaigns underway to
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bring here. >> let's get to frances dinglasan. nice day to be out on the water. a little breezy. >> definitely breezy and it's pushing in the coastal clouds. and also temperatures right now, actually winds have been gusting into near 30-miles-an-hour at sfo from the west and also favored, -- fairfield. tomorrow will be breezy, temperatures right now from emeryville, currently 58 in san francisco, 62, oakland. 58, san carlos. 71, morgan hill. also, over sfo, we see some partly cloudy conditions. look for temperatures to still be in the 70s through santa rosa, napa, novato. concord and livermore, 60s. and mt. tam, the breeze making the camera bounce but you see the clouds coming in from an area of low pressure.
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we will see increasing clouds overnight. tomorrow will be sunny and breezy, but a little bit cooler, and that cooling trend continues into monday. so here is what it goes on, we have this area of low pressure and the jet stream, tomorrow we'll see mostly sunny conditions but it will continue to bring cooler -- the cooler sea breeze and the cooler air, and so temperatures will come down a little bit, and then as this cooler air mass moves over us, we'll see the cooling trend continue into monday. and overnight lows with the cloud cover would mainly be in the 50s, 53 in san francisco, oakland, and san jose, 52. tomorrow, wake up to cloudy conditions, even some fog along the sek. then you'll notice things clear quickly, mostly sunny, but with the sea breeze we'll be a few degrees cooler. so numbers will come down in your neighborhood by a few degrees. 65 in san francisco. 68, richmond. only getting to into the upper
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70s today with 78 one of the warmest spots in fairfield. 73 in san jose. it's a great day for a bay-to-breakers -- or tomorrow -- partly cloudy in the morning, and cool. temperatures in the mid-50s, and then sunny by the afternoon. near 60 degrees. and also for the giants game tomorrow, you will need some sun screen with partly cloudy conditions, because the uv index will be high and temperatures will mainly be in the low 60s. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. the cooldown continues tomorrow and into monday. then we rebound on tuesday and warm all the way up into next weekend, where we'll be above average once again. >> thank you so much. frances. >> shu is here with sports-all about the horse racing. >> the 139th running of the preakness all about california
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loam who became the 34th horse to win the first two legs of the triple crunch let's go to baltimore, pimlico, and we're off. california chrome positioned perfectly out of the gate, and held his course and took off down the stretch. >> california chrome, reaching for the wire. on the outside. california chrome has won the preakness. >> california chrome wins the second leg of the triple crown in a time of 1 account 54.84. with victor espinosa on board. california chrome, the first california-bred horse to win the preakness since 1986. a's are rocking in cleveland last night. four homes in an 11-run victory. same two back on the diamond with early controversy. scott kazmir taking his 5-1 record to progressive field.
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top two, kazmir uncorks a wild pitch. 1-0 tribe. things got worse later. 3-2 count. kazmir appears to have strike three. it's called a balk. kazmir argues and he is ejected. right now a's up 32-in the seventh. we'll have highlights at 9:00 and 11:00. kids, watch stanford facing washington state. cardinal up 4-2 in the fitch when tommy edmond tees off on cougar starter jason monda. stanford wins, 9-4 your final. >> the eastern conference finals got underway today in the stanley cup playoffs. the rangers win to mon tall to -- montreal to face the canadiens, rangers goalie, lundquist, looking to sale one on the road. client fires the puck in. st. louis in front of the net,
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scores. 1-0. now 2-1 rangers in the second. crowder on the brakeaway. lights the lamp. to the third, rangers on the power play. put on other clinic and take game one, 7-2. montreal's worst playoff loss in 12 years. >> pga tour in texas for the third round of the byron nelson championship. gary woodland, 4-under 66. with the help of this par. going to take a little spin around bottom of the cup. cal's james hahn one back, 5-under 65. they're chase is brendan today and louis oosthuizen. 6-under 64 for the former open champion. >> second stage of the amgen from santa clarita. bradley wiggins begins the day
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wearing the yellow jersey. peter saggan won the stage with the time of 3:24-33. wiggins retains the lead. race concludes in thousand oaks. >> leo messy and barcelona for the title. 33rd minute, barsa strikes first. one-nil. atletico answers. the equalizer. match ends in a 1-1 draw with atletico madrid winning the first league title since 1986. giants and marlins tonight at 9:00 and 11:00, and everybody pulling for california chrome. >> amazing. >> the 11th horse out of the 34 who won the first two legs. >> up next, giving women seeking careers in the sciences a helping hand. we'll tell you about the life-changing work these south bay students are doing.
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join me tonight at 9:00 on kofy tv 20 cable 13. see it to believe it. a colony of bees turns the car into a sank wear. then at 11:00, the trick stores use to get you to spend big bucks and it's something you would never think of. why says -- sales people say it really works. young women from three south bay high schools had a hand-s on learning experience today. they teamed up with engineering students at santa clara university to build hand pros theses. the devices will be distributedded to amputees in other companies.
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the program grown from 12 stunts to 40 in the past three years. that will do it for us at 6:00. i'm ama daetz. for frances dinglasan, mike shumann, thank you for joining us. abc7 news continues now online, on twitter, facebook, with the abc7 nuss app. see you back here at 9:00 and 11:00. have a great evening.
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