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young women kidnapped and held captive for years and then found alive. jaycee dugard held prisoner for years. amanda barry, gina de jesus and amanda knight. and tonight a southern california woman kidnapped 10 years ago, brainwashed and forced into marriage is finally back home. her captor now under arrest. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. we want to show you the first picture of the victim. it is from our sister station in los angeles. it is a 10-year-old picture from when the victim first imigrated from mexico to the u.s. her photo is blurred to protect her identity. >> he is accused of kidnapping, raping and imprisoning that woman.
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>> lilian has the latest from the newsroom. gite victim -- the victim is now 25 and her captor forced her to mary him and -- marry him and fathered her child. he did everything he could to avoid detection. they moved several times and he gave her a new identity. >> he later returns and has document taigs with the new information regarding her and her nameett stetson seth raw and -- name et cetera and says this is your new name and he changed her identity. >> it started in santa ana 10 years ago where she moved from mexico to join her mother and sister. garcia who was dating the victim's mother started sexually assaulting the teen. in august of 2004 police say garcia kidnapped her at a nearby park, drugged her and locked her in a garage in compton. >> you have to remember this is a 15-year-old girl who was only in the country for six months. she doesn't know where to go or what to do. she is in a strange city. he's all she's got. that's when the brainwashing
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started. >> police say in addition to physical, sexual and mental abuse he changed the victim's age on documents so he could marry her. five years later they had a child and lived in bell gardens. neighbors are shocked saying the two appeared happy. >> he treat her like a queen. >> but for garcia, everything fell apart when the victim found her sister on phase book. child advocate mark klass says he expects her undergo years of their pea, the fact she was found alive is encouraging for other missing children. >> it is a good day in america when a child who has been missing for years and years is recovered alive. >> police say garcia kept a close eye on the victim throughout the 10 years. he forced her to work with him at night as a janitor. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> lilian, thank you. we are continuing to follow this developing story on air and on-line. our coverage continues now on twitter at abc7 news bay area. a memorial service was held for a teenager killed by
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a train this week. 18-year-old britney silva was hit by an amtrak train on monday as she crossed the tracks in san leandro. there were a lot of hugs and tears certainly at tonight's service. at san leandro high school hundreds turned out to remember this teenager and to support her family. >> he was a straight-a student and she was going off to college and graduating next month. i didn't even finish teaching her how to drive a stick shift. i don't know how to bury my daughter. >> witnesses say britney was wearing headphones when she walked near the train and didn't hear them shouting a warning to her to get out of the way. police are looking for the gunman in a brazen armed robbery in san jose. >> get the [bleep] up. >> police released this surveillance video.
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you can see the man pointing the gun at customers at a convenience store and he hit one person in the face knocking him to the imrownd. the gunman got away in a toyota sedan driven by an accomplice. 49ers linebackerral -- aldon smith pled no contest connected to two incidents in san jose. >> possession of an assault weapon how do you plead? >> no contest. >> smith now faces a wide range of possible sentences from probation to up to more than four years in jail. tonight no word on a team success speption, but the -- suspension, but they say the plea is a, quote, attempt to bring it to a resolution. a silver star, bronze star and purple heart all fake. a decorated navy seal helps the i-team uncover the case of stolen value lore. a -- valor. a phony seal living in the bay area. that's coming up in five minutes. landscapers facing federal charges after cutting down trees where protected birds
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were nesting. he was hired to trim the trees outside the post office on 13th street in oakland earlier this month. several birds including a protected herron species were injured when the branches were cut. some of the branches were even put into a wood chipper. if convicted he faces a maximum penalty of six months in jail and a $15,000 fine. scientists will try to figure out what lead to the death of of a whale along the san mateo county coast. a large crowd gathered to check it out. alan wang is at the coast with the story for us. alan? >> a sad sight, but it is a rare sight. we are just a few miles north of pillar point where the whale carcass washed up on the rocks just off highway 1. a state park ranger identified it as a young baby humpback whale about 25 to 30 feet long. you are looking at the whale on its back and you can see the grooves on its throat that
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allows the throat to expand and contract and it can take in huge amounts of water when it is feeding. they spotted the dead whale floating in half moon bay around 3:00 this afternoon. it was in front of sam's chowder house and drifted toward the rv park where it washed up. >> everybody in the rv park was concerned about where it was going to end up and how it was going to smell up the place. everyone was stoping on the side of the road and it was quite an event. there were a couple hundred people out here watching. >> the california academy of sciences says it is coming out tomorrow to examine the whale and eventually do a necropsy to figure out how it died. and it is their responsibility to dispose of the carcass which means they will tow it out to sea. and we are told the marine mammal center, noaa and the coast guard will be out to help tomorrow morning. that's the story from near half moon bay. alan wang,
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abc7 news. >> alan, thank you. over the weekend a couple of paddle boarders in san francisco good a rare treat. you can see them playing in kelly's cove. the man who posted it to youtube happened when he and a friend headed from fort point to ocean beach even splashing one of the paddle boarders. what a thrill. a plan that would end door-to-door mail delivery for millions of americans passed a test on capitol hill. the house oversight and government reform committee calls for the postal service to transition from doorstep delivery and communal boxes down the street for 15 million addresses in 10 years. the plan is already getting a trial run at places like strip malls and business parks. we are working to volume voluntarily allowing us to do that. so far they understand the economics of it and they understand the business of
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it. they understand that. we are not getting much resistance at all. there would be exceptions for people with disabilities and they would be able to pay extra for the service. the family of an alameda county teenager battling a life-threatening disease got much needed help. so many people in her community are stepping up to make a real difference. >> i like to live life to the fullest. i have a hard time breathing. >> hannah just wants to be like her friends happy and healthy. but she has cystic fibrosis and it makes it feel like she is breathing through a straw. >> she has been through the hospital several times in the last month. her left lung is declining and overall health is declining. she moved into a new home that may be making her worse. >> a lot of the issues she is
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enduring is the home we bought and infested with black mold and rotted boards that were not visible when we made the purchase. the family is living in a travel trailer. there are seven kids and four were adopted with special needs. with bills stacking up the family no longer has the means to pay all of the medical bills. a family friend put together this fundraiser in livermore. family friends and strangers all happy to help the hewitts. >> it feels good to know people are supporting me. >> you can donate on-line and it is tax deductible. >> it makes it easy to help the cause which is officially a non-profit. >> abc7 news. >> if you would like to help we have posted information on our website, a south bay woman was honored today for a heroic act
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in texas last year. she was recognized for helping deliver a baby after a deadly traffic accident. she was on her way to her mother's funeral. three people were ejected. one of the victims was pregnant and one saw the unborn baby's head and arm visible through a laceration on the woman's belly. she then helped deliver that child. >> there was no one else on the road but us. h we stopped and assisted the people. >> without her actions both lives would have been lost. so today on behalf of the texas department of public safety we want to recognize ms. wolnick. the mother died later at the hospital. well, a highly decorated navy seal has taken on a new mission. >> she exposed a new case of stolen valor.
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>> and now a story you will only see on abc news. >> i investigated other cases before wearing medals you didn't earn and don't deserve, claiming to be a navy seal when you are not. it is an insult to real navy seals and anyone who served in any branch of the military. it is also illegal. >> some resulting out of a plane during the navy seal training. he served 20 years during a stint with the counterterrorism unit. he was often the first one through the door on hundreds of raids in iraq and afghanistan and became a team leader, a senior chief. >> you can shoot to your heart's content. >> he paid the price receiving a purple heart for his combat and a bronze star for valor. he retired three years ago and started living as kristen beck. it is the toughest battle of all in many ways.
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>> i i have a number of death threats expri been physically attacked on the street. i was minding my own business. it is because of how i looked. >> she was very public about her life speaking at transgender conferences like this one in march. >> i am going to keep working hard. that's my thing. >> she is also the subject of a documentary that is now on the festival circuit. >> after the release of her book she took heat on social media from a woman in martinez. on a blog about transgender issues she wrote she is not the first seal to ever be transgender. >> why the heck are you doing it anyway? it doesn't make sense. be happy with your own life and do your own thing and achieve your achievement. >> they tried to award it to navy seals and she completed basic demolition seal or buds
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training in the late 70s. she came to my attention when a viewer who lives in martinez spotted her with fake seals. so i began researching robin mitchell. founder and ceo of something she calls the transgender people party. here she is in dolores park. she sometimes wears her medals to the public appearances. the problem is 30 are fake including the navy distinguished medal, the silver star, bronze star and the purple heart. >> you are using it for personal gain? it is offensive. >> records obtained by the i-team show mitchell did serve as a navy interior communications electrician for seven years beginning after the vietnam war. she was not a navy seal. in phone calls and a long
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exchange, mitchell considered an interview and then said it is their first amendment rights. including and not limited to looking female or looking like a navy seal. it is not a crime. >> i want to make sure i understand your facebook message that you believe it is your right to dress as a navy seal. >> do you believe i am robin? >> i believe you are. are you not robin? >> this is the kind of person we were targeting when we wrote the orange stolen valor act. it has nothing to do with gender identity. 2* has to do with hero identity and stealing that persona. >> the latest version signed by president obama last year makes it a crime for someone to lie about receiving any of these medals with intent to obtain money or property for benefit. even if the financial aspect can't be proven with mitchell she hopes she can be
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prosecuted for wearing medals she never earned. >> it is an injustice. it is a slam at every man and woman who received a purple heart legitimately and it is the kind of thing our community should be totally outraged about. >> kristen beck is upset about what robin brings to the transgender movement. >> being transgender is already tough enough. someone bringing out more negative attention upon myself and upon being transgender and also on the seals things are tough for all of us. >> back to the picture of mitchell, you can see she is wearing a fema id. they tell me the name tag is a fake and mitchell never worked for fema as an employee or volunteer. kristen beck's film was playing and i have details at dan and carolyn? >> what a story, thank you. >> thank you.
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new video of spring storms rumbling through colorado and large hail and a number of tornadoes. even the animals were not spared. the storms lead to flight delays and cancellations that affected flights to and from denver and san jose. forecasters say the end of may is a peak time for severe weather in colorado. spring is a pretty volatile time in that part of the country. >> it warmed up nicely and sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> temperatures did come up today and springtime for the bay area means the marine layer. here is live doppler 7hd. you can see how gray it is not just near the coast, but over the bay. the visibility is down to five miles in half moon bay. watch out for the fog. first thing tomorrow morning you will have to deal with the gray conditions and it may be misty at times. the fog and low clouds will work into some of our bayside
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communities and into some of our valleys and then pull away as we head into the afternoon. but it will never quite clear the coast. it will remain socked in well into the afternoon. the sun will be shining away from the coastline. here is a live view as we look across the bay at the overcast skies. 55 in san francisco and 57 oakland and san carlos and san jose. cool at 53 degrees. exploratorium camera giving you a cloudy view of san francisco and as you take a look here the temperatures are in the mid to low 50s except fairfield at 57 and 56 in livermore. tomorrow morning when you head out the door there could be delays if you are flying out of sfo because of low ceilings. be aware of that fact. low clouds, fog, coast and bay tonight, warmer days through sunday and we are looking at slightly cooler weather -- slightly cooler on memorial day. if you have outdoor plans, weather is actually looking great. an area of low pressure that has been bringing the unstable weather to parts of california, the sierra has
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been seeing showers. it is turning south now so southern california will see a piece of this energy as we head to tomorrow. high pressure builds in and warmer pattern especially inland going into your memorial day weekend. so the temperatures will get into the low 90s in some of our hotspots. the temperature trend looks like this. the average high is 78. thursday in the mid80s. we will take up the numbers a few more degrees. by sunday we are in the low 90s. we will continue to be a dropoff by monday and tuesday morning. tomorrow morning could be a little misty at times. if you take the ferry across the bay you are going to see murky conditions. the temperatures will be in the upper 40 tots mid50s -- upper 40 tots mid50s. the marine layer is hovering around 2,000 feet deep. not in a hurry to pull away. it will take its sweet time clearing from our bayside communities. 81 in san jose tomorrow. a warm one. 84 in the south bay in morgan hill and los gatos and on the peninsula you are looking at nice weather. 78 redwood city and 62 in half
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moon bay. fog is going to hang tough most of the afternoon. sunset district 62 and downtown san francisco is 67 degrees. in the north bay up to 90 in ukiah. you are above the marine layer. 82 napa. head out to the east bay and low 70s around oakland and san leandro. inland spots, beautiful day. 84 in livermore and 85 in concord. accu-weather seven-day forecast, temperatures are holding on friday. we will bump them up to the low 90s for your saturday and sunday. mid60s coast side. and then just a slight dip in those numbers for memorial day. but overall looking great. >> dan and carolyn. >> not extreme. it is not the record heat we saw last week. we are not expecting it to be that extreme. >> let's talk a's now. >> sports director larry beil is here. >> this is a funny swages. >> this is very, very weird. one is the loneliest number for the a's. that's a good number. >> this is not good.
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the a's were literally one hit wonders in tampa. you have a grand total of one base hit and you manage to finish the game. it is the first victory in 100 years. >> 10 gallon hat and no cattle. the a's scored two runs on two walks and two errors. bad throw by sean rodriguez on
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a grounder allows two runs to score. the a's did not get their first hit until the fourth and here it is. brandon moss, a colossal clout off eric bidard. that thing may have hit the roof. 3-0a's. the newly named closer gets will meyers on a strikeout to end the game. they get their first regular season victory since at least 19-14. we don't know what happened before then. they were chris lig into -- chiseling into concrete. the gentes and rockies the -- the giants and the rockies. he tweaks his right hamstring in the process and had to leave the game. mri tomorrow. nobody had a hit in this game until the fourth. hunter pence gets around. pablo sandoval homered in the 6th and brandon crawford in the seventh. second deck and 4-0 giants. brandon crawford with the bat and here with the glove. look at the flip.
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they turned the double play. pure instincts. flashing the leather. crawford knew that was the only chance to make the play. the reliever decides he is bolt running down the line and pulls a hamstring and falls down. this after bruce bochy told him not to swing. he had to be carried off. he looked like he was in agony. giants win it 5-1, but lose cain and casilla. they want to build a franchise like the spurs, and you can see why. blow
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or a quarter-century? is performance about the joy of driving? or the importance... of surviving? to us, performance is not about doing one thing well. it is about doing everything well. because in the end... everything matters. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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annihilated the thunder in game two of the western conference finals. in doing so tim duncan and jaw
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snow blee and parker -- ginobili and parker have the most wednesday by any trio in nba history. tim duncun enjoying some family time. parker over the shoulder and the spurs go on a 43-14 run in the middle of the game. 22 points and for okc, the cavalry was not coming. it was danny green with seven three's. the spurs romp 22-77. to the ice, the western conference finals and kings and blackhawks. trailing 2-1 and l.a. scores five straight goals jeff carted had -- carter had three. the kings even the series 6-2. congratulations tots golden state warriors named the sports team of the year. they beat out the boston red sox and the chicago blackhawks and the portland timbers and
11:31 pm
super bowl champion seahawks. they were judged on wins, ticket sales, pr, social media growth and overall business. warriors getting it done. >> thanks, larry.
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wake up weather. it will start out with fog, low clouds and misty in spots as well. drizzle is possible. upper 40s to mid50s and then coming to the 50s by 8:00 a.m. carolyn, dan? >> sandhya, thank you. >> that is our report. thank you for being here. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. abc7 news continues on line, twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices with the abc7 news app. the next newscast is tomorrow morning. >> and right now on jimmy
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kimmle, adam sandler. >> good night, everyone. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- adam sandler. from "maleficent", elle fanning. celebrity tweets. and music from lykke li. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you for watching. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you very much for coming from wherever


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