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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 26, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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if. >> it was the warning that came too late. elliott roger the man who went on deadly rampage had e-mailed copies of his disturbing manifest 0just before beginning what he called a day of retribution. his parents rushed to santa before bra. called police after being alerted by a therapist that something had gone terribly wrong with but the shootings had already happened. police searching for clue. boxes of evidence removed from the suspect home today. good evening everyone. dan has the night off. >> 3 of the victims were from the bay area. david wong was from fremont. james hong and george chin friends from san jose and short time ago sergio spoke with chin family and joins us now from there. sergio? >> it's actually been pretty
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interesting throughout the day to see this memorial here grow. lots of people bringing flowers. writing out messages to the young men here. stay strong. it's that message right there. george i love you. mom dad. that was just written by george chin mother just few minutes ago. emotional plea from the mother of george chin. >> this should not happen to any family. any family. this isen human. it should not happen to any parent. >>reporter: they came down along with the parents of to the others an came to the scene of the crime to understand what happened we know george father learned about the shootings on the news friday night, he wasn't too worried. >> i was okay my so that should be safe. because he live in the inside the school. the residence hall. >>reporter: but as it turns out george was hanging out 2 friends at their apartment
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here. all 3 were the first victims of 22-year-old elliott roger. for george mother, what happened to her son is untyabl untyable. >> i just don't know why this happen to our son. if it's crazy. if doesn't make any sense. >>reporter: she describes george as outgoing young man who had an excellent college career ahead of him. both parents spent more than an hour here and pledge to do all they can to stop this from happening to another family. george's mother even got down on her hands and knees to scul out a message to her 19-year-old son with chalk to foley school mates left nearby. l very emotional evening for those parents and for a lieutenant of the students that they talked to. of course classes are cancelled tomorrow. there's going to be a large event at the university stadium. that is scheduled for 4:00 o'clock. live this is abc 7 news. >> thank you. every parent worst nightmare right there. as we mention
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earlier 3 victims were from the bay year by all accounts. all 3 intelligent and bright futures. future that is will now never be realized. >> we all are in shock. right now. we are trying to support the family and as community everyone. >> disbelief from neighbors of 20-year-old david wong. he was an engineering student at uc sb and planned to spend the summer with parents in free month. they are now in santa barbara to bring their son's body back home. >> it hits you. it's real. >> george friends from the high school said 19-year-old was quick to smile and studied. >> he's really good guy. absolutely did not deserve this. >> his friend and ramp mate 20-year-old james hung known for and ick achievement. is aing college computer classes whale still in high school. and helping students with physics at uc sb. >> breakdown in tears yesterda
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yesterday. sfchl he was just an innocent genuine sweet heart. >> tonight students at uc sb and other campus mourning those with were killed. this was the scene tonight at uc santa cruz. hundreds turn out for a vigil and show of solidarity. thousands more gather at other campuses across the state. elliott roger rant against video videotape before the killing spree sparked a compan company. twitter using hash-tag yes all women. lillian live now in the newsroom with more on that. lil i don't know. >> last we check this was trending on twitter. people using the hash-tag to share the experience was male entitlemen entitlement. >> i didn't know why you girls aren't attracted to me. but i will pirn you all for it. >> elliott roger touched a nerve and women fitting back on twitter sharing one story after another. yes all women because i can't walk my dog in "own
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neighbor without cat call by green men. i have to walk with a key in my hand to feel safe. yes all women because too many intelligent young ladies fell like they have to act dump in order to avoid intimidating male peer. >> i think it's really good to emphasize the the point that a lot of women the encounter adversity. >>reporter: yes all women has been attached to more than 1 million tweet so far. peaking at 61,000 1:00 p.m. sunday. >> i think that what is happening is that women are showing that no we are multi-dimensional people and pressuring women and respecting women as sufficient is very important. >> this is absurd. >>reporter: but some people we talk to say yes all women is silly. people are making a larger he shall of very isolated incident. >> it seems as though these women are out telling men and telling parents and telling the world as a whole men are evil. men are trend to be like this.
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and it just seams leak propaganda to me. >>reporter: wide range of opinion that all started because of one simple hash-tag. this is abc 7 news. >> as sergio mentioned classes are cancelled at uc santa barbara tomorrow what is being called a day of mourning and reflection. memorial service is planned for 4:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon at uc sb stadium to honor those killed and counselors will be working extended hours all week long. chancellor says counselors from other uc schools leak uc berkeley are joining in to help. >> the latest on this story any time on 7 and for breaking news alert follow us on twitter at 7 news bay area. >> breaking news where wildfire has forced about 100 homes to evacuate. this is east of modest to. started out as structure fire this afternoon and then spread to the brush. dry and brittle condition mexicod with gusting wind help fuel the fire this evening. despite making dozens of water
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and flame retardant airdrop containment right now is at zero percent. cal fire said because this was holiday weekend firefighters were ready to quickly respond to this. but strong winds gusting throughout tonight. we have a leif lack from our roof cam ar are. spencer christian is in for sandy tonight with details on what might turn out to be a pretty breezy morning commute. >> it probably will be. here's a lack at live doppler 7hd just showing us the clear skies. clouds that might have formed have been blown away by the strong gusty wind. gust began to pick up this afternoon and quite intense. during the late evening hours we have seen winds calming did you know over much of the bay area especially up in the north bay and many locations across the east bay but notice the gust here. 30 miles per hour just few minutes ago. up to 44 miles per hour so tomorrow morning we can expect the gust to start to pick up again more wide spread fashion and into the afternoon tomorrow. going to be very breezy day ahead. complete look at the forecast in a few
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minutes. >> see you in a few. >> but tonight san francisco police are on the look out for at least one gunman after deadly drive by shooting in the bay have you district. spot shoter heard the gunshot just after 5:00 p.m. at heat street and plow avenue when police arrived they found 2 people injured. they were rushed to the hospital. witness drove third person to the er one of the victims later die. >> cal-trans telling us that 280 m san francisco should be open before the target of 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. south bound lanes from king street to pennsylvania avenue shut down since thursday so crew could cut open the road there. they replace worn out hinges help meet seismic standard. tonight cal-trans says it's all patched up all crew have to do now is the restriping. >> next on 7 must. confrontation today over the crosses at famous war memorial on east bay hillside. landmark that really is at cross roads itself. >> plus generosity instead of
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greed. we hear from the mysterious benefactor that stashing cash around the bay area. rain delay led to dream kilometer true for ball boy at the french open. but first hears "jimmy kimmel live". >> thanks. sample of nonsense we have in store tonight. >> i'm nervous being here. >> really. >> my first time. >> don't be nervous. >> you have been gentle so fa >> you have been gentle so fa thank
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[ male announcer ] to celebrate, visit your local benjamin moore dealer today and get $50 off every $250 purchase. visit your local benjamin moore dealer today >> the controversial crosses of lafayette may come down soon for permanent memorial. now new conversations sparking up over the crosses. alan 30's live to fill us in. alan?
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>> for the eighth year in a row they held a memorial at the foot of the crosses but this year they announce the owners of the land have agreed to build a permanent memorial here. and that is sparking new discussions over the future of this hill. crosses of lafayette have weathered eight years of keeping count of u.s. service members killed in action. america involvement over seas winding down. now there are discussions to remove the crosses and put up a permanent memorial. >> definitely going to need to change in some way but i'm hearing from all sides. >> this is what history is all about. it needs to remain. >> young men women who died in senseless war of i ridiculous and afghanistan. >>reporter: caretaker and supporter of this memorial out spoken about the anti-war politicing. but roxanne who believes her son died in afghanistan for a noble cause still supports their mission to create a permanent memorial. >> that's their opinion tell,
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however for me i don't see this memorial as an anti-war. >> today i heard from a veteran who is obviously experiencing trauma and he was ang richlt he said well can't you do something nicer that really honors the troops. >>reporter: something nicer will cost a lot of far the group only has a name for their future non-profit organization. the lafayette peace memorial. in lafayette, alan wong abc 7 news. >> many people gather today if san francisco to honor america war hero. marching band led procession through the presidio in san francisco. this mark the 146 year that the presidio has host add memorial day even event. paradeend with a service at the san francisco national cemetery. >> mysterious benefactor handing out cash throughout san francisco said tonight a human really huge give away coming once he reaches 100,000 twitter followers. hidden cash has more than 32,000 followers writ
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now including this guy. he trace add clue at the bar in the dog patch neighborhood today. he tweeted that he spent the money on beer cheese and bread. well done sir. others chose to give it away like this kim. they found 100 dollars at the beach this afternoon. they passed its out to other family. man behind this told abc news he's worth millions and want others to share in his success. >> most of what i'm giving back is in the form of traditional charity by also wanted to do something kind of fun for san francisco. >> definitely leak got us out of the back yard. got us out to the beach. fun story. >> positive im picture on the community. anonymous do inner said he could end up handing out hundreds of thousands of dollars before it's all over. >> the city of san francisco rallying now to find hunter pence stolen scooter. taken from outside the restaurant sunday night after the giants game. pence giants outfielder offering a signed bobble head
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for the return. epic rose house is offering dinner for 2 and lefty 0dool 200 dollar reward no question ask if you have the scooter. pence told us today he has been touched by the big response. >> no back. joker. show man on the tennis court and even during a rain delay. french open today he invite add bull boy to sit under his im pwrel a.he chatted with the kid handed him racket. even offered him a bottle of pair 88. crowd applauded when they clinch bottle and cheer. rain stopped, he won the match but made a new friend if he wins the french open he could become no. 1 in the world. of course rafael might have something to say about that. >> spencer he has something to say about the weather. beautiful holiday day. my gosh lovely 3 day holiday weekend and today was maybe the lovel loveliest of them all. here's clear skies writ now. one wren it's so clear at this hour is that the wind are so strong blowing away any little patches
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of low clouds that could the cling to the coast line. so the coast is clear you might say. we still have some gust. up to 30 miles per hour at sfo. 16 miles per hour at san carlos rate now. winds inland fairfield but not gusty. much remain customer of the area away from the coast is fairly calm at the moment but change overnight. here's roof top camera across embarcadero 56 in san francisco. upper 50's at oakland. san carlos. 65 rather at oakland. 64 morgan hill. half moon bay. beautiful view over san francisco from our sutro towercam. temperatures in the low 60's at santa rosa napa no have the 0mid 60's at fairfield concord and livermore and one more live view from the emeryville camera west across the bay. forecast future mostly clear breezy, breezy again tomorrow as well and cooler than today. we have 2 day warm-up at midweek. now satellite radar composite image
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shows approaching low pressure system to the west. associated pool of cool air at the trough daiving down south and adding to the windy conditions writ now and of course the cooler air will mean lower temperatur temperatures tomorrow than we had today. counsel in the pacific in the tropical pacific i should say hurricane amanda weakening now. had been category 4 storm is now category 2. continue to go weaken moving away from land years and posing no threat to any populated area and just going to fizzle out. not hurricane any more in a couple daysment back up to our area overnight look for some patches of low clouds developing along the coast. if the winds die down enough low pressure will be generally in the low mid 50's then tomorrow we have mainly sunny breezy day. it will be another day that will be tough clouds to form at the coast because so breezy. high pressure will be low 60's at the coast low mid 70's around the bay. low mid 80's in the inland area and here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. notice the warm-up on wednesday and thursday. inland high will climb back into the upper 80's.
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quite warm inland on thursday but sharp drop-off in temperatures on friday. pleasant up to about 80 inland then over the weekend partly cloudy cooler high reaching in the 70's inland. 60's around the bay upper 50's 60 on the coast no. rain is expected but we will see a little bit less sunshine over the weekend and noticeably cooler. >> slept baseball weather. >> great baseball weather. absolutely lower wednesday too. >> that's good to know. we'll take all of that. >> as we mention earlier dan has the night off. i move 3 feet to the left and you move 3 feet in and you are mike with sports. >> glad you cleared it up. wondered why i was here. >> standing 3 feet to the right offset. >> a little baseball. tail between their leg 4 state loss on his the road took it out on the tying intertoday matinee. 5 home run including one for the if you guy. must be con taijs. meet him next in
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>> baseball memorial day can't go wrong. celebrate those who protect our freedom and look up to the idol on the field. matinee today. a's and tigers. fight working the fiddle. today they 2nd inning moss. jump on the fast ball. the sleeping. bounces out of his glochlt over the wall home run. 2 batters later. newly
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acquired tell blank first home run of today. big fella. left center shop. oakland up 2 nothing. we manufacture to the third. a laser. his 12 fix batter all wrist. see you. 9th of the year 4 nothing a's. cruising. 6 and two-thirds he freezes hunter in the sixth. no unallowed for malone. in the 8. norris. the first career grand slam 5 homer on the day for oakland and malone and shawn come begin for the shut out 10 nothing the final. oakland snap a 4 game losing streak. post season nemesis. like in oakland service members honored at at&t park. giants and cubs former giant shown disdain for former mate first home run of the season for nat nate. nice catch by that guy. in the fourth. pablo. turns on this. slider 2 run shot. 3 rbi day. 5 home run 12 rbi in the last game for the panned
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a-3-1 giants now you may remember notre dame day star wide receiver helping his own cause in the fight the double. dade at 3. his 10 k. then if rip one past the diving buster. score from second. cubs at that time lead and never look back. paid for. take a brief time out before we hit the hard wood. lebron and heat stifle the pacers. first establish ford player since tiger woods to win the title go introduce you as
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go final day of the men individual championship stanford will con join the company. par prit for the win. he pulls it. on to sudden death my off georgia tech. in the jam. third play off. buries the birdie and only stanford player to win the individual championship other than tiger woods. >> when james is pounding his chest not a good sign for anybody. game 4. eastern conference finals. chris bosch finish with 25. late second quarter. check this out. oh, my. he had 32. pacers no points 22 minutes. lebron coast to coast on the miss. 102-90 the final. a 3 1 series lead. can't close it out on wednesday night. stanley cup my off. will a big kings fan. like the heat taken a series lead in the finals against chicago. throw goal in the
11:31 pm
fears for l.a. take a 4 nothing lead for chicago on the bore. blackhawks against the ropes. 5-2 the final. l.a. can close-out wednesday night. nadal djokovic all advance at the french open. >> all right thanks. we'll be right
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idlteacher layoffs. and a 60 billion dollar budget deficit. that's what john perez faced when he be speaker of the california assembly. so he partnered with governor brown to pass three balanced budgets, on time. for the first time in thirty years. today, the deficits are gone and we've invested an additional 2 billion dollars in education. now john perez is running for controller, to keep fighting for balanced budgets. democrat john perez for controller. in every life, there are when you know, you know. the all-new volvo v60 sportswagon. the s60 sedan and the xc60 crossover. test drive one today. model year end sales event. the s60 with 0.9% apr and up to $2500 in allowances.
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early morning risers look at wake up weather. patchy low clouds early tomorrow morning. it will be breezy. winds out of the north west 10 to 20 miles per hour and gusting even higher. temperatures between 48 and 58 degrees so a little cool to mild but not a very chilly morning. pleasant day. >> very mace anti-day coming up. >> thank you spencer. that's our report tonight. thanks for watching. 7 news continues now
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