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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  May 21, 2014 11:35pm-12:38am PDT

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morning. >> and right now on jimmy kimmle, adam sandler. >> good night, everyone. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- adam sandler. from "maleficent", elle fanning. celebrity tweets. and music from lykke li. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you for watching.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you very much for coming from wherever you were. and joining us here in beautiful hollywood. i assume tickets for the wax museum were sold out? we have a lot to cover tonight. and an historic night of television on this network as mitch and cam from "modern family" tied the knot. there has not been this much hype about a gay wedding on abc since every season of "the bachel bachelor." [ applause ] it is kind of, kind of a big deal. two male characters, main characters get married, especially on a family sitcom. i think the last time that happened was, well, i guess it wasn't a sitcom, but bo and luke duke from "dukes of hazard." the actors who play cam and mitch have kind of become spokespeople for the same-sex marriage movement which is kind
11:37 pm
of money because eric sto stonestreet isn't gay, just curious. a straight gift. the character he plays, though a tv show are positive role models for same-sex couples seeing them as parents does a lot to make people comfortable with the idea of two men raising children together. they're not just a job for them, they're using their platform to try to bring about positive social change. >> everyone should be allowed to marry. >> everyone. >> whether you are gay. >> or straight. >> love is love. >> which is why we are proud to advocate the latest frontier in marriage equality. >> straight-gay marriage. >> the marriage of one straight person to on gay person. >> hollywood history is full of happy, healthy game-straight marriages. >> like [ bleep ] and [ bleep ]. >> like [ bleep ] and [ bleep ]. >> the great os sccar winner [ bleep ]. >> really? >> oh, yeah.
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>> are you sure? >> i am definitely sure. i sucked his [ bleep ] and it is -- yeah. let these brave men and women step out of the tabloids and proudly come out as straight-gays. it's time. >> brought to you by the straight-gay alliance for straight-game marriage. [ applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, guys. by the way, maybene this isn't e best place to bring it up. can i borrow some money? i wasn't able to talk about this last night because we look to keep things top secret here at abc. but i did not win my bet on "dancing with the stars." before the season started like every season i bet $1,000 on pair limbic champion and double amputee amy purdy to win it all. she has not one but two artificial legs and no real ones made it all the way to the final two and this happened. >> the winners and new champions
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of "dancing with the stars" are -- [ cheers and applause ] >> meryl and maks! >> jimmy: she lost to an olympic gold medal winning ice dancer. is that fair? i don't think it is either. and i would have won $10 t this meryl woman cost me half a mini cooper. and i don't know who to be angry at about this. definitely not myself. but remarkable. if nothing else, proof that if you lose both your legs if you work hard, believe in yourself, you can all most achieve your dreams. right? or something like that. so, some more details have emerged in the case of donald sterling versus everyone in the world. the l.a. times got their hand on confidential documents detailing the nba investigation of donald sterling. the documents indicate that
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story li story -- sterling asked v. stiviano, to lie to barbara walters saying she altered the infamous recording, lying to barbara walters, i think is punishable by death. the report also says that story ling really do -- sterling doesn't believe he did anything wrong here, believes v. stiviano wronged him. i have to kind of agree. you can't trust a woman with six alias whose secretly records your conversations, who can you trust? v. stiviano sat down with dr. phil today. usually not a good sign when you sit down with dr. phil. ever sit down with dr. phil. what's going on? but v. stiviano told dr. phil she didn't record the comments and maintains she did not release them, she says her friend did, she also says she and donald sterling never had sex. i said, what? too.
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and -- and it's kind of hard to believe considering that he gave her a bunch of cars and a house. but v. says there was a perfectly good reason why he did that. >> it's been reported that you were gifted a ferrari, two bentleys, a range rover and a $1.8 million condo. and people are just saying, how fast does she type? >> just to clear the rumor. i don't type very fast. >> that's the point. if you are a slow typer, then people really wonder what are you doing to get four cars and a $1.8 million condo if in fact that happened. >> i am a good human being. >> jimmy: finally, goodness is paying off. right? as jesus said the meek shall inherit two bentleys. this v. stiviano might be the phoniest woman dr. phil has
11:42 pm
interviewed since mantei girlfriend. >> i look at the pictures. i live in hollywood. i know how it works. i see you on roller skates in daisy duke cutoffs with a color coordinated welder's mask to match your jacket. i mean you are rollerskating in front of paparazzi? >> jimmy: they have the same visor adviser, i guess. thank you, dr. phil, for everything. on a wholesome note, good news for fans of "frozen." disney announced this fall they will debut a live show called "frozen on ice." [ cheers and applause ] i haven't seen it, wasn't "frozen" already on ice? frozen on ice will give parents
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a much needed break from frozen in the living room and frozen in the car on the way to school. it will feature 39 ice skaters oh, lab r elaborate sets and songs from the movie not only another great way for kids to enjoy frozen it may also be one of their last remaining opportunities to see ice. so -- [ applause ] last night, our reporter named dave marcheski in harrisburg, pennsylvania was covering a victory party being held for newly elect the state congresswoman, patty kim. the party wasn't that exciting. what was going on in the background. we see a lot of people fooling around in the background of news broadcasts, but this one is exceptional. this is tonight's edition of "behind the news." ♪ >> now, following her victory speech, her and her supporters
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to say a prayer who has been hospitalized for a stress related illness. she and gina will remain friend and work for the community. >> nicely done. you have got to get enough chlorophy chlorophyll. burger king is making a big change to its classic slogan. for 40 years, burger king has been saying "have it your way" in their ad. they have said they're changing it from "have it your way" to "be your way." i don't get it. i don't understand. am i ordering a whopper or coming out to my family? seems like a lot. seems like a lot. and the new slogan has more emotional appeal. they say it remind customers that they can and should live how they want anytime.
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i would be so mad if i was the guy in charge of supplies for burger king. because, you're changing two word in the slogan. now i have to print 8 trillion new cups. does burger king know they could not have a tag line and as long as they have hamburgers, literally no one would care. there are some major, nerd news today. as you are probably aware. there is a "batman/superman" movie in 2016. finally a movie about superman. [ cheers and applause ] and today, warner brothers announced the title of the movie called "batman v. superman:dawn of justice." wait fill you t-- wait until yo sex. they also unveiled a new logo for the film. this is the new logo. it is batman v. superman:dawn of
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justice, which sound the most powerful dish washing detergent ever. i assume based on the v., i don't know why it is not vs. that batsman and superman are going to fight in this one either that or one of them wind up with v. stiviano. maybe she gets a batmobile. she is a good person. [ applause ] the response to the movie title was generally negative online, which i guess is no surprise. generally negative as about as positive as you can hope for on the internet nowadays. people love to criticize things to throw insults around. twitter is one of the most common forums for this. a lot of celebrities on twitter. some people feel comfortable usintwitter specifically to insult those celebrities directly. from team to time we gather those insults and we package them together to illustrate the fact that word can hurt. and, with that said this is our seventh edition of "mean tweets." >> there are people who think
11:47 pm
julia roberts is hot. her gigantic mouth looks like it will devour an elephant in one bite. thank you and good luck. >> don cheetle seems like the kind of guy i've wouldn't want to hang around with under any circumstances. he is so [ bleep ] whack. >> ashton kucher need to get hit by a bus asap. >> i hate courtney cox. i [ bleep ] hate her. [ bleep ]. >> if i said it once, i have said it 100 times. [ bleep ] andy garcia. >> mindy is not funny or attractive. she has an annoying voice and just plainly sucks. why does she have her own show? i feel like this is more than 140 characters. >> david blaine looks like his voice is putting his face to
11:48 pm
sleep. >> don rickles looks like yoda. >> ethan hawkeseems like a guy who wasn't supposed to be a movie star but he slipped through the cracks and everyone was just like oh kay. >> matthew is a [ bleep ] turd, [ bleep ] turd. >> owe [ bleep ] off june squibb. ben12 ben1283, you [ bleep ] off. >> kit heinzman is a pretty terrible john snow. in the show he seems like a big -- with a stupid look on his face. #bad casting. emma stone looks like she smells like cat piss.
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okay. >> gary oldman sucks and his accents are [ bleep ] annoying, [ bleep ]. ha-ha. yep. >> sophia vergera sound like she has a [ bleep ] in her mouth. i hate hearing her talk. what's wrong with having a [ bleep ] in my mouth? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: all right, tonight on the show, elle fang is here, we have music from lykke li. and we'll be right back with adam sandler. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ female announcer ] how do you want to feel this spring? ♪ [ woman 1 ] radiant! [ woman 2 ] confident! ♪ [ woman 3 ] optimistic! [ woman 4 ] inspired! [ laughs ]
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>> jimmy: tonight on the program, starting may 30th, you can see her alongside angelina jolie in the new movie "maleficent." the charming elle fanning is here. and then, her new cd is called "i never learn."
11:55 pm
lykke li from the at&t outdoor stage. our first guest has gone by many names: madison, gilmore, zohan and even opera man; but most people just call him sir because he's very, very rich. the richest person in the whole world right now. his new movie, with drew barrymore, is called "blended." it opens in theaters friday. please say hello to adam sandler. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> you look good. >> jimmy: good to see you. >> elle fanning, "maleficent"
11:56 pm
looks great. how angelina jolie looks like "maleficent" and as you can tell i'm getting ready to do ursula. >> jimmy: you look great. >> no, you look great. i saw you at the party, couples ago. i said why do you look so damn good? >> jimmy: i said what? >> you didn't have a good answer. >> jimmy: you're younger than i am? >> i'm 47. >> jimmy: i'm 46. a little younger, yeah. i know you have a movie premier, i like this about you. don't get me wrong. >> same as you, family. >> jimmy: you got your family. what are you wearing right now? >> oh. this is not bad. jimmy. my wife got me this at banana republic. this too. this is like, these, i have had for about 20 years. these are, these are shoes that
11:57 pm
i saw in the closet. literally before coming here. i think i am going to wear shoes. and i got these. then i was like, should i go with white socks? i was just, i was just, happy to get the socks on. >> jimmy: i did, we did see each other at a party. i remember one thing, at this party, you disappeared for a while, i thought you left. then you reappeared. i said where were you? you said i went and took a nap. >> i'm not great in those social situations, man. >> jimmy: i think you have the right idea. nice to have a nap in the middle of a party. >> you got to be refreshed at all times. >> jimmy: your family is here for the movie? >> yes, my family has a lot going on. my brother in law just got married on friday. my sister-in-law is getting married next saturday. we got the premiere tonight. my house is packed. >> jimmy: here in town. >> here in town. all getting married out here.
11:58 pm
>> jimmy: did they plan the weddings around the film? >> my wife's grandmother, a great lady. and she is 97, i think, 98. she was coming out here and said let's get it all done, make sure he has a nice week. and has a good time. they're all staying at my house. my mother and my mother-in-law. i have a beg how. so many people at my house. my mother and mother-in-law are sleeping in the same bed. >> jimmy: really? >> that crowded. every room. are you kidding me. i got six people in that room. >> jimmy: are they head to toe, or how do they sleep? >> it started that way. and then, my mother, man she made her move. >> jimmy: i mean, what the hell. modern family tonight. why not? >> shy wae wanted to see why i
11:59 pm
so fascinated with my wife. what is in that family? >> jimmy: they're all coming to the movie. >> they're all going to come to the movie. my kids are coming. it is going to be packed. >> jimmy: i saw the movie very funny. it seems there are parts maybe that grandma may not be crazy about. >> that's the beauty of her being deaf. >> jimmy: all right. you got everything planned. >> exactly. you got to work it out in advance. >> jimmy: how old are your daughters snow. >> 5 and 8. getting bigger. i hear good news on your end? >> jimmy: my wife is pregnant. we'll see if it is mine when it comes out. >> doesn't matter. why would you want to know. just look the other way. doesn't matter. >> jimmy: as long as it is human. >> exactly. you'll fallen love immediately. it will be hard, after three, four days, find out it is not yours. you're in deep already. >> jimmy: if i'm paying for it,
12:00 am
i'm going to keep it. no matter what. >> exactly. >> jimmy: so you, you still have little little kid. >> jimmy: my kids. >> you have done it before. >> jimmy: 22 and 20. i don't even remember what to do? >> in the delivery room it's fun. a good time. the baby slowly, this is what i did with my two. the baby was coming out the first one, both of them, actually, slowly coming out the vagina. >> jimmy: hold on, let me grab a pen. >> you'll see. you'll see. you'll remember. the head is kind of coming out the vagina. >> jimmy: whoa, the head comes out the what? >> the vagina. tell the doctor, i got it from here. you palm the head and pull it. and just dominate the baby right away. and then when he is like this -- you got that cord, and then you, you play dumb, first, see if you
12:01 am
can get a low e. bass. of course, you know, the doctor is like, shall we cut that, hey i don't need this. you bite it. you'll see. it will all come back. >> jimmy: great way to establish dominance over the family. >> i know. >> jimmy: adam sand lsandler is! [ cheers and applause ]
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12:06 am
>> no, i found a centerfold under his bed. and i tore it up. >> from a magazine? not the internet? he's old school, i respect that. so are you here to replace it before the kid find out. >> yes. but i can't tell what magazine it's from. i just -- >> do you have any of the centerfold remnants? >> yes, i do. >> i tried to tape it back up. >> great job, you can hardly tell. >> jimmy: that is adam sandler and drew barrymore. >> drew barrymore, a great person. >> jimmy: i see why you go back to working withdrew. personalities play a huge role in why you cast people in your movies. >> of course, she is funny and cool. we are both from hollywood royalty. >> jimmy: is that right? >> drew, of course, you know, her family.
12:07 am
royal hollywood family. my father was the king of walking around naked in front of my friends. so my mother, my mother was the queen of giving of my friends [ bleep ]. royalty. >> jimmy: queen of that. >> i am kidding. you know what i am going to be watching this tonight with my mother in the house. i am sorry, mother. i love you. my comedy, mother. my fake comedy. >> jimmy: where directv goes out. you shot a lot of the movie, not a lot, good portion in hooters. >> yes. >> jimmy: your second visit to hooters careerwise. as far as film goes. >> yes. hooters is a great place. my wife and i, santa monica, my wife and i took the two kids. and my kids are like i love hooters. what a benefit for old adam
12:08 am
sandler. honestly not about the ladies as much as they have great chicken wings. swear to god. and my father, used to take my mother. and i've avenue been dirty already. my father used to say who wants some chicken wings and boners. and i'd say "i do." i have been very filthy, sorry. >> jimmy: shaquille o'neal is in this film as well. >> in a lot of movies lately. >> jimmy: she is funny. >> such a funny, great fan. >> jimmy: fun to be around too. >> doesn't he like dominate the room. he is a big man. but he is so sweet. like we shot at -- me and him work at dick's sporting goods in the movie. and we shot at a dick's sporting good for three days. and it stayed open. so, literally people are shopping and going is that [ bleep ] shaq? yes.
12:09 am
yes. shaq works here, man? >> jimmy: working at dick's now. >> anyways. >> jimmy: like a giant toddler in a way. i don't mean, physically he wants to play. he swats at you. >> he was swatting kids. how there is a basketball hoop at sporting goods store at dick's. three, four. kids would go and think they need to test it out. all of a sudden, boom. shaq just swatted by shaq. >> jimmy: are you at a point in your life when you decide to make a film. i want to make this film some where, where i can be on vacation. africa for instance. a lot of the movie is in africa. >> great. unbelievable. i never thought i would be there in my life. i had an incredible time. yes, i have done that. since "50 first dates" written in another place. iffage a imagine if we did it in hawaii. yes that is a very artistic idea. yeah.
12:10 am
i have been doing that ever since. >> jimmy: what was -- shooting in africa, not exactly the same? >> well, can i tell you what happened. this is a true story. the reason it is a funny story because it is a true story. but i saw, ordered up room service. in africa. i asked, i called up, hello. hey, how are you? i'm in 1606 could i have a grilled cheese, please. yes. and then 45 minutes it larry, a plate shows up with a hot piece of cheese. and i said, what happened. he said you wanted grilled cheese. i was like, i should have said a sandwich. oh, okay. >> jimmy: you should have said a sandwich. adam sandler, everybody. "blended" opens in theaters anncr: right now, at the volkswagen memorial day event you can get a $500 bonus on top of all current offers
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>> jimmy: right now a lucky member of our studio audience a chance to take ohm dozens of dollars worth of crap, actually.
12:16 am
souvenir store shopping spree. let's go outside right now. where guillermo, we picked a member of our studio audience. at the souvenir shop down the block. hello, guillermo. >> guillermo: hi, jimmy. >> jimmy: bhu wwho do you have you? >> guillermo: katy. >> jimmy: since the microphone is pointed at katie we'll let her say her name. >> hi, i'm katie. >> jimmy: where are you from? >> iowa. >> jimmy: what part? >> des moines. >> jimmy: here on vacation? >> yes. >> jimmy: this is exciting. here is how this works. you have one minute to collect as much stuff as you can carry in your arms, from that store, whatever you can carry, still holding at the end you can keep. except for guillermo. he is not part of the prize package. all right? >> okay. >> jimmy: are you ready to do this? >> i am sort of ready. >> jimmy: you are ready-ish. guillermo. i hope that is a fake gun. >> guillermo: it is. >> jimmy: 60 seconds on the
12:17 am
clock. fire the gun. and katie go. go get them. >> jimmy: guillermo, what happened? >> guillermo: i don't know. >> jimmy: katie is fast. >> hello kitty! >> jimmy: hello kitty! hello katie. a jacket on. nice jacket. >> gummy bears. >> jimmy: you will need those. >> taking it slow. i like that. not a frenzy. that's smart. get a bag. >> maryland. >> i wouldn't use the bag since you go out. >> there is nothing of actual value in the store. just take the whole thing. >> there we go. >> all right. what else have you got there. >> whoa. i need this. >> jimmy: nice, ukulele. bring that back home to iowa. >> 13 seconds, katie. 10 second left, now katie. grab whatever you like. take a pin.
12:18 am
i thought there would be, some -- okay. another hello kitty. and that is it. katie has got, got something there. >> jimmy: let's see what you have got. guillermo, help katie with the stuff. see what she has. >> jimmy: i heart l.a. sweatshirt. that they your size? no. >> lots of hello kitty. >> jimmy: you like hello kitty. >> yeah, a little bit. >> a mug. >> jimmy: a mug. nice, all right. >> hello, kitty. >> jimmy: guillermo, you are allowed to talk, right? >> guillermo: yes, jimmy. >> jimmy: a lot of hello kitties. congratulations. hello kitty. good-bye, katie. thank you for playing. right back with elle fanning! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪
12:19 am
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>> jimmy: our next guest is a high school sophomore who lists "starring in movies" as an extra-curricular activity. starting may 30th, you can see her alongside angelina jolie in
12:24 am
the new 3d adventure "maleficent." >> i know you're there. don't be afraid. [ chuckles ] >> i am not afraid. >> then come out. >> then you'll be afraid. >> jimmy: please say hello to elle fanning. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: how are you? >> i'm good. >> jimmy: good to see you. how is life? >> really good. >> jimmy: you are sleeping
12:25 am
beauty. >> it is really fantastic. there is one thing i did want to say before we got started. kind of been a running joke in my family. like i, i'm ready to do it. this is the show that i'm going to do it on. >> jimmy: okay. >> so my dad is the youngest of eight kids. so i have a lot of aunts and uncles. 14 cousins. and, yeah, and so my uncle michael, i can't believe i'm doing it, it is finally happening. it's been -- >> jimmy: is gay. congratulations, uncle michael. >> a thing in my family ever since my sister kind of started, in "i am sam" 6 years old. he wanted her to do a shout out on a late night show. now, and then, she never did it. and so, now he was kind of texts my dad all the time. she is going to be on "kimmel" make sure she says hey. and i'm finally doing it. >> jimmy: do it officially. >> look at this one.
12:26 am
>> hey, uncle michael. i miss you. it happened. there we go. >> jimmy: you will go to any length to go out of making a telephone call. >> i know. >> jimmy: you are, co-starring with angin angelina jolie. exciting. >> i was so nervous. to meet her for the first time. pretty big. you hear that name, angel spichlt na -- angelina jolie. >> jimmy: like a fictional character. >> other worldly. >> jimmy: did she ask you to babysit. >> met her for the first time. immediately gave each other a giant hug. eased my nerves. on the set people were calling her angie. i was like, i can't say that. no, i still angelina, the full thing. yeah. >> jimmy: how old are you now?
12:27 am
>> 16. >> jimmy: 16 years old. >> just had a birthday. a april 9. >> jimmy: did you have a party? >> my party was 2 months before my actual day. i wanted my sister to be there. yeah, but we had dinner. it was marie antoinette themed. didn't wear ball gowns. we are girlie and masks and a lot of flowers. and, yeah, the, my mom is a huge party planner in that way. always a surprise what it is going to be like. >> jimmy: really? >> i said you can do that. one condition you have to have a photo booth. that was my input. have to have a go tow booth. >> jimmy: you did. how many pictures did you take in the photo booth? >> i took a lot. you had the giant glasses, boas, the little accessories. >> jimmy: any bed gody get thei head chopped off? >> they did not. no blood. >> jimmy: did you go to the prom? did you have that? >> i did. yeah, recent. right across the street, in
12:28 am
mann's chinese theater. >> jimmy: from us. >> i could have stopped by. >> jimmy: could have brought everybody here. >> yes, we wanted to get selfies with the batmans and the people dressed up. >> jimmy: really? >> that was our goal. in the party bus. we are going to do it. then there is a giant line to actually take a picture with them. so we were like, they're like, what are these prom people here. we became the attraction and all the tourists were taking pictures of us, like l.a. prom. it was funny. >> jimmy: did you get any pictures with the super heroes. >> no, the line got mad at us. we were trying to cut. >> jimmy: a line for the super heroes. >> at this time. >> jimmy: that was a soup line, i think. they would be at the front of it. oh, you know what i want to ask you about. i keep hearing about the prom-posals, the kids will do the proposal thing, something crazy did you have that, do they
12:29 am
do that at your school? >> we do. i kind of had one. well, last year, the boy who asked me, he was a junior, so when you are a junior, or senior, you can park on campus. with your car. so he called me at school one day. he was like, i got in a car accident. come down to my car. i'm like, oh, gosh, i was in panic mode. i was running down. and, then, he was in the front seat, he was like can you look in the back trunk, to get a toolbox? and so, he popped the trunk. i went and i was like, i didn't see any toolbox. i saw a first aid kit. so i got the first aid kit out. i'm like here. here's like, no, there were flowers in the trunk. roses in the trunk. but i totally passed the rosed and werosed -- roses and went for the first aid kit. he is look, no, will you go to prom? >> jimmy: was the prom itself fun? >> it was. it was real fun. at the theater, they shut down,
12:30 am
like, all of the theaters were shut down for us. >> jimmy: is it less exciting for you to get dressed up for the prom since you are getting dressed up to go to movie premieres and movies. >> photo booth thing. people are taking pictures of yourself all the time. there you are taking more pictures of yourself. >> jimmy: sound like you are having fun. enjoying all the stuff. >> yes. >> jimmy: what are you doing this summer, the plan for the summer? >> man, the plan for the summer. well my sister will be home, studies at nyu, home from new york. that will be nice. and, yeah, just, no school. i have finals -- starting june 2nd. >> jimmy: can i till you something, you don't need to go to school anyway. there is no reason for you. don't listen to anyone else. there is no reason. sxept for the pr-- except for t prom. good to see you. go see, elle fanning!
12:31 am
"maleficent" opens in theatres may 30th in 3d. when we come back, music from lykke li. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ um...hi georgia. i just wanted to apologize again for what happenedoww, that's hot.picnic. that is hot! wow daddy like. owww, that is smoking hot! ahhh, hmmm, awww! hi georgia. hey georgia. man this is hot! try jack's hottest sandwich yet. his new blazin' chicken sandwich has spicy crispy chicken, ghost pepper ranch sauce, and sliced jalapeños. owww, that's hot! you better be holdin' a sandwich.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: i'd like to thank adam sandler, elle fanning, and apologize to matt damon. we ran out of time. nightline is next, but first, her new album is called "i never learn." here with the song, "no rest for the wicked", lykke li. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ my one heart hurt another
12:34 am
so only one life can't be enough can you give me just another for that one who got away ♪ ♪ lonely i i'm so alone now ♪ ♪ there'll be no rest for the wicked there's no song for the choir ♪ ♪ there's no hope for the weary if you let them win without a fight ♪ ♪ if one heart can mend another
12:35 am
only then can we begin ♪ ♪ so won't you hold on a little longer don't let them get away ♪ ♪ lonely i i'm so alone now ♪ ♪ there'll be no rest for the wicked there's no song for the choir ♪ ♪ there's no hope for the weary if you let them win without a fight ♪ ♪ i let my good one down i let my true love die i had his heart but i broke it every time ♪ ♪ there'll be no rest for the wicked there's no song for the choir ♪ ♪ there's no hope for the weary if you let them win without a
12:36 am
fight ♪ ♪ i let my good one down i let my true love die i had his heart but i broke it every time ♪
12:37 am
this is "nightline" -- >> tonight the little pink pill. it is being called viagra for women. >> getting a little flutter not a heart rate flutter. a little further south. >> some say it is a revolutionary solution to a bedroom epidemic. so why won't the fda approve it? plus -- >> well, well. >> queen angelina. hollywood royalty angelina jolie is back. >> how quaint. >> with her first film role in years. she is opening up tonight line. >> when i was little i didn'


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