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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 18, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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the bay-to-breakers race. the city did make changes to the rules and route to contain the race's wilder participants. here's more. reporter: you know, extra police and a no-tolerance policy about alcohol helped keep bay-to-breakers a safer event. 24 people were arrested for being drunk in public, but this chain link fence around historic alamo square was a big success, it helped keep rowdy spectators out. dwight alexander is sweeping up the front of his house after 40,000 runners runners and ton f spectators left their mark. >> it was better this year, less pock intoxication, less urinating, but still it's a challenge. reporter: extra police along the route enforced the no-kole policy.
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many had their booze taken away and dumped out. >> a lot of dumping. at least the cops have been doing a good job, controlling. reporter: city crews went to work sweeping up a mountain of trash. >> the cleanup here will take a very long time. beer bottles, as far as the eye can see. then there's a lot of stuff like this. what used to be somebody's -- >> we should either cult it off or get everyone to clean up after themselves. >> alamo square was a different story. half the park was fenced off. police on duty after complaints from neighbors about too many drunken spectators. >> with the closure of alamo square it became a big advantage for us. we were able to ensure that the public was safe and there was no public safety issues inside the square. able to limit the intoxication and alcohol drinking. >> neighbors say it worked. the park was untouched. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc7 news. the race started in 1912 as
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a way to boast morale after the devastating 1906 earthquake and bake one of the largest foot races in the world and one of the most unique. sergio quintana continues our team coverage by taking us inside the race. reporter: from sky 7hd you can see the first wave of runners leave the starting line. they were late because of a problem with scaffolding. >> a couple pieces of infrastructure that needed to be secured and once we got the green light we started the race. >> it only took the lead runners 35 minutes to cross the finish line, but everyone was delayed by 25 minutes. for the elite runners of the race, the delay was an issue. >> we're a little cold. i started my legs were tight because i warmed up, but then i got cold again. but it's fine. >> diane johnson, the first female runner across the finish
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line, 40:10. the fastest male runner was jeffrey. the aim of the team is to turn bay-to-breakers back into a runner's event. >> in late '8s '8s so, almost 80 registered runners, true runner event. maybe a couple years ago it became more of a peck -- spectacle. >> with that in mind, organizers and police clamped down on rules against backpacks, wheeled contraptions and nudity, but still plenty of costumes and scantily clads participants. for long-time runner is it was fun. >> last year they did a great job and this year so continue for now on. a safer environment. >> nearly 40,000 runners registered for the race in san francisco, abc7 news. the family of a missing east may ban is asking for help to find him. 31-year-old jason adams was last
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seen at work friday at the elite canine day care in san ramon and never return. it's not like him. >> we have no idea where he is at and that's very unusual. he is a reliable, wonderful, sweet young man. and he is in a very large, distinctive truck, and i just want him to come home. come back to all of us. everybody loves him and misses him. the truck jason's mother mentioned is a 1972 international harvester and is unusually large. the family is handing out fliers hoping someone will recognize him or the truck. a transient is accused of sexually assaulting a woman in san jose yesterday afternoon at the plant shopping center. witnesses said the woman started screaming. they called police. officers were able to track down the suspect. 49-year-old michael garcia.
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a motorcyclists was seriously injured in a crash overnight just after 2:00 this morning on highway 101 in san jose near the oakland road offramp. officers say the motorcycle was approaching another crash when it slam into a disabled car. the chp reports the motorcycle was hit three times by other vehicles. one of those cars then slammed into a wall. that stretch of 101 was shut down for several hours. a union city family is looking for another place to live after a fire destroyed much of their home today. it started the the garage of a home this afternoon. firefighters say it quickly spread to the kitchen. the family of six made it out okay. the fire caused the roof to sag and firefighters had to stay outside because of concerns the roof would collapse. all evacuation orders have been lifted in san diego county as firefighters get control of the last of nine wildfires. state leaders say this week's smoke, flames, and home owner heartache was just the beginning of a long fire season.
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this morning governor brown was on abc's this week and says this season will be a drain ton state resources. >> already appropriated $600 million. 5,000 firefighters. we'll need thousands more, and in the years to come we have to make very expensive investments and adjust in the people have to be careful how they live, how they build their homes, and what kind of vegetation is allowed to grow around them. >> evacuees are coming home this weekend. some were relieved to find their homes still standing, but others have to sort through ashes. >> it was almost teary-eyed. >> my hear goes out to the people who lost their homes. >> we did our crying the first night or two, and now it's time to go on with our lives. in all 23,000 acres burned, destroying more than 40 homes. three people had to be
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rescued when their sailboat ran aground in half moon bay. a 42-foot boat, scorpio. leaning against the rocks in the surf. happened at 8:30 this morning not far from pillow point harbor. three people made it off the boat. the coast guard says no one was hurt. still ahead at 6:00, another major cable company merger could be coming. what it might mean for millions of customers. plus, vice-president joe biden is come to the bay area and the republicans may use the visit against democrats. >> i'm spencer christian and in the accuweather forecast center. cooler tomorrow and a nice warmup by the end of the week all in the forecast in just a moment.
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the sale could mean fewer options and less competition could mean higher prices. california senator dianne feinstein is coming to hillary rodham clinton's defense as republicans raise questions about her age and health. feinstein told cnn clinton is in the prime of her political life just as george w. bush's former chief of staff, karl rove, raised questions about clinton's age. she would be 69 when she takes office and 77 at the end of a potential second term. this week, rove brought up club continue's fall and con suggestion while she was secretary of state. >> i'm not questioning her health. i'm questioning whether or not this is a done deal she is running and she would not be human if she did not take this into consideration. >> she has the energy, articulate, the background, the smarts, all of the elements of a good leader.
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plus the fact -- and this is not be underestimated -- she is enormously attractive to people. at public appearances this week clinton did not acknowledge rove's comments. vice-president joe biden is coming to the bay area for a fundraiser. on wednesday biden will attend an event in san francisco at the home of billionaire hedge fund manager tom stire. republicans are trying to paint him as the bank rolle behind liberal special interests, similar to how democrats portrayed the republican koch brothers. up next on abc7 news at 6:00, we'll show you the creative and clever costumes at this year's big wild comicfest. >> it could be a windy night here in the bay area. spencer christian has the
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forecast. >> the a'ss, pulling off a sweep, and sandoval eating up at the plate for the giants. they win over the marlins. details coming up in sports.
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a big wow for comic book fans in san jose. the big wild comicfest returned to the south bay for a weekend of comic books, sky sci-fi and gaming. pursuing some of the best collectibles and meet their favorite comic books and characters. >> i'm the mother of dragons. from game of throne. >> i'm edward kenway. i'm a boy, so i love weapons, and i have a lot of them. so it's great. >> we wanted to dress up today because it's a lot of fun. you get to meet other fans who love the same things you love and instantly connect with other people. >> looks like they were having fun. the comicfest founded in 1979 is
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the longest running comic-con venges in northern california. time to get a check on the weather. >> i'm your forecaster today. here's live doppler 7hd. sunny skies across the bay area but a few puffs of lying patchy clouds blowing in from the coastline because it is windy outside. right now gusts up to 41 miles-per-hour at sfo and gusts between 25 and 35 miles-per-hour. and here's a look live -- well, almost a look -- from sutro tower, few seconds ago you could see some bits and pieces of san francisco in the brown but now -- in the background but now low clouds are blowing through. current temperature readings, 60, san francisco, san carlos, 68. 57, half moon bay. here's a live view and you can see from she shaky mt. tam cam. current readings, 72, santa
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rosa, 63, fairfield. 69, concord. one more live view from the east bay hills camera over the bay. you can see the outline of a few low clouds in the background near the coast. partly cloudy and breezy tonight. partly sunny and cooler and breezy tomorrow. a much warmer pattern binning on wednesday, continuing into the weekend. high pressure still in control. factoring in our weather picture,broken us mostly sunny, breezy, and cooler conditions than yesterday. and even cooler tomorrow as the mass moves through the bay area and hires the animation start agent 7:00 this evening, few passing clouds overnight, and mostly cloudy skies tomorrow morning, but by afternoon, partly cloudy to mainly sunny, and breezy, and cool. for the week ahead in san jose, this is the high temperature range. temperatures will dip a little bit tomorrow. and tuesday, start to rise, and
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wednesday, by thursday, highs in san jose, 81. mid-80s through the week general and by next sunday, 87. this is typical of the kind of temperature pattern we'll see over the bay area. overnight, partly cloudy skies, fog at the coast. low to mid-50s, tomorrow, high temperatures in the south bay. a little on the cool side but pleasant. upper 60s to low 70s. and upper 50s to 60 on the coast. downtown stan francisco, 63. and upper 60s to low 70s in the inland east bay. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. the warming begins on wednesday with highs up around 80 inland, mid-80s on thursday, and upper 80s on friday and saturday, and perhaps as warm as 90 by next sunday. no records. just a nice warmup. >> thank you, spencer.
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>> shu has sports and giants are heading out of town on a good note. >> that's right. grabbing the series split with the marlins without ain'tle pagan who is out with a strained left shoulder. but gregor blanco got the start in center. bring your used glove to the park. 1100 distributed in the junior giants program. sandoval scores from first. vogelsong improves to 2-2, pitched seven scoreless, allowed five hits, struck out six. turner struck out seven. then sandoval goes opposite, solo bomb makes it 4-1 giants and then romo closes things out. comes up limping after striking out the batter. giants split the series. >> the a's, king of -- left
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cleveland with a sweep. cleveland's "d" had two errors, this one is airmailed. run scores, 1 or a's in the fifth-brandon moss down the line. went 3-3, 3 rbi. 5-1ways, cespedes, five rbi. chavez improves to 4-1, a's sweep the tribe with the 13-3 victory. 30 runs score in three games. a's won nine of their last ten. >> rockies and parts, colorado able to turn the triple play. and the pad third triple play in team history. two-run walkoff. rockies win 8-6. giants there on tuesday.
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>> nba playoffs continue, indiana hosting miami in a rematch of last year's eastern conference finals which the heat won in seven games. but the pacers led from wire to wire. got to take a lap with mario andretti. lebron, 25 points, finishes the alley-oop from mario chalmers but one man does not make a team. all five indiana starters in double-digits. paul george had 24 as the pacers take game one easily, 107-96 that final. we mentioned the indy 500 on next sunday right here on abc7. today they raced for the pole position. a nine-man race to the top with ed carpenter winning the pole for the second straight year. a four-lap average of 231 miles-per-hour. that's what average on the freeway. despite having the pole last year he finished in tenth place.
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to the ice. game one of the western conference finals. 1-0 hawks. kings tied in the second but duncan keith breaks the tie with the laser from the opinion. blackhawks one 3-1, take the 1-0 series lead. >> yet another first-time winner on the pga tour. brendan todd. perfect day for golf in texas. leader brendon todd with the bogeyy free 4-under on the day. then the shot of the tournament on opar-3 13th. stuck behind the tree, hits left. club facing the wrong way. on the green, saves par. two-shot lead. pars in. winning his first pga tour event in 77 tries, earned $1.2 million, two-year exemption on tour and a spot in the masters.
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to ventura county for the eighth and final stage of the tour of california. 21-mile circuit. bradly wiggins led since stage, too mark cavendish won the final leg. wiggins came in 20th and wins the 2014 tour of california by 30 seconds. this abc7 sports report brought to you by orchard supply hardware. busy day. >> thank you so much. up next at 6:00, another godzilla movie, the 32nd made in the u.s. and japan. does this one stand
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join me tonight. after winning two legs of the triple crown california chrome may not run the third. then at 11:00 here on abc7, the backlash against google glass. what even google is saying tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. godzilla crushed the comp can television at the box office this weekend. the creature feature had the second biggest opening of the year with $91 million. it's way beyond what analysts expected. the studio believes positive
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reviews helped build anticipation and now word of mouth will continue to help ticket sales, god sylla more than tripled ticket sales of neighbors, spider main 2 was third, and can disney's was fourth, and the other woman was round out the top five. that does it for us. i'm ama daetz, for spencer christian, mike shumann, thank here's a li here's a little secret, voice control is the future. beer. dog. music. yikes. skip track, please. i'm hungry. impossible? maybe, but honeywell's latest innovation gives me hope. hello, thermostat? "hello. please say a command." i'm feeling hot. "changing set point to 68 degrees" the wi-fi thermostat that listens, learns, saves. from honeywell.
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>> right now. godzilla brings out the bright in bryan cranston. >> when i was a kid i had godzilla toys that were about this big. >> john hamm makes his pitch for the big screen. >> 180 degrees from the guy i play on tv. >> countdown to billboard's big night. it means you've done a good job. >> we are rolling out the red carpet now. ♪ ♪ welcome to "on the red carpet" from youtube space l.a. e merging youtube artists a place to create, this week the king of monsters is taking over both here and on the big screen. entertainment guru george


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