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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 20, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> this is the best fan base in the nba. i want to coach in that environment. i want that atmosphere. that helps teams win games. >> the new head coach of the golden state warriors introduced today. steve kerr replaces mark jackson he knows expectations are to win a championship. good afternoon, everyone, i'm larry beil. >> abc7 news sports reporter mike shumann is live from warriors headquarters for us. schu? >> it was quite an event today, guys
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he has been in the event many years. one thing he hasn't done is coach and he thinks he's ready. >> i've put together a plan and have been preparing for this. i'm aware i haven't done it. >> that is the question mark. he's never been a head coach in any level, signing a five-year deal for $25 million. >> steve kerr can sit ask look at players and have five championship rings. that resonates with our players. >> mark jackson is out of a job. one fault was lack of communication with the front office and owners. >> there is experience bridging that gap. >> the question is really
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he's very well prepared for this. >> warrior players love mark jackson the first thing steve kerr did was reach out to the roster. >> reception has been fantastic. you know? one of the reasons i wanted to come here is because of the success this club had for a couple years under mark. >> he knows he has to win them over. >> i have said on the air many times this is the best fan base in the nba. that helps teams win games. at uc san diego. he thinks the time is right. steve kerr looking to win a championship with the warriors.
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>> a lot of pressure on him. >> right away from day one. and warriors went out of their way today to try to portray this hiring for the next 5 to 10 years. so if they won't win a playoff run, they don't wan perception to be we didn't get to 51? >> what do you think? >> they're concerned. >> i think they're confident. and given the way things went south, kerr asked bob meyers during an interview, hey, are you going to be all offer me if we lose three in a row? are you going to help me coach up a team in practice? i think he's got assurance that
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they're going to let him coach and work through it. >> let's hope so. >> more news in the sports department. former nfl players gave them painkillers to number serious injuries. part of a lawsuit filed in san francisco. eight players named at plaintiffs including jeremy newberry. they're given pills and injections to hide pain. 500 former players signed onto the suit according to the attorneys. tonight we'll hear from former nfl stars on how they're suffering, today, >> san francisco's crooked street will close to vehicles for four weekends this summer. lombard street will be
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traffic-free beginning june 21st from noon to 6:00 p.m saturdays and sundays. this does include 4th of july weekend. supervisors are responding to complaints from neighbors who say traffic backs up and there are a number of accidents along this street. >> the mother of a young woman hit and killed says her daughter was wearing ear buds and stopped on the tracks to finish a text when the accident happened a vigil will be held for the 18-year-old britney silva where she was set to graduate in june and go to college. . >> i just know she had the world in her hands. she was happy and loved life. she loved to live life. >> silva being remembered by her classmates as someone who worked hard to get good grades, active in drama and a popular student.
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>> students are wondering where tuition went after the school closed the school was served with an eviction notice yesterday. staff members met today at the campus but no one would comment as they efforts to dpeel with a homeless camp, paying them thousands to heave is not going as planned there is a new camp just miles way in berkeley. nick, is this what officials planned? >> it's not they wanted to find permanent
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housing for those who called this stretch of the beach home. about 50 people well, 28 people took the buyout offer of $3,000 cash, but only 22 have found housing. this makeshift encampment has become a new home for many displaced. >> this is a special place. as soon as they get last people out of here, then, they're going to take the last steps to hand it over to parks district. >> amber will be among the last of those to leave. after she was offered cash by the city to do so. >> the city gave people $3,000 each i once had $3500 saved and can't find a landlord to rent to me. $3,000 is nothing. they knew it would be gone. it was. >> residents on this stretch of the area were told their tents had to go. officials were moving forward to make this area part of east shore state park a cording to the city, 22 people including
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some who have lived here for tech yadz took them up on the offer of 3,000ses today move the cash is theirs as long as they promised to pack up, and not return to the bulb. >> everybody was broke within three weeks. >> according to amber many friends got the cash but had nowhere to go. strict guidelines meant housing services could only accommodate a few. more than 40 homeless campers once called this beach their own. according to city officials only 22 people are currently housed through city services. most say debris is gone but the change at a price. cities nearby see homeless numbers grow. >> downed power lines near the west oakland station, officials shut town service about five minutes around 12:20.
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that happened at the corner of 7th and maritime streets. >> take a look at this cooler weather system that brought snow to lake ta show today -- tahoe today we want to show you a live look at heaven now now. it's forecast to warm up and clear by weekend. it looks like a winter scene now. >> it's may 20th. >> is bizarre. >> mainly sunny right now. we've had clouds around, today. let's go to live doppler 7 and taking a look at what is going on now. clear, dry, but check out the action down here in mount hamilton area. looks like they got heavier and here is the activity over in the
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sierra. that low producing showers and a mix of snow. central sierra has a winter weather advisory in effect. taking a look at the bay area, we give you a view of snowfall in tahoe cam above lake level. it's 62 degrees in san francisco. mid 60s in oakland. how about low clouds pressed up against the coastline? you can see temperatures into low to mid-70s in santa rosa and live more. this is our first forecast. partly cloudy skies, a mix of clouds and sun turning sunnier and warmer tomorrow afternoon. >> spencer, thank you. still ahead on abc7 news at 4:00
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criminals caught in the act. a car explodes into this. it's not the first time they've been targeted >> she can't drive yet but this girl is swinging into golf history. >> and partial law declared in thailand some think it's a good thing. >> our first check of the afternoon commute, you can see traffic heading towards berkeley snaking it's way there. back with more at 4:00 in just a mome things on purpose? youe not a color found nature. there's nothing wrong with tha.
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take a look at this explosive situation in san jose. a family home security camera caught their car going up in flames today. it's not the first time something like this happened. >> the family in the allen rock neighborhood say they've been targeted before and it's getting more dangerous. we want to get to matt keller with the story. >> look at this surveillance video. two people can be seen walking across the street from this home at 1:53 this morning. one of them dressed in a hooded sweat shirt with their face covered approaches the car in the driveway the father of the house explains what happens next >> pour gas on the windshield
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using a type of torch to start the fire. >> the flames start and two people run off. this he and his wife and four teenagers were sleeping one daughter woke up and called 911. by 2:five, flames were huge the homeowner attempted to put out the fire but it was too much to handle the flames spread to the 2013 honda civic, destroying both vehicles. firefighters arrived 18 minutes after the call and put out the flames. >> house was burned but occupants were safe. >> that is a miracle. check out the aftermath. this wasn't the first time the home was targeted. vince put up surveillance cameras after his home was vandalism. then, check this out may 11th two people wearing similar clothes were caught on
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camera dumping a can of paint on the front of the acurea. this string of attacks frustrates vince >> i don't have any idea. these people are hateful. >> arson investigators towed vehicles this morning. vince says he has insurance for both cars. >> john butrago was working at the bay shore station. his heart went out to the family. he began searching the station for the man and managed to communicate with him and reunite him with his mother. she says he saved her son. >> lucy li has become the
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youngest player ever to kwaul by for u.s. womens' open. this is a previous tournament in april. rounds by a whopping seven strokes any golfer would love to have the game at this point she will tee off in north carolina. she's 11. 11. >> yes. she's got a beautiful swing. >> it's amazing. iet is. >> spencer christian isn't doing that when he was 11. >> blue skies around. it's a beautiful afternoon. and we've got an area of spotty showers where precipitation is
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diminishing. partly cloudy skies to cloudy tonight. warmer pattern begins tomorrow, continuing through memorial day holiday weekend. upper level low leaving california but not leaving las vegas, just moving into nevada now. here is our forecast animation starting at 7:00. clouds thickening with spotty showers overmight. the week ahead will show a rise in temperatures at the end of the week. highs in the mid l 0s, that is the pattern we'll see around the bay area over the next seven days. tonight look for cloudy skies
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near the north bay. low to mid-50s elsewhere. tomorrow, we'll have a partly cloudy to mainly sunny day. areas of fog holding on to the coastline. highs from low 60s to mid-70s around the bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. starting with warming tomorrow we'll see increasing temperatures into weekend. mid to upper 60s on the coast. memorial day, still a lovely day. highs in mid-80s monday and inland locations upper 70s around the bay. looks like a great holiday weekend. >> up next, mirror ball trophy up for grabs on "dancing with the stars". who sizzled, who fell flat. yes, still advanced to the finals. >> then, how young minds got attention of one of the most-successful business men in the world.
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>> the president showed up in a baseball field saying hello to the kids warming up for the games the daughter of jay carney is on one of the teams. the president stuck around, took picture was kids and threw the ball around a little bit. >> actress sandra bullock surprised students at this high school, one of the speaker at the warren eastern graduation last night. she adopted the school following hurricane katrina donating thousands of dollars as well as support and love to students here, telling kids to find joy in life, and importantly, never pick your nose in public. excellent advice. >> yes. yes. one of the first rules of television, by the way.
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shocker on night one of the dancing with the stars finale. candice cameron beret lives to dance another day. >> i have no explanation for this. let's start with best dancer. two perfect dances last night this, is the argentina tango. our favorite, amy purdy and derek hough. >> he complemented the instrument there. yes. i'll just move on. >> what amy does is truly amazing.
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she's phenomenal. it's unbelievable. >> yes. now to the controversy. candice cameron beret and her partner mark ballas >> he came out with a sling on and whipped it off for this number. that was a little much. >> he was wriejing on the floor in mock pain. he did dance. america, what are you doing? america puts them into the final at the expense of james mazlo and peta. they did kiss. >> then called their tango tighter than a trumpeter's cheeks. he, unjustly gets sent home. >> he looks like a professional dancer. >> i know. so final is marl various amy.
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you and i agree she's phenomenal. she's an ice dancer but a dancer. >> we'll find out who wins on the two-hour season finale of "dancing with the stars" tonight at 8:00. >> still ahead at 4:00 thai national in the bay area reacting to the declaration back home. how concerned are they? >> effort to rescue the crew of a brand new yacht that cap sized. >> that macgyver moment after being trapped in
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military tanks and troops camped out on thai streets. the country is under marshal law this, video shows what's happening there. it may look unsettling it seems a lot of residents and tourists aren't too affected by this. you can see two women taking a selfie with soldiers. this photo of a monk handing two energy drinks to soldiers. army officials say the military presence is a precaution.
4:29 pm
abc7 news is talking to thai nationals about what's happening. >> l.a. has the largest thai community with 300,000 living there. now, the bay area has a sizeable population. many monitoring what is going on in their mother country. some call it a de facto coup. >> images are scary. armed vehicles taking position around bangock. supporters and opponents of a fragile care taker government camped out in the capitol. marshal law after weeks of street protests. >> there is no reconciliation. >> the president of the thai student association at uc
4:30 pm
berkeley is from bangock. >> i've been through many coups. it's something part -- people believe in. i just believe we have to get out of the cycle >> both students believe getting out of the cycle has been come my indicated by a strong military and a monarchy still wields considerable influence. >> this has potential to escalate quickly because of how long tensions have been going on. i feel like they're deeper. >> this buddhist temple was the first in the bay area. san francisco has a sizeable thai population.
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>> it's good. everything coming up. so that way, everybody that has weapons >> everyone i spoke with said life for a vast majority is still normal. >> i think most people are poor people about the economy. they only work to make money, only. >> the buddhist monks told me they are neutral, they take no position because all are buddhists. at 6:00 how this will affect travel plans to thailand. >> officials in beijing are expressing outrage over the u.s. justice department indictment on five chinese military leaders on charges of cyber spying on u.s. companies
4:32 pm
chinese officials summoned the u.s. ambassador to its foreign ministry and a government spokesman called accusations faults and wants them withdrawn. analysts say beijing can punish u.s. companies that are in china. >> the actor best known for his role as a mofr on "the shield" confessed to killing his wife. michael jace arrested for his wife's murder. investigators say he called 911 telling an operator he shot her, april jace was found dead inside of the cup combrelel's home the couple had been married nine years, their two young sons were home at that time of the shooting. >> a judge overturned pennsylvania's ban on same-sex marriage. the judge ruling it harms lives of same sex couple business
4:33 pm
interfering with child rearing, and end of life care. however, supporters can still challenge the ruling. now right, six u.s. states are awaiting appeals court decisions. >> a somber anniversary in oklahoma. bells tolled to honor victims of a devastating tornado that ripped through the city a year ago today. 25 people were killed when the ef 5 twister carved a 17 mile path of destruction throughout the city. the rebuilding process is well underway, including ground breaking today of a new medical center. >> it was a desperate race against time to rescue five men
4:34 pm
trapped inside of a brand new 90 foot yacht that rolled over in washington. crews rushed to break a window to get the men out. the $10 million vessel about to make a maiden voyage. crew members say they're lucky to be alive. >> well, bay area home prices continue to soar. median price in the bay area is hovering around $1 million. what will it buy you outside of the bay area? >> some taxes in the bay area are more than mortgage payments are here. >> checking out million dollar listings across the country so join us at 11:00 to see what she found. >> up next on abc7 news at 4:00 an unusual wedding crasher. >> plus, impressing warren buffet.
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>> here is a live look at afternoon commute. gruesome, i think would be an appropriate word in san francisco. clogged up going towards 101 south. back in a moment.
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this? no. not this. >> wait for it >> we hoped to show you what happens when an unexpected guest, here he is. shows up in a wedding. this you can see a giant sea turtle showed up during cock he tail hour. gorgeous. this is a leather back, largest living breed of turtles on earth. guests say they witnessed the turtle who had come on shore to lay eggs on the beach. >> won't be amaidsing if the turtle had the ring. >> yes. yes. >> that didn't happen. >> no. no. that is just me >> a new jersey 12-year-old known for trick shots is at it again. >> he posted another batch of his shots online. >> we thought we had them. >> this may be his best shot.
4:39 pm
>> that is cool nothing but the bottom of the net. he entered what he calls a shockumentary into a local film festival last summer. >> that is remarkable. it looks real. >> i buy it. >> a north carolina teen entrepreneur got a $5,000 boost for his business idea thanks to warren buffet. >> jay johnson came out in the grow your own business challenge in omaha, nebraska. 63,000 teams made up of kids from ages 8 to 15 entered. >> ten reached finals getting a chance to meet buffet. in the end johnson impressed the ora cell of omaha the most with his company bow up, it makes customizable bow ties. >> i can put it into web site development.
4:40 pm
that is where sales come from. >> i'm impressed. they're wonders they'll continue to be wonders in their lives. >> buffet says he created this challenge to share his values >> another kid doing phenomenal stuff. spencer at that age just doing hula hoop. >> playing baseball and reading encyclopedia. go figure. >> exciting. >> yes. i had an exciting childhood. taking a look at our camera, showing clouds in level levels of the
4:41 pm
light showers that are tapering off now. warm, dry across the states. from california side into nevada area, most of the area will be sunny and warm tomorrow. some areas of fog linger at the coast tomorrow low 80s inland. and a spectacular memorial day weekend is coming our way. we'll have more for you right there. >> pack your encyclopedia. >> yes. >> brotherly love a list one teen about to give his brother who suffers from a physical disability. >> this was my little moment. >> she was wrapped in a wrecked
4:42 pm
car for a week. one thing that kept a mother fighting to stay alive. >> here we go again. another round of recalls of
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now to a colorado woman trapped in a crashed car six days she wrote messages on her umbrella and poking it through the car. >> kristin hopkins is adjusting to her new reality without parts of her legs her car plummeted off this road april 27th, crashing upside down. >> i remember waking up the next morning laying on the roof of the car because the car flipped. the first thing that came to my mind is i have to pick up my kids. >> her car was hidden. >> i noticed my feet were kind of not the right color or size i knew those were hurt. >> help was not coming
4:46 pm
>> when i was upset i'd try to smash windows to break out. and i couldn't >> did you have food? water? >> the only thing i had was a pack of instant oatmeal i tried to eat it. after two bites without water my mouth was so dry it didn't work. >> she spotted this umbrella. >> my little macgyver moment. you know? that is going to be my saving grace i found my purse, a sharpy arcs tempted to write messages of come get me. >> no one came to her rescue nearly a week. when andy and hope lombard spotted the wreck. >> how much time do you think you had left? >> i found out today doctors told my parents i had eight hours left. >> kristin says one thing kept her fighting to stay alive.
4:47 pm
there were four. >> i have to keep going. because they need a mom. you know? i couldn't leave my kids. >> next few weeks she will spend in the hospital with prosthetic legs she'll learn to walk again . >> i needed to have this happen to realize something. what that is, i don't know. i will figure it out. >> that is amazing. a michigan teenager plans to carry his 7-year-old growth 40 miles to raise awareness for keer bral palsy his brother is his biggest fan. he was born with ker bral palsy. hunter will carry the 54 pound ben 40 miles over two days hunter says it's nothing compared to challenges his brother faces every day. >> the recalls just keep coming
4:48 pm
for general motors >> announcing a recall of more than 2 million vehicles today. >> now, latest on this recall that equals 2.6 million vehicles recalled. >> just amazing. seems like every few days we have this. >> these are not small recalls just millions. >> yes. shows how many cars they make. gmc acadia and outlook. front seat belt was separate. gm said there vn been 18 crashes involving the four-speed pontiac g
4:49 pm
hd has a problem with the fuse box. e coli being blamed for illness of 11 people in four states due to 2 million pounds of ground beef. the meat came from wolverine packing company in detroit. shipped to michigan, massachusetts, missouri and ohio. >> big deal is that it can cause wide spread diarrhea but this is an infection that can be followed with an illness characterized by bleeding and kidney failure. >> the usda says ground meat should be cooked to internal temperatures of 160 degrees. pet co announced it will stop selling dog and cat treats made
4:50 pm
in china by the end of the year. this after pet jerky treats were blamed for the dog of 1,000 dogs and other pets getting sick. . >> we've been reporting on that for a long time >> yes. we have. >> new. abc7 is now live online for you. >> yes. we've got latest technology here it's clean and sleek. we've updated the site to meet your needs. abc7 news is now easier to use. >> you're about to see something. >> watch latest news live, or scroll through headlines. it makes it easier to share
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>> up next, getting ready for summer rush at our national parks. and holiday headaches expected weekend bottle neck and parts that may cause big problems. those stories and more for abc7 news at 5:00.
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may is asian pacific heritage month. we're using our instagram feed to recognize the cambodian cultural dance troop. for more information on instagram >> national park service making way for mem wril day and battling very dry conditions >> more now from sequoia
4:56 pm
national park. >> fog crept into the park, blanketing giant sequoias. the service and moisture in case they have to implement fire restrictions >> we're going to get drier air. >> and more fires if worsen all open flames will be banned rangers are letting visitors know they need to be careful with flames. >> whether it's in a camp ground or outside, you need to make sure it's completely out. >> visitors like jake know all too well how quickly wildfire was spread with 27,000 acres
4:57 pm
burned. >> if it's up there, just makes it harder to get everybody out. it's a good base line to have. >> they're getting ready for a busy memorial day weekend. because there is a lack of snow so people are not intimidated by having to put chains on. >> at sequoia national park, abc7 news >> thanks for joining us for abc7 news at 4:00 >>. news at 5:00 begins right now. >> she had the world in her hands. >> a young girl dies and her grieving mother has a message.
4:58 pm
>> a bay area player says the league pumped players on the field at all costs. >> this turned into a dangerous tourist attraction. >> city officials pulling welcome mat mat on a popular tourist spot. >> isolated showers this afternoon, and snow in the sierra. i'll let you know about changes that are coming up. >> just that fast. a train speeds by like it did last night. a teenager did not get out of the way. >> get their head phones out of their dang ears. >> that young girl was distracted by her smart phone and it cost her her life. good evening, i'm cheryl jennings. >> britney was a senior,
4:59 pm
witnesses say she had ear buds on. they yelled a warning she couldn't hear it the accident happened next to her home in san leandro. that is where laura anthony is live tonight. >> through her grief tonight her mother is mabelinging a public plea to young people, especially in a potentially dangerous situation she says please take these out of your ears >> she was with her head phones in. >> cynthia tells us what she thinks happened to her daughter as her teen walk add cross train tracks . >> looking down like this. arms came down behind her, she couldn't hear the train coming. >> the 18-year-old died instantly. an amtrak train hit her at high
5:00 pm
speed. apparently she did not hear a witness yell for her to get out of the way >> when you're walking down the street and have head phones on keep one in, one out so you can hear the world around you. >> britney was a senior set to go to prom this weekend and graduate in june. >> so nice, outgoing and loving. this is a tragic thing that happened to someone so special. >> students signed a sheet of paper with condolences to her family including her mother and 11-year-old sister. >> everyone loved her and knew her. she'd always dance, always and she was always giving great advice about life. >> a memorial fund has been set up for the family. a candle


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