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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 18, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> announcer: who'll take home the trophy? the two night grand finale of "dancing with the stars" starts tomorrow at 8:00, 7:00 central, live. >> announcer: hotel accommodations for the 2014 billboard music awards were provided by the mgm grand in las vegas. a dead body found near a popular hiking trail in the east bay.
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crystal geyser alpine spring water? toucé. crystal geyser. always bottled right at the mountain source. berkeley campus discovered by a woman walking near a popular hiking spot. good evening. i'm ama dates. a hiker discovered a deceased man in the woods near grizzly peak boulevard. that's where abc7 news reporter lilian kim is live with the details. lilian? >> ama, the body was found down this steep hill at the base of the large rock. it is almost the same spot where a man died a year and a half ago. uc berkeley police officers searched this white honda civic looking for clues. they believe it belongs to the man found at the base of the rock below grizzly peak boulevard. a hiker who discovered him started first-aid, but then
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realized he was dead. >> we don't know what happened. we are treating it like a crime scene. we had the crime scene investigators come in and process the scene. >> this is the same spot where a man fell to his death in 2012. around the same age as the man discovered today. in this case it is unclear if he actually fell. although if he had police say the large rock where his body was found is deceptive. >> from this side you can climb up there and everybody goes there for the view. on the other side it drops off and drops about a hundred feet. if somebody were to fall off the rock it would be a tram tech injury or death. >> no word on whether the man was a student at uc berkeley. police have yet to release his identity. lilian kim, abc7 news. new at 11:00, deputies say a santa rosa mother went too far when confronting her daughter's bully. she was arrested on friday and facing felony child abuse charges.
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the sonoma county sheriff's office say she grabbed an 11-year-old boy's throat. investigators say she walked into the elementary school around lunchtime and then had her son point out the boy she believes bullied her daughter. deputies made the arrest after seeing pictures of the marks on the boy's neck. new details on a registered 6 offender. san jose police say he was assaulting a woman outside a shopping center. officers arrested 59-year-old michael garcia, a known transient in san jose. police say they heard a woman screaming behind the home depot at the plant shopping center around 12:45. they found garcia assaulting the victim in the bushes lining the store's back wall. >> it happened right out in the open. itit is a bummer. >> garcia was living in a nearby facility that helped find permanent housing for the
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homeless. the victim stayed in the same facility for one night, but checked up on saturday morning. -- checked out on saturday morning. police in red bluff are looking for the person who shot and killed the man on a hiebing trail. hiking trail. it happened on the iron canyon trail. sheriff deputies say the teacher visiting from massachusetts died on the trail after a man robbed him and a friend. the friend, a 76-year-old man is in critical con -- condition. the family of a missing east bay man is asking for help to find him. jason adams was at work at the elite daycare and spa. police have tried to ping his cell phone with no luck. >> it just seems everyone is waiting for a certain time to release everything. we want to get out and look for it. >> he was last seen in a 1972
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international harvester truck. you are seeing a picture there. the family is hoping someone will recognize him are on the truck. strong winds are blowing across the bay area and thunderstorms could be moving in this week. let's head to spencer christian. >> here is our first check. let's go to our doppler 7hd. skies are clear because of the strong winds. but you can see coastal clouds developing because the winds are diminishing a bit. right now we have gusts that are strong at sfo and san carlos and notice across the east bay and south bay the winds are light. let's give you a look at the current temperature readings as we look over san francisco. 55 in san francisco and 60 in oakland and upper 50sin san carlos and morgan hill and another view from our exploratorium camera. we have temperatures in ths upper 50s to 60. santa rosa, napa, fairfield 1k3 livermore. including when we may see the
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thunderstorm a little later. in san diego county, evacuees are allowed back into their homes as firefighters are getting the upper hand on the last of nine wildfires, but this week may have been the first round of fires in southern california. most of the state including the bay area is experiencing extreme to exceptional drought. the national weather service say winds in southern california will keep the fire danger high. governor jerry brown said we are in for a serious fire season this year. >> we are in the third year of a very dry season. we are getting ready for the worst. >> since tuesday, nine fires in san diego county have burned 23,000 acres and 40 homes. thousands of fish have died in southern california. dead anchovies and stingrays and even octopus rose to the surface in the marina delray harbor. a lack of oxygen caused by this week's heat wave may have lead to the massive fish kill.
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san francisco firefighters rescued a man and man's best friend at a popular dog park this afternoon. firefighters got a call around 3:00 that the man and his dog had gone over a cliff. rescue crews repelled down the cliff to safely bring the man and his dog back up safely. new details about california chrome's chance at the cripple crown. it comes down to a nasal strip. it is the same company that makes breathe right nasal strips . they are banned in new york. chrome's owners have to submit a request for the colt to wear it. the owner perry martin is, quote, funny about things like that and may not let the horse run if it is denied. >> if you were never a fan of horse racing, now are you not only a fan of california chrome, but everybody is becoming a chromey.
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>> if chrome wins the belmont on june 7th he will be the first triple crown winner since 1978. 40,000 runners and 11 tons of trash and at least 35 arrests. welcome to the 103rd running of beta breakers. thousands of spectators were there to cheer on athletes and sport some crazy costumes. coming up, the major clean up effort from start to finish. the backlash over google glass continues to grow. michael finney has more. >> it has gotten so bad that bars and restaurants are banning the device. just ahead, why users say it is just misunderstood. >> and taking the social out of social media. and behind the scenes at the billboard music award and the top trends from tonight's show. and the high school group
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bringing down the house in oakland and around the nation when abc7 news at 11:00 continues.
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google glass. critics complain the computers can be secretly recording
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them. as recentment grows more and more people are wearing google glass. >> have you heard they are now being dubbed the google goggles? >> i haven't heard that. >> that is the latest. the company is putting glass up for the general public once again. this is backlash as google glass is growing more intense. several bars and restaurants are saying users are not n%lcome. why so harsh? you are about to find out. >> okay, glass. take a picture. >> sara was expecting to stir up excite meant when she showed off the google glass. >> how does it work? what does it see? >> she didn't expect a culture war against the tiny computer headset. a growing number of bars and restaurants are banning google glass thanks in part to this. >> don't touch me.
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i will sue you. >> it happened here at molotov, a bar in san francisco. >> all of of a sudden i was verbally assaulted and threatened. >> patrons started heckling her for wearing the nerdy glass. she commanded the glass to start recording and then warned the crowd. >> it is on video now. >> this is the video she captured. >> i am watching you. i know what you are wearing. >> i was told to get out of the establishment. i was called more names. >> someone threw a bar rag at her on the right. she started hurling curses herself. >> these [bleep] are hating on it right now. i can't even believe it. they are throwing [bleen] at me. >> it is embarrassing and it doesn't show me in the light i like to be seen. >> and then this woman came close. >> you are a [bleep]. don't touch me. >> she was echoing resentment for tech giants like google for driving up rents and forcing out tenants.
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protesters targeted google buses. that night the target was google glass. a man ripped glass off sara's face and ran out. >> eventually got the google glass back. when i ran inside i found my purse had been stolen. >> her glass is welcome like king fish restaurant in king mateo. back at molotov's the sign went back up, no recording on the premises. there are 13 in oakland and seattle and now ban google glass posting signs like this. for the most part, it is all about privacy. >> they don't want to be recorded. it is a bar. >> jeff lucas manages the 500 club. customers complained and the users could be creepily recording them. >> i came here to drink and watch sports. i don't need to be seen. i don't want my wife to see
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this. >> it is such an invasion of privacy. >> camera phones phones are obvious. you can't tell if glass users are looking or recording you. they blame sara for not simply taking hers off at night. >> you can't go and have a beer and relax somebody going and putting your life on instagram. >> they are filming people without permission and it is wrong. >> somebody else said they have those google glasses on. i'm like, let's not dreng here then. >> google responded saying, we are thenging carefully about how we design glass. new technology raises new issues. no one should be targeted because of the technology they choose. glass lets you look up and engage with the world around you rather than looking down and being distracted by your technology. recently another restaurant said she can't wear the glass there. she said fear is spreading, but it is unwarranted.
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>> people are not trying to spy on random strangers. >> despite the push back the so-called google goggles are becoming more popular. however, the technology is steel being developed, and it is not cheap. the device cost $1500. is it something you want to own or do you find it intrusive? let me know your take. reach me at on 7 on your side and twitter at mfinney. >> you will find people passionate on either side of that. >> amazing. >> thank you, michael. a a new app a is taking the social out of social media. it uses facebook, twitter and four square to scan for people you want to avoid. if someone you don't want to see is around the app offers an escape route. the creator came up with the idea after running into two exes on the same night. home prices scoot -- shoot
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sky ward. have you ever wondered what a million dollars would get you outside the bay area or in another state? katie has been checking homes around the country. see what a million dollar listing looks like on abc7 news at 11:00 p.m. all right, it is time for our first check on weather. our first full check and spencer christian has more on the workweek. >> let's look at live doppler 7hd. the winds are beginning to diminish during the early evening and daytime hours. we had strong, gusty winds that were mixing out the clouds. they were hard to form. they found it hard to form. here is a look from our east bay hills camera. our forecast features are partly cloudy and breezy. partly sunny, breezy, cooler tomorrow and a warming trend begins on wednesday. but between now and wednesday we have the makings of some instability in the as moss fear that could -- atmosphere that could produce a thunderstorm.
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for right now we have mostly sunny, breezy and cooler conditions. right now it is mainly clear and breezy and we have even cooler air on the way with the pool of cool air and associated with the upper level low caused with instability and produce cat sistered showers. during the overnight and early morning hours we can see clouds moving through and maybe even an isolated shower or two. the chances of that are minimal. we will say partly cloudy skies tomorrow and tomorrow evening. overnight, this night look for the clouds thicker at the coast and especially patches of fog. lows from the low 50 tots mid50s. then tomorrow partly cloudy to mainly sunny in the south bay and high temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s. midto upper 60s and palo alto, breezy on the coast. high of 63 tomorrow. in the north bay there will be highs from 69 in santa rosa to 70 in sonoma and 71 in napa. on the near east bay, breezy conditions in some spots
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especially near the bay a. high temperature its in the midto upper 60s. 66 in oakland and 67 in fremont and san leandro. in the inland east bay we will see mainly sunny skies with upper 60s in walnut creek and pleasanton to 70 in livermore and 72 in antioch. here is a look at the seven-day forecast. tuesday it is going to be a partly cloudy day. there is not a great chance of showers, but there is a slight chance of isolated showers mainly in the northernmost part. there could be an isolated thunderstorm, and the chance is slight. if it happens, i will be hearing about it. >> a warming trend begins as the weekend approaches with the highs in the upper 80s to near 90 by next sunday. >> thank you, spencer. still to come, an east bay musical success story. the talented high school students doing their own thing
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and becoming a national
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music success story is one of those from oakland. as jonathon bloom tells us, what started as an after school club is qekly becoming a -- quickly becoming a national sensation. >> reporter: they are just an ordinary bunch of high school kids who can sing. and they have been doing their thing at sold out concerts and on national tv. what began in this classroom at oakland school for the arts is now a phenomenon called vocal rush. >> it is all voices and no instruments. it is not even a drum or anything. a a capella music is its own word. >> aca-nerd. aca-awesome. >> aca-scuse me. >> this was brought by "pitch perfect." >> she is the director and
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watched the group take on a life of its own. >> a regular wednesday and performing in front of 16,000 people. i am watching sobbing going look at them. they get off stage and are like what do you want to get for lunch? >> she writes the musical arrangements. words that a are nonsense 1k3 -- 8 other bars of people doing something different than you. >> find your part and stick with it and dance at the same time and not look scared. >> because it is a high school group they have to reinvent itself every year. this year two-thirds of the group is graduating including the last of the original members. >> it is bittersweet. >> it is bittersweet. i have been a part of this group since it started. >> she spent time as group's drummer. >> vocal percussion is a new realm of awesomeness. >> with graduation comes opportunity. >> i want to take acapella to
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a new level and i want to start my own group. >> can you hit the low b? >> lisa knows next we are will have a whole new wave of talent. >> because of the legacy the students will step in and fill those shoes. >> in oakland, jonathon bloom, abc7 news. >> they sound awesome. that's fan it is a steek. >> -- they sound fantastic. >> the a's just continue to put up runs. 13 today in a win over cleveland. that's next in sports.
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for nine games with their king of swing tour. 13 runs in today's a win. 30 runs in the three-game sweep of the tribe. they have won 9 of 10. a's fans nationwide can't get enough. oakland put on a hitting clinic and got a hit from the defense. two errors including in the second. run scores and wow, that is way off line. 1-0a's. they scored four runs in the fifth. doubled down the line. he went three for three and scored four times. 5-1a's. this is off the wall and chavez improves to 4-1. a's sweep and the tour heads to tampa for a three-game set beginning on tuesday. giants scored three off the marlins in the first.
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the panda rumbles home from first. 2-0g-men. pitched seven score less. taking turns and struck out seven. pablo sandoval goes for the homerun. the solo shot makes it 4-1 giants and then romo comes in to close things out. comes up limping. he would finish the game and 4-1 the final. they head to denver to face the rockies on tuesday. nba playoffs continue. indiana hosting miami in a rematch of the eastern conference finals in which the heat wanted seven games. they have not trailed in a post season series this year. the former warrior coach is back with the broadcast team. they had to take a lap at the brickyard. lebron had 25 points and finishes the alley-oop from mario chalmers, but one man does not make a team. all five starters in
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double-digit. he threw out two of his 24 and one. pacers take game one 107-96 your final. the first time the heat have trailed in a series this post season. we have another first time win oater pga tour. win on the pga tour. a perfect day for golf in texas. a birdie on nine. brendan todd with a bogey. pulls out on the second hole. it is not his best shot. this was. par 313. stuck behind the treat and hits it lefty. club upside down. when you make these shots you are gonna win. gets on the green and it was a two-shot lead. the par in winning his first event in 77 tries. a two-year exemption on tour. coming up later in the newscast. playoff hockey and your indy 500 pole sitter. stick around. see you then. >> still to come, the beta breakers hangover.
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the clean up, arrests and the race winners. and weaners of a -- and winners of a different kind at the billboard music awards. stay with us. the news at 11:00
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at kaiser permanente we've reduced serious heart attacks ♪ by 62%, which makes days with grandpa jack 100% more possible. join us at and thrive.
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i'm ama dates. a man was found dead in berkeley this afternoon. a hiker found a body at the base of a large rock overlooking the uc berkeley campus. a santa rosa woman is facing felony child abuse charges after police say she went too far confronting her daughter's bully. she was arrested on friday after the saw sonoma county deputies say she grabbed an 11-year-old boy's throat. and an east bay mother is asking for help to find her son, 31-year-old jason adams. he was last seen friday in a large 1972 harvester truck. you can see it there.
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police tried to ping his phone and check his text messages, but there has been no trace of him. beta breakers, a race like no other where partying is the only goal for thousands of attendees. san francisco police say 24 people were arrested for being drunk in public. there was a strict no alcohol policy this year. >> from sky 7hd you can see the first wave of beta breakers. they were 25 minutes late leaving because of a scaffolding problem. but thousands of runners in crazy costumes were unphased. katie was running in a tutu. >> it is the only time i can wear it while running and not be staired at. >> when the last made it, he started sweeping the front of his house. after runners and a ton of spectators left their mark. >> it was better this year. a little less public
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intoxication and urinating. it is a challenge. >> extra police along the route enforced the no alcohol policy. many had their booze taken away and dumped out. >> the cops are doing a good job with control. >> crews went to work sweeping up the mess left behind. >> it will take a longtime. beer bottles as far as the eye can see. and then there is stuff like this. what used to be somebody's costumes. >> i think we should cut it off or get everyone to clean it up themselves. >> half of this park was fenced off and there were complaints of too many drunken spectators. >> with the closure of alamo square we were able to ensure that the public was safe. >> neighbors say it worked. the park was untouched. in san francisco, cornell
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bernard, abc7 news. many meandered and others dashed to the finish. this year's men's winner is from kenya with the time of 35 minutes and 10 seconds. the first woman to finish was diane johnson with a time of 40 minutes and 10 seconds. muni is testing a new way to prevent over crowding and the rollout begins tomorrow. take a look. it is a new seeding configuration with doublewide seats and single wide seats with new standing room. they said it will allow room for 28 more passengers. it will be de plied -- deployed tomorrow and then next month. the stars were out in las vegas from "modern family" to music moguls and just about everybody was heading to the billboard music awards and it was a show like no other featuring technological marvels that brought some people to tears.
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>> one blockbuster after another the stuff. sha ky ra -- shakira a and an aussie boy band, 5 seconds of summer. carrie under wad and miranda -- underwood and miranda lambert belted out a new duet debut. katie perry celebrated her song "birthday" on a spectacular cake. but it was the iconic twists and thrusts and a moon walk that mesmerized the most. the late king of pop back to life as a hole gram. -- hologram. >> the billboard music award goes to imagine dragons. >> lourd received top new
11:41 pm
artist and top female artist went to katy perry. >> justin timberlake. >> he took top artist of the year. >> i won! >> and jennifer lopez became the first woman crowned a billboard icon. the michael jackson hologram trended to the top of twitter. abc news, los angeles. an icon of the 1950s music scene has died. jerry veil died at his palm desert home. he was 83. he was known for his high tenor voice of romantic songs. he was in declining health. "godzilla" crushed the competition at the box office this weekend. the creature feature had the second biggest opening of the year with $91 million in ticket sales. "godzilla" tripled the sale of" neighbors" and "the other
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woman rounded out the top five. just ahead, how your bedtime habits could lead to obesity for children. >> what is behind this new song when we return? >> i'm spencer christian in the accu-weather forecast center. cooling down and then warming up sharply. the accu-weather forecast
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>> come othat's catchy. a new catchy tune reminding drivers to latch their seatbelts or get fined. the chp has joined forces with the national highway traffic safety administration to help with seatbelt education and enforcement across the nation. the click it or ticket campaign starts tomorrow and runs through june 1st. a unique treatment for alcoholism is gaining traction in the bay area. but it is very different than the traditional approach. it relies in part on a small implant placed in the body to deliver medication. carol a lynn johnson has the story. -- carolyn johnson has the story. >> it has been a long road for actor jeremy miller.
11:46 pm
from a staring role on "growing pains" through a battle of alcoholism that lasted years. >> it kept growing and growing and turned into half a bottle of hard liquor a day. >> he tried a myriad of programs from alcoholics anonymous and finally after little success he turned to a program called start fresh. it combines the councilling model with the anti-addiction drug delivered in a unique way. >> i could not have been more skeptical a when i first heard about the start fresh program and an implant. the idea some magic pill would make this go away was unfathomable to me. >> the drug is actually delivered as an implant. in a short procedure the doctors place the dosage on the lower right hand side of the stomach. he is a physician with the program that has the treatment
11:47 pm
center in walnut creek. >> it attaches itself and blocks the area and particular receptors in the brain, the cravings, the urges and the compulsive desire to drink is mediated by the particular pathway. >> he says once in place the implant is designed to disrupt the receptor pathway from a period of six months to a year. it has been available for more than two decades, but until recently it was in pill form. a hurdle for many struggling addicts. >> you take an alcoholic or an addict who is the most compliant of patients and they will not take their medicine. >> he started working in patient out reach. he believes the breathing room decided -- designed by the plant is the key -- is the key to the completion. >> you give enough period of a time to get the demon off your back.
11:48 pm
>> it can include nausea, dizziness and success is not guaranteed. jeremy miller says he suffloked a relapse after dropping out of counseling the first time through. >> they let me begin from the beginning again and from then on i have been completely sober. >> since that time jeremy has been entertaining offers and is a patient advocate for turning his life around. >> i know it and i noy it works. >> the treatment program can run into the thousands of dollars. the affordable care act requires coverage for substance abuse. keeping your child slim starts with a new night's sleep. sleep deprivation from infancy to teenage years lead to obesity. it was linked to too much tv and lack of exercise and inconsistent routine. it is in the journal pediatrics. for one last check of the
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weather let's get to spencer christian. >> here is live doppler 7hd. clouds are increasing and they may thicken. the national weather in the country. and it is showery across the northern tier of states. it is dry across california except the northernmost part where you see showers around you rear caw and even the northeastern corner. we will have mixed sky conditions tomorrow and early morning clouds giving way to lots of afternoon sun. it will be cooler tomorrow and breezy once again. highs from 60 on the coast to midto upper 60s on the bay to low 70s. warmer weather is coming our way. the warm up starts on wednesday. by friday and saturday we will see upper 80sand low 80s and low 70s on the coast. and we might see 90 degrees or more inland next sunday.
11:50 pm
just a week away. >> thank you, spencer. shu is here with sports. >> the giants and a's on the slide. >> why is mark jackson at the brick ward with mario andretti. find out next in sports. >> and watch abc is now available to bay area dish customers who want to watch on smartphones and tablets. go to and click on the watc
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four. they are hosting miami in the quarterfinals. the pacers lead it in game one. the former warrior coach mark jackson which is back with the broadcast team and got to take a lap with mario andretti. the indy 500 here on abc7. finishing the alley-oop from chalmers. all five starters are in double digits. he gets fouled and gets it to go. miami trails it for the first time this post season. it was a 107-96 pacers victory. >> it is a good start to the series, but it is just a good start. that's all it is. we have to come back and expect a great fight in game two and try to get game two. >> we had some really good looks. we have to do a better job
11:54 pm
executing next game. >> as i said here next sunday is the run for the pole position. it is a nine-man race with indianapolis' ed carpenter winning for the second straight year. he had a four-lap average of, get this, 231 meals per hour. it is just unreal. carpenter finished in 10th place. to the ice, game one of the western conference finals. kings and blackhawks and he tees it up from the point. kings tie it in the second. he breaks the tie with a laser from the point. the blackhawks win it 3-1. they take a 1-0 series lead. a little baseball and the a's are on the road with their king of swing tour 13 runs and 30 runs in the three-game sweep and they have now won nine of the 11 10.
11:55 pm
a's fan and got some help from cleveland and they had two errors and check out the throw and wow. a little high we would say. they scored four runs in the fifth. moss doubles down the line. he was three for three and three r.b.i and scored four times. a's up 5-1. a career high five r.b.i. that's off the wall and two runs score. chavez will improve to 4-1. it is a 13-3. victory. the tour heads to tampa for a three-game set on tuesday. bring your used glove to at&t park. the giants scored three off the marlins in the first. 2-0g-men. he pitched seven score less the last five hits and struck out six. in the fifth sandoval goes opposite field for his third homerun of the
11:56 pm
season. solo shot makes it 4-1 giants and then romo closes things out in the 9th, but he comes up limping. he would finish the game. giants split the four-game series. 4-1 your final and they head to denver to face the rockies on tuesday. rockies and padres and colorado turns a rare triple play. he is called safe at first, but he was sliding into second and the runner at first was out. that's a good call. bottom 10 and see ya. two-run walkoff homerun to dead center. giants coming to town on tuesday. a little golf. and we have another first time winner on the pga tour as brendan todd catches the byron nelson championship. a perfect day for golf. birdie on 9.
11:57 pm
408ds out for the bunker on the second hole, but it gets better. the par 313 and stuck behind the tree. club upside down. when you are making these shots you are going to win. keeps them at 14 under and a two-shot lead. he would par in winning the first pga. earned $1.2 million. of course a spot in the masters. >> jm liled about this week. excited to win my first pga tour event. >> the a eighth and final stage of the tour in california. bradley wiggins has lead since stage 2. he won by less than 5* tire length over germany. wiggins came in 20th and wins the tour by 30 seconds. >> you know, i set it up to win the tour of california.
11:58 pm
i wanted to add my name to the guys who have gone before. >> a great weekend on the sports ledger. and that's enough of me. >> thank you, shu. >> and thank you for joining us. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. i'm ama date for mike shu man and spencer christian. have a great evening, everyone and a wonderful week ahead.
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